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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. hello, thank you for joining us. in our news, it is going to be a multi-million dollars loss. those are the words of a fire department spokesperson talking about a mansion that went up in
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flames this morning, this is a picture of sky 9 for what's left. no official word whether anyone was home at the time, but grieving family members areputting up a shrine. when firefighters first got here, there was so much spoke and they weren't de, it took them three and a half hours to get it under control. >> they were met with heavy fire conditions, collapsing floors. the 16,000 square foot house is home to the pyle family according to neighbors. >> the house itself, we called it the castle, it over looked the south river, that's completely gone. the only thing left is something they had on the house. >> they were great neighbors, great community involvement,
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they had a lot of parties up there and fundraisers for worthy causes. >> it is not clear if anyone was home, firefighters say they haven't been able to get inside. >> if we determine there were occupants that did not escape, it will be treated as a crime scape. >> in addition to the size of the home, firefighters ran into another problem. >> there is no fire hydrants in this area. we had to use tanker trucks to bring water to the scene, use a fire boat to bump water from the creek. >> the damage is estimated in the multimillions. investigators are still looking for the cause of this fire. in washington child welfare counselor haves now identified the parents of a toddler found wandering the streets in southeast d.c. over night. a neighbor flagged down an officer after spotting the boy who was 2 or 3 years old outside an apartment building.
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it was just before 1 a.m. and the child was dressed, but had no shoes on. >> when you have kids having kids, they are kids themselves. >> some folks decided hey let's go have a good time, kids will be okay, they'll sleep 'til morning we'll be right back. the boy was checked out at the hospital, he is okay he is now in the custody of child family services. it is unclear whether his parents will face any charges. it was a deadly weekend on the roads, freezing temperatures caused massive pile ups from coast to coast. at least four people were killed in crashes in pennsylvania, we're in union new jersey with more. >> across the northeast, a dangerous mix of rain and freezing temperatures iced over roads, sending cars sliding. like this pick up truck in rocklin county new york. moments later, another driver battling the icy streets
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swerved and crashed into it. >> look out, look out! in new jersey, at least 1 person was killed. hundreds of other accidents were reported including - car pile up that shut down the highway near the george washington bridge. >> it was black ice, like completely black ice. people were screaming get out of the car, get out of the road. i turned around and another car was coming. one car after another. >> cell phone video shows paramedics and bistandsers rescuing a man. they used a blanket to drag him across the slick road because the ambulance couldn't get to him. >> a lot of mayhem and chaos going on. >> pile ups in pennsylvania killed at least four people and injured dozens more. this accident, two people died and several cars were nearly sliced in half after they
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slammed into a tractor trailer. >> it is pretty horrific. i started pumping my breaks and just hoping i would stop. >> with more than 400 accidents reported in the area, the message from police was simple. avoid travel unless absolutely necessary. >> emergency crews rescued two people in a wrecked car, it crashed on top of an icy pond. rescue crews had to cut portions of the car to get to the man and women inside. they were rushed to the hospital to serious and in critical condition. an incredible story from oregon where caleb is lucky to be alive. an amazing picture shows him sandwiched between two 18 wheelers that crashed into his chevy silverado. he walked away with just two band-aids. this is a day of reflection and service honoring dr. martin
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luther king jr. a wreath was laid at the title basin where remarks were delivered by jeh johnson. stars from the movie selma to honor dr. martin luther king, the event started on the steps of city hall and on to th edmund pettus bridge. afterwards the city of selma rolled out the red carpet for the film makers, it was memorable including for star, oprah winfrey. >> it was a great life experience, this would be one, him singing bridge over troubledwaters and glory.
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will bring new economic opportunities to his city. and honoring dr. martin luther king in delaware, about police and minority communities. in the meantime he went onto say two things are basic for americans to agree on first police have a right to go home at night to see their families, secondly, all minorities have a right to be treated with respect and dignity. >> we don't get any specifics until tuesday night, but already turning a deaf ear to raise taxes on wealthier americans. the president will unvail details during tomorrow's state of the union address, susan has a preview. >> reporter: president obama hunkered down over the weekend working with his speechwriter on the sixth state of the union address. >> they are the americans i work for every day. >> we have to join on how to build on our momentum with
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growing wages and stronger middle class. >> they disclosed some details saying the president will unvail plans to reform the nation tax code eliminating what he calls the trust fund loophole. the government would use the $320 billion generated over 10 years to fund free college tuition for some students and middle class tax credits. >> i think we should have a depate in this country between middle class economics and see if we can agree on some things. >> it is clear it will be dead on arrival here on capitol hill with republicans controlling both houses on congress. >> raising taxes on people that are successful is not going make people struggling more successful. >> and propose more paid leave for workers and increase in child care tax credits. cbs news, washington. the district man who spent five year ins a cuban prison will be the audience for the
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president's state of the union address. gross and his wife duty are among the people that were invited to attend the speech. recent data shows from the irs shows 8 out of 10 taxpayers will get a refund. the most common uses for the cash are paying down bills and making a big ticket purchase like buying a car, or booking a vacation. still to come on wusa 9, police in hawaii investigating an attack. new details are
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. police are trying to get to the bottom of an attack on
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golfer robert allenby. he said he was in a honolulu wine bar when he was abducted, beaten and robbed. he woke up in a park without his phone or wallet. >> two and a half hours later, i woke up on the street in the gutter, being thrown out of the trunk of a car, being robbed. he says a homeless woman and a man passing by helped him to safety. he isn't sure if he was drugged prior to his abduction. and a young couple's crime spree came to an end in panama city, florida. we have more from miami. >> reporter: the long arm of the law finally caught up with dalton heys and cheyenne phillips in florida. u.s. martial's received a tip they were in an area, they were
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found asleep inside a truck they'd stolen. >> panama city police, panama city beach police department and u.s. martial's surround the vehicle and gave them no way out. >> hayes was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from justice. phillips was placed in child services. >> authorities were worried about their increasing brazenness, the last truck they allegedly stole contained two guns. the couple vanished earlier this month from kentucky, phillips told their mother about their plans. >> she said we're just going to run. and i'm like, no. i said you all don't need to do this because he was supposed to be in court that monday morning. >> their crime spree spread five southern states and compared to bonny and clyde. unlike those murderous fugitive, they are only
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suspected of using forged checked and vehicles on the run. he posted on the facebook that the two were engaged, and that he'd bought her a ring and phillips said she was pregnant. >> she shouldn't have been maybe like three weeks pregnant or something, she sent him an ultrasound picture via a text, and that was not her pregnancy picture. >> prosecutors expecting the couple back in kentucky this week following extradition proceedings. still ahead on wusa 9, miracle finish, seahawks defeat the green bay packers. ericka? the sunshine has returned here to the belt way, but it is a little bit breezy. i'll tell you when those breezes subside and talk about our next threat for both
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. seattle is going to the super bowl! the fans are in disbelief that the seahawks are going to the super bowl, thanks to that late-game come back, they led all through the game with four minutes to go before theseahawks came back. seattle will be hoping to capture its second super bowl trophy, but the new englandpatriots had their sites on the trophy, they crushed the colts, new england will be looking to collect its fourth
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super bowl trophy. the patriots and seahawks will kickoff february first in arizona, they have the patriots ahead of the seahawks winning it all. and keep it tuned to channel 9 football, the nfl and the network announced they'll continue their partnership to the 2015 season for a second year, cbs will broadcast the first eight thursday night games and they'll go on the nfl network which will televise games in the play offs. odds makers are giving again the early edge in the super bowl xlix for the new england patriots, tom brady who obviously had all the luck, not andrew luck. i turned that one off early, that was the blow-out. >> that was really rough to watch. >> the packer game was a rough game to watch but for a different reason, could not believe two minutes left and they were losing!
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>> the way they came back like that. >> we have a pretty calm weather pattern for the rest of the workweek. today was breezy but dry, our only threat for any precipitation is on wednesday, we'll detail that in just a minute. let's take a look outside right now with the weather cam where that sunshine has really started to come back, and we'll see a good amount of sun by 3 p.m., 49 degrees, winds out of the west at 11 miles per hour. that actually helps to boost our temperature up because we have the winds coming down off of the mountains, it's called the down sloping effect. 43 degrees at 6:00, the winds will become calm over night tonight. as you're waking up on tuesday morning, not much of a wind chill at all to speak of. but it is breezy and seasonal cool. and we're going to see just a few rain and snow showers on wednesday and then as we head through the rest of the
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workweek, chillier air moves in. no arctic blasts on the way. high temperatures will be in the 30s, not in the 20s or the 40s. right now we're in the 40s, 40 degrees, 41, and 45 in frederick. satellite and radar, you can see a few lingering rain and snow showers we had during the over night have pretty much evaporated we are looking at that drying trend, but it is breezy that's for sure. this afternoon we're going to continue to see the breezes but they'll subside in the over night hours tuesday morning looking better as far as the breezeare concern. we'll just look for an increase in cloud cover ahead of our next system, it is a small clipper system that will approach on wednesday, 10 a.m., the rain is starting to move into the belt way and you can see the snow in the mountains, i think a very light accumulation of snow is likely in the mountains, but it is going to be too warm to support any snow in the immediate metro area. the snow that falls in the metro on wednesday afternoon and evening will melt when it
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hits the ground. forecast for today, we're going to get up to 47 degrees in frederick and leeburg, 46 at andrews, and 43 in martinsburg. dipping to the freezing mark and a little bit below, down to about 30. 32 degrees in hagerstown. and over the next three days keeping green weather alerts fornow, we'll see rain and snow showers, we're keeping a green alert. i talked to him early on, he'll issue a yellow alert for wednesday because we could see the rain and snow showers during the commute. >> chillier on thursday and friday, as i mentioned before, not had highs in the upper 30s. saturday is looking like a pretty nice day, we have a chance for a few flakes on sunday. stay with
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. cookbook author is here to tell us about a special two- night charity event she is participating in called sips and suppers, and 2941 is also here with us. chef welcome, joan, always good to have you back here. chef tell us what are you preparing? >> what we're going to do, we're going to prepare a meal, spices around the world. >> i can tell you why you go ahead and prepare that. it looks beautiful, we always eat with our eyes first. tell us what is sips and suppers all about?
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>> i think this theme, martin luther king's birthday, i'd like to just start with a quote that's on the door of martha's table. and it is from martin luther king. i have the audacity to believe that people everywhere have the right to 3 meals a day for the body. education and culture for the spirit, and a dignity quality and freedom also for the spirit. >> this is helping raise awareness about the hunger problems here in the nation's capitol and to do something about it. how is sips and suppers? what happens on those two days? >> it started years ago because they thought that d.c. central kitchen, we wanted to help them. so what we started off with one dinner, it is up to 32 dinners. they are doing 2 dinners, we said it was two days, sips is on one day. >> sips is on saturday night,
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which it is going to be 70 cooks, cooking all over, and there will be about a thousand people hopefully at the museum. >> tickets are still available at $95 forsips and $200 if you want to get a vip ticket if you want to meet the cookbook authors like carl hall and sups, we have a few tickets left. you really should, you get to go to people's homes, you eat the food. you talk to new people, you get great food and they are $600 a piece with one for $5,000 for the alice waters dinner., you'll help people to have three meals a day and to learn to eat good food. >> thank you. wonderful presentation here,
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>> jack: answer me. i'd like to know what this is doing here. >> phyllis: how would i know? i've never seen it before. >> jack: you have no clue as to how this got into our living room, into your bag? >> phyllis: my bag? what are you talking about? >> jack: this wig. this doesn't look familiar to you at all? >> phyllis: because it's blond and has bangs? you -- you think -- you think i went to the florist and pretended to be kelly. >> jack: did you? >> phyllis: i-i thought we were done with all this. >> jack: so did i. >> phyllis: last night, you were convinced that kelly was the one who ordered the roses and sent the fake messages so the two of you would land up in bed together. >> jack: i did believe that until i saw this. >> phyllis: and you think i was lying to you? you think i-i'm lying to you right now? >> jack: i don't know what i think.


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