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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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earlier down in virginia. those have fizzled out so a quiet morning. just a chilly one. low 30s in the mountains. we have mid-40s to low 50s now across the metro. and we are looking at these winds gusting in the 30 mile an hour range here through midday. even into the middle of the afternoon. some of you will gust toward 5. highs low to mid-50s -- toward 35. highs low to mid-50s. breaking news from overnight. democratic incumbent congressman john delaney has been declared the winner holding on to his maryland 6th congressional. he beat dan bongino. the sixth district includes parts of northern montgomery county and frederick. later today, d.c.'s mayoral- elect muriel bowser is expected to announce members of her transition team. the announcement is planned for 9:30 this morning good she's expoated to provide the details about her -- she's expected to provide the details about her transition team and name five people who will lead the team.
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we have some new information in the case of an abducted philadelphia woman who has since been returned to her family. overnight the suspect in that case was extradited from jessup, maryland, to virginia. >> nick giovanni is live in the newsroom with more on this development. >> reporter: we're learning new details at this hour about how police managed to track down delven barnes. this morning "the baltimore sun" is reporting a key ring, candy wrappers and a bag of potato chips found in the driveway of a woman helped lead the way. that led to this video just into our newsroom overnight. officers transferring barnes into the charles city county jail from the baltimore county detention center. he was arrested wednesday night in jessup, maryland, charged in sunday's kidnapping of 22-year- old carlesher freedland gaither. he is also accused of kidnapping a teenager who turned up at a business last
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month naked, bleeding and burned. >> he allegedly hit her in the head with a shove. he was attempting to dig a hole but somehow he got distracted from her and she noticed an avenue of escape when he was distracted from her and she proceeded to flee in the woods. >> barnes is now facing charges in virginia for attempted capital murder, assault, and malicious injury with asaid, explosives or fire. coming up at 6:30, we'll explain how technology played a role in actually how virginia investigators managed to identify him. prince george's county police are searching for a man who tried to abduct a teenage girl. >> this happened yesterday evening in the 1700 block of robert louis avenue in upper marlboro. the suspect is about 5'6", weighs around 130 pounds. he was wearing a gray beanie and gray and yellow jacket. if you have information in this case, please call prince george's county police. the family of two missing montgomery county children have suffered a frustrating judicial
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setback. >> the judge will not allow catherine hoggle to leave a psychiatric hospital and assist police in finding the toddlers. hoggle has been in custody since being accused of abducting her children sarah and jacob. yesterday hoggle said both children are alive and that she can lead police to them. but the judge refused to allow that crieghting hoggle's -- citing hoggle's mental capacity. >> we were all hoping she would have been able to be taken to where she says the children are. if the children aren't there, she returns to where she is either way and nothing would be gained or lost. >> hoggle has been diagnosed with paranoia schizophrenia. the people responsible for a driveby shooting which put 13 people in the hospital are said to be sentenced today. they are all from the district and pleaded guilty to the 13 counts of assault with intent to kill. >> under a plea agreement, allen is expected to get 25 years in prison. bob and smith are expected to be sentenced to ten years in
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prison. sentencing is set for 2:00 p.m. we have a warning about something which may drive you crazy. tonight crews will begin opening the final section of the intercounty connector. >> a long-time coming n. is where the icc meets interstate 95 in prince george's county. nikki burdine joins us live from the route 1 side of the icc in beltsville with a preview. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. this is good news for drivers here in beltsville who take route 1 to go to montgomery county. good news for you. guess what? these traffic barrels and all these signs here on this ramp getting off of route 1 on to the icc, they're going to be gone soon. that's because crews will come out here starting tonight to start removing all those and opening this up. this is the final section of the icc. it should all be open by monday morning. this project has been going on since 2011 and it is the final phase of the icc. this phase will open the connector to its full length. it will go east an extra one and a half miles to route 1
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near the muir kirk marc stop. the partial interchange on i-95 at konterra drive near 198 will also be open n. will serve konterra drive which extends from old gunpowder road to the west, muirkirk road to the east. tolerates on this road will not change so that's another good thing for drivers to hear but all these signs will soon change. so if you're heading this way in beltsville from prince george's county to montgomery county, a heads up this morning. tonight when you're heading home, you could see crews out here starting to remove the signs and opening this up. it will officially be open and ready for you by monday morning's rush hour. in beltsville, i'm nikki burdine. now back to you. >> thank you, nikki. >> as you said a long time coming. >> i wonder if more people will use it now. they're even advertising on the radio saying hey, we've got it road here. >> use it. a federal appellate court issues a warning about same-sex marriage laws in four states. >> beware, apple users. a new malware program is targeting your device.
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wusa9 is back right after this.
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be a weekender and book weekeyour stay at hampton.
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it is 6:08 on this friday morning. check out this picture if you're not looking at the screen. take a peek now. beautiful sky about half an hour before the sunrise on this friday. it's brisk out. we've got 40s to low 50s. ed winds are going to be a factor. could be gusting to 30 miles an hour. keeping temperatures only to 50, 55. weekend looks cool and mainly dry. we'll let you know when the shower threat is over the weekend coming up in about six
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minutes. right now here's beverly with another look at timesaver traffic. got a crash in montgomery county that's going to impact shady grove road just to the west or south of 270 at key west avenue in which a pedestrian was struck. a lot of equipment on the scene. they're on shady grove west of 270. 270 thru lanes though, the light volume through gaithersburg, rockville. 66, that slow traffic out of manassas toward 29 centreville with the crash moved on to the showltder right before you get to -- shoulder right before you get to 29. that will be the focal point of delays out of manassas at this point. heading into northeast coming off the parkway and 50 in dheferly to go south on -- cheverly to go south on kenilworth, lanes are open down towards the exits for the 11th street bridge. that's a look at the drive. back to you. here are some stories you may have missed overnight. a u.s. appeals court is saying no to gay marriage. the judge upheld same-sex marriage bans in four states. michigan, ohio, tennessee, and kentucky. this is the first court to
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uphold bans since last year. boat sides expect the u.s. supreme court to have the final say. the army says it has now updated some little known regulations which were causing an outcry. under the rules approved in the late 1990's, it was perfectly okay for afternoon african- american service member to be referred to as, quote, "negro ." the language appears in the army command policy document. the regulation says terms like haitian and negro can be used in addition to black or african- american. yesterday during a news conference, the white house press secretary josh ernest said that regulation and the language had been changed. we're finally learning about the full extent of the latest home depot data breach. 53 million e-mail addresses were stolen during the breach along with payment card numbers. hackers accessed the system with a user name and pass words they stole from a vendor. home depot is offering free credit monitoring to customers who were affected. microsoft offering a friday freebie.
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it's a new office app for your mobile device. it allows users to create and edit office documents on their phones. microsoft is betting that the giveaway to the iphone and ipad and android owners will help the company keep a strong base of pc users. a warning is out today about form of malware affecting thousands of apple mobile device users. it comes from a cybersecurity company called palo alto networks. the company says many of those affected are in china. palo alto calls the malware wirelurker and says it monitors devices connected by usb cable to an infected computer. then it installs malicious applications on to the device and steals information from it. it's not clear where that stolen information winds up. it is coming up on 6:12. here's another look at the question of the morning. about 15% of people admit
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they've lied to get this. is it a, a first class upgrade, b, a job or c, a senior discount? >> good friday morning kevin mccarthy. he wrote, i never have but probably b which is a job. i think the 15%, though, is a little low. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct survey answer in about 30 minutes. we'll be right back. thank you for watching wusa9.
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hello and welcome back to wusa9. in case you can't already feel it, it's getting really chilly around here this weekend. >> the view is gorgeous. absolutely beautiful. if you haven't, take a look at the screen. the old friend is back. the polar vortex is sneaking down our way. howard will have more on that in just a minute. >> later this evening, mississippi avenue in southeast d.c. will be the scene of a celebrity-filled ribbon cutting ceremony. >> the party celebrates an unveiling of the $18 million renovation of the southeast tennis and learning center. that's where delia goncalves joins us live when they roll out the red carpet. she's made it inside. >> reporter: we have made it inside and i've got to say really breathtaking inside and very impressive. the outside looks great. inside looks great as well. how can you not notice that there is images of venus and serena all over the place. this is a ribbon cutting with then mayor anthony williams of
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the original ribbon cutting of the tennis and learning center back in 2001 and then of course there's a bronze statue of the famous sisters as you walk into the aeven take. take a look -- arena. take a look here. this is the williams arena. inside the stage is set for the huge gala tonight and here to talk about all the wonderful things that are happening here, the site manager. let's go through what we have here. let's talk about first the wall of fame as we take a look. >> absolutely. this is the wall of fame. we wanted to portray a lat loot of the elite at -- a lot of the elite athletes in sports and have inspare -- inspirational quotes. all of these have something important and a certain work ethic and moral standard that they have in order to be great. >> let's talk about venus and serena growing up in compton and what that means for the kids here in southeast just
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saying that they've made it, we can do it, too. >> absolutely. they always come back and they give back here to the center. and for them being from compton, it just gives a lot of these kids hope. it's the same sort of environment. but here we have the tools in order to get them whatever they need as far as their education and tennis. and here the mantra is tennis is the hook and education is the key. so we get them through tennis and making sure they're well rounded individuals on the education side as well. >> reporter: i love that. ten nice is the hook. education is the key. on that note if tennis isn't your thing, there are a lot of educational facilities here. there's a multipurpose room, a computer lab, a kitchen. i think i see some sewing and crafting rooms. they've got you covered. so a really great facility here for the kids here in southeast, but really everyone east of the river and the whole city and they're going to celebrate with a grand opening this evening starting at 5:30. back to you in the studio. >> wow. >> pretty nice. the williams sisters will be
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there. thanks, delia. >> it's going to be a lovely evening for you but they might want to put on heavier wraps. >> the winds are going to kick up going through the morning gusting 30, maybe 35. that will not feel good if you're a runner and need to get some outdoor chores done. might be a tough day to pick up leaves when blowing all over the place. >> or play tennis. >> weather wise let's show you what's happening. a lot of people inside the bubbles this time of year. beautiful morning outside. we have a day planner talking about sunshine at least but temperatures struggling. we'll only get to 55 or so midday. northwest winds sustained at 20 at noon, gusting to 30. they'll stay up through the daylight hours and slowly diminish this evening. northwest at 9 by 8:00 and 45. high school football if you have any plans this evening outside, it is going to be brisk for that. right now down to 30 in davis. 36 in oakland. there have been snow showers in the higher elevations with 40s to around 50 or so as far as the winds currently they're
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gusting 20 to 30 in the mountains. we're gusting 24 in winchester. no big gusts at the moment though we've been gusting over 20 at times this morning. in town, boy, it's beautiful on our michael & son weather camera. mainly clear. 51 degrees with a west, northwest wind at 7. the barometer is rising as high pressure building in behind a front that went through yesterday. there it is off shore. the northwesterly flow, the cold air, we've got the rain and snow showers now with that northwesterly winds when they hit the mountains and get the lift, that's where they squeeze out the moisture. most of the moisture will be squeezed out in the mountains. very little in the way of clouds east of the mountains through midday and the afternoon. tonight the winds will relax some. that will allow temperatures by tomorrow morning to fall into the 30s, near 40 in town. low 30s north and west. for the heart walk tomorrow at the national mall, it will be sunny, dry and chilly in the morning. today windy, 55. tomorrow 56. a little bit after breeze in the afternoon but not too much wind in the morning and a tad
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milder sunday. redskins are off but the ravens will be home. warm monday and tuesday before the coldest air of the season. that's what they were talking about, the polar vortex, giving us a bit after cooldown wednesday and thursday. how is it looking, beverly farmer? >> reporter: troubles in gaithersburg, north rockville. an accident investigation. we've got a stretch of the shady grove road to the west of 270 impacted by this crash. sky 9 is looking at it for us live now. a pedestrian was struck here on shady grove road west of 270 and key west avenue. police are directing you around that. thru lanes on 270 aren't impacted. they've got lanes open. take you over to virginia where eastbound on 66 the sun is starting to rise but the pace slow as you make your way through manassas. earlier accident before 29 centreville cleared out of the way. 95 knob nompt, your line -- 95 north, your lineup is getting to newington but lanes are open. beltway to the wilson bridge, some building volume inner loop to oxon hill but lanes are open into alexandria.
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light volume downtown anacostia river routes. thanks for joining wusa9. good friday morning. we will be right back after this.
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just about 6:24. pretty skies. we're 15 minutes or so before the sunrise on this friday morning. a good deal of sunshine we'll see. i'll show you our futurecast. could be rain and snow showers in the mountains for a few more hours. the winds are going to pick up today. already a little gusty. they'll be gusting toward 30 give or take a few hours. lunch time 55. that will be about as warm as we get all day long. beverly farmer, 6:24. we have some issues, don't we? >> reporter: we do. we have a crash in montgomery county on shady grove road to the west side of 270 here at key west avenue. a lot of equipment on the scene. a lot of police direction. you can get through the intersection under police direction but it will take you extra time. that stretch of shady grove road at key west avenue dealing with the pedestrian accident sky 9 has been showing us. otherwise around town, you're going to find the volume building for everybody pretty much on the interstates getting to the beltway. outer loop here getting from new hampshire avenue most of the way around to georgia avenue in silver spring.
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mike, andrea, back to you. >> thank you, beverly. amber vincent, one of the -- vinson, one of the dallas nurses who contracted ebola is speaking out. >> she was declared free of the virus after treated at emory hospital in atlanta. she said battling ebola was excruciating and didn't think she would make it through. she does not know how she contracted the disease. >> i have no idea. i go through it almost daily in my mind, like what happened, what went wrong because i was covered completely every time. i followed the cdc protocol for for donning and offing. i never strayed. it's a mystery to me. >> she still gets breathless. you can hear her there, just walking short distances. she says she is gaining more strength each day. scientists are trying out a new strategy in the fight against ebola.
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>> they're looking at ways robots can be an assistance. ken goldberg says scientists are looking at whether or not robots can help doctors remotely diagnosis ebola patients. >> the great thing about putting a robot in there is you can then basically keep people out ofharm's way. >> goldberg says the current ebola crisis is a wake-up call and it's time to accelerate technology. here's something which may drive you crazy starting tonight and throughout the weekend. crews will begin opening the final section of the intercounty connector. >> that's where the icc meets interstate 95 in prince george's county. nikki burdine joins us live from the route 1 side of the icc in beltsville. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. drivers who are headed here on route 1, we've got good news for them. plenty of them on route 1 headed towards the beltway will now have the option instead to take this ramp on to the icc. that's because crews will come out here this evening and start removing all those barrels and cones and signs so drivers can instead take that to get to
6:27 am
montgomery county. this project has been in the works for several years now and in fact the first two phases were completed in 2011. it is a $90 million project. this last phase will open the connector to its full length. it will go east an extra one and a half miles to route 1 near the muirkirk start and improve access to that station as women. the partial interchange on i-95 at konterra drive near route 198 will also open. this will serve konterra drive which extends from old gunpowder road to the west and muirkirk road to the east. it will also provide better access to the hospital as well as a 22-acre konterra development. another good bit of information for drieferls as the tolerate -- drivers as toll rates on this road will not change but a lot of traffic will. so as you head this way this evening for rush hour, you should keep an eye out because crews will be out here as they start to remove these barrels
6:28 am
and signs and get ready to open n. but come monday morning, rush hour on monday, you'll be able to use this ramp off of route 1 to get to the icc. in beltsville, i'm nikki burdine. back to you. >> hopefully we'll see a pick up in traffic along the icc corridor now, but we do know the skies will be crowded this thanksgiving holiday. that's according to the industry trade organization airlines for america. >> the organization says there will be a slight increase in the number of travelers. in .6 million passengers -- 24.6 million passengers are expected to travel on american airiers up 1.5% over last year. the sunday after thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest of the weekend. we continue to look outside this live shot from national airport. beautiful as the planes are getting ready to take off there. there are a number of you driving and traveling around the district, maryland and virginia this holiday weekend, veterans holiday weekend. >> about 6:30, things start to build. beverly farmer is live in the silver spring =etraffic center.
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>> reporter: you make a good point. for many folks they may make this an extended weekend with the veterans day holiday on tuesday. right now heading on to the roadways, there's good news in gaithersburg, montgomery county accident on shady grove road west of 270 at key west avenue. cleerld out of the way complete -- cleared out of the way completely so it means no serious injuries to the pedestrian. kenilworth right side of the screen delays most of the way to the exit to pennsylvania and on to the 11th street bridge. volume only to deal with. 66 lineups getting through manassas. an earlier accident between manassas and 29 centreville over on the shoulder. that had moved on but the slow traffic remains for you. south of town at the wilson bridge, volume just building on the inner loop. your lanes are open. howard, you said gieghts to be blustery. il-- it's going to be blus rift i'm use that -- blustery i'm going to use that as an excuse not to rake leaves. it's a brirve morning. most temps in the 40s. cold enough to wear the jacket
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and even the thinnest gloves. let me show you what's going on. we have a beautiful sky on this friday morning. we will see a lot of sunshine today away from the mountains. the higher elevations north and west, probably mostly cloudy. 54 by noon. look at winds northwest at 20. those are the sustained winds talking gusts 30, maybe 35. then back to 49 by 5:00 p.m. it's going to be a chilly night tonight for high school football games. low to mid-40s. windchills in the 30s. rain showers and some snow showers in the mountains and up in pa patch going to have a tough -- in pennsylvania. going to have a tough time crossing into the lower elevations. we're expecting again sunshine. temperatures early from 30s in the mountains to 40s. culpeper, d.c., annapolis over 50 degrees right now and a brisk 44 in fredericksburg. as far as the wind, not too bad yet but our wind gust forecast as we head toward the middle of the day and the afternoon, many gusts 30. some to 35 miles per hour. so keep that in mind if you like to go outside and run. it may be a treadmill sort of
6:31 am
day. let's go inside to andrea and mike where it's a little bit nicer in there. >> thank you, howard. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> that's why norah o'donnell joins us live with a preview. good morning. >> good morning to you, mike and andrea. ahead get your coats and gloves out the closet. we have more on how a storm that started on the other side of the world could mean a deep freeze for nearly 250 million americans. plus, bob schieffer joins us with a preview of his interviews with president obama and former president george w. bush. plus, we're taking a look back at 60 years of "face the nation." bob will share some of his favorite moments. that will be fun. her battle against cancer captivating the country. we were there for last night's emotional game as the young daughter of an n.f.l. player got a huge show of support. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. hope you have a great weekend. >> we're looking forward to y that story about leah. it's the best story of the day.
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>> thank you. >> it is the best story. new this morning, we're learning more about the rescue of 22-year-old carlesha freedland gaither. >> police say the philadelphia woman was rescued with the help of some technology and her own spirit and wit. nikki burdine joins us -- nick giovanni joins us with more. >> reporter: we're finding out this morning a couple of heads up. carlesha freedland gaither left some clues. according to police, when the 22-year-old nursing assistant was being forced into a car as seen here, she left her cell phone behind. that immediately led investigators know who was missing. she also kicked out one of the car's windows. then when police say barnes drove freedland gaither to maryland, she gave him the pin number to use her atm card. that signaled police in both the transaction and barnes were captured on camera. >> we corroborated on the video
6:33 am
that was mr. barnes vehicle he was allegedly driving and mr. barnes using the atm card. >> another officer recognized the used car dealer name on the car. the dealer puts gps tracking systems in the cars of customers with bad credit because of said gps, police were able to pin point the car in a parking lot in jessup on wednesday. as a result this morning barnes is behind bars in a virginia jail cell extradited late last night to face charges in a separate case of kidnapping and attempted murder of a 16-year- old. freedland gaither meanwhile is now home with her family. mike, andrea? >> smart woman. >> very smart. a 17-year-old wheaton high school student is in the hospital after being struck in a hit-and-run accident. >> this happened in a shopping center on veirs mill and randolph roads. police believe the teen was struck after some sort of dispute between two groups of teens. three people in the car are in custody and are now being questioned by police. we have some breaking news from overnight. democratic congressman john delaney keeps his job. he's been declared the winner
6:34 am
in maryland's 6th congressional district. >> he beat republican dan bongino. the associated press declared delaney the winner after election officials counted the absentee ballots in five counties. the 6th descri includes parts of northern montgomery county and frederick. later today, president obama will meet with leaders from both parties at the white house. it comes amid fresh warnings from a second leading republican against executive action on immigration. >> susan mcginnis reports from here in washington today's discussions could offer the first real clues as to whether or not the next two years will bring more gridlock or actually some compromise. >> reporter: emboldened by republican wins in the house and senate, house speaker john boehner sketched out a republican agenda for the new congress. >> we can act on the keystone pipeline, restore the 40--hour work week. >> reporter: like mitch mcconnell, boehner warned president obama not to use executive authority to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning
6:35 am
yourself. and he's going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> reporter: the white house says if congress doesn't act on immigration this year, the president will. but says he still hopes to find common ground. >> there will be plenty of things for us to disagree about. if there's an opportunity for us to find some common ground, let's make sure our differences don't get in the way of making some progress of the american people. >> reporter: the president and congressional leaders take their first steps toward working through the gridlock when they meet today at the white house. >> the president is eager to talk about some of the things that are on his agenda. he's just as eggtory hear from republicans and to -- eager to hear from republicans and to hear what's on their agenda. >> reporter: the president has outlined what he wants to accomplish including a $6 billion request for emergency funds to fight ebola in west africa and the u.s., at least one area where both sides may agree. >> president obama also wants to secure congressional authorization to use military force against isis in iraq and
6:36 am
syria. >> he has also vowed to veto any attempts to repeal the affordable care act which is front and center of the g.o.p. agenda. our time is 6:36. we want to congratulate today's fan of the day. the winner is alicia brown. alicia says she should win fan ever the day because she is our number one fan. >> she gets the last pair of tickets to see usher monday at the verizon center. if you want to be the next fan of the day, go to our facebook page and fill out the entire form. it's now 6:36. you're watching wusa9. we'll be right back.
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it's 6:39 on this brisk friday morning. i say brink because temperatures down in the 40s in most spots. pretty skies though. that's coming up in just a few minutes. we are looking at partly to mostly sunny day. blustery. we'll have some of the winds gusting to 30 miles an hour and midday highs low to mid-50s. getting chillier as the afternoon wears on. back with the full weekend forecast at around 6:45. now over to beverly farm we are more on this morning's commute. hey, bev. >> reporter: howard, got a new problem out there. it's going to be on the 3:55
6:40 am
corridor right near n.i.h. in bethesda, walter reed. this is the crash sky 9 is over on rockville pike at cedar lane blocking much of the roadway. traffic both directions looks to be impacted by the response here on rockville pike at cedar. i believe most of northbound is blocked from the look at this shot. southbound some traffic able to get by. rockville pike at cedar lane with that new crash. a couple of accidents out of southern maryland, too. 301/5 corridor lining up to get into brandywine, a crash headed for clinton. northbound on 5. we're told there were a couple of different accidents in that stretch. also an accident northbound on route 4 close to mount harmony road. andrea, back to you. >> thanks, beverly. cbs news says a u.s. air strike in syria has killed one of al qaeda's top bomb makers. the pentagon has not confirmed the report. it does say some area strikes this week were targeting a group in syria linked to al qaeda. >> the threat of isis has led to a renewed diplomatic relationship with iran.
6:41 am
according to the "wall street journal," president obama wrote to iran's supreme leader about the terror group. militias backed by iran have been fighting isis for months. here's something most of you may not know. even though they're voted out of office, their tax -- your taxes will still be used to pay about a dozen members of congress who were defeated in their election bids tuesday night. members of congress are eligible for a pension after just five years in office. >> they get the money for a long time which means every senator qualifies for a life- time pension after a single six- year term. they can't start drawing payments till they're 62. the pension lawmakers get are defined benefit plans. that means they're guaranteed to be paid a certain sum as long as they are alive. another little known perk. the benefits increase with the cost of living. both of these perks are rare and simply do not exist in private sector retirement plans. >> not at all. oh well. must be nice. >> 6:41. time to answer our question of
6:42 am
the morning. about 15% of people admit they've lied to get this. is it a, a first class upgrade, b, a job, c, a senior discount. >> good friday morning to facebook friend robin. she said going to say a because i didn't know you could lie your way into a first class upgrade and i don't think a lot of people know that. >> the answer is a, a first class upgrade. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9 at 6:45. >> be prepared to spend the weekend in a jacket if you head outside. the cold temperatures are making a comeback. >> nice in front after fireplace this weekend. these cold temperatures may
6:46 am
have you staying indoors this weekend to stay warm, but a number of people are expected to remain indoors today to celebrate tennis. >> later this evening in southeast, a new tennis and learning center is going to reopen so to speak celebrating an $18 million reason renovation project -- million renovation project. delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: here in congress heights last half-hour we were inside and showed you the arena with six tennis courts, the williams arena named aft sisters venus -- after the sisters venus and serena. they'll be here for the grand opening and ribbon cutting. the city rolling out the red carpetor these ladies. this is a huge event and really a beacon for this neighborhood. you can see there are seven tennis courts out here, including one clay court. they even have a brand new and really cute impressive looking play ground. then when you go inside, if tennis isn't your thing, they have computer labs, a kitchen,
6:47 am
multipurpose rooms. this is really a room in a space for the whole community to take advantage of. when we talked to the site manager just a half-hour ago, he said tennis is the hook. education is the key. and so they will encourage kids to play tennis but they are really working and cultivating the whole child. so not only athletics but education are really key and important and will be emphasized here. so they're saying venus, serena, really great inspirational role models for these young people. they were here back in 2001 when this first opened and they will be here again tonight to celebrate the new and improved tennis and learning center here in southeast washington. we will have all the highlights i'm sure tonight of this great big gala and event when it kicks off at 5:30 this evening. back to you. >> it could be the breeding ground for the next generation
6:48 am
of washington capitals -- kastles tennis players. we said it would be warm and a lot of people will be happy for an indoor tennis arena. >> especially with the winds today 30 miles an hour. temps low to mid-50s. might not be the best day to be on the court but certainly if you're one -- if you're in one of those bubbles or indoors, that will be fine for that. and runners, for some they'll choose the treadmill even though they don't like that over the 30 mile an hour gusts. beautiful fall color in washington. not sure which arena we are -- marina we're looking at but it is a pretty sight. this afternoon sustained winds in the 20 mile an hour range with gusts 30, maybe 35 for a little while. highs in the mid-50s by noon, 1:00, 2:00 and then dropping off to the upper 40s by 5:00. this evening we're in the mid- 40s. that's high school football
6:49 am
games. winds will be dropping off but i think some wind chills will be down in the 30s. definitely need to bundle up. this morning 40s to low 50s. however, you look in the mountains only 30 in davis. there's been some snow up that way during the overnight and there will be a little for the morning as well. our latest winds are gusting in the 25 range in winchester. over 20 in the mountains. not too bad on the gusts yet but give it a few more hours. boy, here's another great shot of the fall color in washington this morning. flags are up a little bit. did you see that? we still have a little wind out of the west, northwest at 7 at reagan national. certainly expecting more than that thanks to the storm system spinning across the great lakes. this is what got us yesterday in the mountains with rain and snow showers. around here generally weak conditions. a weak front comes through with a chance of a shower and even that's not too high. today 55, blustery. 38 tonight in town. low 30s north and west as the winds relax. tomorrow morning it will be around 40 for the heart walk on the national mall, the american heart association but upper 40s by lunch time and mid-50s for
6:50 am
highs. a little bit after breeze in the afternoon. milder on sunday. upper 50s. skins are off but ravens are home. monday and tuesday warm weather before the cold epps air of the season arrives -- coldest air of the season arrives. in the 5s with showers and 40s on thursday. rockville park, right in front of walter reed, n.i.h., the crash at cedar lane, 355, blocking all of the northbound lanes of 355 at last check. impacting westbound cedar trying to get to 355. sky 9 has been looking at this crash. southbound going to be the left turn lane that is blocked and certainly slowing to look as you come down from the beltway at that point. connecticut avenue inside the beltway might work better for you. marc rail 10 line customers problems with wires near bowie so they've temporarily all penn line-marc rail service till further notice. the accident north of the lights at brandywine on 5, the
6:51 am
accident now out of the roadway but a focal point for delays. jammed off of 50 and the parkway headed through the signals inbound new york. a little better pace into the tunnel after that. stafford county, accident southbound side of 17 is blocked after 95 before you get to route 1 at washington street with the crash. you're watching wusa9. good friday morning. thanks for joining us. we'll be right back with more news, weather and traffic.
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6:5'4". here's what's in the news. police are searching for three men who car jacked a woman at gunpoint wednesday night in bethesda. police say a woman was parked on hampton lane near wilson lane when one of the suspects opened the driver's side door, held a gun to her head and ordered her out of the suv. the vehicle was found about an hour later abandoned near 16th street and east-west highway in silver spring. ray rice's future in the n.f.l. is in the hands of an ash rater -- arbitrator. that arbitrator must decide whether it everystepped its authority when it changed rice's two-game suspension and made it indefinite aft video went public of rice hitting his then fiance in an atlantic city elevator. no word when a ruling could come down. we'll learn more about the transition plan of d.c.'s mayor- elect muriel bowser. specific plans on her
6:55 am
transition team, she will name five people responsible for that team in a news conference as well as on her website she'll announce that. bowser has less than 60 days before she takes office. the united states postal service is expanding its service at least for the holiday season. the postal service will make deliveries on sundays in major cities. it didn't list which locations that includes. the seven-day delivery will run from november 17 through christmas day. the post office is expecting a 12% growth in package deliveries this holiday season and that amounts to about 470 million additional packages. get ready. another visit from the polar vortex not far away the remnants of the pacific super typhoon called nuri have created a dip in the jet stream which is going to send arctic air into the united states. next week temperatures could drop as much as 30 degrees across much of the nation. wind chills in places like chicago in the single digits. snow is a possibility, too.
6:56 am
remember last winter? >> can't forget. >> we're hyping this now. it's going to be a really long winter. weather wise, we've got the fall color. look at the beautiful picture surrounding the white houshere south and west a lot of leaves are gone. we're going to blow off more of those leaves. temperatures around 556789 nice this weekend. -- around 55. nice this weekend. slight shower chance. warmer monday and tuesday before the polar vortex. a little chunk of it comes here by the latter part of next week. sky 9 over the crash in bethesda on rockville pike at cedar lane. still dealing with that. the northbound lanes were shut down. southbound the last turn lane blocked. this will cost time for anybody in and out of the bethesda just inside the belt away on rockville pike. 66 volume delays still in manassas getting into fair oaks. the crash on eastbound 50 out of the roadway to get to 66. lanes open now northbound 301/5 lining up in brandywine to the crash on the shoulder before you get to clinton at earnshaw
6:57 am
drive. word of the problems with marc rail being resolved. still delays marc-penn line but service back online. cbs this morning is next with the story of the 90-year- old man arrested for feeding the homeless in his community. >> they're going to try to interview the man and find out what charges he's actually facing for that. >> bev and i are back in 25 with traffic and weather for you. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, there's an app for that.
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good morning. it is friday, november 7th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a superstorm halfway across the world that could plunge nearly 250 million americans into a deep freeze. the man who claims he killed osama bin laden breaks his code of silence. now his fellow navy s.e.a.l.s are breaking theirs. plus a little girl fighting cancer steals the show during "thursday night football." first we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 ses.cond >>his is going to take over all of the united states. >> millions of americans b


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