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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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speeds. and it will be in town, feeling like it will be downtown washington. and it is quite a significant cool down with their quick little cold front, but then the quick warm up that will lie ahead as well in that first alert seven-day forecast as we'll talk more about that coming up. thanksgiving is a time to be at home. what about people without a home? they caught up with their family as they ate their dinner there tonight in a homeless shelter. >> this is a single mom with two kids and six months pregnant as she has three jobs. and they also have no home. and for thanksgiving, they were at the shelter in fairfax county. >> we were renting and that the lady who owned their home, they lost their home. and so it was a matter of two weeks with no place to live. >> reporter: the people think about this time of the year with the homeless and what they could do to help. but that's the concept of who is homeless is not always accurate that inside this building that the families and
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their kids with the real lives, but no homes. >> and the story is not unique. many of the families in this shelter, they are victims of the domestic violence as they would face there. they could only stay in this shelter for 45 more days, that it has been tough on her kids. >> and it will be all that stuff. and it will be helpful. and that it is the stuff that we would need like food and shelter. >> what's the hardest part of leaving your house? >> it is just the fact that you never know like what's going to happen. >> reporter: they say that she would like to rent that three- bedroom house, where they would rent for that housing at 1,900 a month in fairfax county, unlikely. >> you've got to remember as you're sitting home there tonight with a lovely turkey dinner, watching that football, you've got to realize that we would have our fellow citizens
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that will be desperate and in need of help today and we've got to give back. >> they say it is rare to be there. wusa9. >> and while they were preparing for that feast, others spent the morning in prayers, giving thanks. >> it's a special inner face service on this thanksgiving, which has been going on for decades. >> this is such a joyful experience. and it is just this wonderful coming together of the different cultures, that we would share, right? we would share one set of the books of the bibles. >> it is just beautiful. thankful for my family and my friends and my health. >> and i'm thankful for my family and they are not hurt. i'm thankful that i have a bed to sleep in and that i have kids to play with. >> i'm thankful for all the gifts we've been given in the united states. we could share the gifts with the whole world and hopefully
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attend some piece to enjoy for everybody. >> i'm thankful for my family. and my friends. and my home. >> in alexandria, surae chinn, wusa9. >> it might be thanksgiving, but they will be expecting a huge holiday shopping season, despite their slow economic recovery that the national retail federation would predict they would spend up to $616 billion. that's up more than 4% from last year. the online shopping is expected to grow to just over $100 billion. meanwhile the latest shopping trend of the gray thursday, that it will be well underway. we'll take a look at what it looks like live in front of the best buy in college park, maryland, opening up their doors at 5:00 as a way to beat black friday to the punch. and many people there, they were waiting in line for deals since 5:00 a.m., making thanksgiving day more of a shopping event than in that past. and i'm scott broom. where the shoppers, they would
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come out for what will be called gray thursday to get some shopping in on thanksgiving day before the crowds would need to come out for it all for black friday tomorrow. and the national retail federation would estimate about $25.6 million people chose to shop this thanksgiving day, a lot less than the 95 million expected to come out for tomorrow. there was plenty of parking and enough people to provide a buzz indoors. >> did you see anything on sale that you we interested in? >> i got a lot of stuff for my daughter. and a lot of stuff and toys, the bean bags, chairs, stuff like that. >> reporter: and the industry experts, they would say that they will be particularly big with the younger shoppers. >> they love the idea of shopping on thanksgiving night that they could leave their parents and to dip that night and to escape doing the dishes to head out with their friends to go and see what kinds of deals that they will be offering. >> reporter: that they would have a lot of employees, being resentful to call out to work on thanksgiving day and
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scattered protests by the unions across the country and none here in our region. scott broom, wusa9. next thursday tom hanks and his wife, the actress will be hosting this year's national christmas tree lighting on the park near that white house. and the tradition for them in their family that they would help light up the tree with this year's performers, including neo, steve miller, the group's fifth harmony. and in recent months, the secret service agents have become face to face with the fence jumping intruders at the white house. tonight at 11:00, they would take a behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest heroics by the secret services and their canine units. here is a preview. >> i'm very proud to see them patrolling the white house. [ laughter ] >> i think that -- >> and it has become one of the key weapons for choice of the secret service. >> that they are just doing their job, d anto them it's a game.
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>> reporter: the images from the white house and elsewhere, they will be striking. >> oh boy, move up. >> reporter: as the highly trained working dogs, they use their speed and strength to take down the intruders. >> it'll be super fast because of their smaller size that they would have an incredible amount of speed to hit somebody pretty hard to knock them off their feet. >> reporter: that you could see more of their story tonight coming up on wusa9 news at 11:00. and coming up, the thousands of the terminally- illed patients able to seek thanks giving in their home. and tonight a big call to ferguson, but the outrage continues to spread around that world following their grand jury's decision not to indict their officer who
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cleveland police say that two officers told the 12-year- old boy with the pellet gun three times to show his hands before they shot and killed him. this is from that night where they have identified the officers involved in the shooting, as they would say that he was asked to raise his hands three times. and police say that this video is being released at the
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request of his family. it appears that the writing in fergus -- the rioting in ferguson has stopped for the shooting death of the unarmed teen. however the demonstrations around the in this case, they have not stopped. the outrage over this case has spread overseas. even with protesters at times shouting in ferguson, missouri that it will be calmer here than the last several days. tense, but calmer. in the aftermath of the rioting after their announcement that the grand jury, they would find no probable cause to indict that police officer on their criminal charges. the shooting of the unarmed teenager. after the damage done that the business owners, they have asked why the national guard and some 500 police officers were not able to protect their stores. >> the officers, they were overwhelmed by the passion of the people who are out there in ferguson, but that also the
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tremendous amount of the gunfire that at many times they would force them to retreat. >> reporter: earlier on wednesday they would arrest three people after the group of the demonstrators that would storm their city hall, shouting the shame, shame. and the protesters, they spread overseas. a group of people would join, raising their hands in the air. and the majority of the protest on wednesday would seem to be peaceful, the people marching, chanting, calling for justice. i'm andrew speaner report -- spencer reporting. coming up next, erica will be back with that greater day black friday forecast in just
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it is all thanks to the organization and the food and the friends. the non-profit has been serving meals to the sick people for 26 years and our reporter spent the morning with a team of volunteers, bringing us this look at their operation. >> yeah, we did. really we started to get
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mentally prepared for it. >> it is a big thing. >> this thanksgiving tradition that, it is just so much a part of how we would start my thanksgiving. but that the volunteers of the food and friends, they would be here every day. >> what do you get out of it? >> in giving back. a sense of community and in helping those who could not do that for themselves. >> we give friendship and the dignity to their lives, the most important thing that you could do. >> there is a moment when the drivers, they would finish their orientation and they would walk down here. and all the volunteers, they just break out in applause and they thank them for the work they are doing. >> that's definitely a good part and the goosebumps. >> reporter: and even from the orientation, yeah, we heard quotes from some of the comments about how thankful that they were and that we would get choked up right now. it's a good start to the day
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that it makes everyone feel good. >> after this, we will stuff ourselves and feel good about it. happy thanksgiving. food and friends, they serve meals year round, depending on the volunteers. if you want to help, give them a call. well, it's a little chilly out there right now. not that i'll be going out shopping. but if you are. >> but if you are, bundle up as it will be blustery tonight. showing up on radar right now with that radar that might come in handy. but what they would show you, we don't have a lot of rain or any snow that will be causing any slick spots or the travel troubles here tonight that everything for the most part will be evaporating before they hit that ground. we'll start off with a look at the weather and michael son cam with no rain falling here in
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downtown dc or at the kennedy center. 42 degrees, partly cloudy as they have come up just a little bit from the last hour, on up to 28 right now, so you could tell that the rain that will be falling up, that it will be evaporating before they hit that ground. the winds, they have briefly subsided, but we'll see the winds gusting on out of the northwest for a good part of the overnight hours. the current temperature is 39 degrees in manassas. 37 in frederick and hagerstown. 37 here as well. but when you factor in the breezes that it would feel like it's 30 degrees in gaithersburg and leesburg and hagerstown as well when you factor in the winds, feeling like 36 degrees. those temperatures onto the west down in the teens and the 20s and it will be because of the cold front that will be sweeping on through with that rain and snow mix line, pretty much in line for them on satellite and radar and that they will be making their way across the mountains, but it's ringing out some of the moisture here too, so we're not expecting any kind of rain or snow showers that will be
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impacting your travels if you're heading out for any of the holiday deals. however it will be breezy as you'll definitely want that heavier winter jacket if you need to wait in line for the store to open up that you'll want the mittens with all your warm weather gear and a warm front on the way though, moving through on saturday evening, bringing us a nice turnaround for the temperatures as we would head in to sunday and something to look forward to that they will be getting back above their averages. now overnight tonight as we mentioned before that they would need to clear out, but they would be turning breezy. 26 to 34 for your overnight lows when you factor in the winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. that it will feel like in the upper teens to the lower 20s for most of the overnight hours. then on friday morning the temperatures are in the 30s with the mostly sunny skies, blustery still in the afternoon where they would settle down just a little bit. temperatures remaining below average, a high of 48 and 44 degrees on friday afternoon. but things get better as we head in through the weekend.
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they would stay with us, milder on saturday with the high of 48 degrees and then on sunday they will be looking good with a partly to mostly sunny afternoon. here is the first alert forecast where the weather will be nice for both those football games. of course it will still be chilly, but on monday a chance for a few showers, a high of 58 degrees. that will be with another frontal system similar to the one we have right now that they would drop back in for the 40s on tuesday. and then the other system arrives on wednesday as it looks more substantial and that it will bring us a better chance for rain showers all day long with the high temperatures remaining close to average around 50 degrees on both wednesday and thursday. >> all right, happy thanksgiving to everybody. what is thanksgiving without a little football? and she will be here for us. now, when they take that field it will be looking very different. >> yes, we started the week preparing. and now we have colt under center. but for the first time here
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today, spoke out about getting benched. find out what they had to say and plus some good news
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the redskins would get in a little practice this morning before breaking to celebrate with friends and family. the last player to lead the practice level this afternoon and they would speak for the first time since being benched for colt mccoy.
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of course, he did not say too much as the interview lasted for 40 seconds as they would walk back across the parking lot to the locker room. asking four questions. without breaking strive, his response to each one was basically the same, saying, "it's coach's decision, i'm here to help this team win." when he was asked what their plan is now that he would say to be ready to play to be here to help this team win in any way that i can. some good news from the offense, they would have their first full of practice today. he suffered a sprained ncl and sprained ankle in their loss to tampa bay. saying that he is optimistic that he would play on sunday in indianapolis. and being healthy is something to be thankful for, of course, with a chance to relax to enjoy the holidays as we wanted to know about their plans and what their thanksgiving traditions are. >> this will be the first tradition as the married couple and that it should be fun to have a few other guys on the team, you know, to have some
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fun to watch the football. >> and i would hear that they could fry up a mean turkey, so i'm looking forward to that. >> it's one of those days that i'm looking to be thankful for it all. it's important. >> reporter: and that there was plenty of football action today as the detroit lions would host the bears. getting off to a quick start on this one, finding them in the back of the end zone and that they would have two touchdowns in the third quarter for the bears. but the second, that it was all lions, that's all they needed to do to buy number 81. to calvin johnson for the incredible catch and then again a bit later in the corner of the end zone. 11 catches for them, 146 yards and that it will become the fastest player to reach 10,000 receiving yards. they win 34-17. making my cousin kristen berset a very happy lion's fan this thanksgiving day. our thanksgiving means time for the annual turkey bowl, in their 45th year, it will be the
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championship game between the two public high school football programs for them in dc. and this year, they would be taking on the warriors to get on the board first. cooper would score up on the keeper to give them a 7-0 lead. but that this was a competitive game for them today. margin johnson, rushing up to the edge to brace the tackle and it will be gone for 38 yards to that house, taking a 12-7 lead. it was a last ditched effort, getting picked off by charles peeler. they would win that championship. >> what do you play for in the championships? at the end of the day they would have more by far as you want to keep winning these every year. we graduated with 21 seniors last year as it is a testament
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to how hard they work. >> there are some hoops, but they are down in the bahamas with their win taking on wisconsin. it'll be the late first half burying the game high. with a one-point lead late. they have one last chance, the only miss from beyond it there as they could not get it to go, but they beat them 68-65. i bet it will be nice and warm down there in atlanta. >> oh yeah, the thanksgiving in the bahamas is not bad to win or lose. >> yes, you should cover that. >> yes, please. could i go down there? >> i'll help you. >> sure. you'll feel produced. >> yes, absolutely. to put that job. >> but it will be feeling a whole lot different if you're going shopping here. >> yes, we're getting another cold blast overnight tonight with a weak cold front arriving that you might have seen a
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couple of quick sprinkles as they have started to make their way towards us. but overnight tonight the temperatures will be dipping below freezing. it'll feel like it's in the upper teens to the lower 20s for you early tomorrow morning with a lot of those deals will start at 5:00 to 6:00 a.m., tweeting out my feel's like forecast for you and for tonight. >> any of you ladies bracing the black friday tomorrow? >> nope, we'll be here. >> that's all for 9 news at 6:00. stay with us for the cbs evening news next. we're back in 30 minutes for your only local news at 7:00. happy thanksgiving everyone.
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>> tonight, dinner by candlelight, not by choice. a storm leaves hundreds of thousands without power on thanksgiving. >> it's our first thanksgiving together, and i'm sure we won't forget this one. >> reporter: and there are still travel problems, too. acts of kindness are ha helpingo heal a woundy city. >> people need to see this. this is beautiful. mark strassman and vladimir duthiers are in ferguson. after dinner don dahler tells us it's off to the stores. >> we know that parents are going to spend plenty of montheir kids between now and christmas. >> and juliana goldman with the queen of carving. >> i've been doing this for a very long time because i just enjoy it. i have fun. captioning sponsored by cbs


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