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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 5, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and three counts of second degree assault. he is in jail on a $75,000 bond. from one bombshell to another, this one in montgomery county, parents say they went for days before they were notified that a contractor with a questionable record was arrested after touching a 12- year-old girl inappropriately inside a middle school. the school apparently waited a month to let parents know. today wusa9 is learning that that contractor may have had inappropriate contact with yet another student. debra alfarone is live in damascus with the latest on this story. deb? >> reporter: this story certainly is complicated. i'll start at the beginning. the contractor in question inappropriately touched a girl at john t. baker middle school on october 6th. he was arrested october 7th. fast forward to monday, almost a month later, and that's when the school let parents know, but they sent a letter out and
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parents were upset and said the school kept them in the dark. that was monday. now we're standing here wednesday. the principal at damascus high school says that contractor may have actually touched one of the damascus high school students when that student was visiting baker. a letter was sent out today. we wanted to know what we could find out about this contractor. this is the man police say groped a tween at john t. baker middle school last month, 44- year-old john edward epps jr., a contractor hired by a temp agency by a company called net com worked on security cameras, police say also the same one that touched a 12-year-old girl's buttocks that ended in charges. today the school held a meeting. >> they said it was an isolated incident. how do you know? >> reporter: wusa9 is learning it may not be. today the principal of damascus
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high school sent out a letter saying one of her students may have been touched inappropriately by epps during a visit to baker. we did a quick search and found epps was arrested for sex offenses and other charges in 2001 and 2010. he pled guilty to a second degree assault charge in 2010. he is not listed on maryland's sex offender registry which would have prohibited him from working in the school according to maryland law, but with his history, why didn't net com, the temp agency, nor montgomery county public schools know. they say his background check showed no prior record. however, the department of school safety and security reviewed the matter after the arrest and discovered the temporary employee had a criminal record and the background check that was completed by the temp agency was inaccurate. >> i think we need a change in this community, a change in the school. we need better for our kids.
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>> reporter: parents like amy billelo said baker's principal worthington shouldn't have waited a month. worthington sent out this letter monday saying she's confident they acted swiftly to communicate the incident and added she apologizes for any concern caused by the decision not to send home a letter. to be clear, montgomery county police have not tied epps to the latest allegation. they are investigating. epps' attorney says his client is innocent. furthermore, net com said they'll provide those criminal background checks to everyone regardless if they come through a temporary agency and just a couple other things, how many children did epps have access to? we haven't learned that from montgomery county public school yet and also we want to know that second degree assault, would that, if they had known about it, kept him from working in the school in the first place? we haven't gotten an answer to
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that either. debra alfarone in damascus, wusa9. a former baltimore ravens cheerleader is facing charges of having sex with a 15-year- old boy. derek mcginty is in our newsroom with the details. >> molly shattuck, not only is she a former ravens cheerleader, she's a wealthy mom of three separated from the former ceo of company bge and is now facing an indictment of two counts of third degree rape. she was indicted monday. court documents say the relationship began in may when she began commenting on the photos of a 15-year-old boy that had been posted on instagram. the teen-ager says their first intimate encounter was in a car in a columbia, maryland parking lot. during summer school she allegedly picked the boy up on lunch breaks and drove to a parking garage where they would make out.
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the relationship culminated with sexual activity in bethany beach over labor day weekend. at one point court documents say she asked the teenager to walk the dog and performed a sex act. they allegedly had yet another encounter in the beach house. shattuck made national headlines in '05 when she became the oldest nfl cheerleader. she's an author, fitness consultant and starred in a reality show called secret millionaire. shattuck pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released on $84,000 bond and has been ordered to stay away from minors except for her own kids. reporting live from the newsroom, derek mcginty, wusa9. the tonight the search for a machine who abandoned her newborn baby in beltsville -- a mom who abandoned her newborn baby in beltsville near a house along the 12600 block in shoal creek terrace in beltsville. a neighbor found her and called
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police. she appears to be in good health. doctors believe she was born hours before she was discovered. police want to hear from anyone who can help them track down the mom. please call and you do not have to give your name. the senate race in virginia not over yet between mark warner and ed gillespie. warner is ahead but only by a tiny margin, close enough for a possible recount. peggy fox is live where vote canvassing is now underway. >> reporter: we won't know if there's a recount until the end of the month. now they are going over all the voting machine readouts making sure the numbers add up, but now after more than 2 million votes were cast across the state very few errors have been found and certainly not enough to put gillespie in the lead. >> we also take additional security precautions. >> reporter: a guard stood watch over fairfax county's
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vote tallies as canvassing began for yet another razor thin election. >> we do this every year no matter how big or small. >> reporter: just like last year's attorney general's race which mark herring squeezed out the win, lawyers from both parties are scrutinizing the vote tallies in the virginia senate race. >> it's the tiny little types of transcription and arithmetic errors a 15, 16 hour days in the polls can cause. our goal is to make sure we get it right. >> i am 100% certain senator warner will be certified, reelected and sworn into the u.s. senate. >> reporter: today warner's election expert seemed more confident than the candidate himself last night. >> well, it was a hard fought race. it went a little longer than we thought. >> reporter: the unexpected close race gave warner only about 12,000 more votes than republican ed gillespie. that's less than 1% of the total which means?
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>> unfortunately some campaigns last longer than others. >> reporter: gillespie can ask for a recount. >> right now the difference is between a half percent and 1% and mr. gillespie would have to pay for that. that would be very expensive. >> reporter: but republicans are keeping their fingers crossed more counting errors will be uncovered. >> we have high hopes numbers will change and maybe we'll be able to pull something out. >> reporter: republicans are hoping warner's lead at least narrows to a half a percent. that would be a few thousand votes. unlikely election officials tell me at this point, but if that were to happen and the lead is only a half percent or less, the state would pay for a recount. that is critical because a recount would cost gillespie millions of dollars if it were
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only under 1%. he can request it if it's under 1% but not until november 25th. we will know for sure on november 25th. i'm peggy fox reporting live in fairfax. there's no question who is the victor in the race for virginia's 10th congressional district. republican barbara comstock won over her challenger john faust replacing frank wolf retiring. governor elect larry hogue an admitted told -- hogan admitted today pulling off an upset has been a rather surreal experience. scott broom covered hogan's first meeting the day after his win. >> reporter: on an hour of sleep republican elect larry hogan still seems unned today. >> it was kind of a shock.
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when state troopers showed up at our hotel room and said we're here to protect you, governor. >> reporter: national republicans so excited that hogan said new jersey governor chris christie was prepared to helicopter in at midnight to join the victory party. he didn't. >> he was pretty excited about our victory. >> reporter: hogan's first meeting with the media the morning after he said his campaign focused on high taxes and job growth cut across party lines. >> we set vote goals that were nearly impossible to attain in every single county in the state and we blew past of one of them. >> reporter: republican andy harris. >> people got upset. every month they'd turn on the tv and there would be a new tax or fee. they got tired of it. >> reporter: today hogan appointed a former secretary of business and economic development and his lieutenant governor both rutherford to head a transition team. >> we'll put together a bipartisan administration. >> reporter: the message
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remains cut spending and taxes, one of hogan's first big decisions as governor to be on funding the $2.5 billion purple line transit project in the d.c. suburbs. he opposed it during the campaign. today he refused to commit to the purple line one way or the other. in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> hogan will have what he called a bigger hammer than previous republican governors thanks to republican gains in the general assembly. democrats will have a much tougher time overriding any future hogan veto. in the district muriel bowser cruised to an easy win in the mayoral election. bowser bested her closest challenger independent david catania by 18 points. the 42-year-old councilwoman becomes d.c.'s seventh mayor and only its second woman in 40 years of home rule. people with a green thumb may soon be able to start growing their own pot in the district. voters said yes to initiave
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71 which allows for the possession, the home cultivation and the transfer of marijuana for people over 21, but this whole thing could go up in smoke if some lawmakers get their way. bruce johnson has that story at 6:00. national republicans regained control of the senate picking up seven seats previously held by democrats. we'll have president obama's comments at 6:00. we've got much more on last night's election on our wusa9 mobile app. you can download it free or upgrade w on your apple or android devices. our first alert weather team declared tomorrow a yellow alert day. first alert chief meteorologist joins us now from the weather center. when does the rain start? >> showers are moving in from the south and west of us now, but most of this is not reaching the ground. i think most of us will get home before the roadways get wet. even though you're seeing echo over d.c., not reporting
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anything hitting the ground, air mass dry, so it evaporates before it hits the ground. get down on 301 toward waldorf, a couple sprinkles reported but nothing crazy. that said let's look at futurecast. 8:00 tonight it dries up, nothing really happens. then by 10:00 we see this blossoming of rain and showers out to the north and west in gaithersburg and in frederick and winchester. the good news, temperatures mild, 50s and in the 5:30 now everybody has rain and showers. notice the yellow. we'll come back and talk about the prospect of maybe even hearing thunder tomorrow. i'll let you know if we clear out in time for friday. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. the new film interstellar opens tonight at the smithsonian's national air and space museum and we're expecting some big time stars to be part of the red carpet screening. bruce leshan has more coming up at 5:30. >> plus family members hope new surveillance video can help authorities bring home an abducted nurse.
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>> reporter: i'm russ ptacek. coming up just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more.
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and now the wusa9 restaurant alert app. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek. to track inspections text food to 25543 for a link to restaurant alert. it shows a september 12th report at 11th and m corner market on 11th street northwest citing 18 violations including poultry observed thawing at room temperature, refridge racing unit mold -- refrigeration unit molded and numerous flies. to see hundreds of others we've covered, text food to 25543 for your own restaurant alert. we want to give you some breaking news quickly. this is a scene in sweetwater, florida, where a water main
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break in the middle of the street now is causing problems, water shooting 30 plus feet in the air. this is happening west of miami. there is new surveillance video tonight in connection to the person of interest in the abduction of a philadelphia woman. the man police want to talk to is seen walking here into a philadelphia grocery store some eight hours before 22-year-old carlesha freeland gaither was abducted sunday night. hours later police believe he is the same person seen in this chilling surveillance video. you see the moment when the two meet. you see the man lunge at carlesha and you see him drag her down a city block and force her into a gray ford taurus. shortly after the abduction cops say that same person used freeland's atm card at a gas station. >> hopeful that she's still alive and active. >> our investigators say freeland gaither kicked out the
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car windows, her eyeglasses, cell phone both later found on the sidewalk. police tased a driver who refused to pull over for speeding. this suspect led an officer on a chase through traffic in beltsville. when he got stuck behind slower cars, he tried to run down the officer. the officer shot once into the driver's car, didn't hit the man and the driver took off again. police finally caught him along floating leaf port in laurel where they tased him and took him into custody. former baltimore ravens running back ray rice is appealing his indefinite nfl suspension. rice appeared in new york today for the beginning of the two- day appeal process. he was kicked out of the league after a tmz video surfaced showing him knocking out his then fiance in an elevator. usa today's sports columnist christine brenner will weigh in in a little bit. the only station with
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weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> got a yellow alert coming? >> we sure do. good news, it's going to be mild tomorrow, cold and rainy. am i spuing that okay? >> you are. -- spinning that okay? >> you are. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and everything quiet, a couple sprinkles, but still pretty dry, so consequently the rain is not hitting the ground just yet. it will eventually saturate and shower and rain tonight. temperatures are still 65, relative humidity only 52%, winds northwest at 9. you get the humidity up to 60, 65% before anything can fall. showers develop tonight with rain. bus stop temperatures very mild tomorrow, but you'll need an umbrella. temperatures 50 to about 60 between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. yellow alert thursday for rain and showers. i'm afraid it will affect both commutes, so get ready. blustery friday, mainly dry and i say mainly dry because i've got a passing shower friday,
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but that's it. it will not affect the high school football games. 10:00 tonight, want to walk the dog? north of town may have to worry about showers, gaithersburg, frederick, leesburg, temps still mild, mid-50s, but showers, clouds d.c. south toward manassas, fairfax into fredericksburg. then we get in the morning hours. everybody has rain and showers. again it's mild, upper 50s downtown, low 50s to mid-50s in the burbs. that's 6:00 in the morning. by 8:00 showers will thin out, just showers around the beltway. then we have a break. by 1:00 might even hear a rumble of thunder tomorrow, just enough instability. that's 1:00 stop showers and maybe a thunderstorm from leesburg across i-66. that moves across the northern suburbs. it moves into loudoun county and montgomery county. by 4:00 you're driving home. we still have showers in southern maryland southern maryland and up north 270 and out 66. so i plan for a wet commute --
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i'd plan for a wet commute to and from work. light showers with temps 55 to 60 and begin to clear out by 7:30, showers and a couple thunderstorms across the bay, temperatures still in the 50s. by 11:00 on thursday some upper 40s gaithersburg and leesburg, but behind this is the not crazy cold but turning a little colder, nothing out of the ordinary yet. sometime next week it will be out of the ordinary. tonight mostly cloudy, mild, rain and showers developing, 50 to 55. by morning allow extra time, mostly cloudy and mild with rain showers, maybe a thunderstorm, 50 to 52. in the afternoon rain and showers end late, probably by evening, high temperatures near 65, under yellow alert tomorrow for the rain and showers, winds kicking northwest 10 to 15. the day planner, rain and showers, 52 at 7:00, but pretty mild, 58 at 9:00, 60 at 11:00 and then 64 at 1:00.
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next three days chilly with a passing shower friday but not a bad day. breezy and cool saturday, back up to 58. average is 62. next seven days, we cleaned up sunday. ravens game looks nice, sunshine, temperatures near 60, mid-60s. veterans day looks near 70 and wednesday showers possible in the morning and clearing and colder. this is some of the cold air i referenced earlier, going to get colder than that after wednesday, highs only in the low 50s. new technology making it easier to bypass the hassle and just check right into a hotel later on wusa9 news at 5:00. >> right after the break what tech experts are looking out for with the enrollment
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your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells,... you can get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. sfx: blowing sound. does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. in just a few hours fans will fill up the now empty verizon have to watch the wizards take on the indiana pacers. kristen berset will have more on why the wizards have this game circled on their calendar in a bit. in tonight's consumer alert there are just 10 days left
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until the new enrollment period for begins and there could be some new technology cal glitches. for example, a new report says people who bought policies last year and want to switch to a different plan may be billed twice, but analysts say the problems should be minor. cbs says it doesn't need to sell -- cvs says it doesn't need to sell cigarettes to make a lot of money reporting a 10% increase in revenue since last year even though so-called front of store sales fell. sales at the pharmacy picked up. cvs stopped selling tobacco products in september. trending now, what mcdonald's is doing to convince you there is nothing wrong with the mcrib. >> plus what happened in a plane bathroom that forced the pilot to turn around. >> reporter: stars at d.c. at the air and space museum
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the much talked about new sci-fi love story interstellar, it's going to be hollywood on the potomac tonight as a mess of big stars hit the air and space museum for the premier. >> bruce leshan at the museum downtown live awaiting the arrival of the cast and director christopher nolan. >> reporter: check this out. no red carpet, but here is the
5:30 pm
real live gemini 4 space capsule and over here is the black carpet, black as in the depths of space. we are still waiting for these stars to shine upon it, but in about an hour and a half we are expecting matthew mcconaughey, anne hathaway, jessica chastain and i am pretty fired up because they say they are all going to stop and chat. >> we have used to look up in the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. i just look down and worry about our place in the dirt. >> reporter: critics are comparing tinster stellar to 2001 -- comparing interstellar to 200 1 space odyssey. the movie asks a profound and timely question some say. could humans survive if we
5:31 pm
destroyed earth? >> i'm coming back. >> when? >> i love you forever. >> reporter: the air and space museum is so excited it's showing interstellar in imax downtown and at udvar hazy and it is offering two special exhibits including an oculus rift immersive experience i can't really explain but can try to narrate and embarrass myself. >> are you ready for your adventure? >> >> reporter: yeah. saturn is spinning in front of me right now. >> enjoy the ride. >> reporter: oh oh. i'm taking off now. i feel like i'm floating in space. >> rage, rage against the dying, the light. >> am i going to make it? >> yes. >> reporter: over the next two weeks they'll actually have this spacecraft used in the
5:32 pm
filming of the movie interstellar at the udvar hazy center. you can check it out. i will tell you that oculus rift ride, it was a little bit like some of those disney ride. it ends just as you really it to get started. we're hoping that our conversations with the stars do not end too quickly and we'll try and turn those around for you at 7:00 tonight. until then back to you guys. >> very cool. >> best assignment of the day. >> i agree. taking a look at other trending stories now. >> a plane heading from los angeles to australia had to turn around midflight after a problem with the bathroom. >> reporter: passengers on virgin australia's flight va sunday tweeted their misery stuck on a plane they said with smelly bathrooms where the toilets exploded and waste seeped into the cabin. passenger john collin held nothing back as he described
5:33 pm
the stench. >> it was a vile smell. it smelt like chemicals, excuse me, mixed with excrement. >> you don't even want to hear or see that. the pilot turned around after three hours. the airline said the safety of the plane was never in question. reports of human waste are incorrect and that passengers were never handed any facemasks which might explain why they were smelling so bad. >> so gross. sorry if you're eating dinner. here's another one you might not want to hear. from the bathroom to the kitchen. >>mcdonald's is going to show you what's really in the mcrib. >> i see a lot of things mixed in there. what is that? >> going in the mcrib patty is pork, water, salt, dextrose, a type of sugar, and preservatives. >> this is one of three videos the restaurant giant has released hoping to change
5:34 pm
public perception after an unpleasant picture of a frozen mcrib went viral. >> they say the preservatives are used to lock in the flavor of the mcrib. >> they're so good. soda drinkers in berkeley, california, will have to pay a bit more. residents voted yes on a one cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks yesterday and berkeley becomes the first city in the country to do such a thing. people in san francisco voted no on a similar measure. a 90-year-old man and two pastors face possible jail time. their crime? feeding the homeless in public at a park in ft. lauderdale saturday. cops arrested the trio of food givers under a new law prohibiting such acts of kindness. >> i'm going to have to go to court again to sue the city of ft. lauderdale, the beautiful city. these are the poorest of the poor. they have nothing. they don't have a roof over their head and who can turn them away? >> we enforce the laws here in ft. lauderdale. >> the mayor of ft.
5:35 pm
lauderdale says feeding the homeless on the streets and keeping them in that cycle is not productive. trending on facebook, one of hollywood's most iconic photos. >> sophia lauren staring at james manfield and not looking too happy. entertainment weekly spoke with her who said they were at a party years ago and mansfield was the last to arrive and she sat right next to lauren and lauren says the look on her face is fear that mansfield's dress is going to blow and spill all over the table. >> there's not a lot of her dress left. >> as you look closer, everything is sort of there in full view. >> hanging out. here's topper with a look at your forecast after you try to take your eyes off that picture, top. >> i was studying radar. what are you talking about? a little light shower activity coming across the metro area,
5:36 pm
but most of this is not actually reaching the ground yet. most of us have a dry commute home, different story tomorrow morning. a couple sprinkles down 301 toward waldorf, about it. a yellow alert tomorrow. prime minister for wet commutes, plural, rain -- prepare for wet commutes, plural, rain and showers in the morning, possibly a rain and thunderstorm in the evening and friday brisk but a slight chance of a passing shower. we'll come back and look ahead to the weekend. after break why school officials in prince george's county didn't allow some students to come to class today. >> and how crooks in our area are ripping people off at gas stations. you are watching wusa9 news at 5:00 and we will be right back.
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealer. new information tonight crooks ripping people off at gas stations. montgomery county police tell us in the last three months there have been 12 thefts from vehicles with six people having their cars stolen. the three most recently happened at a shell station on westlake drive in bethesda. the exxon in silver spring on colesville road and a 7-eleven
5:40 pm
on georgia avenue in silver spring occurring between 6:15 and 6:53 in the morning. the crooks wait for you to walk into the store or start talk on your phone and take off before you know your car is gone. police say the best defense is to make sure you take your keys out of the ignition and you lock your car when you're filling up. no school for students who have not received their vaccines. as of friday more than 400 kindergarten and 7th grade students in prince george's county did not have their required shots. this year's policy requires students to receive two doses of chickenpox vaccine and 7th graders need a single dose of tdap, the meningitis vaccine. booted nfl running back ray rice begins his fight to get back on the field, but who will hire him after that damning foot age from an atlantic city
5:41 pm
elevator involving his future wife, but first. >> >> reporter: could the smartphone mean the end for hotel room keys and check-in lines? the virtual key app available starting today. we'll show it to you coming up. >> taking a look at some of the gas prices not driving us so crazy. in southeast d.c. a gallon of llon at the shell located
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in tonight's consumer alert many of us haven't finished our halloween candy and we're already thinking about holiday shopping. planning early could help you save money this holiday season. >> reporter: now that the calendar has slipped to november, holiday expenses like shopping and travel are on the minds of many consumers. you may not be ready to get out and shop yet, but it is a good time to plan for end of year expenses starting with a realistic idea of what you'll be able to spend on gifts and holiday visits to family and friends. don't overlook the little things. that can include meals at the airport during trips, postage for christmas cards, holiday tipping and new clothes for parties. if you've been saving points or
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included. the company that makes yamazaki was founded in 1923. 10 is making life better for travelers. the new app -- technology is making life better for travelers. the new app could mean you never have to wait in line again. >> the new technology that works on your smart phone. >> reporter: farooque ahmed spends founights a week on the road. when he gets to the hotel, he wants to get to his room. >> there's one less line to stand on, one less thing to do. it's fantastic. >> reporter: at 10 starwood hotels worldwide including the w in downtown new york city guest can walk by the check-in counter and head straight to their room unlocking it with a smartphone. >> it really resonates with our members. we've had 15,000 spg guests register already in just a handful of days. >> reporter: by the middle of next year the new technology will be in 150 hotels worldwide and will require changing 30,000 door locks.
5:47 pm
both the app and lock are encrypted against hacking. it took 18 months to design and test the virtual key, but starwood is not alone. other major hotel chains are opening the door to bile technology. marriott's app allows you to check in early with your phone and pick up your key from an express line. at hilton travelers can choose their room from a hotel floor plan. hilton will start using the mobile phone room key next year. >> it's likely the others will follow suit. this is something that should be widespread in the future. consumers are really asking for this sort of thing. >> reporter: technology unlocking lost time with the touch of a finger. >> here's the question you've been asking. if your phone is lost or stolen or the battery dies, guess what? the hotel can shut off the virtual key and traditional keys are still available. always watching always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> so we have to know what the weather will be like soon
5:48 pm
because lesli is heading to the vp's house tonight. >> i'm attending a reception for breast cancer awareness taking a survivor and her unsung hero. everybody wants to know if it will be drive. >> what time are you arriving? >> 6:30. >> probably be okay. what time are you leaving? >> 8:00. >> still should be okay. >> that's the kind of pinpoint forecast you like. >> if you have a lot of fun and hang out with the vp till 11:00, you'll have problems. >> clearly i would be the one to do that. >> exactly. >> no. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still very mild, 65, relative humidity still low, 52% and right now most of the atmosphere is so dry that the rain just cannot hit the ground, winds northwest at 9. showers will develop tonight, probably 10:00, 11:00. bus stop temperatures will be mild. you might want an umbrella walking the kids to the bus stop tomorrow, 50 to 60, yellow alert thursday for rain and
5:49 pm
showers, no surprise there. blustery friday, mainly dry. i know dry is an absolute, but mainly dry, a passing shower possible friday. 10:00 tonight now we're getting into showers north of town gaithersburg, rockville, leesburg back into culpeper, winchester. by morning everybody has to deal with showers and light rain, good sleeping weather tomorrow morning, 57 downtown. by 8:00 showers move eastward and dwindle. at 1:00 look to the west, leesburg across 66, the yellow, could even hear a rumble of thunder tomorrow. the atmosphere is just unstable enough to create a couple thunderstorms. by 4:00 it's still 60 in gaithersburg, 61 leesburg, mid- 60s downtown. by 6:00 probably a wet ride home, so just be advised. that's why it's a yellow alert for both commutes. by 7:30 we see some showers beginning to move north and east toward annapolis and the
5:50 pm
delmarva. by 9:30 some breaks in the clouds and temperatures back in the 50s. we'll fall in the upper 40s by 11:00, walk the dog late tomorrow night. it will be dry but cool. tonight mostly cloudy and mild, rain and showers developing, winds southeast at 10, only 50 to 55, pretty nice. by morning yellow alert, mostly cloudy and mild with rain, showers, perhaps a thunderstorm late morning, a better chance in the afternoon, temperatures 50 to 62 and rain and showers ending late in the day, high temperatures near 65, winds kicking and become northwest 10 to 15 when the front goes through. 58 at 9:00 on your day planner, 60 by 11:00 and 64 with showers by 1:00. friday still looks okay, just a passing shower for high school football, 56. bundle up if you're going to games. temps will fall into the 40s. 58, breezy and cool saturday, pretty good day. it is november. very nice sunday for the ravens, near 60 on monday.
5:51 pm
70 on veterans day and then showers possible. today former pro bowl running back ray rice took his first steps to rejoin the nfl. who can forget the hotel elevator video of him apparently knocking out his then girl friend. that's what got him kicked out of the league indefinitely. ase from seeking immediate reinstatement rice filed a separate wrongful termination grievance against the baltimore ravens. usa today sports columnist christine brennan joins us now with some insight. it seems like this hearing will be all about what he said back in june and whether he lied to commissioner goodell. >> exactly. ray rice said he told roger goodell everything so that the actual tape, the videotape from inside the elevator wouldn't have been necessary because he told them. roger goodell has said including in an interview with me september 9th, "no. i did not know.
5:52 pm
i didn't realize it was that severe," that you have he said/ he said. what we're looking at here. if you take ray rice's side is double jeopardy and any kid in a civics class would know the answer to this. you cannot be punished twice for the same crime. that is part of the union's league agreement and so if ray rice was punished once and then punished a second time, that's a real problem. that is what he is contending. >> a month later he married his fiancee. will that help his cause at all? >> i don't think so. to me this is a legal issue. it's a judge and nfl against the players association and ray rice. it is the human element, you're right about that. it may play well in peoria, so to speak, but i think in this case it's all about the legal issue. >> what team will pick him up
5:53 pm
is the big question? >> that's the key element here. ray rice is going to be coming back to the nfl. i don't know if it will be this year. next year i think someone who needs a running back will. obviously he didn't have his best year last year. he's getting older. he'll be out a year, but i think there still will be a team that picks him up. watch out for protests or concern there. >> could he sue to join the ravens? >> he, could although they let him go, so theoretically not, unless he claims the ravens got rid of him with the reasons they gave as opposed to simply cutting him. the legal machinations here, two hearing, we have no idea how this is going to go. >> get ready. ray rice is about to return. >> i think so. >> thank you. coming up angry parents demand answers after they learned a man working in their children's school is charged with groping a young student.
5:54 pm
>> but first we'll show you some of the new training diplomatic security forces are going through following attacks on the qw
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
there's growing concern inside the intelligence community that extremist groups may launch new attacks against american embassies and other facilities. >> the agents charged with protecting them are getting special training. >> we're going to hit the b stairwell. >> reporter: with an ambassador trapped in a burning
5:57 pm
building this elite team of diplomatic security agents rushed in to get him out navigating smoke and evading flames. >> clear! we're ready. >> reporter: they secured the ambassador and brought him to safety. >> smoke is the biggest issue. >> reporter: this training exercise led by the new york fire department was initiated after the 2012 attack in benghazi, libya. that night ambassador chris stevens died from apparent smoke inhalation. now agents are taught how to search and rescue while fires rage around them with temperatures peaking near 500 degrees. flames can fill a room in four minutes. the toxic smoke can make a victim pass out instantly. >> the most important thing from my end is moving the patients to a sanitized area. >> reporter: christian rouseback is the team medic responsible for resuscitating the injured and keeping the team alive. >> if we're going into a fire and being in black smoke, the chance of upper airway
5:58 pm
respiratory burns is very, very high. that's what's going to kill us first. >> reporter: al-qaeda has endorsed using fire as a weapon, yet another threat these agents must guard against. >> we're training to take on some of the worse case scenarios you can imagine. basically we're preparing for all out guerrilla warfare. >> reporter: there have been 70 assaults on u.s. personnel and facilities since benghazi. >> of those attacks, they're some of the most ruthless and dangerous groups in the world. we're operating on their home turf. >> reporter: in the last year these agents have deployed to 23 hotspots around the world including libya where they evacuated the u.s. embassy in july before an armed militia seize parts of the compound. >> that's something you -- seized parts of the compound. >> that's something you guys taught us this week about not getting disoriented. >> reporter: the toughest part is completing the mission and keeping the team safe.
5:59 pm
what makes you nervous? >> when you have the uncertainty and the unknown places where we go, that's what makes me nervous. that's what makes it a lot more dangerous sometimes. >> that was margaret brennan reporting. this team was not in benghazi the night of the 2012 attacks, but it's believed this training could make a difference in future results. that's it for wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6 starts right now. this is bruce johnson. yesterday d.c. voters by a wide margin approve the legalization of marijuana, but final say comes from capitol hill as today republicans started lining up to say no way, not here in the nation's capital. >> reporter: will the warner/gillespie race wind up in a recount? i'm peggy fox in fairfax where they're doing canvassing today, a live report coming up. >> reporter: how does a man with a history of sex offense arrests end up as a contractor at montgomery county public schools? will d.c.'s new marijuana law be the first flash point
6:00 pm
between the district and new congress? thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. now that the gop will control both the house and nature in 2015 some wonder if the marijuana law will actually take effect. bruce johnson has our story. >> district residents really took the lead here in moving the conversation forward on marijuana reform. >> reporter: d.c. will join colorado and washington in legalizing recreational marijuana use unless the congress uses its congressional authority to block the law. >> in the district we're seeing it is a civil rights issue. >> reporter: because of the disproportionate number of african americans who are arrested? >> absolutely. >> reporter: republican senator rand paul says he's against selling d.c. citizens they cannot grow and smoke weed, but maryland congressman andy harris has a different take and threatens to use congress' authority to kill the measure. >> it's harmful to teenagers and young adults, probably the last thing d.c. needs in


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