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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 17, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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hello, everybody. howard bernstein with you. top of the noon. we have weather to discuss, lots of rain coming through right now. you can see this yellow area from raleigh up toward us. heaviest rain we are going to see in the region over the next couple of hours, and areas west are already seeing the worst of it. we have a lot of yellows and
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oranges and reds, a sign of the moderate to heavy rains that are coming through now and really are going to show you down during the lunch hour. might even have ponding of the water on the roadways. you see through washington, baltimore toward annapolis, lots of bright colors. that means lots of moderate to heavy rain. south 66 past manassas, we are in much better shape. later rapes. you get past warrenton, things start to quiet down. look at all the heavy weather from fredericksburg toward southern maryland and areas to our east from prince george's toward the eastern shore now. you go down past here, a couple of hours of the really heavy stuff. temperatures have struggled under the rain. 47 now in dc, 42 in hagerstown. with 50s south and east. we may only get into the low 50s today. you better take it in. an arctic blast will be
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arriving tonight. tomorrow more like january. sad news this afternoon. the maryland surgeon being treated for ebola has died of the virus. president obama issued a statement, calling dr. martin salia a hero who dedicated his life to helping others. delia goncalves has the latest. sorry we are having technical problems with that. dr. salia's first test came back negative but a second test proved he did have the virus. initial tests are often inconclusive. prince william county police announced a fifth arrest today in connection with the murder of a woodbridge high
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school student. the latest suspect is identified as a 16-year-old girl. she was arrested the same day another juvenile surrendered to police. brendon wilson was shot to death a week ago today on a path behind the high school. all of the suspects were part of a plot to rob
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welcome back to 9news at noon. crews are clean-up after a fire this morning in northwest washington. flames broke out in an apartment building in the 4800 block of fourth street. everyone inside the homes were able to make it out safely. no word yet on what sparks the fire. some won, some last on the field, but they all received quite a surprise after sunday's games. federal drug agents paid a visit to some nfl team's medical units. investigators are looking into prescription drug abuse, specifically painkillers like
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percocet and percodan. among the teams targeted sunday the buccaneers, the seahawks and the 49ers. the nfl released a statement saying its teams cooperated with the investigation and there is no indication irregularities were found. president obama caused the latest murder of an american at the hands of isis militants pure evil. a total of five westerners have now been killed by the islamic extremists. a 26-year-old woman is left in isis hands. craig boswell has more from the white house. >> all right. we are having some technical problems, i apologize for that. continuing with our newscast. at least three european foreign fighters are believed to be among the isis executioners that were involved in the execution of peter kassig.
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a high school student is hospitalized after receiving quite a beating at the school last friday. we are told 16-year-old dry quan yates is doing better, but still recovering. a parent of another student said the violence began with an attack on her daughter. yates, who is that girl's boyfriend, came to her assistance. that is when he was hurt. his classmates say they hope yates gets better soon. >> i know he is doing good now. he got a lot of support. but it was really crazy. >> he is a good guy. he always goes to class. everybody is praying. >> students say fights like the one that injured yates happen all the times. parents agree and say this is nothing new at the school something should be done. prince george's school officials caused the attack -- calls the attack an isolated incident. a student in college park
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was grabbed by the neck yesterday and held at knifepoint. it happened in the 4400 of heart wick road. students are understandably concerned. >> yeah it is scary. especially because like i'm a young girl. it could have been me, her, anyone. >> the student was able to break free and run away from the suspect. campus police are reminding students that they do provide an escort service for anyone who feels safe on or near the university. at this point police do not have a good description of the suspect. an attorney for bill cosby says the 77-year-old comedian will not respond to rape claims that are decades old. the renewed attention to the claims began last month, when another comedian assailed cosby during a performance in his hometown of philadelphia. don clam opinion has more. -- champion has more. >> reporter: comedian bill cosby got plenty of laughs during the show in erie,
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pennsylvania sunday night. the 77 cold took the stage amid growing pressure to answer allegations of rape, claims he was asked about during an interview this weekend with national public radio. >> i'm in the news business, i have to ask the question. do you have any response to those charges? >> slicking your head no. >> reporter: the allegations date back to a 2005 civil lawsuit that claimed cosby drugged and raped a woman in his home. he settled the case after more than a dozen women with similar stories were prepared to testify. >> i was completely sick. >> reporter: actress barbara bowman was one of them. she says cosby assaulted her in 1985, when she was just a teenager. >> i was served a glass of wine. and the next thing i knew, i was hovering over the toilet bowl, on my knees in a white t- shirt that was not mine, it was a man's white t-shirt that i did not arrive in. >> reporter: a statement sunday cosby's attorney discredited the
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allegations, saying quote the fact that they are being repeated does not make them true. fans are cautious about passing judgment. >> innocent until proven guilty as far as i understand this. hopefully it doesn't come to truce. >> reporter: cosby has never been charged with sexual assault. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> cosby has canceled a scheduled interview with the associated press this weekend and an appearance on david letterman's show on wednesday. the appearance was supposed to be in connection with an upcoming netflix project. in new york police have no idea why, but the hunt is on for a man who pushed a rider in front of an oncoming subway train. 61-year-old way quinn was standing on the platform with his wife when a man ashoved him from behind. police have video of a person of interest seen leaving the station just minutes after the indent. this is the fourth time in recent years someone has been
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pushed to their death on the new york subway tracks. he just wanted to take a selfie, instead he got a mug shot courtesy of the nypd. >> it is the latest security breach on the 131--year-old landmark of new york's brooklyn bridge. there was an embarrassing security breach when two german artists swapped the bridge's american flags for a solid white one. the photographer is charged with felony reckless endangerment and misdemeanor criminal trespass. turning to australia now, where a television news anchor says he wore the same suit for a whole year and no one noticed. he said it was a show of solidaritity, because his female co-anchor would receive unflattering and unsolicited fashion advice because of what she would wear. coming up on wusa9, want to
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shoot pictures like a professional? get out your cell phone. acclaimed
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white house photographer david kennerly has won every major award given it a still photographer. now he is out with a new book about a tool that puts, in his words, every shooter on the same playing field. the book is called david kennerly on the iphone. we were just talking, i think you may have been other our show years and years ago when we had a 9:00 newscast. but i think people who are long time watchers of what happens in washington know a lot about
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your background, having photographed robert f. kennedy on the campaign trail, president gerald ford's photographer, you have had an ileus industrious career -- an -- a wonderful career using's still camera. >> and i still do. whether it is an iphone or camera phone, we all have them. >> i brought mine along. >> i'm hoping for tips. >> and i can probably help you out. >> that is why you are here. >> exactly. one of the reasons i did the book was, i was doing a photo a day project with the iphone. i like to challenge myself personally. every day i have been doing this for almost 50 years, i'm not happy unless i'm making good pictures. when you have that little tool, it really helped me even become a better photographer. >> what i read about you, you said once before, that you can teach someone how to take a
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picture, but you can't teach them how to see. really it doesn't matter the instrument you are using, it is what you see. >> that's right. i think, i can't help you, i can't teach you how to see, but i can show you where to look. and one of the things about beyond the iphone book is exactly that. and you wanted some tips, one of them, i know it is, we all are so familiar with our surroundings, even being in the studio or in your home or around your neighborhood, one of my ideas was pretend you are a martian that just landed here on earth for the first time, and try to look at everything in a new way. and on top of that, i came up with this idea. with the kennerly 60 minute photo workout, which is go around your neighborhood, try to get five good pictures of things you see every day, but never really looked at. and it's amazing what you could come up with. >> you also said about digital
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photography, that we are so busy looking at what we just snapped that we might miss a good image. is that true with a cell phone as well? >> i think it's true. i think rather than just taking pictures like i was there in front of the eiffel tower in front of the kremlin or wherever, the emotional content of a photograph is what makes you want to look at it. i think the memories that you get will be a lot better if you take pictures that have some meaning to you. it is not just another snap. >> so looking at the person who is looking at the eiffel tower, maybe, and seeing something in their expression would be what we see? >> well when it comes itself physician, you don't always want your face in front of every monument. do that, and then try to take something that is a little more artistic. when you look through the pictures in the book, you can take these kind of pictures. granted, i'm a professional photographer, but i have, i'm on a real mission to help
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people take better pictures so they'll have the experience they can show their grandkids in a better frame. >> and this is the perfect time to learn it and get the book. david kennerly, good to have you back here. >> thank you. >> continued success with this new book. let's go to howard use davi send some of that rain out to california. they could use it. >> reporter: we'd love to. believe me. we have plenty out there right now. in fact this system, drawing in moisture off the gulf of mexico. these are tornado watches in northern florida through eastern north carolina. there have been a few isolated tornadoes today. we have a lot of heavy rain here. in our neck of the woods, the worst of the weather is coming through right now. we'll have lingering showers to the west. you get west of the appalachians. now we have cold air, with snow falling across parts of ohio and western pennsylvania. you notice along and east of i- 95, seems to be the worst of
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the weather, quickly moving to the newport east. west of the blue ridge, breaks developing toward the shanendoah valley. this stuff these oranges and reds, it is coming down at a really good clip. it is coming down said allen in bowie. good chunk of montgomery county west of those areas, things are quieting down. i want to show you down 95. what a difference, east of 95 into charles county now through king george over to colonial beach we have heavy rain. west between warrenton and i-95 we have lighter showers here. although southern prince william has a couple of moderate showers. there evening lightning in colonial beach for 15 minutes or so. our friends on the eastern shore also, all this is moving up toward you. you are going to get the heavy rain for another one to two hours. look what is coming south, as
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we head towa reidville and the lower eastern shore, pro duce saint patrick's day lightning and thunder as well. this time of year, small hail is easy to generate. it is a dreary looking day. lucky to get into the low 50s, maybe mid-50s in a couple of spots. but the rain has been keeping us chilly today. if there is a lingering shower at 7:00, it will be very isolated and by 9:00 some clearing, 42. and the cold is on the way. here's the cold you can ceasesly see. only 30 in columbus and cleveland, near 70 in norfolk. this is what is coming and this cold is going to be with us for a couple of days now. 41 in cumberland and we are stuck at 46 in washington and frederick. with the rain, at reagan national, winds are calm at the moment, and it is just not a pretty day. futurecast, shows how quickly this stuff will pullt. by 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. for the drive home, we should be in much better shape.
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let me tell you the wind chills are going to drop big time. tomorrow morning we get wind chills in the single digits north and west through the teens in town. and i think wind chills tomorrow 15 to 25. colder late, rain tapers to showers. 28 tonight, but low to mid-20s in the suburbs. 34 tomorrow. cold spots, north and west, may not get above 30 with wind chills 15 to 25. this is a lot more like january than november. by wednesday not as cold, very cold in the morning. still about 20 below average. thursday friday saturday, better. still cool, mid-40s. sunday back in the mid-50s, late in the day into sunday night. we are going to talk thanksgiving. thanksgiving. we are doing that
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related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today.
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we are back with some survival tips. if you are the one preparing the holiday meal, chef brad testifying is here from ninth street northwest. with its authentic cajun and creole menu, it is one of my favorite restaurants. i'm biased here. chef, thank you for being here with us. and the turkey, of course, is the main dish. but in louisiana it is either turduckhen, roasted or deep fried. >> today i have the roasted turkey and the fried turkey. >> their thanksgiving to go feeds how many people? >> this feeds eight people. so you get your choice whether you want a fried turkey or a roasted turkey. you get your choice of pies and eight sides. >> and you can get this the day
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of or a couple of days before. it will be get for the actual thanksgiving meal? >> absolutely. you pick it up the day of and it comes with simple easy reheating instructions. each sight tem it a little different. we try to make it as simple as possible. >> in case you want to try you are going to see us how you do the yams. what do you do with the yams? >> when you make sweet potato puree, you want to roast it in the skin. that makes it nice and easy. you can see it is nice and tender. and it is easy. >> put it in the masher there. you put it in the food mill and twist it around and you are good to go. >> there it comes out and this is the finished product. some of the other sides you are offering in the meal the turkey to go, again for eight people, mashed potatoes. >> anything special?
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>> garlic? cheeses? >> i like to keep everything pretty simple. it feeds a variety of people that way. >> if you want to do it you can kind of doctor it up when we get home? >> absolutely. you have collard greens, oyster stuffing, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, biscuits, pumpkin pie there and gravy. >> you don't put your stuffing in the turkey? >> no you can definitely do that. i'm trying to make this as foolproof as possible. >> when is the deadline to call and arrange for it? >> this thursday to pick it up the next thursday. >> chef brad, thank you for being with us. i hope somebody is cooking the meal for you. that is it for us at noon. the next news is at 5:00. howard and i will see you tomorrow morning starting bright and early at 4:25. be safe out there.
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>> stitch: did you check the ladies' rooms? >> billy: i checked everywhere. there -- there's no sign of her. >> stitch: okay, then. where else can we look? >> billy: i don't know. >> stitch: come on, man. this is your family's building, okay? you have to know it better than i do. i mean, where could she be -- like, maybe in one of the offices or something? >> billy: what, overnight? >> stitch: maybe she fainted. >> billy: look, i've checked jack's office, abby's mine, the lounge, the cafeteria. >> stitch: the gym. >> billy: no. she's not there. nobody's seen her. maybe -- maybe abby got the security footage wrong. >> stitch: her car's still here. look, i'm gonna go down and check again. >> billy: you know, if you just called somebody when she didn't show up last night... >> stitch: my mother had had a heart attack. i left vick a message. i figured she got it. what about you? >> billy: what about me? >> stitch: you had johnny yesterday and today. is it like vick not to check on her child? >> billy: no. never.


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