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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 23, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: breaking news-- a doctor in new york is tested for ebola. the doctor worked with patients in guinea. dr. jon lapook has the latest. debora patta in liberia on the battle to stop the dying there. canada pays tribute to the man who helped stop the assault on parliament. does the gunman act alone? jim axelrod on what we know about him. mike morrell on the chances of an attack in the u.s. the attorney general says he's exasperated by what he calls selective leaks in the killing of michael brown. and for writers who've lost their train of thought amtrak can help them find it. >> the best thing about it is no editor can get in touch with me, and we're in the midst of all of this. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we're beginning with a possible case of ebola in the biggest city in america. a doctor in new york who treated ebola patients patients in west africa became ill today and has been admitted to a hospital. our chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook is here. and, jon what, you have learned? >> reporter: scott, we should emphasize the patient is awaiting test results so we don't know if he has ebola. what makes this different from other cases that have turned on the to be false alarms is this patient reportedly returned from west africa in the last weeks. that's the time symptoms most often start to appear, and tonight, he is showing some of those symptoms. the doctor, craig spencer had returned from guinea after working with ebola patients for the aid group doctors without borders. the new york city health department said he had a fever of 103 and gastrointestinal symptoms. he contacted officials and isolated himself. this video shot by the "new york post," shows spencer being
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taken from his apartment in manhattan to bellevue hospital by a specially trained unit wearing personal protective equipment. bellevue is the designated ebola treatment center in new york city. the new york city health department is investigating everyone the patient had contact with to identify who might be at risk. doctors without borders said he followed their protocol for returning from ebola assignments saying in a statement "the individual engaged in regular health monitoring and reported this development immediately." the hospital is saying we could get results as early as this evhis compare to that troublesome case in dallas? >> reporter: scott it could not be more different where mr. duncan walked into a hospital that really wasn't prepared for a man with ebola. this man was a physician was self-monitoring, and as soon as he got symptoms he contacted people who needed to send help and he went to bellevue which is a designated ebola center in new york, the center, and they've been specifically training for this for weeks. >> pelley: the ebola outbreak
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has now spread to a sixth country in west africa with one case now reported in mali. liberia remains ground zero with half of the ebola deaths in the world, more than 2700 there so far. the dead are highly contagious, so the government has made cremation mandatory. this is the glow of bodies burning each night outside the capital monrovia. debora patta followed a burial team as it combed the countryside. >> reporter: life was hard enough in kakata before ebola. now it has one of the highest infection rates in the country. it's feared this woman's brother died from ebola but she's not being allowed anywhere near the body. the villagers too say their farewells from a distance. government worker george woryounwon briefs the burial team he's brought to the village to help remove the body. >> people torch their body wiel
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crying. they cook, they eat and sleep together for one two weeks before the burial. and now we are saying don't allow the doddy body to be there for 24 hours." >> reporter: the new rules don't go over well. sometimes villagers hide bodies or bury them in secret to avoid the government. even now this dead man's widow emphatically denies her husband died of the virus. >> nothing. >> reporter: despite the fact that ebola claimed the lives of both his mother and sister. after a long walk into the bush, the burial team begins suiting up, following strict new guidelines. freda forkpah was studying to be a nurse before the outbreak but she jumped at a chance of a job. she makes $15 a day. >> i am proud to be part of the burial team because i was the first female that joined the team. >> reporter: are you not scared? it's the most dangerous job in the world? >> no, i'm not afraid. >> reporter: the team discovers that someone has
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covered the body with a blanket which also means someone may have touched it and could spread the disease further but nobody will own up. the body is unceremoniously packed away in a double-layered protective bag. the team sprays chlorine everywhere. then they move back toward the village, stopping several times along the way. the body is just too heavy. devastated villagers are only given a glimpse of the clouded bod body. then a ruthlessly efficient burial. every piece of contaminated clothing is thrown in with the corpse. but inside the chlorinated body bag lies a man who was loved. felicifa chepus, who delivered coal for the villagers' stoves, was just 22 years old. cremation remains the safest way to manage the bodies of ebola victims but as you just saw
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it's being met with strong resistance. for villagers is gz against ancient burial traditions which involves touching and washing the dead and scott that's why it's proving so difficult to stop the outbreak of ebola in the rural areas. >> pelley: the police in canada tonight are telling us the man who opened fire in the parliament building yesterday and gunned down a soldier at the national war memorial acted alone, and they say he was not connected to an attack that killed a canadian soldier earlier in the week in quebec. today, canadians mourned their loss and honored a hero, and jim axelrod is in ottawa. ( applause ) >> reporter: for canada's newest national here oh, kevin vickers, the sergeant-at-arms who prevented grand-scale tragedy here, it was back to his die job this morning leading the procession that oppose every
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session of parliament. but this was no ordinary day. vickers tried to blink back his emotions as he was met with a thunderous ovation. vickers, who may look mild mannered in his ceremonial hat and robes showed his steely side when the bullets starting flying yesterday. chasing down the gunman, pistol drawn, looking every bit the mountie he was for 29 years. ♪ o canada ♪ >> reporter: there are no party lines today in parliament. lawmakers were canadian only. ( applause ) and rallying behind the message from prime minister steven harper. >> well, here we are in our seats, in our chamber in the very heart of our democracy and our work. ( applause ) >> reporter: the chaos of
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yesterday may be over, but there is still plenty of tension on parliament hill. when the prime minister went to lay a wreath where the shooting started, a man got too close. >> get down! >> reporter: and was put on the ground at gunpoint by police. >> on your stomach! >> reporter: we are learning more about the gunman tonight michael zehaf-bibeau, a 32-year-old muslim convert seen holding this rifle. he was already known to police, though not on a watch list of high-risk suspects. he'd been busted for drugs and robbery in british columbia, but for the last two weeks he'd been living in this men's shelter in ottawa, where zehef-bibeau reportedly bragged about having relatives who had fought in libya. today, canadian police say zehef-bibeau was in ottawa waiting for a passport and had plans to travel to syria. his mother had lunch with him just last week, the first time she'd seen him in five years she says, tell the associated press, "he was lost and did not fit in."
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she apologized for his actions. "part of me," she said, "wants to hate him." a law enforcement official tells us zehef-bibeau traveled to the united states at least four times, twice in 2013 and once wons in 2012, he crossed into minnesota by car. in 2010 he flew from vancouver to las vegas. each trip, he took with at least one other person. >> pelley: havew some insight into this we turn to bob orr our homeland security correspondent and michael morrell, who until last year was number two at the c.i.a. and is now our cbs news senior security contributor. michael what, is your view of the possibility of an attack here in the united states? >> scott i am now more worried than i have been in years about an attack here. and it's not just the isis self-radicalized individuals that i worry about. it's isis sending a fighter here to conduct an attack. it's that we still have to worry
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about al qaeda in pakistan. we still have to worry about al qaeda in yemen and we still have to worry scott about that group in syria called the corsign group. we still have to worry about all of that. that's what makes me so worried scott. >> reporter: they're still digging through all of his background files scott, his communications, his phone logs, his travel history, and they know that he had some associations very loose associations with other jihadis. we understand, for example his e-mail was found on the hard drive of a man who had been arrested in a terror investigation in canada. but so far sources say of say they don't find any hard connections, no evidence at all that he was connected directly to a terror group or to a larger terror cell. >> pelley: correspondent bob orr, and michael morrell former number two at the c.i.a., thank you both. a couple of images from canada caught our eye today. the canadian war memorial was reimagined in an editorial cartoon by bruce mckinon of
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the "halifax chronicle herald." it captured the nation's pain over the murder of nathan cirillo as he stood grt grd there. and sedona cirillo home, the family dog seemed to cents sadnessave terrible loss. islamic extremists, of course, are, actively recruiting young people here in the united states and she tonight we know more about three teenaged girls from colorado who were caught possibly on their way to join a terrorist group. here's margaret brennan. >> reporter: the first clue appeared on twitter early friday's morning. a sudanese american teen called herself um yassir made an urgent request for prayers. , "please, please, please make dua for me." hours later her father hacked into her account and asked for help "p" "i am her father. did anyone know any information about her? please call me. we are very worried." he had just discovered that the three girlses ages 15-17
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hskipped school and taken cash and their passports. they were reported missing to police. they boarded a flight from denver to chicago and on to frankfurt, germany. that's where law enforcement stopped them. authorities believe they were trying to travel to syria and join up with militants possibly isis. that extremist group is targeting women who live far from the battlefield recruiting them online to join the fight. an isis offshoot recently launched alczar aa media group targeting women and training them to be a muslim wife. elliot zweig is with the middle east research institute. >> they offer matchmaking services for westerners to come and marry jihadis in syria and iraq, as well as putting an emphasis on you should come. it's a good life. you can live a good muslim life here. >> reporter: isis needs women to create an enduring caliphate in iraq and syria and scott those three girls are back home. they're said to be in good been charged
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with a crime. >> pelley: margaret brennan thank you, margaret. the latest white house fence jumper is charged with assaulting the dogs that stopped him. and drivers are stranded as the skies open up when the cbs evening news continues. ♪ people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss
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23-year-old man was ordered held without bond and here's major garrett. >> reporter: dominic adesanya jumped the fence on the north side of the white house about 7:15 last night. secret service agents unleashed two attack dogs. adesanya fought back before agents subdued him. he was arrested and sent for medical care, as were the two dogs hurricane and jordan. the dogs were cleared to return to duty but today other secret service canines worked the white house grounds. it's the seventh fence jumping incident this year. in september, omar gonzalez scaled a fence before being apprehended inside the east room. in that case, no dogs were deployed. today, adesanya appeared in federal court wearing thick bandages below his left elbow and on his right hand. agitated adesanya hissed at his attorney and tried to interrupt the proceedings. authorities charged him with two federal misdemeanors -- unlawfully entering the white house grounds and harming
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animals used in law enforcement. this was not adesanya's first arrest near the white house. on july 27, he jumped a security barrier between the white house and treasury department. three days later agents arrested him trying to enter the treasury building without an appointment. he was screaming "i'm not leaving until i get my check." adesanya lives with his parents in bel air maryland. his father said his son's erratic behavior, known to federal authorities is a growing concern. >> what he did should be no surprise to them because they didn't help him the first time. and we just hope they help him now because if they turn him loose to me again there'si can do. >> reporter: adesanya's swift capture stands in stark contrast to last month's fence-jumping episode. but, scott adesanya still evaded additional barriers and agents deployed after that embarrassing headline-grabbing security breach. >> pelley: major garrett with the dogs on white house lawn. thank you very much. there was severe weather today on both coasts. in new england, a nor'easter
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flooded streets and knocked down trees and power lines. in beverly massachusetts, a driver had to climb into another car to get out of the mess. in the west, what they believe was a tornado damaged buildings in long view washington, but no injuries were reported. there's anger in ferguson, missouri, over leaks coming out of the investigation in the death of michael brown and that is next.
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department continues to investigate the fatal shooting of a black man in ferguson missouri by a white police officer. today, a source told us attorney general eric holder is exasperated by what he calls selective leaks in the case. vladimir duthiers is following this. >> reporter: in ferguson protests over the shooting death of michael brown have intensified in the wake of the most recent leaks. those leaks appear to support ferguson police officer darren wilson who claims he shot brown in self-defense. lasted from, the "new york times" reported that wilson told investigators he feared for his life after brown tried to grab his gun, which was fired twice during the struggle in wilson's car, hitting brown once in the arm. then, on tuesday an official autopsy was published by the "st. louis post-dispatch." it showed that michael brown had been shot at close range and that brown had marine in his system when he died. in an interview with cbs radio station kmox, former st. louis county police chief tim fitch
6:52 pm
said this about the leaks-- >> i think what you're seeing them do is coordinate leaks to the media and to start getting some of the facts out there to kind of let people down slowly. i think they've recognized that it's probably very unlikely there's going to be charges. >> reporter: benjamin crump is the attorney for the michael brown family. >> everybody is taking an anonymous leak information to say oh, this supports the officer's version. michael brown's family has always said they don't trust any of the local st. louis authorities. they have been asking for a special prosecutor from day one and asked them for federal intervention because they don't believe the local officials of st. louis are going to give equal justice to their child. >> reporter: we spoke to the st. louis county medical examiner's office, local police, and the justice department, and they all say that the leaks didn't come from them. meanwhile, scott the grand jury has until january to come to a decision. a local prosecutor says it could happen as early as mid-november. >> pelley: vladimir, thanks very much.
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much of the u.s. is witnessing a rare event at this hour, a partial solar eclipse. this is a live picture from griffith observatory in los angeles. those are sun spots that you see right down there in the middle of the sun. in this time-lapses picture it appears as if someone or something is just gobbling up chunks of the sun but, of course, what you're seeing is the shad oast moon as it passed between the earth and the sun. in a moment, writes, or rails. desperation, inspiration.
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coming up three people are killed in >> >> pelley: finally tonight where do writers go to get their story ideas? well, some go wherever their imagination and a train will take them. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: bill willingham board the empire builder last week in seattle as the first member of amtrak's residency program for writers. does it encourage composition? >> i think so. you know, nothing like being out in the middle of nowhere to make you realize that you actually have a little time. >> reporter: it should. an amtrak residency translates into a free roundtrip ticket on a long-haul train. meals, a room mat and a ton of inspiration are also included.
6:57 pm
willingham was one of 24 selected for the program. >> they had a very easy application. you gave a little example of your writing a little paragraph on why this would be worth doing, to have, like, me, as opposed to one of the 16,000 other applicants. >> reporter: joe mchugh is an amtrak vice president who oversees the program, which was started by a tweet from a passenger. >> an individual who is a writer himself, and writes while he's on the train and thought wouldn't it be wonderful if amtrak had a residency program a writers' residency program. >> reporter: amtrak noticed the cyber groundswell that followed and the program was born. >> out here best thing about it is no editor can get in touch with me, and we're in the midst of all this, and everything just kind of mentally slows down. >> reporter: during his trip, bill willingham worked on a screenplay, a novel, a comic book script, and a short story in addition to blog the whole way. is there a danger that when you
6:58 pm
get off this train you're going to have writer's block and you're going stro to write on a train from now on? >> you know, i didn't think so until you-- until you mentioned it. thank you. ( laughter ) >> reporter: for willingham, taking two days to cover the space a plain planecan travel in four hours will always be a reminder of a long time well spent. dean reynolds, cbs news, on the empire builder. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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breaking news from frederick county, maryland, aviation investigators are on their way to investigate a deadly midair collision. >> a small plane and helicopter collided around 3:40 this afternoon. three people are confirmed dead. they're the folks on the helicopter. two people on the plane were rushed to the hospital in hagerstown. >> thank you for joining us this evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. >> the collision happened this afternoon near the frederick county municipal airport. >> the federal aviation administration says a cirrus sr22 aircraft was on its way to that airport when it collided with the chopper on a training exercise. mola lenghi is live in frederick with more. >> reporter: in a few minutes maryland state police and the frederick fire and rescue will mold a press conference here. you can see this gaggle of reporters, but just beyond the reporters and the tree line
7:00 pm
there's a well lit patch out there in the field. that is where the single engine cirrus plane landed. two people were on board. they were injured but actually able to walk away ultimately taken to hagerstown trauma center. about .1-mile from that scene is where the chopper crashed into a nearby operating storage facility. there were people on the ground, but no one on the ground i'm told was injured. the three people killed were on board that chopper. that's according to frederick fire and rescue. the chopper was in a training exercise at the time of the collision. training operations are common out of this frederick municipal airport. many witnesses say they are very used to hearing aircraft above. they're used to seeing aircrafts above taking part in these training missions. meanwhile the single engine plane was flying


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