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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 4, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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precincts. but get this. at 5:00 this evening, there were 1134 votes cast inside this precinct today. some of the people outside, some of the veterans who worked campaigns throughout the city's history are disappointed in these numbers. we don't know how that's going to impact meryl bowser. we don't know if that helps or hurts david catania and his band of enthusiastic volunteers. but here's some of the issues people say they came to the polls with today. >> we come concerned about ww education. my kids and everybody else's in this city. >> education, my kids attend the school. >> the district's communities are safe, focused on economic growth. >> we were at precinct 27 on the other side of the park. off reno road in northwest. they have more than 2,000 registered voters. by midday, some 600 plus had voted. that is not a big number either. so, both precincts over there and over here at shepherd, they were talking about a surge in the evening.
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we haven't seen a surge at this point. we'll keep watching and have more for you coming up at 7:00. >> and we're tendering to @ race for governor in maryland. bruce leshan is keeping an eye on that race between democrat anthony brown and republican, larry hogan. bruce is live in college park with more. hi, bruce. >> hey lesli. the democrats are keeping a very, very close watch on the polls right here in prince georges county. the democrats need a really strong turnout among young people and african americans. if anthony brown hopes to pull off a strong challenge from republican larry hogan. >> are you guys ready to change maryland? >> republican larry hogan after casting his ballot in edgewater in anne arundel county. >> we may pull off the biggest upset tonight. i think we did a good job. >> democrat anthony brown figures a spectacular autumn
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day will help drive turnout among democrats. >> i haven't focused a whole lot on mr. hogan and what he's doing and what he's saying. i'm not sure the voters are either. >> at leisure world in silver spring, one of the busiest precincts in the state. there were lines down the hall and by late morning, 163 democrats had voted and fewer than half as many republicans. >> i'm very excited. it's important that we get out and voice our vote. we need more democrats. >> i think it's time for change and i'm hoping that brown is the one. >> turnout was heavy and republican strongholds, like davidsonville in anne arundel county, where by early afternoon, 315 republicans had voted and just 185 democrats. >> i think we need change. i think we have too many democrats in the office. >> i like to see something done about the spending and the taxing. >> never under estimate the power of stupid people in large
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groups. >> stan boone is unhappy with the status quo. but even less happy with the g.o.p. >> i'm sick to death of republicans trying to sell the idea that the way to improve this country is to cater to big business. >> i just spoke to brown's campaign manager. he says if turnout here in prince georges goes below 48%, he will be sweating. he is predicting 51% turnout. four years ago, it was 54%. and at last check, spoke to prince georges county elections officials. they say turnout right now is running about the same as in the last governor's race. lesli, back to you. >> all right, bruce, i'll take it. thank you so much. in virginia, republican barbra comstock and democrat john foust locked in a heated battle to succeed. frank wolf and that's where peggy fox is in auburn, to be
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exact. hey peggy. >> yeah, i'm here in sterling at the viewing party for barbra comstock. it has been an extremely tight race. we're not sure how it's going to shake out because there has been no independent reputable polling done. however, that race as well as the senate warner race has been driving voters to the polls today. here in loudoun county, however, the register says it's not as high as they hoped. 30% of registered voters in fairfax. they are looking at more 40 to 50 percent of registered voters, which is what a midterm election looks like. >> new voting machines in fairfax county were holding up well. >> i'm hoping, of course, it will be a big turnout for barbra comstock. >> a steady stream of voters kept election workers busy at langley high school's double precinct polling station. >> i definitely feel that it's antiobama. because we have been very proud. >> it's part of the 10th
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congressional district, which will choose retiring frank wolf's replacement. >> foust, mr. comstock, who are you hoping for? >> the race between comstock and foust may be one of the closest congressional races in country. >> what are you telling voters? >> just keep an eye out and vote for comstock. >> no independent reputable polling has been done on the race, but both sides say they are confident. >> close election, very exciting. >> exactly. it's very, very exciting this year. >> this is also the first election for virginia's new voter id law. you need to have a photo id when you vote and the elections people told me so far it has not been a problem. i'm peggy fox reporting live in sterling. back to you. >> you know, it's getting close, but it is still not too late to check out our voters guy for maryland, virginia, and
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d.c. the polls close at 7:00 in virginia and at 8:00 in maryland and d.c. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> it is still very nice out there. temperatures primarily in the 60s. we have clouds, but doppler radar is quiet. 62 downtown. we're 63 in rockville. 63 in fairfax. temperatures are above average. the good news, the clouds will keep temperatures up a little bit. they aren't going to fall like they did last night. they fell like a stone last night. in fact, if you were with us, we had lower temperatures at 11:00. right now, 61 in arlington. it is 58 out in white oak. and 58 also at andrews. still a bargain for this time of year. future cast, 63 downtown. around 60 in the suburbs. by 8:00, it's still warm. 63 downtown. and temperatures flirting with 60 in the suburbs. a lot of clouds, but no showers. by 9:00, walk the dog early.
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temperatures still upper 50s. by 10:00, we're still looking at 56 in gaithersburg and down in la plata and still 61 downtown. so, next front is wednesday night. we're going to need a yellow alert for thursday. some showers late tomorrow night. we get through the commute, but showers and still mild on thursday. could affect both commutes, both to and from work, and a fine finish to the week. but chilly. blustery on friday. we'll talk about how cold it will get and give you a timetable in just a bit. >> thank you, top. well, tis the season nor sneezing. how do you keep track of the latest flu going around? there's an app for that. and coming up next. >> maryland state police are hoping a search warrant will give them the clues they need to unravel the crash that killed the high
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we have new information tonight in the investigation into a gruesome beltway crash over the weekend. it killed 17-year-old, ganzaga high school senior and it sent four others to the hospital. >> debra alfarone takes us inside the on going investigation. >> behind this garage door may lie the answer to the question why. why did the driver of this 2013 jeep smash into the rear left side of this honda accord pulled over on the side of the beltway over the weekend out of gas? why did it strike the honda with such force, but the passenger closest to the
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impact, 17-year-old, crushed to death. >> we did serve it on the vehicle. as a result, the search warrant, we did obtain air bag module out of the car. and that's going to give us the speed at the time of the collision. and a speed just prior to the collision. >> police say four other people in the honda were hurt, some seriously. the driver of the jeep also went to the hospital. police say that driver, 24-year- old, margaret bastely showed signs of impairment at the scene. >> we also drew blood that night. on the other person involved in this collision. and then blood results were sent to mental state police lab. >> it could be weeks before the piece of the puzzle fit. lieutenant says that's not uncommon. charges or not, he knows this is an unbearable time for everyone involved in this tragedy. and anyone who knew the bright high school hockey star with
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the shining smile. >> it's terrible for everybody involved. everybody was in the car. all the family members and my heart goes out to the family. >> in rockville, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> well, no issues with the weather on this election day, but topper says there are changes on the way. he'll tell you about them
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and now, the wusa9 restaurant alert. i'm investigative reporter, russ ptacek. track inspections, text food to 25543 for a link to restaurant alert. enter sweet green on bethesda avenue to see a december 17 report siting facility closed. montgomery county paper report, due to roaches on food contact services and food at improper temperatures. it passed reinspection and back in business. click suspended restaurants to see hundreds of others we covered, text food to 25543 for your own restaurant alert. >> in tonight's technology report, a brand-new app that can show you just how bad the flu is in your town. >> the app is called flu near you. but it relies on self-
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reporting. creators are hoping people who come down with the flu long gone report it. >> it tracks them based on blue dots for no symptoms, yellow for symptoms, but not a flu-like illness or red for flu- like illness. >> it takes only a few seconds to report your flu and they say no one will see your personal information. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9. >> that is limited activities. >> there wouldn't be any true way to measure cases with self- reporting, right? >> what a computer programmers say, garbage in, garbage out. just because you had the fever, didn't mean you had the flu. >> interesting concept. >> we have to know everything about everybody. temperatures hit 70 despite the cloud cover and another nice day tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside. still very nice out.
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still warm. a live michael and son weather cam. it's still 62 downtown. relative humidity only 44%. that's pretty comfortable. and winds have turned out south, southwest at 6:00. and they will remain mainly out of the southwest until this next front goes through. a mild evening. temperatures in the 60s. bus stop temperatures also kind of mild. 47 to 58. a lot of clouds tomorrow, but still warm. despite the clouds. and then yellow alert. haven't changed with showers. mainly showers. i'm not seeing a bunch of rain. but mainly showers. unfortunately it will affect the morning and evening commutes. 8:00 tonight, polls are closing at 8:00 in the district and maryland. it is still mild. 63 downtown. 57 in gaithersburg. 58 in frederic. it's on our future cast and 60 in manassas. a lot of clouds. walk the dog tonight, mostly cloudy, but no showers. 61 downtown. 50s in the suburbs. and by morning, you see some breaks in the clouds. we're going to go partly cloudy and becoming mostly cloudy, but pretty nice start. low 50s essentially to start.
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can't complain about that early in november. by 8:00, we have 57 downtown. 54 in gaithersburg. and then by lunchtime, still some clouds. temperatures in the 60s, so despite this cloud cover, we're still 66 downtown and 63 in leesburg. even 61 up in martinsburg. we get into tomorrow evening, drive home, no showers. no wet roads at all. by 8:00, we're still warm, low 60s downtown. we see some showers. this may be aggressive, but certainly be showers around i- 81 by this time. notice it's all shades of green and that will move in across the metro area late tomorrow. probably around midnight. upper 40s, that's a steal. tomorrow morning, partly sunny and pleasant. 47 to 64. so you still would need your sunglasses tomorrow for parts of the day. and then by afternoon, mostly cloudy, still warm. temperatures 66 to 70. and that's despite the cloud
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cover. that's a pretty good deal. even oakland will be 54. your showers will get in before the day ends. your showers will move in early tomorrow night. 61 hagerstown. 62 martinsburg. and 64 in winchester. not quite 70 in culpeper. close, not quite 70 in warrenton, manassas, 68 in leesburg. probably 69 in mcclane and 68 in fairfax. we'll stay 69 downtown. 68 gaithersburg, rockville. mid 60s, and there's not a small craft advisory tomorrow on the bay and title potomac. here's the day planner. a little bit of sun. temperatures in the 50s and 65 by 11:00. and then 67 mostly cloudy by 1:00. next three days, showers and mild on thursday. there's your yellow alert day. 65. probably add a little time to your morning commute. and then breezy and cool on friday. kind of blustery. highs only in the mid 50s. next seven days, more sunshine on saturday. 59. and sunday, a blustery day, 52. although i looked at
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information, may not see that much rain in the metro. we'll keep you posted on that. still chilly. 60 on monday. seasonal, and then sunshine on tuesday with highs in the upper 50s. >> katie is here talking about our favorite team. >> the redskins and rg3? >> of course, what else? the redskins gave up an arm and a leg to get robert griffin, iii, a couple years ago, but is the coaching staff not convinced he is the future? griffin responds to the criticism cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by exfinty. >> 24 hours ago, redskins head coach, jay gruden uttered four
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words setting off speculation. the jury is still out. that was part of his response when asked to assess the quarterback situation through the first nine weeks of the season. in another interview, the redskins are not going to quote, self-appoint rg3, the franchise quarterback of the future. the head coach has really seen griffin play two full games. as for rg3, he said today he understands the criticism and knows he has to prove he is the guy.>> when it comes to the franchise guy that is what it is. i believe that i am, i believe this organization knows that i am and there's no doubt there. so, i don't ever step on to the field trying to make a claim saying, i'm the guy. it's not like that. this is my team and i'm going to lead it. >> the redskins held a closed practice this afternoon for profootball talk is reporting the skins worked out former raiders qb. he hasn't been with the team
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since seattle cut him in the preseason. why are the redskins looking at him? we really don't know why considering they have three healthy qb's. the skins did activate receiver today from the physicalically unable to perform list. he hasn't played in a year since tearing his acl. he returned to practice october 15. skins waived chase to make room for hankerson. and get a look at roy's new do. all those beautiful locks are gone. the runningback cut his hair and donatedded it to the american cancer society to make wigs to those who lost their own hair. him and his wife did it together. his wife cut off 16 inches. >> finally got to do something worthwhile. >> how do you feel now that you've done that? >> a sense of fulfillment. i wanted to play the football season without hair coming out of my helmet. >> the case of former ravens
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runningback will be held before a judge tomorrow in new york. rice filed a grievance saying he was doubly punished for the same incident. former federal judge, barbra jones will preside over the hearings. roger goodell is expected to testify. rice and the nfl player's association are seeking immediate reinstatement. nfl p.a. president spoke out on outside the lines on about the hearing. >> we are representing the grease interest of our player. i also know the facts that will be presented and tomorrow we'll start a process, hopefully, that will set a precedent for how processes should go forward where an independent arbitrator will look at both sides and try to reach the right decision. >> and minnesota runningback, adrian peterson aggrade to a plea deal that will keep him out of jail. peterson pleaded no contest today and in return will pay $4,000 fine and serve 80 hours
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of community service. no timetable on when he'll return to the playing field. the washington wizards have bounced back nicely from their loss. they racked up two straight victories and tonight they go another at madison square garden. the 2-1 wizards face the new york knicks tonight. the wizards swept the knicks in three game last season, but this is a completely retooled team. the former player, derek fisher, now at the helm. they are not focused on new york's personnel, but rather their own. >> you can't focus -- what they do, we can't be afraid. we have to watch out. we have to focus. we have to do the defense the right way. we have to rotate the right way. and we'll be fine. >> and finally, your daily reminder in @ high school the high school game of the week poll. and the bell game between falls falls -- >> now the redskins on the bye
6:27 pm
week for the next five days. >> it will be tough to do without them, but we'll give a thumb's up for ray cutting off his hair. >> especially his wife. she is going to miss her hair a lot more. >> good news, it will grow back for them and it will help these other women. that is great. all right, that is it for us. we have a long night ahead. we hope you stay with us. the cbs evening news is next. >> and i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news. the polls close at 7:00, so who knows, we may see some results. bye.
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>> election night 2014. the battle for congress. will the republicans take control of both houses for the first time in eight years. we have a team of campaign 2014 correspondents covering all the key races. ices seemed to come out of no where but it started somewhere. clarissa ward chases the terrorist through to the workplace in an american prison. did auto makers fail to report debts linked to defective air bags. jeff glow reports the u.s. government opened an investigation. and do you believe in angels? chip reid met one. as she was earning her wings. >> the happiest i can make somebody else happy.


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