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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 9, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. thank you for joining us for the news at noon. montgomery county police are asking for your help now. they're trying to bring home a mother and her for young children. investigators announced early this morning that they were looking for three members of a
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clarksburg, maryland family. stephanie ramirez joins us live with the details on the family and a police news conference that was held just within the last hour. stephanie center. >> reporter: police tell us they are terribly concerned for the well-being of these two children, 2-year-old jacob and three-year-old sarah hogle. the mother catherine has paranoia skids friend ya and they're -- skids friend ya and they're -- schizophrenia and they're afraid the children may not be alive. police tell us on sunday catherine told the family she was getting pizza with little jacob but she returned without him saying she dropped him off to a friend's house. then yesterday morning, she told her husband she was taking both kids to day care only she actually took the little girl sarah and didn't return with the two of them. it wasn't until later when her husband went to question and
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ask where the kids were hoping to pick them up that police say cath ridge was not -- cath ridge was not forth coming with information and he went towards police headquarters. but officers say they stopped at an aircraft drive chik-fil-a and then catherine disappeared. the husband works nights and wasn't home when all this was going o. the two children are not enrolled in day care. this is assistant chief russ hammel on the investigation. >> this is highly unusual case. we have, as i mentioned, 18- hour period. according to our investigation, what we've learned so far, about an 18-hour period where two children go separately missing from the same family. both last seen in the care and custody of the same individual. we do have some -- the family has expressed to us there are some mental health concerns regarding their mother so i'm deeply concerned here over their welfare. >> reporter: police are hoping
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maybe a close friend of the family has the children but doesn't realize they're missing. they're asking everyone to keep their eyes and ears open. take a close look at those pictures. if you see any of the two children or the mother, contact montgomery county police immediately. here at montgomery county police headquarters, i'm stephanie ramirez, wusa9. former baltimore ravens runningback ray rice's career may be over, but the fallout from the video of him abusing his then fiance last february may just be starting. janay palmer rice took to instagram this morning. according to "the baltimore sun" her message is authentic and was indeed intended for public release. in part it says, quote, to make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. to take something away from the man i love that he has worked all of his life to gain is horrific. after that video, the second piece of video came out yesterday morning, the ravens terminated the contract of their star runningback. then the n.f.l.
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suspended rice indefinitely. now the question is, though, being raised when did the n.f.l. see the video from inside the elevator that caused this uproar? league officials say yesterday was the first time. former oakland raiders ceo amy trask has her doubts. here's what she said on cbs this morning. >> i'm not sure what i would find more stunning, that the league did not see the video which would be stunning or that the league saw the video and yet imposed only a two-game penalty which would be stunning. i don't know which is more perplexing. >> initially, the n.f.l. suspended rice for two games and then after the outrage, the policy was changed to six games for the next first time offender. it's going to be interesting to see now if it changes again. rice and janay palmer have since gotten married. rice entered a pretrial intervention program and if he
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complies, lenot face prosecution for felony assault charges in that casino in atlantic city. if you would like to see it, we have posted a link to the video, the entire video on our website congressional leaders head to the white house this afternoon to get a preview of the president's plan and his take on the terror group isis. craig boswell with more. >> reporter: congressional republicans huddled with former vice president dick cheney this morning discussing the sunni terror group isis which has executed two americans and threatened to kill more. this afternoon congressional republican leaders are meeting with president obama along with top congressional democrats to hear the president's plan to combat isis. >> when i hear what the president has to say today, we'll make decisions about how we go forward. >> reporter: president obama will explain his plan to the american public in an address tomorrow. the president consulted with foreign affairs experts and will outline a broader plan
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relying on allies in the region. secretary of state john kerry is headed to the middle east today to continue building a coalition against isis. >> as we build this coalition, i want to underscore that almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the isil threat and the evil that it represents. >> reporter: president obama says he has the authority to strike isis in iraq and syria without congressional approval, but he's trying to keep congress in the loop and wants lawmakers on board. members of both parties say the president has to convince americans that isis is a threat to national security and not just a problem in the middle east. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the white house has announced -- has not announced exactly what time the president is going to speak tomorrow or actually where he'll be making those remarks. this morning a plane carrying the fourth american worker sickened by ebola arrives in atlanta. then the patience was taken to
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emory university where the other two u.s. aide workers have been successfully treated for the virus. the patient will be housed in a special isolation unit. at this point we know it's a doctor but their dentty has not been released. looks like we just missed some flooding rains in the d.c. area. howard joins us with a peek at the first alert forecast. >> they got hammered in southeast virginia. lots of flooding in the portsmouth area. there's the storm starting to pull off shore. we have this persistent east, northeast flow. we have this moisture off the atlantic. lots of clouds around but not much showing up on doppler. a stray sprinkle here and there. areas of drizzle. patchy light rain from frederick down through leesburg and especially as you head toward the blue ridge, purcelville, berryville. temperatures are still in the mid- to upper 60s. win chester is only 64. national is up to 76. i don't think we'll get too much warmer today than what we are now. so i'll be back in a few
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minutes. i've got two more rain chances before the week is out. i'll tell you about that next or next time i see you, that is. michael? >> see you in a little bit. thank you, howard. you might want to check your bank account. if you used a credit or credit card at home pee dough within -- home depot within the last four months. its payment data systems has been breached. the good news is home depot believes there's no evidence that personal identification numbers or pins were compromised. the eyes of the tech world are on apple. the company is about to make a big announcement. the experts say two new iphones and a wearable device for the wrist will be unveiled. the pressure now is on for apple to deliver. >> we're expecting not one but two phones which will definitely make this one of the biggest iphone lawmplegs we've ever seen. -- launches we've ever seen. the first will be a 4.7 inch model, a larger screen. should give you a thinner device as well and probably still good battery life as
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well. >> apple has built a temporary building next to its headquarters. that's where ceo tim cook will unveil the company's big plans this afternoon. still ahead, a 3-year-old missing person's case involving two local people will headline today's dr. phil show. we talk to dr. phil live coming up. film fans, want to make some time for a big event in d.c. starting later this week. a sneak peek
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you're filling up your car this afternoon? do not let gas prices drive you crazy. we want to check the numbers now. if you're filling up in frederick, maryland, you can pay $3.70 at the exxon on jefferson street according to the aaa fuel finder website but you could save some money if you go to the sheetd on buckeystown pike. gas there only $3.18.
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it started with a bold idea and leap of faith more than a decade ago. now the film festival has been named one ever the coolest of its -- of the coolest of its kind in the country. we're joined by john gand. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> one of the things about this film festival, you get a chance to see them in several places, almost any device, anywhere any time. it's amazing. >> we have our standard screenings. but this year we have an online film festival so 109 films are available online. you can watch them from any cell phone, tv, laptop. it's really great. if you can't get downtown where we really want you to meet film makers and see the other audience members, it's a good option. >> that's one of the great things you get when you go downtown. you talk to the person who made the film and question them how, why, all that stuff. what are some of the genres that are going to be represented here? what are some of the topics? >> we show lots of different things. in our 90-minute show we have
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about nine films. that will include a comedy, drama, something local, something form, something take will make you laugh, cry. you see ten different things. >> it helps the add culture. >> there's some things that seem to pop up. we have a lot of time table movies, dating movies and a lot of really good documentaries about very important topics. >> movies are -- you and i were talking in the green room earlier can be really expensive to make but the cost has gone down so much which means you had a lot of entries to try to get into film festival. >> we had over 1400 entries. it's great. i think we're showing like the best the world has to offer. not only do you get to see films that are made by u.s. filmmakers but films made by filmmakers from all over the world. we have films from cypress, spain, finland, australia.
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it's amazing. >> the length of the movies, what's the shortest to longest? >> our shortest is 60 seconds to the longest which is 30 minutes long. >> frig from -- anything from a commercial to a sitcom half- hour. >> we have some really super short and some longer films that they need to be that long. they have really good complex stories. >> let's remind people where the three theaters are you can see them in person. >> landmark and the u.s. naval memorial around the metro center and the angelica theater in fairfax. >> the website is once again? >> very comfortable here in northeast d.c. we have clouds. the temperatures are in the 70s here. some of you, though, are stuck in the 60s. look at these temps. right now as we go to break, looking at a couple of sprinkles out there. we have the upper 60s in upper montgomery. reston 69. when we come back, we'll look at doppler 9000 again. i'm talking about not one but two more chances for rain before the week is over.
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i'll see you in just in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors.
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they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company dollars! they still work fine. i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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sick of sneezing? because we are. holy cow. >> got a little bit better. slightly better than yesterday. allergy index we're talking about. the numbers just came in from the u.s. army allergen extract lab. we appreciate you doing this now. we have grass poll china has come down just a little bit but if you are susceptible to ragweed and mold spores, still in the high category. that's what we're looking at on the allergy index today. the tree pollen, that's low and that's probably going to stay lower, disappear over the next few weeks. i want to take you up to frederick. we've been dealing with just
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these low clouds. they've been spinning a couple of drops here and there. a little bit of drizzle but generally a cloudy day across the region. here we are at 12:15. in washington plenty of clouds here, too. it's dry but we can't rule out the passing sprinkle, a little drizzle. temperatures not moving much more than where they are now. we might get another degree or two out of this but low 70s by 9:00. the nationals and braves kicking off -- kicking off? -- first pitch at 7:056789 looks like -- 7:05. looks like they'll be okay for the first pitch of the game. a little farther west, we get over this ridge, boom, we have sunshine breaking out there. but we are socked in big time with the clouds. not that much showing up on radar. we have the lighter sprinkles showing newspaper western loudoun, frederick county. -- showing up in western loudoun, frederick county. also watching a couple of sprinkles trying to come across
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calvert and st. mary's county from the eastern shore. that's going to be it. these passing light sprinkles or drizzle for the afternoon and even early evening. temperatures in the 60s. mid-60s in the shenandoah valley. luray 66. win chester only 64. you might not get to 70 today. we're in the mid-70s in town. ocean city had a light shower at 72 this hour. plenty of clouds on the michael & son weather camera, 76. a northeast wind at 13. that continues to bring in moisture in the form of the low- level moisture and the clouds off the atlantic. big picture, got the storm still to our south and east but it's finally pulling away from eastern virginia. a lot of storms from central illinois with an upper level feature that's coming across the region. we're going to see the clouds around and the spotty light showers here and there. so we've dropped the yellow alert. this really -- i don't think it's enough to even cancel much in the way of plans. you might need the intermittent wiper every now and then. tonight things settle down. tomorrow we start with clouds. some sun breaks.
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that should help boost temps into the low 80s as opposed to the low 70s. on thursday a bigger change. there will be a front coming through. in the morning it will be up towards pittsburgh. as we get into the mid- to late afternoon it starts to approach d.c. with shower and storms. we could be shooting into the 90s if this is lower. maybe upper 80s to around 90 but in any event, it will pass through us and we'll be seeing the cooler, drier air moving in by thursday night. hopefully this is gone in time for the ravens-steelers game thursday night in baltimore which we're broadcasting here on thursday night football on wusa. 76 today. isolated shower. tonight 60s. tomorrow 83. as we head toward thursday, afternoon storms. could be yellow alert day, 90. friday looks good. chance for rain returns saturday and it might even stay in the 60s. sunday looks okay for the skins home opener. a high of 77. we'll be back with more right after this. mike? go ahead, sorry. >> thank you, how wrmd. a local missing person's case, a mystery at the center of this amp's dr. phil episode.
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he's going to be talking to gary giordano from maryland, the man interviewed about the disappearance of robynne gardner. the who -- robyn gardner. the two were on vacation in aruba when she vanished. >> you got to look into his eyes. what's your gut feeling? does he know what happened to robyn? >> listen, this is obviously a compelling story. they go -- according to him, they go snorkeling. two go in the water and one comes out. i have seen some of these interviews before. this was a very different situation. i asked the hard questions here. he didn't like the questions. he didn't like my attitude. and i had a family member of robyn's there, her sister who sits down across from me and she does not believe a word he's saying and says so. so this got obviously to be a
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very contentious situation, but there are so many inconsistencies here and i think he knows more than he's telling. >> from our news reporting here at wusa9 and you've seen this as well, he took out an insurance policy on her before that vacation, named himself the benefactor. what did you make of that and what did you learn about that? >> well, it's $1.5 million. and he is the beneficiary there. he took out one on himself but his mother was the beneficiary. he says, look, there's nothing unusual about this. it's something i just did. but what really i found interesting about this is he is on the phone to the representatives that issued the policy just almost immediately saying what expenses can i get covered? i'm going to stay here till they find her. i'm going to do all the right things. but he didn't. he left on his scheduled flight or he was leaving on his scheduled flight when they
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intercepted him and arrested him for four ponchtses. -- four months. the conduct here just doesn't seem to me to be what someone would do in a same or similar person, what a reasonable person would do in the same or similar position. it seems very unusual to me. >> i heard he is promoting a book. is that why he's subjecting himself to your questions, do you think? >> well, he does have a book. i think it is self-published. he describes it as a tell all book. it looks more like an attempt to whitewash to me. a7 it's kind of a compilation of reports and some of his explanations of what took place. i don't think he's sold any appreciable copies of the book. he feels like he has been convicted in the court of public opinion. he said he wanted to come on to set the re and i certainly gave him the
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opportunity to do that, to say whatever he wanted to say. but he got subjected to a lot of questions as well. >> we appreciate your time, dr. phil. you can see the entire interview today, this afternoon, on dr. phil's show and we will 6w
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seven weeks of unlimited pasta for $100. olive garden is offering customers the never ending pasta pass. it also includes unlimited soft drinks. one big catch. only a thousand passes will be sold but they can be used at all 800 locations. >> they're getting a lot of pes out of it. maybe that's -- a lot of press out of it. maybe that's all they wanted.
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a chance of sprinkles today. better chance on thursday. nice a friday. we're back at
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>> maureen: boy, you really needed that first drink. [ chuckles ] >> nikki: oh, boy. yes, i did. [ chuckles ] it was a tough, tough day. i don't normally drink at this hour. i mean, i don't really even drat >> maureen: no, me neither. >> nikki: was it 'cause of the people that you have to meet today? pretty intimidating. >> maureen: must be. one good thing -- if your car has to break down, you're lucky it happened near a bar. >> nikki: yeah. yes, very lucky. >> maureen: and since we're both partaking before happy hour, we should become better acquainted. '


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