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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the immediate metro will get 1 to 2 inches and 2 to 4 inches in the mountains. when we come back, we'll talk about the timing of this snowfall again and arctic air arriving in the middle of the workweek coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. as you said, timing is everything. highway officials say that's the issue when it comes to handling the weather event tomorrow. scott broom is keeping tabs on the preparations and how it might affect the work and schools on tuesday. how you doing scott? >> reporter: i'm doing great from front seat of my mobile newsroom this evening. how are you all? it's not going to be a lot of snow, but it's going to be cold. it's going to stick. it's all coming at the wrong time which has state highway officials in maryland, for instance, already working on it. in silver is bring highway crews hooked up plows and loaded salt and got ready for what's predicted to be a brief blast of snow tuesday.
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motorists in germantown trying to calculate prospects for commute and school tomorrow. >> if i'm early, i'll beat everybody else. by the time i leave 5:00, nobody on the road. >> i'm a teacher. weave just been out a -- we've just been out a couple weeks almost. so we're a little excited maybe there will be some snow. >> reporter: the maryland state highway administration an afternoon weather prediction of bands of light snow to begin hitting the baltimore beltways at 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. and continue until noon. >> we're only going to see 1 to 3 inches. the issue will be if it hits during rush hour. all the trucks will get stuck in the same traffic as you and i and they won't be able to treat the roads. >> reporter: salt brine was mixed in volume today and you can see the telltale lines left behind where trucks had treated roads during the sunny weather today to jump start the response for tomorrow morning.
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so this is all shaping up to be a really tough call for school systems tomorrow morning. the snow is starting between 4 and 5 a.m. that's a little bit too late for them to be on the roads and make a call and not early enough for them to get out and see what the weather is actually going to be. so it is a good morning to get up early and stay informed. that's why we're here, wusa9 tomorrow morning starting early at 4 a.m. you can keep in touch with changing conditions on our app at wusa9 online. until then i'll see you on the roads, scott broom reporting live from the mobile newsroom. >> no matter what they decide, some folks will not be happy. thank you. the d.c. snow team is getting ready for this snow tomorrow. crews will pretreat streets and bridges today. 200 plows will be ready to go tomorrow at 5 a.m. the wusa9 app has all the latest weather information including those all important
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school closings. download it free for your apple or android devices. we will be on the air a half hour early tomorrow morning getting things started at 4 a.m. meterologist howard bernstein and the rest of the morning team will have everything you need to know to get out the door. we've got brake from fairfax county right now -- breaking news from fairfax county right now where just moments ago we learned the name of the police officer who shot and killed john geer, private first class adam flores, an eight year veteran of the force. john geer was unarmed when he shot and killed a man outside his springfield home in august in 2013 according to information released today. torres fired a single shot, displayed a firearm that he threatened to use against the police. he has been on administrative leave. for 16 months police refused to release the name of the officer. they were forced to do so today by a court order issued last month. we do have a crew in fairfax with reaction from that area and we'll have that at 6:00. there is more breaking news. you are looking live at
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gaithersburg where a marked train has hit and killed someone. this happened near north summit avenue. authorities are there. rail traffic has been stopped. we'll have more on that a little later on. traffic is slowly starting to get back to normal on the inner loop of the beltway after an accident between a truck and motorcycle. it happened a short time ago near the bw parkway. at last check the motorcycle driver was in serious condition. at one point the entire inner loop was at a standstill. marion barry's son makes it official. he is running for his father's seat on the d.c. council. christopher barry picked up petitions this afternoon at the d.c. board of elections. >> he's joining a long list of candidate running for the ward 8 d.c. council seat and fryer to entering the race the 34- year-old -- fryer to entering the race the 34-year-old -- prior to entering the price the 34-year-old barry first talked to our bruce johnson. >> there were 23 candidates in
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the race. he became candidate no. 24. at the d.c. board of elections today marion christopher barry takes the plunge into d.c. politics. >> being under his shadow i've always felt limited as to what i could do, where i could go personally and now it's just given me the opportunity. >> reporter: a rough and tumble business that his father marion barry once dominated first as the district's only four term mayor and then as the 12 year ward 8 representative to the d.c. council. >> my father's legacy is a legacy of helping the people, the poor, the people that need the most help in ward 8. i look at the rest of the candidates more so as outsiders and imitators. >> reporter: he's no longer christopher. the name on the ballot will be the same as his father's. the 34-year-old barry is keeping his father's cell phone number and he's living in his father's house. a view from the porch where a
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very ill marion barry collapsed and died. your father told me there was a time you weren't interested in public office. what changed? why do you want this job now? >> as i matured and have grown older and as a man, you want to take more of a part in your community and assume more responsibility. >> his father's funeral also played aing about part in his deciding to get into this race, more of that coming up. he has no experience in elected office. he points to a construction business that he owns and employs a few dozen people, many of them ex-offenders. christopher barry has an arrest record and drug history. coming up on wusa9 at 6:00 we talk about that in our exclusive interview. >> did he shy away from that as you brought it up? >> he didn't. it was all public. >> what kind of chance does he have, do you think? >> again crowded field, 24 candidates and counting. he's got name recognition. he would have to be considered the early favorite, although a couple other names in thely
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williams, sheila -- natalie williams, sheila bunn, these are others who have been waiting to fill this seat. >> look forward to 6:00. services in loudoun county today for the leesburg man whose disappearance in mexico just before news years galvanized thousands of people across the world and the internet. hari simran singh khalsa died after falling off a remote mountain area in mexico city. >> reporter: with music, tears and even laughter hari simran's family and friends remembered a man who packed a lifetime of warmth and generosity into just 25 years. >> angels welcome a great soul into their midst. >> he like completed his life sooner than us. >> reporter: hari simran and his wife of just a year and a half ran a yoga studio above
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the raj khalsa sikh temple in sterling. they were on a yoga retreat in tee pots lan, mexico. -- in tepoztlan, mexico. on december 30th he texted a message i'm looking down on you, then another message that he was lost and then he disappeared. hundreds searched for him on the rugged terrain and on the internet organizers raised tens of thousands of dollars to help find him, but on january 2nd searchers found hari simran's crumpled body at the body of a cliff. >> i cried a lot at some points, but i've come to a point where i feel like he's gone on to his next journey. >> reporter: hari simran grew in brooklyn, the son of a sikh american father and mother and many of his friends from a sikh boarding school in india have come to remember him. >> he lived his life at full
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capacity. >> that was bruce leshan reporting. organizers are planning to use the money in the marry simran gofundme page to create a foundation in his honor. two prospects from the u.s. ski team were killed in an avalanche today. 20-year-old ronnie burrlock and 19-year-old bryce isil died near their european training base in the austrian alps. the two triggered the avalanche. four other skiers did escape unharmed. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will be sentenced tomorrow for corruption. he was convicted on 11 counts in september after a six-week trial. peggy fox covered that trial and is back in richmond with some new information. >> reporter: i have spoken to two of bob mcdonnell's sisters today and they tell me that their brother is doing as well as can be expected and remains hopeful for a lenient sentenceation
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department has recommended he serve no less than 10 years behind bars. hundreds of supporters have written to judge james spencer to request leniency and bob mcdonnell's attorneys have requested he be sentenced to 6,000 hours of community service instead of jail time, but that would be a travesty of justice says one juror who helped convict bob mcdonnell and his wife. >> the people can do bad things. >> reporter: robin trujillo was on the jury that convicted former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife of corruption. >> we talked and we went through reams of documents and talked about the testimony and looked at all the evidence. i mean it was just overwhelming, but it also stared us in the face. >> reporter: she's disturbed by in the letters written to judge spencer asking for a lenient sentence and community service instead of jail time for mcdonnell. you've been in touch with the jurors. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: is the consensus that he needs to serve time? >> yes.
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like i said, it wasn't just some small little thing, you know. it was major and it went on for a very long time. >> reporter: many of the 400 letter as test to the former governor's character. >> but it's never been about how nice you are. it's what happened while you're in office, you know, what you did, what your wife did, what you allowed to happen. >> reporter: political analyst bob holzworth who observed the trial said he was supplied by some of the letters including one from mcdonnell's sister which talks about the failed strategy of the defense blaming his wife. >> why the letters would in some way replay the trial again seemed to be a very curious strategy and one i think won't work well. >> reporter: holzworth says if the judge does not give bob mcdonnell jail time, he would be shocked and it would be a repudiation of the jury. robin trujillo agrees. >> he committed major crimes.
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there was six weeks eight hours a day of testimony and evidence to point to that. there was no way we could not convict and if it was me or you or anybody else, i'm sure tomorrow evening we would be sitting in prison. >> reporter: bob mcdonnell's attorneys have asked that he be allowed to be out on bond pending an appeal if he does see jail time. coming up at 6:00 i'll tell you whether that's likely and also how much time a former federal prosecutor thinks bob mcdonnell will receive. >> peggy fox reporting live from richmond. now to our wusa9 facebook page where we ask what do you think the sentence ought to be for the former governor? lisa willingham writes jail. he deserves what anyone else
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would get, who special free. and although that seems to be the overwhelming -- special treatment, and although that seems to be the overwhelming sentiment, camille writes community service. we're tracking another high profile trial just getting started. >> reporter: the first phase of jury selection is underway in the trial of the suspected boston marathon bomber. i'm marley hall in boston with the latest coming up. >> also a maryland soldier is laid to rest in arlington after making the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. andrea mccarren brings us the story of an all-star athlete taken too soon coming up at 5:30. >> and first alert me
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jury selection has begun in
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the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev in the 2013 bombings that killed three people and injured 260 others. marley hall has the latest from boston. >> reporter: security is tight outside the federal courthouse in boston where jury selection is underway in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. inside the 21-year-old sat with his lawyers as they began the process of picking jurors from a pool of 1,200 people. the jury will decide whether tsarnaev carried out the deadly 2013 bombings with his brother and, if so, whether he should be put to death. >> i believe in the death penalty if somebody is 100% found guilty. >> i don't believe in the death penalty personally, but i don't think he should see the light of day again. >> reporter: prosecutors say the brothers planned the attacks as payback for u.s. actions in muslim countries. the defense has suggested it plans to show tsarnaev was under the influence of his
5:17 pm
older brother tamerlan who was killed in a police shootout. peter riddle was near the second explosion and acted as a first r. he plans to attend the trial. >> this is an opportunity for me to go, i'd like to. maybe that's my personal closure to see him once more. >> reporter: riddle wasn't physically hurt but now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. he would like to see tsarnaev imprisoned for life. >> let him rot in jail and really suffer that way. >> reporter: jury selection is expected to take weeks. marley hall, cbs news, boston. >> tsarnaev's lead defense attorney judy clark has represented high profile defendants including the unabomber and jared loughner. all were found guilty but kept off death row. the indonesian navy thinks it may have found the tail of the air asia flight which crashed into the java sea eight days ago. black boxes were located in that section. sonar identified five large
5:18 pm
pieces on the ocean floor, but the strong currents are keeping search and rescue from getting closer. 37 bodies have been recovered from the water. 125 are still missing. seasonal storms may have contributed to the crash. always watching always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> and speaking of seasonal storms, we're looking into the teeth of 1 now. is this our first measurable snowfall? >> it will be the first snowfall of more than a trace at reagan national by this time tomorrow. >> didn't you and for the and the others have a guess who was going to -- >> yes. >> who is the closest? oh. >> always the lady. >> because i guessed january 4th, so we're pretty close. a clipper system is on the way. the good news is it doesn't have a lot of moisture, so we're not expecting a lot of snow. the bad news with the clipper system is that it is snow, so we have that heading our way overnight. right now it's 36 degrees,
5:19 pm
partly cloudy at reagan national, dew point a big old goose egg, a very dry atmosphere with that northwest wind at about 14 miles per hour. current temperatures have dipped into the 20s in some of our suburbs, 28 in gaithersburg, down to 30 in frederick, 26 in hagerstown, 36 in culpeper, so it's still above freezing but not much longer. on satellite and radar you can see that cloud cover making its way toward us, but the snow is still hundreds of miles away near chicago now. on 9 futurecast you can see it making its way toward us during the overnight hours 4 a.m., so well before sunrise, it's already snowing in northern portions of virginia and in the pan handles of both west virginia and maryland. by 7 a.m. it's snowing throughout the entire metro area except the extreme southern portion of orange and culpeper county. you won't see much. the snow starts to lift out toward the tail end of the tuesday morning commute, but
5:20 pm
it's snowing until noon off and on in some sports. then it's just flurries, -- spots. then it's just flurries and turns windy and much colder. we'll see winds gusting at times on wednesday near 40 miles per hour. that will drive in a couple more flurries and snow showers heading into the day wednesday. that arctic blast will lead to some of that lake effect making it all the way down into the metro area. here's your snowfall forecast. this is mostly tuesday morning. 1 to 2 places like loudoun county, montgomery and derick counties, 1 to 2 inches basicaly for the suburbs outside the beltway. inside the beltway a trace to an inch. however, in the beltway itself you will get about 1 inch of snow and later amounts in southern maryland and northern virginia. mostly cloudy overnight tonight, 20 to 26, snow arriving before dawn, winds southeast 5 to 10. tuesday morning the snow continues and there are some
5:21 pm
heavy bands possible. that's going to reduce your visibility during the tuesday morning commute. winds out of the southeast at 5 to 10. in the afternoon the snow ends, but it's still going to be cold, high temperature 30 to 36, winds northwest 10 to 15, but the wind gets stronger witness. it's going to be absolutely frigid, a high of 30 degrees, but on wednesday the wind chills will be in single digits for most of the day. thursday is the coldest da with a high of 26, but at least the wind will relax. thursday might feel a little warmer than wednesday. in the first alert seven-day forecast not as harsh on friday, a high of 35 degrees, but this arctic blast will last until next weekend when temperatures start to moderate a bit. there's a chance for a snow shower sunday and a mix of rain showers monday. the wusa9 news app has all the latest weather information including your school closings. download that app for free. you can use your apple or android device to access wusa9 weather app.
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of course, the timing could not have been better for a news conference kicking off montgomery county's safe sidewalks campaign. county executive ike leggett said it's all about reminding everybody who lives and works in montgomery they're legally required to shovel snow from their sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a snow to remember. leggett said it's really all about safety. >> we have kids who are walking to school, people walking the streets. you can see the potential for danger and that danger is around us in many forms. we want to avoid that. >> leggett also had a request for residents after a snowstorm. he wonders if you might want to check up on your older neighbors, especially those who live by themselves. even express lanes couldn't prevent tie-ups on i-95 in virginia this morning. there was an accident in the northbound lane between fairfax county parkway and route 289. two lanes were blocked. traffic got by slowly on the left. then straight ahead how crews in d.c. were able to rescue a man trapped on a piece
5:23 pm
of construction equipment. >> plus the
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they had to call in the
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rescue crews to help a man who was trapped on a piece of construction equipment in d.c. the victim was on a lift when he was struck by a bread delivery truck too tall for the loading dock at 8:00 this morning. the rescue crews were able to reach the man and bring him down to safety. he was taken to the hospital. his injuries are serious but described as nonlife threatening. investigators now say a fire in alexandria in an apartment complex was caused by a child playing with fire. it happened sunday at the morningside garden apartments on zircon drive. three people were hurt. a dozen were displaced from their homes. the red cross is putting up the victims in nearby hotels. no charges are filed. in tonight's consumer alert stocks plunged today led by declines in energy stocks as oil fell below 50 bucks a barrel at 1 point for the first time in over five years. the dow touched 331 points, nasdaq fell 74. techies are gearing up for the consumer electronics show
5:27 pm
underway in las vegas. thousands of companies will show off their new gadgets and tech trends and this year we can expect more items to make our homes smarter like light, heat and ovens that turn on automatically, 4d televisions, center tvs and curved computer screens. some encouraging news for gamers, sony said it will often a 10% discount code for purchases in the playstation store sometime later this month. dozens of dogs rescued from becoming dinner overseas are on their way to alexandria tonight. >> stephanie ramirez will bring us that story in a bit. >> plus congress gets back to work, the battle the republican controlled legislature will likely wage against the president coming up. >> reporter: a maryland soldier is laid to rest at arlington national
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[rob] so we've had a tempur-pedic for awhile, but now that we have the adjustable base, it's even better. [alex] when i put my feet up on this bed
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my stress just goes away. [evie] i go up...heeeeyyy... [donna]our tempur-pedic is the best thing in our house, 'cept for my husband. [lauren] wait,wait,where are you going? [announcer] visit your local retailer and discover how tempur-pedic can move you. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> welcome back. aim first alert meteorologist erica grow. here comes the clipper system that's going to bring us the snow, not a lot of show with this system, but it will be enough to get us a dusting to a pretty substantial coating in parts of the metro area and temperatures are cold enough to support that snow. we're down to 30 in leesburg and frederick, 26 in hagerstown, 36 in downtown washington. you know that temperature will
5:31 pm
fall overnight. as we step out the door tuesday morning, the heaviest snow will be falling and by noon 1 to 2 inches in the outlying suburb, a trace to an inch in the immediate beltway. >> we'll be on the air half an hour earlier tomorrow morning beginning at 4 a.m. meteorologist howard bernstein and the rest of the morning team will have everything you need to know to get out the door and the wusa9 news app has all the latest weather information including school closings. you can down lead it for free on your apple or android device. after 13 years combat operations are ending in afghanistan, but it is already too late for one maryland family now mourning the death of army sergeant major wardell turner. he was buried with full military honors today at arlington national cemetery. andrea mccarren is live from arlington with more on this inspiring story. >> reporter: what's so sad is that sergeant major turner was on his second and final tour of duty before his planned
5:32 pm
retirement, but he told family members he wanted to return to afghanistan so he could join his son devin who was already serving there. under a clear blue sky on a wind swept january afternoon family members huddled in the bitter cold to remember sergeant major war -- war dell turner, their -- wardell turner, their grief to his final resting place in section 60. bone and raised in nanticote on maryland's eastern shore, sergeant major turner was high school football star who went on to play at towson university. >> he was the baby of the family, so he pretty much got his way. he was a mama's boy. >> reporter: after college he served in the army for two decades. >> he was the first vehicle in the convoy that got hit. >> reporter: the sergeant major was in kabul afghanistan
5:33 pm
last november when a roadside bomb ravaged his vehicle. he was there to train the country's security forces. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: sergeant major turner leaves behind his mother, his wife, five children and three grandchildren. he was 48 years old. sergeant major turner joins nearly 900 active duty service members killed in afghanistan and iraq and now buried in section 60. reporting live from arlington national cemetery andrea mccarren, wusa9 news. >> we're certainly thankful to his service and condo licenses to the sergeant major's family. also killed in that november attack, 27-year-old specialist joseph riley from grove city, ohio. lawmakers are arriving back in washington where the 114th congress will be sworn in tomorrow with republicans in control of both houses and
5:34 pm
there's a glimmer of hope the early days could produce some agreement between the two parties on a handful of key issues. >> economic security dealing with some tax reforms, with the debt issue that is out there. >> republicans say they will use their increased leverage on other issues including the keystone pipeline and immigration. new u.s. congressman in virginia dave brat has become the latest republican to say he will not support john boehner to keeply title. according to usa today -- keep his title. according to usa today, brat is upset there is not an amendment allowed to block president obama's order on immigration. tonight investigators are trying to figure out what brought down a small plane killing everyone on board except a 7-year-old girl. >> that crash happened friday night in kentucky. barefoot wearing only shorts and a t-shirt the 7-year-old girl walked a mile through
5:35 pm
briars and bushes in near freezing temperatures and after about a mile she saw a porch light. 71-year-old larry wilkins answered the door. >> i seen a bloody little girl with tears in her eyes lips trembling. >> reporter: what did she say to you when she got into ambulance? >> she wanted me to go with her because she didn't know anybody else. >> saylor's eyewitness account will likely be key finding out exactly what went wrong there. her dad, a former commercial pilot, was flying the plane and he along with saylor's mom, sister and cousin, they all died in that crash. a heartbreaking story many of you have been reading about on a 3-week-old baby found dead in a dumpster in long beach, california. police say eliza de la cruz was abducted after her parents and another adult were wounded
5:36 pm
during a shooting. she was declared missing saturday and found behind a strip mall sunday, still no word on the cause of death, but investigators are searching for the presumed killer. another man shot and killed by police after he pulled a gun out on them last night in a police station parking lot in san francisco where police twice asked the 32-year-old to leave. once police confronted him the man pulled the gun from his waistband. two sergeants opened fire. he eventually died at the hospital. investigators later learned the man pulled out a bb gun. the sergeants are on routine administrative leave as part of protocol. why january may be the best month to sign up for online dating. >> why kanye west fans say paul mccartney is a lucky musician tonight. >> plus the newest problem for people who commute by train. it's something called man spreading, what it is
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
we're taking a look at some trending stories right now. what a lucky man sir paul mccartney must be to be rescued from security by kanye west. >> at least that's how mr. kardashian's fans see it, the two musicians teaming up for a
5:40 pm
single called only 1. so buzz feed picked up on a few tweets from kahn ya fans. one wrote this is why i love kanye for shine -- kanye fans. one wrote this is why i love kanye for shining on unknown artists and this is best. i don't know who paul mccartney is, but kanye is about to give this man a career with his new song. turning now to new york city where an effort is underway to curb what they call man spreading and it's about as sexy as it sounds. >> doesn't look good either. man spreading is what happens when subway riders take up more than their fair share in their seat and it's actually a very big concern evidently. each person on the subway, derek, is allotted 17 1/2 inches for their bottom, but for many that's not enough like this dude here and it's led to a lot of opposition. there are even blogs about this. e'thers a leading anti-man spreading activist that has a
5:41 pm
favorite excuse that she gives. >> the anatomy is different. >> reporter: the equipment? >> yes. you need extra room. >> reporter: that's an flax you've heard sometimes. >> yes -- an explanation you've heard sometimes. >> yes. >> it's an issue our customers have noticed and can be an annoyance. >> ant any is always a problem. -- anatomy is always a problem. if you think man spreading is too bad, how about doing some woman spreading and battle back. i'm just saying. maybe not like that. >> not so good, derek. nearly 6 million people a day take the subway. that means more crowding and when the subway systems do campaign for a better etiquette, hopefully less. that's your answer. battle it back. well, it's mating season -- i can't even look at you right now. it is mating season in the online dating world and according to the site
5:42 pm
sees a 30% increase in signup this time of year. >> i did not know this. match, plenty of both say yesterday, the first sunday after new year's is traditionally the busiest day on both sites. people that sign up in january are 15% more likely to meet somebody than other months. coming up a prominent man is found, but have why hasn
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if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... in tonight's health alert the flu is hitting the united states in full force. the cdc reports almost every state has widespread flu activity. >> as alison harmelin reports, that's because most of the flu is from a virus not matched to the vaccine. >> reporter: doctors of new york city's lenox hill hospital are seeing up to 10 cases of flu a day in the emergency room. >> it's concerning because a lot of these patients have been vaccinated.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: the latest cdc report shows 43 reports now experiencing high or widespread flu activity. government health officials say the vaccine may be only about 30% effective this year because the main flu strain circulating, h3n2, is not a good match to the vaccine. >> in the average year we see an effectiveness of the vaccine somewhere at 50 to 70%. so it might be lower this year, but it may provide some protection, especially important in people who are high risk of severe disease. >> reporter: the h3n2 virus tends to cause more severe illness especially in very young children and the elderly. doctors say there are usually more hospitalizations and deaths in years when this virus circulates. dr. robert gladder says anyone in high risk for flu complications should get anti- viral medication like tamiflu. >> in general it cuts about a day off symptoms. >> reporter: doctor gladder says if you get the flu, stay home. you could easily infect others for 10 days while the virus runs its course.
5:47 pm
>> federal health officials say 21 children have died from the flu this season and it's estimated the flu kills around 30,000 people in the u.s. each year. new research shows not all obese people develop metabolic changes that can cause health problems so well known like diabetes and strokes. a team at washington university in st. louis monitored 20 obese pool -- people who were asked to gain about 15 pounds and found participants who did not have insulin resistance or high blood pressure, did not develop the problems after gaining more weight. those who had the problems before gaining the weight, they got worse. researchers developed a commonly used version of antibiotics that does not cause side effects in mice. 40 to 60% of patients who get these sometimes life saving drugs will develop partial or complete hearing loss. kidney damage is another common
5:48 pm
side effect. the researchers intend to test the modified antibiotic on humans very soon to see if it has the same benefits as it does in the mice. know on the go. text radar to to 25543 and download the wusa9 weather app. >> snow showers are heading our way. in the meantime it's just dry out there and getting pretty cold. it's 36 degrees, the winds are out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. that gives us a wind chill factor in the 20s and it's only going to get colder. an alberta clipper system is on the way. that will bring us snow before dawn, even in the immediate metro area and then the snow will continue during that morning rush, heavy at times. we could see those flakes reducing visibility, but we won't see a lot of snow. there isn't a lot of moisture with this system. the snow will be light and powdery, but it will turn windy and colder wednesday as this system moves out. here we are with satellite and
5:49 pm
radar. the clipper is making its way toward the metro area. that cloud cover overspreading first. you can see that on 9 futurecast the clouds will be in place by midnight and notice temperatures are well below freezing throughout the entire metro. this is an all snow event, but the snow will stay mostly in the beltway region and points north not really looking at much in the way of snow in southern maryland and in the northern neck of virginia. by the tail end of the tuesday morning commute the snow is still falling. it's not till the afternoon the snow will start to lift out, but just a light powdery accumulation, not a lot of snow with this system. after the snow moves out the windy cold conditions move back in. you'll see that on the feels like forecast. tomorrow morning it will feel like it's in the 20s throughout the entire metro and still feeling like the 20s to low 30s in the evening as you led home from work, 21 in martinsburg for your feels like forecast, 24 in leesburg, 28 in manassas.
5:50 pm
wednesday wind chills in the teens to start the day. as we head into the afternoon, the wind chill gets even worse. wind chills down in the single digits in the afternoon throughout the entire metro area and the winds bill be gusting near 40 miles per hour -- will be gusting near 40 miles per hour on wednesday. tuesday the wind isn't the issue, but the snow is the big issue. he would end -- we'll end up with 1 to 2 inches north of the beltway including the 66 corridor, all of i-270. a trace to an inch in the beltway in southern maryland, but in the immediate beltway you'll end up with about an inch of powdery snow you can just sweep away. hoke overnight. we'll see notice develop before dawn, 20 to 20 -- snow develop before dawn, 20 to 26 your overnight low and snow showers could be heavy at times, but not a lot of accumulation, the high temperature tomorrow between 30 and 36 degrees.
5:51 pm
in the first alert seven-day forecast the arctic blast arrives wednesday and stays with us on thursday, a high temperature only in the 20s on thursday. the wusa9 news app has all the latest weather information. download it for free with your apple or android device. police are questioning the son of a slain new york city hedge fund manager. thomas gilbert sr. was found with a gunshot wound to his head sunday in his upscale man hat apartment. police stormed the son -- manhattan apartment. police stormed the son's apartment shortly after the man's body was found. >> a male shot. >> it came through 911. it shows the husband was shot by her son. >> reporter: 3:30 it unsunday afternoon police were called to the eighth -- 3:34 sunday afternoon police were called to the manhattan apartment and thomas gilbert sr. was found
5:52 pm
with a gunshot wound to his head. the 70-year-old was a founder of a multi-million dollar hedge fund and lived in an area of manhattan where violence is rare. a woman neighbor has been identified as thomas gilbert, sr.'s wife was escorted out of the building by law enforcement. police r recovered a handgun in the apartment and immediately began searching the area for gilbert's son who fled the scene on foot. >> should be a male white in his early 30s wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, name is thomas gilbert, jr. he may still be in the area, unknown right now if he's armed or not. >> reporter: the manhunt ended hours later when police reportedly broke down the door to thomas gilbert jr.'s chelsea apartment where he was found hiding inside. he was arrested and is currently being questioned by
5:53 pm
detectives. >> now a motive remains unclear. the younger thomas gilbert had not been charged. coming up next. >> reporter: 23 dogs that were supposed to be sold for food get a new life. he
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
you might call it a new leash on life for nearly two dozen dogs coming to dulles airport who were going to be sold for meat.
5:56 pm
they were raised as livestock. >> now they're one step closer to finding a loving home. stephanie ramirez is live where those dogs just arrived. >> reporter: the first group of six landed not too long ago. the puppies are adorable, but they were almost going to be sold and killed for food. we talked to officials about what they went through, where they came from and how they ended up here. [ barking ] >> reporter: in rusty metal pens ungroomed said to be living chained to a certain area their entire life, what you're looking at is the south korean dog meat farm the humane society international rescued 23 dogs from. today is their lucky day flying into dulles to be taken here. >> all right. so we're just preparing the kennels now. >> reporter: the animal welfare league in alexandria, virginia, a place that helps animals across the state, but executive director megan webb showed us the facility saying
5:57 pm
this is the first time they're getting dogs from south korea. >> the dogs are living their entire lives there in that one space. >> reporter: it's the same for the humane society international who has been working especially hard to stop animal cruelty in south korea where they tell us a dog meat trade is very real. director kelly o'mara said over the n dogs are consumed there a year and in many of these farms similar to puppy mills in u.s. the dogs are raised in abusive conditions. webb has also been working to save abused animals here and says when it comes to cruel owners. >> they are those individuals who are often much more likely to be abusive towards people. >> reporter: the dogs will be taken here, 12 monday, the rest tuesday and here they will be treat ed, hopefully found healthy soon to be put up for adoption either at this awl in alexandria or at some of the other virginia shelters participating in this joint international effort. the humane society has their
5:58 pm
headquarters in d.c. and gaithersburg, maryland. so they're working with shelters in the area. they tell me they've been working with this program about two years now, but it's only become more successful now because of the international pressure the 2018 olympics supposed to be taking place in seoul, south korea, have put on the area there. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. how much time could bob mcdonnell receive in prison when he's sentenced tomorrow? i'm peggy fox. at 6:00 i'll tell you what one former federal prosecutor thinks. >> reporter: all charges dropped in the domestic violence case against former redskin fred smoot, what he wants to do next and reaction from his ex-girl friend. folks, get ready to see some flakes fly through the dmv for your morning commute. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. the wusa9 first alert weather team is calling tomorrow a yellow alert day and erica grow with more on when and where
5:59 pm
it's expected to hit. >> the when is the main problem. the snow will fall during that morning commute. in fact, it's going to start further west of us before sunrise. this system will head toward us west to east. you can see the winter weather advisory is in effect for the entire immediate metro area and all points north and northwest of that going into effect at 4 a.m. and be with us until 1 p.m. tomorrow. the snow arriving before dawn even in the peltway it will get here before sunrise. most of the snow will fall during that morning commute and we'll see snow taper off to just flurries and a quick snow shower in the afternoon. the good news is that it's powdery snow and very easy to dust off the car, but the reduced visibility is the main concern. a snow shower possible in the afternoon, but by then we will already have our accumulations, 1 to 2 inches north and west of the beltway, a trace to an inch
6:00 pm
in southern maryland and southern portions of the beltway. we'll do a little more timing out of the arrival of this storm with 9 futurecast coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. maryland highway crews spent the day treating roads with salt brine preparing for an early start tomorrow. the timing of the rush hour they say could be the challenge. >> the issue will be if it hits certain rush hour. all the trucks will be stuck in the same traffic as you and i and won't be able to treat the roads. >> schools have not yet announced plans for tomorrow. when you are away from the television, you can get the latest news, weather and school closings on your phone. just download the wusa9 news app. it is free for your apple or android device. a programming note, since


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