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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ravens running back ray rice cut by the team suspended by the nfl, the fallout and reaction coming up. >> reporter: after 11 years and three murders alexandria police say they are one step closer to solving a who done it, today murder charges filed. >> reporter: a massive report is out tonight slamming the folks who write tickets in d.c. >> and a young man's goodwill at the ballpark that went
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viral. >> turns out he's a hometown boy and he's here to tell us about paying it forward. from suspension to termination, ray rice is out. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. tonight a star running back's career is over at least for now. the ravens fired rice after the release of new disturbing video obtained by tmz. that video shows us what happened inside the elevator involving ray rice and his then fiancee janay palmer. you see rice strikes palmer, knocks her against a railing and she falls out onto the floor. until now we've only seen this, the aftermath of the assault showing rice dragging what appears to be an unconscious palmer and letting her fall to the floor. >> the ravens were talking about that new video and the firing of rice after they had practice tonight. kristen berset was there. she's back from owings mills. >> to say it was tense at the ravens facility is an
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understatement. earlier this evening head coach john harbaugh addressed the media for about seven minutes fielding questions regarding the video and their release of ray rice. harbaugh met with the team's owner, president and general manager earlier today and said it didn't take long to come to a decision. usually the monday after a game is quiet for nfl teams, but the ravens were back to work on the practice field preparing for their thursday night showdown against the pittsburgh steelers. however, this day a dark cloud hung over the facility. >> it's something we saw the first time today, all of us, and it changed things, of course. it made things a little bit different. >> reporter: head coach john harbaugh along with the rest of the ravens brass met briefly monday morning before deciding to cut ties with their former pro bowl running back. >> i have nothing but hope and goodwill for ray and janay and we'll do whatever we can going forward to help them as they go forward and try to make the best of it. >> reporter: that sentiment
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was shared throughout the ravens locker room. it was quiet after practice. emotions were running high. those that spoke sounded conflicted sharing feelings of shock and sadness. >> i think everybody was stunned this morning when we woke up. i said it before and i'll say it again. it was a deplorable act. he made a terrible error in judgment. like i've said before, i think it's easy in this situation to point a finger of blame rather than extend a ndha of help. >> i'm not going to abandon him. i'm going to be a friend, but definitely a shame watching that. >> i think other people can learn from watching your mistakes and other people's mistakes. whatever happens in your own life don't take it by a grain of salt and treat your family with respect and everything. >> in minutes social media was flooded with reaction from
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players, fans and even a tweet from the ravens and the state from commissioner roger goodell. james brown tonight with that reaction and the nfl's new policy on domestic abuse. >> reporter: public reaction to the new video was swift. the video went viral. there are about 1 million tweets by late this afternoon. broncos tackle terrance knighton, "that man should be thrown into jail." shaun o'hara, former new york giant, called it despicable. the ravens listened and issued their own tweet. "ravens have terminated running back ray rice's contract this afternoon." minutes later commissioner roger goodell issued a statement putting rice own definite su"no one in our office has seen it until today." goodell's initial suspension of just two games prompted widespread criticism the punishment was not enough. two weeks ago goodell announced a new league policy for domestic violence offenders making it a six-game suspension
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for first offense and a lifetime ban for a second offense. domestic violence expert ted bunch consulted with the league on a new policy. >> it's unfortunate we have to actually wait to see a video in order for us to all have a higher level of urgency around because it's not just the nfl. all of us see it and now we believe it. >> reporter: rice has not responded to today's develops. last may he responded in a news conference with his wife palmer sitting at his side and in july he apologized. >> that's not me. my actions are inexcusable. that's something i have to live with the rest of my life. >> reporter: james brown, cbs news, washington. >> ravens defensive end chris canty was extremely emotional after practice today letting reporters know that domestic violence has touched his life. he wants everyone to remember what the victim is here and that's ray's wife, janay. >> even the president now weighing in on rice's
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termination. today press secretary josh earnest put out this statement on behalf of president obama. the president is the father of two daughters and like any american, he believes that domestic violence is contemptible and unacceptable in a civilized society. hitting a woman is not something a real plan does and that's true whether or not an act of violence happens in the public eye or far too often behind closed doors. stopping domestic violence is something that's bigger than football and all of us have a responsibility to put a stop to it." we've got breaking news from hagerstown tonight after three people were shot there. police are not saying what led to the shooting, but they did tweet this photo from the scene. it happened at 8:00 in the 200 block of frederick street. emergency crews took one of the shooting victims to an area hospital. the other two suffered minor injuries. from person of interest to now confirmed suspect, tonight charles severance remains behind bars now charged with the murders of three alexandria
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residents. police have eyed severance since march and kept him in the loudoun county jail on a weapons violation charge. today the police chief said there was no specific break- through that led to the murder charges, just ongoing evidence gathering. our mola lenghi went to the alexandria neighborhood where those murders happened and he joins us now live. >> reporter: the charges that were filed today here by the alexandria police department were part of a police investigation that were 11 years in the making. as you can imagine, there were moments where the victims of the families had lost all hope. >> i don't think they'll every find it. >> reporter: that -- ever find him. >> reporter: that was in february who did not think the person who killed her husband ron kirby would ever be caught. today alexandria police say they know who did it charging charles severance in the murders of kirby, ruthanne lodato and nancy dunning. >> we've been waiting for this day a long time of the. >> reporter: kirby was killed
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in november, lodato in february and nancy dunning 11 years ago. >> over these nearly 11 years while nothing can bring her back we're hopeful today's indictment is the beginning of a process that will offer our family and the other affected families some small amount of closure. we ask for privacy at this time and we have no further comment. police chief earl cook says over the last 11 years police never allowed dunning's murder to become a cold case, but it wasn't until kirby's murder last year and lodato's murder seven months ago when the investigation gained momentum. >> the most recent homicides of mr. kirby and mrs. lodato obviously started another extensive investigation, a heightened sense of need to catch this killer. >> reporter: in march police acknowledged similarities in the three murders. chief cook said early on in the investigation of the seemingly connected killings police believed severance had some connection to all three victims but did not know how significant those connections were to the murders. >> we have a lot of work ahead of us before we would get to
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the point where we were comfortable to see his involvement in these cases and that indeed he had a serious involvement and whether or not we should charge him. >> reporter: it was in the last five months since severance was arrested and held on an unrelated gun charge when police uncovered evidence connecting him to the murders. >> i am confident that the suspect, charles severance, is the suspect that we have been looking for which is now almost 11 years. >> reporter: alexandria police chief cook would not comment on a motive. he said he didn't know what one was and didn't want to speculate on what one could be. he said he'd leave that up to prosecutors to iron out those details. he says he'll also leave up to prosecutors to determine whether these were random or targeted murders. live in alexandria i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. we've got new information tonight on another murder in alexandria. the man charged with killing a d.c. department of corrections worker lived apparently in the
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same apartment complex. dalwit seung is behind bars suspected of murdering 64-year- old carolyn cross found dead in her apartment on kenmore avenue yesterday morning. today we spoke with a former co- worker of cross who also lives in the apartment building. she recognized seung when we showed her his mugshot. the woman said she did not know anybody who did not like and respect cross. >> i don't know anyone that did not like her. she commanded respect. she gave respect. >> what happened? what made you so angry that you had to do that if he is indeed the suspect much? in -- suspect? >> alexandria police have not released a motive or told us if the two knew each other. the woman we spoke with today tomorrow us the daughter of cross found her tied up and unresponsive.
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tonight cheverly police say they did everything they could to prevent a mother from killing her two young children. sonya spoon is locked up tonight charged with the weekend murder of her 3-year- old daughter kay had and her 1- year-old son aiden. just last week her mother called for help saying spoon was suicidal and wanted to kill her daughter. officers took her to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. >> there was no threat to the children at this time other than her verbal comment. there was no evidence to lead us to believe that there had ever been any neglect or abuse to either child in the residence. >> the 24-year-old single mom did admit to police that she suffocated her children using plastic bags and duct tape. investigators are still trying to figure out why she'd do such a thing. a shocking report out of the d.c. inspector general who issued a scathing assessment of the d.c. parking and speeding enforcement. wusa9 recorder jim osman has
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more on what you need to know. >> reporter: it's what a lot of motorists thought, had a hunch, how the world of issuing parking tickets and moving violations actually works. >> this really has bite because it confirms many of the suspicions that motorists had for years about traffic ticketing in the district of columbia where their rights are routinely trampled upon. >> reporter: 100 page d.c. inspector general report that took months to develop came to some startling conclusions, that some ticketing agencies had given up on innocent till proven guilty. one senior district official told the i.g., "if you get a parking ticket, you are guilty until proven yourself innocent. that has worked well for us." and in the report there's also documentation of speed camera ticket reviewers giving ticket when a reviewer couldn't positively id the violating vehicle. >> this shows that the district in many instances ignored the actual evidence and just issue
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a ticket anyway. >> i've been to three machines now and none of them seem to be working. >> reporter: conrad grant was trying to comply with the law by paying for a parking stub at three different locations to no avail. >> they have busted machines. >> reporter: he says the automated enforcement such as for speeding can end up in unfair and whoppers of a fine. >> there was a time i was down here and they had what they posted a construction zone and double the fine, but there was no construction going on. >> reporter: frustrating? >> frustrating. >> reporter: we reached out to the d.c. police department. we were told contrary to the report's flawed assumption that the police department believes there is widespread support for automated traffic enforcement. jim osman, wusa9. a fourth person infected with ebola is on their way to the u.s. emory university hospital in atlanta will treat that patient who is expected to arrive tomorrow morning, but they haven't tomorrow us anything else about this person. the world health organization says it could be a doctor who has been working in an ebola
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treatment center in sierra leone. a respiratory virus is spreading fast across the country infecting hundreds of kids and teens. it's called the enterovirus and officials in 10 states contacted the centers for disease control and prevention for help with investigating the spread. there are 300 cases in kansas city alone and 15% of those illnesses require treatment in intensive care units. symptoms go from fever to runny nose, sneezing, coughing, skin rash, mouth blisters and body aches. local health officials say they are even starting to see the virus in our region here. >> what we're seeing uniquely with this one is that in addition to children having common cold symptoms, some of them who have asthma and other can have some viral pneumonia and can have asthma attacks. >> doctors say it is very important to make sure that
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children with asthma are efusin their appropriate medication as they are the most susceptible to the illness. if the u.s. had to respond to some kind of medical pandemic on our turf, homeland security is not ready. that is the word today from the department's internal watchdog. an audit shows the agency bought supplies without first figuring out what it would need to respond to a health crisis, plus nearly all of its anti viral medicine and personal protective equipment will expire next year. congress gave homeland security $47 million back in 2006 to pay for training and supplies to respond to a health crisis. the white house says a plan is now in place to deal with the terror group isis. the president plans to reveal the details to congressional leaders tomorrow and then to the rest of us in the public wednesday. without giving anything away the white house is calling the strategy a counterterrorism effort. the obama administration is also working to build more international support.
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defense secretary chuck gel is in turkey now. secretary of state john kerry is headed toward jordan and saudi arabia. the president ruled out ground troops to deal with isis and dr. henry kissinger tells usa today that's probably the right move. >> i think we should rule out ground troops as a main operating element. we should be able to put together the natural enemies of isis, the sunnis, that want to live a normal existence. >> kissinger went on to say it is appropriate for the united states special forces to get involved behind the scenes. that's just a smaller part of what he had to say about isis. you can see the full interview at usa got some weather on the way tonight that might just affect your morning commute.
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share the baseball, nice. >> generous. >> mom is very happy, too, very impressed by the young man. >> everybody is happy. >> a young man and a simple act of pure marted generosity at a boston -- pure hearted generosity at a boston red sox baseball game made for viral video over the weekend. turns out that boy's name is ryan gans from potomac, maryland. he was visiting boston last week and a bit earlier his parents brought him by wusa9 so we could ask him why he did it. it's one of those things you just don't see every day, a young boy gives away about the best thing a fan can get at a big league game, a souvenir foul ball. so why did he do it? >> me and my brother were talking and we knew that we already had a lot at home and then also earlier in the game my sister and brother both got 1 and so did i and we thought it was the right thing to do. >> ryan gans is 12 and he says he just wanted to make that little girl happy. all this attention is a bit of a shock.
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>> because my grandma did that kind of thing except in a supermarket and she didn't get any fame or anything for that. >> what did your grandma do? >> somebody was in front of her in line and she couldn't fully pay for anything and my grandma put it on her tab and gave it to her. >> and gave her grandson a life lesson the whole world saw play out at fenway park. is it fun the last few days? have you been having a good time? >> yeah. i've been having a good time. it's a good feeling when you make somebody else happy. >> wasn't that nice '. >> what a nice young man. when this all went down last friday, it was caught on camera. the folks at fenway sent ryan a gift bag with a couple baseballs, posters and a bracelet when ryan also passed along to the little -- which ryan also passed along to the little girl behind him. her 1st name we know is reese. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert
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weather. >> hi there. i'm first alert meterologist erica grow, plenty of clouds in place, a dreary monday, current temperature 73 down from our high temperature of 77 which we reached earlier this afternoon. on satellite and radar you can see the area of low pressure that made for that dreary day that we had today. the scattered showers that moves through earlier have now pushed offshore, but the problem is this area of low pressure is about to move off the coastline again. it's going to gather more energy. that will spin in more showers as we head into tuesday. on 9 futurecast you can see the showers during the morning commute. then by lunchtime we could get a break in the action, but i wouldn't rule out a shower during the lunchtime hour either. the system starts to pull away as we head into the evening commute. it's possible we'll be able to drop that yellow alert tuesday for the evening commute, but we
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do have a yellow alert in place for the tuesday morning commute. now heading into wednesday we start out with the clouds, but then we'll get the sunshine back in the afternoon and another frontal system on the way will bring us rain on thursday, but that's not a factor wednesday. overnight tonight a shower possible, cloudy, a low between 60 and 66 degrees. tuesday morning very similar to this morning, temperatures in the 60s and 70s with a few scattered showers. in the afternoon highs will once again be in the upper 70s. so a yellow alert tomorrow mainly for the morning commute and a beautiful wednesday with a high of 84. thursday we have the threat for thunderstorms coming back into the forecast feeling a little bit like summer with a high of 88, but that's the only day we'll have to deal with that, beautiful sunshine friday with a high of 80, next weekend looking mostly nice, saturday a slight chance for a storm, highs returning to the 70s. so september is here. stay with
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington redskins are coming off a loss and dealing with some injury issues as both jordan reed and barry cofield could miss some time. the other wounds are from the team's poor play in texas. diane roberts has the pulse of the team from redskins park. >> reporter: it's the day after washington's 17-6 loss to the houston texans. so what happened? they won the time of possession. they had more total yards and more 1st downs, but they had two fumbles in the red zone, a blocked punt for a score and gave up a big 76-yard play. this is the mindset in the locker room. >> short term memory. you got to have it when you play football because stuff like yesterday happens all the time every week in football. >> we just got to go out and do better, first game of the season, not trying to make that an excuse. we should have been better prepared. we just got to learn from this and continue to fight. >> you look at when we did,
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robert falling, how many times does a quarterback do that trying to hand the ball off? you look at the situation. he was still trying to make a play. you can't question anything there. it wasn't a lack of effort. i look at it just wasn't meant to be. >> reporter: when durrell young was asked if j.j. watts was one of his tougher assignments, he said tougher is not the word. next up the jacksonville jaguars on sunday. at redskins park diane roberts, wusa9 sports. to baseball, nationals opening a big series against the braves. in the 1st nats jump out on top 1-0 thanks to an ian desmond r.b.i. single. the nats holding on tonight for the 2-1 victory. the magic number to clinch the division is now down to 12. we're in the homestretch. >> so let's get excited about the nats. >> natitude is still strong and going. >> hopefully the redskins will come along. >> hopefully.
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>> can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves.
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and that is our broadcast for tonight. thanks for sticking around for us. >> we brought a lot to you. thanks for staying up and letterman is next. everybody have a great night! >> bye bye.
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