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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  September 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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let's go to monika. there's a couple of things going on in maryland right now. on the southbound side of the bw parkway just inside the beltway, there was a crash sitting on the shoulder. it's causing delays from before 495. east furnace branch road in anne arundel county is closed down with an overnight fatal crash and they will be there for a while right near route 64 #. 648 re-- route 648. 648 remains open as well as route 2. i want to show what you it looks like from our sky 9. outer loop side of georgia avenue, you'll find the slow traffic now. it's that typical morning rush hour. the summer traffic patterns are over. volumes have now begun right at 6:00 in the morning. and a quick look live if you're planning to head over on 270 southbound. your slowest stretch is going to be 109 to 121. here it picks up into germantown as you head for the point where the lanes divide. howard, i've been asking you not to have rain on saturday. have you done anything about it? >> no. we have a front coming saturday
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night and ahead of it saturday afternoon, evening, looks like it will be unsettled. look at this shot this morning at 6:00 a.m. about 40 minutes until the sunrise. we'll have a decent amount of sun today mixing in with some clouds. a spotty shower or storm but the best chance of that south and west of d.c. low 80s by lunch time on our way to the mid- to upper #s on, even near -- upper 80s. even near 90 for that high. average high right now is 84. so we'll be a little bit above that today, tomorrow and saturday before nice changes head our way. been tracking these storms off shore, no problem. there's been some activity here from fredricksburg up towards stafford this morning, even toward the warrenton and culpeper areas. boy, these showers are really falling apart. you can barely track that one just to the west of i-95 north of stafford. this other light one toward dahlgren is falling apart. we'll watch that guy. visibilities not too bad but we do have a couple of spots where fog is trying to form up in frederick at a mile and a quarter. temperatures, you'll feel that this morning. 60s and 70s and still a little
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bit muggy going well into the 80s. >> thanks, howard. today the justice department is expected to announce it will open a civil rights investigation into the police department in ferguson, missouri. >> police in the st. louis suburb have been under scrutiny since last month's deadly shooting of teenager michael brown by police officer the investigation is going to look into patterns of arrest used by the police force. separately the justice department and the missouri grand jury are conducting vegs into the incident -- conducting investigations into the incident that killed brown. body cameras for police officers have become a hot topic on social media. >> beginning this fall the d.c. police department is going to begin a test group of officers who will wear body-mounted cameras. vanessa herring is live at police headquarters on indiana avenue northwest with more on that. vanessa? >> reporter: good morning. talks had already been under way here in the district about using cameras, body cameras on
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police officers. chief cathy lanier says this isn't in response to the shooting of michael brown. officers will start wearing the cameras on october 1 according to the "washington times," but this is just a pilot program. we're not sure when full program could be rolled out. the officers will wear the cameras for about six months and that will happen city wide. the department has spent several months building up a supply of at least 250 cameras at a cost of about $280,000. chief lanier announced plans for a pilot program back in january well before brown's shooting. lanier wants the program to hold officers accountable and she also wants to protect them from any false claims of misconduct. there's -- residents are reacting to the announcement of this pilot program. >> if you've got it on film, it conceivably will expedite a way a lot of these cases be it throughed at managerstive process or criminal process are handleled. >> i think it's a -- handled.
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>> i think it's a good idea because it will hold them accountable. >> it could be an instrument for more loss of civil liberties. >> the mpd has about 4,000 officers and thought all of them are going to be wearing the cameras when they're issued on october 1. again, this is just a pilot program. we're not sure when the full program could be rolled out. back to you. >> we'll look for those on the test group october 1. thank you, vanessa. george's county residents are still being advised to boil their water. >> the advisory from the wssc remains in effect and will not get lifted until sometime today or tomorrow. it is all because of that water main break we told you about earlier this week. people living in hyattsville, bladensburg, mount rainier, cheverly, chilham, -- chillum, glenarden, fairmount heights,
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seat pleasant and brentwood all have to boil water. we have a link on and you can plug in your address and find out if your house is included. no more beer runs. now there's an app for that. >> of course. wusa9 is back after this. hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet.
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joyce: and we're not related to the koch brothers, those right-wing billionaires. karen: we're just two average women who've raised families and worked hard all our lives. joyce: we don't have billions to spend on political campaigns. karen: but we do have our convictions, and our voices. we think that's important. joyce: if you agree, then join us. we can all be a nation of koch sisters! a mix of sun and clouds today. just a spotty shower or thunderstorm and a very warm afternoon. once again mid- to upper 80s to
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near 90. a better chance of that spotty storm will be west and south of d.c. summer like weather for a couple more days but change is coming over the weekend. i'm have the full seven-day forecast at about 6:15. monika, volume is up. traffic is slowing down. >> it is. essentially on the north side of town outer loop in toward silver spring. now i'm getting word of a crash in brookeville, route 97 georgia avenue is closed between brooksville road and greg road. i'll keep you posted on that situation as well. back to you guys. >> all right, monika, thank you. it's 6:08 time to take a look at your money. >> here are some of the headlines this morning. >> facebook is apologizing for its third outage of the summer. yesterday the site went down for about 15 minutes. it was long enough to cause an uproar among some loyal users of the word's largest social network. facebook blames the problem on what it calls an infrastructure configuration adjustment. people even called 911 when their facebook was down. a little absurd. here's a tip to save some
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money on your phone bill. i did not know this. be sure to turn off the auto play setting on facebook videos. the problem is smartphone users are at risk of maxing out their data plan if they don't change that default setting on the facebook app because it automatically starts streaming the videos in the news feed of the window and it can eat up your windows. the prince william county planning commission has voted to approve a plan for stone haven. the board of supervisors will still have to give the green light to the project. the 85-acre project would include a new high school and possibly a new middle school. it -- there would also be road improvements, new sports fields and walking trails. opponents point out the plan wouldle mean more traffic. don't expect service with a smile at your local fast food restaurant today. thousands of fast food workers across the country plan to walk off the job. the workers at mcdonald's,
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burger king, kfc and other restaurants are demanding a pay raise. they want a $15 an hour wage as well as the right to unionize. right now many of the workers make minimum wage. so the liquor business could be transformdz for the first time in decades -- transformed for the first time in decades because of an app called drizzly. it shows the inventory of liquor stores near your address. you can confirm the amount, place your arrested all for a delivery fee. the same policies which apply at the liquor store apply again when the driver delivers your order. >> they're still scanning your i.d. they're still checking if you're intoxicated or not and it's up to the store and driver to complete the sale. all the same checks that go on in the store happen at the customer's door. >> supporters of the app also say it will help keep drunk drivers off the road. no mar beer runs. critics say, though, it's a bad idea because it makes alcohol too easy to get. 6:10. here's another look a our
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a beautiful start to the morning again. some of the lovely pictures howard has been tweeting out and putting on facebook, a live look. >> very nice. it 16:14 on this thursday morning. how does it feel outside? does it feel as pretty as it looks? no. >> it's still a little muggy out there. >> 75. >> not as bad as it was earlier in the week. >> yesterday was awful. >> but the futurecast holds fall for us. >> once we get past saturday. saturday will be a big hurdle with showers and storms in the yellow alert day. sunday looks good. sunday looks easily the better day of the weekend and monday and tuesday we start next week very, very comfortable. so if you can stretch it into another long weekend, do it. weather wise, let's show you what's happening with doppler 9000. we had some showers tracking across areas to our south in the fredricksburg region. that's really not much more of
6:15 am
a concern. over the last 60 minutes you saw a few showers in stafford and king george, trying to get toward the potomac. where did they go? they just fell apart as they approach the river. you see them up here in stafford. everything is moving northeast. maybe a little -- just a little spritz west of quantico on the west side of i-95. pretty skies this morning. sunrise coming up in about 25 minutes. we have 79 by 11:00 with the mix of sun and clouds. we'll be in the mid-#s on by 1:00. upper 80s, even near 90 for the high today. a spotty shower or storm this afternoon. best chance of that will be south and west of d.c. temps this morning, you can still leave the jackets at home. got 60s and low 70s out there. a little cooler when you head north of i-80 up into pennsylvania and new england. a few spots have dipped into the 50s. we're not talking the crisp, cool air yet. that will be arriving here starting sunday. right now we're down in the mid- 60s in white oak. laurel 65. out to the west we have 66 for reston and dulles this morning. haymarket at 69.
6:16 am
waldorf is comfortable at 66. look at owens here in calvert county. 65 degrees. so that's a decent start to the day. pretty good color. i'm going to step out of the way. i love the reflection of the capital and the clouds and the potomac when we have light winds. that's what we've got. east wind only 5 miles an hour at the moment. 73 degrees in walk with that relative humidity at 78%. our futurecast, this is showing just a spotty shower chance for the afternoon. you see it south of town here at 2:00. in the mountains trying to pop a shower here and there. nothing terribly widespread. in fact, all we have are spotty showers today and even tomorrow a spotty isolated shower or storm as we head into the middle of the day and afternoon. a couple of showers eastern shore and down toward richmond. as we head into saturday, that's when everything changes. we have a strong cold front coming saturday night. we'll start the day with a few clouds, patch of fog. mix of sown and chowdz. by late morning -- clouds.
6:17 am
by late morning we're already starting to pop some showers. we can still see some activity any time in the afternoon. looks like the concentrated area at 4:30 from harrisburg back in toward western maryland and west virginia will be approaching d.c. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. behind it the air mass changes. we'll be in far better shape i believe starting sunday. today, though, still on the very warm to hot side, near 90. spotty shower or storm. 74 tonight with upper 60s. the winds today are southeast or southerly tonight. nothing too strong. 91 tomorrow. a few afternoon storms. nothing too widespread but saturday, yellow alert day saturday. mainly afternoon and evening showers and storms. you have plans saturday outside in the evening like me, i hope it will work out. getting nervous about that sunday looks great, 82. tuesday could see a shower and wednesday could actually be wet and if it is, 82 will be too warm. we'll stay in the 70s.
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monika samtani, 6:17, timesaver traffic. going bad to worse. >> it suddenly got super, super busy. i have a lot to tell you, especially in maryland. fir of all, you want to -- first of all, you want to watch out for a couple of things. a house fire on aspen hill. you can use parkland drive or even connecticut avenue as your alternate routes and our nick giovanni is on the scene. he'll have more information for us in just a few minutes. there's also an accident that involves a car and a pole down on georgi closed between brookeville road and greg road. you'll have to follow police direction to get around that one. 270 itself expect the delays now off and on out of frederick. the heaviest stretch will be 109 to 121 which is always the case president it opens up at route 121 in clarksville. let's go to a couple of live pictures. outer loop side of the beltway just as i predicted in the 6:00 hour this already slows down. this will be continuous through the morning rush hour.
6:19 am
hopefully it stays incident free. right now just that typical volume as you leave new hampshire to georgia. that's the top stretch of the beltway. 95 is not affected right now coming down from calvertton to the beltway in college park. heefertion the beltway on the west side of town. looking good across the american legion bridge both directions between bethesda and tysons corner. in tysons itself no issues route 123 and route 7. we're looking good on the dulles toll road and even on 66 which slows down manassas into centreville. again, that's typical as well. let's go back over to the maps. wants to tell you a couple of things. first of all on the bw parkway, i've been telling you earlier about a crash inside the beltway near route 410. that was cleared up. it left some delays coming in from the beltway. looks like that is fine right now. over in anne arundel, east fur nat branch road will be closed -- furnace branch road will be closed through the rush hour. it was a fatal early morning crash near route 648. they opened up 648. you're fine there but east
6:20 am
furnace branch road will remain closed for some time. you want to watch out for a medical emergency near telegraph road. everything i think has moved on but left some traffic. i'll see if we can check out the 14th street bridge. 95 looks good as you come up from dale city to springfield but once you get on 395, you're beginning to see some brake lights as you come up from duke street to the 14th street bridge though the lanes are open. no issues to report at this time. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. traffic on h street has been driving a number of you crazy. the city's department of terrific is imposing new rules which would limit bicycle traffic along h street along the path of the new streetcars. >> another proposal would ban transporting a bike on a streetcar during rush hour. ddot is giving the public the opportunity to provide some feedback on the proposal so weigh in. an estimated one out of every four recalled cars never
6:21 am
gets fixed. that's because car owners often don't even know about the recall. the national highway traffic safety administration has a new website feature to help you with that. >> you log on to, enter your vin, your vehicle dent indication number and the site will list any open recalls. some are concerned it may shift the onerous on to consumers and away from used car dealers who knowingly çsell recalled cars. >> we're concerned dealers will try to say well now anyone can access this so it's up to you to find out. >> most consumer products cannot be sold once they're recalled but there is no law preventing used car dealers from selling you a recalled car that hasn't been fbied. -- been fixed. the roads are clogged with people back at work, back at school. summer's over. wusa9 wants to help you find the best and worst gas prices in your area so you won't be
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driven crazy. this morning we head to southeast d.c. where the most expensive gallon of regular is at the bp on pennsylvania avenue. gas there will cost you $3.89 according to aaa's murder atlantic website. >> the cheapest regular gas, the sunoco on pennsylvania avenue southeast. there $3.45 a gallon. it's 6:21. we'll have more on our breaking news and a major fire in rockville ♪
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welcome back. highs in the mid- to upper 80s this afternoon. may pop a storm between fredricksburg and tappahannock by 3:00. this stuff will be very isolated. 6:00 p.m. temps still in the low to mid- 80s. a couple of things over in montgomery county i need to tell you about. first of all a house fire aspen hill road. it's closed between arctic avenue and parkland drive. we are on the scene. we'll have information in just a moment. also an accident georgia avenue. it brought a pole down. it's closed between brookeville road and gregg road. the beltway very slow and heavy on the outer loop new hampshire to georgia. as upon cast just said, -- monika just said, we have more information on our breaking
6:26 am
news story, firefighters in montgomery county trying to knock down a blaze at a two- story home. nick giovanni is live. in the last live report they thought there was a possibility of somebody getting rescued from that home. what do we know now, nick? >> reporter: mike, we just spoke with fire officials who tell us three people in all have been transported to the hospital. the two-alarm fire, you can see behind me, crews are still working to contain. it's on iris in rockville. the call came in just before 4:30 this morning of a fire originating from the basement. we're told a man and his mother were at home at the time. a woman was stuck on the second floor. the mother had to be rescued. she was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries along with two firefighters being treated with minor injuries believe to be heat related. >> crews arrived to find a significant smoke condition coming from the house with one male occupant outside at that time. he identified that his mother
6:27 am
was still inside the structure. crews began an interior attack of what appeared to be a fire in the basement while at the same time searching the house for the other occupant. she was located on the second floor, brought to the exterior by crews. she's been transported to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. >> reporter: as you can see, it's still an active scene with 75 firefighters here on the scene from montgomery county. we'll continue to follow this and bring you the latest details as soon as we get them. mike, andrea? >> thanks a lot, nick. jurors in the governor bob mcdonnell corruption case starts their third day of deliberations later this morning. the former governor and first lady each face more than a accident counts of fraud. they are accused of accepting gifts and loans from a businessman in exchange for
6:28 am
promoting his company. they deny any wrongdoing. an area mayor who has served his city for 16 years is stepping down. gaithersburg mayor side katts is resigning because -- [ inaudible ] he is facing no challengers in the november general election. his last day as mayor of gaithersburg will be november 10. we want to take a live look outside again, this tainted sky that has started off all of our mornings this weekend and also brought us the warm temperatures. >> that's right. plenty of warm temperatures a. cooldown is coming. howard is going to tell us that in a minute but first we want to get to traffic. monika has that. this is the week that everyone seems to be getting back to work and school and it's been very busy every single morning this week, including right now where there's been a house fire. you just saw our nick giovanni on the scene there, a. aspen hill road is closed between arctic avenue and parkland drive. you can use a parkland drive as your alternate route or even
6:29 am
connecticut avenue. you know that's a heavy commuter route as well in the morning. there's also a problem on georgia avenue with a crash that brought a pole down. that will take a while to clear up as well. that's between brookeville road and gregg road, that closure. again, you want to choose alternate routes for that. 270 is the normal slowdown right now as you head basically from route 109 to route 121. let's take a live look over to the the beltway on the outer loop. it's going to be slow and heavy. it's going to be like this every single morning for the rush hour all the months up to next summer. let's go over to another live picture. this time over to 270 and the american legion bridge. as i just says, that's slowing down 109 to 121 and then here things are good although fog is beginning to settle here and we'll talk to howard about that in just a minute. i want to tell but a water main break in the district as well. southbound bw parkway free and
6:30 am
clear through cheverly. route 50 slowing down into the northeast corridor. and in the district a water main break on otis street northeast. that's now closed between 28th and 30th streets. you can take newton instead. let's end with a live look over to the 14th street bridge on the northbound side of i-395. this is fine. just some volume through the landmark area and into the district across the potomac river. >>o> still that fog on the river. the water temperature down in the 60s and low 70s. humidity is high. we have some isolated patches of fog this morning. it's not widespread. feels like florida out here. it's a little humid, not terribly muggy. 60s and 70s to start the day. looking at our forecast for you, we'll zoom out from the 14th street bridge and show you the sky here. we have partly cloudy skies out here this morning. temperatures are going to climb into the low 80s by noon. mid- to upper 80s to near 90 this afternoon with just a spotty shower or storm. i don't think many of us will see too much activity today.
6:31 am
the fog. at the reporting stations anyway, there are some areas that have it worse but frederick is reporting a mile and three-quarters in petersburg, west virginia. that's the worst being reported to us. our temps 60s now. low 60s when you go far enough north. gaithersburg is 63 degrees. mid-60s from luray to winchester 66. cumberland as well at 64. even southern maryland away from the river and the bay we've got mid-60s over in la plata and andrews, cambridge at 68. so look for a seasonably warm to hot day. 84 is the average high. we'll be at 89. we've got more heat and humidity tomorrow and saturday. by sunday i'll break it all down for you with the seven-day forecast coming up in 15 minutes. let's go to andrea and mike now. 6:31. time to see what our colleagues at cbs this morning are covering. >> charlie rose is standing by live in new york. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike and andrea. ahead major garrett is in wales where president obama is meeting with nato leaders right
6:32 am
now. their debate over how to confront the threat from isis. plus, arguing over inches at 30,000 feet. peter greenburg is in studio 57 with the growing concern over air rage. why it's only going to get worse. we'll take you inside the ultrasecure vault that houses the largest collection of shakes spear in the world and -- shakespeare in the world and how it ended up two blocks from the u.s. capitol. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> we'll be looking forward to that. >> did you know that? >> we're going to find out more about that? >> thank you for giving us news in our own backyard. >> i think our producer heather has given us a heads up on that because she's definitely a shakespeare lover. >> good for heather. >> thanks, charlie. some republican lawmakers are blasting the democratic national committee chair for some comments she made about wisconsin governor scott walker. the issue? walker's record on women's issues. >> dnc chair said governor walker has, quote, given women
6:33 am
the back of his hand and in her words what extremist like walker are doing is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back, end quote. wisconsin lieutenant governor calls the comments outrageous and hideous. >> yes means yes. that's the name of a bill at the center of a firestorm in t california this morning. >> the measure would require college students to get, quote, affirmative consent from both parties before having sex. california's governor jerry brown is now deciding whether to sign the legislation. critics say it could define a great deal of sexual activity as sexual assault and undermine due process rights of the accused. an 8-year-old anne arundel county boy suspended for shaping his pop tart into a gun is back in the news. the maryland school board is deciding whether or not to lift his suspension. >> educators received a barrage of criticism saying they had gone too far. the family of josh welch hired
6:34 am
a well known local attorney robin thicker. >> the only reason he was suspended is because he mentioned the world "gun" and he said his pop tart looked like a gun. >> the anne arundel county school system insists the issue is not about pop tarts or guns. administrators say the child was suspended after months of disruptive and threatening behavior. it 16:44 -- it 16:446789 time to congrat "owe it is 6:44. time to congratulate our winner of the day. today is alicia johnson- pinkney. she says i always wake up to wusa9 and go to sleep. >> she wins four tickets to the prince george's county fair. you can too. go to our facebook page, fill out the form and make sure you connect your favorite
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welcome back. it's a quiet morning out there. 60s to 70s. it's going to be very warm, mid- to upper 80s, even near 90. rain chances are low. but a spot they shower or storm can't be ruled out. the higher chances of that will be south and west of us. we'll talk more about the big changes headed our way where we go from summertime to finally some september weather. i'm let you know when that is going to head our way. monika samtani, things are slow in many areas this thursday morning. >> we have slow traffic and so many issues around town, including this one, an accident just north of olney on georgia avenue. it's closed between brookeville road and gregg road. here's why. we've got a picture for you where a car brought a pole down across the roadway. wow, that is going to take a while to clear up here. i'm suggesting you use route 108 as your alternate route. georgia avenue closed in both directions. we'll take a look at the slow traffic you're dealing with as well. outer loop fine west of route
6:39 am
1. it's going to slow down close to the 95 interchange heading westbound right through silver spring. at least there the lanes are open. back to you guys. we all know of the story about those angry birds. that's the addictive video game where you send birds flying through the sky to knock over buildings and other structures. >> jeanne moos is taking us around the world to profile an angry ram. >> reporter: how would you feel if you were having lunch and suddenly you were buzzed by a drone. well, if you're a ram nailed rambro, you live up to your name. you not only ram the drone, you go after the guy who comes to retrieve it. the guy who's dedicated a facebook page to you, the official facebook page of the bad ass motor bike hating angry ram. oh how you hate motor bikes.
6:40 am
even though it was a youtube on a motor bike which first made you famous. the angry ram was almost a dped ram. the new zealand farmer who owned him was going to kill him as he was attacking dogs and fences. marty todd took him in letting him wander his 100 acres. they have what marty calls a love-hate relationship. rambro has bruceed. but marty, -- bruised him but marty feeds and pets the angry ram. marty responded to our question via e. maim. he's not keen on tv interviews. think of angry ram as sort of a grumpy cat of sheep. he's famous for ramming things. as marty's nephew found out. >> how do we get away from him?
6:41 am
>> run, man. >> reporter: a couple of times marty used bread to distract rambro and installed a go pro camera on his back for a little while. when he fiy nallgot it on, he got a eeshp side-view of his subaru getting rammed. no dodging this ram. when he hears a motor bike, he goes out of his way to intercept it. he rams drones. he rams people. he even rams rams. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> whoa. >> he'll be the expendable four. miranda almost bert is looking to -- lambert is looking to clean up big at the awards show in the fall. fall. wusa9 is back
6:42 am
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not a yellow alert day today but some of us may see rain but we're looking forward to the weekend and fall-like weather. >> especially by sunday. of course today it's going to be fairly isolated. tomorrow still kind of isolated. saturday, that's the yellow alert day. more widespread showers and storms in the afternoon and evening. monika is not happy with me. she has an outdoor event saturday afternoon and evening. so do i, monika. i'm going to be struggling with that as well. but sunday, that's when september weather finally arrives. here's a look outside this morning at doppler 9000. we had some showers, a bunch of them in the atlantic. this morning we had a little rain in the fredricksburg area over towards stafford, too. the last hour as it approached the potomac, it's gone. we're not going to look at doppler again. i'm going to share this beautiful sunrise this morning
6:46 am
at 6:45. just a sliver in the clouds and the sun kind of finding that peak. we'll see peeks of sunshine, quite a few actually. 87 by 3:00 with a high of 89. 85 by 7:00 and just a spotty shower or storm. winds south, southeast at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. tonight we'll be back in the upper 60s and low 70s. touch of fog in frederick. their visibilities down to one half mile. that's about the worst thing we're looking at on the board locally with a half-mile in elkins, west virginia. our temperatures this morning from the lower 60s in northeastern maryland and westminster at 62 to the low 70s in annapolis and d.c. mid- 70s now at pax river and in reedville, jan says it's 79 so she's warm right there on the bay. we have 60s in places like smithsburg and hagerstown and martinsburg this morning. this is a great shot. i'm going to step out of the way and show you our morning sunrise. take a half a second to peek at the beauty of mother nature. 73 with a light east wind at 5
6:47 am
miles an hour. our dew points are in the 60s. so it's still a little muggy out there. by sunday don't be surprised if these dew points get down in the 50s and starts to feel a little bit more like it should now that we're in the month of september. we had a front go through. you may not have noticed too much of it but it is a little less humid. that front is down here kicking off some of the showers and storms we're seeing east of norfolk. high pressure, light winds. winds will turn southeast. still very warm in the tennessee valley and mid- mississippi valley ahead of another front. you can see the storms this morning. they may impact air travel coming in toward chicago a little bit later. futurecast doesn't have a lot of activity. some spotty showers and storms at worst this afternoon. maybe the better chance south of us and in toward the mountains there along and west of i-81. tonight also a stray shower can't be ruled out, but for the most part many of us will not be affected too much by the weather today. even on friday other than a few early clouds and a patch of
6:48 am
fog, a spotty shower or storm friday afternoon. but saturday, saturday is going to be tough to avoid the showers and storms. maybe in the morning we get by. here we are early saturday. by the middle of the day we're starting to pop some showers and storms. the front is actually just getting toward pittsburgh around lunch time. that front continues to march south and east. by 4:30 notice harrisburg, down toward carlisle seeing some of the showers and storms ahead of the stuff in east and west virginia. we'll have some showers and storms ahead of that, though. looks like the front wants to come through at 8:00, 9:00 p.m. that means the threat of showers and storms will be with us till the front passes. then overnight this will clear out, drier air moves in. we might see a few clouds to start the day on sunday but the key on sunday is this different air mass is coming which is going to be cooler and drier and it will feel a lot better. today still summer like, 89. a spotty storm most of us aren't going to see it. winds southeast 5 to 10. a few upper 60s in the suburbs. 91 tomorrow. again just a few afternoon storms but a yellow alert
6:49 am
already for saturday with mainly afternoon showers and storms into the evening as well, 91. sunday turns out nice and the redskins open on the road but the ravens, should be fine for that. monika samtani, it's been a rough 6:00 hour, hasn't it? >> it really has been. i have so much to tell you, so get ready for this, especially if you live in maryland. one of these things could affect you. first of all, there's within this house on fire aspen hill road. it's been closed between arctic avenue and parkland drive. i've been suggesting either use parkland drive or connecticut avenue as your alternate route. our nick giovanni has been on the scene this morning with more information as well. also an accident on georgia avenue and it is blocked right now just north of brookeville road. the accident happened at boredley drive. we'll show you what happened
6:50 am
there where a car brought a pole and wires down on georgia avenue. that's been blocked off for some time. authorities tell us it's going to remain blocked as well. here on 270 on the southbound side, you've got an accident a the route 124. it's sitting on the left shoulder. they were waiting on the tow truck. now it's going to slow down basically off and on to the point where the lanes divide. although the lanes are open, it's slow and heavy. of course it will be heavy through all the lights in rockville. no issues right now on river road through bethesda and you're fine on the beltway. let's go there live right now on the outer loop. i'm saying fine because there's no incidents but when you're sitting in this, it doesn't feel so great. it's slowing down from new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue. that's your typical morning rush hour on the beltway here in maryland. let's go back over to the maps. all of your southern maryland corridors seem final. route 4, route 5, and route 301. there is an accident on mat
6:51 am
beantown road. one lane blocked. it's going to slow you down trying to get to branch avenue i'm sure. to 66 on the inbound side. if you're planning to head -- let's go back to the maps. if you're planning to head inbound, you have the slow traffic manassas to centreville it's about 33 mites. beyond that you have a few brake lights in fair fx but then our -- fairfax but then you're fine tillou get inside the beltway. now let's go over to the maps if you're planning to head over into the district, water main break otis street northeast. that's closed between 28th street and 30th. you want to take newton instead. i believe that's affecting about 200 customers. it may take some time before they with reopen that roadway. now let's go over to the 14th street bridge. 395 has been incident free heading over to the bridge span. it's just going to be slow through the landmark area. 95 your typical slowdowns out of dale city, woodbridge, lorton, newington and springfield. at least that is incident free. there are no problems on the beltway to report to you through annandale and south of town at the wilson bridge as
6:52 am
well. both loops between oxon hill and alexandria. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. now that everyone is back at work, back at school and all on the roadways it seems, wusa9 wants to help you find the best and worst gas prices in the area. this morning we're in falls church, virginia, where the most expensive gallon of regular gas is at the exxon on leesburg pike. there it will cost you $3.49 according to aaa's mid-atlantic website. >> the cheapest at the liberty station on south washington street. there you can fill up for $3.32 a gallon. and now it's time to answer our question of the morning. 9% of americans say they never have this with them. is it a, a checkbook, b, social security card, or c, cash? >> our facebook friend gregory roland wrote b, as in social security card. i have a copy in my wallet. >> the answer is c. we're all using debit or crazy. we'll d
6:53 am
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