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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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announced doors will open on time in montgomery county public schools. that is something to keep in mind. not the case for loudoun county, clarke county or frederick county schools in virginia. other schools sticking with two- hour delays, fairfax county and arlington county public schools in virginia, alexandria city schools. prince george's county schools in maryland also delayed two hours. we just learned garrett county public schools in maryland, they are now closed as are schools in hampshire county in west virginia. so the list continues to grow. we'll send it over to allyson to see exactly why that is. we are feeling below zero for a lot of people. it's going to stay that way till about 10:00 or really 11:00 until we see above zero. it's still dangerously cold. clear skies. winds are out of the west 8 miles per hour. these are the actual air into the single digits. 6 degrees for hagerstown. 7 for gaithersburg.
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la plata at 9 degrees. fredricksburg, you're at 12 degrees. then you factor in the wind and it feels well below zero for about everybody. we'll feel above zero by 11 and feeling into the teens for the rest of the day. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: the situation on 95 has been too cold for them to raise the hov gates. mechanically they're just not working on their own. so manually raising those gates. that's why the hov lanes are so late to open as you make your way out of aquia. the new hov express lanes are now open north of qawnt company, northbound on 9 -- quantico, northbound on 95. vdot trying to make the fix so unusual delays through stafford county virginia, 95. nothing out of the ordinary for you on i-270. there is report of a crash on 355 south of the monocacy and ball road in frederick county. beltway, they were still cleaning up the earlier vehicle fire on the outer loop north of 210. the right lane will still be blocked off while they wait for the salt crew to treat the road
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surface which is frozen after the water on the roadway. back to you. we've said it before. misery love company. we're not alone. that arctic blast is impacting much of the country. we have 12 degrees here at broadcast house, but some areas are barely above single digits in our area. >> that's right. add in some wind and it feels ridiculously cold. for more on the weather and what you're going to face when you leave your home if you do, nikki burdine is live in dupont circle. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. i'm not going to lie to you, guys, it's not good out here. it's painful. if you have to be outside for any amount of time, even if it's a few minutes, you better bundle up. whaim' wearing right now, -- what i'm wearing right now, it's not pretty but it's warm. i have my snow pants, several shirts, hand warmers. these are great if you can grab those before you head out this morning, your gloves, cover your ears. it's very important because you can see the clock behind me?
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as it switches over to the temperature, it is 9 degrees outside. there we go. we're in single digit temperatures out here this morning. to be honest, once he get that cold, what is a few degrees because it is very, very cold out here. be aware of hypothermia. keep an eye on our friends outside this morning. if you see someone who may be in need of help, call the hypothermia hotline. we have all those listed on our wusa9 app. keep an eye out for other people. if your pets are cold outside, just bring them inside because if you're cold, they are cold. it is too cold for anyone much less our pets to be out here for any amount of time. we'll be out here trying to stay warm as much as possible. back to you in the studio. >> nikki, thank you. as we told you moments ago, many schools in the immediate metro area are opening late because of the cold. montgomery county, however, is on time. we have an updated list running at the bottom of your screen. if you're just grabbing your phone, it's on the wusa9 mobile app, too.
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you can download it free on the apple or google play store. a manhunt is on in france this morning for two brothers wanted in the killing of 12 people at a paris newspaper office. police say a third suspect surrendered. the suspects aare accused of gunning down ten journalists and two police officers in the attack inside the offices of the satirical paper charlie hebdo. >> it was a very -- [indiscernible] -- scene with no electricity, with everything working inside and many bodies inside. >> french president francois hollande called them an act of terror and promises they will be punished. cartoonists around the world posted emotional drawings in response to the terror attack. some called for unity in the face of intolerance and upright evil. others simply offered sympathy. the walk post shows the pen is mightier than the sword or in this case the automatic weapon.
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in a crowd of french and french american citizens staged a vigil outside the newseum on pennsylvania avenue all to protest the attack on the charlie hebdo newspaper office. the protesters chanted in french "i am charlie" and they expressed outrage over these killings. >> i'm appalled that these people can do this crime against intellectuals, against downaalists, -- journalists, against people who have their freedom to speak. >> chairman peter pritchard is the way to fight speech you don't like is with your own speech. protestors will gather outside fairfax county
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headquarters. >> officers responded to a domestic dispute dispute. >> reporter: justice for geer is what they call themselves. they have a facebook page. i checked it out this morning. they say despite the cold, they need folks to be out here so they can send a strong, clear message to fairfax county police that they are not happy with first of all the deadly shooting and second of all, the way in which it was handled. you may remember and it's been widely reported now that john geer was shot and cildz right outside of -- killed right outside of his own home. this happened august 29, 2013, more than two years ago when police responded to a domestic call. get this, the police report in the naming of 8-year veteran officer adam torres as a shooter, that was just released to days ago. and a court order made that happen. the report that was released as well also said geer had
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multiple guns, threatened police officers and a negotiator tried to peacefully resolve the situation. the victim's long-time friend we talked to john stewart said geer had his arms up in the air. he was not carrying a weapon. and there was no negotiator. >> when he was at the front door talking to the officers, i asked the officer closest to me why you guys just couldn't put the guns away and back away. let him go inside and cool off. he responded we couldn't allow him to go into the home, that he might hurt himself. >> reporter: john stewart and the victim's father don geer say they will not be here at the protest that is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. because they do not believe this was an abuse of power. i'll explain what they mean coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> delia, thank you, live at fairfax county police headquarters. it is coming up on at 8
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after the hour. if you can't make it to vegas for the consumer electronics show, don't worry. we'll bring you the gadgets that you'll want to see, some of the newest products they have there. do you need to keep your cholesterol in check? doctors have found a certain fruit can help you do
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very cold morning out there. temperature down to 2 in nokesville. it's 8 in hey mark. 9 waldorf. 12 at reagan national. a brutally cold day today. at least it won't be as windy but windchills in the teens. highs 19 to 24. a break tomorrow.
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more arctic air for part of the weekend. beverly farmer, give us the good news this thursday morning. >> reporter: the good news is, howard, they've got all of the hov express lane gates open out of stafford, go quantico, woodbridge. now you have the the availability of the hov express lanes. a mechanical issue because of the cod had them down there -- cold had them down there opening the gates. delays coming through stafford county but better into woodbridge and springfield. on the outer loop, caution in the local lanes. there was an earlier vehicle fire north of 210 right side of the local lanes still blocked waiting for the treatment trucks to take care of the ice in the roadway. main lanes will serve you fine without a delay. outer loop into silver spring, no early issues there. remember, we have school delays and closings going to extend and delay the rush hour. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. the consumer electronics show is showing off all the latest gadgets in las ek. our part nears at
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have been hard at work finding the new technology that has the best chance to change all our lives. >> it's so much fun to look into the future. it's always fun, david. what have you found? >> reporter: well, as you can see, it's still pretty early here in las vegas, but in a couple of hours, this place is going to be filling up, all two million square feet of show space. there's over 160,000 attendees here, the busiest ces ever. we have the choice awards from the hundreds of products that they viewed here. we picked the best 50 or so. i have a couple i would love to show you. >> you have something called the concussion tracker? >> reporter: we do. so it's from a company called black box biometrics. this was originally military hardware but now it's great for athletes and concerned parents. there's been a lot of talk about concuxes lately. it's a little piece of technology that fits inside of a headband that goes on under
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your helmet. it tracks criminallial impacts -- cranial impacts and sends the data to your smartphone. it won't tell you if you had a concussion but it will tell you the likelihood of an event. you can take that to your doctor and get it looked at like you should. >> what is that egg shape by your left hand? >> reporter: i was going to ask what you think it might be. any guesses? >> looks like a big thermos. >> or a space heater. >> reporter: the thermos is pretty close. what it actually is, a wine chiller. it's a single bottle wine chiller. you put it inside. it works over blu tooth with your cell phone. different wines, different temperatures. when you're ready to go, you just pick it up and it will stay at the temperature for ten hours. >> you mentioned something about a smartphone. i've been to ces and phones are
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all the big rage. what's the latest thing in smartphone technology? >> reporter: phones are all the big rage. this is the lgt -- the flex. it's curved so it's got that wow factor but it also has a self-sealing back. you stick it in your pocket and you have keys or change and it scratches, you don't have to worry about it because the self- healing back will heal itself in a couple of minutes. >> the curve thing is interesting but it invites you to put it in your pocket. will you crush it if you sit on it. >> reporter: it's not crush proof. >> david, thank you very much. have fun. one last day at ces. enjoy. >> take care. at 6:14, here's another look at our question of the morning. to get more spending money for the holidays, people have done this 20% more in december compared to other months.
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so what is it na, robbed a bank, c, sold their jewelry or c, borrowed from the kids' college fund? >> good morning to one of our regulars. c, college fund. they can put it back in a couple of months, right? but that very seldom happens. we'll have more of your importances and the
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in the news right now, 6:17. subzero temperatures are prompting delays and closures across the dmv. loudoun county, clarke county or frederick county schools in virginia are all closed today as are schools in garrett county, maryland and hampshire county in west virginia. a majority of schools are sticking with two-hour delays. on the virginia sider der ya city schools, -- side, alexandria city schools, fairfax county, arlington and prince william county schools going with two-hour delays. prince george's county in maryland delayed by two hours. montgomery county public schools announced they are one of the few and proud, if you will, opening their doors on time. updates are still rolling in. to keep tabs on your school, you can check our app for up nute information. >> thank you, nick. the hearty going in on time. if you're planning on going outside right now, you've seen our reporters. layer up, bundle up, swaddle
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up, whatever you want to call it. >> i'm thinking about the kids at the bus stop, even in two hours it's going to be very, very cold. these are the mornings i remember my parents or one of the neighbor parents said let's get in the car. we don't have heated bus stops. i didn't grow up in that neighborhood. do your kids a favor or if you can drive them to school, maybe do that or wait for the bus. weather wise, it's cold. it's january. it happens. we get this. had a facebook post, i don't remember when it was this cold like this. it was about last general 20. yeah, it's been about a year. let's show you what's happening with our forecast. temperatures are going to struggle today. big time. we're talking 19 to 24, sunny, brutally cold. i want to show you the day planner and give you hourly rundowns. 19 at noon. that's reagan national. still some spots in the mid- teens climbing to the 23, 24- degree range in town. there will be a couple of spots that don't get out of the teens. with the windchills, it won't be as windy. the w.s will eventually climb
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-- the windchills will eventually climb into the teens. it's cold everywhere. raleigh 12. norfolk 15. locally we have the single digits and teens now from 8 in baltimore, 8 martinsburg, 7 manassas and 7 in petersburg, west virginia. the windchills zero in town. ten below in hagerstown. windchill advisories running till 10:00 this morning. temperatures steadily, slowly rise with cloudy skies, kind of breezy with a stray flurry. tomorrow mid-30s. back into the 20s and the deep freeze on saturday. by sunday up to 40. monday morning could be a little messy. we'll have to watch that carefully and back to 42 on tuesday. 6:20. hey, bev. >> reporter: hey, howard. a couple more things happening on the roadways. southbound lanes of 270, volume starting to build out of frederick county as you make your way toward hyattstown. southbound 270 in clarksburg, they're checking for a vehicle possibly on fire.
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so caution in each direction if you're headed out to 270 early on for been the volume delays. manassas past the visitors center, fair lakes and fair oaks toward vienna. beltway passing route 4 andrews, they went to check for a crash on the outer loop near route 4. northbound on 4 suitland parkway, word of a crash. outer loop of the beltway, right side of the local lanes north of 210, the right side blocked and cleanup from the earlier vehicle fire. yes, the hov gates are open on 95. the express lanes now heading up to the beltway and edsall road. thanks for joining us this friday evening morning. wusa9 news, weather and traffic all continue here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'.
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. here are some things you may have missed. the f.b.i. is investigating possible motives, including domestic terrorism for the homemade explosive device found outside an naacp chapter headquarters in colorado springs on tuesday. authorities found the pipe, road flare and gasoline can outside the building the naacp shares with a barbershop. no one was hurt and there was only minimal damage to that building. turring the country on -- touring the country on what some are calling a spoiler tour. he started at ford headquarters
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in michigan praising the auto industries comeback there. then in arizona he announced a new proposal to cut annual mortgage insurance premiums by half a percentage point. tomorrow he'll be flying to tennessee. he's expected to talk about affordability of higher education. senator kirsten gillibrand from new york is once again pushing for change in the way the military handles sexual assault cases. the new york democrat says the current military justice practice is not working. she points to a recent report which founds 62% of those who reported an assault ended up facing retaliation afterwards. she introduced a reform bill last year but it failed to get the necessary votes to move on. west virginia's longest serving governor arch moore jr. has died. he was the first west virginia governor sifnls the late 1800s to succeed himself and remained the only one to hold three full terms. moore pleaded guilty to five
6:26 am
corruption charges back in 1990. his passing comes just one day after his daughter, west virginia senator shelly moore was sworn into office. arch moore was 91. scientists may soon have a new weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistant infections in hospitals. it's a powerful new antibiotic. researchers say it's capable of combating even the most stubborn super bugs. the findings are published in the journal of nature. it's still a couple ways away from human trials. an avocado a day could help keep bad cholesterol away, the finding of new penn state university study. researchers looked at 45 healthy overweight or obese adults who followed three different cholesterol lowering drugs. they found people who ate an arve catd dough a day had -- avocado a day had lower levels of bad cholesterol. >> there's fieb near avocado.
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-- fiber in avocado. there is plant cholesterol that also lowers cholesterol. >> the study was funded by the national institutes of health and the haas avocado company. chevy chase, maryland is not only the wealthiest town in the united states but apparently the country's most educated town. almost 93% of people living in chevy chase have at least a bachelor's degree. mclean, virginia comes in 19th overall. 6:27. let's take a look outside. there is the capitol dome shrouded in its scaffolding for repairs that will take several years. it is cold outside. and it's actually colder here than it is in the arctic right now. >> is that crazy. it is indeed. we looked up the temperatures in the newsroom. we'll go to allyson rae with the forecast in a minute. first we'll start with nick. he has the latest list of scoot closings and delays. >> reporter: it is back to business as usual for some today. federal agencies are all open.
6:28 am
montgomery county public schools are opening on time. but there are a handful of closures to report. one being loudoun county as well as clarke county and frederick county schools in virginia all closed today as are schools in garrett county, maryland, hampshire county, west virginia. a majority of schools are sticking with two-hour are delays. on the virginia side, alexandria city schools, fair fax county and arlington county schools in the two-hour delay clubs. as are anne arundel and prince george's county schools in maryland. again also delayed two hours. allyson rae, that is because of dangerously cold conditions as you've been telling you about. now you're out in them. >> reporter: i am out here. i've been out here for one minute and my nose is already feeling a little burning. it's just tingling and it's cold. yeah, you have to bundle up as much as you can for today. we're not going to feel above zero till about midmorning. take a look how we're starting off from our michael & son camera. it's clear, cold. some areas where the wind is dropping even more, we're seeing the temperatures continue to fall.
6:29 am
12 degrees outthere. once you factor in the wind, it feels about zero degrees for us here but it does feel into the minus zero -- i meant subzero across the area. leesburg minus 5. we'll feel into the teens for the rest of the afternoon. let's go to beverly with traffic. checking out the ride for anybody who would head inbound on route 4 out of upper marlboro, that trip inbound past suitland parkway involves a crash now. police have been on the scene there and sky 9 was showing us the incident northbound. inbound lanes of route 4 right near suitland parkway getting past andrews. you have to deal with that with the lineup out of upper marlboro. everybody moved on to the narrow left shoulder in the work zone. 395, slow go from edsall road past landmark. your lanes open to the 14th street bridge. yes, they fixed the hov express lane gate problem in prince william and stafford counties. 66 volume delay in manassas, centreville, leaving fair oaks toward very nanny but with all
6:30 am
lanes open into falls church and rosslyn. back to you. we are facing temperatures in the teens and single digits all day long. >> we may not crack the 20- degree mark today. nikki burdine is live in northwest d.c. at dupont circle where it's not even close to that right now. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. 20 degrees sounds down right balmy right now because if you look right behind me at that clock, as soon as it changes over here in dupont circle, it will show you we're at 9 degrees. just a few minutes ago it went down to 8 and popped back up. but really what's the difference when you get down to single digit temperatures because it's bitter cold out here. it's painful. if you go outside, bundle up as much as you can. fashion, throw it to the wayside because no matter what you do this morning, you need to be warm. it is cold out here. people are walking around, walking to work this morning and commuting. they're bunling up as much as they -- bundling up as much as they can, covering up their
6:31 am
extremities. hypothermia is a real risk. if you see people out here this morning who need help, all you have to do call the hypothermia hotline. we have all those listed on our wusa9 app. there are warming centers set up all over the city as well. just a heads up. if you're cold, your pets are cold. so bring them inside, especially today because as you heard, it's not going to get above again degrees. right now -- above 20 degrees. right now it's 9 degrees. it is cold. it is painful. don't go outside if you don't have to if you're like us and have to be outside, wear as many layers as you can because it is dangerous out here. we're going to jump in the truck right now because i can't feel my nose or cheeks. it's getting hard to talk really. >> where she is, the area of dupont circle where they lost power and didn't have heat. hopefully it's come back on for everybody because they will definitely need it today. thank you, nikki. get back in the truck quickly. as nikki mentioned, the hypothermia hotline is on our wusa9 app. also on our app, the list of closings and delays that you can see running at the bottom
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of your screen right now. if you have to leave the house and wore dering if anything -- ng has changed, you can download the wusa9 app. it's free. people will be braving the cold and gathering outside fairfax county police headquarters today. they'll be demonstrating against the police shooting death of john geer. >> he was fatally shot standing outside his home august 2013. at that time officers were responding to a domestic dispute. delia goncalves joins us live from police headquarters with more on the protest. delia? >> reporter: i just checked out the facebook page for the organizers of today's protests. they are the group called justice for geer. members are saying on facebook, we know it's going to be cold but we need everyone to come out here to send a clear and loud message to fairfax county police that they are not pleased with the shooting and the way in which it was handled. but the victim's close friend and family members will not be here. john geer as you remember was shot and killed when police
6:33 am
responded to a domestic call at his home august 23013. -- august 2013. just two days ago police were forced by a cort order to re-- court order to recease the report -- to release the report and named eight-year veteran adam torres who pulled the trigger. a friend and dad don geer dispute the police report but say this was not an abuse of power, rather a terrible mistake. they waited an hour before they went inside the house. at that point john geer who was already shot was dead. >> forward to utilize your re-- in order to utilize your resources that you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on, you allow a man to bleed to death after you put a bullet in him. >> if things are supposed to work, it certainly didn't work in this case and that needs to be changed. >> reporter: a federal investigation is under way. john geer's partner, his girlfriend filed a civil suit against the police department on behalf of the couple's two
6:34 am
children. back to you in the studio. >> delia, thank you, live outside police headquarters in fairfax county. a court hearing is planned for later today in fairfax county in the jesse matthew case. matthew is accused of kidnapping and killing hannah graham in charlottesville last september. this trial is on an attempted murder and sex assault charge stemming from a 2005 attack. a number of media organizations are asking the judge to allow both still and video cameras in the courtroom. uva fraternities and sororities are being told they may resume social activities as long as they abide by new rules. social activities had been suspended after rolling stone magazine reported an alleged gang rain at a frat house in 2012. rolling stone has since apologized for what it calls disprepare panes in its -- discreps pans in its stories. social actives may resume as long as safety rules are followed. for instance, all fraternity
6:35 am
functions must have security monitoring the front door. a frederick county, maryland, councilman is apologizing after threatening to sue a reporter over what he called unauthorized use of his name in a news story. kirby delauter add mipts he was wrong to threaten -- admits he was wrong to threaten the newspaper reporter. his story went viral on the internet. the response -- it had thousands of reviews on it. >> if you cannot report on public officials, if you feel they can somehow buy you from doing a job, what have we got here? the first amendment collapses. democracy collapses. >> in a statement delauter said in his career he's fought off his share of angry e-mails which in hindsight he wishes he hadn't. he said, quote, i can't think of one that had a positive effect. 6:35. we want to congratulate our facebook fan of the day.
6:36 am
kanice hughsgriggs of capitol heights. she says, i'm fanatical about the channel 9 program. >> we appreciate you. this week's winners get two tickets to "baskerville ," a sherlock holmes mystery playing at arena stage. if you'd like to be our next winner, it's easy. fill out the form on our wusa9 facebook
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it is 6:39 on this frigid thursday morning. look at these temperatures. we're talking readings down to 2 in nokesville. 7 white plains, dumfries and rockville. damascus 7. bob up there told me he's got a 5 actually and 9 in college park. 6 at dulles. we'll be 19 to 24. windchills below zero now. only in the teens this afternoon. full seven-day in about six minutes. beverly? >> reporter: southbound 270 heading out of frederick county, maryland, you're going to be slow getting past 85 before you reach route 80, what was reported as a vehicle fire along the right side of the roadway. indeed if there was flames and they had to put it out with water, you know they're going to have to treat for ice along the right side of the roadway. more delays getting into hyattstown and south through rockville now. inbound lanes of route 4, the hangup was the crash at
6:40 am
suitland parkway although moved on to the rather narrow left shoulder. the focal point of delays toward the beltway. virginia 95 heading into lorton, volume delays, main lanes, yes, the hov express lanes although open late, they did get open by 6:00 heading up out of stafford and prince william county. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. increased federal regulation of the internet and a movie made famous because of the sony hacking scandal could soon be available on netflix. >> those stories and more from nick giovanni who joins us from the newsroom with a look at your money. >> reporter: let's start with the new debate that appears to be brewing on capitol hill over social security. the house has adopt add procedural rule -- adopted a procedural rule which could force lawmakers to tackle the issue by 2016. automatic benefit cuts would be triggered affecting 11 million people after the fund is expected to run out by 1016. the chairman of the federal communications commission has indicated he'll recommend tougher regulations for the
6:41 am
industry. that would be in line with recent remarks by president obama that he wants to ensure everyone has the same access to free content online. the scc plans to vote on the proposal late next month. netflix executive says the streaming service wants to make seasony's movie "the interview" available to subscribers across the globe according to the associated press. the ap says that source would not discuss any efforts under way to make that happen. the movie is already available on some other video services in the wake of the seasony hacking scandal. at&t meanwhile will soon allow customers to roll over unused smartphone data. beginning january 25, new and current customers with mobile share value plans will automatically get the feature. it will -- you'll have a month to use up the extra data we're toldmercedes-benz is moving its u.s. headquarters from new jersey to atlanta. it's in part to be closer toity factory in alabama. georgia's governor said the company did accept an incentive package from the state, but
6:42 am
wouldn't discuss the details. the move has prompted some new jersey political leaders to call for lower taxes to keep companies from moving. 338 -- [indiscernible] that's roughly two-thirds of its locations. about 3700 workers are losing their jobs as a result. the retailer has struggled as low priced fashion chains like h & m gain traction. wet seal said it may end up filing for bankruptcy, something we're continuing to watch in the business world. >> thanks a lot, nick, joining us live from the newsroom. 6:42. time to answer our question of the morning. to get more spending money for the holidays, people have done this 20% more in december compared to other months. what is it na, robbed a bank, b, sold their jewelry or c, borrowed from the kids' college fund? >> our facebook friend says b. people sell the same jewelry
6:43 am
they've received as a gift the christmas before. >> you had it right from the
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time now to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering at 6:46. >> time to wake up charlie rose joining us live from new york with a preview of this morning's show. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike and andrea. ahead we're tracking the manhunt for suspects in the paris massacre. clarissa ward and elizabeth palmer are in paris. john miller is in studio 57. we'll talk about a possible connection between the shooters and al qaeda. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> charlie, we'll be watching. stay warm today. >> it's going to be cold. >> yes, it is. 6:47. a number of school systems in our region are either closed or reopening late today. >> nick giovanni is in the
6:47 am
newsroom running down the list. >> reporter: here we go again. the latest july date we have is from montgomery county. within the last hour is was announced doors will open on time at montgomery county public schools but that is not the case for schools around the region. loudoun county, clarke county, and frederick county to name a few, the schools in virginia, they're all closed as are schools in garrett county, maryland. a majority of schools around the dmv, though, sticking with two-hour delays. on the virginia side, alexandria schools, fairfax county and arlington county schools. same with anne arundel county and prince george's county delayed for two hours. you can go to our app or check the bottom of the screen. cold. that's all we have to say. frigid. >> one of the great things about the school list, you can set up favorites so you don't have to look the at whole thing. you just know, boom, whether your school is there. >> the mobile app will alert
6:48 am
you. >> it will ping you. >> it's pretty cool. not a day you want to be hanging outside too much with temperatures now in the single digits in spots and windchills subzero. let's show you what's happening with our day planner. at reels it's going to be sun -- least it's going to be sunny for part of the day. 19 at noon. these are the air temps. 22 at 4:00. highs between 19 and 24. windchills will climb into the teens. right now the air temps are running 6 in hagerstown. 9 in la plata. 7 in manassas. it's 11 in annapolis. when you factor in the winds, now we're talking subzero stuff in the shenandoah valley to leesburg 4 below. it could be worse. davis, west virginia, their current windchill negative 34. they're about 4500 feet so much different climate. 12 in town. feeling like zero with a west wind at 8. we're not going to have the gusts to 30. with the extremely cold temps, even winds at 10 miles an hour
6:49 am
are enough to produce the brutal windchills with the advisory expiring in the metro at 8:00 a.m. 24 today. temperatures slowly rising. a stray flurry overnight into early friday. a milder are day. breezy friday, 35. but another shot of arctic air friday night. so 15 in town. again single digits with subzero windchills by saturday morning. saturday back in the deep freeze, 28. sunday we'll climb toward 40. monday morning, could be enough cold air around for a little bit of a wintry mess changing to some rain, 38. we've got to track that. the confidence on that forecast this far out is not high. it still looks seasonably chilly tuesday and wednesday. 6:49. beverly, we're almost toward 7:00 a.m. >> indeed. getting to the 7:00 hour, we expect the delayed sort of extended rush hour again today with those school delays that nick was telling us about and some of the cancellations. beltway, got a big delay. inner loop, north of 236 before gallows road in the main lane, backing things up north of springfield past braddock road
6:50 am
to squeeze around that deal. sky 9 has been looking at a crash that tied up route 4, inbound suitland parkway, the crash moved on to the left shoulder but the delays coming north out of upper marlboro. your delay fairly typical heading west of college park, new hampshire avenue west of silver spring, your lanes have been open. thanks for joining us and starting your day with wusa9. we here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. in the news right now at
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6:53, authorities in paris are searching for to brothers in connection to an attack on a french satirical newspaper. >> 12 people were killed including the paper's editor and three cartoonists when masked gunmen stormed on the building opening fire on the people inside. al fan sow -- alfonso van marsh has more glrt authorities stood guard as french police raided annual apartment inside looking for two remaining fugitives. in their hunt, they're circulating this wanted poster along with new images of 34- year-old siazkouchi and his 32- year-old brother chief. the suspects stormdz the paris -- stormed the paris offices of charlie hebdo with machine guns and opened fire. the masked gunmen then exchanged gunfire with police outside. in the end 12 people were dead, including the magazine's editor, several cartoonists and
6:54 am
three police officers. >> this appeared to be well organized, well planned, well executed. >> reporter: amid fears of more violence, security has been increased in paris and across the country. hundreds of soldiers are now guarding media offices, places of worship and other sites. in a video released just days ago, a french jihaddy in syria issued a chilling order urging followers to commit violence in france for helping itself u.s.- led effort against isis. the french have always been considered a legitimate western target. al qaeda also recently called for the murder of charlie hebdo's murder for the depiction of the prophet mohamad. the city of lights and the people of france began a national day of mourning. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. >> divers are working to recover more wreckage ever the airasia jet in the java sea amid strong undercurrents. yesterday search and rescue teams identified the tale of the plane on the sea bed near the location where the flight lost contact. the tail contains the cok pit's
6:55 am
voice and date -- cock pit's voice and data recorders. they hope it will provide clues into what caused the crash that killed 162 people late last month. a section of interstate 80 in pennsylvania was shut down for several hours after a multivehicle crash killed two people. both victims were killed after they got out of their cars. police say half of the 18 vehicles which got tangled up in the wreck were tractor- trailers. the crash started when a snow squall created whiteout conditions. nine cases of measles have been linked to two disney theme parks in california. seven californians and two people in utah who visited disneyland or disney california adventure last month have confirmed cases. three more california residents are also suspected of having measles as well. and as cold weather continues to grip much of the nation, the worst arctic chill is bringing below freezing temperatures to the south and the east as well this morning. some school systems in states in both regions are canceling
6:56 am
classes today, just because of the cold. to give you some kind of perspective of course it's cold here. it was 13 in atlanta, georgia. we're 12. that's at national airport. many areas in the single digits. we'll only get to 24. windchills will be in the teens by afternoon. tonight clouds. temperatures steadily rising. tomorrow mid-30s. back in the deep freeze saturday before thawing out some more on sunday. >> reporter: upper marlboro on route 4 slow inbound 4 because of a crash right at the suitland parkway. although it's been moved to the left shoulder, it's the focal point of delays. one broken down inner loop virginia between 236 and game lows roadblocking the left side to tie up the ride out of springfield. 270 has been no fun. earlier vehicle fire southbound before 80. the volume into hyattstown past the scales. we've got another vehicle fire eastbound 50 loudoun county east of the loudoun county parkway. back to you. cbs this morning is next. making money on marijuana. investors have high hopes for
6:57 am
on an emerging market. >> investing in the green, will it put you in the red? what you need to know before you cough up the dough. >> beverly and i will be back in 25 minutes. it's so cold, it's lard to talk -- hard to talk. >> have you mentioned the app? it's news, weather and more
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
a'ñ÷? good morning. it is thursday, january 8th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive man hunt


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