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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 24, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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whether or not police officer darren wilson should face charges. police say brown struggled with officer wilson inside his patrol suv reaching for wilson's weapon before he was shot, but brown's family has argued that wilson was the aggressivor shooting brown as he -- agressor shooting brown as he raised his hands. >> 400 national guard troops are on hand to help keep the peace. missouri governor jay nixon held a news conference moments ago. >> later this evening the st. louis county prosecutor will announce the grand jury's decision. while none of us knows what that will be, our shared hope and expectation is regardless of the decision people on all sides show tolerance, mutual respect and restraint. >> the governor said he spoke with community and faith leaders earlier today to express their hope for a peaceful evening.
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he said resources are in place to protect lives and property and the right to free speech. the tv crews caught up with michael brown's dad this afternoon. michael brown, senior very solemn and soft spoken said the family does not know what the grand jury has decided, only that the announcement will come a little later this evening. >> reporter: how you feeling about it? sir, what's your message for the protesters out here as they wait along with you and support your family? >> brown, sr. has been a big advocate for peaceful protests. he said anything else would dishonor his son's memory. even with michael brown, sr.'s plea for peaceful protests law enforcement agencies in ferguson and all over the country are on stand-by tonight. >> the white house says it's also keeping a close eye on the situation. >> the department of defense qu has been engaged with local law enforcement in communities not just in the st. louis area but across the country because we are mindful of -- i'm sorry. we've been talking a lot about
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them lately, yes, the department of justice, that's correct. >> police officials and protest organizers have collaborated on some rule of conduct for when the groups meet on the streets. governor jay nixon has declared a state of emergency. as soon as we know what the grand jury's decision is we will send out a breaking news alert through the wusa9 news app. cbs news is prepared to break into programming sometime after 9 p.m. tonight to bring you the grand jury's decision. scott pelley will anchor on the coverage and you will be able to see is here on wusa9. protests in ferguson and the way police reacted drew national attention to the militarization of police. >> some students at university of maryland say it's a problem with their campus police force as well. >> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> put your hands up! >> don't shoot! >> the group umd coalition says the campus police force is equipped with dozens of m16 rifles purchased from the pentagon, but officers still have no body cameras. >> i think that our police
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force should be able to protect themselves and i think that body camera is part of that protect because if you have a body camera, then i can't say you did something that you didn't do because you have it on camera already. >> the group is taking its grievances to the university president. we're looking at some possibly wet, maybe snowy weather ahead of this thanksgiving holiday. >> topper shutt is tracking what's headed our way, looks kind of nasty, top. >> it's an old-fashioned nor'easter. a wet start wednesday turning to snow. let's start with the watches. our first winter storm watch of the season, always exciting, loudoun county north and west and in maryland frederick county north and west. it does not include montgomery county, although i think upper montgomery county in the next couple weeks would be under a new watch and warning scenario. okay. you're going to travel wednesday, you're going north, you'll follow the storm up the coast. if you are going north or even south to some extent, if you can leave tomorrow, i would
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because it's going to be the storm affecting the entire eastern seaboard. travel weather wednesday. tuesday is not a problem. wednesday rain, slow around i- 64, maybe a mix in the piedmont of north carolina moving northward. if you're going into new england, north of new york and providence west of boston it will be mainly snow up 91 and up the thruway toward albany and in the metro area snow west of hagerstown and i-81 but a mix of rain and snow in the immediate metro area, just rain along the delmarva. we'll come back, talk about when the transition from rain to snow will occur and take you through the holiday weekend. with some potentially sloppy weather in the forecast maryland's highway administration had a warning and advice for drivers today. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in prince george's county where today's remarkable holiday weather advisory from the state highway administration here in maryland came on a day when the weather was over 70 degrees. generally speaking, if you travel the wednesday before thanksgiving between noon and 9:00, you'll have traffic and a lot of it. if we throw in rain and snow
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into the mix, you do not want to be out there. >> reporter: thus the appeal from sha today to consider hitting the road tomorrow or perhaps early in the day thanksgiving but not during nasty weather wednesday. >> you need a plan b and start thinking about that today because you can't wait till wednesday morning to decide i need to start changing my plans. >> reporter: the sha is worried about the possibility of enough weather enhanced gridlock wednesday afternoon and evening that their salt trucks and plows will simply be sitting still with the rest of the traffic not doing much good at all. >> any kind of moisture to the beltway, it's going to turn into a parking lot. >> drive slow. >> see how it works out and just going to go. >> have a lot of patience. d.c.'s council of governments released its traffic study today and found the tuesday before thanksgiving is just as bad as the wednesday before the holiday. plans are underway to honor and remember marion barry, d.c.'s mayor for life. we're told tributes will last several days starting next week
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after the thanksgiving holiday. >> tonight bruce johnson tells us while much of washington is grieving a lot of folks are making plans to run for the vacant city council seat. >> reporter: the corner of martin luther king and malcomb x avenues today, the center of ward 8, part of marion barry's political base. you told me he gave you your first job. >> he gave a lot of my brothers their first job. >> reporter: at the john wilson building barry served four terms as mayor. they were setting up condolence tables and choosing a location where marion barry's body will probably lie instate. his first floor council offices were closed. this is the d.c. council chambers have barry served a number of years. they've already removed his nameplate. council chairman phil mendelsohn says there will be v
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-- mendelson says there will be a special election. marion barry's son christopher may be reconsidering to run for his father's seat on ward 8. christopher's name on the ballot would be marion barry jr. >> meantime a d.c. council legislative session is scheduled as local lawmakers try to pass key bills before the year end. the late marion barry's annual turkey give-away is tomorrow in ward 8 going on as planned. in addition to the 3,500 turkeys, 40,000 pounds of fresh vegetables will be given away as well. volunteers were stuffing the bags today and reminiscing about the man who did so much for them. >> he meant a lot to me. i'm holding back my composure today because of the love that i shared for him, the love that he shared for many across the city and that his legacy will forever go on forever and ever and a day. >> the event starts tomorrow 9 a.m. at union temple baptist church
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in southeast. the. always the city prepares for a public service for marion barry, there's a mural allowing people to stop and pay tribute to the former mayor. the artist said he respects what the mayor did for the city and did this spontaneously. >> i would vote for him again. i think he connects with the people of the city because the people of the city connected with him. he was one of us. >> he always was there for the community. >> he was washington d.c. whether you like the part of the story where it got bumpy and then turned into the victory again, hey, everybody loves an underdog story. why do you even watch rocky? >> those in the neighborhood hope the mural will remind people of marion barry's accomplishments and not all his past problems. you'll find that mural at 14th and randolph streets. uva's governing bold is holding an emergency meeting
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tomorrow to address the latest crisis on campus. an alleged gang rape of a freshman student at a frat house. as peggy fox reports, while outrage continues, there is hope for change. >> reporter: the alleged gang rape happened in the fraternity house behind me. now all activities at all greek organizations are suspended until january 9th. anger erupted into weekend protests at uva after a rolling stone magazine article described a student's account of being gang raped in the phi kappa psi fraternity house. >> there's nothing that we can do more than raise awareness. >> reporter: faculty members also protested. what do you want the university to do? >> because this is university respecting the honor system and we are not allowing students to cheat or copy and we are allowing that these things happen in the fraternities is totally shocking. >> reporter: the article depicted the victim's frustration as trying to make her alleged attackers
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accountable. >> we are definitely disappointed in the administration's handling of this thus far, but we see this as an opportunity for the administration to step up and create a policy that creates the strongest support system possible for survivors. >> reporter: uva board of visitors is holding a special meeting tomorrow to look at assault policies and procedures. >> a total of -- a total of 18 women have come forward to accuse bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, but the smithsonian african american museum of science and art is not showing any signs of pulling bill cosby's art collection. it insists the exhibits is about the artists and their artwork. however, a washington post art critic says the museum may need to do more. >> they're in an incredibly complicated position because they have an exhibition built around cosby's personality, images of his family and quotations from cosby on the wall and it seems they have to
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make a statement. simply saying we're not going to get involved in controversy, that doesn't feel like it's quite adequate at this point. >> we did talk to some people outside the museum today. none of them thought the exhibit had to go. it is slated to be up until february, 26 teen. an iowa man will be -- 2016. an iowa man will be sentenced in january for having an unregistered gun outside the white house. he pled guilty today and now faces up to two years in prison. kapheim walked up to a secret service post and said he had an appointment with the president and took the officers to his car nearby where they found a hunting rifle, ammunition and a knife inside. hitting the roads this holiday season, you will see some pretty good prices at the pump, but that could change soon. we'll explain why after the break. >> i have today submitted my resignation as secretary of defense. >> the possible reason chuck hagel is calling it quits, the three people rumored to be on
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the short list to replace him and you're watching wusa9, your only loc
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tonight the white house on the hunt for a new secretary of defense. chuck hagel put in his notice. the defense chief will keep the job until they can find a replacement. hagel has been the head man at the pentagon nearly two years now and first came in to see the drawdown of u.s. forces in afghanistan and help fight for the budget during tight fiscal times. >> it's been the greatest privilege of my life to lead and most important to serve. >> chuck hagel has been no ordinary secretary of defense. the first enlisted combat veteran to serve in that position. he understands our men and women like few others. >> now both sides insist this was a mutual decision, but cbs news reports it was tension between hagel and the white house. sources say the white house was not so happy hagel wasn't a more vocal supporter of the
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president's plan and pentagon sources say hagel was fed up with micromanaging from the white house. there are three names swirling around as possible replacements for hagel. ashton carter used to be the no. 2 man until last year when he was bypassed for the top job and stepped down. senator jack reed from rhode island is on the short list, an army vet, member of the armed services committee. ly spokesman says he's not interested and michelle fornoy, serving former secretary of defense leon panetta. an estimated 1 million residents in the d.c. area are expected to travel by car to their thanksgiving destination. wednesday and sunday are expected to be the busiest travel days. we're told ideal travel times for avoiding heavy traffic are before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m. thanksgiving day through sunday. that doesn't leave much of a window. good news for you hitting the road because the price to fill your tank is lower.
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the average gallon of regular is down to $2.84, but here's a jaw dropping number. since may we've seen gas prices drop 88 cents. one reason is the plummeting price of oil, but that could change. this thursday americans are celebrating thanksgiving and opec leaders will be meeting in vienna to boost those prices. let's hope low prices like this one in culpeper, virginia, stick around. you can fill for 2.49 a gallon. >> what? >> is in at the 7-eleven on 814 north main street. here's something that will have you hitting the brakes in d.c. the city has installed seven new speed cameras. >> they're all over the place, six are speed cameras. one will fine you for going through a stop sign. for now they are giving out warnings. the real tickets start christmas eve, what a nice present. you can find a list where these
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new photo enforcers are by visiting this story on our brand-new wusa9 app. 74 at national tied the record high. check out these change in temperatures over the past 24 hours. look how much warmer it is in the east, 12 degrees warmer in town, 19 degrees warmer in prof dense. colder in cleveland. colder air is on f+)ó;
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the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> so you say you really have to travel this week and you really need the weather to be nice? that's just too bad. >> well, that said it's bad in the east. if you're in the west, you're fine. >> but if you're out west, you're probably not watching this. >> no. but i have a sister in l.a., for example. if i were flying to l.a., no problem, but if you're driving around town in the northeast corridor, not so good. if you can leave tomorrow, do it. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 74 today that tied the record high at national, 70 at dulles falling short. still mild, 67, winds out of the south at 11. winds will turn by tomorrow morning out of the northwest and usher in cooler air and colder air tomorrow night, but no worries tomorrow. so seasonable and again if you can travel tomorrow, do it. bus stop temperatures 46 to 54, mild actually. rain develops overnight tuesday. when you wake up wednesday
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morning, it will be raining everywhere in the metro area and snowing in the mountains, but the rain will turn to snow during the day wednesday even in the metro area. everybody will see wet snowflakes. it won't accumulate in the metro area, but it will be conversational and it will freak people out and slow everybody down. 9:00 on the futurecast wednesday morning there's the rain and snow in the mountains. by noon, this is a little aggressive on the cold air, but we'll see wet snowflakes mixing in certainly west of town by lunchtime. we get into the early afternoon. snow will progress eastward across i-95 into prince george's county, even into anne arundel county. i think before all is said and done wednesday evening we'll see snow down into southern maryland. it won't accumulate, but it will snow. the atmosphere will support snow. 9:00 we're done with it. the storm goes up into new england, but i am a bit concerned late wednesday night for some slick spots. temperatures will get down into the upper 20s and low 30s. there's our first winter storm watch of the season, always
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exciting, includes loudoun county, points west, northern fauquier, frederick county, maryland, west and north. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, breezy and mild, nice night, 46 to 52, wind southwest 10 to 20, by morning partly sunny, breezy, mid-40s to mid- 50s. can't complain about that, but by afternoon wind die down. day planner low 50s to start downtown temps. some in the burbs. 56 at 11:00, 57 at 1 p.m. no surprise here. it is yellow, rain and snow wednesday and then maybe a flurry on turkey day, temps around 40. next seven days cold friday, low 40s and really pretty nice now. for the terps low 50s, for the ravens upper 50s, watch that game here on channel 9. even monday maybe a shower, but temperatur
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taking a live look over st. louis county where a grand jury decision is expected tonight in the case out of ferguson, a very large crowd already gathered there right now. >> that's the building where the announcement is expected.
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we think it will happen about 9:00. as soon as we get it, we'll send out a breaking news alert through the wusa9 app. cbs news will break in as well. we're back at
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our night at the american music awards, or as some have been calling it, american marketing awards. >> trust me. everyone was selling something. meanwhile, did the censors water down the bang, bang and the booty? ♪ bang, bang into the room >> no slapping, no anaconda, no laying on the floor, nothing. >> hear what the stars told us about taking the dancing down a notch. >> actually they should have toned down all the marketing. we'll tell you who turned the show into their very own infomercial. >> plus, our fashion report. who nailed it and who failed it. >> and taylor's tears, what was going on with that? then, bill cosby is back on stage as even more accusers come forward. >> something was put in my drink. >> the woman who played his daughter on film is here. >> i was alone with him. >> also tonight, remember when john stamos impersonated the king on "full house." ♪ since my baby left me
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>> we'll explain why he's now celebrating christmas at graceland. >> you really do feel his presence. elvis. you want to do "entertainment tonight"? >> now, "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. hi, everybody. well, explosive new developments surrounding bill cosby. new accusers and a former nbc employee who claims he was the one who paid off women for the comic. not looking good. >> no, no. that is not good, but this was the american music awards, or as i like to call them the if you show up there's a good chance you're going to win an award award. >> 11.6 million viewers tuned in, down from last year and a lot of viewers there and in the year of the booty, the general consensus -- >> which is good. >> yes, i know, you like that, but the general consensus was that the amas were too safe. so were the critics to blame for it being kind of a buzz kill? ♪ bang, bang into the room >> no


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