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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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out towards 66 and route 7 towards leesburg. we will have wet roads. temps again cold, but not below freezing. 42 in fairfax, 42 in reston and 43 in old town. okay on the future cast by 8:00 most of the activity is across 95. clouds would still linger and temps start to fall. most of the showers confined to southern maryland and back in to st. mary's and charles county. we'll talk about when we would clear out with one blast coming in tonight, even colder air on the horizon. new information in the murder of the senior high school student. tonight peggy fox has learned that the gun used in his killing was stolen. we are also learning that the alleged killing was wearing a monitoring bracelet. peggy, you are following breaking news in this case as well? >> reporter: that's right.
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we have learned the name of the 4th suspect wanted in the killing of brendan wilson, which happened right here behind woodbridge senior high school. his name is dion moses, 17 years old. normally police do not release the names of juvenile suspects. but in this case because moses is still large and the other three suspects are still in custody that they requested a judge allow this name to be released and that they have released dion moses' name in hopes of helping police find him and justice to be served. with an eyesight of the murder scene, and with the suspect at large, police check out leads for suspicious juveniles. >> he always put everyone else before himself, always smiling, always happy. >> reporter: it's where the 16- year-old was gunned down on monday afternoon and his murder was not drug-related.
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the commonwealth attorney paul ebert says it looks like it was. >> it looks like they were associating with the worse person. a young man with a lot going for him. >> reporter: the man who shot him should not have been out on the streets. the 20-year-old is a convicted felon out on a $10,000 bond wearing a monitoring bracelet. ebert says he argued against giving small bonds. smalls and 18-year-old tyreen wilson both appeared in court by video linked this morning. wilson charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. one juvenile also in custody in charge of the case. he was killed next to the pathway that goes to the school. neighbors want the walkway closed. >> in this area it is one after the other, right here. >> this is a nice neighborhood
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that is overrun by these high school kids. the folks who would cater to them with the drug deals and the same place on out here. they have urinated on their side of the house. >> reporter: a neighbor posting a sign that would say notice that we were all watching. >> just the simple security camera like they would have in parking lots and commercials and so forth and that it would need to solve, it seems to me pretty much all their problems back there. now this property here where he was killed is owned by the parks and recreation. however the director says that they have no authority to put up any lights or cameras back here because there's an easement. a spokesman for the school says it has never been discussed to put lights or cameras back here
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and that it's not their property. they can't do it either. we'll try to find out if there is anymore being discussed to try to bring some ease in this property. >> peg, thank you. new energy is being devoted to the two missing children in montgomery county. it remains fixed for getting the children's mother katherine to share what she knows. scott broom is live at the playground where the children loved the most. >> reporter: what a heartbreaking scene here today. police standing shoulder to shoulder with the children's father as they are conducting a homicide investigation. and that tortured father troy turner says he firmly believes his children are still alive. here is how he scared those two points of view today. >> what i want everyone to understand is this. i appreciate police. i know that they are working hard and their hearts are in it. they are doing their job.
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their job is to look at what is most probable and rule it out as we go. to believe in my kids and go and find them, period. >> reporter: all of this while their er since a court hearing last week. confined to the state psychiatric hospital and the only suspect in the september disappearance of the 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah. they had hoped that the judge would have allowed her out of the hospital. but in court she said no. detective darren frank met with her before going quiet. >> at that time she wanted to take us to a residence in montgomery county of where the children were. these are the words out of her mouth that there could be a residence in montgomery county
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somewhere in the area where the children may be. it's a remote possibility. >> we are still searching on a daily basis. >> so the torture continues for the children's father. >> we do believe that the victim rights foundation is that they are still alive. the conditions are better for new ground searches that could reveal clues or bodies. the children have not been seen since september 9 when their mother claimed she took them to the daycare center for a try out and then fled from her husband at the fast food restaurant. but as you saw that husband and his supporters, they are continuing their search with new life they have new opportunities for searching as they will continue.
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they are holding onto hope, that's for sure. a mini van just missed a baby today when it crashed in to the store in gaithersburg. two people hurt. one of them seriously when that munivan barreled through the front door of the store. and our cameras were rolling when the cops arrested a man that they are calling a fugitive from justice in prince george's county as they are not all telling us what the man was wanted for. today a jury in pennsylvania indited the man for abducting a woman. surveillance videos show him
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snatching up the woman. andrew schmole and his wife are accused of stabbing a 61- year-old man last sunday. they are charged with two counts of abduction and malicious wounding. sources close to the investigation said that it happened after she was fired from the law firm. they are both attorneys. sentencing was handed down for a former district heights police officer today who shot a handcuffed suspect in the back. johnny reilly was ordered to spend five years in prison. among other things reilly was guilty of first-degree assault. the suspect he shot was left paralyzed from the waist down. the state's attorney respectfully disagrees with the judge's decision. >> the sentencing guidelines in this case was five to ten years. we did ask for a sentence above the guidelines. that took in to account the authority that the officer had. we felt that he had violated
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the trust of our community as well as the sentencing that was suppose to occur on september 2, where the defendant lunged at two prosecutors. >> one of those prosecutors were nine months pregnant at the time and had to scale a wall to get away from him. those long lines, if they are trying you crazy, check it out. today they unveiled a new program, the new payment. surae chinn tells us how it has worked. >> unveiling a new payment where we could soon be paying with our smart phones. this woman spent no less than 25 seconds fumbling for her
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card. >> i always have my phone handy, but not my smart card. >> i'm putting it over here. once i press it, it opens up the gate and i could walk through. >> reporter: your mobile home would represent that card. another option is your credit card with a built-in communication identification chip. metro was testing these now, installed at ten different stations. customers will have a chance too starting in january. it'll be the same price as having a smart trip card. as long as you have a contact credit card list that says pay pass or this symbol, then you are good to go. metro says that it might be one
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way to get back on track. >> i think anything that makes it easier for customers would tell their friends unless they know it was easy to get around metro. >> reporter: if they are successful with enough implementation. >> that would happen in 2017. >> metro is inviting 3,000 riders to test out the new payment method. the new technology will cost metro about $185 million. the house of representatives is set to vote on a republican priority. the supporters say that the pipeline from canada to the gulf coast would promote oil independence in the united states. they've got concerns about the environmental impact any action is unlikely to make it past
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president obama. mcconnell's election was never in doubt. the republicans also re-elected house speaker john boehner. by law though boehner still needs to be approved by the full house on the first day of the new congress. we are just getting started on 9 news at 5:00. coming up, the high cost of surviving a sex assault. you'll hearfrom victims who ended up with medical bills. getting our first look from the spacecraft that landed on a speeding comet. right now in northwest we don't need the umbrella, but if you are headed out there tonight, i would take it. they are reporting flakes of 28. we'll come back and track this for you and we will talk about just how cold it will get to
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take you all the way through the weekend. right after the break what could be behind the attack on the u.s. navy
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some frightening moments after being attacked by extremists in turkey between the two countries. the u.s. navy sailors were attacked during the week of istanbul. they held the three americans with bags of orange dye.
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the sailors were frightened, but they did not fight back. they are deeply troubled. >> we support the rights, as they clearly crossed the line. >> reporter: they made it back to their ship uninjured. they posted the video on youtube as they appear to be symbolic of the 2003 incident when they captured those soldiers in northern iraq, placing the hoods on their heads. >> the most recent poll would show that over 70% of them would have that opinion of the u.s. >> reporter: and the government, they issued a statement that was condemning the attack where the nationalists were detained and then released, but that they may still face charges. marley hall, cbs news. >> they were on leave from the uss. the remaining leaf has been canceled and the ship is expected to leave them today. we are getting our first
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look from the spacecraft that landed on the speeding comet. a first of its kind photo shows that rocky terrain of the asteroid more than 300 million miles away from earth. while it was the result of the 20-year mission, the landing of the probe did not go off without problems. >> i cannot believe that they bounced twice with the smaller one about six minutes. >> they believe that they may be in the shadow of it and that could cause problems for its solar panels that would help to power their batteries. and 121 if you look carefully that you can see the flakes falling, which is cool as they are still well above freezing. probably that 39 right now in
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damascus, which is not too far away, but the roads will be wet. don't worry about that. always good to break the ice though with a live look outside, still 46 downtown. that's why it is not here on the terrace, but the winds are north-northwest at 13. here is the radar over the past couple of hours. and back in the mountains where in fact west of the divide has been snowing for some time. as you head down to 95.
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we are down 12 degrees, but check this out. that is 19 degrees colder down in richmond. so dress for the 30s on friday to treat it like a winter's day. the future cast at 8:00 tonight most of the activity jumps over. the temperatures still in the lower 40s. a lot of snow will begin to show you around i-81 and points west. we'll begin to clear out late. generally clear. 35. you'll get out towards martinsburg and hagerstown with some areas in the upper 80s. 35 by 8:00 and 31 in leesburg. by lunchtime yeah you could
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watch to lunch. 43 downtown and 41 in manassas. by 4:00 the upper 30s and the lower 40s and then the temps start to fall. it will be somewhat cold by tomorrow night. 34 in gaithersburg already 35 in manassas and 36 in la platta. a lot of sunshine. 41 at 11:00 and 43 by 1:00. we are looking at the chilly to cold day again on saturday. they will be really cold. so it will be okay with cold rain that will greet only 44. then next week that will be colder air than what is coming up right now with the lower 40s on wednesday and back to near 50 on thursday. the cyber hackers are accused of targeting the u.s.
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weather and satellite systems. the at ministration says that four of their websites were hacked in recent weeks. they would shut down some of their services, insisting that they were not compromised as they say that they may have also been behind a recent cyber attack on the u.s. postal service. >> and that they want to block dc from making pot legal. today they said that their view on marijuana is not the will of the majority of americans. the state that has marijuana in the league are with the majority of the american people. and increasingly what the american people see is that smoking marijuana among those small people that tend to grow
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cannabis. now he represents that district in maryland where marijuana has been decriminalized, also calling on the lawmakers where the pot has been legalized to one degree or another to support dc's initiatives. plus the method to the city from their family attorney. in tonight's consumer alert, the
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we would like to thank you in advance for not having a repete of the horrific encounters that took place in august. he testified that there is a bullet entry wound to the chest, also indicating the struggle there. we are talking about wheel
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tonight it's the car of the year, including all four available versions of the gulf, their value and several other categories. that is according to a report that is published by the institute, also giving them an a in overall transportation friendliness. this would be an opportunity to restructure the company after the string of the box office misses.
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that story in just a little bit. >> some victims are getting the hospital bills after they submit to that rapacitiesing so what is maryland doing about this? >> right after the break, snowfalling in parts of our area as topper would have the latest on what you can ex ♪
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now we issued this last night as we hope you are still with us as we did sell. the main cause for the yellow alert was the wet roadways. we'll zoom in a little bit. even though radar is not picking it up with wet roads towards frederick and westbound and now we are looking at the activity here in the falls, working their way eastward. 46 downtown now down to 39 up in german town and 38 in damascus. most of the activity across i- 85 with the temperatures in the lower 30s. it is slowly working their way
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in here as it would be dry. temperatures in the upper 30s and the lower 40s. and yes we've got a home game for you there as well on sunday. we'll talk about that too. all right top. follow up to a story we first brought to you about a new struggle for sex assault survivors. only to face the hefty medical bill. these medical costs could end up in the thousands. chris? >> reporter: well the report you aired last night is getting reaction today, at least one lawmaker on capitol hill would agree that the law needs to change. >> the next day i got my first bill. >> reporter: she says that she was sexually assaulted.
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>> every time i would call, i would have to go over everything and relive everything, over and over again and that it was just awful. >> reporter: and not related medical costs. 13 report hearing the survivors receiving bills. the minnesota senator promised action saying that in a statement he's very troubled by what our investigation found. that's unacceptable and i'll be looking in to options to fix this problem. at least two other efforts by frankin failed to pass congress. and for ten months this year her bills kept coming despite the illinois law that says the state should have picked up the tab. >> you knew these bills were not suppose to be coming. >> right, but they kept coming? >> yes. i would probably get one at least every month if not more frequently than that. >> reporter: and chicago-based rate victim advocate would help her resolve her bills, stemming
5:33 pm
from the clerical error at the hospital. >> why does it keep happening to you? >> for me the failure to address it within that hospital. >> the hospital that treated her says they regret their mistake, implementing new protocols. they are encouraging all hospitals to review policies. >> reporter: and where they told the victim advocates that they are hearing these survivors receiving the bill. >> yes, they attended a meeting of the state committee charged of making sure they would have a smoother time to ask them about these billing issues. >> reporter: she co-chairs them in charge of making sure that they don't get turned away from
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the hospitals, and don't get billed after submitting to the rape kit exam. >> our office is not aware that it is an occurrence as we would get a call from an advocate on behalf of the victim who has been billed. over what is suppose to be free. >> the individuals will be referred to a free anonymous site. >> you thought we had it and we
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thought we were sending people to a place that was free. >> reporter: one thing they all agree on is the committee of the nurses, advocates, and they have a common goal. the committee is suppose to be putting their recommendations and the governor by december 1 of 2015. debra alfarone, wusa9. it is a part of their push, fighting for exams to be done at the hospital with the emergency rooms so no victim would ever be turned away. >> seeing the results of last winter's cold snap. and right after the break, why this crowd of protesters have gotten mad at
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yeah, the crowd in massachusetts would begin protesting with the proposed
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ban on tobacco sales last night. they had to be escorted out by police. if it passes, it would be the first of its kind in the nation according to the american lung association. >> to me it is a little town. >> you went up there early. no one is expecting the ground rules. >> reporter: it's not going to affect people smoking. >> reporter: shop owners from the woman you heard from relies heavily on tobacco sales. it's been a close call as his plane lost a hat as it was coming in for a landing yesterday in berlin. now apparently he was never, bono excuse me was apparently never in any danger. the plane did land safely and he's in berlin for today's bambie media award. a little media fun. he responded to a tweet from clinton who is praising his new
5:40 pm
book. it ended with that hash tag, how are you still not on twitter? they are asking why he di dn't have the instagram account. much of the country is dealing with an early season glass of very -- blast of cold air. but nine months ago they had their own cold snap and the result is a 30% increase in baes being born in their hospitals in the last couple of weeks. >> nine to ten months from now will be real tough. >> oh boy. she's in the big easy saying any time they have big weather events or the power warnings, they could plan on being busy 40 weeks later. >> wow. the kind that he likes, oh boy, could be interesting around
5:41 pm
here. it's a group that would help women and children who are victims of domestic violence. >> she told us about her aspired news app, which would help victims reach out for help. >> reporter: the abused victim pushes that go button, immediately contacting their pre-selected friends going to 911. it's a pre-typed or pre- recorded message saying i need help, come now. and andrea will be the mc for tonight's gala. coming up later find out why that is just fine for a young inventer who has come up for something for those that have to leave their pets at home while they work. and see how doctors will be taking away some of the pain and the anxiety that will be linked to the knee replacement surgery coming up next q= ♪
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she is checking on her horse. but it is nearly impossible to do. >> i could do nothing. >> for over a decade, she has severe pain in both of her knees, but she did not see the treatment because she was scared of surgery. >> that is a frightening thing when you would think about it. >> and she would have arthritis in all three components of the knee. >> reporter: after becoming so unbearable. she visited dr. bradley boyd. >> she decided to do one of the replacement. giving her three months to recover. as long as it was doing well we would do the other replacement. >> it is minimally evasive as it would sound much nicer to me than the others. she uses what is called a nerve block to shield the century fibers in the knee, causing the
5:46 pm
pain and the nerve block that does not inhibit the functions making for a quicker recovery. >> i just cut through the capsule of the knee without cutting any muscles. >> he's able to add that new components. >> the patient could do a state leg race without that pain. >> reporter: she started physical therapy an hour after surgery for the right knee with the left knee replace the just a few weeks later. >> i had no idea that it would be so wonderful. i've been taking care of my horse and doing a lot of things that i have not been able to do. >> andrea, wusa9. >> you can get advice from a nova expert who will be live here this tuesday during the noon newscast to take your calls. a quarter of the breast patients who have ended up having to undergo more surgery according to a new study. researchers in wisconsin say
5:47 pm
that among the patients with additional operations about 38% of them had a mastectomy. now the authors say that many of the follow-up surgeries are not necessary as they are done because there is no clear consensus on how big the margin needs to be between the tumors and the healthy breast tissue. your pre-pregnancy weight could affect how your baby developers. researchers found that the embryos of the obese women had less glucose and more fat than the other embryos. that could lead to long health term issues for the diabetes of children. relief could soon be on the way as this small device delivers perfectly measured powder or liquid medication on through the nose. the pharmaceuticals in texas say that the medication goes straight through the brain, it's not evasive, bypasses the liver and starts working immediately compared to taking a pill, which could take an hour to work. >> you could, you know,
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administer the migraine drug yourself in the nose and the onset of the time that is very rapid. it is just minutes. >> and it is not on the market yet, still undergoing final steps as doctors say you can expect to hear about another device that quickly delivers medicine under the tongue. this is a yellow alert day. now here is wusa9's first alert weather. >> and so now you don't have to just look at the graphics to see snow, but you can see the real snow as somebody is happy here. >> it is always nice to break the ice, don't you think? >> sure. >> we may not break the ice then. >> you could have waited a little bit longer, you know. >> although there are a lot of people that do enjoy the sights and sounds. >> and we average that downtown. not out of the question for you. we brought up a new ndot camera for you up in maryland in frederick county, west southwest of frederick, the city, okay? and temperatures in the upper
5:49 pm
30s. but you see a little bit of accumulation right here on the grassy surfaces, okay? the roads are just yet. let me issue the yellow alert for wet roads. i don't think they're going to flash freeze, but they may evaporate. we'll keep you posted. 46 downtown with the winds still west at about 13. here is where we were as this is frederick and this is right about where we were at, zooming in to jefferson where the camera was right around there. it shows green, but it is snow as they would have a hard time with some of the rhythms if the service temperatures are above freezing that they would need to hesitate to put anything, but green or rain on the map. the profile is what's important and temperatures above us about 4,000 to 5,000 feet. they are actually supporting a
5:50 pm
little bit of snow. now almost to rockville with the temperatures falling to the upper 30s around rockville looking at temperatures that will be going on out to potomac around 41. i think that we will be seeing the flurries right in the beltway before all said and done. temperature change we are 12 degrees colder than this time yesterday. the bus stop temperatures are cold too. 22 to 38 with a little breeze tonight. you might need to think about windchills tomorrow. treat it as if it is a january day, not a november day. 8:00 tonight on the future cast with the showers on the east side of 95. still the lower 40s in gaithersburg. temperatures won't fall off tonight thankfully or we would have black ice. most of the showers confined to
5:51 pm
the upper 30s and the lower 40s. we clear out as they would get cold in gaithersburg and leesburg and a sprinkling of the upper 20s in hagerstown where you could see the upper 20s overnight, dropping to the upper 20s for culpeper. by 8:00 in the morning still in the low to mid-30s with the winds out of the northwest gusty. by lunchtime, no worries walking to lunch, but bundle up with the lower 40s, that's it. by 4:00, if you were lucky enough tomorrow night your team is still in the hunt. it will be in the 30s by about 6:00. in fact in the burbs it will be in gaithersburg and leesburg and manassas. that will be at 6:00 tomorrow night. by 10:00 we'll be talking about temperatures almost in the upper 20s in the suburbs. 37 at 9:00 and 41 at 11:00 and 43 at 1:00 with pure sun on the
5:52 pm
day planner. still cold, remember that it will be 8:00 tonight and bundle up in the 30s. we'll be okay with the temperatures in the upper 40s. even colder next tuesday. that is the sun, creeping back up. but now chris shows us a new device that will let you do the same thing with your dog. this is walter. >> reporter: when they would leave for work, walter is aloan, all day long. but now they could get some face time with their new pooch. >> being able to spend time
5:53 pm
with them and away from them that it would help to bridge that gap. you can use the app on your mobile device and release a treat. >> it is really cool and funny to see him react to it because he is with you and sees your face and i think that it will be a big part of the confusion for him ask that he could not smell you. >> it is the brain child of the teenager. >> she has separation anxiety. >> reporter: the 14-year-old recently displayed her invention at the pet summit in new york. martin likes to video chat with her friends, figuring why not the beloved dog? >> i felt guilty that i had to leave her alone all day depressed by herself as i thought it would be great if there is a way to connect with her while i was gone. >> reporter: with the father's help, she would build a prototype, selling hundreds online, hoping that the finished version would be on the store shelves in time for
5:54 pm
the holidays. walter has been sold, especially on the treat. cbs news, hoboken, new jersey. >> the device could also be adapted for cat treats so that their owners could video visit with their cats when they are away. it's kind of interesting. >> my dog would eat that. >> yeah. >> okay. >> busted with baby in tow. coming up, why one woman is banned from the united states after bringing what she claimed was natural med sin. and it has been the debate for years. appearing that the lawmakers are on the hill ready to
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5:56 pm
5:57 pm
but they are trying to wrap up the business as well, which is their report as it has been stalled in congress. >> and the senator was all smiles. voting them in as the next majority leader, but he's not happy about their plan. >> the president has been told over and over again as we are telling him again today, don't do this. >> reporter: but they say that it will be the republicans who have held up their reforms. >> congress could prevent them from doing the action with legislating on the subject at hand. >> reporter: he is ready to act on the other long stalled piece of legislation, the
5:58 pm
controversial keystone xl pipeline. it'll bring as much crude oil that we could get from saudi arabia. >> my leadership did not give me permission to do it. >> reporter: and over in the house, the gop would have their own version of the bill as it has been renamed the cassidy keystone solution and a vote is expected on friday. craig boswell, cbs news. >> reporter: they might veto the bill if they do passing congress. that is all for wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
showers, yes even a few flakes, we'll talk about that to be an impact for your evening commute and a look ahead to the forecast. a new report on the playing of sexual assault on college campuses. the bottom line we need to do more to stop it. >> reporter: a fourth suspect and the name of the 17-year-old juvenile is released in the murder of brandon wilson. i'm peggy fox in woodbridge, the story coming up. but we would begin tonight with a yellow alert. thank you for joining us, i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. only in november and only a few flakes have been spotted out there in somebody's neighborhood. tracking all this stuff. what's going on? >> and i want to emphasize that to you for the rain and for wet roads. and the wet snowflakes are mixing in, which has happened. over the past couple of hours,
6:00 pm
still generally dry. the wet roads with some rain. and a little bit of the rain mixed in. and also up in to northeastern montgomery county, the reports of some snow as well. they've had snow there for awhile asthey are still wet. and that he is about 37 degrees, with snow this afternoon. and that is the first one of the season. and that they could support snow and that it melts when they would watch the ground. i don't think that we would see a flash freeze, but in any event we're looking for the season. temperature wise we are still above freezing at 39 and even damascus sitting at 37. and generally in the lower s


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