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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the last place jets are desperate for a win. many expect them to come ready to play. a texas ebola patient will be flown to frederick maryland for transfers to the nih. i'm scott broom. coming up the anxious reaction. i'm peggy fox where ebola screenings would begin. passengers are coming from three west african countries that are being screened. and first tonight one of the nation's two confirmed ebola patients, headed for our neck of the woods. good evening, i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. the first dallas nurse who contracted ebola from the patient will head to nih in bethesda some time tonight. she's been undergoing treatment at the hospital that she works, where she works i should say. but today they say it's the
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right decision and the best interest of dallas hospital staff. bruce leshan is standing by here in bethesda. but first we'll get things started with scott broom at the municipal airport, where they are expected to arrive, right, scott? >> reporter: yeah, you are correct, derek. this is where she will be setting foot in maryland for the first time and to be moved up. her arrival is expected by the private air ambulance jet. some time between 9:00 to 11:00 tonight, it's from local officials here in frederick county, maryland. >> we want to help as we know why we're being chosen that we could work down that path. it's the stuff that drives us crazy. >> reporter: and also
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questioning the use of the frederick county. >> that they could fly in to andrews, a helicopter from there through the facility. they could ignore the airports where there are general publics every day. >> reporter: it'll be the second transfer occurring here at the frederick airport. the american doctor who had been serving in sierra leone thought to be exposed to ebola was flown here by the georgia- based phoenix air. published in the news post, showing them getting off the plane in an isolation suit. reporting an nih ambulance was escorted by three maryland state police cars and a black suv. in that case the doctor did not develop ebola. so the anxiety of being expressed here is clearly a measure of the lack of
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confidence that has developed here as a result of some of the missteps dealing with the ebola crisis here in the united states. at the same time there are no officials or anyone else, as they told me about the bottom line that there is a patient that would need help. live at the airport, i'm scott broom. let me go down to my colleague standing by it. >> hey scott, thank you so much. it is just inside that beltway in bethesda. but this unit is designed and allowed for the doctors and the nurses to isolate it with some of the most infectious diseases known to human kind. it's shockingly deadly, but could be transferred from one patient to the other through
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the direct contact with the bodily fluids of the person who has symptoms. the nih will be taking every precaution to ensure the safety of all of their patients and staff in the public. the director of the allergy and infectious diseases says that he personally will be greeting nina pham in dallas. as they say that they have yet to see her, but say that the doctors have told them that she's in stable condition. the nih say that staffers here in the state of the art facility have been trained in, "strict infection-controlled techniques, optimized to prevent spread of potentially transmissible agents like ebola." as scott says, they've treated one person that turned out not to have ebola, now prepared for -- preparing for nina pham. but they only have two beds inside that containment
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facility. lesli? >> thank you, bruce. they are committed to sticking to facts and not fear when it comes to our ebola coverage as we understand that this is more important now than ever with the confirm patient that will be headed to nih. throughout the newscast, we'll be featuring the facts like how it is spread and not spread, so we can understand the truth. you can also join in on the conversations by using the hash tag facts, not fear. something that we know to be true today that they would begin at dulles international airport. one of just five airports in the country for you to go on through this extra measures. she joins us there live to tell us how the screenings went today. peg? >> reporter: well, you know, customs and border patrol personnel are at every airport, watching the passengers. well now at those five airports, including the air working with the cdc, doing the enhanced screening that they are just taking the passengers that have come up to liberia,
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sierra leone and they are separating them and doing enhanced screening. they would come from those countries and arrive here every day. that they are being screened separately. they will be traveling to nigeria tomorrow and a little worried about blinds. >> the name is better -- they are screening and checking people. >> and we saw like 20 to 30 customs people that were huddling together for their briefing, apparently for the ebola screening. >> right. what do you think of that fact that they are screening people from west africa? >> well living in europe. i have not seen that yet. but it's on the news constantly. so everybody is worried and it is very close though. >> reporter: now the screening process, they found no one sick, nobody was transferred from that screening process and
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to the local hospital. but that they are ready, they are taking temperatures, and that we did not actually have that opportunity for you to speak to anyone who was screened. i spoke to a woman who has been living here for 20 years, saying that she was waiting for her brother, but at some point they left. so we still don't know how that turned out. but there is quite a debate going on. about whether this screening is enough. i'll have more on that and we'll talk to passengers about that coming up at 7:00. for now, i'm peggy fox, reporting live at dulles. back to you. >> a lot of conflicting thoughts about the idea of banning flights. >> it's becoming political. >> it really is. >> it's not likely that passengers that traveled on a flight to texas with their nurse that they were infected with the ebola. and they do say that ebola on the dried services like the counter top, for example, that they could survive for hours.
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even replacing the seat covers, the air filters. how prepared are the district of columbia? they say it is no reason to worry about the outbreak. >> more of the steps to ensure that in d.c. >> the health director says that they will be extremely confident in dc hospitals of receiving any ebola patients and preventing the spread of the disease. but don't be surprised to see one or two cases here. that the head of the dc health department dr. garcia says that they are and they have been visiting every hospital in the district to make sure everyone is following guidelines step by step. he says while he's the director there that there will not be an ebola epidemic in dc. >> what i see now and the foreseeable future that we don't see a change on the
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transmissions. and i'm very confident that we prepare it all. so when they receive that, we would take good care of them there and protect our families and our healthcare workers. here in the district. >> and dr. garcia there says that they will be getting calls around the clock about concerns. so far about a dozen people in dc have been tested and that they have all come back negative for ebola. lesli? >> all right, that's encouraging news there. president obama opened up the auction to send national guards troop to west africa if they are needed. he authorized the pentagon to make the call to have soldiers help with the ebola outbreak. the u.s. already have committed to sending 4,000 military personnel to liberia, sierra leone and new guinea. >> today they would heat up for at least one more time.
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and they join us live now to preview what we could expect from them tonight. i guess that it is what they would need to do. bruce? >> reporter: hey derek. , coming up tonight, the three mayors, they will be sitting here on the stage out here. there will be residents, campaign supporters, representatives from some 32 different organizations. and for them to be a part of it. three candidates will be here as it is absolutely the last time that you are going to be able to hear from these candidates in this kind of forum. as a matter of fact we're going to broadcast this tomorrow night for you at 7:00. that'll be the only time that you're going to be able to see them, i should say for the first time that you'll see them on television.
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along with ethics, we're going to be talking about all of that including the u.s. investigation as we'll be streaming it live tonight beginning at 7:00 on and again tomorrow, friday at 7:00. we're going to broadcast this. wusa9 channel 9. join us then, derek? >> bruce, this is like two to three weeks ago before election night. how come this is the last debate? >> reporter: you know, you're absolutely right as i have aƩ dozens of debates like this in the past election with a dozen of them during the primary as this is what they would agree to, only these four debates. but they might also add that three of those debates if you include the washington post would occur west of the park and it's the only one that's happening here in this part of the town. it will be broadcasted, stream live, they'll be able to reach residents, voters throughout the city. early voting starts on monday. it will be the last chance to reach the large numbers of the
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voters before they would start going down to the board of the elections, casting their ballots on monday. all before the election night. you can watch them streaming it live. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we're tracking a few showers here tonight as they kept them down just a little bit. no 80s. but 67 at nationals, and with five inches of rain above average for a change. we'll come back and track those showers, with lots of football going on. we'll tell you how the forecast stacks up. the difference between the flu, the enterovirus and ebola. it will be a doctor who got answers to those questions. we can set it straight. but first though we will continue our facts, not fear campaign with information on how ebola is actually spread. for there to be a risk, a person with the virus, they must show symptoms, spread
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through their bodily fluids, blood, sweat, saliva. those fluids have to enter through your eyes, ears, nose, broken skin. to know more about ebola, we're using the hash tag facts not fear on twitter. we'll be right back.
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in fact a new poll shows a quarter of them know about that effect and that only half say they are somewhat informed. 21% feel like they are not very up to seat at all and 3% don't know the facts at all. a lot of confusion as we noted and it does not help that the flu season is almost here. influenza as you know kills tens of thousands of americans every year. and here to talk about that and how to tell the difference is dr. tameka of med star. also chair of the dc section of the american congress of gynecologists. thank you for coming. >> i for having -- thank you for having me. >> we've been talking about a fever being a part of it. is there something else saying that i have the flu or ebola, whatever. >> particularly in pregnant women, we're entering flu season. it's unfortunate at the same time that all of this is going on with ebola. but it's important for the pregnant women to get vaccinated. so you know that they don't get
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that fever or the upper respiratory infection. and the classic signs of the flu. i know you want to focus on the pregnant women as they are affected by the flu than anyone else. explains. >> so the pregnancy, they change the woman's immune system. a lot of respiratory problems, pneumonia for the woman. and the last flu season, about 240 women across the country were hospitalized for them with the flu. >> and do you as the gynecologist see them come in without that flu vaccine? >> yes, absolutely. that it is my mission for them starting at this time of the year that every patient that would come to me that i'm talking to her about the flu vaccine. i do believe that every woman that they should have that flu vaccine. >> are you concerned about the things like the enterovirus,
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suddenly popping up for them. that people are concerned about it, another respiratory disease? >> sure. >> and we are concerned about all these things. to protect your unborn child. >> thank you so much for chatting with us. >> facts, not fear. but we'll keep this campaign going because in general the ebola virus dies when the infected flu was dry. on the dry services, that stretches up to a few days as you talk about blood and of course several months when you would need to refer to semen. join the conversation by using the hash tag, #factsnotfear on twitter and we'll be right back. but first a live look at the dulles hospital where nina
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pham, the ebola patient is expected to arrive any moment. we've been reporting that she's heading up this way to nih in heading up this way to nih in bethesda as now we'll wothe way als dismantles someone like stuarty. is so painful. embryonic stem cells have so much promise, but barbara comstock voted to ban that research funding even though conservatives like nancy reagan support it. that takes away hope for a cure -- but also, for families like ours, who just wanted a little more time. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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and especially into fairfax county, headed towards the district as we will zoom in to a couple of sprinkles, that's it as you could still take a jog tonight, whatever you want to do and that it will be few and far in between for them and fairfax and burke, heading up right along route seven. that they would miss tysons. this little shower has weakened quite a bit as well.
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if you are late out there tomorrow night, the 60s. okay here is the future cast for you tomorrow morning. everybody in the 50s. even sneaking in to the 40s in manassas, culpeper, upper 40s. by 8:00, 50s and 60s across the board with the sunshine. by 1:00, we're still looking at temps in the 60s near 70s downtown. by 4:00, we should be in the lower 70s in most spots. 72 downtown and manassas. and by 5:30 to 6:00, the upper 70s. not too many clouds for you, but a pretty nice day. by 8:00 we're back in the lower 60s. we're looking at temperatures for you by 11:30. moving up towards here, but the
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temperatures will not fall crazy. but for tonight, early showers, then partial clearing, comfortable. we'll break it down for you. 58 at 9:00 and 65 by 11:00 and 69 for you by 1:00, a lot of sunshine for you tomorrow. the next three days, a few showers will come up. we have lowered up temperatures ont4 sunday. only 60 and then it will be the end of the pro game for you to bundle up. showers for you on tuesday. and the same kind of cool for you on wednesday the lower 60s and the mid-60s with maybe a shower on thursday. we will be continuing now with our facts, not fear campaign. ebola, that they do not spread through the casual contact. we'll
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we are looking live at the hospital in dallas where the ebola patient nina pham is expected to leave any moment now, as she will be heading up this way to nih in bethesda to undergo treatment, following her trip to maryland throughout the night. >> and the same time that we're getting ready for the final dc mayoral debate to hop on. right now you can watch it live. that's it for us. big news tonight. the cbs evening news is next. >> we're back with the only
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>> pelley: tonight congress demands more action to stop ebola. >> i want to join with the chairman in urging the president to immediately institute a travel ban. >> and a nurse says that dallas hospital was not prepared. >> it wasn't organized. it wasn't safe. no one really in charge. >> reports from unanimous werner, nancy cordes and dr. jon lapook. elizabeth palmer is inside iraq with police recruits training to take on isis on a day when baghdad is rocked by a series of deadly bombings. bob orr on smartphones that can't be unlocked. are they a threat to national security? and from wyatt andrews, an issue lincoln and douglas never debated. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have an extremely peculiar situation right now.


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