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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 12, 2014 7:00am-8:58am EDT

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good morning. it is friday september 12th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a guilty verdict this morning against blade runner oscar pistorius. new reports could contradict what the nfl commissioner told us about the handing of the ray rice case. target's new ceo talks about how he's going to win back customers after the massive data theft. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your rl wod in 90 seconds. >> a coverup. i don't see how roger goodell keeps his job. >> the nfl is challenged in the
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ray rice case. >> baltimore ravens back on the field. >> e sspn reports that he said he did punch his fiancee. >> that appears to contradict what the nfl told us. >> the prosecution finds him guilty. >> now how much time he'll spend in prison. >> the convicted killer of three ohio high school students is back behind barshi ts morning. t.j. lane escaped from a prison in limon, ohio last night with two other inmates. torrential rains felln i tennessee, up to 8 inches in just over five hours. >> and snow in september. parts of south dakota got over 5 inches. >> way too early, way too cold. >> it's threatened. >> the government threatened to fine yahoo! 250,000 bucks day if
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it failed to reveal data. >> a massive fire overnight in connecticut. >> all that -- >> taken away to a local hospital. he suffered multiple fractures. >> president obama sedtopp at a school when a famous singer was supposed to be there instead. >> i really wanted beyonce. >> my dautalia and sasha would feel the same way. >> they need to get help. our silence is deafening and deadly. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> people who purchase the olive guard garden's pasta pass much show i.d. unfortunately in a few weeks they won't look anything like their i.d.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented to you by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with new details and questions about the ray rice investigation. several reports indicate that rice confessed to june to roger goodell that he hit his fiancee in the face. that's more than two months that led to rice's two-game suspension and it could contradict what goodell told us. norah? >> good morning, charlie. it's been four days since that disturbing elevator video surfaced and questions continue to mount. there were changes last night as much of the spectacle as much of "thursday night football" was replaced with the latest news. a performance featuring rihanna and jaycee set to kick off "thursday night football" was
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scrapped last >> circumstances surrounding the evolving ray rice story are where we must begin. >> one week after the ray rice elevator incident sur fasd new questions arose on what roger goodell knew about the attack on janay palmer. it was report thad the former ravens running back hadadmitted in a face to face meeting with goodell that he punched palmer and knocked her unconscious. if that's true it would seemed to contradict what he said on tuesday. >> when we met with ray rice's representatives, it was ambiguous what happened. that videotape did not leave anything ambiguous. it was clear, sickening, and something we had to act on immediately. >> "the wall street journal" says they may not have conducted a her to investigation out of deference to palmer.
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>> she had, quite frankly, suffered enough. >> even as the episode threatened his eight-year tenure goodell seemed to have the confidence of his bosses 32 nfl owners. on thursday steve bisciotti spoke with james brown, host of c b cbs's nfl. >> i can't believe he didn't give him the suspension. >> our family has complete faith in the commissioner while john mara states that the motion that the commissioner's job is in jeopardy is misguided. unless that probe uncovers clear coverup or wrongdoing most will remain supportive of goodell. >> he made so much money since 2006 that he's very very good at his job that ownerers are
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going to wait until the last possible option to get rid of him. >> and h mueller's investigation will be independent. one thing is clear. while mueller is trying to get to the bottom of things it might buy goodell some much needed time. there's a lot of talk this morning online about james brown's comments before thursday night's kickoff. he said men must take a larger role in preventing domestic violence. >> let's be clear. this problem is bigger than football. there's intense and widespread outrage following the video showing what happened outside the casino. but wouldn't it be productive if this collective outrage as my colleague had said to be channeled the long suffering cries for help by so many women and as they said do something about it like an ongoing comprehension of men about what
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healthy respectful manhood is all about and it starts with how we view women. our language is important. for instance when a guy says you throw the ball like a little girl or like a sissy, it's an attitude that deval yous women and it will manifest itself in somg fashion. women have been at the forefront of the arena and whether janay rice feels herself a victim or not, millions of women in this country are so this is yet another callo men to take responsibility for their thoughts, their words, their deeds, and as dion said to again help or need help because our silence is deafening and deadly. >> j.b. noted that more than three women die every day at the hands of their partners. i think these were comments well said at the right time. >> incredibly important that j.b. said. he's been working on this issue for a long time and he's absolutely right. we should channel this outrage
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into some collective action on this issue. there are many women who are victims of domestic violence and now there's a conversation going on. >> and men can no longer be silent. we turn now to south africa where the judge declared oscar pistorius guilty of culpable homicide in the murder of his girlfriend but he was cleared of more serious charges. debora patta was in the courtroom for the verdict. debora good morning. >> reporter: good morning. oscar pistorius had a brief taste of jail when he was taken down to the holding cells below the court. his bail has expired and now the lawyers have asked that it be reinstated which the judge has just done. earlier she read out her final judgment. >> reporter: cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter. >> the accused is found not guilty and is discharged. instead he's found guilty of
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culpable homicide. >> reporter: revaeva steenkamp's mother sat stone-faced as she's done much of the trial but her friends could not hold back bursting into tears. despite telling oscar that he was a poor witness, he gave a version of the events that seemed reasonably true. >> it appears that the accused did not have a genuine belief. >> and she found the actions inconsistent with someone who wanted to commit murder. but manslaughter or culpable homicide as it's known in south africa is a serious charge and here the judge found pistorius wanting. >> a reasonable person therefore in the position of the accused, with similar disability would have foreseen that possibility that whoever was behind the door might be killed
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by the shot ss. >> reporter: so what now for the one-time athletic superstarwhose murder charges may be over but he still faces the possibility of a lengthy jail term which the judge will rule on in october. charlie? >> debora thanks. in ohio a student convicted of killed three high school students is back in custody after escaping your night. he climbed the fence last night with two prison inmates. police guards the hom chardon, ohio. the reporter said lane didn't get very far. paul, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police apprehended lane about a hundred yards near the fence. he was in a cornfield. in ohio a long and disturbing night. this is the place, chardon high school, where t.j. lane caused such havoc. they ee trying to figure out how
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he broke loose. >> which inmate? >> i believe it's the young one. t.j. lane. he's in custody. >> reporter: after a manhunt they finally captured t.j. lane who shot and killed three high school student at chardon high school in 2012. >> obviously i'm not happy that it happened. no warden in my position would like this to happen. but the facts are i'm happy to announce that we have mr. lane back nr our custody. >> reporter: lane escaped allen correctional facility thursday night with two other inmates. all three have been apprehended. >> this is an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: people were warned to stay inside. >> just spoke with one of the corrections officers. >> reporter: two years ago lane opened fire inside a high school cafeteria in chardon. >> we've got donefire lots of
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shots. >> reporter: he pleaded guilty and went to prison. people in the small town were shaken by news of his escape. >> knowing who he is altogether more frightening. >> chardon remains a strong and resilient community that's rallied around before and i'm confident that we'll continue to do so now and into the future. >> reporter: schools in shard listen be closed today but schools will be open and grief counselors will remain open for anyone reminded of that tragedy two years ago. norah. >> paul, thank you. congress is looking to take on isis in syria and i rachlkt nancy cordes is on capitol hill where members are looking at the details and asking questions. good morning. >> good morning. the first thing the congress will likely vote on is whether to arm and train moderate syrian rebels.
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as of right now it looks like he'll get that authority although members still have some big questions. a after a day of closed door briefings on isis there was no mistaking the mood of congress. >> where i'm at thing we go kill him. we're decisive about it we be strong about it. >> the president's plan striking isis territories from the air while training moderate syrian rebels to push back isis on the ground but lawmakers do worry that vetting and training the rebels could take two years, years that the u.s. doesn't have. >> air strikes alone will not accomplish what we're trying to accomplish, and the president's made clear that he doesn't want u.s. boots on the ground. well, somebody's boots have to be on the ground. >> reporter: do you think the president's wrong then to take u.s. combat troops on the ground in syria off the table right now? >> i would never tell the enemy what i was willing to do or unwilling to do, but he is the commander in chief. he made that decision. >> reporter: members also worry
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that aggressive isis fighters who have overcome the rebels before could do it again and get their hands on weapons supplied by the u.s. still they acknowledge that a mission that doesn't involve syrians and iraqis has little chance of long-term success. >> it has to be locally driven. it doesn't have to be overly cautious. it's a matter of what's going to work to actually defeat isis. >> the president himself has had misgivings in the past about arming these rebels even when his former secretary of state hillary clinton was pushing him to do it but the white house says that a lot has changed over the past year. these rebels have been thoroughly vetted now to see who is rely by on our side now, charlie, and who isn't. >> thanks. the mother of james foley, beheaded by isis is lashing out.
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she told cnn's anderson cooper last night that the government failed her son. >> as an american i was embarrassed and appalled you know. i think our efforts to get jim freed were an annoyance, you know. >> announce to the government. >> yes. jim would have been saddened. jim believed till the end that his country would come to their aid. >> did you feel that your faily, that jim was a priority for the government? >> no we really didn't. i really feel that our country let jim down. >> the foley family took out several ads in the paper this morning. they created a fund to help families of american hostages. scattered storms threaten
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millions around the southeast. there was a collapse of a shopping mall. there were no injuries. it reopens today. flash floods and flooding swamped neighborhoods. at least 30 people were evacuated. in mississippi they used boats to evacuate peek out of an apartment complex. meanwhile there was snow east of custer. mount rushmore also got snow. >> that's pretty but early. regulators issued an emergency waiver after blocking similar requests for months. anna werner is in plano, texas, just north of dallas where the search is resuming. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 23-year-old christina morris disappeared from this shopping center parking lot in the early morning hours of saturday august 30th. and volunteers have been searching for her ever since.
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now, this is the kind of missing persons case where a drone could really be hopeful and now 13 day after the search began one can finally be used. the drone took off on its first flight over plano, texas, thursday morning. equusearch will be allowed to use it to look for the missing woman until sunday night thanks to the emergency office of faa. >> we hang onto the hope she's still alive. >> reporter: 23-year-old christina morris went missing from a parking lot. >> i'm not keeping any track of time or anything anymore. it kind of feels like one long day. >> reporter: family friends, and volunteers have spent 12 days searching for her. now their search will be enhanced by the drones which can
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capture 50 to 200 photos in a single mission. those photos are then analyzed by experts and police. >> we try to look for things that don't fit in the picture, something as small as 6 inches will show up in the images. >> reporter: the faa says drones fall under its regulations for aircraft. agency personnel told equusearch to stop using drones in february. the search group sued and in july the federal judge ruled the faa's instruction carried no legal weight because it was not the agency's final decision on drone use. the faa said the emergency issue was issued. >> any time you're introduced something new into our airspace system, you're introducing new risk. faa is reducing the rink making sure your aircraft is safe on
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every flight. >> reporter: now the most important thing a drone could do for these moms is find evidence of their daughter. >> we're not complete. as a family we're not complete. we're sick. >> reporter: now, equusearch says it has located 11 people so far using drones. the faa is expected to issue its final rules on drone use next year. norah? >> all right anna. thank you. ahead on "cbs this morning,"
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kohl's. find your yes. kohl's. it is a dangerous prescription for patients. ahead, we investigate how some doctors continue to practice unchecked. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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tonight a special edition of "48 hours" on the oscar pistorius. what's next after today's fwlt verdict. plus a girlfriend speak
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>> questionable support our commander in chief. i do have some questions. sir, we're fighting isis. why can't you get their name right. >> the terror group is isil. isil. isil. >> i agree they're acting like a bunch of isils, but, sir, technically -- technically it's isis. if you just slam an "l" on the end of words willy nilly whenever you want, you're going to make mistakes. you'll think you're bombing syria and end up bombing cereal. >> i think he makes a good point. >> just to explain isis stands for the islamic state in iraq and syria. many people in the white house
7:31 am
think they don't want to call it syria. that's why they call it isil. islamic state in the levant. it's an area that crosses over both iraq and syria among other things. >> where they want to create a caliphate. >> i'm glad you explained it. see, charlie. i knew that. >> now we all do. coming up on "cbs this morning," coming up this half hour they're supposed to keep dangerous doctors away from patients, but the critics say some state medical boards are committing malpractice. we'll show you what our investigation founds. plus brian cornell wants target shoppers to expect more again. the new ceo says the retailer has been missing its mark. and only on "cbs this morning" cornell reveals how he plans to turn the company around. that's ahead. the "washington post" says the united states government threatened to fine yahoo! $250,000 a day in 2008.
7:32 am
yahoo! had refused to give online communications and user information. they challenged the constitutionality of the demand in a secret court battle. the company lost. the oil giant made a $3 billion deal with a russian company to drill in russia's arctic sea. it could yield billions of barrels of oil and gas and said delays will hamper the project. >> "usa today" reports on a lack of american officers leading army combat groups. found this year the 25 bra gads do not have a single black commander and there were only three black commanders for 80 battalions. can americans make up 18% of enlisted soldiers but fewer than 10% of army officers. the new york times also reports an unauthorized doctor was present when joan rivers had
7:33 am
a throat procedure last month. she stopped breathing and as you know never regained consciousness. witnesses say she was brought into the clinic operating room by her own doctor and examined rivers twice. >> every time you go to the doctor, your safety is in the hands of the state medical board. the agency stops dangerous physicians from practicing and concerns that across the board they're failing to protect the public. >> we start with medical payouts. that is when insurance companies settle with patients who sue doctors. even the best doctors get sued but some doctors settle constantly. we found in florida the doctors who have the most payouts continue to practice until retiring because the state medical board lets them even
7:34 am
when somebody in their care gets seriously hurt or die. >> always orter: james duffy met his wife suzie in college. they both became doctors, got married and had two sons. but on a family trip in florida in 2009 zye was diagnosed with appendicitis. she had emergency surgery and two days later the 42-year-old bled to death in her hospital bed. >> how do you explain it to two boys? >> i told them mom's sickness was too much and that she died but i told them it would be okay and i would be their mom and dad now. >> reporter: in the weeks after her death, james dunphy reviewed his wife's medical file. what he read convinced him that her doctor could have prevented her death. that doctor was ernest reineke. >> dr. reineke comes in at 8:00
7:35 am
a.m. the next day. does he do anything that you had expect him to do? >> you know at that point her pressure had been critically low for hours and there was no orders for any lab tests or imaging studies. >> you're a physician. how basic is that? >> these are the kind of vitals that, you know anybody with basic training can recognize as abnormal. >> reporter: dunphy sued dr. reineke blaming him in part for his wife's death. dr. reineke denied it in his deposition but the insurance company settled the case for $250,000, the most it could pay. we analyzed florida records and found he had 11 medical malpractice payouts in 2011. tying for the most in florida state. yet the florida board of medicine never restricted his license.
7:36 am
that caught our attention. so we looked at the 25 doctors with the most malpractice paypayouts in the state. not one of them was stop from practicing solely for providing poor medical care. >> you have to ask the question at what point could we have prevented the last five or last ten. >> reporter: dr. sidney wolf has published nationwide. he said many of them are failing to protect patients. his latest report found that from 1990 to 2009 more than half the doctors in the u.s. who had their privileges restring order revoked by a hospital had never even been fined by their state medical board and he said hospitals generally only go after the most dangerous physicians. public citizen is also ranked medical boards per physician in the state. those with the most ohio
7:37 am
oklahoma, and louisiana.alaska. those with the leefd, minnesota, wisconsin, and florida. >> they keep injuring people and killing people and malpractice suits occur. >> reporter: about a year after suzie dunphy died he got a report that said they found no evidence. >> i would expect my medical students to recognize this is not normal. >> and for someone to review that case and not see the issues for what they were. >> it make mess wonder if they even reviewed the case. >> all in favor say aye. >> reporter: the florida board of medicine declined our repeated request for an interview. last month we even went to the agency's public meeting in orlando, but no one agreed to talk with us. in a statement a spokesperson wrote, we must follow the due
7:38 am
process of law in order to ensure the rights and entitlements to all parties in any anxious. it's to protect them from unsafe or unskrup lis practice. dr. reineke also would not give us an interview or statement about his history of malpractice payouts or the death of suzie dunphy. >> there's really no reason for them not to be able to go to the mother/son dance. there's really no reason that on mother's day they're not giving mom breakfast in bed. this could have been prevented. >> heartbreaking, norah. >> yeah. >> the fact that dr. dunphy is a drk doc tore gives it more credibility because he knows what he's talking about. and dr. reineke is still practicing. >> still practicing. >> who oversees the medical boards? >> state legislators. in florida there's a man named jeremy ring. he said based on our reporting he's going to
7:39 am
legislation to improve the ability of the boards to protect patients. >> should there be a national data board? >> there is one. it's not public. medical boards have access to it. the problem is they don't always look at it. >> thanks mark. after a massive data theft, target looked outside the company for new leadership. we'll hear from the new ceo who's already making big changes. that's next on "cbs this morning." (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high nightmare. target's new ceo took over last month. and ben tracy sat down with him only on "cbs this morning." >> the future of target it has
7:40 am
to start with growth. we will become a growth company. >> reporter: when target's new ce o'brian cornell spoke to 14,000 of his employees in minneapolis this week he was honest. he said the company had missed the mark with shoppers. >> we need to be cool again. >> reporter: target was once known for cheap chic affordable yet fashionable but then competed with walmart on groceries. how did target lose its cool? >> i think we become cool again by understanding trends understand where the guests are going and anticipate and meeting their needs. i'll go back to the core brand positioning. expect more, pay less. it's making sur totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. [ male announcer ] lowe's presents "how to make your guests think they're at the wrong house." wow. told you we were in the wrong house. go, go!
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies. questions and more scrutiny this morning over the ray rice case. espn reports that rice told goodell in june he hit his wife in the face. that was more than two months before video of the punch became
7:43 am
public and it contradicts what goodell said to us. >> goodell told us on thursday he had only heard a, quote, ambiguous description of what happened in that elevator. he said no one saw the disturbing video until it came out online. >> actress robin givens was abused by her former husband mike tyson. she spoke with kevin frazier. the former secretary of state will appear at a popular democratic party event. vice president joe biden, a potential 2016 rival goes to ad next week. it is a blinder that the november caucuses are only 16 months way. with us a former
7:44 am
b3 robin givens certainly knows what janay rice is going through. she has her own history. e.t.'s kevin frazier talked to robin givens. we'll hear what she told him fueling a loud debate about domestic violence. actress robin givens wrote about her own abuse experience. in an interview co-host kevin frazier sat down with givens in
7:45 am
los angeles. good morning. >> good morning. you know robin givens has dedicated large part of her life to working with women and families who suffer from domestic violence and she says the ray rice controversy has elevated the conversation to another level. >> you wrote about some very harrowing experiences. how bad did it get to you? >> it really got to the point i thought i was going to die. >> she alleges she suffered abuse during her brief marriage to boxer mike tyson. that year they opened up about their relationship in an interview with barbara walters. >> did he hit you? >> he shakes, he pushes he swings. >> reporter: the couple divorced the next year. three years later the ♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that?
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what's the adversity, and they overcome the adversity and figure out how how to solve their own problems. >> you say it's all related. >> if you like to collect a social security check or are happy your children don't work seven days a week 14 hour as day, there's a coal mine that big mon on oh lis tick -- >> and then there's world war ii. >> and of course, franklin roosevelt who probably couldn't get out of the iowa caucuses today because he's crippled is able to lift us up through the depression in world war ii. >> beyond the fact that
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in race or sex or national origin you cannot exceed to those wishes. >> reporter: dinoire rah de-cruz
7:51 am
tell ms. e she can't wait for the new clientele. >> they tell me you're an excellent driver. >> i will agree. women just drive better in general. >> yes, i know that. >> as for the taxi we hailed at random mateo said her company will be up and running on monday. but they say there could be some roadblocks. >> thanks vinita. >> yes indeed. >> i'm all for it. the most unforgettable moments of the week. you're watching "cbs this morning." coming up. congratulations to you on the interview. >> good job. >> nicole who's a good friend of mine wanted me to be as colorful as you guys are so she sent me these socks. what do you think about that? >> thank, you nicole.
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they look good on you charlie. how do you feel? >> colorful. >> okay. that's a good look. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune in to cs evening news with scott pelley. here's a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. >> did anybody at the nfl see the videotape before monday? >> no. >> nothe answer is no. >> no one sawnforcement official said he sent the video back in april. >> we will degrade and destroy isil. >> the president wanted to demonstrate he has a plan. >> i don't believe the president has the authority to wage an op nden-eed war on isil without congressional approval. >> kerry arrive here underguy. >> norah i can't wait to see you run pass patterns out here. >> what a way. >> what does that mean? >> it's huge. even tougher. less recovery time for the quarterback. >> a quick turnaround for you guys, too. >> jim's in really good shape.
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