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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 8, 2014 7:00am-8:56am EDT

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good morning. it is monday september 8, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the president prepares to unveil a plan tgho fit isis. insider mike morell on the new offensive. millions face the threat of flash flooding and a wildfire forces dramatic rescues at yosemite. >> there's big, bignews. there's already health concerns for duchess kate. >> we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> all of uda sden it was a huge thunderstorm. >> severe flash floods and fires threaten millions.
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>> oh my god. >> in southern california drench drenching rain and flooding. >> a couple people swimming. not the best thing to do. >> the flames forced campers to evacuate evacuate. >> he talked about his plans to fight isis. >> our allies are watching and they conclude their american foreign policy is in the hands -- >> expecting her second child. >> the little family, sibling? >> the cdc is investigating a respiratory virus that sent hundreds of children to the hospital in the midwest. >> another scandal surrounding an nba team owner. >> he made offensive comments in an e-mail he sent in 2012. >> he self-reported the incident to the leaingue july. >> boys are recovering after being attacked by a mountain
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lion. he's expected to survive. >> $139 million. >> all that -- >> police in oregon chased a woman who had stolen a boat from a marina. witnesses said she was ranting. >> kicks the man right in the face mask. >> a monster run. watch the finish here. the stiff arm. >> and all that matters. >> hollywood came to new york to honor joan rivers. her funeralra attcted comedians, actors, and entertainers. >> it's a lot of laughter which joan would have loved. >> i'm really emotional. i would like to -- >> serena for the sixth time she's the u.s. open champion. >> you're an unbelievable friend and you definitely owe drinks later. captioning funded by cbs this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama says he's ready to fight isis. tomorrow he'll telecom gregsal leaders what he has in mind. then on wednesday he'll explain it to americans in a televised speech. >> members say they want to hear specifics. bill plante is in the white house where he wants to hear more about the strategy. good morning. >> good morning. the president is taking a beating for not moving decisive decisively against the islamic militants known as isis or as the president says isil but now after his meeting with nato allies in europe, he says he has a plan to defeat the militants and he'll discuss it with congress and the public over the next few days. >> i'm preparing the country to make sure that we deal with a threat from isil. the president pointed to steps his administration has already taken deploying military advisers to the region and launching over 140 air strikes on isis targets in iraq. >> the next phase is now to
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start going on some offense. >> this week the president will explain the threat that isis poses to allies in the middle east and how that threat could spread to the u.s. >> what i'm going to be asking the american people to understand is, number one, this is a serious threat. number two. we have the capacity to deal with it. here's how we're going to deal with it. >> the plan will not include ground troops wu air strikes will continue. nine u.s. allies have agreed to help. the president will also ask and the united emirates to step up. >> we're going to shrink the territory they control and ultimately we're going to defeat them. >> the president will also seek to clarify his message for congress where he's been cr iziticed by both republicans -- >> i believe this president has committed presidential malpractice in his foreign policy. you have mixed messages coming from the administration. they don't have a strategy.
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are we going to contain them or are we going to defeat them. >> and democrats. >> i want to congratulate the president. he's now on the offense. he's overdue but the president is now there. >> now feinstein also has an op-ed in "usa today" this morning. she urges americans to understand even though we may be weary of war, how serious is the threat from isis. she writes if the united states fails to unite and lead the world against isis's horrific goals, we could suffer the consequences for decades to come. charlie? >> bill thanks. cbs contributor mike morell is in washington. he's a former cia deputy director. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> following up on the president's report where do you think he's taking us? >> going on the offense, i think degrading the group means taking away their territory and i think going after the leadership. and i think that means both in
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iraq and syria, so i think that's what he means and that's what he's going to outline for the country on wednesday. >> that means what in terms of syria. >> syria's the tricking part. syria's the hard part here. even if you got iraq right, if you don't get syria right, then these guys will just go back across the border into syria and have save haven there. so i think what it means in syria is doubling down on the moderate opposition giving them the wherewithal to fight assad around to fight isis. >> mike, the president is giving this speech one day before the 13th anniversary of 9/11. the president said yesterday he has not seen any immediate intelligence about threats to the homeland from isis. is that the metric we should be looking at immediate threat? >> norah, that doesn't give me a lot of comfort. what matters to me is whether the group has the capability and intentions to attack us and think in terms of small-scale
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attacks, isis has that intention and those capabilities today. so the lack of credible threat reporting is not the metric i would use. on september 10th 2001, we did threat reporting that ial qaeda was going to attack today. >> what is the president worried about? what is the risk? >> i think the main risk is getting syria right. that is going to be the really long pole in the tent here because we're going to be relying on a group of people in syria who we quite frankly don't have a lot of confidence in, don't have a lot of strength, who we have to worry about doing things with our weapons and our training that we're going to be responsible for at the end of the day. so that's the main thing i worry about here is how to get syria right. >> all right. mike morell, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and some joyful news this morning.
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another royal baby is on the way. we learned early this morning that the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their second child. mark phillips is in london outside buckingham palace where we hear the queen is delighted. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, another thoroughly modern royal baby is apparently on the way. the announcement tweeted among other means this morning. the duchess of cambridge, kate again, is suffering from morning sickness and had to cancel a royal engagement and the reason it turns out is happy one. unlike number one, the son, george the new baby will not be expected to be king or queen. the new baby will be fourth in the role. and kate is being treated for her morning sickness at the couple's home in kensington plazaalace at this time, not a hospital so far. the baby like george will be a
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prince or princess. the queen has assured they all will have the title. we don't know how long kate is although morning sickness is in the first trimester and people will be counting months on their finger. a spring baby looks likely. >> we saw the scenes where it was announced prince george was on his way. there was huge adulation, celebration. probably not quite as exciting this time. we've been there before. i'm sure we're going to have six or seven months of celebration. >> reporter: so here we go again and why not. in a world of bad news the british royal family is again providing a helpful and happy diversion. charlie? >> thank you, mark. >> that is true. it is some welcome good news in a lot of tough news. >> so george will have a brother orr a or a sister. >> yes.
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very good. norbert is no longer a threat but could still bring flash flooding. teri okita shows us how southern california already got slammed hard. >> reporter: norbert's blast caught southern californians off guard, delivering an afternoon storm that lasted two hours but sent water gushing into the streets and even closing freeway lanes. the flash flood completely submerged cars in downtown riverside. 30 miles away another 70 drivers wu were stuck on a driveway after the water rushed over the guardrail. pushed 50 miles inland by the powerful pacific the storm quickly halted dumping nearly 3 inches of rain in an area suffering from extreme drought. from the air intersections looked like lakes. garages and basements flooded and there were toppled trees. >> when the trees came down i couldn't heart it because the
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thunderstorm was so loud. it was pounding. >> reporter: after a long summer of severe water restrictions, some took advantage of the downpour swimming in the street and washing the family car with the falling rain. while the floodwaters quickly recede receding, another round of storms is expected later today. for "cbs this morning," teri okita, los angeles. the southwest saw severe weather of its own. strong winds flipped over four planes at a regional airport. we're tracking more threats for today including snow in some areas. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, norah. good morning, everyone. ongoing now is flash flooding in the phoenix area of 1.3 inches an hour moving through, vivid lightning as they continue to move to the north and the flash flood risk will be in effect through today. flash flood watches are up for numeunderstorms, localized mud and debris flows. all of this from norbert.
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in the same time big-time cold front slieszing through the northern and central planes. the middle time of the week high temperatures will only top out in the 40s or 50s. big-time change is coming in. could even see a couple of flurries coming in. a sure sign the seasons are changing. back over to you. >> danielle thanks. more than 100 climbers are safe after climbing from a fast moving wildfire at california's yosemite park. they were airlifting by helicopter. ominous looking clouds smoke hang over the yosemite. the fire unexpectedly grew yesterday fueled by strong winds. so far no injuries. >> now to a dangerous medical mystery. hundreds of kids across the midwest could be at risk after a serious respiratory virus. cases are confirmed in missouri and suspected in nine other states. it's spreading well ahead of the flu season and the school year is only making it easier to
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infect other kids. our dr. holly phillips is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> do we know what this virus is? >> it's called enterovirus d-368. this one hour in particular causes very severe respiratory symptoms, bad enough to send kids to the hospital or even the icu. >> how is it spread? >> just like the common cold. there's coughs sneezes, touching something a sick person has touched. it really hit missouri right at the beginning of the school year, which isn't surprising. kids are great at spreading germs and kids are reluck tanltd at keeping kids home. >> i always feel like at the beginning of the school year they get sick again because they're around other kids. when do you know to take your kid to the doctor. >> any signs of a severe dmon cold especially in an area hard hit by this virus, you should
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head to the doctor but the most important thing to pick up on is any difficulty breathing. wheezing and coughs that won't stop, those are reasons for the parents to head to the hospital. >> is there a vaccine? >> novak seen. treating and supportive care. chucken soup. if you end up in the hospital it's about respiratory support but there aren't any specific medications for it. >> thanks. friends and admirer ers of joan rivers said she would have loved her funeral. rivers was 81 when she died thursday. the city's medical examiner says the cause of death is still undetermined. mourners celebrated her life with laughter and sadness. joan rivers' 13-year-old cooper wiped away tears as he thanked well-wishers outside the family's upper east side home his mother melissa rivers right behind him. earlier in the day the greeshing mother and son were surrounded
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by fri aendsnd loved ones for a star-studded service for the iconic comedian joan rivers. rivers once joke thad she big hollywood affair. red carpet included. on sunday, part of that wish came true. friends and colleagues from the world of entertainment including whoopi goldberg donald trump. sarah jessica parker mathew broderick paid their respects. radio host howard stern delivered an emotional eulogy mixed with both humor and heart. stern described rivers as the best friend in the world, a big sister and a crazy aunt at a bar mitzvah. marilyn barbarin was a member of rivers' extended family. >> it was a lot of laughter which joan would have loved. and it was a beautiful ceremony. it had music. hugh jackman sang. the choir sang. it was wonderful. >> there was no one else like
7:16 am
her. no one else like her. no one else can replace her. no one. >> reporter: outside the service media and fans crowded the sidewalks. >> she was a terrific person and the whole world loved her. i just wanted to be here for a few minutes, that's all. >> reporter: the service ended with bagpipers playing "new york new york," an appropriate send-off for an icon who shepped shape modern day comic. >> you were there. >> i have never seen anything full of love laughter. as i left someone said what do you think. i said she would have loved it. >> what about howard stern? >> funny but loving. he created a grade sense of what she meant to him. he talked about how they liked to dance together, meaning the conversation would be so good. that in the end is what she did. i was thinking about it as i was
7:17 am
sitting there. how she made us laugh so often, how she made me laugh so often. a nice send-off for somebody who wanted it to be that way. we turn now to another story, one georgia diner into an 18-store fast food giant. the founder of chick-fil-a died this morning. s. truett cathy. a company of faith they always closed on sunday. he created controversy two years ago speaking out against same-sex marriage. he was 93. at the u.s. open serena williams finished a triple crown last night. she beat caroline wozniacki in straight sets to win the women's singles for the third straight year. look at that. it's her 18th grand slam title, tying the record held by chris evert and martina nav ta rolla. >> it's a great win, number 18
7:18 am
so i'm really emotional. i couldn't ask to do it at a better place. >> congratulations to her. williams has won the open six times in her career. this afternoon kei nishikori plays marin cilic for the men's championship. >> i was there saturday. these two people, these challenges who defeated two great tennis players, roger and novak, are really up-and-comers. they're very tough tennis players. we'll see. football fans have plenty to digest after a weekend full of action. it was a 33-20 win. it's the pats' first opening day loss since 2003. in atlanta the falcons beat drew brees and the new orleans
7:19 am
saints. manning has now defeated every team in the nfl at least once. >> that's something to write home about. >> but washington didn't do so well, did they? >> no they didn't. no, they didn't yeah. we're counting down to the debut of "thursday night football" on cbs. the game is just three days away. the steelers and ravens kick off at 8:35 eastern, 7:35 central. the new efforts to solve the
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by the buypower card from capital one, your card is the key. another shake upin controversy. ahead how kmernlts forced a second owner to walk away from his team for good. the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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the panthers trying to stay loose while the band was performing during the half. >> carolina kicker graham is clearly out of tune during halftime. look at him. he's trying to warm up while a marching band was performing. he pushed a trombone player. after the game he said he plans to find the musician and apologize. i don't know. somebody else is on the field. meaning the band. >> yeah, but they're say inging go heels. >> the tar heels is what matters. >> that's right. >> he could find another place to practice. >> reporter: welcome back to "cbs this morning." the aviation mystery in modern times stimes.
7:31 am
plus hundreds of people saw this plane crash over the weekend. you're hear from the pilot who had to think very quickly to avoid hitting sun bathers on miami beach. that's ahead. "new york times" looks at president obama. it will now wait until after november's midterm contest. reform advocates accused the esident of playing politics. "the wall street journal" says the swedish appliance company electrolux confirmed a deal to buy ge appliances. the sale is worth more than $3 billion. electrolux wants to boost its sales in north america. ge wants to improve its industrial equipment. the san jose mercury says a cat attack add boy. he grabbed him from behind and dragged him into the bushes. his parents fought him off and they were able to save their
7:32 am
son. he was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. the detroit free pes says a 2017 cad lick will have technology that will allow it to steer itself on the highway. it will control acceleration braking, and steering. they'll be able to talk to other cars to automatically avoid collisions. and they say the nba is looking four another new owner. bruce levinson says he's giving up a majority stake over stereotypes. mark strassmann is outside philips arena, atlanta, home of the hawks. mark, good richardsonmorning. >> reporter: bruce levinson wrote that e-mail and sent it to others. the subject was lackluster attendance at the arena and levinson framed it along racial lines. in his e-mail he wrote my theory is that the black crowd scared
7:33 am
away the whites. i think southern whites simply were not comfortable being in an arena or bar where they were the minority. i even bitched the kiss cam was too black. on sunday he apologized stating his e-mail was offensive. he will now share his share of the team. ken berger for said levinson violated the nba's zero tolerance zone. >> whether you're an owner, executive, coach even player, your communication and your conduct are going to come back and haublt you and you're going to be held accountable for it. >> reporter: the nb ahh has had sensitivity training for all league and personnel. last month donald sterling sold his team. he made secret phone calls to his mistress.
7:34 am
>> it bothers me that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >> reporter: silver banned sterling for life in april. >> it's deeply offensive and harmful. >> reporter: leveson was one of sterling's fiercest critics. >> zero tolerance. nothing more. they were racist bigoted remarks that we can't tolerate. >> reporter: he reported his e-mail of two years ago a few months ago. levinson has tried to sell the team before a deal in 2011 fell through. nba commissioner silver has called levinson's e-mail entirely unacceptable. in his apology leveson said if you're angry with him for what he wrote, you should be. he's angry at himself.
7:35 am
gayle? >> heyou've got to hand it to him for self-reporting. i wonder why he was such a harsh critic when he had that e-mail out there too. six months ago today malaysia flight 370 disappeared. the families continue an agonizing wait for information. jeff pegues joins us with a search for answers. good morning. >> good morning. the family members still looking for answers gathered at a temple in beijing. they're angry and frustrated. this is still one of the biggest aviation mysteries in history. still no sign of the boeing 777 or the 239 people on board. the search is set to resume sometime this month. six months later investigators remain convinced the answers are here.
7:36 am
here in the southern indian ocean where they've narrowed it to an area about the size of west virginia. over the last several weeks mapping of the sea floor has found depths up to four miles. when the search resume sophisticated sonar underwater equipment and cameras will be used to hopefully identify parts of the plane. >> that search will will continue until all that is done been done to scour the probable impact zone. >> reporter: it expands land air, and sea. the teams first looked in the south china sea and then shifted their focus. >> we had so much time wasted in the beginning of the crash, so we had so little data available. and then the data we did have that we knew was solid was not being acting upon. >> reporter: not knowing the truth has frustrated families
7:37 am
and loved ones of the people on board the missing plaechblt sara bayjc bajc's life partner was on board. she said she misses him every morning and every night. >> closure means a close answer. to bring loved ones home. >> i need to bury him or bring him home. >> reporter: the airline has been dealing with another tragedy. just four months after the disappearance of malaysian 370, another malaysian 317 was shot down over eastern ukraine, a company already working to repair its reputation was dealt another blow and now it is an airline struggling to fill seats and stay in business. the future is uncertain for the families of the missing as well.
7:38 am
sara bajc says she is anxious frustrated, but also hopeful. >> i still feel philip with me. i feel that connection is still alive. what i know is that he continues to reside in my heart and that gives me the strength to continue to try to find him bring him home. >> investigators say there are more than 1,000 different flight paths the plane could have taken after it turned south but they're focused what's called the seventh arc. the leading thee is there was a mechanical problem or the pilots intentionally brought the plane down. >> they're focusing on the pilots. so what ee's the theory. >> because so much was disabled they feel it was in the cockpit but until they have the black box, they won't know. >> i keep thinking about the family. there wore pings that would say it was in this area, in this
7:39 am
area. i remember going to bed thinking when we get up, we'll know something. may we reach a point that we may never know what happened? >> i think it's been fair to say there's been a lot of false starts with the investigations and the families you can understand how they're frustrate bud they're going to resume the search. it may take up to a year is what they've told the flames. >> some believe that it's somewhere. do they simply dismiss that i.e., that it did not go into the ocean? >> again, it's hard investigation at this point. the ocean. that part of the world is really uncharted territory. so they have to map the sea floor and it's really deep. so there's a lot of work to get some answers for this family. >> and it took two years to find air france flight. >> yeah. we'll see. >> jeff, thank you so much. good to see you. ahead, a different pilot survived disaster in the ocean. >> and then i thought, okay i'm going to be dead in five
7:40 am
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this morning a retired military pilot says he is ready to return to the sky even after dramatic crash off miami. yikes. our reporter is on miami beach where moments after the accident were all captured on video. natalia, what happened good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that right. this pilot, he's flown for the airport for 21 years. he spent all that time flying and he said as his plane fell out of the sky and crashed head first into the water in a time span of just 20 seconds, he said he never panicked. >> there's a plane in the water. they're bringing the pilot.
7:45 am
>> reporter: cell phone video captured this pilot being brought back to shore moments after he crashed his plane on miami beach. >> we heard this huge crash. we looked over and half the plane was already in the water. >> reporter: witnesses say former u.s. army aircraft now serpg as banner plane plunged into the ocean about 100 yards from the shore, the pilot still inside. >> i got a radio call off and then i thought i'm going to be dead in five seconds. >> reporter: that pilot was 64-year-old vietnam war veteran brian haggerty. he said his engine was failing and the plane was going down but it never crossed his mind to land on the beach. instead he planned for an ocean splashdown away from any bystanders. >> i was aware i wasn't going to get it started again. made sure nobody was in front of me, no boats or swimmers. i didn't want to hurt anybody. i made a radio call engine
7:46 am
quit, i'm going in the water. >> reporter: that's when he said his military training kicked in activating his life vest and clearing the plane. a group of jet skiers noticed him in the water and were able to bring him safely back to shore. thanks to his quick thinking he survived and no one else was injured. said he's a bit beat up but ready to get back to work. >> i'll probably get on schedule and tow a banner this week although my wife told me i'm not. >> reporter: the ntsb is investigating what caused the plane to lewis power. wit u built in 1951 but the pilot said it was well maintained. all right, nanatalia, thank you. >> cool under pressure. the captain takes a bow but then derek jeter decides to take a call that wasn't
7:47 am
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7:51 am
number 2, derek jeter. >> in my opinion, i've had the greatest job in the world. i got a chance to be the shortstop for the new york yankees, and there's only one of those. i've loved what i've done. i love what i do. more importantly, i've loved doing it for you. so from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. >> a ceremony fit for a king or a captain, new york yankees superstar derek jeter was celebrated sunday. the shortstop ended his season of a 20-year career. after the game he showed his cool when a reporter's telephone interrupted his press conference. >> walt rineheimer. walt, she'll have to call you back buddy. >> how great is that.
7:52 am
you know how you use your i phone to record? and then her husband called on the phone. so he picked it up. >> class act as always. another business man is making time. we'll talk about joan rivers, the glitzy return of classic rocks. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." [meatball] vocce vanduccos! when your favorite food starts a fight
7:53 am
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8:00 am
wake up, everybody. it's monday september 8th 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more news ahead including ryan seacrest right here in studio 57 today. he remembers his friend joan rivers and shows us how fashion watch. first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the prest,iden as you know has taken a beating for not moving decisively against isis. now he say his e has a plan. >> think degradeing the group means taking away their territory and, i think, going after the leadership. >> anotheral roy baby is on the way. in a world of bad news the british royal family is again providing a happy diversion. >> hikers and climbers are saved after a fast moving wildfire at yosemite park. >> flash flood risk will be on
8:01 am
through the night. >> it's a rare strain of a very common virus. this one, however, causes very reseve respiratory symptoms. >> i have never seen anything like it. full of love full of laughter. when i left, they said what do you thing. i said i think she would have loved it. >> leveson said if you're angry with him for what he wrote, you should be. he's angry with himself. >> i got a radio call out and then i thought okay i'm going to be dead in five seconds. >> carolina kicker graham ganot is clearly out of tune. >> he was trying to kick during the band's performance in the half. i'm charlie rose with gayle king. president obama caught current last month when he said there was no plan. there is a plan and he will spell it out tomorrow. his critics want to hear
8:02 am
specifics on exactly what the president wants to do. >> the president said on sunday that the u.s. will start to quote, start going on some offense. he plans to go on tv the night before the 9/11 anniversary. the coast is recovering from a storm. norbert is no longer a tropical storm but yesterday it covered cars and trapped drivers on the roads in los angeles. the system doused the area dumping rain up to 3 inches. to the north the wildfire at yosemite grew this weekend. helicopters rescued hikers near the half dome. there's big news from britain this morning. prince william and his wife revealed this morning they're expecting a second baby. yay. a spokesman said kate is suffering again from severe morning sickness. she canceledmorning's public appearance. the announcement comes seven weeks after prince george's first birthday.
8:03 am
the spokesperson says queen elizabeth and the family is most delighted. me too. you would think i knew them. i never met them. i'm so excited for them both. >> princess gayle. >> do you have any names? you had some names when it was going to be george. >> rahim. >> a girl shiniqua. i know a shiniqua. >> what do you think the chances are? >> we'll see. speaking of over the top, it was an over-the-top funeral filled with laughter and tears jeff as joan rivers would have wanted. family and friends joined together yesterday in memory of the comedian in new york city. she died last week at the age of 81. actor hugh jackman sang and radio host howard stern gave a eulogy. >> ryan seacrest is another fan of joan's. tomorrow night he'll host
8:04 am
"fashion rocks." ryan mr. evening, joins us. >> like he needs to make more money. >> you are everywhere. before we talk about you, let's talk about joan for a scored. what stands out most for you? >> they tape the "fashion police" every friday in my building where i broadcast my radio show and she would be out in the hallway having an omelet before they take the show. she'd be going a million mile an hour and she'd be doing her shtick. when i'd be going to the bathroom during a long song she'd say that's such a great shirt. do they make it manyin men's? as melissa said, she wanted to make people laugh. >> stories exactly like that how she was so always on always
8:05 am
engaged by life. >> well when you would interview her, you knew she had her shtick. you knew you needed to tee her up. every time you tee'd her up she delivered. >> you were made the butt of it. >> everyone was the butt of it including herself. when you tee'd her up, many times i didn't know if i was allowed to laugh or not because the line was there and sometimes it would go across but you really did laugh at everything that she said. >> you're here in new york because "fashion rocks" is back. >> that's right. >> what's the connection between fashion and rock? >> think you know fashion is always inspired by music. i think you look back to great music and great fashion and they're connected in so many ways. the artists of great music and great fashion work together live together hang out together, and so we're going to bring all of that together tomorrow night live for this special with jennifer lopez and pit bull jennifer hudson was there yesterday at rehearseal
8:06 am
who's just incredible live. >> miranda lambert. >> yes. miranda is going to be there too. it will be a good night of marrying those two things together. >> look at you, ryan seacrest. are you living the life of your dreams. >> look at her sit back in her chair. >> i feel like putting my feet up and lighting up a cigarette. let's talk about you. you're tonal one working if nbc, abc, fox, all of them very successful. as a little kid, were you somebody daydreaming about doing this? are you living your dream? >> absolutely 100%. not only daydreaming about it. i was making cassette recordings of me as casey kasem. like i was pretending to be casey kasem at 9, 10 11 years old. i was degreeing of someday coming to hollywood and getting a chance to meet him and i eventually did and he -- after getting to getting los angeles he then passed the baton for me to host that show for him. >> after all you've done is there something you want to do?
8:07 am
to act, to be a leading man, to have your own prime time television show? >> i don't know. i'm taking this leap into the fashion world right now. this is new for me. this is new for me. >> that's big money deal. >> i think that -- i love doing a lot of different things. i'm going to go from here to my broadcasting job immsquare. for me it's the constant state of activity. >> your mom said you said i never want to work as hard as dad does. >> i remember waiting for him to come home from dinner. it would be 7:15. >> you're working harder than he does? >> yes. >> and you're turning 40 this year? >> yes. >> 40's a big milestone. >> what were you worried about, ryan? >> i never -- i never really thought about it. i never thought i'd get there.
8:08 am
i remember when my dad turn 40d, we put up a sign that said you're over the hill. you seem so hold olde when you're a kid and then you become 40 and you're like we're kids. >> 40 is the new 20. >> yes. aisle subscribe to that. >> i notice that you're dressed. you have a clothing line at macy's. numbers line up? >> it's like gairanimals from sears. >> i'm usually rushed. the numbers match up. >> it's very dapper. charlie, you and ryan have something in common. black labs. you have barkley. he has georgia. >> georgia is 6 mondays old and is potty trained. >> mine is 5. >> what do i have to look forward to?
8:09 am
>> great love affair. she will always be there for you, ryan. others may come and go. georgia will be there. >> we'll talk later. don't tell that to shanna. shanna might disagree with that. good to see you. >> thank you. >> you can see the return of "fashion rocks." that's tomorrow night at 9:00 8:00 central right here on cbs. ahead on "cbs this morning" -- so fancy. like that song too. azalea. we'll show you the most expensive house -- >> just
8:10 am
she started out singing at her local church. "leaving on the midnight train to georgia," gladys knight with one of the most recognizable voices. she's here in studio 57 to tell us about her new album and why she wants to team up with kanye west. that's ahead on "cbs this
8:11 am
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8:15 am
like really really large? take a look at the nation's most expensive home on the market right now. it's located millionaire's mile just north of ft. lauderdale. at more than 60,000 square feet the house boasts 11 bedrooms 17 bathrooms, because, you know you never have enough bathrooms, and the first ever in-home imax theater. you have marble plaster and $2 millioncase with gold leafing, outside infinity peer beach front, the garage holds up to 30 cars. don't call the moving trucks yet. construction isn't done. the price tag, $139 million.
8:16 am
>> i just want a little cottage to see the waves come in. >> that's what's wrong with america. >> i want to know how are the schools? do they have a good school system? >> do you have children on the way? >> if i did, that's a big story. somebody ought to interview me if that happens. >> a spirit of perseverance. we'll show you how wounded warriors are coming together around the world thanks to prince harry. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by cadillac. so, forget the gold watch; grab the brass ring... you don't need anyone to tell you that success is yours, because you're busy... ...seizing it... ...drafting it...
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8:20 am
>> having played a tank crew we want to show our support to invictus games and the wounded warriors. >> brad pitt has a message for competitors in london. bring it on. he introduced his co-stars in his upcoming movie. >> athletes from 13 nations will take on sports lie basketball cycling, swimming and archery. jan crawford sat down with some of the heroes from team usa. >> reporter: these men and women are among america's most
8:21 am
accomplished athletes. >> the 100-meter. >> reporter: their sacrifice and perseverance almost unimaginable. they are wounded veterans and after serving america, this week in london they will compete for america against other wounded veterans aet the first ever invictus games. invictus means unconquered, and that's is exactly what these games will represent says sergeant major chris self who lost his leg after being shot in iraq and is now captain of team usa. >> i'm just telling everybody that, hey, we can overcome. if we can do it then those sitting at home watching or those sitting at home reading about it they can do it too. >> reporter: gathered together near washington as a team leaving for london theirs is a story of determination. shaun chesh sure is a tandem cyclist and runner. she also blind the result of a fall while transferring a patient. >> i believe we're sending a
8:22 am
message to the world, here we are. we may be injured and broken, we may be defeated but we're unconquerable. >> reporter: the event is the brainchild of britain's prince harry, he came up with the idea after attending the warrior games last year. >> you could see in his eye that he was thinking okay these guys almost very few of us were shaking his hand but like okay i've got this race about to do so you're not as important as this marine beating me next to me and he was getting excited too. >> reporter: costs and transportation is being funded by the fisher house. ken fisher says the games are a celebration of perseverance. >> in the end it's about competition and that's the greatest way to physically get back out in the world when
8:23 am
you've been wounded is to say, you know what? i am. i've overcome this and i am. >> reporter: that's the view shared by everyone here. cheshire says the ability to compete helped her to finally accept her injuries and be a role model for her daughters. >> i feel like it shattered everything i was and stood for and i kind of had to take all those pieces and put it back together and i feel stronger because of this. >> reporter: for army veteran geoff hopkins who suffer add spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident this is also personal. it's a way to inspire his 5-year-old son ethan. >> he sees his daddy in the wheelchair but i want him to see daddy is an athlete. i want him to be wowed by daddy. >> that you're a fighter, you don't give up. >> i want him to see. no matter what circumstances you find in life you've got to continue going. i want him to understand i can do anything. and he can do anything in life. >> reporter: now these american veterans will take that message
8:24 am
to the world. starting wednesday in london. for "cbs this morning," jan >> jan, thanks for cheering them on always. we're here in the toyota greenroom cheering these guys on too. they're a peachy pair. gladys knight took the midnight train to georgia do. you feel like singing this morning, miss gladys? and tony gonzalez do you feel like sinking. >> don't ask me to sing. >> tony, i think you've made my two anchors happy. >> he's a good-looking guy. oh, yeah. >> you're here about football. >> a little bit. >> they've both got an exciting week ahead of them.
8:25 am
8:26 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour the nfl season is officially under way. tony gonzalez is ready. he's in studio 57. the 14-time proh bowler is a new rookie on "nfl today," but he's still getting calls for teams. he'll tell us why he's not on an nfl roster. >> gladys knight topped the charts, now the seven-time grammy winner returns to her roots. that's ahead. "time" says california's endangered blue whales are making a comeback. a new study finds their population is nearly back at levels not seen since br 1966. that's when commercial whale hunting was banned. the author of the study calls it a conservation success story. a meteor right struck an area in nicaragua. the meteorite left a crater 60
8:31 am
feet deep and 80 feet wide. no one was hurt. "usa today" looks at a new item by olive garden. the never-ending pasta pass. for $100 listen to this you can eat all the pasta, salad, bread, and cokes you want for seven weeks. only 1,000 passes will be follows. this follows tgif's appetizer campaign. the competition is on. >> that's all you need an all you can eat buffet. rothblat made $30 million from a united pharmaceutical company. she started out as man, married to a woman for 32 years. only 11 were women. britain's "daily mail" said
8:32 am
an englishman found an early coin. it was minuted in what is now the united states back in 1652. it is unclear how it ended up in a field in england. it will be auctioned in december and is thought to be worth nearly $2 million. the "denver post" says hundreds of hung over people at a budweiser party in a small colorado town could not get out. we told you about the whatever usa event last week. it brought 10,000 partiers to butte this weekend. but afterward security caused a lot of missed flights. one tweeted he had to run to the plane because seats were first come, first serve. monday morning quarterbacks have their work cut out for them after the first sunday of the nfl season and we're only three days away from the debut of "thursday night football" here on cbs. tony gonzalez played 17 seasons for the kansas city chiefs and atlanta falcons. he's a 14-time pro bowler and
8:33 am
all-time touchdown and tight end. he's now with cbs and we're happy about that. there you go. >> how about that. you're up early over here. >> we are up early. >> i know. >> so let's talk about you first. you can still play. >> mm-hmm. >> they say. >> i think i can still play. but i don't want to play anymore, i'll tell you that right now. >> how do you decide when you're ready to leave it all behind and go to the booth? >> i think it's different for each person. if you look at a guy like jerry rice, he told me play till the wheels fall off and he played 21 years and they actually cut him out of the league. i said i'd rather walk away. michael strahan is a good friend of mine. he said, when you're ready, you eno. last year i was ready. we only won four games and i was happy to move on. i knew i had a job not waiting for me but one where i didn't
8:34 am
have to be hit anymore. >> did it feel weird not to be suiting up and talking about the game? did you have a little ping? >> no not really. that's when i knew yesterday was probably the real test was i ready to get way from this game and it felt good. just like today, i'm not sore. the mental anguish if i would have lost or i would have missed a catch. all that stuff -- i'm happy to be here. >> how is the transition training to be at an anchor desk? >> as you three know it's been a little nesh-racking. i was a little anxious yesterday. my leg was jumping up and down and my heart was pumping. >> was it really? >> well yeah. i never did it before. i was with a great team including boomer esiason and others. we had a blast and i'm looking forward to getting to do it. >> you talk about what you know. >> it's a luxury. it is football. >> "thursday night football" and obviously the big thing for cbs, what does it mean in terms of
8:35 am
beyond one network? >> it's huge. first of all, it's coming to the network. it's all divisional rivalry games. starting this week pittsburgh at baltimore. baltimore lost yesterday. this is a huge game. it's a divisional game for baltimore. so all the games are like that throughout the season. they're all divisional games. they have a big impact.on. great football. >> you might be new in the booth but you didn't waste any time making a bold prediction about peyton manning. you said -- >> they were undefeated. here's the best thing about it. they play each other week three on cbs, and think whoever wins that game is going to go undefeated and win the super bowl because these teams are loaded. peyton manning there, defensively. there's no weakness on this team if they stay healthy. do think denver is the bet over the two, but it remains to be seen. we'll find out about week three. ahead.
8:36 am
i've about got lotgot lots of questions. >> i mean "thursday night football," you know, for most of us it's just weekend football because we weren't watching the nfl foochblt but thursday night, that's a lot of football during the week. >> that's a lot of football. you hear people saying it's too much, you might be oversaturating the market. i don't think so. if you look at the fans nfl appetite for football, it's the number one sport and with good reason. it's the best reality show on television. >> i agree with that. you know the best thing about sports? you bring people together. you invite friends over your kids invite friends and you all watch it. >> and you can tweet. you're watching the same event. >> community. >> peyton wouldn't you just love to see peyton just do it? >> he's done it before. >> we saw what happened last year. >> yeah. and that's why i think they're poised to really do well this year. what happened in last year's
8:37 am
super bowl they got -- quite frankly, they got embarrassed by a really good seattle football team and they went out this off-season and picked up some really good defensive players. wes welker is out for them. he's one of peyton's favorite targets, but once he comes back emmanuel sanders manning is probably arguably the best to put on a pair of shoulder pads. >> what do you think fans don't understand that players do about the game? >> that's a good question. >> that's what he does. >> you are good mr. charlie rose. hey, where's my cup of coffee. what do i think the players understand that -- well, the people -- >> it's tough. >> they look at the finished product of foonltball and they thing you can roll out there and play. they don't understand the amount of work and dedication it takes to be good and the strategy behind it.
8:38 am
it's not like we roll out of bed and say we're going to catch football. >> that, too, is not an emotion. thank you, tony. good luck. >> you're good too, tony gonzalez. >> "thursday night football" starts in just three days. you can watch the steelers and ravens at 8:25 eastern, 7:25 central here on cbs. she is known as the empress of soul. gladys knight is in our toyota green room. we'll find out how her new music is close to
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
more than a musical force of nature. she's a grandmother, restaurant tour, broadway veteran. ing that you very much. now she's back with her one-of-a-kind sound ♪ i guess neegtser erneither one of us wants to be the first to say good-bye ♪ >> reporter: there aren't many voices more recognizer than the empress of soul gladys knight with a career spanning five decades, the grammy singer has topped the charts in pop,
8:43 am
gospel, and r & b. she began singing in church and got her first break at the age of 7 in 1952. a year later she teamed up with her family to perform with her family that rose to fame gladys knight and the pips. just over a decade lhe group was signed to motown records. they rose to stardom and quickly became a hit factory. their success lasted through the years, and in 1973 they leased their biggest grammy winning hit, "midnight train to georgia." ♪ on the midnight train to georgia ♪ ♪ >> reporter: knight eventually launched a solo career but reunited with the pips in 1996 when they were indicted into the
8:44 am
rock and roll hall of fame. tomorrow gladys knight will release her eighth solo album. it's called "where my heart belongs." but right now she joins us in the studio hello, gladys. >> hello, gayle. >> does your heart belong to gospel? look at gladys trying gospel. you've done gospel before. >> yes, i have. it's the best part of my life and i'm very open about that. i was raised that way. my mom and dad gave us those gifts and showed us how to use them in a way that's fitting to him. so i always like to do my gosh pell thing and put it out there just like everything else. >> for most people it's "midnight train to georgia." i was told it started out as "mind plane to houston." >> i called him up and said i don't go to houston that much. when i was little and you saw
8:45 am
that picture up there when i was doing ted mack at years old, we rode the train all the time from atlanta and my grandpa was a pullman porter so i got a chance to experience the ride that way and i got spoiled. >> and it was originally a country song. >> itweatherly. i just got done talking to him. he just got done doing a book. i love the down home light way they right. it simple yet it's romantic and not as gutty as some of the other things you know. i love country -- i like all kinds of music to tell you the truth. >> me too. >> where do you put rhythm and blues? >> i put it right at the top with everything else. you have to remember that rhythm and jazz started the whole thing. >> and it's american music. >> yes, it is. it's incorporated in every, even the hip-hop. they just doan know it. >> certainly rock and roll and
8:46 am
hip-hop too. >> absolutely. >> they said you want to perform with kanye west. i heard that and i thought, does she know who kanye west is? >> i do. >> that's why she wants to perform with them. >> i'm trying to thing of the two of you together. what is it you like about him or his music? >> i like his sound. today for me i'm old school and i admit it. i can't distinguish all the time who's who. back in the day if the temptations came on or arita that came on or barbra streisand came on you knew that voice. but today they sound so much alike, they phrase so much alike that you really don't know who's who. they change the radio format. after every song they'd say was "midnight train" by gladys knight and the pips so you get to know people more personally. i don't know who's who. >> have you met kanye? >> yes i have. >> i would listen to that. >> what interests me is the sound. miles davis once said to me listen to the sound. >> uh-huh.
8:47 am
>> what does that mean? >> that means it's distinct. there's something in that voice. i like john legend. you know who i'm really looking forward to doing something with also? mitz is elliotti elliott. she does hip ruopp, rock and roll and she has my niece aaliyah. she was a soft person. she took that soft thing and put it in a groove so she could still remain aaliyah but get on the now. >> i didn't know she was your niece. >> yes. i always wanted know what a pip is. i looked it up in the dictionary a small hard seed and fruit. when it says gladys knight and the pips what is a pip? >> we took it from my cousin james wood. he was a construction person. my mom said you've about got to go get these kids some jobs. >> it didn't have a name to it.
8:48 am
>> it was his nickname. >> oh. >> he took his money and paid for our uniforms and gas. he was so proud of us and was our biggest promoter so we named ourselves the pips. >> it was so good to see you at the celebration of the apollo theater. >> that was amazing. i've got to tell you this story because it's funny. by the time we got to new york to the apollo 61 we had been singing for, i don't know how we'52. and we got there. we're used to do one or two shows a night. we got to the apollo. we did our first show we packed up our bags getting ready to go and the doorman said -- i can't say what he said but he said where you all going. we said we've done or show so we're going back to the hotel. he said you've got five more shows. >> whoa. >> yeah. at that time they were doing five and six shows at the apollo. they do a show a short movie, a show, short movie, like that. so that was our first
8:49 am
introduction to that. >> but you're still clearly having a good time gladys. >> yes i am. >> you look fabulous. >> thank you so much. isn't he wolf. >> you just celebrated your 50th birthday? >> yeah, right. i'm six decades now. >> "where my heart belongs" goes on sale tomorrow. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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that does it for us. what's great about gladys knight also, she's got 17 grandchildren or great grandchildren. >> yes. and they call her
8:53 am
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