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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 31, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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this gentleman. he was a good buy. >> reporter: bob nadley, the owner of silver cab mourns the loss of one of their own. he says khdeir yaya leased a car from his company. last night he picked up a fare at addison metro station, but he wasn't found until close to 1 a.m. this morning at balsam tree drive in capitol heights. >> want to make a living an honest way and for somebody to take somebody's life this way. >> reporter: last weekend a taxi driver in d.c. was beaten, robbed and thrown in the trunk of the car. >> their -- nighttime i don't drive. daytime is okay. >> reporter: taxi drivers have the option of using a shield, a bulletproof protection, but a lot of people don't use it because of the lack of comfort and leg room.
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the victim's car did not have a shield. prince george's county drivers also have an emergency button in their cars to alert the company's dispatch center. it appears yaya never had the chance to sound the alarm. >> it's surely sad. they're independent drivers out here trying to make a living and it's sad it had to come to this. >> everybody is sad today. for these 30 years i've been doing this i've lost about 12 drivers so far. >> reporter: that's right. he says he's lost 12 cab drivers in 30 years, all in prince george's county. he says it's all related to robberies. police say there is a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case. police in columbus, ohio, confirmed this afternoon a body found there is the 14-month-old toddler recently reported
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missing from frederick, maryland. the mother is in custody expected to face more serious charges. cameron beckford is the child killed. 24-year-old dainesha was in court this morning, the mother, charged. stevens took her two young children to ohio to supposedly visit family or friends. frederick police are working with ohio police who are handling the charges at this time. >> i guess we're asking the community to keep this family in their prayers. this is a very tough situation obviously for the father who is having to now deal with traveling to ohio to regain custody of his 6-year-old. >> stevens originally told police she left 14-month-old cameron at a stranger's doorstep. police are looking for a suspect they say took off bound in handcuffs, 21-year-old devonte trusty of curtis bay on the run since monday when police found drugs on him during a traffic stop in
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pasadena. they arrested him. he somehow managed to get away. officials say trusty is scheduled for trial in february on burglary, assault and gun charges. let's take a live look at new year's in paris because it's 2015 there already. >> so pretty. >> i wish i was there i think. i'm very happy to be here, however. many of us venturing out tonight to ring in the new year. >> of course, you're happy to be here. who wants to be outside? you got to have a coat and gloves. it's going to be rather chilly. erica grow looks at tonight's new year's eve forecast. >> it will be chilly overnight, probably not a surprise. we only got up to 39 degrees after our low of 29 degrees. below average especially in the afternoon. we were seasonable for our low temperature, but tonight will be even colder. what about the rain? what about any precipitation? look at how dry we are across
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basically the entire country. this is the next storm system that will arrive. it's thousands of miles away bringing snow north of phoenix into portions of the rockies there and the four corners region. meanwhile we are enjoying an expanse of high pressure that will keep things dry, but also will keep temperatures below normal because we already have the cold air aloft in place. overnight 20 to 26 degrees, wind chills in the 20s and teens. we'll talk about a temperature rebound and the approaching storm system coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. the rest of the country has times square. we have alexandria where hundreds plan to ring in the new year. >> one person who will be doing that, mola lenghi in the thick of it all with more on tonight's festivities. >> reporter: pretty empty now, things haven't really picked up. in a few hours hundreds and hundreds of people will pack
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these old town streets shoulder to shoulder bringing in the new year today for alexandria first night assuming they can stand the cold weather because it is cold out here. right now throughout most of the afternoon it's been mostly kids' activities, games, face painting, story telling. that will continue throughout the night. around 7:00 is when things really get started here in old town. police will begin to shut down streets mainly around the torpedo factory on the potomac river. there willing more than 100 live performances of all sorts throughout old town. there will be musical acts, jazz, blues, rock, classical. there's a battle of the bands event going on, all sorts of musical acts throughout the town. there will be art, dancing, theater, a real family atmosphere with something for everyone to do and most of the shops, bars and restaurants will be open. to top it all off, new year's fireworks over the potomac river right at midnight to
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bring in the new year. admission, 20 bucks at the gates. kids under 12 as well as active duty military will be getting in for free. should be a good night again if you can stand the cold temps. live in old town, alexandria, i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. we have breaking news from the district. mayor vincent gray just announced the eighth street streetcars should be up and running the week of january 19th. it was hoped they would run before the end of the year. this morning he announced several safety issues needed to be addressed. it's been running on eighth street in northeast several months, but beginning the week of january 19th passengers should be able to board. it was a fairytale wedding. edith and eddie harrison, an interracial couple from alexandria found romance through their 90s and danced their way through the wedding in august. edith was taken by court order
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and sent to another daughter's home in florida. now come word 95-year-old eddie harrison died from the flu. his daughter where he become a wright said he -- rebecca wright said he seemed to just give up when edith did not come back. >> he had no purpose to get better. i think his immune system was weakened, of course. because he had such passion for her. >> wright said that he did get a chance to talk one last time with edith monday, the day before he died, but her family said she's just too fragile to attend the funeral. we have word of a possible data breach at chick-fil-a. the company says it's received reports of unusual activity involving payment cards at several restaurants. chick-fil-a says customers will not be held responsible for any fraudulent charges. still to come, a history lesson on the origin of the times square ball drop plus a look at some other new year's eve traditions around the
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country. >> but first why recovery teams are having such a hard time finding victims from that
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search teams looking for more remains from flight asia air 8051. >> so far only a few bodies have been recovered. this is an agonizing situation for people who lost loved ones, people like jack song who lost
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six relatives including his father-in-law. >> they have the list of passengers and we found his name and it's not just him, but it's both parents and also really, really close uncle and his whole family. >> wow. the plane fell into the java sea on sunday while en route from indonesia to singapore. before the plane disappeared the pilot reported severe weather. coming up next on wusa9 news at 6:00 erica will be up with your all important new year's eve forec
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here's some news you can use. experts say the best way to avoid a hanover? don't drink, but if you -- a hangover? don't drink, but if you do, experts say it's important to drink water as you consume alcohol because a hangover is mostly caused by dehydration. so down a glass of water tonight and it will help tomorrow. if you're feeling bad, reach for healthy protein and carbs. fried, greasy foods could cause indigestion. okay. breaking news. and get plenty of sleep because doctors say rest is the best medicine. anything surprising there for you? >> no. >> we hope all of you join us
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tonight on wusa9 news because we will be here ringing in the new year with you. >> no hangovers there. organizers putting finishing touches on times square where thousands will usher in the new year. >> we are just six hours away. i can't believe six hours away from 2015. >> see you, 2014. >> the glitter yea ball not the only object -- glittery ball not the only object to fall at midnight, though. >> three, two, one, happy new year! >> reporter: in a growing number of cities across the country it wouldn't be a new year celebration without falling food. atlanta drops a peach. miami a neon orange and a moon pie flies over mobile, alabama, to mark the start of the new year. in lebanon, pennsylvania, it's
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baloney. in dillsburg, pennsylvania, a pickle. a drag queen named sushi descends over the streets of key west, florida. the tradition of ringing in the new year by dropping an object was born on top of the new york times building in 1907. the city had banned fireworks, so the newspaper's publisher at the time went looking for a new way to mark the coming of the new year. he adapted a maritime ritual. >> this was a mariner's tradition of harbors where a ball would drop a certain time of day to let all the ships at sea and in the harbor know what time it was. >> reporter: he arranged to have a 700-pound illuminated ball lowered from the times building flagpole precisely at midnight. >> it was a perfect and much less flammable way to bring in the new year. >> reporter: although today's celebrations often include pyrotechnics, the drop has
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endured. music city, nashville, tennessee has a 15-foot red note while new orleans appropriately lowers a fleur-de- lis. each drop marks the passing of time gone by, but it's the crowd that makes the party. >> the ball is just in et essence the stirrer in the cocktail that is really -- in essence the stirrer in the cocktail that is really the energy of the crowd. >> i like that sushi drop. inning atown, maryland, organizers -- in hagerstown, maryland, organizers drop a big papier-mache into a cup of coffee. as long as we aren't dropping any snow. >> most of the country is snow free today, in fact, rain free as well, very little precipitation going on in the united states today. it's going to change in the
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metro as we head into the weekend, but in the meantime it's just dry and cold out there. let's look with the michael and son weather cam and temperatures are down into the 30s even getting close to the freezing mark at reagan national 36 with a dew point of 7, so that air is very dry. notice the relative humidity is only 30%. this time of year when the humidity is that low, that's when you touch the door knob and you get electric shock. it's like there's nothing going on with the air. winds are very light out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour, but that wind will increase a little as we head into tomorrow for sure. you'll fee that wind chill. in our weather headlines you'll have to dress for the 20s and teens tonight even though the air temperature will dip into the 20s. the wind will make it feel like it's in the teens at times. during the day on new year's day mostly sunny, but it will be cold and that wind chill is a factor all day long. as we head into friday, just
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seasonably chilly. so temperatures will rebound a little and that will be some welcome relief because these temperatures are feeling pretty cold and when you have the cold without the snow, that kind of bums a lot of people out. our cold weather stays intact on 9 futurecast. high pressure is getting closer. that brings us that southwest and westerly breeze. that breeze will pick up a bit tonight into tomorrow, but as we head into friday, just a few more clouds drift in but no rain and we'll look at those winds settling down a bit friday. saturday an approaching storm system will start to spread some cloud cover in and we'll watch that rain make an appearance saturday afternoon. it's still thousands of miles away. it's a long way from being in the metro area. overnight it's mostly clear and cold, 20 to 26 for your overnight lows, winds out of the west, southwest at 10 miles per hour. then tomorrow morning temperatures in 20s and 30s, but the wind chill stays in the
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20s all morning long. winds will be out of the west, southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. so that's a noticeable breeze when temperatures are that cold. tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny but only getting up to around 40 degrees. so it's going to be chilly and a bit breezy with winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. for the winter classic you'll want to bundle up. it's going to feel like we're in chicago even though the blackhawks are coming to our backyard, 35 degrees with sunshine and wind out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour. that will give you a wind chill around freezing throughout most of the game. at 1 p.m. 38 degrees when the game officially starts, 40 degrees at 3:00. that's also our high temperature for tomorrow. lots of sunshine, but it will still be a little on the cold side and then seasonably chilly on friday with a high of 48 degrees. saturday some showers arrive late in the day, still a green alert weather day because it looks like the showers will not move in until any impact any of
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your outdoor plans might be affected. in the first alert seven-day forecast more rain on sunday. it's also the mildest day of the week because temperatures crash back into the 30s as we head back to work and school on monday. big news from redskins park. >> yeah. bruce allen talking today for his year end kind of press conference. it was another losing season, another drama filled season for the team. the redskins are left with plenty of questions heading into the offseason and the media had plenty of questions for general manager bruce allen. coming up
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity.
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>> today was the annual end of year press conference from redskins general manager bruce allen, his fourth in five years following a last place finish. it lasted nearly 40 minutes and things got a little testy at times as allen struggled to defend why he still deserves to have a job in. five years under allen the skins are 28-52. he took over the football operations and became president when mike shanahan left, but the team has only regressed. with obvious frustration mounting and said and outside of the organization. during his nearly 40 minute press conference allen announced the departure of defensive coordinator jim haslet and promised even more changes on the way -- haslett and promised even more changes on the way. >> if we can find a winning formula, we'll absolutely do it and that includes me. if it meant mowing that lawn out there of tuesday, i would mow the lawn -- every tuesday, i would mow the wn every darn tuesday. i want the burgundy and gold to win. that is my job and my
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responsibility to try and figure out how to do that. >> make you all feel any better about that? [ laughter ] >> many complaints about allen has been his inability to secure quality talent or make questionable decisions. he green lighted the trade to get robert griffin, iii. today he defended his quarterback and reminded everyone to continuing practicing patience. >> at times you saw flashes of brilliance in 2012 and in this year he's learning a new system. as i said at the beginning of training camp, learning a new system, you're going to have to be patient with a young quarterback with coach gruden. i think he got better as the year went on. >> like a broken record. maryland terrapins had a great football season exceeding many expectations, but they're still searching for the postseason successful the terps were blown out by stanford last night in their bowl game, brown sacked six times when
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stanford's qb hogan threw three touchdown en route to a 33-25 win. the hockey puck will be dropping at national park. the lastof have been constructing the rink. the capitals got in their final full practice on the ice that stretches from first base to third base today. the capitals played in a winter classic before, but this is the first time the event has been held in the nation's capital and the players are soaking it all in. >> that's great. it shows how many people really appreciate the game we play. that's what this game is for. it's for the fan. it's for the hockey community and we're just glad to have it in our home rink, our home ballpark. >> the atmosphere here is unbelievable. i've said before right now we have to enjoy it and we're going to remember this for whole life. >> they could be soaking in a lot of fun, too temperatures in
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the 40s. the nhl says they'll wait as long as they can before deciding to push the start time back from 1:00 because you don't want the ice to get sloshy and the glare, too. lots of players practiced today with sunglasses, but they're also word i -- worried about the ice melting. >> i think it will be 39 degrees at the start of the game, so that should be fine, right? >> that will be great. >> you never know with the sun glaring down on the ice. the sun will be strong tomorrow, good point. >> just people like it's going to be cold. >> that is all for wusa9 news at 6:00. you want to come back at 7:00 for your only local news at
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>> tonight, the search hits a new snag as the first bodies are brought home, fierce storms prevents a wider recovery. allen pizzey is with the families jeff pegues on why it's so difficult to track so many flights. frigid weather in the west. carter evans with drivers stuck in the snow in california. arizona could get up to a foot. eric fisher tells us where the cold is headed next. with times square jammed for new year's eve police face protests and threats. jericka duncan is there. and the whiskey rebellion. chip reid distilled down the debate on how many brands are bottled. >> if you're making good bourbon whiskey, you can't take shortcuts. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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