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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 7, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. good friday afternoon. i'm mike hydeck. a teenager is fighting for his life today after being struck in a hit-and-run incident. it happened at a shopping
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center next to a busy intersection of veirs mill and randolph roads. the victim is a 17-year-old wheaton high school student. a short time after the accident, three occupants in the car that struck the teenager showed up at the police station. they told police the victim was part of a group of people who started throwing rocks at their suv. detectives believe the victim was struck while those guys were trying to get away. >> what we really need is witnesses who may have seen an altercation here in the parking lot next to the unique thrift store or near the burger king here at veirs mill and randolph. >> now the driemp of the car says he was unaware that he had hit anyone and there is evidence that the suv had been hit with rocks. the 17-year-old, though, remains in critical condition at the hospital. two teenagers are now charged with assault and battery in connection with an incident at briarwood high school in loudoun county. the two unidentified 17-year- olds are accused of assaulting
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and underclassmen on the football team last month in the school's locker room. police say commonwealth attorneys determined the allegations do not meet the criteria of hazing as identified by a virginia state code. a school bus driver is scheduled to be sentence dad for leaving four children unattended on a school bus and that bus drifted across the road and hit another student. 61-year-old arturo harris of clinton pleaded guilty in september. prosecutors want harris to serve 30 days in jail for leaving four children on that school bus all in order so he could use the restroom at the high school in beltsville. police say the bus drifted across powder mill road and hit a child waiting atthe bus stop. the child who was hit had minor injuries and the children on the bus were not hurt. president obama will meet with congressional leaders for the first time today since the g.o.p. made the big gains in the mid- term elections. craig boswell has the latest from the white house.
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>> reporter: president obama huddled with his cabinet this morning ahead of his meeting with congressional leaders. >> my attitude has been and will continue to be that good ideas don't necessarily come from just one party. >> reporter: 16 house and senate leaders will have lunch with president obama at the white house. most lawmakers have been talking about compromise that in january republicans will control both houses of congress and will be looking to pass legislation the president and democrats have opposed. >> we'll act on the keystone pipeline, restore the 40-hour workweek gutted by obama care. >> reporter: president obama set his sights on immigration reform. he plans to take executive action if lawmakers don't. >> he's going to give congress at least a little time to do something before he acts. that's going to be the big question between now and the end of the year as to whether they can come together. >> reporter: during the post election session that begins next week, congress must also
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address a $1 trillion spending bill to keep the government running past december 11. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> republicans are promising to take aim at the president's signature health care law getting it repealed is unlikely but lawmakers believe they do have a chance of changing some of the key portions of it. democrat john delaney gets to keep his seat in maryland's 6th congressional district. he s declared winner overnight and dan bongino conceded after the absentee votes were counted. we're learning republican ed gillespie will hold a news conference at 1:00 this afternoon to discuss his next step in virginia's u.s. senate race. he narrowly trails democrat incumbent mark warner by more than 16 votes. warner has since claimed victory but gillespie has not conceded. he's going to face questions about whether or not he will. up until now he says he wants to wait until the counting
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process plays out before he make as statement. d.c. mayoral elect muriel bowser has named marion barry and three other former mayors to her transition team. bowser and some of the team members met at a conference this morning. she said all the cochairs should be in place next week. the committees will focus on different issues, including economic development. she says it's important to set an agenda that is feasible and funded and that her team will come up with recommendations for budget and other initiatives all within the first 100 days. bowser takes the oath of office coming up on january 2. police in prince geoe's county are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a high school student there. the teenager told police she was walking along robert louis avenue in upper parm borrow when a man -- marlboro when a man tried to grab her. she ran away and wasn't hurt. the suspect was wearing a gray beanie and gray and yellow jacket.
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he's already charged with abducting a philadelphia woman and bringing her to jessup, maryland. now devlen barnes is facing charges in virginia, too. was extradited from the baltimore county detention center to charles city county jail last night. he was charged with kidnapping 22-year-old carlesha freedland gaither. now he's also charged in coid kidnapping a teenager -- kidnapping a teenager who turned up at a business near richmond last month. police say she managed to escape as barnes was digging a grave that was meant for her. a montgomery county mom accused of abducting her two children will stay in custody until the ruts of her psychological evaluation come back. catherine hoggle says her kids are alive and she can lead police to them but the judge will not allow it. a judge denied a motion to release hoggle from a jessup psychiatric hospital. family members are very unhappy with that decision. >> anything about that, they're
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putting the court case before finding my kids. >> we were hoping and praying she would have been able to be taken to where she's saying the children are. if the children aren't there, she returns to where she is either way and nothing would have been gained or lost. >> the children have been missing since september 7 when their mother disappeared with them. she is now charged with two counts of child neglect and obstruction related to the disappearance of her children. we are now learning more about a woman who claimed she had found an abandoned baby near her house in prince george's county. it turns out she is actually the newborn's mother. a neighbor said he saw kihani jackson carry the backoutside of her house before the authorities got there. >> when she came out, she was carrying the baby. i thought there was a fire because the fire department showed up. >> police sajakson admitted to them -- say jackson admitted to them the baby is indeed hers. the child was not in danger at any point. a new cameraman who thought he had the big scoop winds up
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becoming a part of the story. but first, venus and serena williams unveil their gifts to help d.c. students do well in school and on the court.
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welcome back. your commute could drive you a little less crazy come monday. road crews will begin opening the final section of the the 1.5-mile segment runs from i-95 to u.s. route 1 in laurel. there will also be a new i-95 interchange at konterra drive between the icc and route 198. both of the last segments of the icc and new interchange will be open to traffic by rush hour monday morning. venus and serena williams will be in town today to cut the ribbon on the new williams tennis arena right here in washington. the tennis champions and city leaders will unveil the 48,000 square foot facility located at
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the southeast tennis and learning center in ward #. it's all -- ward 8. it's all wart of an $18 -- part of an $18 million renovation due in large part to the venus sisters. a cameraman part of breaking news became part of the story. he was on his way to an armed robbery scene. he was flagged down and was told he was the man police were looking for in the armed robbery. he gave a tearful confession on camera and then jumped in and took off with the news man. >> i wanted to get that shot of him with the gun but i didn't want to get shot. >> you can understand why. the gunman then crashed the vehicle into a tank at a gas station. police eventually caught up with him. he is now facing a slew of charges for this. still ahead, a massive storm threatening to send an arctic chill through millions of americans by the middle of next week. >> clouds, even a couple of
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sprinkles here and there but the winds, they're the real story today gusting close to 40 miles an hour in a few spots. we'll track those wind gusts and i'll come back with your weekend forecast. mostly i think you're going to like it with wusa9 news at noon returns.
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caught on camera. sparks fly during an emergency landing in canada. flames shot out of the rear of an air canada plane last night as it made contact with the runway at edmonton international airport. the plane suffered some sort of mechanical problem after taking off shortly from calgary and then blew a tire whether it was landing in edmonton. -- when it was landing in edmonton. three people suffered minor
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injuries in this. strong cross winds yesterday at chicago's o'hare airport nearly blew this plane. take a look at video there. sideways. the pilot had to descend and eventually land at an angle. the winds were reported to be 20 and 35 miles an hour. more than 50 flights were grounded because of the high winds there. a storm that is stronger than super storm sandy is about to bring an early season of arctic blast to much of the united states. typhoon nuri is already threatening to whip up 50-foot weafers. the video here is incredible -- waves. the video here is incredible. as it heads to the alaskan islands. it will bring a jet stream over the united states, a bitter cold blast coming our way. >> a huge dip in the jet stream is going to take over all of the eastern united states, some of the coldest air we've seen this year and a taste of winter for a lot of folks. >> we're talking about a massive destruction which will
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peak around october 15 and ripple through the rest of november. >> temperatures could drop drastically into the 20s and 30s in some places. the cold air -- not necessarily howard -- will reach florida. >> the extent won't be what's happening in minnesota. >> you think the polar vortex talk is overblown? >> we talked about this last year. it's always there. the delta winds around the pole. sometimes when the jet buckles, the arctic air can plunge south. we had that a lot last year. we're probably going to get a decent apartment this winter, too. -- amount this winter, too. it's winter. it gets cold. we freaked out last year. it's going to get cold. winter is coming. prepare for it. let's not close schools and libraries unless the windchill is 10 below. layer up. we have to help the homeless and folks with heating problems. that's a given. but the rest of us, suck it up, people.
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let's go. winter is on the way. i'm done ranting. let's get a forecast. >> you feel better now? >> i think i feel a little bit better. good way to get into the weekend. a mix of clouds and sun. we've had a lot of wind, too. winds are a factor. a stray sprinkle or two. also will show you that in a moment. temperatures dropping into the lower 50s for the drive home. the 40s this evening. high school football games, better bundle up. we're talking mid-40s. windchills in the 30s. these winds right now impressive to say the least. gusting to 40 in frederick. gaithersburg 35. then it gusts to 39 a few minutes ago. 37 in baltimore. we're only gusting in the mid- 20s at reagan national. still a windy day. gusts over 30 in winchester and easton. these 30-plus mile an hour wind gusts will be around for a few more hours. the northwesterly winds you can follow the streamers off the lake hitting the mountains squeezing out some rain and snow showers here. for us, you can see these lines. these are called gravity waves. very cool visible satellite
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here. these little clouds are producing some stray showers or two. in fact, there's one lone one. we've got a couple of raindrop as few moments ago here in northwest. you see them in western loudon not far from purcelville. this guy in northwest, it's really tiny but enough to produce and it's just on the potomac here tracking toward the southeast. this may get toward the ballpark, silver hill, those areas if it holds together. these are popping and going, popping and going. upper 40s in hagerstown. cumberland 46. 56 here and easton all the way to 59. i do expect temperatures to settle out very shortly before they drop off later this afternoon. kind of a nice sky here on our weather camera. 56. humidity 47%. northwest winds at 17 gusting to 26. there's a lot of cold air to the north and west. temperatures in the low 40s. the chill is going to be with us for much of the weekend. so the cold northwesterly winds will produce some rain and showers a little longer. things should settle out this afternoon. quiet tonight. generally clear.
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we'll see temps low to mid-30s in many areas. tomorrow is a pretty good day. then we've got some clouds increasing late. even a stray shower overnight. sunday looks good, too. the clouds will actually keep temperatures up a bit as we head in toward sunday. temps today 57. then dropping this afternoon. 38 tonight. closer to freezing north and west. heart walk tomorrow national mall. hope you can make. it should be around 40 with light winds at the start. we'll top out at 56 in the afternoon. a tad milder sunday, 59. ravens are home. great weather for that football game. skins are off. we warm up next week. then we get cold by wednesday and thursday. we're going to be back with re in just a minute. did you know you could be at a higher risk for lung cancer if you are a veteran? with veterans day coming up just a few days away, we have information on how to reduce that risk. here now is the head of the lung cancer program at med star georgetown university hospital. so nice to meet you. thanks for coming in.
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first and foremost, why are veterans more at risk? that seems like an odd thing. >> as you know lung cancer related to smoking and a lot of veterans smoked their whole life. so that's why veterans are a target, a special target for lung cancer. >> we were talking a moment ago. back when you start reading history when people were enleyed, they would get their supplies, uniform and oftentimes a pack of cigarettes would come with that. i thought that was a long time ago and you said no so far ago. >> i'm not sure when they stopped doing that but it's not like 30 years ago. it was much more recent than that. >> if a veteran suspects i'm not feeling so well, what are some symptoms they should be weary of and look for a screening? >> unfortunately the symptoms are not a good sign because it usual means the cancer is advanced. not always but often it is advanced and that's usually too late. but symptoms are shortness of breath, cough, and blood in the
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sputum are the most common ones. >> they have an opportunity to get checked with you. tell us about it. >> a couple of years ago there was a big study published with more than 53,000 people received a ct scan every year for three years. in that study it was clear that if you do that, you actually can increase your survival by about 20% which is huge. it's much more man mammography can do for breast cancer. screening for lung cancer is something that can be done in high risk pop lakes like the veterans with -- populations like the veterans with the aim of reducing cans gler the phone number on the -- cancer. >> the phone number on the screen, you can call and make an appointment if you're a veteran and get a prescreening for a possible ct scan and hopefully reduce your risk. >> correct. >> we appreciate your time.
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you can help save some veterans' lives there. a special salute to the troops. last night at the white house. take a listen. ♪ >> president obama and the first lady hosted a concert last night as part of joining forces initiative. le all-star tribute to the men and women who served the united states took place in front of a live audience, including hundreds of members of military. among the performers, you saw john togetherty there, -- togetherrerty, mar -- fogerty there. it will air on pbs coming up later this month. coming up next, a young girl fighting for her life gets to see her dad play profession
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a powerful show of support and strength in cincinnati thursday night when the daughter of a bengals player helped to donate more than a million dollars in the fight against pediatric cancer. it's a disease the 4-year-old little girl is battling herself. don champion reports. ♪ >> reporter: little leah still stole the spotlight during last night's n.f.l. game between the bengals and browns. >> thank you, leah. >> reporter: fans cheered on as the 4-year-old present add check for more than $1.3 million to help fight pediatric cancer. her father devon still, bengals tackle, stood on proudly. >> i haven't seen my daughter smile so much for a long time. >> reporter: it's the first time she's been healthy enough
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to see her dad play since being diagnosed with stage four cancer. she has undergone surgery and chemotherapy in philadelphia. she flew to cincinnati for the big game wednesday night and immediately ran into her father's arms. >> the courage she showed me is nothing short of inspirational. >> reporter: during the game, fans held signs and wore still's jersey. the money donated thursday was raised by sales of still's jersey. >> a lot of the credit goes to her. what i'm doing is easy just talking about her story. what she's doing is the hard part. >> reporter: a fight that will continue on saturday when leah flies back to philadelphia for more treatment. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> leah's tumor was removed several weeks ago and doctors say her chances of beating the cancer are still just 50-50. >> warms your heart to see the outpouring of this big, bulky
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football man. >> a lot of people around the n.f.l. are supporting the family. that's it for the news at noon. we're back on tv at ak and of
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>> nick: so, phyllis told you? >> summer: yeah. mom and jack did. >> nick: how did that go? >> summer: when i first saw jack's face, i thought mom must be sick again. he just looked -- he looked so sad and crushed. i never would have imagined that he'd tell me that the dna test results had been messed with, that you really are my dad. >> nick: i am. >> summer: how could sharon do something so awful to us? i mean, she's supposed to love you. >> nick: sharon said she did it because she loved me. [ lock disengages ]


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