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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 13, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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first series of the season, can you believe it? let's go to top -- let's go to topper shutt. this is the radar right now. a little bit of the flakes are moving towards rockville, but the good news is that the temperatures are still above freezing on the grassy surfaces. and southwest of frederick maryland as we're looking at a little bit of the accumulation on the grassy services. and we will keep you posted as the temperatures are still okay. still 41 downtown and 41 in
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chevy chase and arlington. but yes it could snow. we'll come back and talk about when it rolls out for your forecast. 17-year-old deon moses is suspect number four in the murder of the defeat. prosecutors requested the release of the juvenile named to help police find him. here is peggy fox about the new information for the three young suspects in custody of the murder of the 13-year-old brendan wilson. >> reporter: the man who allegedly gunned down right here that should have never been on the streets. within an eyesight of the murder scene. and with the suspect at large. police checked out leads for suspicious juveniles. >> you always put everyone else before themselves and always smiling. >> reporter: it is where the 16- year-old was gunned down on monday afternoon as the boy's mom said that their murder was not drug related. the attorney says that it was. >> it looks like you would
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associate with the wrong people. >> reporter: the 20-year-old is a convicted felon who was out on a $10,000 bond. and was wearing a monitoring bracelet. ebert says he argued against giving smalls a bond. >> and they were released on bond for a $10,000 bond, wearing a bracelet. >> reporter: smalls and the 18- year-old both appeared in court by video link this morning as wilson is charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. one juvenile is also in custody and charged in the case. in woodbridge, peggy fox, wusa9. >> you can find picture of the fourth suspect, moses on the wusa9 news app to help spread the word. tonight a father is charged in the death of the one-month- old baby in dc. that baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.
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they ruled the death a homicide as they arrested the 19-year- old brown today. a renewed effort to help find these two children. they've been missing for two months now, last seen with their mom, katherine. police admit they were in the middle of the homicide investigation. and that they are out there alive somewhere. >> reporter: and new energy is being pumped in to the search for the missing children. >> they are doing their job, to take a look at what is most probable to rule it out as we go. and to believe in my kids and myself and to go and find them period. >> reporter: all of this while the schizophrenic mother has gone silent since the court hearing last week. she's currently confined to the state psychiatric hospital and the only suspect. in the september disappearance of the 2-year-old jacob and 3- year-old sarah. family and police, they had
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hoped that the judge would allow her out of the hospital over the objection of her attorneys to take authorities to the kids. but in court she would say no. >> reporter: at that time she wanted to take us to a residence in montgomery county where the children were. >> reporter: so the torture continues for the children's father. today the victims and their rights foundation announced a creation of a reward fund. >> we believe that the foundation that they still alive. >> reporter: in clarksburg, scott broom, wusa9. >> and those children, they have not been seen since katherine hogel claimed taking them to the daycare for a tryout. and for a fast food restaurant. just now because she's not talking it doesn't mean that they would quit. and that there will be plenty of reasons to help them. well the fbi has now joined the search for the missing baltimore county girl who has been gone for two days now. she is 12 years old. the last time anybody saw her she was leaving her home on
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tuesday morning. now, her mom says she was on her way to perry hall middle school, but later found out that she never got there. she is 175 pounds. blue eyes, long brown hair. and if you see jasmine, call the number on your screen, 410- 317-2020. the man accused of abducting a woman off the philadelphia street. and that they were caught on camera. she was indicted today as they said that they grabbed a 22- year-old woman forcing her in to the car as she was screaming, struggling to get away as they would track them to maryland just three days later. if convicted, he could face life in prison. barnes is also charged in the abduction and attempted murder of a teenager outside richmond. both the victims survive. and for treatment and testing where maryland is included in that investigation. there is some confusion about what costs will be covered.
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for example that there have been two attempts to change several laws beyond rape kits, failing to pass congress. >> debra alfarone is the first meeting of the ask members about those billing issues. >> good morning everyone. >> reporter: she co-chairs a brand new committee, charged of making sure that rape victims don't get turned away from hospitals and don't get billed for medical services after submitting to the rape kit exam where they would comb their body for dna. >> the services will be taken care of by the state. again this will be a funded program under state general funds. >> reporter: but the victim advocates say that the victims still get bills. >> it is something that we hear fairly regularly that someone gets a random charge and they are getting bills and it is really, it stirs everything up. >> our office, they are not aware that it will be a frequent occurrence. occasionally we do get a call from an advocate on behalf of
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the victim. who has been billed. generally erroneously. >> reporter: when asked how the state is doing,dantzler gave them an a-minus. it will be on december 1, 2015. debra alfarone, wusa9. a committee was formed due to the legislation push by state maryland delicate who pushed for the rape kit be done in all maryland hospitals. but the emergency rooms where no victim would ever be turned away. at the university of maryland some controversy has broken out over the new rules designed to prevent sexual assault. and that it is including the penetration, but students complained the roles would suggest touching someone's counterparts without consent that would be sexual misconduct. >> and when the university president says things that might be right here on campus. that's an issue. >> reporter: if i'm touched a certain way, i feel like it will be a sexual assault.
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>> reporter: the maryland attorney general just released new guidelines to help the state's colleges and universities combat sexual assault. one of the top recommendations bystander intervention. a former district heights police officer convicted of shooting a suspect who was handcuffed will spend five years behind bars. a judge sentenced him to the minimum jail time today. and after he is out he'll serve five years supervised probation and he'll have to do more than 2,000 hours of community service. back in september 2012, calvin kyle was driving a stolen motorcycle. reilly handcuffed the man putting him in the cruiser, but the man managed to get out. reilly went after kyle and then shot him in the back while still handcuffed. kyle did survive. the man who police say caught a ride to and from a bank robbery has now caught a ride to jail. they arrested william thomas of temple hill, saying he's the man seen in surveillance videos robbing a bank in fort washington last week. check out how they tracked him
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down. detectives used the cab that he used to get to and from the bank. the driver had nothing to do with the robbery. riding metro is about to get smarter and probably a bit faster too. the new fair gates and how you could sign up for the new service is next. the flakes are falling west of town, will they make it all the way to the district? topper is tracking the first snow system of the season. can you believe that? >> i don't want to believe it. but they willan is headed coming up on and your only local news at
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four lucky wusa9 viewers will be able to fill their thanksgiving freezers for free. all you have to do is like our facebook page, fill out the entry form. you have until next friday to get your name in. metro is entering a new age in paying for fares.
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>> the transit system unveiled a new pilot program where you could test the new system using their smart phones. surae chinn shows us how it works and how it could be in your commute to be a little less crazy. >> reporter: it is all about convenience. these fair gates are 30 years old. metro just unveiled a new tester where we could soon be paying with our smart phones. this woman spent no less than 25 seconds, all while holding her smart phone. i always have my phone handy, but not the smart card. >> i'm putting it over the contact list. and that it opens up the fair gates and i could walk through. >> reporter: your mobile phone would represent the visa card. another option is your credit card that has a built-in communication chip. metro is testing these new fare
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gates now and installed at 10 different stations. customers, they'll have a chance too starting in january. >> i think it's a good idea as long as it isn't even more expensive. >> reporter: it won't be. metro says it's the same price as having a smart trip card. it'll also be available at parking lots and buses. as long as you have a contactless credit card that has a pay pass or this symbol or your smart phone, you're good to go. metro says it might be one way to get back on track. at gallery place i'm surae chinn for wusa9. >> everything works out for the pilot program and there's enough anticipation, the full rollout happens in 2017. metro is looking for about 3,000 people out there to test this. if you to sign up, you can go to our wusa9 news app and have at it. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a little bit of light rain here in the northwest. let me show you the radar as we
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have zoomed in parts of montgomery county with light rain and up the road and out 355 and route 7 as well. we will come back and tell you how close the snow is and if you might snowflakes downtown before the night is over. trouble ahead for the spacecraft that landed on the comet. the issue with the landing spot after the break on wusa9 and your ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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those of you tuning in, those are the headlines we are following for you tonight. they arrested 12 people as they saw on three u.s. sailors in istanbul. the sailors had just come off the guided missile destroyer for sure. and to change the way that they needed to force -- as they forced a bag over their heads. the sailors were able to get away. scaling back the number of troops to help detainee bow la in west africa. they originally estimated that they would send 4,000 service members, but now they believe that 3,000 will be enough as they say that the u.s. responders underestimated the resources that have been there. right now they have about 2,200 service members in west africa. this afternoon 80 of them came back to west virginia. and they arrived at noon, immediately started a week-week isolation at joint-base ulysses. none are showing symptoms of ebola as they would be able to
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walk with or talk to their loved ones on the phone and the computer during the quarantine. >> they plan to conduct trials of ebola treatments next month and no vaccine for ebola. it's killed 5,000 people in west africa. the senator mitch mcconnell will have a new title. he's the senate majority leader. right now he's still the minority leader, but that would all change last week when they would need to take control of the senate. and asthma jr.ty leader, they will need to set for coming next january. and mcconnell will work with house leader to secure their third term in that role today. once confirmed in j boehner will preside over the largest majority since world war ii.
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and there could be trouble ahead as they would believe that they came to rest in the shadow of the eclipse as they might get far less sunshine. and every day so the engineers are now working on a fix. this is a yellow alert day. now here is wusa9's first alert weather. >> all right, the flakes have fallen as i can't believe it. >> pretty close too as we could see the flakes.
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and that they would evaporate as they would evaporate and have the winds pick up. we'll have the update for you at 11:00 no doubt. and the light rain will be reported too. now, here is the radar over the past couple of hours as you could see everything moving off slowly too and on the north and the east and the whole system moving off to the east as they would just clear up over on in to parts of eastern sections of prince george's county and it will be dry over there to about 6:00 to 7:00. we'll zoom in there and everything is pretty light. you can notice the snow and it is showing up. this is the white and the color coded mosaic if you will. down in the columbia and mt. eerie as we know that it will be a little further south. and it is not quite good enough
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as they are so far above freezing. and that they don't want to paint it as snow, but the flakes are just to the north of rockville. if you are traveling up i-270 right now, you'll run in to snow as you get past here. in the meantime some rain in tyson's corner of fairfax, moving out towards 66 and chantilly and in to fredericksburg. the temperatures, thankfully close and also in leesburg. and pulling up the kids, where it will be as if it were a winter's day.
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so 37 at 9:00, 43 at 1:00 p.m. still cold on saturday at 45. it is really still seasonably cold on sunday. and the drive for the game although the clouds will be moving in. on monday it will be a cold miserable rain, and even colder on tuesday, in the upper 30s and the lower 40s on wedne
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surf's up, alaska. the storm has arrived with a tidal wave to go for a stretch for a while. and that is amazing. >> the real problem is getting so distracted by the gorgeous scenery to fall off your board. >> that will be a problem to surf like that. >> or the or. all right, that is our, it is your local news at 7:00. we're back at 11:00. >> make it a great night everybody. stay warm.
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tonight, honey boo boo's mom, mama june sits down with e.t. >> is she really dating the man who molested her daughter? we get the truth. >> i have nothing to hide. i just want to tell my side of the story. knowing this man mark, why would you let him around your family again? >> brookdee annrsos get real with the reality star. >> i have pictures, june of you guys holding hands. you have to see what he did to your daughter. >> she never told me she believed me. >> you believe your child over a man? >> yes. >> and you didn't. >> is honey boo boo in danger? >> where has richard simmons been? the workout king hasn't been seen in months. we talked to someone who is with him today. >> we're going to show you miley cyrus's date with patrick schwarzenegger. plus j. la's scare atler man after her little singoff.
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♪♪ >> now, entertainment tonight, we love entertaining people. >> mama june and the child molester, the story was shocking. i mean, honey boo boo's mother reuniting with a man who did prison time for molesting her oldest daughter. >> it's crazy, we were all taken aback by the allegation. and tlc immediately pulled the plug on the show. we finally get to the bottom of this crazy mess. >> crazy is the correct word for it. mama june remaining silent until now. >> brooke anderson flew to georgia and sat down with mama june. all the questions you want answered, she asked. it's tonight's top story. the entertainment tonight mama june exclusive. >> so june why did you want to do this interview now? >> i have no nothing to hide, i have nothing to lose.


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