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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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troops to support the local police and help keep the peace. here in washington plans are already laid for local protests and police are preparing, too. >> our scott broom is down in mount vernon square with details on what we can expect. >> reporter: mount vernon square already designated by activists as the meeting place for a protest the day after whatever time the grand jury in ferguson makes its decision. this video shot by the protesters themselves at previous d.c. events gives you an idea of the noisy but nonviolent demonstrations being planned by a group call d.c. ferguson. eugene courier is an organizer. aren't you jumping the gun organizing a protest before anything has happened? >> we want to be prepared because we see that in these situations very often police officers either aren't indicted or are indicted for lesser charges. ferguson is so caitiff it of
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things happening -- indicative of things happening around the country. >> reporter: meanwhile metropolitan police sources have told wusa9 civil disturbance units have been activated. outgoing mayor vincent gray is commenting. >> i don't think it will happen here. of course, i'm deeply concerned about ferguson, what's going on there, you know, whether people should be held accountable or more accountable for the action taken with respect to the young man that was killed there. i don't see that spilling over into the district of columbia. >> reporter: meanwhile this video today from michael brown's father. >> hurting others and destroying property is not the answer. no matter what the grand jury decides i do not want my son's death to be in vain. i want it to lead to incredible positive change. >> reporter: of course, d.c. furring son organizers have promised a noisy but nonviolent
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demonstration here in washington d.c. d.c. furring son has managed to localize this -- ferguson has managed to localize this issue by manning a civilian review board with the power to fire police officers. >> you may be asking yourself now exactly what is a grand jury and how does it work? how will it decide if officer darren will some ought to be charged or not? coming up our own andrea mccarren will break down what a grand jury does and when you're away from your television or computer, you can keep abreast of what's going on in ferguson by downloading our wusa9 news app. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> the arctic air is here and in place, a little wind chill out there, temperatures in the 20s primarily. dress for the 20s. the wind chills are no longer a factor when the winds die down. futurecast, 8:00 tonight 20 search gaithersburg, leesburg and 28 in manassas -- 27
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gaithersburg, leesburg and 28 in manassas. temps are going to fall to the teens eventually tonight. make your plans tomorrow, high temperature near 50. sunday is okay, tracking evening showers, a touch of spring by monday, near 70 and then still seasonable tuesday with highs in the 50s. we will come back, talk more about the timing of the showers and rain sunday and take you through thanksgiving and travel day wednesday. he the florida state university shooter -- the florida state university shooter myron may sent packages to nine of his friends across the country before shooting up a campus library and one of those intended recipients is joe paul from our area. he was alerted by the u.s. postal inspector there was nothing hazardous inside the package. paul said he received a message on facebook and the picture of the package he should receive thk. wee fsgrad myron may shot and injured e threpeople including
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one person critically. students ran for cover inside the library before police slot and killed may. >> no idea what he was sending. i thought it was maybe a wedding invitation. i didn't know. i surely didn't think it was anything related to what happened at stozier. a frederick county plan pled guilty to abusing his 2- year-old grandson and killing him in. court raymond brittle admitted he beat, kicked and cleaned little robert watkins teeth with a wire brush. that child died from his injuries last year. before it's is now facing up to 55 years in -- brittle is now facing up to 55 years in prison. his wife could be sentenced to 20 years for failing to protect the boys. a former montgomery county substitute teacher already charged with committing sex crimes against a student, late today we learned three more victims have come forward to
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allege jose pineda sexually abused them. at the times of the alleged sex offenses the students were in the 6th or 7th grade. pineda most recently taught at roberto clemente middle school. tonight a warning from police in bethesda, be on guard for out of town burglars that case local neighborhoods. they strike in broad daylight and they use all kinds of tactics. they try to break in when you're not home. they pose as utility workers. they may ask to use your phone and somebody else comes in and goes through your house. they might even bring children along to serve as a distraction. be alert. these folks stay in motels, hit an area a few days, skip town and sometimes come back. there are moments seared into our collective memory and for anybody who has lived in d.c. a while, one of them is surely the massacre of two fbi agents and a homicide sergeant inside the city's police
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headquarters. tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of that slaughter and today at st. patrick's church downtown hundreds of family members, friends, police officers and fbi agents gathered to remember. a street thug worried about his rep worst into the cold case squad and opened fire with a fully automatic tech 9 killing sergeant hank daly and special agents martha dixon martinez and mike miller. sergeant daly's brother mike helped lay a wreath at the national law enforcement memorial. >> we grieve for family members like everyone else does regardless of how they died. we're proud they died for a good cause. >> more americans were killed in the crack epidemic in d.c. in 1994 than the first eight years of the war in afghanistan. but the murders of the law enforcement officers marked a turning point. the homicide rate is going down. the city is a much safer place now and that is a ling legacy
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to daly, dixon-martinez and miller. tonight d.c. councilman marion barry remains under a doctor's care at the hospital. last night he had his driver take him to get checked out and he was admitted to howard university hospital for observation. mayor vincent gray says he hopes barry will be released soon and hopes he will be well enough to host this year's turkey give-away to families in ward 8 set for next tuesday. >> i wouldn't be surprised if marion isn't there himself. in fact, i probably would be more surprised if he's not there to tell you the truth. >> we'll home he's there as well. barry is 78. he underwent a kidney transplant five years ago. he's had prostate cancer and diabetes and other health challenges. coming up next when the news continues -- >> reporter: what are the options for the ferguson grand jury? i'm andrea mccarren. i'll have a live report next. >> you can now go from farm to
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the world is watching ferguson, missouri, right now. >> in secret proceedings grand jurors are looking at evidence in the case of white police officer darren wilson and the death of michael brown, an unarmed black teenager. andrea mccarren is keeping an eye on the latest developments and joins us live from our satellite center with more on the workings of the grand jury. >> to help us all understand what's unfolding in ferguson we turned to two local experts with a wealth of judicial experience, retired maryland circuit court judge steven platte and former prince george's county state's attorney glenn ivey. the grand jury is deciding whether there's probable cause to believe a crime was committed and that officer darren wilson committed it. if the answer is yes, there are options. >> homicide can be first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter,
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involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide. >> the prosecutor won't ask for an indictment but will present every shred of evidence, even material that would never be allowed in a trial. >> the quality of that evidence, by the way, can be anything. it can be like fifth degree hearsay. it can be gossip. it can be anything. >> it's fairly unusual to have defendants testify in the grand jury. in cop cases it happens more frequently. >> grand jury proceedings are supposed to be secret, but alleged leaks in this case indicate that officer wilson testified. >> if you think you've got a case where you have a defense that you can present that might persuade the grand jury not to indict, they might do it then. >> it is widely considered rare for a grand jury not to indict. now if that state of missouri grand jury does not decide to indict, obviously there will be no trial. if they do indict, there will be a trial, but regardless of
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what the state decides to do, the federal investigation led by the department of justice can move forward with a potential civil rights case. therefore they would convene a federal grand jury. reporting live from the satellite center, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> there is more to come. before you make weekend plans you got to hear topper's forecast and he is coming up next. ♪
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they call themselves locovores, people who drive by food grown and made in their area. >> chris van cleave has the story about a company that's actually using the web to bring the farm to your neighbhood. >> reporter: katie sheehan lopez buys locally produced foods whenever possible, but it can be challenging. >> over the past 15 years i've been looking for ways to get local food through farmers markets, through co-ops and csas and any other way. >> reporter: now she gets farm fresh food from a website called farm ego. shoppers can order produce, meats, yogurts and breads from farmers and food producers in their area. >> very easy to use.
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you get to look at a picture of the farmer and find out how they're producing their food. >> reporter: a few days later the prepacked order is ready for pickup. the site's users form groups and designate a central dropoff. the idea is to create a one- stop pickup of all the local goods you've ordered. this 1 is through a co-op in jersey city. farm ego eliminates the middleman connecting customers directly to a farmer with a click. >> it's like a virtual food cooperative like a farmer comes to you. >> reporter: katie also likes that she can connect with people who share her interest in healthy eating when she picks up her order. >> it's a great way to meet other people in the community. >> reporter: farm ego's roots are in the new york area. >> turns outs schools use farm ego as a tool for fundraising.
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parents order andic up through the school. a percentage of the return -- and pick up through the school. a percentage of the return goes to the school and perhaps towards the school garden. perhaps that's the way to actually get some vegetables in your refrigerator. >> that's a thought. it's a little skimpy in there right now, tell you that. >> not full of kale? >> no. >> has kale ever ventured in there? >> no. >> ketch up is the closest you'll get. >> probably some brew ski, too. we're looking at arctic air tonight, not here long. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, the high was 40 downtown. it's 36 now, dew points in the single digits. this is a very dry air mass, winds out of the northwest at 7. there's a bit of a wind
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chill, 27 degrees, wind chill in gaithersburg with about a 13- mile an hour wind and 27 in manassas. the problem is when the winds die down, the temps will fall at these levels anyway. winds diminish, bitterly cold tonight. a cold start saturday, but a mild finish and then sunday even milder and mainly dry. we'll show you a different model of sunday's forecast. it's a little more optimistic. magnificent monday, high temperatures 70. 8:00 tonight again i think these temps are high, upper 20s leesburg and manassas, 33 downtown. by 9:30 temperatures still again mid-20s. it's not picking up how fast we're going to fall. we're looking at mid-teens before all is said and done. by 7:00 we've got low 20s. i think manassas will be in the upper teens and culpeper in the mid-teens. by 10:00 in the morning we're back in the 30s, mostly sunny skies, a few clouds in the afternoon, not a huge deal, 40s
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to near 50. by 5:00 they thin out, temperatures still low to mid- 40s. we get into tomorrow night, temps will not fall off the table. much milder night, although still cold but only in the 30s tomorrow night and by 10:30 we'll see mid-30s in the suburbs, still hovering around 40 downtown. another model, this is now 9 a.m. sunday. we have sunshine and we'll put this into motion. 1:30 we still have sunshine, clouds lingering back. this model is a little too show. the model we showed you earlier is a little too fast. the truth lies somewhere in the middle. sunday will be decent with clouds rolling in, sunday night rain across the board, heavier down south and west of us toward culpeper. by monday morning it should be out of here. i'll keep an early shower, but boom, it's out of here and temperatures soar in the upper 60s to near 70. 29 at 7:00, 34 at 9:00, 41 with sunshine at 11:00, 46 at 1:00.
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next three days a bit milder sunday. most of the rain and showers hold off until sunset, 57, maybe a morning shower monday, then warmer, 70. tuesday still seasonable, upper 50s, yes, rain and snow showers wednesday, mid-40s, cold thursday for turkey day, maybe a flurry, cold friday with partly sunny skies, flurries in the mountains. send it out to the verizon center, big game tonight for the wizards. >> reporter: lots of excitement surrounding the game tonight. it's going to be a packed house. the wizards are looking to continue their hot start as they host lebron james and the in
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part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> welcome back to the verizon center. big game tonight, guy named lebron james is here? you may have heard of him before. the cavs are in town, wizards hosting them in a primetime nationally televised showdown starting at 8:00. when you take a look at this game, both teams are looking to bounce back from losses, but the wizards are off to their best start in decades and there's really no sign of them slowing down. they currently sit in second in the east while the cavs are 5- 5, but finding their rhythm as of late, so it's going to be intense and physical, a lot of electricity in the air here. >> i have a few friends on this team, you know.
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i hang out with a few of these guys in the offseason. i'm going to try to whoop their butt. >> we have to be ready for them. we got to start expecting playoff type atmosphere, playoff type level of play and it's time for to us start raising our level of play when these type of teams come in. >> reporter: tonight's game could be a reigniting of the rivalry between these two teams. back in 2006, 2008 this is one of the most heated rivalries in basketball. it died down when lebron james left for miami in 2010, but with the king back and the wizards as playoff contenders, be ready for a high intensity showdown. >> it was a lot of bad not only blood but words and everything coming from that camp, coming from our camp. it always brings back memory going into that building for sure. we had some really, really great playoff series, really great playoff games in that building, not only their
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building but ours as well. it's always fun competing against them. >> reporter: one of the reasons for the wizard's success this year has been how deep this roster and how well the bench is playing. former hoya former third round pick otto porter doing really well, but rasual butler is really contributing. i spoke with him earlier about the team and the game. >> i think we're just playing together on both ends of the floor sacrificing for one another, understanding what we have at stake this year with being such a good basketball team the opportunity to compete for an nba championship. it's a good test for us. we understand that, but we're more concerned about the way that we do things here and try to do things within our system andod them well against a really good basketball team is going to be challenging. >> reporter: want to take you to the college level a second. this has been a great year for maryland, former head coach garry williams and the accolades are still pouring in for him. this sunday william will be
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enshrined in the national collegiate basketball hall of fame. in august he was inducted into the naismith memorial hall of fame becoming the first coach inducted to both in the same year, big congratulations to gary william. wizards and cavs tonight, it will be a playoff atmosphere here at the verizon center. that will do it for us. i'm kristen berset. back to you. >> makes us wish we were there. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you then. ♪
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>> axelrod: tonight, a flew threat in the snow zone. after the record snowfall, the snow melt is just around the corner raising fears of flooding. jericka duncan is on the scene. the f.b.i. sends dozens of agents to the st. louis area as we await the grand jury's decision in the fatal police shooting of michael brown. major garrett is with president obama as he takes his immigration reform plan on the road. the house speaker warns. >> we will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country. >> axelrod: more cancellations for bill cosby as another woman accused him of sexual assault. and the hartman boys go on the road with their dad to end the musical question-- >> why are drinking songs so popular?


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