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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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incredibly brave and strong in the face of horrifying news about their daughter. they are just out with a run statement. "we are devastated by the loss of our beautiful daughter hannah. she was bright, witty, thoughtful, loyal and more. put simply hannah lit up our lives, the live of our family and the lives of her friends and others who knew her. although we lost our precious hannah, the light she radiated can never be extinguished. we will hold it in our heart forever and it will help sustain us as we face a painful future without her." police are still keeping news crews away from the woods behind the home where they found the remains, but from out front you get a sense of just how remote this house is. just how hard it might have been for anyone to hear any cries for help. police posted these private property no trespassing signs all up and down the road here, but we understand that the body
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was found back behind the house right back there in the tree line. there's a for sale sign in the yard, but neighbors say the house has been empty all but abandoned for years. >> unbelievable. it's just like something out of a horror magazine that you read about, but in this quiet little community we would have never thought. we have such trusting neighbors right here under our nose. >> reporter: jesse matthew lived for a time nearby here and could well have been familiar with this area. hannah's parents asked police if they could go out to the scene and just look for a minute. they spent about a half hour out at that house where police found the body and we can only imagine what they thought and how they felt. back to you.
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>> just heartbreaking news and situation there, bruce leshan, thank you, great job. we'll keep an eye on that school shooting north of seattle, washington tonight. another heartbreaking story where a student opened fire in a high school cafeteria shooting five students, killing one of them. a spokesman for the hospital where the wounded students were taken says all four survivors are in very critical condition. the gunman also died in that attack. investigators from the national transportation safety board are on the ground in frederick, maryland, trying to determine what caused that deadly midair collision yesterday between a helicopter on a training flight and a small plane that left three people dead and two people injured. andrea mccarren is live now with an update from the ntsb. what have we learned, andrea? >> reporter: right now a few minutes ago we watched a long flatbed truck maryland state police and other construction
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equipment pull down this rural road and head to the crash site. the wreckage will be removed and put into storage tonight for a careful piece by piece review. >> airplane down and helicopter down. >> there were no distress calls from either aircraft and i don't have any reason to believe that there were any maintenance difficulties. >> reporter: teams of federal investigators fanned out across the wreckage of the violent collision between a cirrus sr22 airplane and a robinson r44 helicopter. >> it's likely that we will get flight information from the airplane itself. >> reporter: all three men aboard the helicopter were killed. 29-year-old chris parsons, an experienced flight instructor, will jenkins, 47, also an experienced helicopter pilot, and passenger 35-year-old brendan macfawn. >> advanced helicopter concepts
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is more than a company. we're a close group of people who are almost family. >> reporter: the wreckage of the helicopter and plane will be moved from the crash scene to a storage facility for a more thorough examination. >> the airplane is equipped with a ballistic parachute system that can be deployed by the pilot in the event that he or she believes that they can't complete a safe landing and then the parachute lowers the airplane to the ground. >> reporter: again we're live now in frederick where you are taking a look at the operation to move that wreckage just now getting underway. by the way, the company that owns the helicopter has voluntarily suspended its operations to assist the ntsb. that federal investigation is expected to take about a year. we're live in frederick, andrea mccarren, wusa9.
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the first ebola patient to contract the virus in this country is out of the hospital today. nina pham left the national institutes of health alive and healthy. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn at nih in bethesda where nina pham walks out of this hospital ebola free. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: supporters cheer as nina pham walks out of nih ebola free. she was surrounded by her medical team that cared for her, her sister kathy and mother diana. >> i feel fortunate and blessed to be standing here today. throughout this ordeal i have put my trust in god and my medical team. i'm on my way back to recovery even as i reflect on how many others have not been so fortunate. >> reporter: after multiple rounds of testing pham is cleared of the virus just one week after being flown here and treated at nih's special clinical studies unit. >> i believe in the power of prayer because i know so many
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people all over the world have been praying for me. >> reporter: she offered prayers to the other ebola infected patients in this country, her colleague amber vinson and recently diagnosed new york dr. craig spencer. pham says she forward to returning home to dallas and seeing her four- legged best friend bentley. surae chinn, wusa9. when virginia voters go to the polls a week from tuesday, there is more at stake than whether a certain candidate wins or loses. >> peggy fox has more on a constitutional amendment that would help the spouses of service members killed in action. >> i'm embarrassed to say that i didn't know that my own state had a question. >> reporter: jan horton is one of thousands of widows and widowers across the nation whose spouse was killed in action. >> chris was an army sniper. he deployed in 2011 to afghanistan and unfortunately was shot to death for being a sniper. he was only 26 years old and i was 25.
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>> reporter: chris horton was killed september 9th, 2011. they'd been married only three years. now jane has become an advocate for veterans and survivors even though she now lives in alexandria. she's just learning about the constitutional amendment on the virginia ballot. if voters approve it, it will eliminate real estate taxes on homes of spouses of any service member who was killed in action. >> i own a house in oldtown, alexandria. i own a condo and it will help me greatly. taxes are very, very high there and to be able to do the work i do on behalf of surviving spouses, which is mostly volunteer, it will help me greatly and help so many other families with kids that are now being moms and dads to their children. >> reporter: about 7,000 service members were killed in iraq and afghanistan over the past 13 years. half of them were married. that leaves about 3,500 spouses of those killed in acquisition. it's a fairly small number -- in action. it's a fairly small number that often gets overlooked.
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>> america knows that we've lost money, but they don't really think oh, are these families being taken care of and included in this legislation? are they getting he the same tax credits as -- getting the same tax credits as 100% disabled vets are and we're not. we're not included in any of that stuff. >> reporter: only spouses of disabled members receive the tax exclusion. this would save jane horton about $4,000 a year. >> wonderful. >> reporter: peggy fox, wusa9. today's fall weather, flat out beautiful. >> hopefully the weekend will follow up just fine, right, erica? >> you're exactly right, derek. we'll be treated to more of this great fall-like weather for the rest of the weekend and beyond. i'll tell you how long that will last coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. >> reporter: i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, a
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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tomorrow wusa9 joins our partners at gannett for make a difference day. that's when millions of volunteers work on projects all over the place. >> it's not too late to join in. as usa today's kathy strong tells us, one of the celebrities joining the cause is the host of the voice, carson daley. >> reporter: it was this experience a few months ago that changed host and national
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correspondent carson daley's life for good. >> you leave a day of service with chills because you feel so good about yourself and the effort you've done for other people. >> reporter: carson volunteered, which is why you'll see his face on the cover of usa weekend magazine asking others to do the same on saturday, october 25th. >> going to have a full day where everybody can share their stories of giving. it's special. it need to be done. >> reporter: it's called make a did was day, a challenge -- a difference day, a challenge one day out of the year to do something that improves the life of another like improving the life of elementary school kids by building a garden. >> there's so many kids who go to 3 at night on the verge saying i want to -- to sleep at night on the verge saying i want to do something. here's a way for you to find it in your hearts to join us and give. >> reporter: just by heading to you can find projects happening in
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your community. sign up, make a different and share your efforts with carson and others across the nation using the #md-day. >> i think tweed like to see in today's day -- we'd like to see in today's day in age when messaging can get out in social media just a really big outpouring of an effort. >> reporter: every contribution no matter how big or how small makes a difference. >> it's always nice to have a reminder for people to step outside their own live and remind them the idea of service and giving is important. >> imagine what would happen if all of us did something to make a difference. on saturday our parent company gannett will be making weekend food packs for it's called food for others and this local food serves children in fairfax county. as you may not know or many of you may know this, weekends are a pretty critical time for a lot of families in need. a lot of kids go to school. they're hungry through the weekend until they come back to school on monday. we hope this effort will help to keep them whole, healthy and
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full. erica is up next with the big weekend forecast and it's looking pretty nice. we'll be
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now the wusa9 restaurant alert, i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek.
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text food to 25543 to search yourself and you'll find a closure report for a kabob spot we told you about before. house of kabob on m street northwest closed last year by inspectors citing six violations including insects and rodents now closed again. september 18th report documents 23 violations including live roaches, mice droppings and rat droppings. house of kabobs passed reinspection and is back in business. text food to 25543 to report violations and 700s of suspensions on the restaurant alert. know on the go, text radar i> big weekend, make a difference day, a lot of people outdoors. >> there's plenty to do this weekend and luckily there's nothing in the weather forecast that's going to get in your way. it's going to be beautifully sunny tomorrow to start, just a few clouds arriving.
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we'll start off now with a look at the michael and son weather cam, zooming in tighter on the georgetown waterfront. you can see a few boats docked there. it will be a great weekend to be out on the water, a light jacket and you'll be fine, 68 degrees at reagan national airport, dew point down to 36, nice low relative humidity, that crisp fall-like feel in the air. the winds continue to diminish now out of the west, northwest at 9 miles per hour. we'll see winds continue to slacken off as we head through the overnight hours, clear skies tonight. it will allow our temperatures to get down to the 40s, but by saturday afternoon it will be another comfortably warm one, temperatures reaching to about 70 for most of us, a cold front with this increase in cloud cover that we'll see on saturday pushing through during the overnight hours. that's going to kick up the breezes sunday, but this cold front is not going to bring us a single drop of rain in the immediate metro area. right now we're down to 57 in
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gaithersburg, but still sitting at 70 in frederick. it's 59 in hagerstown and 64 at andrews. it's one of those nights where you'll lose heat in some of the low lying areas very quickly, but we're looking at those temperatures dropping off already in upper montgomery county down in the 50s. you'll want that jacket at the friday night football games. just a few clouds drifting through. on satellite and radar nothing bringing us any rain. we'll keep things dry and the breezes are starting to go by the wayside. they'll be out of here 1éqby midnight. waking up tomorrow morning, sunshine. the clouds increase with that weak cold front that's on the way. you can see rain from this system is up in new england, not in the metro area, not in the mid-atlantic, though there could be a couple light sprinkles or showers in the mountains. behind this is the threat we're looking for is the breezes to pick up as we head into later sunday morning. we could see gusts over 20 miles per hour at times during the day sunday. so it is going to be a little breezy from time to time but
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not the kind of weather to keep you indoors. this will be great weather for anything you want to do outside as long as you have that sweatshirt or jacket. overnight tonight mostly clear, 41 to 48, winds out of the north 5 to 10 mile-per-hour. tomorrow morning we'll go up into the 60s, especially in the beltway, 45 to 65 with mostly sunny skies. a few more clouds in the afternoon, but nothing to worry about as far as any rain, 66 to 72 for your afternoon highs tomorrow, winds becoming southwesterly at 5 to 15 miles per hour. the news edge the -- then the marine corps marathon on sunday and the winds west, northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour, adding gusts above 20 miles per hour. it will be a nice refreshing breeze but maybe too much when you're running north and northwesterly. by monday we're back up into the 70s, though, beautiful iu sunshine staying with us tuesday as well and in the first alert seven-day forecast we'll bring back that chance for rain on wednesday and it
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stays with us all the way through the rest of the workweek. is he going to play? >> we don't know. >> is he going to play? >> we don't know. >> just tell us what you're talking about. >> rg3, of course, we know how fierce a competitor he is, with his team's season on the line, no one could blame him wanting to play monday night, but has he finally learned to practice patience?
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> since sent 14th the day he suffer -- september 14th, the
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day he suffered an ankle injury, robert griffin, iii has not spoken out much about his rehab. griffin has been letting his actions speak for it. now we the media don't get to see much practice, but from what we've been told by coach is that griffin looks better and better every day. the question now is when will he return? will he rush back like many felt he did after the knee injury? robert spoke today to reporters quoting winston churchill. he said courage is what it takes to stand up and do something. courageous is also what it takes to sit down and listen. during this time i've been listening, growing and learning as a player in this offense. it's a blessing i haven't been hurt as bad as i could have been. it's been a blessing i've been recovering right on time, but at the same time we don't want to rush that. we had over 66,000 votes for our high school game of week. it's homecoming for the oakton cougars. tonight they host the robinson
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rams. here's holden kushner with a preview. >> reporter: we're out here in oakton, virginia, where oakton is taking on the rams in a battle between the two fairfax county schools. it's homecoming, so a lot of festivities behind me, 66,000 votes making this our game of the week. now let's check out the drum corps and cheerleaders tonight. last year robinson topped oakland and they're sure to fight fiercely to hold onto their no. 3 spot. oakland is having a great time here, open coming, lots of festivity -- homecoming, lots of festivities and energy. let's hear from their athletic director. >> being a conference rival it's always exciting to have that with a conference team coming in. we're always vying for positions in postseason. so it's one of those opportunities to go out and have a great game. >> reporter: tune in at 11:25 p.m. for highlights of the game and three other local matchups. follow along on twitter at gameonvarsity and check out
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scores online at it seems like everyone is having a good time tonight in oakland. for wusa9 sports i'm holden kushner. the terrapins have gotten off to a promising start and take their 2-1 conference record west to face wisconsin. camp randall stadium is an extremely loud place to play. it will really be the terps' first experience in front of a tough big 10 crowd. they say they're treating this road trip like any other game. >> we aren't going to treat it as if there's anything different. we're going to treat it like it was every other week a bill challenge. we're going to come in -- big challenge. we're going to come in, do what we got to do, execute well and make it happen. >> terps going in with a lot of confidence. holden, not a lot of confidence in his dating life.
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>> he gained that confidence back. >> i always say when that kind of stuff happens, don't tell anybody. before we get out of here, erica, the weekend? >> good luck to the terps. i hope they stomp the badgers just like they did the hawkeyes. the first alert seven-day forecast has lots of sunshine this weekend and temperatures returning to the 70s on monday and tuesday. we'll keep it dry until wednesday, really nice forecast. >> that sounds good. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> while be back with debra alfarone with your only local news at 7:00. check out in the meantime. >> bye.
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>> rose: tonight, another deadly school shooting. this time a student opens fire in a high school in a suburbef seattle. ben tracy has the latest on the casualties and the shooter. new york and new jersey impose a quarantine on health care workers arriving from west africa after a new york doctor catches ebola. reports from dr. jon lapook and jericka duncan. >> tonight from dallas we will have the first interviews with the nurses who tried to save the life of the first ebola victim. >> we offered him words of encouragement. we let him know we're here and whatever you need we'll get them. >> rose: and steve hartman on the road with a basketball player chasing her dream. her teammates are betting she'l


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