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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  September 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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left shoulder but the damage is done thrcht northbound 95 delays -- there. northbound 95 delays just to get around that crash. route 1 heavy with the bailout too, likely. delays heading into woodbridge and on into newington. 66 had a fender bender just east of 66 fair oaks at 123. that's been moved to the right shoulder. slowing out of fair lakes to get past the crash toward route 123. maryland drivers southbound 270 out of frederick county, it's the volume delay you see past route 80 to get past 109 and the truck scales. lanes open down toward rockville. that's a look at the drive. howard has a look at our forecast. a pretty good looking wednesday around here. we are starting out with clouds. still about 45 minutes till the sunrise so quite dark with the cloud cover. the cloud cover is going to thin. we'll see some sunshine breaking out later this morning. 77 by lunch time. 82 at 4:00. our high today around 83. this evening you have plans, that's looking good, too. 8:00 temperatures will be in mid-70s in town.
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low 70s outside the beltway. quiet on doppler this morning although i want to point out in the chicago area, for anybody who may have travel plannings today, this is a big hub. i know it's not our neck of the woods but a lot of folks go through chi. our temperatures in the 50s in the mountains. most areas in the 60s. we have 70 in fredericksburg, 71 washington. this afternoon partly to mostly sunny and comfortably warm with your highs in the low 80s. andrea and mike, take it away. here's what's in the news right now. tonight president obama lays out his plan for taking on isis militants in iraq and syria. yesterday congressional leaders got a preview of the plan from the president but he told lawmakers he already has the authority he needs to launch a broader military campaign against isis. secretary of state john kerry is in iraq trying to form an international coalition to tackle the terrorist group. the world health organization says the ebola virus has now killed 2,288
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people, nearly half of those deaths were within the past 21 days. the organization is also warning a dire emergency in lie beer yacht the w -- in liberia. the who says several thousand more cases of ebola are expected in just the next three weeks. hundreds of residents packed into a city council meeting last night in ferguson, missouri. it was the first public meeting since michael brown, an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by police officer darren wilson. the council promised a new police review board and greater transparency to increase trust in the town's police force. detroit city leaders have reached a tentative deal which could clear the biggest hurdle yet in the city's plan to reduce its debt and eventually emerge from federal bankruptcy protection. the city and bond insurers reached an agreement to settle the company's $400 million claim against the city. montgomery county police have a mystery on their hands. they're searching for a mother and her two small children and
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police are squalling the -- are calling the case highly unusual. >> nikki burdine is live in gaithersburg at montgomery county police headquarters with more on this. nikki? >> reporter: family members and police are trying to stay positive in the disappearance of these children, but they have to consider all possibilities because this is an extremely unusual situation according to police. we have an 18-hour period where these two children go separately missing so the most important thing right now is to get these children's pictures out there so take a look. these are the two children that police are looking for as well as their mother. we've got 2-year-old jacob and sarah who is 3 years old as well as their mother, catherine hoggle. they're all missing. jacob is described by police as biracial. he's 3 feet tall, 25 pounds with brown eyes and curmy blond hair -- curly hair. sarah is 3 feet, 6 inches tall with brown eyes and brown hair. catherine is 5 feet 6 inches
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tall, shoulder helping t brown -- length brown hair. police call this a very unusual situation because police say catherine gave conflicting reports to her husband and family member abouts where she took the kids saying first they were at a day care. then they were at a family member's house, boat of which turned out -- both of turned out to be untrue. catherine's husband became suspicious and was taking katherine to montgomery county police to file a report. before that could happen, catherine disappeared and hasn't been seen since monday. right now everyone is trying to stay positive. they are concerned trying to get these kids back to safety. police say cath ridge, their mother -- cath ridge, their mother is -- catherine, their mother is a diagnosed schizophrenic. >> right now i want my kids back. i don't have any comment right now. i'm letting the police figure things out and i appreciate everybody praying. >> we're about 1300 strong on the police department of men and women on the street.
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we need the eyes and ears of the community to bring these children safely home. >> reporter: both catherine and jacob -- jacob and sarah missing, rather, as well as their mother. take a look at the pictures on share them on social media and your friends so we can bring these children home. >> thank you. the outrage over this story continues. the ray rice elevator video has triggered a national conversation about domestic violence. >> it has both online and in person with a lot of people. karma says she was completely shocked of the video but as the director of the coalition of domestic violence, she says she sees this or a version of it every day. many people are asking why someone who has been abused stay with their abuser. >> for some it's a choice between saying there and -- staying there and being homeless. it could be an economic
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decision. it could be you have children. it could be you're not ready to leave. the thing i tell people is we can't rush to judgment. we can't blame them. >> it could be health insurance, many things. cotton says anything can trigger domestic violence. not all the victims are women a. 2010 study found 40% of the victims of severe physical domestic violence are men. if you know someone or you are a victim of domestic violence, there is help. it's just a phone call away. you can contact the national domestic violence hot line any time. 1-800-799-safe. the federal government is ending its contract with usis, u.s. investigative services. the falls church cybersecurity contractor handles close to half of all security clearances for some five million government workers. >> the company employs almost 6,000 workers. just last month, a cyberattack on usis compromised the personal files of as many as
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25,000 government workers. usis argues it was the one that reported the cyberattack and that company they say is being victimized by inaccurate allegations. the parking situation at tysons corner has been driving a number of silver line riders crazy. now news of a short-term solution. fairfax county officials picked out an 18-month agreement with neighbors businesses. washington real estate investment trust is going to open 100 new spaces for silver line commuters in a parking garage right next to the mclean hilton. they'll be available from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. monday through friday. the businesses there will set the parking rates. the agreement doesn't cost the county a dime, but there's a catch. if an occupancy rate goes up in those businesses up to 70%, they'll need the spots back so the agreement will end. >> it's 7 after the hour. apple's new tech toys are revealed to the public. >> and downloading from some of your favorite sites could seem
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a bit different today. we'll explain right after n. wusa9 -- after this. wusa9 on a
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10 after 6:00. looking pretty good today. we some some clouds now. most temperatures in the 60s. going to be a comfortable day but a dry day with partly to mostly sunny finish. highs in the low 80s. tracking a system that could bring some severe weather tomorrow and even part of the weekend looks wet. we'll have your seven-day forecast coming up in five minutes. now over to beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. early morning problem pushed out of the way, howard but it's done damage on northbound 95. the folks out of fredricksburg, stafford, delays near the
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center port parkway. the crash near quantico has been moved off the shoulder. take you if we can to our trip right now on the beltway near andrews. everything moving fine on the beltway near ritchie marlboro road. near the traffic circle there's a new crash on ritchie marlboro road. back to you. apple's ceo tim cook is calling it the next chapter in apple's story. the question is whether consumers will be won over by apple's new smartwatch and bigger iphone. >> it has a feature called apple pay. you can swipe the watch across the scanner so you can buy items at a store. apple needs to convince customers that their information is going to be safe. >> if people don't trust apple, they won't put their data in that system and they won't use apple's devices. >> the new iphones go on sale next week. the apple watch is probably not going to hit stores till next year. top sites on the internet,
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including netflix are staging a protest today. they're calling it an internet slowdown day. your internet won't be any slower than usual, but expect to see a constant constant loading symbol. netflix and other proposals are protesting an fcc proposal that would allow broadband providers to change -- excuse me, to charge companies like amazon and netflix for prioritized access to consumers, meaning you pay more money, your speed gets faster. the net neutrality thing going through congress. it is hump day. you don't need the price of gas to drive you crazy today. this half-hour, we're checking prices in annapolis, maryland, and according to aaa's fuel finder, the most expensive regular is going to $3.60 a gallon. that's at the forest drive citgo on cherry grove avenue. >> you can save a lot, though, if you head over to parole citgo on west street. regular unleaded there $3.41
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you save. 6:15. we have a special good morning from louward and us -- from howard and us to a viewer. >> kathy, facebook and friend says she loves waking up with us. thank you for reaching out on facebook and a happy wednesday to you. a good day today. >> good. >> a couple of clouds now but
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it's going to be a sunny and comfortably warm afternoon. high temps get into the low 80s today. for this time of year, that's just about where it should be. let's show you the day planner with the clouds first. not seeing much. still kind of dark. 6:44, 6:45 i believe is the sunrise. there we go 6:45 setting at 7:24. 77 at noon. by then we should be seeing a lot more sunshine and we'll finish out the day with temps in the lower 80s at 5:00 p.m. a high of 83. nationals are trying to sweep the braves. weather is going to be fine for that. 82 for first pitch. 4:05 game today. a lot of types when the visiting team is going to hit the road, they do that. so 8:00 at the earlier start. 4:05 with upper 70s by the latter innings. a very nice afternoon, early evening for ball here in washington. currently in the 60s and low 70s. the low 70s being manassas 70. fredricksburg at 70 and d.c. at 71. cooling off in the high country. we've got oakland down toward davis and elkins. out in elkins in petersburg,
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there is a touch of fog. you see some of the low clouds over d.c. mostly cloudy skies. our friendly neighborhood spider as well on our michael & son weather camera. 71. maybe we'll call him peter parker. winds northeast at 9 miles an hour. while one storm system is exiting off the east coast and this is the one that brought the flooding rains to southeast virginia, we're watching a cluster of storms now coming through the midwest. in iowa, missouri, coming toward illinois. there have been flood warnings issued with this. this is really going to affect air travel i think through chicago a least through the morning and may have ripple effects after that, even here. so keep that in mind if you're traveling today. futurecast is all quiet today. sun this afternoon with clouds and showers well to the west in ohio and michigan. that front will be arriving tomorrow afternoon. so ahead of it, very warm, humid. we could be touching 90 tomorrow. by 3:00 we start to see a shower or storm popping here and there. looks like the front itself with the showers and storms won't be moving through until
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5:00, 6:00, 7:00. maybe 8:00. that could interfere with tailgaters up in baltimore and also the commute. so tomorrow is going to be a yellow alert day. some of these storms tomorrow could be on the severe side with damaging winds the main concern. tonight 70 in town. mid- to upper 60s in the suburbs. 90 tomorrow, a yellow alert day with the afternoon and evening thunderstorm threat. by friday pleasant, 70s to about 80. saturday showers return. sunday looks good. highs again in the 70s. things are looking good on the the roads. beverly, you were talking about some problems on i-95 earlier. absolutely. we still have residual delays even though crash is out of the way. we'll start with the big picture on the beltway. the volume delays on the outer loop of the beltway heading into silver spring are fairly typical but we're learning from state police that along that corridor, outer loop near new hampshire avenue and outer loop near georgia, two separate crashes. both are moved on to the shoulders but will be an added
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distraction. we're not hearing about any fire department response but we'll keep you posted there. virginia 95 and the beltway over at ritchie marlboro road, that's doing okay. on ritchie marlboro road just inside the beltway at the traffic circle, police and fire were at the scene of a crash. wanted to give you a ed whens up if you're headed to the wawa or chik-fil-a. northbound delays north of falmouth, center port parkway, take you past 610 where there was still some accident activity on the left shoulder. route 1 heavy with the bailout. beyond that volume delays building into dale city, woodbridge and springfield on 395. 66 slowed early getting through manassas toward centreville. then out of fair lakes you're jammed up past 50 between 50 and 123. the crash is over on the right shoulder. vre fredricksburg train 306, got about a ten-minute delay to give you a heads up. nick has more in the newsroom now. >> reporter: that's right. time to talk about your money this wednesday morning. we check the calendar. it is national coupon month, a month dedicated to the cause of
6:20 am
saving money. in the spirit of the season, let's bring in the senior writer at what is the state of couponing these days? we've seen the show extreme couponing but the average american, are they still cutting them out? >> well, they are and they aren't. printable coupons are something we've used obviously for decades but now that it's digital age with fast internet speed, we're seeing a lot of digital coupons being used. while consumers are still using circulars and clipping coupons out of their newspapers, they're also using their smartphone and going online to find coupons. >> you also broke down which part of the country is saving the most? where does d.c. rank? >> d.c. is doing great. basically we looked at the top 50 cities and d.c. fell at number 8 in the top ten. so you guys are doing fantastic with your coupon clipping and your smart shopping. we found that the top ten cities were all in the
6:21 am
northeast, including providence and hartford, boston, new york. so you guys are in great shape. >> let's get down to -- if you're going to take the time to cut up the coupons, which category of products would you say you can expect to save the most on? >> well, the top ten cities, we found the most active coupon clipping activity in clothing and food followed by electronics and home and garden. i did a little digging this morning for d.c. in particular, you love your pizza. pizza deals were by far the most popular for you in the last year. >> not going to argue with you on that one. good insight. cannot thank you enough. for more information you can go on to appreciate the time. back over to mike and andrea. 6:216789 here's another look at -- 6:21. here's another look at our question of the morning. there are only four u.s. states that do not have one of these. is it a, state income tax, b, a billionaire or c, colorful
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license plates. >> good morning, toni king, one of our facebook friends. c she writes. we'll have more of your responses and the correct survey answer in about 30 minutes. we'll be right back. anncr: hampton knows it's your most important videoconference of the day. hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now. feel the hamptonality
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it is 6:2k4. no, our -- 6:24. no, not hazy. you're coming into focus. no real problems out there. we do have mostly cloudy skies. i'll show you the futurecast. the clouds are going to thin. more sunshine as the morning
6:25 am
wears on. temperatures nice and comfortable today. we're in the 60s now. i don't even think you need a jacket. just enjoy this one. 75 at 11:00 with midday temperatures in the mid-60s. in the mid-70s with afternoon highs in the low 80s. dow want to tell you tonight skies are going to get cloudier again. lows in the 60s to about 70. tomorrow i'll take you into tomorrow afternoon because we've got a concern for some showers and storms. notice by 3:00 you see the line starting to develop there south of luray, just west of culpeper over toward leesburg and up into upper montgomery county. showers and storms ahead of a cold front. in the afternoon tomorrow, we'll have a yellow alert because some of the storms on thursday could be strong to severe and might even interfere with the ravens and steelers game. andrea and mike, back to you. >> thank you, howard. as we approach the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, thousands who lost their lives are going to be honored. itself men and women who died during the -- the men and women who died during the terrorist attacks in new york, pennsylvania and the pentagon
6:26 am
will be awarded the congressional medal of honor. vanessa herring joins us live with details on the ceremony. >> reporter: good morning. 184 people died here at the pentagon during the attacks and the bill authorizing the congressional gold medal says congress found it fitting to recognize the sacrifice of so many people who lost their lives by awarding the medals. the fallen heroes of 9/11 act was passed by congress in 2011. it directs three congressional gold medals to the sites where thousands lost their lives during the terrorist attack. the act says the officers, emergency workers and employees of local and federal government agencies who responded to the attack on the pentagon took heroic and noble action to evacuate the premises and prevent further casualties of pentagon employees. it also recognizes the innocent men and women and children who lost thairve lives on that -- lost their lives on that day. this is the highest award given
6:27 am
out by congress. the medals will be put on display in shanksville, pennsylvania. they'll be put on permanent display. joe biden and john boehner are going to present those awards to the president of the pentagon foundation a little later on this morning at the capital. i'll send it back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. it is 6:27. we want to take a look outside right now. we had prettier skies, not as pretty this morning but this is a shot at national airport. it will be an okay day. >> it is today. tomorrow will be the difference. howard will have more on that in just a moment. beverly farmer, take it away. >> checking out the big picture on our map. we have volume delays on the outer loop of the beltway heading into silver spring with a couple of snags on the shoulder. outer loop near new hampshire -- outer loop near new hampshire. crash in prince george's county will be on ritchie parm borrow road just -- marlboro road just inside the beltway with response on the scene. our big picture northbound 95 heading out of stafford county.
6:28 am
those delays leaving the center port parkway trying to get past 610 aquia. a crash on the right shoulder. more traffic streaming up toward quantico getting into dale city and woodbridge and getting into springfield and on to 395. the rest of the trip, though, with the lanes open. travel for folks 066 -- 066 slow traffic going into fair -- on 66 slow traffic getting into fair oaks. a report of a crash on the ramp. we'll keep you posted on that. outer loop as i mentioned although slow out of college park, heads up for the crashes on the shoulder in new hampshire and again georgia avenue. it may be slowing things down for you even a little more so with a response on the scene. that's a look at the drive. if you a look at forecast with howard. >> good looking morning. i'm out on the weather terrace. maybe you can widen the shot here. the weather terrace with such a nice summer we've been having has been looking so good in september with all of the flowers we have in bloom out here. always love coming out here,
6:29 am
even when it's raining. it's just nice to be out and a good morning to be outside. temperatures in the 60s. humidity is a little bit high but we're in for a good day. again we're looking at reagan national. no problems there with mostly cloudy skies this morning but good news. dry and it's going to stay dry. in fact this afternoon as we look at our day planner, going to see sunshine building in. more and more sunshine as the afternoon wears on with mid- to upper 70s for your lunch hour. you might want to get outside and take advantage of that. recess looks good for the kids. 83 is my forecast high as the winds go if northeast this morning to southeast southerly this afternoon. only about five or eight miles an hour. doppler is quiet. there's the storm. see all the rain south and east of massachusetts? that's -- that same storm system that hammered southeastern virginia stuck with all sorts of flooding rains the last couple of days, that's no longer a problem. the next problem is a big problem for chicago this morning. they have heavy rains moving in
6:30 am
so that will interfere with air travel there. flood warnings in missouri and southern iowa with the heavy rains coming through illinois right now. that will affect parts of michigan andeanian as well if your -- and indiana as well if your travels take you in that direction. this storm system is what's going to be coming toward us for tomorrow afternoon and evening. [ coughing ] >> i have to cough. the allergens have been killing me with the mold spores and the ragweed. they're in the high category once again. temperatures this morning in the 60s to low 70s. i'm see the 50s, though, when you get into davis and oakland in the high country. we're sitting at 71 in washington with 66 in cambridge. for the afternoon if you're going to be by the bay, going to be closer to 80. [ coughing ] >> maybe being outside isn't such a great thing if you suffer from allergies. going to be close to 80. in town we'll be in the low 80s. tomorrow when the front comes, we'll have some storms in the afternoon and evening, could be strong to severe. out ahead of it our highs tomorrow could hit 90 but that's just a one-day affair.
6:31 am
we'll be back in the 70s to around 80 by friday. an dray ya and mike, -- andrea and mike, let's get cleaner air inside. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. >> the lovely gayle king joins us live from new york. >> could you please get him a drink of water? it's the worst when you're trying to talk and you know you have to cough. he did a good job. very good job. >> with a cough drop join his mouth. >> i felt for him. ahead only on cbs news, n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell sits down with us. why he says the n.f.l. did not have access to video of ray rice punching his then fiance before it was released online. plus, he shares his regrets how the n.f.l. is handling the domestic violence problem and whether he thinks that his job is on the line. and a rare interview with the parents after georgetown grad who was kidnapped in syria two years ago. why they believe there is still
6:32 am
a chance that he could be alive. we sure hope so about that. bill plant get as sneak peek at the new white house visitors center there. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. andrea and mike, back to you two. see you in a few minutes. >> thank you, part near gayle. we'll -- partner gayle. we'll be watching. this summer the attention was focused on the israel-gaza war. even though a cease-fire has been signed, things haven't been quiet. >> overnight israeli forces shot and killed a palestinian man during a raid on the west bank. israeli defense officials say the troops were carrying out an arrest that led to a violent riot. president obama plans to lay out his strategy for destroying isis tonight in a prime time speech. the president may announce that an air campaign against isis targets in iraq will now expand into syria. >> many are debating whether or not the president has the authority to increase military campaign without congressional
6:33 am
approval. >> i don't believe the president has the authority to, quote, go on offense and wage an open ended war on isil without congressional approval. >> it would be to his advantage and all of our advantage for congress to be in effect approving a plan for defeating isil. >> president owe obama has maintained the plan will not call for forces on the ground. he's asking congress to approve $500 million in funding to train and arm syrian rebels to fight isis. wusa9 will carry the president's speech live tonight at 9:00 p.m. a new poll finds 83% of americans disapprove of congress. what's more, the cnn orc international survey finds 65% of americans believe this is the worst congress of their lifetime. >> and democrats could be in for some bad news if this move continues. the polls show that voters in
6:34 am
key regions say they prefer republicans. princeton is tops at least according to the latest "u.s. news & world report" college rankings. the ivy league school came out on top ahead of harvard and yale. columbia and stanford round out the top five. it's based on graduation rates and freshmen retention rates. >> hopkins came in at 12. uva came in at 23. maryland came in at 62. wusa9 and dc jobs trying to get you hired. psychiatric institute of washington hiring nurses. this is either full or part- time position. at least one or more years experience. to find out more go to congratulations to facebook fan of the day conassistance smith from forrest heights, merchandise mid. she says topper shutt is my favorite but i love watching the whole team. >> she wins two tickets to the big apple circus at dulles town
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it's 6:38. not a bad morning at all. some clouds out there. temperatures in the 60s to about 70 now. 72 another d.c. but most are -- at d.c. but most are in the 60s. partly to mostly sunny this afternoon with highs in the low 80s. tracking a system bring us severe weather tomorrow afternoon. more on that coming up at 6:45. beverly farmer is tracking your commute. we have some issues. >> early morning issues. folks are feeling the pain from some of them, too. that was a crash down on 95 in aquia. what's left pulled off to the shoulder northbound after 610. northbound 95 beyond that still some volume delays. heading on the outer loop out of college park into silver spring, would be the typical volume except along the way there was a fender bender at new hampshire. one at georgia. both reported to be on the shoulder. the ramp from westbound 450 annapolis road to join the beltway, the common ramp has been blocked with a crash. they're trying to move things out of the way on ritchie
6:39 am
marlboro road. police on the scene. no incidents to report eastbound 66 into centreville. it's slow out of manassas to centreville. the accident east of 50 fair oaks moved on to the shoulder. back to you. 6:39. batter up. >> that's right. time to praise the lord and pass the ben's chili bowl. here's nick to explain. >> reporter: it kind of all goes together when you consider -- some may consider baseball being the religion if you go by the nickname of fenway park for one. right around the corner from nationals park, there's a cath ridge chush saint -- catholic church saint vincent de paul. diane roberts takes you inside for a nats mass. >> reporter: on the corner of m and south capitol sits a gold
6:40 am
mine for nationals fans who happen to be catholic. >> thank you for joining us. >> reporter: a church with mass for all those with natitude. >> welcomes to nats mass. how are you today? thank you for joining us. >> reporter: saint vincent de paul realizes its unique position figure tiferl and literally. -- figuratively and literally so they started outreach to encourage fans to come in their nats gear before heading to the game. they call it nats mass and it even has its own hash tag. >> we know there's a lot of good, faithful people who are nats fans and they want to make sure they worship on sundays. we want to give them a chance to do both. >> reporter: tom quadman and his son crayton are first timer at the shortened service on game day. they usually go to mass every week but living in alexandria, it's difficult making it to sunday day games on time. >> we thought it was a good idea to come early and then go to mass and go to the game. >> it's a -- there's a lot of
6:41 am
life lessons in baseball. we'll wait to see if the priest with weave some of that in. >> the next time conflict comes up in your life, it may be the ballpark, it may be tomorrow at work... >> reporter: the church started nats mass in mid may. they've gone from about 15 parishioners to nearly 100. soon they hope to fill the seats with strasburg loving fans. >> please spread the word. pretty soon we'll be filled. >> to have this right down the street from the park and actually say an extra prayer for the nats. we want to go to the world series. >> reporter: after service tom, crayton and the rest of the crowd make the one and a half block trek to nationals park knowing they've prayed for a win. sunday's sermon was about conflict resolution. saint vincent de paul took away any conflict for god fearing nats fans by offering nats mass. for the faithful who love god
6:42 am
and the nationals. at nats park, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> reporter: keep in mind september 28 is the last day of the regular season and the nationals final home game which means your last chance to attend nats mass unless they extend it into the post season. guys, i'd say a nine-game lead over the braves, they have a little more than a prayer. >> thank you very much, nick. a formula one driver finally released from the hospital. >> after an awful accident. federal investigators place all of the blame on a deadly plane crash on the shoulders of pilots. we'll explain
6:43 am
some say your health is the luck of the draw. but inova's groundbreaking genomic research is working to change that.
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6:45 on this wednesday morning. if you were watching the last segment, the two of them had a coughing fit and blaming it all on allergies. how bad is the index? >> it's not as bad as it was
6:46 am
two days ago but still pretty bad. we get these each day just before noon. we'll have an update at noon. ragweed is still going strong although it's starting to come down and mold spores, we've had some showers here and there this week. itdz' just not drying up. -- it's just not drying up. the tree pollen as you would expect is low. grass pollen is medium. grass is growing again. hydeck and i are dealing with this. >> suffering. >> you're dealing with it pretty good. >> today. >> a couple of clouds on the horizon are blocking the sunrise. we'll see the clouds thin out. more sun as the morning wears on into the afternoon with a high of 83. recess for the kids, lunch time for you. if you're outside, temperatures should be generally in the mid- 70s then and this evening we're dropping into the mid-70s also by 8:00. naptions and braves -- naptions and braves -- nationals and braves game, nats going for the sweep. 83 should be the temperature
6:47 am
then. a little fog out in the mountain. oakland toward peters burke, three quarter-mile visibility. a touch of fog to tappahannock. temps in the 60s and low 70s. 71 at national with 70 manassas and fredricksburg. we have mid-60s across the bay from easton and cambridge. 50s in the high country. down to 55 inelkins and davis. check this out on the michael & son weather camera. light coming through. a little sliver in the cloud cover with 71 officially at reagan national. dew point at 63. so it's a little muggy out there. storm system which just hammered southeastern virginia, that continues to pull away. as it does, we'll see more sunshine later this morning into the afternoon. temps in the low 80s. tonight we drop into the 60s to near 70. it will be a quiet night ahead of a cold front that's arriving tomorrow night. ahead of that front tomorrow morning, ohio and northwest pennsylvania dealing with those showers. we're going to be okay through midday but during the afternoon we'll start to see a few
6:48 am
showers and storms develop ahead of the front, very warm. temperatures will be pushing near the 90-degree mark. storms could be tailgating -- impacting tale gaters and the game at the start. hopefully it will clear quickly enough that it won't be a problem. tomorrow a yellow alert day. some of the storms could have damaging wind gusts. 83 today. 70 tonight. tomorrow around 90, hot, humid, afternoon and evening storms. friday, though, pleasant, 70s to around 80. sasht showers return -- saturday showers return and drying out for sunday. here's beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. in and around the beltway, outer loop volume delays heading into silver spring. a look at the big picture. the only thing out of the order father, there's a crash -- order father, there's a crash on -- ordinary, there's a crash on new hampshire avenue. a crash on the ramp from 450 annapolis road to get on to the beltway.
6:49 am
that's been cleared off the ramp so that's pretty good news for you. take you to virginia 95, though. that's where we've had bad news. northbound 95 coming past 610 aquia. the early morning crash last hour still activity on the left shoulder. that's why it's still so slow northbound 95 route 1. kind of struggle past that. volume delays getting to dale city. 395 up to the 14th street bridge. volume delay and earlier crash on the ramp to lower 14th street tied things up from the gw parkway and heading on to the freeway. thru lanes open toward the street tunnel. check out the ride for the outer loop of the beltway getting into silver spring. delays from the 95 interchange out of belts vail past familiar -- beltsville, past new hampshire. a crash near georgia avenue had been cleared over to the left shoulder. fredricksburg e -- vre trains big delays with a switch
6:50 am
problem problem. back to you. >> that is probably driving some people crazy so don't let the price of fillup drive us crazy as well. we're tea a look at gas prices in leesburg, virginia -- we're taking a look at gas prices in leesburg, virginia. the most expensive is going for $3.36 at -- $3.56 at the shell on rugby drive. now our question of the day. only four states do not have one of these. is it a, state income tax, b, a billionaire, or c, colorful license plates? abdul jones said a but the
6:51 am
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6:54 am
they'll be awarded in a ceremony later this morning. nikki? >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine in mocounty where police and family members are desperately searching to two missing children and their mother who have been missing for a couple of days now. sarah who's three years old and jacob who is two years old along with their mother catherine hoggle have been missing. their picture is on our website police ask that you go on our website, check out those pictures and share them to help bring those kids home. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, nikki. the national transportation safety board is now saying the crash of a ups cargo plane in 2013 is the fault of the pilot. the ntsb says the pilots failed to monitor their altitude and they failed to abort the landing when there was apparent trouble with the plane. both pilots were killed when the aircraft crashed a short distance from the runway at a birmingham airport. the verdict in the oscar pistorius murder trial is expected to be announced tomorrow in south africa. pistorius is charged with the
6:55 am
premeditated murder of reeva steenkamp. if found guilty he could face up to live in prison. world famous formula one race car driver michael schumacher is going home from the hospital. he had been hospitalized since suffering a serious head injury while skiing in france last year. schumacher's management released a statement saying there is still a long and difficult road ahead. wester wise, look at the beautiful sky this morning. mostly cloudy skies but enough of a sliver to allow a little light here. sunrise about ten minutes ago. today we're going to turn more sunny as the morning wears on into the afternoon. a comfortable afternoon. seasonably warm with highs in the low 80s. tomorrow a different story. hot, humid. we'll make a run toward 90. maybe for the last time this year but with that heat and humidity there's a front coming. so storms will be a problem potentially in the afternoon and evening. yellow alert day. we've got the ravens and steelers tomorrow night. thursday night football on wusa. for tailgaters, anybody going up to the game, they're really
6:56 am
going to pay attention to that as well. behind the front friday looks good. showers again saturday. sunday is a winner. the redskins home game sunday so weather look cooperate for that looks like temperatures stay comfortable into next week. beverly? we're checking out the ride d.c. 295 kennel worth avenue heading southbound from eastern avenue, fairly typical delay that begins out of cheverly off the parkway and 50 to take you down to east capitol and on to the inbound 11th street bridge. a crash on the ramp from 450 annapolis road to get to beltway cleared out of the roadway so now you have access. we'll check out the ride if you're taking the trip in virginia, northbound on 95, still got the heavy traffic trying to get past aquia out of stafford because ever the earlier crash. the volume in newington typical to get into springfield and on to 395. the beltway wilson bridge, inner loop out of oxon hill, you are slowing near the 210 interchange focused into the local lanes. beautiful sunrise on the beltway over the wilson bridge. lanes are open. back to you. >> people should make their plans for the beltway tomorrow. 95 and maybe the amtrak people
6:57 am
coming in from pennsylvania and baltimore are going to the game tomorrow night. gl. plan accordingly. cbs this morning is next. new concern about a link between alzheimer's and medications for ant and sleep. >> we -- anxiety and sleep. >> we have what you need to know. have a great [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically
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good morning. it is wednesday, september 10th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." is his job on the line? nfl commissioner roger goodell talks to us about his handling of the ray rice video. >> president obama plans to talk to us about how he plans to fight isis. >> and only on "cbs this morning," clarissa ward's emotional interview with the family of an american journalist kidnapped in syria. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> did anybody


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