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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 27, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the first alert seven-day forecast. >> thanks, erica. an annapolis woman is in critical>j condition tonight after the car she was riding in plunged in to a creek. it happened on the boulevard in annapolis just after 2:00 in the morning. police say that the driver crossed that median, hit a bridge, falling 75 feet in to church creek. 23-year-old laura was ejected. the driver and another passenger were not hurt. and police say it appears that alcohol and speeding were to blame, not icy roads. new tonight, howard county police investigating a shooting in columbia. the officers say that a 29-year- old man was shot in an apartment of the 5800 block of the road. the emergency responders, they flew him to shock trauma in baltimore for treatment. no word on his condition. police found a 19-year-old man with minor injuries in a nearby car. it's not known at this time if those two injuries are related. new information tonight also on an armed carjacking at the vienna metro station. this man that you're about to
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see is in custody, facing charges of abduction, carjacking, using a gun to commit a felony. they say that robinson carjacked a woman on november 12 and forced her to drive to maryland stopping at several places in prince george's county to withdraw cash. they say he let her go the next day unharmed. the officers arrested robinson in baltimore overnight. in the aftermath of the grand jury decision in ferguson, it now appears that officer darren wilson may retire from the city's police force. last night one of the lawyers spoke to cnn, describing the negotiations, going on between wilson and his soon-to-be former employer. >> there were discussions going forward. we are talking about it. he can't go back to being a police officer, he knows that. but it's the way in which they leave, which will be important to him on a lot of different
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levels. but it's not a question of if, but when. he felt resigning while they were still hearing evidence, which seemed that they were admitting guilt in michael brown's death. today some people are giving thanks by going to worship. >> and that has become a long standing tradition. >> it's a wonderful way to start thanksgiving. it is just this wonderful coming together of our different cultures. and we would share one set of the books of the bible. >> the worshipers between the hebrew congregation, they would gather for the joint service in giving thanks. >> it is just nice to share the
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thanksgiving service. and so much to be grateful for. >> it is a very special service that happens each and every year. in fact it's been a tradition between the congregation and for decades. >> and it gives us the look before thanksgiving, to remember that we're a part of the community. >> sadly we are seeing the reverse of this play out in ferguson, missouri. and in other hot spots with the struggle. >> hopefully some of the thanksgiving spirit that some of us are feeling this morning that will carry over tonight in ferguson and around the world. >> reporter: they were neighbors back in civil wartimes and they would keep that friendship through the years. now take turn hosting this annual service. >> it's wonderful to touch it. i hope it warms peoples hearts. >> reporter: in alex trevino, surae chinn, church still
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remains on north washington state. what is thanksgiving without helping others? volunteers cooked 5,000 meals to feed hungry people. the first-time volunteers shares why paying it forward paid dividends that you can't measure. >> the more you give, the more you receive. >> there are four days to make the meals. the kitchen has served more than 27 million meals to feed the hungry. >> reporter: and throughout the area the other families had to rely on the generosity of others as hank reports that this was not true in those urban areas, but in that suburb too. >> reporter: there are thousands of your neighbors who could not afford the traditional meal today or they would have no home to celebrate thanksgiving. the table in silver springs would serve more meal ever, like those here at the filmore,
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where they got a meal and clothing and a concert and some company. >> foods, non-parishable foods and clothing items to help them in anyway that they may need this holiday. >> reporter: in virginia, the governor would call up on hand to serve more than 100 families where many of them are victims of domestic violence. >> if you look around here. look at the number of the children that are here. homeless, the abuse center and they would bust in a bunch of folks here. i wanted to send a message to everybody that we have a lot to be thankful for, that there are so many here that they don't have a roof over their head and they need help. >> reporter: people think about this time of the year and the homeless and what they could do to help. but it's not always accurate that inside this building that families with kids and real lives, but no homes. the demand for this type of shelter has not changed, even as they get better. >> there will be an issue until
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we get folks off the streets to get them to the safe secure environment. the issue is around the domestic abuse and violence that is just so sad. >> reporter: but on this day, a look at their troubles. in fairfax county, wusa9. millions of americans are working today. many of them are not in retail according to the poll where a third of the americans would likely work today, christmas day or new year's day this holiday season. and of those workers, the 55% said that it is not their choice. 44% said that they actually wanted to. and the people on the clock today include the healthcare workers, those in the travel industry, the utility, freight, and no surprise here, the journalists. >> really? >> it is my choice. i'm happy to be here. >> me too. for our first responders, a special treat for them. >> and where they work around that clock to keep us all safe.
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it's a tradition. it's all about giving back. >> if you don't mind, do you? >> and the wings, that was the best part of it, the turkey that i would like. >> it's nice to see you again. >> i would definitely take some feedback to the e.r. that will be out there. >> i think that it will be really great to give to it and people that want to celebrate during thanksgiving at home with their families. >> we've got the gravy, the stuffing. >> the mashed potatoes, the string beans. >> and it makes the day a little better, considering that we're away from our family and everything. >> it's never fun to work on the holidays, but if you could do something to help it out, it's always a good thing. well a small group of the
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wal-mart workers protested having to work today. they stood outside last night, letting the shoppers know exactly how they feel about clocking in, while everyone else is sitting around with a thanksgiving feast. they threatened to fine businesses that refused to open on the holiday. some store owners pushed back, eventually the mall backed down. shoppers are still lining up right now for some thanksgiving day deals. >> yeah, one big box store just opened up their doors. so happy to be out there live from where shoppers are hoping to scoop best buy. hope you're bringing us something. >> i don't know about that, unless it's on your tab. the last of the folks that were once here wrapping around the building that they have been filing in for the last 10 minutes that you could call them crazy, savvy shoppers. they don't really care that they will be here for the deals, opening up about 10 minutes ago here in the best buy in college park and the line outside, they will be waiting to get in that have been forming for hours, 12
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hours to be exact. the first man in line, he told me that he got here at 5:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. this morning. and that is certainly one way to spend thanksgiving, but he like everyone else that i spoke with in line say that it was worth the wait for the deals that they were about to get. we saw families out here, we saw couples, people who brought lawn cheers, coolers with food for these folks, that this was not something that they just woke up and did that it is something that they prepared for. i could have, but it's cheaper today. >> there's deals you can't get? >> yes, like $200 off a laptop. >> and now some of those hot button items as you heard one lady, she was here for a laptop, i heard a lot of folks planning to get cameras, big screen tvs. they have a deal for a 50-inch tv for $200. i don't know, maybe it is worth
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the -- the wait. >> i hate to break it to them, but the best stuff don't go on sale until around the super bowl time. >> she knows. >> maybe they would get something good, but if they waited a little bit, they might get something better. >> 12 hours. >> that's a long time to wait. all right, thank you. some experts think that all the people waiting in line are wasting their time. why some of the best bargains of the entire holiday season are online today. i'm erica grow out here on the weather terrace where we have something to be thankful for. the snow we had yesterday was minimal. most of it melted. what we did get and now we have milder temperatures ahead in the first alert seven-day forecast. here is a story for you. their loved ones are gone, but their hearts, they will continue to beat. coming up, the touching reunion made possible because of the
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organ donation. and a joyful reunion with some tears too, thanks to a wusa9 viewer.
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a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates,
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using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart. after having a heart stint implanted yesterday where they would perform that procedure on the 81-year-old justice after discovering the blockage in her coronary artery. it's expected to be back on the job monday. today they decided to not cut the oil production that many are low gas prices that will stay low and they could even
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drop more. in a statement they decided to maintain the current levels in the interest of restoring the market. the gas prices have fallen more than $0.80 since may. >> of course the prices at the pumps are driving us less crazy each passing day to get a good deal. michelle on the road, selling the regular unleaded for $2.79 a gallon. it's 11,000 people that ran or walked their way on through the trot for hunger today this morning and that we have spotted some familiar faces in the crowd as they would trot his way to cheer on the participants as we also caught one of the good morning friends. and the producer in the race, raising nearly $600,000 to provide the food, medicine, shelter for homeless and needy families on through the show others that they might eat
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their organization. >> and always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> yes, i'm gearing up for the meal that we're going to have in a little while. i'm letting you know. >> i would have mine sort of earlier on in the day and that i'm working through that food coma thing. and that we discovered. with a look at the michael and son weather cam. a familiar sight, 44 degrees right now. the winds are starting to pick up as i mentioned before. gusting to 23 miles per hour. i do expect those winds that will stay with us tonight. the weather headlines, because of the cold front that will
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pass through tonight. along with the breezes, the chillier temperature wills move in and that's not good news, of course as they need to bundle up. it's warm in there, putting the coat on, shedding frequently throughout the day on black friday. but at least in the afternoon the wind will relax somewhat. the weekend with the milder trend in it as i will explain why in just a second. it's 39 in frederick and hagerstown, still 41 in culpeper and at andrews. on the satellite and radar, you can see the snow showers that will be descending toward with the rain shoers showing up. but the thing is that it's drying up that we have that deck of cloud cover and the rain is evaporating before they reach that surface, which will continue overnight tonight. we won't see many flakes or drops. if you do, it won't be the kind of travel concerns that you would expect when you would have that much rain on the
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radar. colder and breezy through tomorrow morning. and as we would head on in through the afternoon that the warm front will start to approach. so on saturday it will be milder than friday. so some good news in that forecast. overnight tonight, mostly clear and breezy, 26 to 34. winds are out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. that will give you a windchill at times down in the upper teens to the lower 20s, remaining blustery during the day on friday morning with the temperatures in the 30s. in the afternoon, they will get cloudier as that warm front approaches, but the wind will settle down. the high temperature between 38 to 34 degrees. below average throughout the entire area. green weather alerts here as well with no concerns over the next few days. a high of 48 on saturday.
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it will be a really nice afternoon. we'll see the colder and drier air move back in, but wednesday is the only day of the workweek that it looks like we have the threat for rain. >> thank you, erica. as we remember today, of course to be thankful for things, one woman is happy to have them back in their arms. it got us all right here. last night we helped reunite the dog with her owner, take a look. a viewer called to let us know that someone just gave her
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tiffany, the yorkie. she confirmed it was the beloved dog, making sure she didn't need to wait a minute longer to hold her again. king is in town visiting us from new jersey. she was worried she would have to drive home without one of her two therapeutic dogs. >> i like the reunion like that. another kind of a reunion that you might need some tissues for this one. i'll get my tissue here right now. but after the break, the family is going to listen to their loved ones and their hearts, now beating in the other man's chest. you don't want to miss that. and later the robotic procedure that will be getting these back to being pain free. you're watching wusa9 news on this thanksgiving night. and we are happy you have
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here is someone who had something to be thankful for. her ground breaking surgery that happened 25 years ago here today. they live in maryland as she was just 21 months old when her mother donated more than a third of her liver to save her daughter from the disorder.
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and that procedure helped pave the way for the future transplants, saving countless lives. that she is now able to live the normal life almost untouched by what was often the fatal disorder. >> i would love to see the body to make it feel really good. just days after his son, matt died in the house fire in minnesota. >> they obviously have been grief stricken. his heart is always in the right place. throughout life we all wait for someone or something. >> sometimes it is not quite too quick. >> and tom meeks is waiting on the update of the condition of the new heart. >> i'm excited to feel it. they wait to hear the rhythm of the heart again. it was a sunday with the phone call that came at 4:00 a.m.
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>> do you have the right guy? >> reporter: her brother, matt was a student at the university of north dakota. in march a house fire ended his life. matt was 21. >> he was very tender. he was always just, he had a huge art. >> it's good to see you. >> good to see you. you look awesome. >> you should check that box and you think that it is just a small thing. >> reporter: at 16 he would sign up to be the donor. >> there was no alternative for me. >> reporter: because of his age and the other health concerns, that five different hospitals, they would refuse to consider himself for the heart transplant. but the mayo clinic gave him a lifeline, putting him on the waiting list for a new heart. that's tom two days after
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receiving that lifelong, thanks to matt. >> i'm really proud of matt. >> reporter: the heart that i grew up with and like felt in all my hugs that it is still out there somewhere. >> today is finally here. long awaited by the way. >> we are pretty excited about this. >> obviously in my case that they would carry a very warm spot in my heart. >> reporter: and eight months after matt died, his dad, his mom, and younger sister casey embraced the heart that they love. >> oh wow. >> i mean you must be taken. the waiting, it is finally over. >> one more. >> oh yeah. >> i woke up this morning and told matt that mom and dad are coming today.
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>> this is his graduation picture. >> reporter: both families shared memories, creating new ones, because of matt. , tom gets more time with his wife, anne and their four grandchildren. >> and they get to hear from matt again. a sister who only wanted to feel like her brother's heart now gets to hear it. >> we are all going to listen as we would do it this way. >> reporter: matt didn't just donate his heart, but the generosity held 60 people. a 46-year-old woman who received one of his kidneys. the other to a 56-year-old woman, the life of the 61-year- old man was saved by matt's gift of a liver. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> believe me, it is my pleasure. >> and the last one. >> all right. >> the comfort found in a moment well worth the wait. it's awesome. thank you. again. it's a miracle from a little checked box. oregon donor officials say every ten minutes a name is added to the waiting list and someone dies waiting every 18 minutes. across the country right now 123,000 people are waiting for the call that could extend their lives. powerful story. some local residents got their fixing -- their shopping
5:28 pm
fixings in. why they were hitting the stores as they were sitting down for the thanksgiving feast. some say thanksgiving is the new cyber monday for deals. i'll have that story coming up. you're watching wusa9 news at
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it's thanksgiving and you'll be addicted to this song
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as millions of americans are expected to be shopping in what has become a trend. dozens of retailers are open for what they call a great day. >> wal-mart and k-mart opened up this morning. this evening a whole slew of stores will open up, including target, old navy, toys "r" us. best buy opened up a half hour ago. at 6:00 sears be macy's will welcome shoppers. well scott broom is out with some of the early birds today to take the temperature of the shopping trend. >> finding light crowds and happy people. >> it is now called gray thursday. not all the stores are open. the shoppers that came out found a lot less and they liked it that way. >> i guess many people are not shopping today. i guess they are doing their thing for thanksgiving. >> there was plenty of parking, but enough people to provide a buzz of shoppers indoors. about 2/3 of the shops inside
5:32 pm
remained closed in favor of waiting for black friday, but big lots was among the stores found opening up. the national retail federation estimates about 25.6 million people came out to shop this thanksgiving day, a lot less than the 95 million expected out in the malls tomorrow. scott broom, wusa9. overall the national retail federation expect the shoppers to shell out $616 billion in holiday purchases up 4% from last year. online shopping is expected to total $105 billion this year and there's good reasons to skip the lines and skip to your laptops for your tablets. the deepest holiday discounts could be found today online. >> which shape should we get? >> reporter: they are taking her son from new york city to philadelphia for thanksgiving.
5:33 pm
>> i will not be going to the stores for their sales. i'll be shopping online, which is easier. >> jay will not be alone. the best bargains for the holiday shopping seasons could be found online on thanksgiving day itself. >> the data indicates that thursday is going to be the lowest priced day of the entire year. on average. >> reporter: she's andrea roane list at the adobe systems, crunching the numbers for the online shopping trends, found on thanksgiving that retailers will discount items by 24% on average. a bit better than black friday when shoppers will see a 23% discount. on cyber monday, items only slashed by about 20%. there's another reason to shop online on thanksgiving day, you'll get a better shot of getting what you want. on cyber monday they would be
5:34 pm
five times out of stock. >> especially for the hottest gifts. it's the item 6. and for kids it will be anything related to disney's blockbuster hit frozen. >> there's a frozen coat, perfect for his cousin. >> reporter: she will be keeping her laptop closed at hand. in new york, cbs news. >> and we have the ultimate black friday shoppers guide on the wusa9 news app that you can find links to the top ten door busters, plus details on when they would plan on opening and outsmarting the black friday hackers. it's all on the app, which will be free on google and the apple store. for anyone that will be going out shopping, doing the most important thing, which is spending time with your loved ones. >> yes, but it is still pretty cold out there. >> only getting colder tonight. i want to say welcome to any of you visiting from out of town as you can see in this wide view of the entire country that
5:35 pm
most of us are dry. it's as we head in to tomorrow to keep that in mind if you're heading back to the west coast tomorrow as we will be dry, the potential for more snow showers with this system that will be making their way up from places like bismarck and south dakota that we'll see the snow tonight and in to tomorrow. a few sprinkles and show res, very little of this hitting the ground as they will be reporting some snow right now and mixed precipitation, but that's it. we're not hat will be affecting us once they here tonight. we will talk more about that in just a few minutes with the first alert seven-day forecast. dozens of turkeys have avoided the dinner table. next a bit of history on presidential pardons.
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a new twist on the home cooked meal. hitting -- sitting around the table with strangers? looking for some meal time company. you're watching wusa9 on this thanksgiving night.
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trending, right? >> the food that will be coming on thanksgiving, of course, when they see them there today. as they would tune in. >> the skies were overcast, but that did not stop the people from coming out to see them in person and almost right on cue. making their grand entrance, just perfect, perfect. in 1863 they designated thanksgiving to be separated on the 4th thursday of november. they say they r with always looking for ways to unify them in a terrible time of war.
5:40 pm
decades later, he broke tradition moving the holiday up a week as i did not realize that in time to stretch out the holiday shopping. but they still wanted to celebrate it at the end of the month, so in 1941 they would step in and pass that keeping thanksgiving on the 4th thursday. >> here is a little more thanksgiving history for you. president george h.w. bush was the first to grant the pardon. that turkey sent to of all places a frying pan park. this year's lucky birds are mac and cheese and retiring at the turkey hill in virginia. >> amazing. hmm. >> mac and i had some. not turkey. >> oh yeah. i'm fine with that too, absolutely. coming up, see how they get quickly back on their feet after a new minimally invasive
5:41 pm
knee surgery procedure. also ahead. taking the temperature of the gray thursday shopper. i'm scott broom in prince george's county. coming up, the advantages of shopping thanksgiving day. and thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving evening. you're watching wusa9.
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the operating room with no exception. >> today in family's health, they show us the robotics procedure that could return that natural and painless feeling to your bad knee. it could impact every aspect of your life. just ask the 59-year-old. >> if i were out shopping or doing anything for any amount of time that my knee would start hurting. >> reporter: she started getting the shots to remove the pain. >> he told me upfront that i needed the knee replacement. >> i had never heard of a partial.
5:45 pm
>> she is young. the amount of arthritis with the knee. >> it normally lasts 15 to 20 years. >> and she would need to have another reconstruction done. it replaces just the inside part of her knee, keeping the stability and that it feels like her own in a way that the total knee replacement can't. >> reporter: using the procedure, she was able to replace one of the three compartments of the knee, with accurate precisions. before cutting in to anything. and once they are made, the robotics will come in to the picture as i use that. shaving off the part of the bone. >> it makes for less of a blood loss and quicker rehab, great news, now back to the likeness. >> andrea mccarren, wusa9.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: she spent thanksgiving in the hospital after the heart procedure after experiencing the discomfort while exercising this week. the 81-year-old who underwent treatment for the colon cancer, expected to be discharged, back on the job on monday. they appear to have triggered the signs of the immunes. some given the vaccines developed antibodies within four weeks of getting the shots. they also found that some people, they would develop a different set of the virus fighting immune cells. the national institute of the director dr. anthony, he would call both types of the immune responses, "to be a promising factor." >> there is more to worry about
5:47 pm
than about eating too much on thanksgiving. >> reporter: that's right. there is danger on the tables for your dogs. >> everyone is excited. thanksgiving and dogs as they would go hand and hand, especially when they have food on the table. >> they would get the turkeys, mashed potatoes, a little salad. >> it has a good dressing in it. but be aware that they would say some foods, they could be dangerous, even deadly for your dogs. >> i would recommend that nobody does that, no bones, turkey skin, not a good idea. >> reporter: don't feed your dogs that pumpkin pie. >> so you know. >> it makes your dog fat? >> yes, but not necessarily kill them. >> reporter: it depends on how much butter would be in it, probably not kill them. but they could cause the
5:48 pm
remorse for the fevers. the best practice? don't feed your dog from the table. that's not bad. honestly, they'd all eat just about anything. sometimes even sticks if you would let them. happy thanksgiving. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> and just so cute. >> they are. gushing about my dogs now. >> i know that she's got the best dog ever, which you know, she is pretty awesome. it is pretty cool. >> yes, for your dog.
5:49 pm
>> yes, i sure hope so as we love doing that too. tomorrow will be much cooler than what it was today, a quick cool down as we head towards sunday. we'll take a look at it right now, just a shot. it is 44, partly cloudy right now with the dew point of 26. so because we would have enough dry air for you at the surface, a few showers that will be showing up on radar, they are not reaching that ground throughout most of the dc metro area. i have one report that no one else has reported rain or snow. but if you have any falling in your backyard to let me know on facebook. let me know if you have anything falling in your backyard right now. they would pass through with no rain and no snow, then turn blustery through the overnight
5:50 pm
hours. not good news for those shoppers, but windchills in the upper teens to the lower 20s. by the time you get in to the afternoon on friday, those winds will relax and then the milder trend that will start for the weekend. it'll be better. right now it's 39 in manassas and martinsburg. 41 at andrews and 41 here as well. the colder air is starting to make their way on in as they would push out. on the 9 future cast, we're going to get some relief from the winds as we would head in to friday afternoon, but they will still be pretty strong. out of the northwest, not only tonight, but early tomorrow morning as well. and the air temperature of 32 at 6:00 a.m. and at reagan national that they will not feel like the 30s, in the lower 20s. 28 in leesburg and frederick and culpeper as it will feel like they are in the upper teens in those locations. in the afternoon, as the winds would start to relax, we'll get a little milder trend, because the winds will make it feel
5:51 pm
like it's in the 30s. some clouds with a warm front as we head in through saturday night and friday morning with a milder trend for you on the way. 26 in hagerstown and culpeper here as well. 27 in manassas and leesburg and 32 in downtown washington, which will be your range of temperatures, becoming mostly clear as we would head towards that hours and then as you are stepping out the door on friday morning with a lot of sunshine, but it will be blustery with the winds open out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. in the afternoon the winds, subsiding a little bit, 38 to 34 for your afternoon highs. becoming westerly as well. that milder trend will start on saturday, but it will still be chilly for this time of the year. mid-50s on sunday with a nice afternoon with lots of sunshine. in the first alert seven-day forecast, the next chance for
5:52 pm
rain is on monday. a better chance of rain on monday for next week, that's the way that it is looking right now, but notice that the temperatures are not going to spike in either direction for them severely that we'll be staying below average tomorrow and a little above average for sunday and monday. we'll take it. they now allow you to rent rooms in the strangers homes and take rides. how about booking din nor a home of someone you do not know? anyway as much of the country would gather around here tonight, they check out the latest twists on the home cooked meal. >> reporter: she's been preparing for the indian feast for hours. never meeting the crowd she's cooking for. they're all meeting for the first time here too.
5:53 pm
signing up on the website called ease wiz, offering the home cooked meal. meals cost around $50. the original idea was to get them a way to experience that local cuisine. >> reporter: but this new york dinner with all the guests living in the city as they would say that the meal will be a great way to meet people, especially around the holidays. >> and that it is really great that we are all comfortable and we are able to get to know each other and experience it together. >> reporter: and the next one that i have for you will be the chicken drumsticks. >> reporter: and since she was banker as they gave her a craving for something different. so she became a private chef. >> to bring them together and the conversations that would get them to stay together. and that is something that i love. >> reporter: and a guest at this dinner that would connect, using that high-tech tool to enjoy that traditional meal to make friends the old fashion way. >> it is very nice meeting you.
5:54 pm
>> they didn't have to do the dishes. cbs news, new york. >> and the company screens each host ahead of time to check for the quality and the safety. would you do that? >> it depends on how hungry i am. >> good answer. [ laughter ] >> still to come. >> inside that building behind me, the families with no place to go this thanksgiving as they are homeless. that story is coming up. but first, see how our dedicated service men and women would spend their holidays halfway ar
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
it killed five people with a bomber blowing up at british embassy. >> thousands are there in afghanistan, away from their families. but as they report that they are not missing out on the traditional feast. >> troops serving away from home, getting a taste this thanksgiving. >> reporter: they flew in nearly 30,000 pounds of turkeys, 6,000 pies, and the gallons of eggnogs to the american forces and around the country. i don't know what that is, but it's good. there's about 24,000 service members in afghanistan. this is the last thanksgiving celebration before the u.s. and the nato combat missions would
5:58 pm
end. >> i'll be home next year, looking forward to that more than anything. to be safe and to take care. >> reporter: on behalf of the family, they would thank their troops for their sacrifice. >> we say an extra pair for your loved ones, renewing the commitment to take care of you as well as us. all bit end of the year and some countries, they would say that they could not supply extra soldiers that will be needed as replacements. cbs news. local forces or the soldiers are almost there on a daily basis. happy thanksgiving. thank you for joining us for wusa9 news at 6:00. >> excitement lesli foster. and so you have had thanksgiving dinner where it is
5:59 pm
time to walk it off or to wait in line to snap up the bargains. erica grow joins us for a quick look at tonight's first alert forecast for everybody that wants to brave the cold. >> yeah, that's for sure you can see a few showers showing up here with a lot of it that will not be reaching the ground, but it's an association with their system that will be moving on through the overnight hours as they would drop not only the temperatures, but they will also increase the wind, which they would drop that feel- like temperature overnight where we would see the temperatures already feeling like they are in the lower 20s. 23 degrees in gaithersburg, 22 in hagerstown and winchester, that's what it would feel like when you combine the wind speeds. and it will be in town, feeling like it will be downtown washington. and it is quite a significant cool down with their quick
6:00 pm
little cold front, but then the quick warm up that will lie ahead as well in that first alert seven-day forecast as we'll talk more about that coming up. thanksgiving is a time to be at home. what about people without a home? they caught up with their family as they ate their dinner there tonight in a homeless shelter. >> this is a single mom with two kids and six months pregnant as she has three jobs. and they also have no home. and for thanksgiving, they were at the shelter in fairfax county. >> we were renting and that the lady who owned their home, they lost their home. and so it was a matter of two weeks with no place to live. >> reporter: the people think about this time of the year with the homeless and what they could do to help. but that's the concept of who is homeless is not always accurate that inside this


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