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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 4, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we all know washington's broken. but to fix it, it takes people who are independent.. and willing to work across the aisle. that's what i've tried to do in business, as your governor... and in the senate. because it's the only way we're gonna solve big problems... like cutting our national debt, fixing the va, or... bringing good jobs to virginia. it's been a great honor to represent you. and if you rehire me, i'll work everyday... to make virginia even stronger. turnout is key as voters go to the polls to decide which party controls the u.s. senate. thanks for joining us.
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i'm mike hydeck. more election news coming up. but first, investigators looking for the cause of a house fire that killed an adult and a child, a mother and her seven-year-old daughter. delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: firefighters say when they arrived the flames shooting out of the first floor of this home were so intense that they were not able to climb the ladder up to the second floor when they tried to get in the house. >> i was shaking, you know, because i know them. they are my neighbors. >> reporter: santos salvador woke to his neighbors screaming. the man was standing outside with his 12-year-old daughter, their house engulfed in flames, the rest of the family trapped inside. >> reporter: what did he say? what did he look like when you saw the dad outside? >> well, i was the first one who saw him outside. he was calling 911. then everybody come out, and he say, my wife is inside. that's what he said.
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>> there are reports of people trapped. they thought they could put a ladder up to the second floor. unfortunately the fire had taken hold of the second floor so they had to push from the first floor in. >> reporter: minutes after the first 911 call police say a second call was made from someone inside the home. firefighters confirm an adult and a child lost their lives in the fire. salvador says it was the mom and her seven-year-old little girl. in arlington, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire and whether or not the home had working smoke alarms. turning now to the midterm elections in our area. maryland's lieutenant governor anthony brown is attempting to become the 62nd governor of the free state. he cast his ballot this morning in upper marlboro. in a state that's predominantly democratic brown is in a much tight erase than he anticipated against republican larry hogan. >> i've got a great crew,
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great team. we are going to push through until the polls close at 6:00 p.m. we are confident but we will never be complacent. >> larry hogan's last-minute campaigning pushed him through baltimore city, prince george's and howard county, and one report says the maryland's governor's race is now a toss- up. but voters at st. joseph's in upper marlboro say their mind was made up. >> i am excited. i think that mr. brown will bring some good changes, continue on with the progress in maryland. i think this is a very important election for many different reasons, but i am very excited about being here. >> i'm a democrat so i basically voted the democratic ticket. i did look at a couple of things and some of the referendums and some of the bonds i didn't vote for, but other than that, i basically voted straight democratic ticket. turning to virginia now where democrats are counting on mark warner to hold his seat.
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he is being challenged by ed ga -- ed gallespie. voters are going to the polls to decide the winner of two seats. barbara comstock is facing off against republican john foust. frank wolf is retiring after decades in office. jim moran is also retiring. moran represented northern virginia's congressional district since 1991. and two procedures are rung for eric cantor's seat in virginia in the wake of his stung primary loss.
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they are republican party candidate dave bratt and democrat jack trammell. both are procedures. crossing the border into the district who will be the mayor? the race is much closer than years past. >> reporter: hello, i'm bruce johnson. key to the d.c. mayoral race is now the turnout. bowser is the overwhelming favorite in a town where eight of ten registered voters are democrat. she's got close to a half million dollars in the bank to move campaign workers around where they need to be. david ketanya is counting on independent voters and needs a third of the democrats to look his way. he is trying to become the first openly gay and the first
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white mayor in d.c. home rule history. as for carol schwartz she has practically no money left, no strategy, and according to most observers almost no chance of winning. now, in addition to the mayor's race voters in the district will be deciding whether or not to legalize possession of small amounts of pot. if approved, d.c. would follow in the footsteps of washington state and colorado, and the city council voted to de- criminalize marijuana earlier this year, which means people caught with small amounts only face a fine rather than criminal charms. in southeast d.c., three board of elections laptops were stolen from the polls overnight at davis elementary school on street. the board of election confirms those computers were taken but says voter information was not compromised because the laptops have to be hooked up to a network to get access to their information. refreshments for election volunteers were also stolen. and if you have not made it to the polls yet they close at 7:00 p.m. tonight in virginia. they will stay open until 6:00
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in the district and maryland. so you still have plenty of time. and wusa 9 is covering election day from every angle today. you can check out our new voter guide on the brand-new wusa 9 app. you can find everything from your polling location to where the candidates stand on the issues. and because it is mobile, you can read it while you're standing in line to vote. that way you can be informed before you make your choice in the voting booth. coming up on wusa 9, making their case. will republicans end up ruling the senate? we're going take a closer look at the national races. plus, a new poll is out on the most fared job in america. and guess what. one of them
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this is a chance to begin to save this country. i'm counting on you. thank you very much. >> that, of course, senate
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minority leader mitch mcconnell in kentucky. if he holds on to his seat, and he is in a heated battle, mcconnell could be the new majority leader after the election is over. and some of the races with candidates in double-digit leads are now turning into cliff hangers the closer we get to people casting their ballot. one of them could be the governor's race. we saw mitch mcconnell, that was one race that was a wide margin. another race closer to home is the maryland governor's race. oftentimes it's a very blue state and you have a chance, once you win the primary, oftentimes you march on to the governor's office. now there's a republican challenger that is making a lot of noise, in larry hogan. so mr. brown is not necessarily guaranteed the seats. >> when you look at what happened this year we only had 23% turnout in the primary so not as clear a path. how does it get to a point where you have president barack obama winning by 27 points in
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2012, then all of a sudden the man who was with martin o'malley, democrats have been in control for eight years, and it looks like some people aren't happy. i think when we look at the late turnout picture it's been a close erase because we don't know how that turnout is going to end up in comparison to the primary. >> he aligned himself with the president. yesterday the first lady was campaigning for mr. brown. especially the president's approval ratings are not so good right now. so is he suffering from comparison is our think it's more o'malley's poor ratings? >> i think any time you have someone in office for eight years you are going to see voters, especially like battle more county, you need a sense of whether or not people are going to make that shift, and it looks like in this case with the way the polls ended up going, we're having some people saying, i'm not just going to go democrat. they want what's best for the night. mr. hogan on camera yesterday with us said, i'm going to win. >> polls are tracking models
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which take different factors into play. something like time as it stands to the election, polling error, 92% chance for brown. but that doesn't mean that we're out of the water yet because we have to see how many people are going to show up. so by 8:00 p.m., polls close, we're going to have to tally the numbers. >> polls have been wrong before, so we will have to see. >> they have. >> let's move to virginia. mark warner trying to save his seat but he's getting a significant challenge from ed gillespie. most polls say it looks like warner is going to win. >> our model showed 97% confidence that warner would win but the problem is that other 97% number, voting with president obama. especially in a state like virginia where you have traditionally low turnout in the midterms. think back to what happened in 2006 with jim webb and george allen. only 53% of the voters showed up. and the incumbent is out. that's another case where we are going to have to see when
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7:00 rolls around how many people actually got out. we have a new voter id law in effect which is going to be shaking things up. >> so turnout is going to be the key. >> right. we've been sleeping at the wheel for the last couple of months. now people actually have to go out there and make the decision. >> one last question. do you think the republicans take over the u.s. senate after tonight? >> sts looking really tough. the two races we're going to have to pay attention to for 0 democrats and republicans are north carolina and new hampshire. depending on how those tilt, we will have a better sense of whether we are going to have mcconnell in the chair. >> chris, thanks for coming in. no excuse to get out and vote. we're going to have howard talk about the weather. first a correction. yesterday we reported that a former d.c. politician who was jailed for embezzling money from the anc was back on the ballot running under a different name in a different ward. we have since learned the man who was jailed and the candidate who are running have similar sounding is names but
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the two people are actually different. it is 84-year-old w cardell shelton running against brenda shields, and we do regret the error. we apologize. as far as voting, get out and vote. the weather is going to help you out. >> a beautiful afternoon, already in the 60s. we're going into the 70s, the low 70s in a few spots, but we have trouble as we head toward wednesday night and thursday. more
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welcome back. his boisterous laugh and quick witt set him apart from just
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about everybody else on the radio. tom with car talk died yesterday. tom and his brother ray were also known as click and clack. don baylor looks back at his laughter and his love of cars. >> when you go to a tire dealer, they sell what? nothing but tires. you go in and ask, do i need tires? what do you expect them to say? >> do you need tires? are you kidding me? if you've got a car, you need tires. >> top's laughter could transform any mundane day. together with his brother ray they were known as click and clack. >> any time during this trip when the car was malfunctioning were you at all worried? >> yeah, actually, i did get a zit on top of my head. >> i think tom understood that, that when people were calling up for car advice, at some level, it was relationship advice. >> scott simon hosts npr's
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weekend edition, and said tom tried to teach him how to drive while in boston. >> i'm not sure i learned how to drive because i spent so much time laughing behind the wheel. >> back in 1995 tom took "60 minutes"'s steve croft for a ride in his convertible. >> although he test-drives all the sleekest models, he says he would rather drive his dart. >> this mercedes costs $92,000. now, can that possibly be $90,000 better than this? this is good stuff. i have to say, this car rides really well. >> sure. it's good stuff. >> why can't you figure out this problem? he said, if it's not broken, i can't fix it, i don't know what to do about it. >> he's lying. >> it was honest advice, like that, which pleased millions of listeners each week. simon said their radio sensation boiled down to something simple. >> i would tell you that the
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success of car talk had almost nothing to do with cars and had everything to do with two brothers who loved each other. i think that's what people heard. >> tom and ray what many people know are also graduates of m.i.t. they were not just grease monkeys from boston. they retired from the show in 2012. npr says there will be no interruption of car talk in the programs on the air. they've been doing it for 25 years so they have plenty of archived shows to choose from. the network is preparing a special tribute this weekend. it's a survey of 3,000 people finds that politicians top the list of most feared job in the country. people cited the responsibility, accountability, and rejection in the job because of infectious diseases folks were not happy with beg a microbiologist, either, according to the study. repairmen of radio or cellular tower equipment was not a popular choice either. and jobs that require a lot of
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public speaking also struck fear into a lot of people. but not howard bernstein. >> no, i welcome it. i thrive on it. i thrive on the fear and the pressure. hey, we have a nice day today. look at this, sunshine, some high clouds. at times these high clouds have been thick enough to give us an overcast. we're going to be in and out of that for the afternoon as temperatures climb into the upper 60s, even some low 70s. really a very pleasant election day here. early november, 70, that's great. not that windy, either. this evening the lower 60s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. if you are going to vote later on, maybe after work, even then the weather will cooperate. here's the visible satellite imagery. the real thick clouds are out here. we've had enough of these high, thin clouds that are reflecting the sunlight. they come, they go, they come, they go, and that's going to be the case this afternoon. dulles got down to 33 this morning while national, on the water, was 47. right now the water is keeping them a little cool at 62.
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winchester, cumberland up to 70 already. annapolis being held down because of the bay. it's a really nice day. frederick beautiful at 68. so on our michael & son weather camera lots of sunshine. with 62 at reagan national, those winds need to go just a little south-southwest. they will warm up, the breeze will be off land, not the water, and that will change everything. we've got cold air coming down but the warm air in chicago, well, that's cooling off. all this rain will be arriving here as we get into overnight wednesday and into thursday. it looks like thursday will be yellow alert day for rain, especially for the morning. 72 today, pleasant, 52 tonight, a few upper 40s. tomorrow mild with partly to mostly cloudy skies. 64 on thursday with numerous showers. more in the morning, fewer in the afternoon. friday, breezy, blustery, 55. saturday breezy and chilly, around 54.
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only 40 in the morning for d.c.'s heart walk for the american heart association. sunday, temperatures in the low 50s. ravens at home. back wi
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welcome back. the musical "africa" has performed for sold-out audiences around the world and you have just a few days to catch it. here's the show's creator. nice to meet you. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> for people who haven't seen reviews or seen videos of the show tell them about it and some of the beautiful music they are going to hear. >> thank you for having me in
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your studio. it is about celebrating south african music in song and dance. there's a narrator that takes you through the show. it's very vibrant. there's youth that portrays the story. it would be very wise for people to see it. >> to go and show up. you see instruments everywhere. this tells the history of south africa. >> the evolution of south africa in music, how it started, from the ancient times, up until today, where we have so many peoples. it takes us through all of it. >> and it encompasses the political unrest, the life of mandela. >> everything. >> the show has been going on for at least 20 years, and you said in other forms longer than that. did you at all retool the story line with mandela's death?
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did it make a different impact? >> no, not the death, but his life. all the sacrifices he did for the country, in the show you see that. >> so tickets are still available. >> i should think so. >> so you can get them at the national theater. i'm sure you can get them on- line as well. so the shows are thursday, through saturday. what time does the show start? >> it's different times, but i think they can get in that the backing offices, the time when they go to back the shows. >> it looks fantastic, and it must be if it is going on for 20 plus years. good luck with the show. >> thank you. >> that will do it for wusa 9. we'll be back at 5:00. take time today to go out and vote is and make sure you download the wusa 9 app. you can find your polling place
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and time. take care. we're back on tv at 5:00.
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>> phyllis: face it, sharon. face what happened that night right here in this stairwell. >> sharon: phyllis, stop, please! we need to talk. >> phyllis: gee. what do you want to talk about -- how you played god with so many lives, a god who sacrificed a young woman just as she's starting out, her whole future ahead of her? >> sharon: i remember. >> phyllis: remember what? tell me, sharon. say the words. >> noah: you know, you and mom just must have got your wires crossed. >> nick: how? i told your mother i was gonna come home and drive us all to


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