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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 16, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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moved to one of the specialized facilities, equipped to handle viruses like ebola. headed to bethesda right now. the 29-year-old nurse amber vinson was moved to emory university hospital in atlanta just last night. now, we begin our coverage with scott broom who is live in frederick municipal airport where pham is expected to arrive later this evening, scott? >> she's expected to touch down here in that air ambulance, that she will be headed to the airport down there. and that they would put her here at 9:30 to 10:00 this evening within the window we've been told that would be predicted. after all the missteps from the government agencies within the ebola situation, they have expressed some anxiety about all of this this evening.
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>> we want to help as we know why we're being chosen. it's this last-minute stuff, the stuff that drives us crazy. >> reporter: also questioning the use of the airport is blaine young. >> they can fly in and avoid whether it is dulles, reagan national, frederick municipal airport that they could avoid the airports where there is general public every day. >> reporter: the transfer of the ebola patient nina pham will be the second transfer that has occurred here. an american doctor serving in sierra leone was flown here by the same air ambulance contractor, georgia-based phoenix air. the photos were published in the news post, showing you them getting off in that isolation suit behind the unprotected crew member as the news post, they report an nih ambulance that was escorted by three maryland state police cars and the black suv. and ultimately that in that
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case the doctor did not develop ebola. sot trip from here at the frederick municipal airport down to the nih in bethesda about 38 miles per hour for the local officials are concerned about this and suggesting that it would be about 31 miles an hour. so not much of a difference there that we're standing by this evening with my other colleagues for wusa9. and an important tip here is that none of the local officials have expressed concerns, trying to extend the way of this. in fact they are suggesting that nina pham is a patient that needs help as they certainly want to see her get that. reporting live from scott broom, wusa9. nih is dr. anthony, saying that he's stable and that they seem to be doing well. >> and the centers for the disease, they made their call to transfer them this morning saying that the decision to move her to nih was out of concern that the ebola crisis had left that facility,
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overwhelmed, short of critical staff. >> now, we have our teams transferring nina pham, who as we had mentioned that they are the first dallas nurse to contract that virus and that they are standing by where pham will be treated by the infectious disease specialist. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, derek and jan, the biocontainment facility where she will be treated is inside the clinical center, which is this massive hospital that is just up on this hill beside, behind me. it is just inside that beltway in bethesda. with some of the most infectious diseases that are known to human kind that ebola while deadly is not by a long shot. but doctors say that it could be transferred through the direct contact with that bodily fluids of a person that has
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symptoms. nonetheless the nih says that they will be taking every precaution to ensure the safety of all of their patients and staff in the public. the director of the national institute of the allergy and infectious diseases says they will personally greet nina pham who contracted ebola as you said while treating thomas duncan in dallas. and that she has yet to see her, but says that the doctors have told them that they are in stable condition as they say that staffers in this state of the art facility, that they have been trained in strict control techniques. optimized to prevent the spread of potentially transmissible agents like ebola. they've already treated and released one patient who turned out not to have ebola. but inside this containment here, they only have two, just two beds. back to you. >> all right, we'll be watching, bruce.
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thank you. and here is our next group of the news organizations. they are focused on spreading the facts, not fear through the ebola coverage. today on air and online, we're trying to answer your questions. and also to give you reports from across the country again on the facts, not fear. >> so join us on air and online as we use the hash tags to get the answers to your questions and concerns about ebola. you are asking, we're answering. they ask us how long we could live on services outside the body. and bodily fluids like blood that they could survive for several days at room temperatures. surviving for several months. >> wow. so here are the facts,
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beverly. yes. it could be transmitted through coughing or sneezing. in order for you to be at risk. >> how concerned are you about catching ebola? 19% say they are very concerned. 29% are somewhat concerned. 35% say not very concerned and 16% responded not at all. it was conducted by the survey u.s.a. to combat the fear and the spread of the dangerous disease that today he called up troops. the mission is expected to require the different personnel addressing their justification for not instituting a travel banned on the ebola ravaged countries. so those do not go to evade the screening process. >> back here at home.
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they started rolling out their enhanced screening measures, at the certain u.s. airports this week. they are narrowing in on the travelers arriving from some of those hard hit countries. new york's jfk was the first of five to start screening for ebola. they instituted the new facts that it is just today and our peggy fox is live from dulles tonight where passengers are facing that extra scrutiny. peggy? >> reporter: that's right. it is just international passengers that will be coming from three west african countries. liberia, sierra leone and others. we talked to several passengers that were coming from the african countries like ghana and nigeria. none of them are being questioned at all. that's not where the outbreak and the epidemic is running rampant. having them fill out that questionnaire and taking their temperature. they would be transported to
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the hospital. no one transported from that screening here today, but there's a side issue. a side story that has come out of their airport yesterday before this enhanced screening started. and the customs people, they took a woman who traveled from west africa into custody. because there was a warrant for her arrest. she was taken to the jail an then experienced that low grade fever as they took her to the hospital where she was tested for ebola. we have learned from their friend that she does not have ebola. but the news, of course, concerns many people and now it has lead to the congress -- the congressman to call for a travel banned from those countries as their feelings are mixed. here is what some had to say. >> it is among the life form from liberia and sierra leone to guinea.
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>> you think it's a good idea? >> it is. if one person gets it, they would all get it. and that it could help. >> it's what we need, a unit of all of our people to ensure that we would fight and end this better than to be shutting down the border. it's not going away. >> it should be blocked for a while to contain the disease over there and then until they come up with a cure or something for that disease. there are a number of the african countries that ban the travel for those three ebola countries. the passengers are feeling the different ways, but the new screenings are affected here at dulles airport and four other airports, atlantic, newark, jfk, and chicago o'hare. i'm peggy fox reporting live at dulles. back to you. >> peggy, thank you. and the district's health
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department says they are confident in preseptemberring the spread of the disease. >> at the same time though the director says to not be surprised that we'll see a couple of cases around here. they are visiting every hospital in the city to make sure that everybody is following the guidelines that they have put in place as they say that there will not be an ebola outbreak in the city and they are getting calls around the clock with questions about ebola and sick patients. so far they've put 1 people in isolation, but all the tests have come back negative. >> and i'm extremely confident. the more that i will be more confident, because every day we're learning more. there is not going to be an epidemic, the first thing because we could control it all. we know how to investigation all of it. we know how to contact the people and to prevent more cases to have it happen. we may have one or two more in the future. i would not say that would happen.
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>> reporter: the former task force to better train and educate people about ebola. and now to the final mayoral debate right now. the democrat and the independent will be taking tough questions. from our very own bruce johnson as you can see it right there as they are moderating it all right now. that'll be tomorrow night starting at 7:00. but tonight, it is all about football. will they fumble away the chance to take down tom brady and the now red hot patriots? we've got experts, they've got opinions to share. and before you set your fantasy rosters that you may want to see who they will be choosing as the patranya bhoolsuwan john's key ingredients, in today's match up. topper? and it is quiet here in the northwest. actually a pretty nice evening. we'll show you the radar with a couple offshores as they would go on through, which is gone, but that they will talk about when those showers would give way to the drier air and take
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you all the way through your weekend forecast as we've got maryland's homecoming. howard's homecoming and two pro games on sunday. and the countdown for thursday night football, it is on. right here on your screen for 17 minutes
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i think the answer is probably yes, or maybe not. but when you have a quarterback controversy that is a mess. geno smith is not the guy. you have michael vick, they played him two weeks ago,
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doesn't go well. and also you have recollection ryan that is saying oh, it's organizational. you know, that it is in other words that they would tell you everything that you need to know about it, right? >> yes, this is a joke and it's a joke of a franchise and that it is too bad. actually i would put washington in front of it all. but i think that they would both face this season the toughest question that any organization could face. do you have a quarterback as they would find out they probably don't if he's starting against tom brady. >> the answer in new york is that neither one of them are really getting that job done for sure there. but we'll talk about flipping the scrip, talking about the patriot -- script, talking about the patriots everyone thought that the window was closing down on the patriots. now they are saying they're at the top of the afc. are they a legitimate threat in the afc or not guys? >> i see them not only as a threat, but in the super bowl still. >> that they have just knocked
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it off. that they just knocked off the bengals, who were considered a class of the team. that i don't know about you. but that i have seen, you know, denver has looked great at times this season, so i don't think that there will be a try and true front runner for them. >> i agree with mike, absolutely that they have done it before and they know how to win as they were undefeated when they beat them. but you know, what else is there? >> denver. >> and the chargers. >> i'm old. so i like the old guys. any time tom brady gets hurt, that'll be me going down metaphorically. >> so i'm openly rooting for all of them. >> yes, of peyton manning. >> and that's the key ingredient. >> yes. >> as he would go, so goes the patriots as everyone knows he's been injured with a right knee surgery as he is just coming on the exact time that the patriots would need him to as he has been a huge part of the offense for the next couple of
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weeks, two weeks ago. 94 yards for them last week as he is showing all of the moves that they would want to see. >> that big guy right there. >> what's more, they share a birthday. may 14. >> even cares about that. [ laughter ] >> you both turn 25 this year. >> right, exactly. >> so he's the guy. >> you've heard the key ingredients. you have until 11:59 to go to the facebook page and enter the key ingredients. you might win tickets to a home game later this year. happy 25th birthday. >> well, in may. >> there you go. >> we'll be right ♪
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well topper says we are in for a pretty nice weekend coming up. >> we are. the only thing we have done differently, we lowered temperatures just a little bit. almost the chilliest air of the season. we'll take a look at the live look on the radar cam, pretty quiet right now. we'll show you in just a second, but a pretty nice evening. temperatures still 56. winds are calm, relative humidity stands at about 70%. we're looking at really a pretty nice evening. we'll see partial clearing after midnight. here is the radar over the past couple of hours. most of the showers are confined out to the valley as they will not make it into the western suburbs. maybe as far north as hagerstown and frederick, but
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that's about it. they are all light right along i-81 in woodstock, moving off to the north and the east moving right up i-81. that's the heaviest activity that you could see, most of us didn't see the showers, ending early tonight. bus stop temperatures, they are nice in the upper 40s to the lower 60s between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. temperatures in the 60s. nice for the friday night plans if you're going out. temperatures in the 60s if you are past 10:00 to 11:00. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, 50 in gaithersburg. and even the mid-50s downtown with a chillier start no doubt. temperatures in the lower 50s now in gaithersburg, leesburg, frederick, even comberland at 51. even down to the south, fredericksburg at 53. the temperatures are pretty uniform. by 1:00 we're getting close to 70. the upper 60s.
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pretty much pure sun. then general temperatures in the lower 70s across the board. still 69 at gaithersburg. by 5:30 the lower 70s to the upper 60s. temperatures will not fall off real crazy tonight. the low 6 0s by 10:00 -- 60s by 10:00. so for tonight early showers, then partial clearing, comfortable. low temperatures 48 to 56, winds are out of the west at about 10. so your day planner looks like this. 55 at 7:00. 58 at 9:00. and then the mid-60s by 11:00. really nice. and 69 by 1:00. that's pretty nice as well. the next three days for you, nice on saturday for the maryland homecoming and howard university homecoming. a few clouds that would come in late in the day, staying dry though. here is the cool day. almost chilly, breezy, 60 for the high on sunday. and that is a 44 for the downtown temperature on sunday night, which means that we're talking about the mid-30s in the burbs on sunday night and
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monday morning. pretty good day with showers possible monday night. low 60s on wednesday. and 65 perhaps a shower
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on her way to nih
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[captioning made possible by cbs sports division] [the captioning on this program is provided as an independ service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription roof p gram content. cbs, p itsarent and afatfilied companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or complete onessf any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] >> that never gets old. >> tonight, bravado and big stakes in the a.f.c. east. tom brady and the patriots have bounced back with a vengeance. >> brady throws, touchdown! >> now they aim for division


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