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tv   wusa 9 News Special Edition  CBS  January 28, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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cleaning up and digging out. the blizzard buries parts of new england under 3 feet of snow. president obama pays respect to saudi arabia, bringing a heavyweight delegation to meet the new king. and confirmation showdown. senate republicans promise to grill the woman tapped to be the next attorney general. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, january 28, 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. in the words of one new englander, it was a wicked storm. the blizzard of 2015 battered boston and hammered the massachusetts coast with
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hurricane-force winds. this morning the storm is winding down, but the damage is done. the snow in new england began monday and continued most of yesterday. some areas got 3 feet. by last night boston had over 23 inches. chris van cleave is in marshfield on massachusetts's coast. >> reporter: blizzard of 2015 hit, hurricane-force winds and high tide hit new england. coastal massachusetts was hardest hit. about 30 miles south of boston high tides and 75-mile-an-hour winds took out a sections of sea wall in marshfield. >> we've got to make a determination as to whether to evacuate some of the people down here now that the breach is open, it's going to cause more flooding. >> reporter: one man had to be rescued from his home after a
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large wave slammed into his home. at least 30,000 homes and businesses were without power in the boston/cape cod area including the entire island of nantucket. all around new england, snow mrous couldn't keep up. by last night, just under 2 feet covered most of the boston. a travel ban was in effect in central and eastern massachusetts until midnight. other parts of new england from connecticut to maine were hardest hit. in addition to the snow and the wind, there is the bitter cold. the low in boston only around 10 degrees, with the windchill closer to negative 5. across massachusetts, schools are closed today. some districts are closed tomorrow. chris van cleave cbs news massachusetts. the storm largely spared new york city. despite predictions the snow and wind would be crippling. the city largely shut down in anticipation. jim axelrod shows us why the forecast got it wrong and how that may lead to change.
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>> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio was talking doomsday. >> we are facing most likely one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city, in recorded history of this city. >> reporter: but the forecasts turned out to be only half right. the storm developed 90 miles east of the expected track. new england and long island got nailed but for manhattan and points south, no big deal. the national weather service forecaster who predicted a crippling storm that never came for some 10 million people tweeted a meteorological mayea kulpa. my deepest agolpologies he wrote. but he says no afollow i go necessary. >> i think the forecasts were right in you take the northeast as a whole. this is an historic storm for boston and massachusetts. we're talking upwards of 30
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inches of snow in some places. new york, different story. i think the key to note there is that the models were always a bit uncertain in that area. >> in situations like this you can't be a monday-morning quarterback on something like the weather. >> reporter: fresh in de blasio's mind when they underplayed an ice storm. super computers will be upgraded and ten times as powerful by october. shepherd says the key for forecasters and public officials is conveying uncertainty. >> we do a nice job of it with hurricanes. the cone of uncon certainty, that's conveying there's uncertainty on either side of that hurricane. is that something needed for nor'easters? that's a discussion point. the captors issued an ultimatum in a video released tuesday.
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his captors threatened to kill him along with a jordanian prisoner within 24 hours. a group with ties to isis says it's responsible for the deadly siege of a hotel in libya. ten people died tuesday when gunmen stormed the building in tripoli. fighting went on for hours. the total is popular with diplomats and businessmen. an american a french citizen and three people from asia are among the dead. president obama is back at the white house this morning. air force one landed at joint base andrews early today after an overseas trip to india and saudi arabia where the president met the new king. margaret brennan looks at the complicated u.s./saudi relationship. >> reporter: the president arrived in riyadh with a heavyweight bipartisan delegation. three secretaries of state, four national security advisers and the heads of the cia and
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military central command. in his meeting with the king the president reiterated the fight against terrorism. james smith is a former ambassador to saudi arabia. >> we also have to stay in touch because they're close allies in the fight on terrorism, undermining support for extremism and they'll be part of the solution for solving the isis problem and stability in the region. >> reporter: oil-rich saudi arabia is dependent on the u.s. for weapons and security. it is threatened from the south by al qaeda. the kingdom is a party of coalition against isis but saudi arabia is also critical of president obama's perceived lack of leadership in syria and his decision to negotiate with long-time foe iran about its nuclear program. ambassador smith said the two will still remain allies.
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>> reporter: some people have ouls described our marriage as a catholic marriage in a muslim world. we desperately need each other, can't imagine a divorce but disagree on a lot of things. >> reporter: for its part the u.s. is critical for its restrictions on women and human rights abuses, like public beheadings. but regardless it's oil and security that bind these two powers. margaret brennan, cbs news the state department. confirmation hearings begin this morning for attorney general nominee lawyeroretta lynch.innis is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lynch has been prepping and studies together participating in mock sxhaergz she has met single member of the judiciary committee. president obama nominated lynch
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to replace eric holder the current a.g. who is now stepping down. she's a harvard educated career prosecutor with few ties to washington. that can work to her favor. she has twice served as u.s. attorney for eastern district of new york where there have been more terror-related cases prosecuted than anywhere else. lawmakers will question lynch about terrorism, cyber crimes bank prosecutions. she'll have to explain her views on immigration and the president's use of executive power. she will reportedly tell the committee that the constitution will be her guide when she's determining the legality of any of the president's actions. senator ted cruz a republican on the committee, says he'll be looking for independence from the president's agenda. >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you. on the "cbs moneywatch," apple posts historic profits and
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a major car recall. good morning, jill. strong corporate earnings boosted asian stocks. nikkei added a fraction. hong kong's hang seng added a quarter. facebook after disappointing earnings sent the stocks lower, losing 291 on tuesday. the s&p was down 27. the nasdaq fell 90. apple set sales records for the holiday season thanks to blowout sales of the larger iphones over the three months. the company smashed its own records. the surge in iphone sales drove the company's revenue to more than $74 billion. that is up 30% from a year ago. the federal reserve issues its policy statement today after wrapping up its two-day meeting. investors are looking to the fed for signs of possible economic weakness that might cause a delay in interest hikes.
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the first rate increase is expected midyear. the fed is expected to repeat its promise to be patient. the obama administration is proposing a plan to open up the first ever oil drilling off the east coast of the united states. it would auction areas more than 50 miles off virginia north carolina and georgia to oil companies no later than 2021. the oil industry supports the proposal but environmental groups are opposed. more than 93,000 vehicles worldwide are being recalled to fix fuel leak problems. five audi model, one volkswagen and two porsche models are involved. audi says vibration during driving can cause small leaks. they're not aware of any problems or fires caused from the problem. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. coming up on the morning news -- caught on helmet cam. a dramatic rescue carried out by firefighter in a burning home. this is the "cbs morniewng ns."
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you're a better you all day. tylenol®. a firefighter's helmet camera shows a dramatic rescue sunday in fresno california. thick smoke pours from an porment apartment. the firefighters enter the dark interior and find three children inside. neighbors say the mother had gone to the store when the accidental fire broke out. the children are in critical condition. two former vanderbilt university football players face long sentences this morning. the jury convicted the men of rape and assault tuesday in connection with a group attack in a dorm room. daniel nottingham reports. >> guilty of aggravated rape. guilty of aggravated rape. >> reporter: it took a nashville jury just a c of hours to
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prosecute two vanderbilt football players both found of aggravated rape and sexual battery. prosecutors say they laughed and took photos as a group of men defiled a female neurosurgeon student. >> did you consent to any of the acts? >> absolutely not. >> did you consent to any photographs be taken of you? no. >> reporter: he brought his 21-year-old unconscious girlfriend back to his dorm room on the night of the attack. one witness testified that vandenberg even flew to california to destroy information on his cell phone. they cited a college culture of excessive drinking and promiscuity. >> they're good boys. >> reporter: prosecutors read a statement from the victim. >> i'm thankful that the criminal justice system will hold the defendants responsible
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for their violent crimes. >> reporter: vandenberg and beatty face decades in prison. danielle nottingham cbs news. wisconsin's republican governor, scott walker takes the first step toward a white house run. he formed a new tax-exempt group. he's best known for taking on public employee unions four years ago. straight ahead now, marshawn lynch's message. the seattle seahawks' star running back had one thing to say to reporters on super bowl media day.
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resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in sports it was super bowl media day in arizona before sunday night's big it was a surprise that seattle running back marshawn lynch took part in the festivities because he has a history of being fined with not talking with reporters. but he only had one thing to say, over and over. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. >> why do you think he showed up? after 29 repetitions in about five minutes, lynch got up and left.
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and the controversy over deflated footballs was mostly a nonissue at media day. new england patriots' coach bill belichick side stepped nonfootball stations and he kept repeating, we're just focused on seattle this week. tiger woods is also in arizona for this weekend's phoenix open. after his first practice rounds of the year he says he's ready and driving the ball farther than he ever thought he could again. last year woods had back surgery and no victories. and one of hockey's greatest goalies is retiring. martin brodeur wrapped up a 22-year career with st. louis. he won three stanley cups with new jersey and holds regular season nhl records for wins shutouts and games. brodeur, who's 42, was an all-star ten times. when we return drunken drone adventure. a surprising look at who's behind the white house drone incident that touched off a security scare. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. and here's another look at this morning's top stories. boston and nearby parts of new england are digging out of more than 2 feet of snow this morning. the blizzard lashed the region with hurricane-force winds. tens of thousands are without power. and an american is among ten people killed in a terror attack on a luxury hotel in libya. a group with ties to isis says the siege tuesday was to avenge the abduction by american commandos of a libyan operative. officials say they'll continue to search for victims of airasia flight 8501 for another week. yesterday the military announced
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it would halt efforts to raze the plane's fuselage amid bad weather. 70 bodies have been recovered but 126 were aboard when it crashed. the man who crashed a plane, a drone, rather, on the white house grounds, works for a u.s. spy agency. the man was reportedly drunk and offduty when he lost control of the drone monday. the national geospatial intelligence agency says he turned himself in hours after the incident. and a surprising discovery about that big asteroid that flew by the earth. nasa says the first images of the asteroid shows it has its own moon. the asteroid itself measured more than 1,000 feet across. its moon is only 230 feet wide. a canadian astronaut called the discovery strangely delightful. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," an
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. she didn't want to stop. >> police are looking for the driver who ran over two men in a local parking lot leaving one of them in critical condition. a father faces serious
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charges this morning after police say he took his baby daughter away from her mother at gunpoint. good morning. welcome to wusa9. it's an icy cold january 28. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. glad you're with us. trenice bishop will have traffic momentarily. we start with howard and allyson. dangerously cold. layers for the kids and pets inside. >> it looks colder by the middle of next week but this morning, something to think about. windchills in the single we have icy spots. page county schools on a two- hour delay. that's the only school we know on a delay. the cold will be the story today. a little system tomorrow could give us a wintry mix later on in the day. at least we get sort after breather. >> today we get to see some sunshine. >> we saw some yesterday.
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>> a little bit. it's just really chilly. we'll not worry about snow or rain or any of the sorts until tomorrow so enjoy today. it's just going to be very cold out there. 19 right now for gaithersburg. and we're into the 20s for a good chunk of the area. 26 for downtown d.c. 27 for fredricksburg. but we have to factor in the winds. winds are gusting pretty high out of the northwest 10 to 15. gusting to near 25. this is what it feels like when you step outside. the hats and gloves are going to be needed today. it feels into the single digits if not into the teens across the area. clear skies. that's good. it's going to stay for today. lots of sunshine and temperatures will stay into the 30s. 34 degrees by this afternoon. the winds stay breezy today so it will feel into the 20s. let's go to trenice with traffic. good morning. not too much really to report besides construction this morning. no reports of any incidents or accidents through maryland.
4:28 am
we have construction projects in maryland that may slow you down this morning. the exit ramp northbound lanes of 395 at duke street is going to be closed to access westbound duke street. you just need to bypass and take the next exit and get back on 395. no reports of any incidents or accidents. we have a closure on 66. eastbound lanes are closed between the fairfax county parkway and monument drive. all traffic is diverted to the service road and back on to the eastbound lanes of 66. here's a live shot outside. 95 in virginia looks good at dale boulevard. mike, andrea? >> thank you, trenice. this morning doctors are trying to save a man's life while police search for the driver who ran over him twice. it's a bizarre chain of events that unfolded in arlington last night. police say a woman pulled into the parking lot of mk auto sales and service on columbia park. >> the two owners closed the gate trying to stop this woman after she struck two parked cars there. that's when police say she then aimed her car at them and hit
4:29 am
the man. one of them hobbled off with an injured leg. the other one has life threatening injuries. that's because the woman hit him a second time as she drove through that closed gate. >> we feel it was an intentional striking. whether it was for the purpose of getting away or not, we don't know at this time. >> the man hurt worse had surgery last night at george washington hospital. we're still trying to find out his condition this morning. police are still looking for the woman, though. they say she was driving a light colored toyota highlander. she is back where she belongs. an infant is reunited with her mother after police issued an amber alert for the baby from poolesville, maryland. police say dearst e denny turned himself in. place say she was taken from a home on hempstead avenue. >> he had punched the mother in the face and then drew a gun on
4:30 am
the mother, put the 5-month-old infant into a black small suv. >> that suv was a rental with new jersey tags. when deare denny turned himself in, police found the baby unharmed. denny now faces several felony charges. they were finally able to shut off the water and fix the main. now it's time to repair edmonston road in hyattsville. the family woke up to find water rushing into the basement. when the they tried to escape in the family car, they realized something was not right. shortly after she jumped out of the car, it was swallowed by a sinkhole. no one with us hurt. wssc is picking up tab for the mendozas and a handful of other families forced out of their homes yesterday morning. the family of carol glover is planning to file a multimillion dollar lawsuit against metro. glover is the woman who died


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