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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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popular alley way. why some students aren't walking through here anymore. the university of virginia suspends all fraternity activities in the wake of an alleged gang rape on campus. >> more barricades are going up around the st. louis area as the region braces for a grand jury decision on whether to charge a police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. >> investigators are trying to jog memories as they try to search for a murder. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. the george washington university student sexually assaulted near campus. tonight, police are searching for three males, possibly students. it happened just after midnight at i street and new hampshire after avenue. a campus wide alert went out after that attack. surae chinn joins us with reaction from students. >> bruce, we are very close, just steps away from where this
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horrible incident happened. we are next to the hospital, and despite all this traffic, people roaming out and about around town. students know they can't have a false sense of security. >> it's just such a shame that it happened right here, right around the corner from campus. >> three men followed a student into the alley way and sexually assaulted her around 12:30 saturday morning. the men got away and the victim reported the incident just before 1:00 in the morning. it's nearly pitch black in the alley way. yet, it's a fairly popular cut through. >> came across my mind, but it's early. it will be fine, right? >> it's not something that we should worry about. something to keep us on our toes. >> we noticed lepeop walking back and forth all night. gw students received alerts and e-mails about the incident. >> i guess people aren't aware it's this alley. >> i got the text, but i
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disregarded it. i didn't look at where it happened. so now that i saw you, yeah, i'm scared to walk through here again. >> the text alert said the 900 block of new hampshire avenue. but it happened on the connecting street at the 2400 block of i street. the campus wide alert gave a vague description of the attackers, but woo some would say at least an alert went out. >> the school is doing a good job of keeping us aware. >> gw says the school had been criticized before for not putting out an alert after several attacks last month. a few weeks ago, a man was arrested for attempting to sexually assault two women near the foggy bottom metro station. >> that's the nature of being a gw student. campus over there, but the campus also extends to the greater area of d.c. and that's something you have to be aware of. >> and so the school is defending its action for not putting out a campus wide alert last month because the suspect
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was arrested right after the incident. i do want to show you a very neat app from gw. they just launched it a couple weeks ago. it's called gw pal and right there, it has a flashlight. you can call a taxi. when you hit arm, while you are walking in that alley or any dark place or anywhere on or near campus, you can hit help and you can either alert campus police or d.c. police if someone is in trouble. back to you, bruce. >> surae, thanks a lot. the university of virginia has suspended all fraternities pending an investigation into an alleged gang rape that happened in 2012. uva president brought in charlottesville police to investigate. the attack at fi kappa. a woman claims she was sexually assaulted by seven men back in 2012. the article in the case brought dozens of protesters to the fraternity house today to complain about uva's handling of all sexual assault cases.
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shannon cruz was one of the protesters. a former uva student. she claims she was also sexually assaulted at a frat house. >> i drove 200 miles to be here and support all the girls who still live here or used to live here and the same thing happened to them. they just don't feel like they are allowed or welcome to say their peace. >> she was assaulted at a uva frat house back in 1999. they voluntarily terminated its cap tear at uva. all other fraternities are suspended until january 9. it appears a grand jury decision won't come until monday at the earliest. sources tell cbs news tonight that grand jury adjourned friday without deciding whether to indict a white police officer for the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. that granjury will now reconvene on monday. omar is in ferguson tonight where an anxious community
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awaits and prepares. >> reporter: barricades are going up around the courthouse in clayton, missouri. it's inside this building that a grand jury has met for more than three months. charged with deciding whether to indict ferguson police officer, darren wilson, for shooting to death michael brown last august. protests are expected regardless of the grand jury's decision and police say they have concerns, but are ready. >> the biggest concern would be that, you know, regardless of the decision that we see the violence we saw in august. somebody, whether that's a policeman, whether that's somebody protesting and exercising their rights, that is seriously injured or killed. >> there have been fewer than a dozen arrests after three straight nights of protests outside the ferguson police department as a tense community waits for the grand jury's decision. most of the arrests came after protesters blocked traffic. >> authorities, activists, and the family of michael brown are
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calling for calm as the grand jury's decision comes closer. >> destroying property is not the answer. >> 1,000 local police officers have received extra training in how to handle protesters. another 400 members of the national guard and 100fbi agents are on the ground here. cbs news, ferguson, missouri. >> there have been a lot of talk about the schools in ferguson. schools in ferguson, missouri, are planning to be open on monday. elsewhere, a pregnant woman, her unborn child and three others were shot and killed at a residence in cleveland, ohio. the woman's nine-year-old daughter was wounded. cleveland police say the victims were shot as they returned home friday night. police have not identified the suspect or motive for the shootings. year after u.s. postal worker was shot and killed on the job, the person responsible is still out there somewhere. police did a sweep over a neighborhood in prince georges county today where tyson was shot and killed as he delivered
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packages. stephanie ramirez tell us what police were looking for today. >> reporter: in groups of two, ten or more officers both with the u.s. postal inspection service and the police department hit this neighborhood saturday morning handing out fliers. on the fliers, the photo of tyson barnett. the postal worker who was gunned down in this very same neighborhood one year ago tomorrow. the crime is still unsolved, but a year later, some neighbors tell me they remember it well. >> i've been living here 32 years and this is the first time that someone has been killed in our neighborhood. and it was very frightening. >> robin recalls hearing a gun shot. but she looked outside and saw nothing. the fatal shooting happened in cheverly. he was on the job, which sparked concerns over delivering at night. inspectors went door to door,
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handing out similar fliers. >> investigators have been searching for the suspect since day one, taking tips and going through surveillance video. there's an important reason for why they are out here. >> tom with the postal inspection service says they want to jog memories in the hope that someone will recall a detail they might have forgotten. >> atmosphere that it was originally a year ago. yes, it is possible that the detail can make a world of difference. >> a jeep grand cherokee investigators need neighbors to shed light on. won't say if this was a targeted or random shooting, but it was an uneasy feeling for some in the neighborhood. >> it was unfortunate. >> collaborate to see if we know anything. >> stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> $125,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. the number to call is on your screen right now. 877-876-2455. tyson barnett's family and fellow postal workers are
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planning a vigil tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. the location is reid street and jutewood avenue in landover, maryland. some prince georges county school employees are being warned the personal information may have been exposed, compromised. an e-mail was sent yesterday informing school team members of the possible security breech. it says a report containing their social security numbers, dates of birth, and employee identification numbers was generated. and sent outside the school system's e-mail domain. the school system says it is now taking aggressive steps to make sure the incident doesn't happen again. in the meantime, employees are being offered one year free of credit monitoring. the six-year-old girl playing with matches sparked a fire that displaces dozens of people in gaithersburg. in the 9600 block of verison run drive. the girl's 15-year-old brother saw smoke, helped lead his
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younger sister and the rest of his family to safety. the fire damaged three other townhouses. a shooting in takoma park, maryland, sent a man to the hospital. in the 7800 block of kirkland avenue. police say the male suspect was wearing a ski mask and a red jacket. motive is unclear and police are not saying if the shooting was random or if the victim knew the gunman. >> former d.c. mayor, marion barry, has been released from howard university hospital. the former four-term mayor was sent home this afternoon. it was early this evening. by phone, from howard university hospital, barry told wusa9 that he checked in on thursday for observation because he wasn't feeling well. barry is in his third term as a ward 8 representative to the council. he battled a number of ailments. including prostate cancer and he underwent a kidney transplant back in 2009. just a few weeks, thousands
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of d.c. school parents will be getting children into the schools of their choice. representatives from 180 schools were at the d.c. armory with information on program st from prek to 12th grade. parents could check out individual school test scores, rankings, and extracurricular programs. >> you know, i always look for the best p. i'm looking for tear 1. i'm looking for test scores. i'm looking for something that is higher achieving. i'm definitely picky about what my kids go through. i want to make sure they get the proper education they need. >> i have done my own research online before we moved. obviously what i thought was the case is not when i got here. so it's much easier to come here and talk with people than it is to figure it out on your own. >> parents on the job. we love that. today's event features sports and family activities. flu shots, children's immunization and dental
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screenings. parents may start applying at schools starting december 15. each student can apply up to 12 different schools. coming up this saturday night, d.c. area families give dozens of foster children the permanent home they have been longing for. >> in the wake of feet of snow, raising flooding fears in buffalo. >> i'm first alert meteorologist, erica groh, we had near record highs. wild temperature swings. here's a look at your wakeup weather tomorrow morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies in the morning. rain is on the way as well. we'll talk about it all coming up in the first alert seven day.
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anybody else. hopefully it never happens again. just want to come back and want sarah and jacob to come home. bring them back a lot quicker and make sure they are safe. >> the children were last seen with their mother back in september. katherine hoggle faces charges of child neglect and hinder ring the investigation into her children's disappearance. maryland judge ruled she is not competent to stand trial. 38 d.c. children have permanent new families tonight. their adoptions were finalized during today's 28th annual d.c. adoption day. ann and natasha riley became a family today at the d.c. superior courthouse. both mother and daughter say it took a lot to happen, but it was well worth the wait. >> glad to have it over. glad to be here to celebrate and bring my daughter home for real. >> what are the plans for the future? >> finish school, get a good
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job, and help my mother when she gets older. >> family service agency says there are some 1100 children in foster care in the district. 85 of those children are eligible for adoption. more than 20 people were hurt in central japan when an earthquake hit an area that hosted the winter olympics in 1998. at least ten homes were toppled in the quake at a ski resort. nine people were trapped under collapsed houses. all were rescued. residents more than 100 miles away in tokyo felt the quake which registered a 6.8. >> rain and black ice in a delta plane skidding off the runway at detroit's metro airport. it skidded on to the grass. all 166 passengers and crew members escaped injury. flights were grounded for a few hours this morning when wintery weather iced over the entire airfield. >> meantime, residents of
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buffalo, new york, still digging out from that epic snowfall while bracing themselves for a new threat. flooding. rain and warmer weather are starting to melt 7 feet of snow. but authorities say as that happens, the area may face devastating floods. new york governor, andrew cuomo ordered fire trucks, boats, and helicopters. he is also sending in vehicles that could operate in 4 to 5 feet of water. >> it's still just incredible. >> the rain, snow ratio is usually about 1 inch of rain would equal 10 inches to 15 inches of snow when you have the powdery lake effect snow. that's 6 inches of liquid. that is enough to cause flooding. so, real serious situation continues in that area. because it's been deadly already unfortunately. we have wacky weather in our area. we're going to see those near record lows that we had early
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this morning changing over to near record highs by monday. take a look outside right now with the michael and son weather cam. getting started with temperature of 46 degrees. lots of clouds in place at the moment. notice that relative humidity. normally, humidity is coming up, it's just really dry right now. 37%. a little bit of a light breeze out of the south. that southerly breeze will continue tomorrow. it's going to bring us a little bit of a milder trend, but the monday is the real mild day. more clouds tomorrow. it will be seasonally cool. so milder than it was today. rain arrives. on sunday night and it could stick around for the beginning of the monday morning commute. the real threat threat will be the winds. by midweek, there's a threat for wintery weather. we're going to be going up and down all over the place with our weather situation. here we go with the satellite and radar. this is in association with the same storm system that is going
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to approach. but we're not getting this rain. we're going to get rain coming up from the south. we are missing out on the first batch. we are still completely in the clear by noon on sunday. it's as we head into the dunner time area, that those rain showers will start to approach. good timing here. we won't see that heaviest rain during the evening commute or morning commute and we will see that rain taper off just in time. our next threat will arrive, it will be windy. 30-mile an hour wind gusts are possible on monday. partly to mostly cloudy. winds out of the south, southwest at 10 miles per hour. temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s. still dry. in the afternoon, we cloud up. the showers are going to hold off until after sunset unless you live south and west of town. if will start to get milder and actually, i think we could
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sneak into downtown d.c. monday is right after the overnight rain clears out, it's going it be windy all day, but a high of 70 degrees. and then in the first alert seven-day forecast, we have another big change. wednesday, often one of the biggest travel days of the year. we'll see a wintery mix and a high of 45 degrees. we just can't catch a break in our weather forecast. unfortunately. >> big ten better watch out for the maryland terps. >> looking çgood. this is just the first season. >> the big house like it used to be. an imeases win. >> a lot thought you would get spooked. look the this guy right here. who is aphrase of the big
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now, wusa9 game on sports with dave owens. brought to you by exfinty. >> first three seasons in college park, you would think there would be a voodoo hex. every conceivable, severe
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injury to a key player, it happened. now this proves that the tide has turned. maryland stormed the big 10 and things ain't so bad afterall. let's get right to it. this was a big monumental victory today. c.j. brown, i tell you what, bruce, when the muscles start twitching, it's time to get in the kitchen. that's what my coach used to tell me. >> what does that mean? >> muscles twitch. c.j. brown for 12 yards for the score. west brown in. the first win over michigan, 23- 16. >> i'm so happy for these kids. i talked to them before we left the hotel about making memories tonight. 5-1 this year is great credit to the kids and coaches. to beat penn state and michigan on the road, i'm just happy for these kids. >> rightfully so. who would have thought in the
11:25 pm
big ten season, maryland would beat penn state and michigan. today's win ensures the terps a first place finish. maryland is 5-1 on the road. how about that? next week, rutgers comes to town. coached by ralph. that should be interesting. hey, good one in charlottesville. miami in town and miami going up top early. watch this pass from brad to phillip. go, go gadget arm. still, dore set, if you want to see a catch, i'm going to do it in fast motion. then i'm going to show you instant replay, because it is pretty. that's canen, how about that. cavaliers win. they are 5-6. wizards made a statement. the calves are in a work in progress. but listen, washington put a smackdown on a team is a title
11:26 pm
contender. can they go on the road and beat a team they are supposed to? that's the bucks tonight in milwaukee. look at paul pierce. he has time before the game, or during the game to sign shoes. how about that. this is where track meets basketball. john wahl goes speed racer. the wizards were down 15. but pierce who got another pair of sneakers, he had 25-3. look at wahl. or how fast is that guy? down by 15, they win by 11 tonight. to hockey. cavs hosting the buffalo sabers. i like to call them, power play. this is matt from the point deflects in. the caps taking the lead. that's the first goal as a cap. the sabers though on the rush. torrey mitchell bangs it home in buffalo wins 2-1. all right, some football now. there's been a lot of
11:27 pm
professional football. focus on robert griffin this week, but much of washington success tomorrow hinging on its ability to control that guy. he, like griffin, is a dual threat. the 49ers haven't been overwelming, but they are starting to peek and we know collins is dangerous. >> you know, first of all, he has a big arm on him. doing a nice job of running their offense. he is making more and more checks this year than he did last year. so he's very good. he is good with his legs, really good with his arm, and got good players around him. >> and remember now, that's an nfc game, but on our air tomorrow at 4:25. >> not going to ask you can we win. i'm not going to ask you. >> don't ask me, man. >>
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final look at the first alert seven-day forecast. not bad, but the rain moves in at night and it's going to be downright windy on monday. the rain will be done by the morning commute. >> that's heat compared to what we have had. >> thanks
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the following is an exclusive production of ravens productions. >> i believe in this football team. there's no question in my mind that this team is destined for special things. >> every time we land, we have to earn the right. don't say it unless you mean it. >> the ravens come out of the bye. they head indoors. the superdome in new orleans. welcome in to ravens report alongside kristen berset, i'm gerry sandusky. >> this is such a late bye for this team. something they aren't used to. a chance for them to get refreshed before the prime time game when you look on the flip side, the saints who are


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