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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 8, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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county, winchester county schools. we're in for another chilly night as well. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking how cold it's going to get. top? >> reporter: there are some flurries and perhaps even more arctic air tomorrow night and in to saturday. here are the clouds. clouds are overspreading most of the metro area looking back to the west as we have some snow breaking out in parts of columbus all the way down to lexington, kentucky, all the way to cincinnati. for the most part it will peel off to the north of us, but we could squeeze out a snowflake or two late tonight, early tomorrow morning. this is 10:00 with the temperatures in the upper teens, low 20s. they won't fall much because of the cloud cover and the southwesterly winds. even by 8:00 in the morning we're still looking at temperatures in the 20s below freezing, but we'll be getting there with a couple of flurries possible. by 9:30 to 10:00 it will begin to clear up. now we're looking at more clouds that will be lingering to the south. but looking ahead, yes anuria is possible tomorrow morning, then the weekend will be dry,
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but cold. sunday is a little better. not quite as cold with the morning and the freezing rain that will be possible on monday. and that may affect the commutes and then the snow chances on wednesday and thursday of next week. we'll explain which of the two would be a little more of a threat. well the weather was not your friend if you arrive at metro this morning besides the brutal weight and freezing cold. several passengers were out there even longer pause they had cracked rails and broken down trains. investigative reporter russ ptacek said some commuters stood around for an hour or more. >> reporter: well there's another disabled train and a delay on the blue line over the evening rush hour, meaning that with this morning's delays, that every line on metro was affected at one point or another with the delays today. take a look at these pictures from the air at the station, which is where passengers say they were stranded as long as an hour outside of this morning's bitter cold. the delay would start on the
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red line when disabled trains blocked rails, then later cracked rails, locked trains on the orange, silver, green, and yellow. >> we were kind of stuck in between stations for a while. >> it took me like an hour to get from columbia heights to here. >> reporter: metro blames it on intense change in temperature and older trains just not holding up. metro says new equipment actually analyzes the rails and is looking for weaknesses before problems occur. they say that new trains coming in to the system will help to prevent this from happening again. at metro center i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek wusa9. >> in the meantime some bad weather and bad decisions about local schools this week spot a twitter war. it went worldwide as peggy fox reports, with fairfax closing schools today that some students were claiming victory. >> reporter: fairfax has a two- hour delay tomorrow, but it closed today because of the fridged temperatures. but some students are taking credit because they went on
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twitter and they complained about tuesday's decision. >> i do feel like we won, but i don't feel like winning is getting schools closed. i feel like it's having us heard. twitter gave them a huge megaphone this week to blast officials for keeping schools open in tuesday's snowstorms. hashtag trended worldwide. students tweeted their pictures of wrecks and even painted a poem. >> they faced accidents, traffic, and on twitter they were born. the hashtag was reborn. >> reporter: today with no new flakes, fairfax canceled school because of the fridged temps. >> when you take a look at what happened this morning when you have a two-hour delay and then you go ahead to make anadjustment that surely it's an inconvenience and what happened the other day. >> reporter: so did the kids win today? >> no. if they want to call it that, they can call it that, but at the end of the day if that's a win, you bet. they won. >> reporter: the fairfax school superintendent concurs. >> they could declare a win if
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they would like as i'm fine with that, you know, maybe someone could win in this, right? and if it is our students, more power to them, that's all good. >> reporter: peggy fox wusa9. well, it's back to class tomorrow as we said earlier in fairfax county schools that they are wanting a two-hour delay. there are some new information tonight about the man charged with abducting hannah graham who might face murder charges in the near future. which is straight from the public defender representing jesse matthews and his fairfax sex assault case. they said that there will be much more serious charges coming in. and with the bodies of graham and morgan herrington were found. where the judge ruled against allowing cameras inside that courtroom for the trial on their alleged 2005 sex assault, which is scheduled for march. >> there is a lot of speculation as to how they would impact cameras with the evidences, but not much if any. and that in fact there's a lot of the people that think that cameras would fool everybody's behavior.
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and i think that is what 30 years of their experience has shown. >> reporter: our debra alfarone called the commonwealth attorney and they said it is not their practice to comment on cases they are working on. frederick county officials are looking in to the mauling death of this 87-year-old man as they said that their family's pit bull is to blame. >> i'm scott broom in frederick county, maryland where co- workers of a beloved truck driver and animal lover are completely stunned. after he was mauled to death by his own family pit bull. >> they would climb and sleep with them at night. >> and he loves the dogs. it was an 84-pound pit bull as he and his son's fiance were taking down the christmas decorations at home about 2:30 yesterday. mauling the victim's head, neck, arms. the dog was a 4-year-old male who was adopted from the rescue organization by smith and his son in may. >> oh, he loved animals.
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they said that the dog would get nothing, but love. >> and he is such a kindhearted individual. who would show you that there. >> they were put down as they are still looking in to what could have possibly triggered the attack. in frederick, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. the officials would have no history of complaints about the dog. and the bitter cold did not stop several people from coming to operate several demonstrations in fairfax county headquarters as they would call themselves justice for gear, the man who was shot by the fairfax county police officer as they had to fight in court and to wait 17 months before they released the officer's name and the details on what happened that day. the eight-year veteran police officer shot and killed john geer when he was called to the springfield home on the domestic issues. they waited an hour while geer was bleeding to death before entering his home. >> clearly somebody seemed to have made a mistake and we want to hold our public servants
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accountable. >> demonstrators are asking for an independent review board to look in to this case to have oversight on the police department. well tonight the prince george's county police chief says it is by the grace of god that two of his officers weren't killed yesterday when a dump truck rammed the officer's cruisers. they released the surveillance video, which looks crazy. look at this truck. it doesn't just go in to the car, it goes over them. z that is at the glenn arden shopping mall in the woodmore town center. the two officers were right nearby. >> seconds before that dump truck hits the first cruiser they barely make it out in between those two cars. so again it is by god's grace that these officers survived. >> police say this was no accident as they charged gene thomas with attempted murder of the two officers. they said that brandon has a history of mental illness and
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was apparently off off -- off his meds. former fbi director robert mueller suggested that there was not enough evidence to charge anyone as they saw video tape evidence of ray rice hitting his fiance inside the elevator. and they said that the league should have done more to investigate the incident prior to issuing their original two- game suspension of rice. and breaking news in dc's bid for the 2024 summer olympics. they announced boston won the u.s. bigs for the game. which means dc out again. boston will now compete with either rome, hamburg, berlin, germany and possibly a city from france and hungary. metro is named the temporary leader to take over when gm's richard retires next week. he's the current assistant general manager for the bus
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services as he has been with the transit company since 1998. he'll serve as the interim gm and the ceo while they search finish a permanent leader, which they would hope to have in place over the indication few months -- the next few months. if your kid is of the four- legged variety, the consumer electronics show could make life a bit easier.
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the speed to the soothing sounds of the speakers that have been built right in. >> and you can plug your smart device in, have it on the custom sound if you would like too. >> reporter: it is never easy having to leave your furry friends at home. and that is where that cube comes in. >> and then it was the live angle camera with the speaker and the microphone and a move for the pointer. >> reporter: this is really cool, which is a lot of fun. all you need to do is log on to the app, which are some shelter cats in oakland, california. look, wherever you put your finger, that's where the laser would go and the cats, they absolutely love. it it is so sweet. >> and the other realm when you would interact with them. and you talk to them. and you can play with the laser, which is just amazing. >> reporter: it is just getting started. reporting in las vegas, this is
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knoll knoll. >> it starts at $200 and the pet cube puts you back about $200. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. here are the numbers today. high temperature 24 at national. the average low is 29. so when the high is less than the average low you know that things are pretty cold. record you might remember that at 73. sit back in 2008. record low of zero. it can't get colder. we'll come back and talk about the possibility of the snow showers overnight and the arctic air reloading for the weekend. and forced to treat her disease, the reason why one state is making a teen undergo chemo therapy and why she fought against it. you're watching wusa9 and your only local news
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hurry, this great deal ends january 17th! visit to learn more. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v if you're getting in, look at the headlines we're following tonight. police are searching two small headlines that will be wanted for yesterday's honey moon. and to remember that it will be the 12 victims in the meantime where they would observe a moment of silence. and lights were dimmed at the eiffel tower. they were here to offer their condolences. >> they had pay up a record of money to the federal government. this afternoon the national highway safety maker said they did not report more than 1,700 complaint about their -- complaints about their vehicles. they stepped up admitting that the company officials waited three years before telling the
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feds about all the complaints that honda will need to pay $70 million. that's the biggest penalty that the safety administration has ever given to an automaker. 2014 was a rough year for honda and several other automakers, especially general motors when it comes to recalls. the company recalled about 30 million cars last year. gm's ceo met with the media today in detroit to discuss the road ahead. mary barra says she is cautiously optimistic about the new year. >> what we demonstrated was that we were going to, you know, dot right thing for the customers, safe challenges head -- to do the right thing for the customers, safe challenges head on. to do the right thing even when it is hard. >> reporter: despite all the vehicles they sold more vehicles in 2014 than they did the year before. the new republican-lead congress has been on the job for two days and they are taking on bills that they know the white house will veto. it's heading to the full senate after clearing a key committee vote and the house could pass
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their pipeline bill as early as tomorrow. today representatives focused on another big with their veto threat, which is changing the president's healthcare law. the state of connecticut is forcing a teenager to undergo chemo therapy. the 17-year-old cassandra has lymphoma with a high survival rate if treated with chemo therapy. however cassandra and her mom wanted to try alternative treatments that do not use chemo because she calls it poison. they took their case to the supreme court, but lost today. the judge ruled that cassandra is not mature enough to make her own decision, citing the fact she ran away last month after agreeing to undergo treatment. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. all right, it was down right fridged out there today, but apparently these characters, they just didn't care. we spotted them going for a nice canoe ride out on the potomac, which i'm surprised it is still flowing. because it is really cold. >> and you're tracking more flurries, top?
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>> yes. >> you don't want to capsize, i'll tell you that. >> you wouldn't make it. you would not make it. but we are track flurries with a snow shower tomorrow morning. another cold front will sweep through. we'll get a break for tomorrow's temps and then more arctic air tomorrow night. let's take a live look outside. look at that we're still sitting at 24. dew points are still below zero. that's pretty dry air mass as we talked about this yesterday. if you're having trouble, you know, breathing around the house. put out pans of water, especially by the bedside water. it'll help you a little bit. here is the radar passing a couple of hours what little bit of snow popping up in detroit and cleveland call the way down to cincinnati where the bulk of this will be appealing to the north and east of us. however as you get those southwest winds all night, it's enough of a lift in the atmosphere. so we will say a flurry or a snow shower is possible tonight. now in terms of the bus stoop temperatures -- bus stop
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temperatures it's pretty cold. not much in terms of the windchills. no single digits tomorrow. above 32 for many of us tomorrow and maybe not so much for gaithersburg north and west, but a lot of us will make it from 35. but cold again on saturday with a very bright day. another very cold day with highs once again in the 20s. okay the future cast, we'll start with tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. with a lot of clouds and notice that you won't see a lot of the blue flex here. but that there will be a couple flurries of the snow showers. by 9:00 we're back in the upper 20s in the burbs. by 1:00 that they might be 35 in dc. but gaithersburg and frederick and hagerstown, you're probably not going to make it above freezing, which would make it your fourth day in a row. then by 6:00 tomorrow, temps are starting to fall pretty quickly. if you have plans to go out tomorrow night to address for about five below to about five above as there will be a windchill tomorrow night by 11:30, already in the teens.
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gaithersburg, leesburg, manassas, culpeper down to 23 downtown. and so for tonight mostly cloudy, breezy, very cold with a flurry or a snow shower that will be possible late. low temperatures are at 16 and 22 and winds are southwest at 10 to 15. the day planner. 26 at 7:00. 29 at 9:00. with some clouds. and then 32 by 11:00 and i think that downtown you won't make it in to the mid-30s with the sunshine by 1:00 p.m. so you could walk to lunch, probably the best day of the week so far. and now on saturday, a deep freeze. 25 with the sunshine. not as cold on sunday, although not much of a bargain temperature with them in the 30s. the next seven days. monday we're still tracking the possibility of the morning freezing rain, which should kick to all rain in the afternoon as we will keep tuesday dry and cold and on wednesday some snow showers are possible late. and thursday a chance for some snow with the temperatures holding in the mid-30s. >> thanks, top. this local teacher gets an a-plus. the prestigious award she won today and her advice for
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helping students grow. you're watching wusa9 in
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it's time to bank human again. get debit cards on the spot, and no monthly fee checking with just a $100 minimum balance at td bank. america's most convenient bank. they have dubbed that the oscars of teaching. >> yes, today the dc educator was surprised that it was an
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educator award. >> the winner for this year of the award is ms michelle johnson. [ applause ] >> the talented staff that i work with, they are all wonderful and i'm learning every day. my students, you are so smart. >> she works very hard. >> she works very hard. >> the best teaching advice that i probably ever received is to fill those relationships. if you build those relationships with students that they will want to come every day. >> wow. >> did you see her eyes get big when they gave her the award? they would say that the second- grade teacher helps students who are behind the curve to get ahead in their schooling. one of 40 teachers nationwide to earn the honors as she gets $25,000, which is nice. >> gosh, what a huge honor. >> i remember all you great teachers. >> yeah, you do. >> and in sixth grade. >> yes, the one in fourth
7:26 pm
grade. >> there you go. >> and their third grade. >> i could go on. [ laughter ] >> that is all for our news at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00. >> make it a great night.
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cosby faces the press after going back on stage. >> we've got the new video. is bill's ego clouding his judgment? >> anything to say to your accusers, mr. cosby. ♪♪ >> see how cosby handled protests, and is he just dedicated or in denial for continuing his comedy tour? >> then -- ♪ i'm going to make you pay for it ♪ >> date night at people's choice but somebody was left apologizing to her husband. >> i love you. i feel really stupid. >> all right. we'll explain that, and why ellen wished portia would just zip it. >> i don't want to know her day. >> meanwhile, we're set for sunday's globes, but host tina fey, not so much. >> we haven't written the show yet. >> plus, j. lo tells us about her steamy sex scene. >> it's another day at the office. >> come on, now. >> and as angelina meets the pope, we have the making of the new "killing jesus" movie.
7:29 pm
the controversial casting of bill o'reilly's best selling book turned film. >> just going to surprise a lot of people. if i offend people, so be it. >> now "entertainment tonight" we love entertaining people. >> why is bill cosby singing a happy tune outside his comedy concert barraged by paparazzi? of course, we are here. kevin frazier, as you can see, is not here right now but brooke anderson is. >> no, he's not here and is very happy about that because he's with jennifer lopez, and they are talking about sex seriously that's what they are talking about. >> no kidding. >> and he'll be back later on in the show with that conversation. >> looking forward to that conversation. >> right. >> but right now let's start with cosby after his tv wife defends him in primetime and as protests rage the show goes on, ut why? tonight's top story, bill cosby defiant. >> mr. cosby, do you have anything to say to your accusers? >> do you have anything to say about the protesters? >> cosby ignored reporters' questions. >> anything to say to your accusers, mr. cosby?


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