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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> and now arrests made by the fbi, what they und in st. louis. >> reporter: it's a case this shocked d.c., a police officer allegedly took half naked pictures of a half naked girl. now the family wants d.c. to pay up. >> they're called transient thieves and police say they're difficult to catch. they blend into the community well and they're only in town for a little bit. while they're here they're breaking into homes. hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods have been stolen in just two months. >> milder air over the weekend, but showers and clouds move in, big changes monday and we'll take you through thanksgiving. first tonight two men are in custody arrested by the fbi accused of purchasing explosives to be used during protests in ferguson, missouri. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. a grand jury decision in the shooting death of the unarmed black teenager michael brown is expected any day now and tonight according to cbs news two men were arrested in an
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undercover fbi operation near ferguson. those men live in the st. louis area and they were arrested thursday night and are allegedly members of a group known as the new black panthers. a cbs source says the suspects intended to use those explosives in pipe bombs. >> there are nearly 100 fbi agents in the st. louis area in case demonstrators take to the streets. there are 400 national guard troops requested to help keep the peace. brown's family, president obama and attorney general eric lder urge the community to remain calm no matter what the grand jury decides. here in d.c. attorney general eric holder is laying out new guidelines on how police should prepare for and handle protests. >> he's calling for restraint and asks the cops to work with community leaders. police are preparing for local demonstrations here and sources tell wusa9 civil disturbance units are activated. a group called d.c. ferguson
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designated mount vernon square as the jump-off point for nonviolent demonstrations it plans to hold the day after the grand jury makes the announcement. meantime the world is watching and waiting for that grand jury decision. the whole process is secretive. juries are looking at every bit of evidence. >> tonight andrea mccarren talks with local legal expert to give us an idea what's going on behind closed doors. >> reporter: the grand jury is deciding whether there's probable cause to believe that a crime was committed and that officer darren wilson committed it. if the answer is yes, there are options. >> homicide can be first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negative homicide. >> reporter: the prosecutor won't be asking for an indictment but will present every shred of evidence, even material that would never be allowed in a trial. >> the quality of that evidence can be anything.
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it can be like fifth degree hearsay. it can be gossip. it can be anything. >> it's fairly unusual to have defendants testify in the grand jury. in cop cases it happens more frequently. >> reporter: grand jury proceedings are supposed to be secret, but alleged leaks in this case indicate that officer wilson testified. >> if you think you've got a case where you have a defense that you can present that might persuade the grand jury not to indict, they might do it then. >> reporter: it is widely considered rare for a grand jury not to indict. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> if that missouri grand jury decides to indict there will be a trial. the washington post reported last month the justice department investigators have nearly concluded they do not have a strong enough case to bring civil rights charges nst one person briefed on the investigation told the post, "the evidence at this point does not support civil rights charges against the officer." sign up for breaking news alerts with the new wusa9 app.
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we'll send you a notification as soon as the jury reaches its decision. d.c. is facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed by the family of a 15- year-old girl. a police officer while on duty allegedly took half naked pictures of her. our jim osman is live in the stat center tonight with more on what d.c. will have to do to defend itself. >> it's a case this shocked d.c. and now a family wants d.c. to pay up. the d.c. police officer in question mark washington is dead. he committed suicide. his body was pulled from the potomac river in december, 2013 after he was arrested and charged with producing child pornography. he had been accused of having a 15-year-old girl undress and taking partially nude photos of her. the officer had contact with the 15-year-old while on duty. >> it's been traumatic. this child is 15 years old when this happened. it was against her will. she protested at the time and was nevertheless ordered by the officer to disrobe and allow
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him to take these pictures. she didn't understand what was going on, but he was an authority figure. >> reporter: the 15-year-old disappeared and then returned which is when officer washington came into contact with the girl at her house. the girls parents filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city in part for alleged negligence. >> negligence on behalf of the city would be in terms of the supervision and the training of officer mark washington such that he had done this. >> reporter: at the time d.c. police chief cathy lanier expressed outrage at the officer's alleged violations. >> it's devastating for the whole agency. i think what a lot of people don't realize is this is a blow to the gun of every good police officer on the metropolitan police department. >> reporter: but then then the family believes d.c. police haven't done enough to help the girl and her family and contend the police blocked attempts for the family to find out more about the officer's actions while on duty. now we reached out to d.c. police for comment. we're told they had none at
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this time. live in the stat center jim osman, wusa9. tonight bethesda police are warning residents about a group of crooks targeting homes while people are gone. mola lenghi joins us live. >> reporter: these transient thieves blend in well. they're in and out of town and homes in our area and they've already made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen goods from montgomery county neighborhoods. front doors kicked in, garage doors pryde open, backdoors shattered. >> all this became damaged because they tried to get in here. >> reporter: montgomery county police say transient thieves have hit more than a dozen homes since september. because they aren't local they're hard to track. >> they stay here a couple weeks in a motel and move on. sometimes they come back as the seasons change and sometimes we never see them again. >> reporter: police say they also blend in well posing a electricity crews or claiming to be broken down in need of a phone just to gain access to homes. >> just take a very small
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window of opportunity to gain entry into homes and take advantage of the situation. >> reporter: this long time bethesda resident didn't share her name but shared her story. it happened during the day with no one home. >> they broke the screen here. they broke this screen and they broke this lock on this door. >> reporter: so actually they were able to get into this kind of sunroom area and then they worked on the patio door there. >> this is what saved us. >> reporter: preventing the door from sliding open from the outside. >> luckily they didn't get to take anything. >> reporter: but they did cause $8,000 in damages. her neighbor wasn't so lucky. the burglar broke in next-door a few days later making off with a score. police believe the teams working in teams of two to six scout neighborhoods before targeting houses learning the routines of residents sometimes marking houses or the street in front to denote if that house should be hit later, but for now police say it's up to neighbors to keep an eye out for each other. >> we'd rather have people call us and not need us than need us
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and not call us. the biggest-will be the citizens keeping an eye out and calling us. >> reporter: police urge to be aware of your neighborhood surroundings whether it's someone looking suspicious sitting in a car who you don't recognize or someone walking around suspiciously. these sort of things should ray red flags and you should notes had -- raise red flags and you should not hesitate to contact authorities. >> thank you. tonight a former high schoolteacher and track coach is charged with sexually abusing a student. charles allen young of northeast abused that student last fall at dunbar student high. the student came forward last week and police say young resigned from dunbar last month. they say they're investigating similar abuse allegations made by two other students and are worried there could be more victims. if you can help the d.c. cops with this one, they'd love to hear from you. a former substitute teacher in montgomery county will be back in court monday facing more charges of inappropriately
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touching students. we first reported the allegation against jose pineda last week. since then three more people have come forward. the victims were students at ridgeview, forest oak and roberto clemente middle schools. the incidents happened at school and the kids were in the 6th or 7th grade. marion barry remains in the hospital, but our contact for the former d.c. mayor says he will likely be out tomorrow. barry does not have any big health problems. he didn't feel like himself yesterday, so he checked into howard university hospitals. barry has a long history of health issues including diabetes and prostate cancer. president obama hopes that what happens in vegas spreads nationwide. today the president led a rally in las vegas, the first stop in a campaign to sell americans on the controversial immigration reforms he outlined last night in a televised address. republicans are just as steadfast in their stance that with these executive actions the president overstepped his authority. >> we are a nation of immigrants and that means we're
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constantly being replenished with strivers who believe in the american dream. >> the president has taken actions that he himself has said are those of a king or emporer. >> speaker boehner vowed to take action in congress to counter what some lawmakers are calling illegal amnesty. the president's plan would defer the deportations of an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants including millions who have children born in the u.s. a woman outside the white house last night after the president's immigration address now facing gun charges. secret service agents arrested 23-year-old april dubois. they say they spotted her carrying a pistol in the crowd. she's got a hearing on monday for not having a license for the gun. tonight a window washer is in critical condition after falling 11 stories in a san francisco high rise. he landed on a moving car and survived. the window washer wash fell
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from the building's roof as he -- washer fell from the building's roof as he and a partner were putting up a platform. the christmas tree arrived this morning on the west front lawn, a white spruce from the chippewa forest in minimum monday. the lighting ceremony -- minnesota. the lighting ceremony is set for tuesday, november 22nd. black friday is one week away. if you haven't started the plan of the hunt for the deals, we can help. >> our web producers compiled their top 10 door busters, derek, listen up. high speed discounts, appliances and televisions, a dell computer for $179 at office depot or officemax. >> if someone on your christmas list wants some headphones,
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best buy is your place. they'll be on sale for more than 50% off. i'm on my way there now. ringing up at $80. you can find a link to all the top 10 picks, plus details on when the stores and malls plan to open and advice on outsmarting those black friday hackers on our brand-new wusa9 app. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we're looking at arctic air tonight, but it's not going to last long. we'll talk about temps going up and take you through turkey day. we've got a roller coaster ahead. >> the big swinging temps not good news for everybody. after the break it reason it could send some of us to the medicine cabinet. >> lebron may be heading to the medicine cabinet himself tonight. kristen berset will be here later to talk about the king's game versus the wizards. >> you've only got about 45 minutes left to enter our $500 grocery give away. head to the wusa9 facebook page, like it, fill out the entry form, takes about
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the snow stopped falling in the buffalo area, but tonight there are new worry about flooding obviously because the temperature calls for temperatures in the 60s, warm enough to quickly melt that 7 feet of snow on the ground and melt it fast.
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the national weather service issued a flood watch to take effect this sunday and extend far into next week. the seesaw weather patterns have us keeping a closer eye on the weather day. >> but andrea roane explains in tonight's health alert this season also has some folks keeping an eye on their medicine cabinet. >> reporter: checking the forecast for rain, snow or shine is a common routine for many of us and we agree bad weather can be a pain in the neck. >> it's been a horrible few weeks. >> reporter: but for sharra simon of arlington the forecast can predict real pain. >> i hate when you hear on the weather area of low pressure is coming in or an area of high pressure is coming in. those are phrases i don't like to hear. >> reporter: this time of year changes in pressure leads to severe headaches for sharra. this is something she's dealt with her entire life. >> headaches are influenced by many factors in our environment. >> reporter: changes in barometric pressure have been shown to trigger headaches, but that's not all.
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environmental changes can affect the brain depending upon how sensitive that brain is to begin with. >> it can be extreme humidity or it could be extreme dry conditions. it could be wind speed or temperature, precipitation. >> reporter: each season has its own sepa ratetrig per. >> there's a 30% -- trigger. >> there's a 30% spike in the weather sensitive population with lightning. >> reporter: even snow may have an impact that may trigger a headache. >> it's the brightness and glare from the snow, so it's a visual phenomenon more so than the temperature. >> reporter: more science is needed she says to understand exactly why these natural events can disrupt the brain, but if you have weather-related headaches, control what you can since you can't control the forecast. >> which is normalizing your sleep or red awe lating the food intake and high -- regulating the food intake and hydration and avoiding too much caffiene. >> i felt it, every degree.
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>> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> experts say the change in the amount of sunlight we get can also have an effect on both headaches and mood as the body tries to adjust to different sleep patterns. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> what? >> the sun is setting at 4:51. >> that's early. >> the good news is we'll turn the corner soon, by early december. that's when it sets the earliest. then we get the backside. arctic air tonight and milder over the weekend and downright warm monday, good day to be sick. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature 40 today. i was thinking with the christmas tree you had video, lights on the scaffolding around the capitol would be kind of cool. >> good idea. >> you have work to do up there. >> that's true. >> it would look really cool, though. dew points very low, humidity
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low at 42%. that's why we're going to really fall tonight with winds calm, 32 downtown, 20s in the burbs, so a very cold start tomorrow but a mild finish, all relative. not as cold saturday night. if you're leaving the verizon center tomorrow after the caps game, figure on 30s. even milder sunday, but clouds roll in and some evening showers are possible sunday, but the bulk of the day will be fine. more like spring monday, not a typo and i make plenty, near 70 on monday. think we'll make 70 easy, in fact. futurecast 8:00 saturday morning, plenty of sunshine. i think these are high. i really do. they should be mid-20s with about 29 downtown. by 11:00 we're back in the upper 30s to low 40s. a few clouds come in in the afternoon. 1:00, this is now 1:30 out toward hagerstown and frederick. by 5:00 low to mid-40s and i think these numbers are now low as opposed to high. i think we are going to be
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close to 50 especially downtown and points south and east. by 8:00 back to the, but temps won't fall quickly tomorrow -- to 30s, but temps won't fall quickly tomorrow night. clear to partly skies. 4:30 sunday morning clear skies, so we'll have sun to start and by 7:00 some clouds down to the south. the days will be dry, clouds moving in and by 5:30 there will be shower moving into our southern viewing area. they will overspread the area overnight. it does not require a yellow alert because most of the showers will be when you're sleeping sunday. day planner 34, 9:00 sunshine, 46 at 1:00 also with sunshine. i did knock temps down a wee bit sunday, back to 54, milder, most of the rain and showers at night, maybe a morning sprinkle on monday, who cares, 70 by monday afternoon. next seven days seasonable tuesday. we are going down into some
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arctic air, 45 wednesday, rain and a bit of snow possible. for turkey day 40 with a couple flurries, rather festive. tonight the first openly gay player in the nba receives an award. >> this is after jason collins announces he's retiring from basketball. >> i'm very much prepared for what comes next. i'm still going to be in the nba. i have a job in the nba working in partnership with them as far a being an nba cares ambassador. >> collins received the extra mile award tonight from the national gay and lesbian chamber of commerce for contributing to the advancement of gay and lesbian rights. the event was held at the national building museum in nbc and collins revealed that he was gay in april of last year. nba action tonight? >> yeah. it was exciting down at the verizon center. crowds, first soldout crowd of
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the season. lebron james will draw anybody, but the wizards/cavs had such a heated rivalry a decade ago that rapper jay-z wrote ♪
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> tonight the wizards played in front of their first sellout home crowd of the season, continued their hot start and then showed national television audience that they are the real deal beating king james and the cavaliers. >> yea, wizards, d.c. rising! >> glad you're excited. cavs fired up to start. kyrie irving with the alley-oop to lebron who lays it in. lebron is there for the putback, big miscalculation there by the wiz. one key to tonight's victory was washington's defense, john wall with the steal and the layup. cavaliers committed 19 turnovers. wall led all scorers with 28 points. lebron had 22. washington wins 91-78 holding the cavs to a season low in points. >> he gets going he has to keep
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going. he can't stop because it's really tough to defend him because when he gets his jumper going, it's really hard to guard him because you have no idea what he's going to do. he can go to the basket, find his teammates or knock down his jumper. that's what makes him such a great player. that's why he's continuing to develop. he definitely was a big key for us in the 3rd. on the college level a metro battle between ninth ranked virginia and george washington in charlottesville. the colonials came out strong 26-22 at halftime, but the offense finally found its rhythm. justin anderson, a beautiful alley-oop coming up. gets the crowd fired up. he led all scorers with 18 points. virginia win 59-42. the 2014 redskins season very reminiscent of 2013, plenty of drama surrounding the team, specifically the quarterback. one thing that's different and pretty refreshing is the honesty of the head coach jay
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gruden. gruden doesn't supply us with cliche staples week after week. he tells -- statements week after week. he continues us how he feels, call -- tells us how he feels and has made it very clear robert griffin, iii is playing for his job now. gruden said he's auditioned long enough. cluck's ticking. he's got to play. we'll see. we -- clock's tick ticking. he's got to play. we'll see. we got to play better around him. some adversity is striking around him and how he reacts to that of on the field, his mental state of mind, how it affects his confidence, hopefully it's not in a negative way. to baseball adam laroche is headed to the windy city agreeing to a two year deal for $25 million with the chicago white sox. he will most likely be a designated hitter and first baseman. he had 26 ho merslast year.
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despite that he was paid a $2 million buyout. it's high school playoff time with lake braddock and springfield. kyle edwards heaves one downfield. tyreke middleton incredible catch puts the bruins on top. lake braddock held off a push from the spartans to win 27-24, lake braddock moving on. >> jay gruden to rg3, get going. >> he said rg3 has been coddled too long. people just shower him. he hasn't really faced that sponsored in
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part by sleepy's, the mattress
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professionals. >> what's the quickest way to detroit? by snowmobile. if you are a member of the buffalo bills, i guess. >> the team hired a squadron of snowmobiles to pick up players from their home. they're not riding them to the motor city, just to the buffalo airport. because of all the snow in buffalo the bills game against the jets has been moved to monday night in detroit. there you go. got a little snowmobile ride out of it. >> coach said he wasn't going to be able to get
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