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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 12, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies. . hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. congress knows more about president obama's plan to fight the sunni militant group known as isis. lawmakers received clo intelligence briefings on details of the white house plan. >> reporter: lawmakers are asking the obama administration tough questions ahead of a possible vote next week to arm
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and train moderate syrian rebels fighting isis militants. >> i have deep concerns about us investing taxpayers' dollars at $500 million to a group of rebels who are not sure how to use to our benefit and if it will be used against us at some time. >> reporter: the president will advance air strikes against the sunni militant group known as isis no matter where they're located but some in congress say the president should ask for their approval first. >> he's really talking about a broad multi-year effort and i believe that he needs congressional authorization. >> reporter: lawmakers support president obama's push to get international cooperation to confront the isis threat. >> this cannot be a war of westerners against islam. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east to win support for military action from regional allies. thursday ten mideast countries pledged to back the u.s. strategy. >> they understand the consequences and i think everybody is going to redouble their own efforts in order to
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try to tighten the vice here. they realize it's critical. >> reporter: the french president arrived in baghdad friday to announce his country will join american jets bombing isis targets in iraq. case boswell, cbs -- craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> germany an will not take part in bombing missions at isis targets. prime minister cameron has not ruled out the possibility of joining u.s. strikes. police in montgomery county hope to discover the clues they need to find a missing brother and sister soon. jacob and sarah hoggle ages 2 and 3 haven't been seen since last weekend and their mother, catherine, disappeared monday afternoon. they all live in clarksburg with the mother's husband. >> today i talked with a search manager. he state over the last three days, they've done a lot of searching. today they're going to do an assessment and review of may have to research, and then what
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they may search starting tomorrow and the next day. >> this week there have been a couple of reported sightings of catherine hoggle who is facing child neglect charges. police say she intentionally lied about the child's whereabouts and is purposely evading investigators who want to question her. oscar pistorius is now out on bail but he's awaiting sentencing in the death of his girlfriend reeva seen catch. after being not -- steenkamp. after being found not guilty of the most serious charges yesterday, he is found guilty of culpable homicide, equivalent to a manslaughter charge here. he thought steenkamp was an intruder when he shot through the bathroom door. sentencing hearings start next month. an ohio teenager who killed three high school classmates is back in custody after a prison escape overnight. t.j. lane went on a shooting spree at chardon high in 2012. lane and two other inmates broke out last night.
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police were warned to -- people were warned to stay inside until all three were recaptured and schools were closed for the day. now we'll have to see whether international from time to times are affected after -- international flights are affected after one of the volcanos started erupting last night. lava shot through the air. now we'll see if a future eruption creates a big enough ash cloud to interrupt air travel. spectacular is the words meteorologist howard bernstein is using in his first alert forecast. >> especially after yesterday's heat and feels great outside. look at these temperatures. still in the mid-60s in martinsburg. in the 50s in the high country. we're sitting at 57 in d.c. and low 70s in easton. a near perfect friday here with highs later on in the upper 70s. the problem is going to be tomorrow. got a yellow alert up for saturday. here's your futurecast. not too many problems overnight. here we are at 6:00 a.m. just a couple of showers out in the mountains. as the morning wears on, notice
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how the green increases. heavier showers from fredricksburg, northern neck in toward southern maryland by early afternoon. so showers around midday into the maybe even late afternoon in spots. we're going to have the yellow alert up. i'll come back in a few minutes and tell but sunday and the rest of the accepten-day then. for -- seven-day then. for now enjoy this beautiful day. there are new questions about what the n.f.l. knew about the ray rice domestic violence case before this week. espn is reporting that rice told the n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell in june that he struck his wife in that elevator. that would mean goodell was ambiguous about what happened. these reports have capitol hill lawmakers questioning goodell's leadership. >> if there is information that does come out that shows he did know or that he had access to this information, i do think it puts at risk the current job
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that he has. >> the national organization for women is also calling on goodell to step down as commissioner. 16 women u.s. senators are demanding the n.f.l. institute a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. the bipartisan group sent a letter to n.f.l. commissioner goodell. the lawmakers say they're disgusting the league would allow a player to commit violence and return to the game after a six-game suspension which is the punishment for a first offense now. and because of the rice story, cbs sports scaled back its opening for the debut of thursday night football on the network. the planned opening included narration by oscar nominated actor don cheatle. the ravens beat the steelers 26- 6. there's at least one cougar patrolling parts of fairfax county and we're not talking about the 08der woman -- older woman looking for a younger man. this is serious. a couple of big cat sightings
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canceled recess at an elementary school. vanessa herring has more on this story. >> reporter: two people say they saw a cougar prowling around behind riverside elementary school. could their eyes be deceiving them or could the big cat be back in fairfax county for the first time in more than a hundred years? >> i wouldn't be surprised. then there are those people that end up with an animal and then they let it go free. i don't know. >> reporter: with an investigation into the sightings under way, students are being kempt inside for the third time this week. animal control officers set up motion sensor cameras to find out what's happening around the school. >> we'll check the data and continue to have animal control presence on the property until the investigation is concluded. >> reporter: neighbors say seeing wild animals isn't unusual. >> we have so many animals around here. in my block, i have a mulberry tree so you'll get seven deer at a time. i have fox and beaver.
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i have all sorts of crazy things running around my yard. >> reporter: but a cougar? >> yeah, it would be kind of scary. >> reporter: an moll control officers will review the footage over the next few days, although it's possible they say it's unlikely a cougar is roaming the area. vanessa herring, wusa9. >> animal control officers say they did find paw prints that could have been left by dogs or coyotes in the area. coyotes can often be mistaken for cougars from a distance. if you think you see a cougar, call police at 691-2131. vice presidential candidate sarah pail rinse is back in -- palin is back in the news but this time she probably doesn't want to be. let's keep gas prices from driving you crazy this friday. heading towards the mountains this weekend? you'll find very inexpensive
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gas in front royal, virginia. the wilco food mart on commerce avenue is selling regular unleaded for $3.03 a gallon but you'll pay a little more if you go to
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former republican vice presidential candidate and former alaska governor sarah palin and several members of her family were involved in a birthday party brawl last week in anchorage. it started when one of palin's sons spotted an ex-boyfriend of his sister's. words were exchanged and then it got physical. anchorage police will only confirm members of the palin family were at the disturbance and they add no arrests were made. maryland midders will elect a new -- marylanders will elect a new governor in less than two months and a new poll suggests if votes were cast today,
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lieutenant anthony brown would win pretty easily. it shows the democrat with a four-point lead over larry hogan, 51% to 37 purposes. 1100 likely voters were surveyed. the hogan campaign calls the poll badly flawed and lacking in credibility. on the campaign trail, first lady michele obama is expected to hit the road for iowa next month to campaign for a four-time democratic congressman running in a tight senate race bruce bailey. it will mark her second announced appearance on the trail for a candidate this season. next week, you can get all dressed up for a great cause. details on honoring -- [indiscernible] still ahead, a look at the new ceo of target and his efforts to revamp that company. howard? as beautiful as it s you might want to -- as it is, you might want to hold your breath if allergies get to you. the numbers have come in. not a pretty day for allergy sufferers. we have the high on the mold
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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enjoy an evening of cok tames, performances -- cocktails, performances and fun and help fight breast cancer at the same time. the promise gala takes place next thursday, september 18. komen for the the cure president and ceo dr. judith is a salerno is with us now. they think of races and those types of things. why did komen start the honoring the promise gala. >> we have a lot to celebrate in the breast cancer movement. we've made a lot of progress, improved longevity, made a lot of strides in treatment. however, there's so much more
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to do. particularly here in this community, the disparities in breast cancer are sow enormous. part of -- are so enormous. part is to celebrate but also raise awareness of the very important work we have yet to do. >> whether you started this five years ago, it was to celebrate those on the front lines, scientists, advocates or supporters with their finances. who are you honoring this year? >> a very special night. we're honoring representative debra schultz. she had breast cancer in her early 40s at a young age. she's done so much to raise awareness of breast cancer throughout the country and particularly breast cancer among young women. so we are thrilled to be able to honor here. and also david rubinstein who is the co-ceo of the carlisle group. they have been enormous supporters. david every year as the founding person who initiating honoring the promise has been
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there for us all along the journey. and he understands how important this is to the d.c. community. >> and you have a star as your emcee this year. talk about joan london good oh, yes. joan london is finishing up her treatment for breast cancer. she was diagnosed in june. and this is the first public appearance after her treatment is completed. so we are so honored to have her with us. >> it is definitely a celebration. you've raised tens of millions of dollars in the five years. how is the money going to be used? we're still talking about disparities disparities among women based on economics, race and also age and chronic illnesses? >> most of the money that's raised here, 75% of it stays in the d.c. community. we have 19 grantees who are doing excellent work to try and erase those disparities. this morning i visited a health center in anacostia. and the outreach they're doing there is so important.
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and the patient navigation, all of those services that we can support will make a difference in women's lives, particularly the in african-american community. >> judy salerno, again, thank you. the event is september 18. you see the information on the screen. for more information on the event there, kennedy- tickets are still available. you'll want to take advantage of this and help in the breast cancer fight. let's go to howard now. a beautiful forecast for today but what about tomorrow? tomorrow is going to be the problem of the weekend. sunday looks final, too. -- fine, too. let's talk about today. it's great, 77 at 3:00. on our way to 78, 79 for the high. very comfortable day. the evening is looking good as well with 76 by 7:00 and 9:00 down to 70. so our weather headlines, this fine friday, thanks to the humidity levels which are way down, yesterday was hot, humid. we did have some storms, especially south. and we hit 91. today we'll stay in the 70s.
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tonight looks really g. you have the high school football -- really good. you have the high school football game you're going to or just want to enjoy dinner on the back patio, it's going to be fine for that. tomorrow we've had to raise the yellow alert flag for showers, mostly in the afternoon. west, southwest, we could see some here by mid- to late morning and the mountains early morning. very nice again on sunday except for the burgundy and gold, you'll probably need some sunscreen. for the terps tomorrow and west virginia, perhaps a rain poncho. drier air has moved in relatively speaking to pennsylvania, new york. dew points in the 50s in many areas. dew points in the 40s up here has the nice fall feel to it. sickie in norfolk, raleigh. dew points in the 60s to near 70 degrees. it's also very cool now. cloud cover in cleveland. only the mid-50s. pittsburgh in the 50s at this hour. locally we're in the upper 60s and low 70s. i know national is 75 but they're not really representative of everybody
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else. nobody lives at the airport. we've got 68 in white oak and fairfax. owings is 72. waldorf a gorgeous 69 degrees. sunny skies on our weather camera. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest at 12. we have gusts to 16. the barometer is rising with high pressure which is building in. high pressure is near wisconsin right now. at the surface we have high pressure. look at all of these clouds west of the appalachians, back to the midwest. that's also helping to keep a lid on temperatures. so a front down here pushed through yesterday. the cooler winds this morning and the afternoon will be with us giving us some sunshine. the thicker clouds are going to come back as we get into the afternoon and really tonight overnight into tomorrow morning. and those clouds will start to squeeze out some raindrops by morning in the shenandoah valley and the mountains. we'll take you to late morning now at 11:00. showers west of 95 but coming up 95, look at heavier rains there approaching fredricksburg into southern maryland by early afternoon with the scattering of showers with us mid- to late
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afternoon. pulls out saturday night. sunday turns out okay. it will be mid- to late morning to mid- to late afternoon the shower threat. 79 today. tonight 60s. tomorrow 73 in town. we may see mid- to upper 60s in some of the western suburbs tomorrow. back to the upper 70s, a very pleasant sunday. monday looks good, too. make it a long weekend if you can, 80 with an early shower tuesday. highs mid-70s. so enjoy this friday but watch
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targets first ceo from outside the company took charge last month. he's being open about the
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store's recent failures. we have more on the message he delivered. >> reporter: target was once known for cheap sheik, affordable yet fashionable clothes and housewares but then started focusing on groceries and competing with wal-mart on price. how did target lose its cool? >> i think we become cool again by understanding trends, understanding where the -- [indiscernible] -- and face participating and -- and anticipating and meeting their needs. expect more, pay less. and it's making sure there's always that balance and we might have tipped the balance towards pay less. >> reporter: like home depot, target is rethinking the security of its customers' personal information. last year hackers stole 40 million debit and credit card numbers. that sent shoppers 234r50eing and proper -- fleeing and proper fits tumbling, down 62% from the day before. he says data security is a top priority. >> reporter: why did it take an
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event like that for the company to get so serious about data security? >> i think the company has always been serious about data security but i think we all realize this is a significant retail issue today. and we've all got to step up. i wake up every single day thinking about data security. so it is a major priority for us. for me, for our leadership team, for our board. we recognize how important that is. >> reporter: target is the nation's fourth largest retailer behind wal-mart, kroeger and costco. it's now also competing with amazon. that's why target has launched a start-up tech firm inside its headquarters to create apps and improve its website which now accounts for less than 3% of sales. >> about 2% to 3% of your sales are done on-line. >> reporter: does it need to be more than that? >> going forward, we really believe mobile will be the front door of our brand. more and more i see moms shopping our stores with a cart in one hand, usually with a
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child insides the cart but in the other hand they have the smartphone and it's guiding a lot of their choices. >> reporter: the company is making choices, too. they're launching a new concept called target express. stores one-sixth the size of a normal one. >> it's really meeting the needs of our guests in these urban centers. >> reporter: target is also trying to get its fashion mojo back, partnering with tom shoes and fashion designer. >> that was ben tracy reporting on target. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00 and you can check on the storms heading into tomorrow any time. check out the whole weather forecast on >> you hear the music in the background. it's thursday night football on cbs. how about our morning team? there we are celebrating the start of the scc on cbs, the best conference in college. the matchup starts at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. go heather, bulldogs.
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until monday, have a
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