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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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inbound lanes of route 4 huntingtown and sunder land. there's a crash that has only one lane getting by. new crash in charles county. 234 buds creek road shut down just east of 30 #. now the forecast -- 301. now the forecast with election day weather howard. great election day weather and a beautiful sight right now. about a half hour before sunrise, and look at the beautiful colors in the sky here. potomac river, the north end of reagan national right there. the gw parkway doesn't get much better than this and a fine day today. mix of sun and clouds and mid to upper 60s by lunchtime. i'm forecasting a high in d.c. 72 degrees, it's going to be dry today. that's ten degrees above average. a few sprinkles last night but those have left the region. temperatures great, great variation here from 37 leesburg actually 35 in dulles. it's 48 in town. all right we're down to 57 now in cumberland. they were 60 last hour. winchester is 54 and 43
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fredericksburg. i think most of you will need a jacket this morning. but this afternoon, looks fantastic. little bit cooler on the bay annapolis at 65 but winchester and manassas 72. the culpeper the warm spot at 74. we begin with breaking news out of arlington, virginia. fire crews on the scene of a double fatal house fire in the 1100 block of south emerson street. that's not far from four mile run in bar croft park. >> started this morning and delia goncalves is live on the scene with what we know so far. delia? >> reporter: pretty tragic situation. police and fire now confirming that two people did lose their lives here in this fire on the 1100 block of south emerson street. we are about two blocks away if you're familiar with this area, as andrea said, near the -- the trail. it is a very congested area. very tight. and lots of wires so we are some distance away but you can see even the response has come
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out this far. there is a heavy response and i did snap a couple of pictures if we can take a look at the incredible response of units that came to the scene and surrounded the home on the 1100 block. we can tell you that two people lost their lives inside the home that if you can see the picture, was destroyed. gutted out by flames. it's a two story single family home and it looks like it is a shingle home as well. and this tightly -- tight neighborhood here in arlington. we're also hearing that two folks were injured. a juvenile was transported to children's hospital and an adult was transported to med star. two people hurt and unfortunately two people lost their lives inside this house fire here on the 1100 block of emerson. that's the very latest that we have here so far and we are in contact with the public
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information officer captain bill shelton. he is here on the scene and try to get more information to you and pass that along as soon as we get it. back to you in the studio. >> all right delia thank you and of course whatever information we'll also stream on the new app that you can take that with you. voters go to the polls today in the election day with high stakes and decide which party controls the u.s. senate. >> kentucky republican senator mitch mcconnell in very heated battle but if he wins he'll be in line possibly for senate majority leader and if republicans pick up at least six seats today. but first mcconnell has to beat democrat allison grimes. hi>> ts s waa chance to begin to save this country i'm counting on you. let's go out there and sock it to them. thank you very much. >> he spent $53 million trying to put barack obama on the ballot. he's not -- i am. >> the party that takes the senate will help shape the final two years of president obama's term of course. >> one of the key races here in our region is the race to be
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the next governor of maryland. what was once a sure thing for lieutenant governor anthony brown has turned into a major unknown. >> republican candidate harry hogan has -- larry logan has signed -- hogan has gained significant advantage. nikki burdine is live. >> reporter: good morning, as you can see the lights just came on here at st. joseph's catholic church and pollsters are here setting up signs and getting ready for no doubt a very busy day with voters coming in to cast their ballot and lieutenant governor brown will be here to cast his vote. his challenger of course republican larry hogan will be casting his vote elsewhere. these are just a brief look at the candidates, lieutenant anthony brown is a democrat and served under o'malley. prior to that he represented prince george's county in the maryland house of delegates. his running mate is howard county executive ken ulman.
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the opposition is larry hogan. he's the son of a congressman and he also served under former governor bob ehrlich on his cabinet. he has the support of republican -- republican heavy hitter new jersey governor chris christie. his running mate is attorney boyd rutherford. the two have battle id it o into states and hogan pointing out the flaws of maryland's health exchange website which brown was responsible for. meanwhile brown's camp saying hogan's stance on gun control something brown is very passionate about. he helped pass that historic gun reform bill. but whoever you vote for today be informed and download the wusa9 app and it will be a very busy day today here in upper marlboro. we will be here when brown comes out to cast his ballot. back to you. >> thank you nikki. in virginia, the u.s. senate race pits democrat incumbent mark warner against republican challenger ed gillespie.
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>> the race is expected to be close when it comes down to the wire tonight. warner has emphasized his bipartisan record. now gillespie has been trying to leadership warner to president obama and the disapproval over-- link warner to president obama and the affordable care act. >> republican barbara comstock is facing off against the democrat john foust in the tenth district. democratic congressman jim moran autopsy giving up his -- also giving up his seat to retire. in that race buyer is facing off against edmond. >> and two professors are running for the seventh district seat in virginia. they are dave brat and democrat jack trammell. boat are professors at randolph- macon. >> if they will legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana? >> now if it's approved d.c. would follow in the footsteps
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of washington state can colorado. the city -- and colorado. the city council voted to decriminalize marijuana this year. that means people who are caught with small apartments of pot -- amounts of pot face a fine instead of a 8:00 charge. >> this other key decision has to do with who will run the city for the next few years. >> bruce john man has a look -- johnson has a look. >> reporter: hello, key to the d.c. mayoral race is now the turnout. muriel bowser is still the favorite and a democratic new mexico knee in a town -- nominee from a town where eight out of ten registered voters are democrats. she gets 65% of the democratic vote and probably wins. the guy close a half million dollars in the -- to a half million dollars in the bank where they ned to be. and independent david catania has less money and his get out the vote effort will be driven mostly by volunteers, he's counting on independent voters, republicans and he needs about a third of the democrats to lock his way. he's trying to become the first
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white mayor in d.c. history. as for carol schwartz, no money left and no big strategy and according to most she's got almost no chance of winning. >> well, all of you plan on voting today in the polls are open right now in virginia. they will close at 7:00 p.m. >> and they open in a few minutes in both d.c. and maryland as well. right at 7:00 a.m. and they close there at 8:00 tonight. >> wusa9 is covering every race and every election day issue. we have your complete voter guide at the new wusa9 app. >> there you can see the poll times, where you're voting location is and read up on the issues while you're standing in line so you are prepared. before you cast that ballot. coming up in a few minutes -- >> what kind of turnout can we expect today? and how will that impact the national political scene? we have a political analyst in studio. >> we'll be back.
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welcome back. 6:1 #. temperatures in some spots in the 30s and other spots in the upper 50s. look at this gorgeous picture though. it is stunning outside this morning. looking at sky here about 20 minutes or so before sunrise. nice this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds and very comfortable highs from the upper 60s to low 70s. we have some rain showers before the week is out and some cooler temperatures before the weekend. your full seven day forecast in five right now. right now beverly farmer and timesaver traffic. not really on the beltway major interstates but the stretch of new hampshire avenue and colesville area. shut down near randolph road. ongoing crash investigation that sky 9 is flying over right now. closing initially the southbound lanes of new hampshire avenue at randolph and we're told a pedestrian struck and transported with life-threatening injuries that's why all the equipment
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here all the crews are here to make an investigation of the crash scene. each way on new hampshire avenue each way randolph road full intersection is pretty much closed off. that means more volume on colesville road. 29 north and south on georgia avenue and on university boulevard as the east west route. check out the trip on the corridor out of charles county and out of calvert county where we've had accidents. there's a crash closes 234 buds creek road in charles county just east of 301 near allen's fresh. on the scene there. northbound 4 lighting up out of huntingtown to sundayerland. the crash before the route 2 split had only one lane getting by. virginia you have the typical volume on the interstates today. back to you. voter turnout traditionally low during midterm elections. a key question today is which party will benefit from that. >> we have richard dellty the assistant dean at george mason law and you've run a few yourself and plus you're an
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adviser to john mccain. you were saying the turnout is by far the key to getting something done. >> absolutely. and midterms are traditionally much, much lower. you know it's kind of funny it's almost like the lottery right? you watch people stand in line for $200 million lottery. but -- $5 million they can't be bothered with. everybody thinks it's real important to elect the president of the united states and it is and you get 70% turnout of the registered vote. here you're electing a large state of senators and not to mention all the local races and governors but people aren't as interested and then in this situation, when you have one party that's down in the dumps and a president that's unpopular, you see an even more depressed voter turnout and voter turnout that's depressed generally helps the republicans party. which is why you're seeing the results or the projected results. >> . exactly and they're looking at who is least likely
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to go and they were talking about voters of color, hispanic and blacks are not enthusiastic about this. hispanics with the immigration issue and being pushed until after the election. and blacks are just dissatisfied with everything. but we talked also about social media and usually you think that young people and they seem to be a little disenchanted with the election process this time. is that accurate? >> well, it is accurate and also seen a real funny shift with 18 to 29-year-olds, they supported barack obama but there's a poll out today that shows that 18 to 29-year-olds are supporting republicans by margin of 4%. that's a remarkable fact if it turns out to be true. but again, it's who shows up. it's which of those 18 to 29- year-olds that shows up and the democrats i have to tell you that i spent a lot of time on social media. and there's been a lot less chatter prior to this election about the democrats. but on twitter, one of the
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hashtags that keeps always coming to the top is hashtag #voteblue. they are trying to motivate their people. we'll have to see. remember, that has a big reach. it's hard for consultants to figure out how big that reach is. and we may find out today how big that social media reach is among that demographic. >> what kind of machinery do you have to have in place to try to get out the vote? is it physically knocking on people's doors and saying we're going to come on and pick you up at such and such times and take you to the polls? how is it done? >> money buys ads and people like things in soundbytes. but it puts troops and boots on the ground. people from neighborhoods that know each other, that go and knock on doors and organize people to come and vote. that's a big deal. but it's intensive labor and so you have to have a lot of money to put the boots on the ground and you need a lot of enthusiasm. and that's where the democrats are hurting. they don't have a lot of  enthusiasm and they're not getting the same level of volunteer which is means they
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have to have money to get more paid people on the ground and that hurts the get out the vote effort. >> let's say everything goes as seems to be predicting. the senate will go in control of the gop and the house will extend its majority. what changes for the american public who were already dissatisfied by the dysfunction on capitol hill? what changes now if one party controls both houses? >> i suspect the biggest change is that the president will be using the pen for more vetoes rather than for executive action. i would suspect and i would think that the republicans if again, they can stand the prosperity and get on the same page, are going to begin to push bills through the senate that were previously blocked and they're just going to continue to put bills on the president's desk. and ask him to either sign them or veto them and they're going to actually if they're smart they're going to turn around and go from the party of no to the party of go and let's see if the president is willing to
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veto them. >> the attorney general is probably going to go through a very tough process. >> i would think that's true. >> thanks a lot we appreciate you. >> thank you very much. pleasure being on. all right, and wusa9 of course is covering every race and every election day issue. we have your complete voter guide at the new wusa9 app. >> there you can see the poll times, your voting locations and you can read up to the minute on the issues and the candidates so you are prepared before you cast the ballot. it's
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hello and welcome back to wusa9. it is 6:20 on this tuesday morning, november 4th. we have yellow alert days later in the week but today no problem. >> oh, yeah all systems are green today. -- green today. it's fantastic out there. the morning it's a little chilly. we have a few 30s but lunch hour looks great. and even this afternoon was fantastic and here we go a look outside because it's a beautiful sky to share with you on this tuesday morning. sunrise still coming up about 15, 20 minutes from now and it's going to be a nice day with a mix of sun and clouds. even by lunchtime on the way to the upper 630s and low 70s. and many spots this afternoon south southwesterly winds 5 do 10 miles an hour. not even windy. how's that for the early part of november? remember we had a hard freeze down south yesterday? well we are running anywhere from around 10 to 20 degrees
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warmer there and petersburg, west virginia is 30-degree warmer and cumberland 22 warmer. about even here in town and you can see the difference with temperatures in cumberland and petersburg in the upper 50s now. with 39 in culpeper. 37 in leesburg and i saw dulles down to 45. so that's one of coldest readings there in eastern loudoun and we have 46 in easton and joint based andrews. one more look at the beautiful sky on this tuesday morn on our michael & son weather camera. at reagan national. 48 and mostly cloudy. but looks less than that right now. dew point's only 36 on a very light wind out of the west at 13 miles an hour. a storm system in the middle of the country and you can see the front just looking at the temperatures right here. chicago 55 and minneapolis 42. this front is helping to funnel some moisture right out of the pacific and i mean the jet stream is coming off the pacific all the way up in towards the great lakes. this is going to be bringing us rain chances starting tomorrow night into thursday. out ahead of it though some
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warm air is being pushed northeast to us. yesterday was in the mid 60s after only being in the low 50s on sunday and today we should crack into the 70s but there will be some passing clouds from time to time. that's really the only negative today. overall a really nice welcoming day. futures -- looking day. futurecast shows us clouds at times but dry. tomorrow, we'll see more clouds. still on the mild side upper 60s to around 70. and then as we get into tomorrow night, going to watch this moisture late in the afternoon trying to get into the shenandoah valley. then tomorrow night, as it moves northeast, we'll start to see a lot more rain by midnight i-81 west overspreading the region by thursday morning and thursday numerous showers around. so thursday is going to be a yellow alert day. could impact both the miranda warning and the evening -- morning and the evening commute before clearing out thursday night and will be in much better shape friday through the weekend. what cooler and breezy on saturday. 52 tonight. tomorrow 70ish with increasing clouds and showers then late wednesday night into thursday. so thursday is a yellow alert day. 60 to 65.
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friday sun returns but dosses the chill. -- so does the chill. only around 55. blustery. still breezy. saturday. 54 for the d.c. heartwalk saturday morning and 53 on sunday. just a slim chance of a shower going to the ravens' game. 6:23. good morning bev. not a good morning if you travel the colesville area of silver spring. new hampshire avenue, closed at randolph road. the ongoing crash investigation early morning hours a pedestrian was struck. we're told transported with life-threatening injuries and striking vehicle did stay on the scene. but lock here they need to make a complete documentation of this crash and as a result sky 9 shows us the whole intersection is closed. that means you can't use randolph east or west either side of new hampshire avenue. colesville road, 29. georgia avenuement north south options and university boulevard the other closest option to consider for the ravels this morning. -- travels this morning. beltway over to andrews volume has been light northbound on 4 getting there. the tie-up we had out of towing
6:24 am
opportunity. 'king with the -- out of town. easing with the crash. that's good news for you. inner loop oxon hill not doing too bad. had the crash in charles county near allen fresh east of 30 #. that's been remove asked got the vehicle towed out of there and the lanes are reopened there. heading south off of 50? the bw parkway on kennel worth. it's been the volume delay heading past eastern avenue will take ammos of the cay dawn -- most of the way down to east capital. heading north of wood ridge then alreaditon with all loans open. mike andrea back to you. the gas price wars are underway in frederick, maryland. according to aaa's fuel price finder, a handful of stations are now selling regular for $2.86 a gallon. >> and the most recent report we have of that price is at the wawa station on ballinger
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it's a beautiful sky on this tuesday morning. 6:26. and our futurecast shows we have a good day. passing clouds another times but look at the. thes by lunchtime -- temperatures by lunch tile mid- to upper 60s then this afternoon upper 60s and low 70s. get out and enjoy it and go vote and composure rights. the detour is the complete close your of the intersection of new hampshire avenue and randolph road. that entire intersection closed for the crash investigation.
6:28 am
volume on 66 you know you're still going to be slow in manassas in centreville and separate slowdowns into fair ekes and -- oaks and vienna. back to you. all right thank you. we've been talk about this howl orange -- talking about the all morning long. this is election day 2014. and as vetters head to the polls nationwide, the balance of power could shift in the u.s. senate. >> they are working hard to sway their voters each in six key races around the country. nick giovanni is herwith a look at what's at stake if the states go red or remain blue. nick? >> yeah mike, if republicans manage to take back the senate like so many political insiders are predicting, that would put mcconnell in loin to become the next -- line to become the senate majority leader but that's if he can get past democratic -- past democratic challenger allison grimes in kentucky. because based on some of latest polls, grimes has narrowed the margin to single single digits against the longest serving u.s. senator in kentucky history. we'll see if that run continues
6:29 am
or if the bluegrass ends upturning blue. then there's georgia. georgia, as some would say one of the states bracing for a potential runoff. michelle nun and republican david per due are fighting to replace retiring gop senator sax saxby chambliss. the libertarian has a chance if neither candidate would get 5 ooh% of the -- 50% of the vote. in the dope south, we could see another such runoff in louisiana. democratic incumbent mary landrieu is facing a republican from challenger -- challenger from cassidy and maniss. he's expected to draw enough votes to prevent either cassidy or marylandrieu from getting 50% of the vote. that's just a handful of states. arkansas, west very much virginia, alaska, new hampshire and north carolina all could play a significant role. if it comes down to kansas
6:30 am
democrats could maintain control without having a horse in the race. that's in independent candidate grill orman wins and decides to lean to the left. the gop does need a net gain of six seats to gain control of the the senate. >> be sure to count on wusa9 for complete election day coverage. and we want to remind you now that the polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in virginia. >> and they open soon too across the state lines. 7:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. both in maryland and in the district. >> wusa9 is covering every race and every election day issue. we have your complete voter guide at the new wusa9 app. >> there you can see the poll times, where your voting lowell case is, you can also -- location is, you can also read upen the issues -- on issues and the candidates so you are prepared before you cast your ballot. it's a beautiful day and at 6:30 a lovely look outside. a good day get out and do anything you'd like to do but especially to vote.
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>> cool air is going to give way to some mild temperatures. start though with beverly farmer. she has a look at the commute and there's already trouble. absolutely trouble early this morning. with a pedestrian that was struck in the colesville area of silver spring. montgomery county, the entire intersection of new hampshire avenue at randolph road closed down as a result of the investigation. of that crash. sky 9 has been showing us the intersection just south of here. new hampshire avenue near the post office cannon road another crash that's been reported and more people are going to use colesville road and georgia avenue with north south routes backed up to the beltway and university boulevard as the east west route because randolph is not an option as it crosses new hampshire avenue there. check out the beltway in new hampshire avenue the volume very tip typical there on the outer loop. newspaper seeing building -- inner loop seeing building volume there. earlier crashes in route 4 huntingtown area cleared. 234 in charles county reopened.
6:32 am
395 heading to the 14th street bridge. and downtown. only building volume to tell you about there. lanes are open 66 as you make your way east through manassas and on to fair oaks and vienna with only volume to tell you about. howard has a lot to tell us about in the forecast for today. yeah it's a beautiful looking morning out there. going to show it to you again. the sunrise coming up in just a few minutes and skies are gorgeous this morning. we will see a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures climbing to the mid- to upper 60s by lunchtime and a high of 72 in washington. sunset at 5:04. even a couple of light sprinkles south of town overnight but they're gone and the temperatures range from 57 in petersburg and it's 37 in leesburg. but in town we are in the upper 40s showing to the low 70s enjoy it get out and vote. no weather excuses. andrea and mike? thanks howard. a prominent d.c. criminal defense attorney is being mourned today three days after he was found murdered in the dominican republic. >> police say n teasley was
6:33 am
found bound. gagged and strangled in his vacation condo there. he was 55 years old and so far police have no suspects. teasley is being remembered for his advocacy of gay rights and his passion of fighting hate crime. d.c. police now say a baby found murdered in southeast had been beaten to death. ration tyreke brown was only a month old. he was found unconscious last wednesday at a house on trenton place in southeast. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. well, baltimore police say they may have prevented a school massacre there. they say a 16-year-old boy had plans to kill people at a high school. using a handgun and two explosives. >> police found out about the plan while questioning the teenager over a series of carbreak ns. this morning, the -- car break- ins, the morning the teen is being held without bail. about 400 prince george's county students are being told to get vaccinated or stay home tomorrow. >> the children must be
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vaccinated against measles, mumps, and other communicable diseases. the "washington post" reports hundreds of parents still have not complied. it is 6:34 now. wusa9 and d.c. jobs want to get you hired and southern maryland electric cooperative. hiring a senior technical analyst and an engineer. it's a full-time job requiring four years of experience. go to right now we'd like to congratulate the facebook fan of day. today's winner is penny nutter from the district. penny says i don't have paid tv subscription but when the wind isn't blowing my little aluminum foil antenna works. i watch you guys and always check in on the website to get the latest news. >> penny you win tickets to see usher in concert next monday at verizon earn. if you at home warrant to be the next -- want to be thefection fan of the da -- next fan of the day. go to the wusa9 facebook fan page and please fill out the entire form. we'll be right back. ♪
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we begin with breaking news out of arlington, virginia. that's where fire crews ron the scene of a double fatal house fire.
6:38 am
in 1100 block of south emerson street not far from four mile run. and bar croft park. >> this started this morning at 4:30 and delia goncalves has been talking to officials on the scene and she has the latest. delia? >> reporter: in fact, we talked to a neighbor, the neighbor who called 911 lives right next to the house that caught fire early this morning. we're hearing if police -- from police on the scene that the first call came in at 4:13 from this neighbor. then there was a second call to 911 at 4:17 and that was from someone inside the home. sad news to report this morning, that this fire has claimed the lives of an adult and a child. the neighbor tells us a mother and her daughter, a 7-year-old little girl. salvador is the neighbor who says he awoke to the dad outside the house screaming frantically that his wife was inside. the dad was outside with
6:39 am
another daughter that the neighbor says is about 12 years old. the neighbor says the mother and that 7-year-old inside the house never did make it out. let's hear what he had to say. >> i was sleeping and i hear a big noise. the guy was yelling really loud. i was falling asleep and i wake up and i heard the noise. i opened up the -- opened up my blind and i saw that the house was a smoking area. so i -- came down here and called 911. >> reporter: again, just a horrific scene in this neighborhood -- really heartbroken. he tells me his 7-year-old daughter was just playing with the little girl outside just yesterday. and again, we are hearing confirmed reports that an adult and a child lost their lives inside this fire. another adult and another child transported to the hospital. neighbors are telling us the family of four, mother, father,
6:40 am
two daughters, the neighbor is telling us dad and a 12-year- old girl survived. the mom and her 7-year-old little girl never made it out. that's the very latest here in arlington, back to you in the studio. >> all right delia very sad story. thank you. it is 6:40. the wusa9 election day coverage cop continues with the look at the three biggest races in our region. >> and all three at this point are too close to call. bruce leshan with more from annapolis. >> reporter: here in deep blue maryland, democrat anthony brown actually seems to have a real battle on his hands against republican larry hogan. particularly in this year where there is not a president on the ballot to fire up the democratic base. and there is some disillusionment among democrats with the current incumbent martin o'malley. the issues here in maryland include firearms, gun control, they include taxes with the
6:41 am
republican arguing that the democrats have imposed 40 straight tax increases. they include the economy, and school construction. the democrats say the republicans would gut the budget to build schools. >> hello, i'm produce johnson and key to the -- bruce johnson and key to the d.c. mayoral race is the turnout. bowser is the democratic nominee in a town where eight of ten registered voters are democrats. she gets 65% of the votes and she probably wins. the guy close to a half million dollars in the banks to pick people up and monitor the polls and move workers around where they need to be. independent catania has far less money. his get out the vote effort will be driven mostly by volunteers. he's counting on independent voters, republicans and he needs about a third of the democrats to look his way. he's trying to become the first non-democrat, the first openly gay, and the first white mayor in d.c. home rule history. as for carol schwartz,
6:42 am
practically napron left and no -- money left and according to most observers got almost no chance of winning. >> i'm peggy fox in fairfax, election day i'll be covering the tenth congressional district race between republican barbara come stack and democrat john foust. this is a very nasty race between the two. we have john foust accusing comstock of being a right wing extremist and appointments to her -- points to her vote in richmond. comstock attacks john foust as a tax and spend democrat. and she has also turned it off the cuff remark he made about her not having a real job into the an attack ad against her. how will it shake out? who will win? i'm peggy fox and i will be covering that race for you. >> wusa9 as you can see covering every race and every election day issue. we have your complete voter guide at the new wusa9 app.
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>> and it's terrific, it's free, it's easy to download to your phone. you'll see the poll times, where your voting location is and you can read up on the issues and the candidates that you will be pro prayered -- prepared before you cast the ballot. >> many more reporters out there covering the various issues in the races there tonight. ed it is 6:43. time to answer the question of the morning -- it is 6:43. time to answer the question of morning -- >> our facebook friend katherine hernandez wrote -- a. makeup. as an avon rep i found out this one. >> you're right. the answer is a. makeup. we'll be right back.
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and what will think sea on that -- they see than on that weather app if they download it? >> nothing on the radar right now and it's going to stay that way until i think tomorrow night. that's great news. some chilly temperatures and a nice forecast that's headed our way for today. election day. so that's great news actually. all right a beautiful sunrise as well on this tuesday morning. came up at 6:38 and it's just been gorge us i posted a punch of pictures on facebook and also my twitter page. and we also repost others on our app and our website. so either check ohm out there. hey -- them out there. hey let's talk about the forecast because it's going to be a fine one. after the morning chill lunchtime 67 in town. the mid- to upper 60s on our way into the low 70s this afternoon. with mix of sun and clouds and a winds notice them south- southwest at 6 miles an hour. so not that breezy. really a very, very fine day for early november. check out the temperatures this morning. as i said there's a chill out there. we've got 30s in fact let's go
6:48 am
with the mid 30s in the coldest spots and i saw 35 at dulles with 37 in manassas and leesburg and gaithersburg is 39. westminster is 36. on the flip side is the warmer air is coming in. and the mid 50s in cumberland. we're in the mid 50s in winchester right now. even down in reedville jan was in the lower 50s and had a 46 from ej in prince frederick a little white ago. that's a beautiful sky on our michael & son weather camera on the tuesday morning. and temperature at reagan national 48. they're reporting mostly cloudy but these high thin clouds with a light westerly wind and the barometer is currently steady. pretty high too at 30.24. it's going to drop off though with a front approaching wednesday and thursday. some colder temperatures in the northeast and southeast. remember snow pack in the mountains down this but look at all the warmth here. to the west. out to the mississippi valley and. thes mostly in the -- temperatures mostly in the 50s this morning and that will be us for today. tonight and much of the day on wednesday. some clouds though spilling out to the east so this is why at
6:49 am
times we can have a mostly cloudy sky today. but high pressure down in south carolina and one thing it will do is keep the winds out of the southwest for the most part the next couple of days, that's a very mild direction for us, the futurecast probably underplaying the clouds a little bit here but passing clouds at times and other times some sunshine but dry. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., we're going to be dry. in fact we'll be dry through most of the day. exception being shenandoah valley west where late in the afternoon, we might just see a shower getting toward virginia and better chances in western maryland and northern west virginia. overnight wednesday night into thursday morning, some showers around and during the day on thursday we're going to have some showers around so this is why thursday is going to be a yellow alert day. both commutes could be impacted by that and we'll be better friday for the rest of the week. 72 today rather pleasant in spite of a few clouds around. 52 tonight and tomorrow sticking with clouds in the afternoon. 70ish and some upper 0s and low -- 60s and only 60 to 65 on thursday. yellow alert day on thursday.
6:50 am
friday blustery 55 and saturday through monday looks cool. hello beverly. hello howard. the issues this morning including folks that would anywhere travel the area of 29 -- rather new hampshire avenue rather in the rap doll of road -- randolph road colesville ashton area. completely shut down so is randolph road early morning accident involved a pedestrian that was struck. transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and so the investigation is now underway. both sides of new hampshire avenue and randolph road the entire intersection is closed. that means more volume southbound 29 and southbound georgia avenue and university boulevard is an east west option for that crash investigation. beltway outer loop nothing out of the ordinary in silver spring. 270 south already k9%i=9seen de heading into gaithersburg and germantown. the report of a crash southbound between 28 and falls was alistening the right side of the roadway there -- along the right side of the roadway. virginia 95 you've had the volume getting into dale city. still again in woodbridge. getting out of lorton into
6:51 am
newtonling and 395 to head up the -- newington and 395 to head up past landmark and to 14th street bridge. slowing out of cheverly. most of the trip down to the 1 #th treatment bridge the lanes open there. back to you. thanks beverly. gas prices have hit their lowest levels in four years but it's still feeling really good to save on that fill-up. >> if your drive takes you woodbridge, virginia, middle ridge bp on grand target drive is selling regular unleaded for $2.75 a gallon. not bad. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
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i'm nikki burdine in upper marlboro where it seems we have a battle on our hands in our quest to become the governor of maryland. this morning, lieutenant governor anthony brown will be casting his vote here today. his challenger republican larry hogan will be casting his billions it where today. -- ballot elsewhere today. maryland is not so positively blue this coming election. it seems we have quite a close race on our hands as the polls are showing less than a sing
6:55 am
single digit lead for brown over hogan. if you have not yet downloaded our wusa9 app, be sure to do so, you can have it on hand with you as you go to the polls and they open here in maryland at 7:00 a.m. back to you. social media playing a huge role in the elections -- >> look at that. >> everybody's selfying. a new pew research center poll shows facebook and twitter are playing a big role in how americans get their political information. >> twice as many americans are using the mobile devices in social media to track information about this year's elections. 16% of registered voters surveyed said they follow politicians on social media. four years ago that number was barely 6%. >> and wusa9 has your complete voter guide speaking of social media. grab your phone and download the new wusa9 app and you'll be able to seal poll times, where your voting location is, and read up on the issues and d'antoni dits so -- candidates is you're prepared before you
6:56 am
cast the ballot. take a picture, hashtag #ivoted we want to see it. look at is this. the sun is out. it's a decent color and the leaves around washington the morning. north and west all the leaves got blown off the trees with all the next wind and next storm system is not going to be nearly as windy and thursday is going to be the best day with the -- chance for rain tornado. tomorrow still looks nice around 70 and thursday with the showers around low to mid-60s and then we'll be back in the 50s friday through the weekend. beverly? complication this morning has been in maryland. new hampshire avenue randolph road, the colesville area the entire intersection closed with a crash investigation after a pedestrian was struck this morning. that means they're going to take the hit and the bailout traffic. headed to the 14th street bridge, on 395, you're still slow getting up through landmark and then leaving the pentagon to the 14th street bridge lanes open into downtown. back to you guys in the studio. "cbs this morning" is next,
6:57 am
sin city on a hot streak. >> gaming revenue is down. however, las vegas is doing whatever it can to reinvent itself for a new general ration. ben tracy is going to show you from the strip. >> atlantic city can learn something from the guys. we will be back in 25 minutes with some news and weather. >> for news weather and traffic 24/7, go to >> howard and me will see you at noon. bye bye everybody. [ ca
6:58 am
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♪ good morning. it is tielecon day, tuesday, november 4th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." americans head to the polls with control of congress and the president's agenda at stake. cbs news cameras get an inside look at newra tining the government hopes will prevent another benghazi. and this, why is taylor swift breaking up with spotify? >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. it looks like we're going down to the wire. >> new mphashire, north carolina, kansas, absolute must-wins. >> anything can happen. >> americans head to the polls with the senate at


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