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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday january 9th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the french terror suspects may be trapped. a massive police operation is unfolding outside of paris, and will take you there. plus an eyewitness reveals new details over what happened during the attack on the satirical magazine. and a connecticut court forces a teen cancer patient to receive chemotherapy against her will. this morning the girl's emotional response. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> french police have cordoned
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off a town and they're reportedly in a local factory. >> a report that at least one hostage has been taken. >> residents in the area being told stay away from the ww.indo >> a huge amount of police around. >> on french tv the terrorists told police they'd likedi to e as martyrs. >>me aricans will face another dose of bone-chilling tempurerates. >> search teams have picked up possible pings underwater. >> the house is expected to pass a controversial keystone pipeline bill. president obama has said he will veto the bill. >> at least the american people will know who the obstructionist people is. >> california senator barbara boxer will not seek re-election. >> the announcement shocked nancy pelosi. >> what? >> the chase coming to an end. >> all that --
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>> in london ontario, bill cosby's show interrupted by a heckler. >> no no stop. >> -- and all matters -- >> angelina jolie spoke with pope francis. >> afterward the poem was heard saying damn. >> over a lot of bad political decisions. >> has your barber ever made a bad decision? >> yes, yes. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." as we come on the air, police believe they have the two suspects in the paris massacre surrounded. heavily armed officers are swarming an area near fran's international main airport. the huge operation involving helicopters and anti-terror forces.
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police say the suspects are holding a hostage. >> officers chased said and cherif kouachi. they have closed down two runways. clarissa ward is in dammartin-en-goele. good morning. >> we're just on the edge of the village. it's a very chaotic scene here. i'm going ask my cam aremen to pan a little bit so you can see. they've blocked off all the traffic here. they've pushed journalists to the edge of the city. they've done that because they're this is a dangerous operation. they know the men are heavily armed and certainly they're dangerous. authoritve essentially blocked off all the nearby exits on the highway. we've heard emergency vehicles going back and forth. i don't know if you can hear those sirens but what we do know is the two men are believed
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to be holed up in company that makes shop signs the in that industrial complex in the vlk of dammartin. they're in negotiations and discussions with the two men in the office. helicopters have been hovering over the industrial estate where the two suspects are holed up. marksmen hung from the helicopters as hundreds of police flooded the ground. the two brothers were reported to have stolen a car in the early hours of this morning and then headed to the town of dammartin-en-goele about 30 miles northeast of paris. reports say that at least one person is being held hostage at a business on an industrial estate. police are now trying to negotiate a peaceful end to the stand-off but one french media report says the men want to die
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as martyrs. french radio interviewed one man who said he actually bumped into one of the suspects in that industrial complex. he said that the suspect came and shook his hand and told him not to worry apparently saying we don't kill civilians. so clearly these gunmen do not consider journalists to be civilians. gayle? >> clarissa thank you very much. as clarissa showed us the police presence at the scene is massive. bob orr says they have made contact with the suspects. what can you tell us about the tactics that they're using now? >> well, good morning, gayle. the main thing is the police have for the moment maintained the threat. that's the first priority. make sure this is the last place we're ever going to have to deal with the kouachi brothers. so time now becomes a factor
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because police are in place they feel they have these gunmen pinned down in a way so that there will be no further escapes, and now it's a process of trying to mitigate any potential damage. they don't want anybody to be hurt, the hostage or anybody else. the police are resolved that this will be the end of the chapter. it would be good if they could be taken alive but the most important thing is no one else has been hurt and hopefully this ends soon. >> does that bother them that they want to die as martyrs? >> it's the old al qaeda mantra and it's what the jihadees like to put forth because that's what sells. let's remember. the first attack did not involve a suicide mission. it was not a place they wanted
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to stand and fight and die. also if you want to die a martyr, you don't need to necessarily take a hostage. they say one thing but may be doing something else. they may be buying time here. we don't know. it is true they have hard core al qaeda links. >> speaking of al qaeda links, we know the older brother had traveled to yes, ma'amen in 2011. and, of course the leader in yemen had repeat lid called for the killing of cartoonists who insulted the prophet muhammad. is there any intelligence that the older brother met with ailal al awlaki. >> they're both in the same place at the same time. awlaki was the boss. he was in charge of sending
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operatives to the field, doing the plotting. it's almost inconceivable they could be working at the same time working on common interests, and not know each other. whether or not said had contact with awlaki and doing business we have a clear sense. >> thanks. elizabeth palmer is in paris where france's president spoke a short time ago. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: just as that dramatic standoff in dammartin was getting under way, top officials and leading police kmaernlds were all meeting here in france. president francois hollande said france is in shock because the perpetrators have not yet been arrested. the massacre at "charlie hebdo" on wednesday left the office in chaos. papers spilled everywhere,
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splashed with the blood of the dead and the injured. the killings along with chilling images caught on video of two men with assault rifles on a quiet street have traumatized this country, especially those who witnessed it firsthand, like the journalists who escaped to the roof with their boss who helped them escape out a window. >> we heard the shooting in the building. >> reporter: france's muslim population, the largest in europe hasn't always had the smoothest relationship with the mainstream here. there have been sporadic outbreaks of violence. the flowers continue to grow where a police officer was so cruelly executed on he was himself a muslim. >> it was like an eternity.
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so it was very scary, of course. we didn't realize really it was a massacre. >> reporter: in the last hour we have actually seen the surviving members of the staff of "charlie hebdo" magazine return to work. they came under heavy police escort to the offices of a paris newspaper where they'll have temporary headquarters and they say they're going to public next week as normal. >> all right elizabeth. thank you. the eiffel tower put out its famous lights last night to mourn the 12 victims who died in the magazine attack. in washington the president signed the book of condolences in the french embassy. he said terrorism is no match for freedom. we're going to continue with the drama outside paris. we'll take you to the latest on the hunt for the two suspects. that's ahead right here on "cbs this morning." in this country it's a cold and messy commute for millions
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this morning. the cold and wet continues to cover most of the united states. here's a look at the snow right now in new york city right outside the door. >> oh, my gosh. >> it wasn't like that this morning wleb we came in but there you. the sub-zero temperatures make it more brutal. ashley roberts of cbs station wcco is just outside minneapolis with a new threat there. ashley, good morning. what's going on? >> right now the temperatures are sub-zero and overnight the temperatures plunged into negative territory as well. it's not just the temperatures making the windchill bitter. wind gusts already ss are causing the snow on the ground to cause a new set of problems. whiteouts are paralyzing drives forcing them off the records. more than r56 accidents on thursday prompted the department of transportation advised people to stay home.
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a round of lake-effect snow buried buffalo, new york dumping 6 inches more overnight. the temperature is expected to reach a frigid 19 degrees today with windchill as low as negative 10. a burst pipe in indianapolis left cars frozen in place, their cars stuck in inches of thick ice. >> i feel the cold. >> reporter: the air has been blasting 170 million americans for days and worries about frostbite frostbite. schools in detroit were closed but one school in bloomfield didn't think it was brutal enough to call off students took to twitter talking about what else could happen. one said my 25-year-old brother will get his license and move on before w.b. closes. temperatures are expected to remain in the low teens for the
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weekend. many parts in the east coast are expected to start warming up next week. charlie. >> ashley thanks. there is a break threw as the search continues this morning for the black box of airasia flight 8501. search crews detected new ping this morning after hearing them for the first time yesterday. divers found the tale section of the plane earlier this week. it could help them find out what caused the crash last month. president obama wants free college for students. it would use a combination of federal and state funding to cover the first two years for costs of many students. bill plante is at the white house with the plan. good morn. >> reporter: good morning. the president unveils this today in tennessee where the state is already committed to the idea. to do this nationally would take
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approval and the white house knows that's a high hurdle but the president is pitching the idea as a pathway to college education. >> put simply what i'd like to do is see the first two years of community college free nr everybody's who's willing to work for it. >> reporter: the white house is hoping the ease the cost of the financial burden on students. it would wave the first two full years for full-time and halftime students who maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average. students with a degreearily $208,000 more than those with just a saubpoena. one of the requirements eight hours of community service before classes begin. >> tennessee will be the very &
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first state in the country to make that guarantee to the country. >> reporter: the state will use an estimated $34 million a year from federal aid and lottery sales to pay for it. the white house says federal funding will cover three quarter os of the loss for the roast the students. >> it's something that we'll accomplish and something we'll train our work force so we can compete with anybody in the world world. >> reporter: the idea is to bring this up in the state address. so far they're not saying what this would cost. gayle? >> bill, thank you. this morning hob da has agreed to pay a record $70 million in fines and that is the largest civil penalty ever faced by an aweutomaker.
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honda blames computer glitches and training problems on that. and we're learning more this morning about the 96-page report in into how the nfl handled the ray rice troefrms former fbi director robert mueller looked at what the officials knew and when. there was a video but it wasn't shone before it was shown publicly. we had asked commissioner roger goodell in september about that video. so did anyone in the nfl see this second videotape before monday. >> no. >> no one in the nfl. >> no one in the. >> narrator: fl to my knowledge. and i even been asked the same
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question. >> the fee was will issue positive change on the irn of domestic violence. as vin knee. >> ta nair shows us crosby may have crossed the line with one of his ad-libs. vinita, good morning. >> good morning. bill cosby returned to the stage to resume his normal act. last night a heckler made sure that was not the case. amateur video from inside a toronto theater caught the moment. a heckler interrupted bill cosby's moment. cosby pleaded with the audience to stay quiet while the man was removed by security. before the incident the comedian discussed the rape allegations.
7:18 am
a woman got up to get a drink and he said you have to be careful with drinks around me and it was met with applause. there were allegations made by nums women who claim cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them. just this week three more women added their names to the list. bill cosby received a warm reception inside. outside protesters gathered in frigid temperatures for a second straight night to remind cosby supporters of the allegations gnd them. we reached out and didn't receive remarks but we receive add statement. 26 million joined. laughter. i'm far from finished. >> many don't get the joke and would love to hear from him.
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if the summer olympics come to america in 2024 they'll be held in -- wait for it -- yuan. they chose a city over washington and san francisco. a white house stamtd says this the president and first lady extend their congratulations to the first city. they taught all of us what it means to be boston strong. news. >> congratulations. ahead, the standoff with terrorists. they're cornered in a printing house and they're holding a
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. a legal setback for a teenager forced to take drugs that she doesn't want. >> i'm going to keep on fighting for her because this is her
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here's a look at the scene of a standoff of the paris terror suspects. police say they have the two men surrounded around the charles de gaulle airport. one official says the men are telling police they want to die as martyrs. they're holding a hostage. we go back to clarissa ward. she's at the scene at dammartin-en-goele. clarissa? >> reporter: good morning. we're just outside the village where this operation is taking place. the police have locked down this entire area. if you just pan over here, you can see they stopped all traffic from getting into that village. they've pushed journalists back out of the way. they've blocked off all nearby exits on the highway, really trying to contain this situation. this is an ongoing active operation. we know these men are dangerous.
7:31 am
we believe that they are heavily armed. and we're also now learning of a possible connection between these two gunmen said and cherrif gukouachi. it now appears the men were actually friends. but we don't know if these two attacks are in any way related. we're keeping an eye on that situation gayle? >> clarissa, do we know anything about the other people who were held in custody right after this incident took place? >> reporter: the other people who were held in custody where, sorry, charlie? >> they rounded up the people they held in custody, who they were and what links they may have had to what happened.
7:32 am
>> reporter: we know they arrested about nine people in a series of ralds. most took place in the city of ream where one of the suspects is believed to be living. not necessarily people who were actively involved in coordinating and executing this attack. >> clarissa, know that authorities there say they're on the phone with these brothers that are saying they want to die as martyrs. what is the scene like there in terms of how they plan to move forward? is it a standstill? >> reporter: well, it's very difficult to really see, norah, because as i've said they've pushed us all back onto the edge of this village. one thing that's unusual is the large convoy of empty buss that were funneled here and stopped just outside the village. we've seen them go on into the
7:33 am
village. i have no idea and i don't want to speculate but it's possible they may be use for some type of evacuation. we know the police have told all villagers to stay inside. it may be -- in fact, it looks as though it may be a hostage situation. french media say that fever people work at the company, the ctz company where the hostage situation is ongoing but we don't know how many people are being held. >> all right. clarissa ward thank you. right now we want to show you some of this morning's other headlines from around the globe. the telegraph says the head of ml-5 is planning a paris-stale terror attack against the united king tom. three plots have been foiled in recent months but eventually one will succeed. they're planning attacks which include blowing up a passenger jet and shootings in crowded
7:34 am
places. the los angeles teams says california's senator barbara boxer will be retiring. prior to that she served ten years in the house. 74-year-old boxer said i want to come home to the state i love so much. president obama calls her more than a senator. she is an institution. macy's plans a major reconstruction and close about 14 stores. i wants to strengthen its e-commerce presence as more shoppers are going online. they may open retailers like the ones you see at t.j. maxx. the actress and two of her children were at the vatican for a screening of her new movie "unbroken." francis didn't watch the move but stopped by afterward for a few words with angelina jolie who is an avowed atheist.
7:35 am
the 17-year-old cassandra wrote this experience has been a continuous nightmare. i want to right to make my medical decisions. it's disgusting that i should. have the right that others have. how long is supposed to live and why. i care about the life, not just the quantity. >> she said chemotherapy is poison but as a legal minor but she can't refuse it. her mother jacquikie fortin says she should have the right. >> her decision should be hers. my decision would be the same as her. >> what would that be? >> i believe it's a chemical. i would find something for her
7:36 am
so she lives. cbs legal analyst rikki klieman is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are the key factors in the ruling? >> what happened in this court in connecticut is they look at what happened in the trial court. they said, wait we don't have to deal with the issue of the mature minor doctrine -- let me explain that in a second -- and see if it applies here because clearly this child did not show us in the trial court that she was mature at all. so what is a mature child dock tin? at the age of 18 a child is emancipated and can make their own decisions about their bodies and medical care. this child is 17. so the only way that she might have been permitted to make her own decision is if she could show the trial court shea has the judgment the maturity the discretion to be able to act and speak about her own body as an adult. she didn't show that.
7:37 am
the court said, look we're not going to let her kill herself, which is what would happen if she refused the chemotherapy. >> i don't want to bash anybody's parenting skills but help me understand the mother's role here. if you have medical evidence treatable, why would you allow your daughter to make this decision? what are you hearing? >> the mother clearly loves her daughter very very much. the state has decided she was really neglectful by not going forward to help her child get this medical care. this is a child who has been living with this mother in essence as a single parent since thisdy vors. the mother has home schooled the child. the mother or the person may be at the forefront of the decision that chemotherapy is poison. nonetheless we know that children look for cues and clues that they want to meet their
7:38 am
parents. mom says it's my child cassandra's decision. we want to know that the mother has the factual information. she didn't believe the diagnosis. then she didn't take the child to diagnosis and finally during the biopsy, she stopped biopsy. >> okay. quickly we know through dr. agus this cancer is treatable. there's no alternative. if this were a different type of decision, the treatment options were different, the court may have treated it differently? >> it may well have. we know there's a success rate of 85%. we as parents do not want our children to commit suicide. would we stop them? take the gun away from their head? yes, we would. you've heard the phrase not in my backyard. what about not in my bedroom?
7:39 am
>> reporter: this big bright billboard is causing residents to lose sleep and a company to lose money. i'm jericka duncan. that story coming up. how they hold kour computer hostage and avoid a hefty ransom. ahead on "cbs this morning." dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta
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what's going on in there? >> what? >> that light. >> oh the red. yeah. it's the chicken roadster sign. it's across the window. >> can't you shut the shade? >> it is shut. >> don't you crack up at anything seinfeld? this is just like it. a couple said an electronic
7:44 am
billboard is so bright it shines into their bedroom all night long and when they complained to their advertisers, guess what the billboard owner sued them and now they're fighting back. jericka duncan went to check it out herself. >> this is where the billboard is, at the corner of our house. >> reporter: they had lived in their western pennsylvania home for 37 years and now they're fed up with an unwanted neighbor. >> it's like trying to sleep at a drive-in movie. >> really. >> yes. >> it's that bright. >> it's that bright. >> the couple says their lives haven't been the same since this 12 x 47'billboard popped up. it's changed their lives. >> what is it about the billboard? >> the flashing the constant changing, the lights the colors. i refuse to sleep in a cave. i don't like to sleep with all
7:45 am
the windows boarded up. >> reporter: in april of last year they decided they'd had enough. patricia started calling some of the advertisers to complain. >> a lot of these people were so kind and so sympathetic and they said we don't know what to do because we have contracts. >> reporter: one of them a hospital said, we have indicated our willingness to support the suspension of the operation at night. the billboard owner oliver outdoor advertising offered to dim the light at night. >> i called them back and i told them that this isn't working. could you please shut the billboard off at night and his reply to me was it will never happen very last month the advertising company filed lawsuit accusing them of bee rating its customers resulting in more than $50,000 in lost business. the lawsuit claims they contact contacted 18 businesses six of
7:46 am
which pulled their ads. >> i did not tell one person not to tiez advertise with them. >> reporter: many of them are non-profits. in a statement to "cbs this morning," one of the owners said we've offered to buy them better window treatments and landscaping buffers. none of that was acceptable. sometimes you can't reason with people that are unreasonable. >> i feel we're being bullied, i really do. if i wanted bright lights i would have moved to the city. >> reporter: but until the courts take action it looks like they're stuck with the bright lights of the city in their pennsylvania suburb. for "cbs this morning," jericka duncan, west kittanning pennsylvania. >> she is adorable. if they wanted lights they would move to the city.
7:47 am
>> i think she should take them up on the offer for window treatments. >> yes. they have wonderful window treatments. >> call mrs. o'donnell. she can help. a driver who apparently picked up instead of dropped off. >> i was supposed to trust these people to you know deliver packages and now they're stealing our dogs. >> oh my goodness. why homeowners accuse this
7:48 am
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7:52 am
after reporting of a shooting and hostages taken inside. this is different from the other hostage situation we've been talking about all morning so very latest on this explain what's happening, plus the standoff with the suspects in wednesday's terror attacks. clarissa ward and elizabeth palmer are in france. the latest straight ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning." now on our lunch combo menu, starting at six bucks. il chi's -- fresh is happening now. next. ♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! vo: in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. vo: we put members first... join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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it is friday january 9th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning" on this our third anniversary. we're happy about that. more real news ahead including two standoffs in paris, one with a terrorist suspect from wednesday's attack and the second after a reported chuting inside a supermarket. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> two men are believed to be holed up in that complex in the village of dammartin-en-goele. >> i think the police are resolved this is going to be the last chapter and lit end one way or the other. >> we getting another report of a hostage situation in france. these are pictures from a supermarket in paris. >> right now temperatures are below zero. overnight the temperatures plunged as well. >> the president unveiled it in tennessee. >> what i'd like to do is see
8:01 am
the first two years ofom cmunity college for free. >> the search continues for the black boxes of airasia flight 8501. >> they looked at what happened in the trial court and they said this child did not show us that she was mature at all. >> it's like trying to sleep at a drive-in movie. >> what is it about this billboard that keeps you up at night? >> the flashing, the changing the colors the bright abouting. >> this morning was especially cold. i want to speak for everybody in cleveland when i say 57 degrees, [ bleep ] hawaii. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by subway. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle norah oh'donnello'donnell. we're following two unfolding situations. police believe they have the two brothers involved in the deadly attack surrounded in paris. >> we learned of a new hostage
8:02 am
situation. it's happening at a supermarket in paris. elizabeth palmer is in paris. elizabeth, good morning. >> the situation is very fluid. about half an hour ago reports came in of an armed man who began shooting in what appears to be a kosher grocery store in the eastern suburbs of pafrmts he has taken five hostages it appears including a woman and a child and there are reports of one wounded. s.w.a.t. teams are on the scene. they thing he's the same man who killed a policewoman in a different paris suburb yesterday. he got away and they think he is in this latest incident. the connection between him and the two brothers who carried out the massacre at "charlie hebdo" is that they appear to have
8:03 am
belonged to the same recruiting ring back in 2005 which tried to get french muslims go and fight u.s. forces in iraq. back to you in new york. >> all right elizabeth. thank you. now we want to go to the latest with the standoff of the brothers accused in a deadly attack at a magazine company. police say said and cherif kouachi have a hostage. one of the officials say the men who have links to al qaeda want to die as martyrs. clarissa ward is in dammartin-en-goele where the standoff has gone on for hours. clarissa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the situation continues to be pretty chaotic. as i mentioned to you in earlier reports police have totally tried to push back everyone oust that village. they've pushed journalists off to the outskirts here.
8:04 am
they've moved cars, stopped traffic, blocked exits nearby along the highway because this is of course an ongoing operation. what we know is the two brothers report lid stole a car. there were then reports of heavy gunfire and then they're believed to have terned the cdt company. it's an office in this industrial complex. they make shop signs and there are report this is a hostage situation. according to french media, five people work at that company but we don't know if any of them or all of them are being held hostage because frechb authorities are refusing to koj firm this. that of course an ongoing active operation. we know they're heavily armed and very dangerous. >> clarissa, thanks. the two suspects were on the
8:05 am
no-fly list here in the united states. we want to go back to bob orr. bob, tell us more about the situation? >> good morning, charlie. we don't know if they're all connected but some are. elizabeth palmer meanted the shooter yesterday might be the same person holding a hostage in the kosher supermarket. if that's true that man has ties to the younger brother cherif carucci. are these playing out in an incident or did the following attacks on "charlie hebdo," were they inspired by the attacks on "charlie hebdo"? what else is interesting are
8:06 am
there othe state out there and interesting. >> there are a lot of stories including one report that there were extremists coming out to threaten others. and the other is whether the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula had anything to do. did they order any of the attacks because of yemen being involved. >> we don't know if they directly ordered this attack or not. said kouachi went to yemen. he went there at the same time. wi didn't hear anything from him until the attack on the magazine the other day. so whether or not aqap authorized and directed this attack they certainly played a role in the ratification it seems of this man. in some ways he's more than an
8:07 am
inspired lone he's whoun has some con negativity. >> thank you. we have with us juan zarate. what should be their main concern route now. >> well, gayle, in the first instance it's securing the site. both sites are going to be working very hard to minimize any further loss of life to try to capture the perpetrators and to secure the surrounding areas. that's why you've seen the movements that clarissa was described. in addition as to what bob indicated, they want to understand stand ant whether individuals, cells or networks may be mobile hiegz and preparesized and continue to
8:08 am
plan attacks here. >> thank you. you can watch it 24/7. it's on >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by subway. at subway experience the great new taste of chicken strips. subway. eat fresh.
8:09 am
the growing threat from hackers holding your computer data for ransom. plus the one thing you should never do. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now.
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this because it's the most e-mailed article on the website. it recalls a woman whose computer was digitally hacked. they demanded ransom money if she wanted her files returned. it cost more than half a million dollars. he's president of the cyber security firm crowd strikes services. good morning. >> good morning. >> how does this ransom ware work? >> it's essentially malicious
8:14 am
code that's e-mailed to people or when surfing certain sites the websites are infected and your browser downloads it and it infects your computer and locks it up. >> what are they looking at? >> they're looking at all your files, spread sheets, photographs, e-mails, word documents all those sorts of things. everything they do is completely at risk. it's encrypted oftentimes and you're not able to seize it or get it back. >> it's so popular. the woman said for a couple hundred dollars if i can fix this problem, fine i'll do it. that's giving in to the terrorists. >> these are typically organized crime groups operating primarily out of eastern europe. they're making millions and millions. by paying that ransom it's really encouraging them to do these types of attacks and these will go on indefinitely. what they need to do is back up
8:15 am
their data so whether it's lost through ransomware or hardware failure -- >> to cloud? >> you can have a separate hard drive, you plug in back it up and unplug it. that's important that it's not connected because that's also suspect. having that backed up allows you to recover, reconstitution your data without losing this data. >> people have to continue to make sure they've got anti-virus in place to block malware from coming in. they've got to be very suspect from people they don't know, clicking on links in e-mails is always dangerous. we live in a new society where the attackers have changed the vector. there's lots of ways in. people have to be alert to this attack. >> you're saying you don't have to be a well known person. they just can target anybody. >> actually they're targeting everywhere. it's spreading out malware to
8:16 am
millions of people. they have botnets, hundreds of thousands of computers controlled by one person. they send out this malware through everybody they can through spam e-mail. the more people they can get into their box, the more potential dollars they're going to bring into their organization organization. >> you're saying don't pay the ransom. >> don't pay the ransom. back up your fires. ahead, murder mystery in blue ridge mountains. >> i'm peter van sacramento. in this portion of beautiful north carolina where crime happens someplace else the body of a beloved woman loved by evan was found at the top of this resort. who killed vanessa mince? that story ahead on "cbs this morning." kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. sfx: ahhh listerine®. power to your mouth™!
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dead in her family's mountaintop lodge, "48 hours" investigates that case that exposes a tangled web of deceit and a killer who left behind a very unique calling card. here's a preview by correspondent peter van sant. >> vanessa feltz beloved by many was a woman known for her willingness to help others. >> vanessa helped me with public speaking and building confidence. >> dancer heatherwald b.a.r.t.
8:21 am
worked with vanessa prepping for beauty pageants. >> she made me a very strong independent woman. >> come back and see me in the morning. >> okay we will. >> vanessa's killing stunned the community. she had been working the night shift at the family owned lodge. the next morning her daughter jessica arrived to take over working the front desk. special agent steve maudlin. >> jessica came in through the employee entrance into the main guest headquarters here and immediately noticed her mother in the bed. >> i started calling her name. mama. mama. and there's no -- there's no sound. >> jessica first thought her mother must be sick so she called her sister andrea who's a nurse. >> and andrea said jessica, is she breathing. >> and she just screamed this
8:22 am
blood-curdling scream. >> vanessa had been shot once in the face and once in the forearm airy. >> at first everyone including prosecutor alex bass thought it was a robbery since $200 was missing from the cash drawer. the big breakthrough for investigators was this shotgun - shell the killer had left behind. >> it was the big piece of evidence. >> and this inexplicable murder case got even stranger when police zeroed in on a suspect who was an ex-cop and military veteran. vanessa's husband travis mcgraw. >> travis mcgraw had a lot of secrets he was not wanting to share. a whole other life that he had. >> one that involved another woman travis was secretly seeing. >> you gave travis an ultimatum. you told him to choose. the next day vanessa is murdered.
8:23 am
did you think that was just a coincidence? >> it's so weird to say in my mind. i thought it was a coincidence. >> this was money and sex-driven and how disgusting is that to murder someone for. >> she thought that was a coincidence. i'm biting my teeth into powder. >> she's in denial. it's such a tragedy. this is such a wonderful, wonderful family who opened their hearts up to us. it's such a sad story. >> how did they find out about the secret life? >> well, the investigators always look at the immediate family. they check out your credit cards and cell phones. and on travis's phone there was a romantic text and it wasn't his wife. they immediately had a link to mary beth fisher. >> so was his relationship with mary beth a motive for the killing? >> i think it might have been. there was a life insurance
8:24 am
policy. he put in claim. he wanted a new life but this ultimate item rushed the tragic event. >> i guess we'll find out where travis is. "48 hours." i have some thoughts where he should be. i'll be watching. i didn't say what they were. >> i can imagine. >> i just said i'll have some thoughts. >> that's not good. >> it's not good. that's right here on cbs. ahead, he turned disaster into a plan for wounded warriors. see how his climb up mt. everest was just the beginning after a near fatal motorcycle accident. and marco rubio
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
a houston family says a fedex driver stole their two
8:30 am
puppies. this surveillance video shows the driver picking up the two dogs and putting them in his truck. one of the dogs escape and he goes back to get it on the house porch. the dogs were later found in the middle of the street and turned over to the veterinarian. fedex says it takes the allegations seriously and this driver has been suspended. >> let's see how long he keeps his job. >> you're on camera. >> gotcha. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour an accident that nearly killed man, pushed him to take on the biggest challenge that he could imagine. and now he is helping wounded veterans do the exact same thing. his name is tim med vits. there he is in the green room. likes to flex. and a courageous marine joins us too. that's mark. graceland holds an auction 80 years after elvis's birth. we'll show you the price of the first record he ever made. that's ahead. the "los angeles times" is
8:31 am
remembering gospel legend andre crouch yesterday. he died yesterday after suffering a heart attack. ♪ >> crouch took home seven grammys. he also worked as ooh a producer and arranger for other artists including michael jackson, madonna. he was 72. the ex-wife of oil billionaire harold hamm had rejected a check he wrote her for nearly $797 million. that's right $975 million. but now sue ann arnalt has canged her mind and has deposited the check. it appears the divorce settlement has changed her heart. >> yes, she changed. that's a good start. and britain's "guardian" is
8:32 am
being asked to donate or make mittens for injured koalas. many injured their paws while trying to escape brush fooishs in australia. look at this. animal rights activists are providing a pattern for those who want to knit the mitt tens. >> they challenge whether the former hell's angel would walk again. he set a goal to not only walk but climb one of the highest peaks. along the way, he found a new mission. here's a preview of lara logan's report firefighter sunday's "60 minutes." >> you've got to understand for a guy like me to walk into these rehab places for people squeezing the ball thing i turned around and walked out. i never did any fizz cal therapy. for me that wasn't enough. >> that was like dying. >> yeah it was like dying. yeah, it was. i felt like i was dying inside. so i needed a -- i needed a
8:33 am
punch in the mouth you know. >> aunt mt. everestybody and mounlt everest was that punch in the mouth? >> yes. >> he said the experience got him off his pain pills and back on his feet. he became convinced it could do the same for injured war veterans so he created what he called the hero's project, a one-manning or one-manone one-man organizations and takes them where others wouldn't dare to venture from the frozen tundra to mt. mckinley t highest peak in north america. >> big mountains like that they forget that they even lost their legs. >> because if they can do that they can do anything. >> if they can do that they can do anything. >> he joins us along with retired staff sergeant mark.
8:34 am
he was a bomb disposal technician with tours under his belt. an i.e.d. blast caused him to lose both of his legs. welcome. >> thanks, charlie. >> wow. >> big wow is right. >> that's a wow. >> that's a wow. >> you've got it. but you're not a veteran but you did this for wounded heroes the combination of the inspiration to do it and climbing the mountains. tell us why it's important. >> it's important to be a proud american and it's important to do our part. i never served so this is my way of serving those who have served us. >> and themountain? >> the mountain. >> it means what? you can still do things put your pride in place. >> climbing mountains, big expeditions.
8:35 am
we don't climb hollywood sign mountains. we go on mountains to people die on. i feel put them in harm's way. you have someone who's mark who used to be this big tough guy marine walking around with an m-60 and anyhow he's in the hochlt missing both legs how do you get that adrenaline going? the closest way to do is put him on a big mountain. we had someone die on our trip and probably about 20 people had to get evacuated down the mountain. >> you compare a mountaintop to a battlefield. did that make sense to you mark when you were out there? >> it absolutely made sense. they both have a very real imminent danger. pulmonary edema, blue limbs foaming from their moths. to have the ability even after
8:36 am
suffering such a severe injury is very healing. >> you lost both of your legs and three of your fingers. was there a point you said i don't know, tim, if i can do that. >> no. >> i think it's useful for people at understand to tap into how you really feel. how did you feel? >> that was my sixth combat tour. i'd seen it a number of times. when i saw the bomb detonate under neath my feet u saw that it was i. and when they were pull meg out after they put the tourniquets on my legs and saved my said, hey, man, are my legs gone? yeah they're gone. that's the finality of it. that's war. >> what's that switch point? as you know so many veterans have had a very tough time all
8:37 am
of them have. the switch point between moving it forward and doing something like this. being inspired to dog something like this and not getting into despair. >> i had specific moments. i had three months after when i was in my wheelchair and had to push up two hills and i had just gotten my casts taken off because a bone was broke. i was struggling to get up the hill. this gal stopped her truck. walked down the sidewalk with a sympathetic help. i knew she was going to help me out. she pushed med up the hill which was very nice of her but to be the head of a team and driving a motorcycle and living life to the fullest to have to depend on total strangers to get up a small hill that defined where if i go down this path this injury can very well own my life. >> you were behind him on the mountain and you heard people
8:38 am
talking about him. >> i said if i can describe it i can sum it up from this one pivotal moment. we had been on every continent around the world. it was with mark and we were all going up. we had a big team and i had to take a piss. i pulled over and said i'll catch up to you guys. mark does his thing and i zip up my pants and i start heading up and i'm watching mark and there's this whole single file of people heading up and i just watch mark get out of position and pass this team. >> and what did they say? >> so as i'm coming up nobody knows i'm with mark and so as i'm coming up i heard german couple say we just got passed by a man with no legs. we need to move faster now. >> that describes the hero's project. >> and charlie's on deck. >> all right. congratulations. >> so glad you're here.
8:39 am
nice to meet you guys. >> this is the last of the seven summits and so this flag has been passed down to every guy and we're going to it. you can get more information on our kick start campaign. >> what -- >> the kickstarter campaign. >> we have to go. >> gotcha. >> look. you're going see more of it on "60 minutes." >> talking about a lot of people watching tv and you can see lair rah lara logan's report. and to find out more about the hero's project and the new crowd funding campaign you can go to and get all that info. we're playing elvis presley for a weekend. he wuchbs made a record for his mom's birthday. i now you like elvis. it's
8:40 am
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elvis presley's 80th birthday. at an auction last night elvis's auction bid for 68 items he left behind as mark strassmann reports from memphis. >> reporter: they were all bidding for a piece of elvis. his checkbook, his address book
8:44 am
including lots of women listed by their first names. >> yeah, debbie dana gail. >> reporter: angie marcadle oversees the items at the museum. >> things from his concert. this is the holy grail of rock and roll. >> reporter: this acetate disk was elvis's very first recording in 1943. it cost him $4 to make it at sun studios in memphis. >> he said he was making it as a present for his mom. you heard elvis at 18 singing every word. not just singing it but feeling it. >> reporter: side a is called "my happiness." elvis never recorded it again. >> you can hear him strumming his guitar like he doesn't want
8:45 am
to miss a beat he doesn't want to mess up he has one take to do it and he doesn't want to mess up. >> reporter: the presley family didn't even own a record player. legend has it he stopped by a friend's house to play the recording and he left it there. three years later, he was the king. bid bidding saw it at $50,000. tack on the buyer's 25% premium and the total price was $300,000. unimaginable to the future king when he recorded it. he's an 18-year-old kid driving a truck he goes in to record this record because he still has a dream. >> that's what drove him was that little bit of glimmer of i'm giving it my all. >> that kind of worked out for him. >> i think so. >> reporter: more than 1 billion elvise been sold
8:46 am
worldwide. for "cbs this morning" mark strassmann, memphis. up next, the most unforgettable moments of the week. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
y third anniversary to cbs this morning. >> aye. i'm wearing my anniversary dress. i remember that day. i said i'm a little nervous. you said nope you'll be fine. three years later, we're fine. >> as we leave you, let's take a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. a massive manhunt is now on the way in paris. two armed masked men opened fire. they were asking for people by their names. >> the two men are believed to be holed up in that industrial complex. >> police are resolved it will one way or the other. >> with the tail now located
8:50 am
investigators are hopeful that the all important black boxes will soon be recovered. >> right now it's 6 below zero. couple that with the windchill and any time you spend outside is downright brutal. >> dean says he's also frozen. >> dean says you come out here. >> 7-year-old sailor gutzler went through to find help. >> i'm seeing a bloody little girl with tears in her eyes lips trim bling. >> we walk a path of courage. >> conflict between the police and the mayor bubbled over. >> one, could run into big roadblock. >> let me just say we're anxious to get to work here. >> i'll tell you what man, i may be irish, but i'm not stupid. >> out came the ball girl with a special delivery. serena won this match. >> the very enthuse yas it is and high energy steve ballmer showed off some of his dance moves last night. yeah, buddy.
8:51 am
>> how much of a look did you get at this shark? >> i saw my reflection in its eyeball. >> these sharks are all friendly right? >> oh yeah. friendly shark. >> you want to take it home. >> i want to name him charnorgay after all you three. >> what's it like being the youngest woman every tenored to congress? >> i'm excited to be an additional crack in the glass creeling. >> put it in the microwave for five minutes. that's what i'm having for dinner. lack of effort. >> you were dating her for six years. you made her walk home because you were watching a movie. >> she broke up with me. are you happy? >> for all those cowboy fans with their panties in awringer. >> stop yelling at me. >> no. >> here. >> hi, charlie, hi gayle, good
8:52 am
morning. >> hi. hi i'm norah. i'm here too. >> it's charlie's birthday. >> i'm becoming benjamin button already. starting back down. >> you've got to stop that dirty dancing. >> i was exercising and fell down. tore a ligament. >> tore a ligament? >> tore a ligament. it's all good. >> buy my book. buy my book. >> someone else said it. >> even between segments here if you were to close your eyes and breathe in -- in -- in and out for one minute, there it is. >> you just don't want us to have a job. ♪
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>> coming up today on the doctors. it caused me so much pain, i had to quit my job. >> gum disease, so advanced. her body was wasting away. >> her husband is away fighting fur our country. >> we gave lori, a makeover of
9:00 am
a lifetime. >> and a surprise that brought everyone to tierce. the golden globes, the oscars, how do the stars stay fit for the season? >> my mother told me ... >> jennifer aniston tells us how she gets herself red carpet ready! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> missing a homework assignment comes with consequences, but should they include physical activity so strenuous, its -- strenous, it drives kids to vomit. >> a mom is


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