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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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will you make on time tomorrow? >> now we're tracking temperatures, some areas will make it below freezing. that means black ice is possible tonight and early thanksgiving morning. we'll take you through your holiday weekend forecast. he shows up ivat fd e anhe has all the gear but he's not a firefighter. the charges he's facing. and rg3 is benched for sunday, is it the end of the era for the redskins? we begin tonight, though, first with dangerous travel conditions. as families hit the road for the holiday. >> from black ice to snow, a lot to be on alert for tonight and tomorrow that, is depending on how and where you're trying to get to. >> any problems for folks trying to run early errands or go shopping tomorrow, top? >> yes, north and west of town. now i would say wait until about 8:00 until the temps get up freezing of right now it's still 40 downtown, these are current temps, 34 in
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gaithersburg. low temperatures overnight are going to be below freezing, 29, 30 in rock field, 0 in bethesda, downtown still above freezing but 31 in springfield and 29 or 30 this fairfax. that's just enough to cause black ice. what is black ice? the road looks wet but it's actually frozen. slow down and if you're walking to get the paper super early tomorrow morning, if your driveway looks wet, that could be ice as well if you live north and west of the town. upper 20s to mid-30s at 7:00 and low 30s to upper 30s by 9:00 but still cold. we'll talk about a clipper that's going to roll through south of us tomorrow and take you all the through the holiday weekend. topper warned us about the potential tore black ice tonight and early in the morning. jim o's mond live tonight. >> reporter: good evening, folks, at home things are going
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smoothly here, we're between exits 4 and 5 in montgomery county. the falls road exit, traffic going at a pretty good clip. we're assuming maybe folks got to their thanksgiving destination a little bit early. we spoke with the montgomery county police tonight about how their night is going. let's listen. >> we've had some slick spots. we've had a few accidents. department of transportation did a really great job this evening getting the roads clear. as the temperatures start to drop, we have had a few sporadic accidents. we encourage people to stay off the roads, especially tonight, as things start to ice up unless they need to be out there on the road. >> reporter: coming back out live here in montgomery county in the rockville area along 270, we're told by montgomery county police that they have dui check points out tonight. they've already had two arrests, so drive safe and
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happy thanksgiving. >> thanks for that, jim. a tad farther from home, the port authority of new york and new jersey said mother nature served up a messy curve ball for them on one of the busiest days of the holiday season. this weather caused close to 4,000 flight delays, more than 700 cancellations today. flights were getting dumped by the dozens in some of the nation's busiest airport, a trend that started well before the snow started to fall. >> in new york, you can expect the slick treacherous roads for the 40 million traveling through and around the state. and taking you now to pennsylvania, you can expect a wintery mix of snow and rain in a highly populated areas of the eastern seaboard. drivers using the pennsylvania turnpike for their travels are told to be aware. and right here in maryland, depending where you live, some places got as much as 7 inches of snow but right in the metro area, the snow fell, stuck and
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then turned into a cold, rainy slushy evening. as we look live at los angeles, california, the protests regarding the grand jury situation regarding ferguson go on. this is los angeles, where protests are still going on, mostly peaceful, but people are in the streets as we take a closer look from far above the city of angels. in ferguson tonight, following a third day of demonstrations, the city bracing for more possibility trouble after two days of violent protests. the unrest has led to cancelation of the annual thanksgiving day parade in st. louis and police say despite the torching of a police car and arrests, tuesday night's protests were smaller than the arsons that originally rocked the area monday night. thousands of missouri national guard troops are on duty around ferguson. 45 more arrests today as the protests continued and all over the country tonight of the crowds and the skirmishes were smaller than the night they announced the grand jury
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decision but there was still in tense moments. a squad car set on fire and tear gas deployed to stop vandalism. >> darren wilson was able to murder someone in cold blood if you ask me. >> reporter: authorities moved aggressively to head off damage and looting with the support of more than 2,000 national guard troops. monday night adozen businesses burned, 61 people were arrested. st. louis county police chief john bell march. >> i think -- belmar. >> we had reports of arsons but they never seemed to materialize. >> reporter: jim was at his store this morning to assess the damage. >> it's been crazy around here, but the sad thing is you almost get numb to it. i mean, there's just so many things going on. >> reporter: frustration over the case has spread to other cities n new york, traffic brought to a stand still when demonstrators tried to march through the lincoln tunnel.
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in denver, protesters stopped traffic by lying in the street. and in oakland, dumpsters were set on fire to block an intersection. this afternoon in st. louis, there were arrests during a demonstration at the old state capitol. rashean aldridge was at the demonstration and is also a member of the governor's community task force. he expects the violence to end but the protests will go on. >> we're not going to let anyone mess that up. >> the parents of michael brown say they have not abandoned their search for what they believe is justice. michael brown's mom and dad are speaking south about the decision not to indict the officer that shot and killed their son and the reaction that followed. >> he didn't do what he had to do. he did what he wanted to do. >> what he wanted to do. >> yes. >> you think he wanted to kill your son? >> i don't think he wanted to kill my son but he wanted to kill someone. >> his statement, he said he would do it again.
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>> his conscious is clear. >> how can your conscious be clear after you killed somebody even if it was accidental. >> brown's family may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. well, since the shooting death of michael brown, the justice department has been looking into the practices and procedures of the ferguson police department. protesters complained that some police officers had hidden their name tags and were wearing bracelets supporting darren wilson. but changes loom. they are looking at training records and complaints to see if the overwhelmingly white police force has targeted african americans. police say a man was attacked around 8:00 tonight.
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we do not know his condition of the nearby entrance at the gallery place metro stop was temporarily closed while police investigated. funeral plans for d.c.'s former mayor marion barry are being finalized. his remains will lie in state for 24 hours at the wilson building. there will be a musical tribute celebrating barry, a community memorial service will follow and on saturday the view will be from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. followed by the memorial service from 11-3. parents with students at eastern high are very concerned tonight after one teacher's aide is charged with sexually abusing a student. colleen norde is charged with sexual abuse of a student. that victim's mother said that girl is a special needs steen. >> they called me to the back and explained to me everything that went on.
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only thing that came to my eye, i didn't know what to say to her. today i'm very numb and angry because i thought, you know, that she was protected in school, you know, i feel like every child need to be protected in school, and i just feel like i let her down personally this was going on and i didn't know anything about it. >> now, although the age of consent in d.c. is 16, these rules do not apply when it comes to what they call significant relationships, including teachers and students. university of virginia has suspended all frat house activity as it investigates allegations of a gang rape back in 2012, but uva is by no means the only school dealing with the issue of sexual violence on campus. the federal department of education says 88 colleges have investigations pending over their handling of sexual violence complaints. another big issues is hazing.
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a montgomery county man pretending to be a firefighter even going as far as dressing his suv as a fire vehicle. >> when the sirens and lights are on and they need to move over, it's because there's a true emergency. >> reporter: the emergency was real but the firefighter on his way to fight it was not. in april, kevin craft was on his way to this commercial structure fire in rockville. prosecutors say craft illegally outfitted his 2013 kia suv with lights, sirens and other emergency apparatus. he sped through traffic, breaking laws, running red lights to get to the scene of the fire. >> he was wearing fire regalia. he had incigna that indicated he was part of the fire department. police officer questioned him as to which agency was he with, what was he doing, he wanted to be of help.
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later he came to find out this guy was a fake. >> reporter: when the officer double checked with the lieutenant in charge of the rockville fire scene, that lieutenant immediately knew who craft was and his past run-ins with the department that include an arson conviction, charges of creating a phoney explosive device and calling in false alarms and bomb threats. the montgomery county fire spokesman told wusa 9 tonight, quote, craft has a long history in the county, closed quote. apparently a very he real history of being phoney. >> we have to make sure that the public is confident that when firefighters show up or emergency medical personnel show up, that they're the real deal. among all the bargains you're going to find on black friday might be health insurance. the white house is working with shopping malls from maryland to california to set up kiosks that will be operating on black friday. now an update on the fight against ebola. officials in sierra leone said a doctor there has been
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infected with ebola. the doctor is a top physician in the military and was working at an ebola treatment center in the capital city of freetown. there is some encouraging news tonight whether it comes to developing a vaccine for ebola. researchers at the national institutes of health say the first experimental vaccine to be tested in humans does appear to be safe and capable of stimulating the immune system. the study involving 20 volunteers began in september and scientists say the results are promising enough to proceed to a study in west africa with thousands of volunteers. remember the name robin yn gardner? well, it's been three years since they disappeared in aruba with a gaithersburg businessman. to this day, a cloud of suspicion hangs over him. tonight he tells marriy bubula what he thinks happened to the maryland woman who vanished without a trace.
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>> reporter: three years later, the mystery remains. what happened to robyn gardner? august 2011, the last time the 35-year-old frederick woman is seen alive. she took a secret get away to aruba with gary jury giordano. >> i signaled for her to come back in. i turned, i became distressed because the shoes i was wearing and now looking back at it i realized i was in a rip tide or heavy current. >> reporter: he goes back to the restaurant where they had just eaten lunch to get help. >> i came around the other side and got people and had them call the emergency number and we went back to the location and tried to find her. >> reporter: but you didn't seem panicked. you didn't go back in the water. it felt like you weren't worried about robin. >> i just saved my life. you have to make a decision at some point.
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do you run into the burning house or call for help? >> reporter: what do you think happened to sésher? >> she simply drowned. >> but police in aruba suspect foul play and arrest giordano as he's about to fly home. he was ordered released because there wasn't enoh evidence to hold him. authorities say they still consider him a suspect. can you tell me the status of the robyn gardner case? >> the suspect is gary giordano. . giordano is accused of murder. the case is still open, but it is cold. >> reporter: did you kill robin? >> didn't kill robin, never harmed her, we never even fought fought. >> reporter: her family can't believe the woman just disappeared. >> if you cared about robin you would have stayed there longer and looked for her. if it was my husband that was missing, i'd be there for a long time. >> reporter: for some reason people really think you killed her.
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>> had nothing to do with her disappearing, her drowning. she drowned. she doesn't disappear. she drowned. >> and since robin's disappearance, two other americans have drowned in that very same spot in aruba and now they've got some new warning signs posted about how dangerous the rip current can be. new york restaurant owner and former model bee smith was found wednesday afternoon after going missing for 18 years. smith has alzheimer's disease and disappeared. we're told she had blisters on her feet from wandering the street. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg is resting comfortably tonight after undergoing a heart procedure tuesday. ginsberg was experiencing it is comfort while exercising to doctors place ad extent in her right -- stent in her right coronary arteries. she's not expected to be discharged for a couple more days.
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gas prices low, aaa says 40 million americans will be hitting the road in their cars over the weekend. this is the highest number in some seven years and tonight we are checking gas priceness arlington where you can -- gas prices in arlington where you can fill up for $2.80 a gallon. we first brought you the story of tiffany this afternoon, a yorke that was missing from out of town and went missing. the owner has a lot to be thankful for tonight. >> reporter: as you said, a thanksgiving is all about family and one family that lives in this northwest d.c. neighborhood is together once again today. we first told you about a missing yorke named tiffany earlier today. tiffany's owner came home sunday to find the place had been burglarized and tiffany was gone. not sure if tiffany had also been stolen or if she ran out of the house through a door
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that was left open but a woman named barbara alexander gave us a call when her grandson brought tiffany home. tonight we picked her up and brought her home to a very relieved family. >> hi, hi! oh, my god. my baby. oh, my god. our family is back. thank you. hi, mama. hi, tiffany! >> reporter: now, the owner also tells me tonight that tiffany is a therapy dog and so she has helped the owner recover from several surgeries. that's why she's extremely important to her. i'm also happy to report on the ride over here from the south, she was a very good dog.
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by that, she didn't have any accidents in the news van. and that's good news because she was sitting on my lap. >> that's good news indeed, because other people have to use that van. so i'm getting the sense that tomorrow is not going to be great turkey bowl weather? >> you mean like play -- >> football outside? >> oh, yeah. i'm going to play tomorrow. >> it's going to be wet, though. >> it will be sloppy. it's a manly thing. we had the dog story. let me show you the picture i had. i'm a sucker for dogs. this was sent to paw paw. george dennakerr sent this. we appreciate that. >> they're not happy. >> they're not happy but they pose pretty well, actually. another picture fr susan jacob, they had two to three inches in loudoun county.
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temperatures well above freezing, it's 40, and dew point is 33. you can't go below the dew point. winds west-northwest at 7. temperatures, it's 33 in white oklahoma and 34 in i don't careville and 34 in germ man town. you go far enough out to bull run, it's 32, 36 in leesburg and 36 this ashburn. it's not going to fall precipitously overnight but slick spots are possible in the early morning hours, especially if you get up super early tomorrow and you walk out to get the paper, be careful. the driveway may appear wet but that might be ice. mainly dry, i say mainly because a clip passes to our -- a clipper passes to our south. good news abit milder for the terps game on saturday. we might even hit 50. and i got to tell you, the it only wednesday but that 74 we had is a distant memory.
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32 in manassas, above freezing downtown. 9:00, we're in the 30s but everybody is above freezing. if you're worried about slick roads do your errands or shopping by 8:00. by noon, upper 30s, low 40s. there's that little system passing to our south, so a couple of sprinkles are possible. and more snowshowers out, of course, west of the divide. snow shoe opened today and they're jumping for joy all the snow they've had. by 6 p.m., we have mid-30s in the suburbs, 40 downtown and by 9:00, there will be temperatures again below freezing north and west of town tomorrow. again, not a huge problem by midnight tomorrow. temperatures around 30, north and west but still above freezing downtown. so day planner. 37 at 9:00, 40 at 11:00 with clouds and 41 by 1:00 also with clouds. but look at this, nice on friday. still cold for black friday, yes, 42, and milder on saturday, 50, which is nice for the terps game.
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milder still on sunday for the ravens. they're home. 56. you can watch is right here on channel 9. 57 on monday. a wee bit colder on tuesday. maybe a sprinkle or flurry, not a huge deal. back in the 50s by wednesday. >> wow, what's rg3 thankful for today you think? >> he's still getting a paycheck. >> there is that. >> he'll be getting one for the rest of the year. >> don't stick a fork in him just yet, derrick. >> you never know. they need trade bait, right? >> oh! benching the golden boy in favor of the journeyman. coming up, gruden explains what forced his hand. plus another nfl owner comes out
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his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america. enough was enough. jay gruden had had enough of missed receivers, enough of the poor foot work and enough of the multiple sacks. it was all that, the lack of productivity, that got robert griffin, iii benched for the second straight season. it's a surprising fall from grace for griffin, who burst into the league with a rookie of the year season, leading the skins to the nfc east title but
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since then he's 4-14 over the last two years. gruden says he hopes this helps toughen up griffin and lights a fire in his belly. >> he's a very smart guy, bright guy, willing to learn, willing to work but for whatever reason when he started here with me, we haven't been very productive on offense and we're looking for more production out of position. >> i know they're confident in me. i just have to go out there and play smart football, do what i'm supposed to do, hopefully get the run game going early and i'm taking it one day at a time. >> remember that thanksgiving night two years ago when robert threw four touchdowns, dominated the cowboys on their own turf? dallas owner jerry jones remembers that and he still thinks rg3 could be a star qb. he said i'm a fan of rg3, he put on a game that just flood me two years ago. once you see a player do it,
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especially since you see him do it two or three times, you know he can do it. the washington wizards have gone cold. just a week ago they dominated the cleveland cavaliers but last night the offense struggled to get going against lebron and company. complete 180 tonight for the wiz in cleveland. lebron james taking charge, drives the lane, we like this, he just slams it down. cavs go up by 19 points. in the third, wiz trying to close the gap. bradley beal gets that one to put the wiz down by 10 but james with 29 points, 10 rebounds, they hand the wiz their second straight loss 113- 87. on the ice, caps taking on the islanders. alex ovechkin taking on the stash. the creepy stash.
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again in the second period, ovi smacks it in there. two goals tonight for the great eight. this one went to overtime but with 24 seconds left in overtime, john tavares gets one by braden. caps lost this one 3-2. >> i don't know what's wrong with his moustache. >> derrick, for the record, you don't have a creepy 'stache. >> you know this is mo-vember, right? >> okay. now -- [ laughter ]
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a heart felt tribute and toast to marion barry in uniontown bar and grill tonight.
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several former staffers from barry's old office and there was a local band and comedian expressing gratitude for barry's leadership and especially to the recent dents of ward #. that's our broadcast for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> absolutely. >> happy shopping. >> gobble, gobble. >> david letterman is next. make it a great night. a secure retirement.
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