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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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near 30 to 40 today. by this afternoon wind advisory in place. tonight as temperatures drop to the 20s, it will feel into the teens. it drops to the teens feeling below zero for first thing tomorrow morning. trenice, what's going on with traffic? some delays on the rails. blue line travelers expect travel to be slow due to an issue at franconia. not any delays going in the opposite direction so you should be good. we do also have some more delays folks traveling northbound kenilworth avenue if we could get to that shot of sky 9. traffic only squeezes by on the left shoulder here. debris across the roadway is what's got the attention of folks here. again, if you normally take -- and this is on the overpass to 495 from northbound kenilworth avenue. so certainly going to slow you down a bit as you make your way towards the beltway. the beltway in prince george's county looks good by the woodrow wilson bridge. lanes open on the inner and outer loop making your way towards oxon hill or to and through springfield this morning as well. back to you. fire crews are just starting to pull their
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equipment from the scene of an overnight house fire in the north bethesda section of montgomery county. >> nikki burdine joins us live from the home on brewer house road which is not too far from tuckerman if you're familiar with that neighborhood. nikki? >> reporter: that's correct. we are still here and firefighters are still here as well. they are trying to dig through the rubble and what was left of this house fear. i want you to take a look at this video of how it looked when firefighters first got here at 1:30 this morning. the town home was fullly engulfed in flames. flames were just shooting out of the windows. firefighters tell me an elderly man lived here alone and a smoke alarm actually woke him up. he went downstairs, saw the fire that was in his living room and tried to put it out himself. he was unsuccessful in doing that so he went next door to ask for his neighbor's help. his neighbors called 911 but while he tried to fight the fire himself, that elderly man did suffer second and third- degree burns. he was taken to the hospital. he is in critical condition.
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firefighters tell me he suffered life threatening wounds. neighbors homes were also evacuated. the damage there not so serious. it was more just as a precaution, but the home where that elderly man lived is a total loss. frmplets here tell me that -- firefighters here tell me that elderly man is a long-time resident. they're not sure what caused the fire, where it started but they are now here trying to dig through what's left and determine itself cause of that fire. i see the chief standing right over here. i'm talk to him and see if there are any updates and see if we have an update on the condition of that elderly man. as soon as i get any information, i'll pass that along you to. i'm nikki burdine. back you to in the studio. >> tank you, nikki. late -- thank you, nikki. later dat family of carol glover is expected to file a lawsuit. glover died earlier no month when smoke filled a yellow line train. delia goncalves joins us live at l'enfant plaza. that's where the train was at the time. delia? >> reporter: that's right. carol glover was on her way home from work and of course she never made it home, died on
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that train, that smoke-filled metro train here at l'enfant plaza earlier this month. originally her family said they were not placing game. they wanted to read metro's report. now they clearly believe that metro was negligent and are seeking $10 million in damages. the 61-year-old was the only person who lost her life on that train, but there were scores of other people who were hurt and suffered smoke inhalation. many other folks say they were choking, fainting. they thought they were near death. they were all trapped for more than a half-hour. reports now have uncovered a number of missteps and failures, including radios that did not work between metro and responding firefighters. deneen baker was on the train as well. she is also suing metro and says to this day, she's afraid to get on the train. she suffers from headaches and she can't sleep. >> i was thinking that's it.
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high blood pressure is a killer. >> reporter: you thought you were going to die? >> i thought i was going to go. i thought that was it. >> reporter: what goes through your head? >> my kids, grandkids. >> reporter: obviously still emotional for deneen baker who, as you heard, suffered from high blood pressure. our bruce leshan helping us out and speaking to deneen baker. he also spoke to her attorney who is the same lawyer who represented two of the families of the victims who died in the 2009 deadly redline metro crash. hear what she had to say about why she's filing suit this time at 6:30. back to you in the studio. >> delia goncalves live outside the l'enfant plaza station. a 6-year-old boy is in critical condition after he slid his sled right into a passing car. he and a group of children being supervised by an adult were sledding down a driveway.
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the child went head first into a passing lexus along matt you through -- along matthew mills road. medics flew the child to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> just upset, you know. a little kid out having fun supervised. it was just one of those random accidents where your kid is playing in the snow, it's exciting for everybody and something bad happens. >> the 65-year-old driver immediately stopped and tried to help. today a hyattsville man is scheduled to be sentenced for a deadly hit and run in college park. 30-year-old liam modeko pleaded guilty for leaving the scene of an accident. prosecutors dropped other charges in exchange for the guilty plea. he struck and killed cory hubbard as he crossed route 1 in college park last january. prosecutors say he was shown on
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surveillance video staggering out of a bar shortly before the crash. the missing gaithersburg woman has been found. elizabeth betty jean queen turned up in jail in fact. the 69-year-old woman who is diagnosed sciz friend inning was -- schizophrenic was last seen december 29 and was arrested on december 30. she refused to identify herself at the time. so she was booked as jane smith. an eastern high schoolteacher's aide is due in court this morning after being accused of sexually abusing a student. police say carla norde was found naked inside a car with a student. she is a home room aide in the vehicle team's special needs class. 16 is the age of consent in the district, but the law forbids sexual relationships between teachers and students. the trial of the case of a 6-year-old new york city boy who went missing 35 years ago
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opens today. he became one of the first missing children featured on milk cartons. pedro hernandez is going on trial for murder and kidnapping. he was arrested after reportedly making a confession to friends and relatives. the defense claims the confession is false. they say the real kilimanjaroer -- the real killer may be with a pennsylvania child molester who had been a suspect for years. police are searching for james january dal mars -- daniel marston. he left wednesday and is considered missing and endangered. he was last seen in the white oak area of stafford county. he's 6'1", 155 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. please call the stafford county sheriff's office if you have any information. another virginia teenager has been found. upon leek lewis was discovered just after midnight in little rock, arkansas. she is with a man who is 33
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years old, donald queensberry and they were taken into custody. charges are now pending. police set their canines on a college student in virginia but it wasn't because she committed a crime. >> your credit card information isn't as safe as we've all been led to believe. wusa9 is back
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. 10 after 6:00 on this friday morning. it's mild now relative to what's coming. we have temperatures in the 30s. 42 at national. but get ready. temperatures are going to drop. we have passing flurries and snow showers today. we could be down in the 20s in many areas by 4:00, 5:00 p.m. with the winds this afternoon gusting over 40. maybe close to 50 miles an hour. more on the wind advisory and
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even more on what's coming sunday and monday when i see you in about five minutes. let's check in with trenice now. good morning. still looking good on 95 in virginia. you're the slowest this morning if it is northbound lanes between woodbridge up to the springfield mixing bowl. after that lanes are open to make your way towards 395. elsewhere more volume issues reported on 66. eastbound lanes here at the prince william parkway. again just volume. no reports any issues. looks good toward centreville. in maryland, prince george's county, more specifically greenbelt, northbound kenilworth avenue towards the beltway, debris across the roadway is blocking all lanes. traffic squeezes by to the left. andrea? more than 300 students at hamden sydney college in farmville, virginia are sick with what health officials believe is a type of intestinal infection. classes have been canceled at the all boys college. residents halls will remain open during the hiatus. the school says students began
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seeking treatment tuesday night. symptoms include vomiting and dehydration. the city of fairfax is hopes its program to reduce the deer population will become a model for other areas in the commonwealth. the city has started the second round of a deer sterilization program. the most common method for controlling deer populations is to hunt them. but after an outcry about hunting in local parks, the city turned to sterilization. >> fairfax in particular is probably deer vehicle collisions, it could be lyme disease. you'll get a lot of complaints from folk abouts their garden or deer that are habituated to humans standing in their front yard. >> the grant funded program costs about $1,000 per animal. it started as a 43 cent toll and mushroomed into a $47,000 fine and a springfield map was understandably shocked when he got the notice. apparently his ez account was not replenishing with cash like
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he thought it was so he decided he would settle all of his fines for $2,000 or so he thought. now more mail is coming with more fines and he's expected in court for dealing with $47,000 of unpaid funds. >> whether they sent the second set of fines, i start of dug my heels in. i said that's nuts. i'm not going to pay $100 in the worst case for a 43 cent toll. i'm not doing it. like your bank account, if you have overdraft, i put money in. i thought that that would cover the violations but that didn't happen. >> he has hired an attorney to help fight these violations in court. new privacy concerns are being raised about consumers' credit card data. a new mit study finds researchers can identify consumers with more than 90% accuracy by looking at just four purchases. the study looked at three months of credit card records for more than a million people. in the words of the study's
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coauthor, quote, we are showing that privacy we are told we have isn't real. at 6:14, here's another look at the question of the morning. in 1974, over half of all american adults knew how to do this. now only 20% know how. is it a, drive a stick shift car, b, use the phone book or c, address a letter? >> don ma says it's a -- donna says it's a toss-up between a and b. i would say stick shift. they have to be special ordered right now. avwe hree mo of your responses and the correct answer in about 30 minutes. coming up 06:15. -- on
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welcome back. 6:17 this friday morning. in the news right now, the taliban claiming responsibility for a shooting at the kabul airport in afghanistan that left three american contractors dead. the shooting happened yesterday in the military section of the airport. at the time the gunman was reportedly wearing an afghan police uniform. the fate of two hostages held by isis remains unknown a. new deadline set by the terror group has expired. japanese officials say they have nothing to report on a possible prisoner swap. a government spokesperson does say japan has strong trust in jordan to help save the japanese hostage from isis militants. a new addition to the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorist
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list. it's a former cab driver in northern virginia. according to the f.b.i., haji mohamed fought with a terror group in his native somalia. the f.b.i. believes he has returned to somalia. in mexico, survivors of an explosion at a maternity hospital are recalling the devastating scene that's killed two people, an infant and a nurse. more than 60 others were injured that we know of. many of them children. it happened after a hose burst on the truck supplying gas to the building. following a preliminary investigation, officials in denver say it's still not clear how an officer was injured when 17-year-old jessica hernandez was killed by police driving a stolen car. investigators initially said the officer was hit by the car as it was driven toward him. that account has been challenged by some witnesses. department policy allows officers to shoot at moving vehicles if they have no other reasonable way to prevent death or serious injury.
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the norfolk police chief now says the use of force against a norfolk state student was unreasleonab. 21-year-old london covan, not only a student but army reservist was at an off campus party over the weekend when a fight broke out. her cousin said she wasn't voffed so had no interest in answering police questions. that's when they restrained her. witnesses say she was already on the ground when police release add canine on her. you can see the swowndzs she wound up with. more than 20 stitches required for the bite. one wound so large she'll need plastic surgery. the patriots move one day closer to super bowl xlix, new england's former tight end aaron hernandez is a day further into his murder trial. his defense attorney argued prosecutors targeted his client from the very beginning of their investigation into the 2013 murder of odin lloyd ignoring other possible suspects. the prosecution played surveillance video showing lloyd getting into a car driven by hernandez shortly before he
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was cildz. the video -- killed. the video also showed hernandez returning home without lloyd in the car. earlier this morning, hip hop mogul suge knight was being grilled by homicide detectives in connection with a hit-and- run in california. he was behind the wheel. one person was killed in the incident. one of hollywood's legendary song writers and purchasers has died. 81-year-old rodney mccune died yesterday after recently been hospitalized for pneumonia. he's one of the top poets of all time credited with more than 200 albums, dozens of which went gold or platinum. wrapping up with uplifting news. two pilots after gas balloon have made history. troy bradley of new mexico and russian leonid tiukhtyaev broke the world record for distance for human flight in a gas balance loon. the men logged more than 5,260 miles predominantly over the pacific ocean starting in
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japan. mike, andrea, that journey apparently is still ongoing because they plan to land tomorrow in baja, california. >> wow. >> yeah. quite a bit of a trip. tis the season for that. >> thanks, nick. howard, tracking as i've tweeted a trickly storm. >> that will be the weekend one. this morning we're watching the winds which are really going to pick up with wind advisories for the afternoon and the garbage cans are out? get them inside because they'll be blowing around into the next block or two. here's a look at your day planner. sun"shine," passing flurries and snow showers. temperatures will be falling from this morning's highs -- that's right, this morning's highs into the 20s and 30s by 5:00 p.m. so dress like it's going to be in the 20s because w.s will -- because windchills will be in the teens by 5:00. we're looking at snow in pittsburgh headed for garrett county, the snow showers. we've also seen a few flurries.
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this one is dying passing sperryville toward warrenton. a few have showed up winchester, charles town. probably heading your way coming out of the 522 corridor toward the 81 corridor. winds are starting to pick up a little bit but only gusting around 25 or so now. we're talking gusts potentially to 45 later on so that wind advisory west of the blue ridge kicks in at 10, east at noon. temps this morning 30s and low 40s. the problem for sunday/monday is storm track. we could get a rain-snow mix, prodominantly rain. if everything works out, prodominantly snow starting sunday afternoon, evening into monday midday. right now too much uncertainty to tell you how much snow we'll get. could be nothing. could be shovable. 36 today. temps dropping, some wchs. -- some wind chills to 5 below. tomorrow 33. 36 sunday. a yellow alert day with the sloppy weather into monday. then cold and dry tuesday,
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temps staying in the 20s. 6:23. trenice is coming in now. she has timesaver traffic. i sure do. thanks so much for the forecast. looking forward to the groundhog with some improvement for spring coming soon hopefully on monday. still seeing the delays, however, if you're traveling on the rails this morning. metro only delays on the blue line towards largo. an earlier malfunction towards franconia springfield. all of the lines on the metro system running on time. elsewhere seeing delays on 270 mostly heavy volume coming out of urbana down towards hyattstown. here at montrose looking good making your way towards the spur. lanes are open and no reports of any accidents thus far. also looking decent the beltway through prince george's county. more volume here. we're still having the issue of the debris across the roadway. northbound lanes of kenilworth avenue towards the beltway at the overpass. traffic squeezes by just in the left shoulder. thanks so much for getting your news from us. we'll be back with more news,
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here are some things you may have missed at 6:26. congress is on a collision course with the white house over the keystone xl pipeline, one of the top priorities for republican lawmakers. the senate passed a bill to approve construction. it must be reconciled with the house version. president obama has threatened to veto and it doesn't appear there are enough votes to override a presidential veto. turning now to the latest
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on another republican priority, repealing obama care. the house has started work on an alternative to the president's health care program so far there are no details on what the measure would entail. a vote is expected next week. it will be the first time the legislation goes before a republican-controlled senate. also this morning, president obama is calling for an end to the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration. the president is proposing now a 7% hike in spending which is over what would be allowed under sequestration. republican leaders say they are on board with ending it, but they warn the president's budget, they say, leans on too many tax hikes and overspending. no more secret trade deals. that's a promise from president obama to lawmakers. the associated press says the president promised to provide more details on overseas trade deals he's working on now. democrats have criticized the president over some of the deals he's negotiated. the lawmakers say they are concerned about some of the
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deals hurting u.s. workers. paper is making a comeback in maryland. the state's board of elections says maryland voters will use paper ballots during the next presidential election. the board of 'public works approved a $28 million contract to replace the current touch screen voting system with machines that scan paper ballots. the touch screen machines turned out to be unreliable and susceptible to fraud. in virginia lawmakers are saying no to a plan aimed at reducing carbon emissions from electric power plants. the proposal calls for virginia to join the regional greenhouse gas initiative, a cooperative effort of nine northeastern states. but manufacturers and gas and electric companies oppose the measure. and the state senate committee sided with them. let's take a look outside. it is 6:28. that painted early start to the sun coming up and warmer temperatures start off our friday morning. >> so far but things are changing. whatever you have that helps to protect you from the wind
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today, that is what you need. allyson rae joins us live from the weather terrace with an explanation. good morning, allyson. >> reporter: good morning. you're exactly right. not too bad right now. temperatures are okay. the wind is starting to pick up, though. the flag behind me is waving every now and then. we are going to see winds pick up to near 30 to 40 mile per hour gusts this afternoon. temperatures are just going to follow. when you factor in the winds it's just going to be so uncomfortable by the drive home. 42 degrees right now. 36 as you head to leesburg. 38 for andrews and 39 for la plata. winds will be gusting this afternoon. wind advisory in place. it will feel below zero by first thing tomorrow morning. let's go to trenice with traffic. >> thanks, allison. no reports of any accidents on our major roadways. if you're traveling inbound on the suitland parkway, you can see the yellow. some delays making your way into the city. outside of that no other issues for you if you're making your trip on, say, pennsylvania avenue to the suitland parkway. d.c. 295 looking good. volume building. your southbound lanes, you can
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see the taillights making your way down towards the 11th street bridge. just volume. no reports of any accidents. elsewhere more volume delays on the beltway here at new hampshire avenue. stacking up but this is typical for us on most days that end in y through the week. no reports of accidents to slow you down making your way towards connecticut avenue and 270 and even the outer loop through virginia. back to you. fire investigators are working to determine the cause of an overnight blaze in the north bethesda section of montgomery county. >> niki burdine joins us live from the home on brewerhouse road which is not too far from tuckerman if you know the area. nikki, did they find the cause yet? >> reporter: they did actually. i just spoke with firefighters. they told me they have determined the cause of the fire was from an electrical outlet that was on the floor in the living room. as you can see, firefighters are starting to move out here from these town homes, but i want you to take a look at this video from earlier this morning when firefighters first got here. the town home was completely engulfed in flames. the damage is now at about
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$450,000. i'm told an elderly man lived in that home alone. he was alerted to the smoke alarm which woke him up. he went downstairs and tried to fight the fire himself. that's when he got second and third-degree burns. he went outside, went to his neighbors house and asked his neighbors for help. they called 911. that's when firefighters got here. they tried to put out the flames as quickly as possible and they did. however, there are two families that are displaced, including the elderly man who lives here alone. i'm told he has life threatening injuries and he was taken to the hospital. investigators again say the cause is from an electrical outlet that was on the floor in the living room of this town home which is a total loss. minor damage to neighbors homes and those neighboring town houses did have to be evacuated. and two families are displaced. we'll keep you updated on any information we get from firefighters in terms of the condition of that elderly manual. for now he is in -- man. for now he is in the the
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hospital with second and third- degree burns. >> thank you, nikki, live in north bethesda this morning. carol glover died earlier this month when smoke filled a yellow line train. >> later today her family is expected to file a lawsuit against metro transit. delia goncalves is live at l'enfant plaza. that is where that metro smoke situation happened. her family is one of many file, right? >> reporter: absolutely. there are a total of 80 people who are filing suit. carol glover's family the latest people who are filing suit and will be filing their federal lawsuit in court a little later today. we are expecting to hear more from the attorney and more from the family. the attorney says that this incident, the electrical malfunction that created that smoke inside the train at l'enfant plaza was a foreseeable incident. the family suing for $10 million in damages. of course the 61-year-old was the only person who lost her life during that incident earlier this month.
6:33 am
but there were many riders who were choking, fainting. one man we're told even suffered a seizure when they were all trapped on that smoke- filled train for more than a half an hour. deneen baker, she was also on that train. she suffered from high blood pressure. she said it skyrocketed. she felt like she was passing out. she tells our bruce leshan she thought she was near death. she is one the 80 people who are now suing metro. her lawyer was the same attorney who represented the families in the 2009 deadly red line metro crash. [ coughing ] >> down there over 40 minutes with smoke, smoking, coughing, people unconscious, dying. why? >> it's not all about money. it's about making the metrorail system safe. >> reporter: the attorney says it's not all about money but
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she does want metro to at least reimburse her clients, 67 of her clients she says for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering. metro of course will not comment citing the ongoing ntsb investigation. back to you in the studio. >> delia goncalves live at l'enfant plaza this morning at the metro station there. police are searching for three people they believe are responsible for a series of robberies at local pharmacies. in this security video, you can see them jumping over the counter, threatening a pharmacist earlier this month in district heights. they grab a bunch of medicine, clean out the cash register and take off. police suspect this is the same group responsible for other armed robberies in the d.c. area and they are now offering reward money for information that helps close the case. uva sororities are pushing back against an order from their national leaders. they're up in arms over a mandate to avoid all fraternity events this weekend. the order again comes from the
6:35 am
sororities' national chapters. just a few weeks ago the university lift add suspension on greek -- lifted a suspension on greek life after they agreed to new rules aimed at making parties safer. the rules follow a now discorrected rolling stone magazine -- discredited rolling stone magazine article. >> i don't think it's a matter of them being together that's the problem. i think the manner in how it's approached, the entire culture is the issue. >> the student council is asking for sororities national presidents to come to campus today for a conversation about the issue. 6:35. happy friday morning. congratulations to our facebook fan of the day kelly todd from upper marlboro. kelly says i should become the facebook fan of the day because waking up with wusa9's morning crew is the only way i know how to get my day started. thank you so much, kelly. you get a gift card for a massage. that's exactly what she needs, she says. she wins a $90 gift card for hand & stone massage and facial
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spa. >> next week's winners get an ultimate pizza party from papa john's. it includes
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sterns in the 30s. a wind advisory. some of the gusts will be topping 40, possibly pushing 50 miles an hour narch and this evening. back with your weekend forecast at about 6:47. right now checking in with trenice with another update of timesaver traffic. good news for folks on metro, blue line delays, no more for you this morning. back to normal service on metro's blue line. elsewhere seeing delays on 201 still northbound to the beltway. at least two lanes are going to be closed and traffic does squeeze gi to the right. -- by to the right -- i'm sorry, to the left. trying to make your way -- [indiscernible] going to be slow stop and go. decent delays but no reports of accidents there. arlington we we're hearing about a water main break at
6:40 am
18th street in south arlington. elsewhere looking decent trying to make your way through and to arlington on 395. lanes are open on king street. it is 6:40. the monthly struggle of the middle class and the success of bourbon sales in kentucky begin our look at your money. >> nick giovanni joins us live in the newsroom with those stories and more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: mike, andrea, good morning. a new report finds almost half of american households are either all of their income going into debt or tap into their savings to meet their yearly expenses. 47% is the exact number. according to that report, a typical middle class family had to go through a period without work or income, their savings would last all of 21 days. that confirms that living paycheck to paycheck certainly a common way of life right now. once the snow thaws, home selling season will soon be upon us. if you're thinking about putting yours on the market, some small upgrades could save you thousands on the deal.
6:41 am
tiny improvements like cleaning bathroom grout for one or adding new kitchen curtains can raise a home's value. clearing out clutter, touching up paint in high traffic areas, also topping the list of quick fixes. consumer reports released a list of costly blunders. for buyers that includes not shopping around for a mortgage and skipping the home inspection process. for sellers, the list subjects they avoid pricing homes too high and overpaying on commissions. >> six in ten real estate professionals said they do negotiate their commission. believe it or not, 4% worked out to be the average. >> experiments say april is the best month to put a home up for sale. more than five million are expected to hit the market by year's end. even though sales are up online, retailers amazon and zappos may be in the market for brick and mortar stores. zappos set up a store in las vegas hoping to entice customers with an up close look
6:42 am
before ordering them which they're able to do at self- serve kiosks. >> you can see the item. even if it's not physically in stock, you can choose it, check out and it's free next day shipping to you. >> what's driving the move is even with online sales growing, 90% of all shopping still happens in brick and mortar stores. finally it's friday so we can say the bourbon is a flowing in kentucky. tourists are responding. the kentucky distillers association says 18 distilleries reported almost 725,000 visit as year. 14% jump from the year before. tillrys have spent ten -- distilleries have spent tens of millions of dollars to expand and cater to tourists. to that we say cheers. >> well said. >> especially on a friday. thank you, nick. coming up 06:43, its -- on 6:43, it's time to answer the question of the morning. in 1974 over half of all american adults knew how to do this. now only 20% know how to. is it a, drive a stick shift
6:43 am
car, b, use a phone book, or c, address a letter? >> our facebook friend carol thinks a, a stick shift. she says i've had cars broken into and police say the reason why they weren't stolen is they realized they couldn't make a good getaway. well down, carol. she's right. the answer is i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup
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'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. this is a look at the sun. how beautiful that is. it is 6:46. you're looking live at the airport. even though it's cold out there, you need to enjoy the dry weekend because maybe snow? wintry mix? who knows. >> watch out for the wind later today. that's a big deal. howard will have more on the weather in a moment. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering in new york. norah o'donnell joins us live. good morning, norah. >> good morning you to, mike and andrea. we'll talk about the hostage negotiations under way with
6:47 am
isis and the effect it's having on the fight against terror. and only on cbs this morning from armored cars to special cops, carter evans finds out what stub hub is doing to protect ticket buyers for the the super bowl. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. i'm coming to d.c. this weekend. >> so we'll see you at chef jeff's for a little meal. >> bacon. >> i'll be at chef jeff's and hosting "face the nation" so we'll see you. >> we'll be watching. >> coming to d.c. any problems getting here? >> getting here, no. maybe leaving because we have a wintry mix expected. too many things are uncertain whether it's going to be more snow or rain or a mix are both which would keep accumulations very low. if it's all snow, we'll be shoveling. if it's a mix like we're leaning to, make just messy. let's talk today. look at this shot. beautiful skies. yesterday morning we showed you
6:48 am
the women's lacrosse team practicing in 20-degree weather, tough women out there got to get their sport in. we're looking at a day with sunshine, a few clouds and passing flurries and snow showers as the winds pick up bringing in cold air. temperatures will start mild, finish rather chilly. 32 by 5:00. that means many areas in the 20s with windchills in the teens later this afternoon. dress warmly for it. rain showers leaving southeast. but now we have snow showers and flurries coming out of pennsylvania in toward western maryland and garrett county. notice light flurries charles town, berryville, back toward extrasburg and woodstock. -- straussburg and woodstock. the winds are not quite there yet. they're gusting in the 20, 25 range. i'm talking gusts 45 or more possibly later this afternoon and this evening. your morning temps, 30s and 40s, although there's the cold stuff, 18 davis, oakland 23. it's just a matter of time before it gets snow shower
6:49 am
possible later off temperatures dropping through the 30s. the winds really picking up. tonight we'll be in the teens. w.s tomorrow 5 below to 5 above. windchills in the 20s on saturday. sunday the snow or rain or mix develops in the afternoon. still too much incertainty to let you know what it's going to be. i don't know what it's going to be but it's going to be sloppy. it will land as a little bit of snow if not all snow and then tuesday just cold. highs holding in the 20s. it's 6:49. turning it over to trenice now with the latest timesaver traffic. thanks, howard. still looking good for your friday morning commute in. no reports of any troubles on most of our major roadways. traffic squeezing by to the left on the the shoulder there on kenilworth avenue for the debris across the roadway. sounds like a truck lost big packages of salt. 95 through dumfries and toward dale city, leans are open with just aity before volume trying -- just a bit of volume trying to make your way to the mixing bowl. sky 9 is back.
6:50 am
66 near the beltway, close to 50 fair oaks. there he goes again. no worries. again just volume building on 66 trying to make your way towards the beltway this morning. no issues. 270 southbound a decent trip from frederick but you're going to see that volume from urbana down towards hyattstown. more volume at shady grove road but no reports of any accidents along the way. a decent ride on a friday. thanks so much for joining us. we'll be right back
6:51 am
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in the news now it's 6:53. an estimated 100,000 fans will attend this year's super bowl festivities in the phoenix area. >> to keep the crowd safe, they're monitoring what happens far beyond the stands. >> reporter: metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs have become commonplace at super bowls. the recent terror attacks overseas have prompted changes to the n.f.l. 's security playbook. >> reporter: do those types of things affect your planning? >> absolutely. >> reporter: jeff miller who has been at the helm of security for seven super bowls. we're always looking at trends and things that are occurring around the world and how those things could affect us. >> reporter: eyes are everywhere here, including the skies. black hawk helicopters will enforce a no-fly zone. that applies to drones, too. >> leave the drone at home. >> the proximity of the stadium to glendale airport, drones aren't allowed any time let alone on super bowl sunday. >> reporter: authorities have
6:54 am
been planning their strategy for more than a year and so far they say there have been no specific credible threat associated with the game. homeland security is also on alert for lone wolf attacks. >> it's why i keep stressing the importance of working with local police departments, with state public safety organizations. >> reporter: the super bowl is considered a national security event with federal funds supporting tens of thousands of visible and covert law enforcement officers and a multiagency command center. terry okita for cbs news, glendale, arizona. there's still no word on the fate after japanese pilot being held hostage by isis. the terror group has demanded the release of an iraqi woman with ties to al qaeda by sun set yesterday. in exchange they said they would spare the life of the pilot and release the journalist. a man who once drove cabs in northern virginia is one of
6:55 am
the f.b.i.'s most want -- is on the f.b.i. he's most wanted terrorist list. federal acts say libyan haji mohamed fought with the terror group in somalia and is also believed to have provided support to al qaeda. the f.b.i. is offering a reward of $50,000 for information which leads to his arrest and conviction. relatives of a woman who died when a smoke filled a washington subway train earlier this month are now filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against metro and they're doing it today. attorneys for the family of carol glover say metro failed in its responsibility to have an evacuation plan for passengers. the number of measles cases in the united states has now -- is now approaching 100. most of them are in california and many are linked to the disney theme parks. south dakota's health department wrote a letter to parents saying unvaccinated students will be excluded from school until three weeks after the last case is diagnosed. measles can kill as many as three children out of every
6:56 am
1,000 who get infected with the disease. still looking at the lacrosse players. they're getting their work in from marymount university. not so cold this morning. the seven-day forecast, we have wind coming. we have temperatures dropping. it will be in the 20s and low 30s by 5:00 with windchills in the teens. a couple of signatureries and snow showers. -- flurries and snow showers. as we head into sunday and monday, rain, snow, combination thereof. can't determine exactly what is going to happen other than it's going to be sloppy as we head into super bowl sunday. good luck to the groundhog on monday. that's all i have to say. we're looking decent. volume mostly around the area except around kenilworth avenue. volume there because two lanes are closed. traffic squeezes by on the left shoulder. debris still across the roadway. going to be slow making your way across kenilworth avenue. cbs is next. decided iron to here -- gridiron to hero as the seahawks and patriots get ready
6:57 am
for the game. they take a look at some of the game's unexpected stars. high-tech innovation can make shopping easier and more social. ben tracy shows us the memory mirror. >> trenice and i will be back in 25. we'll update you on traffic and weather. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, use our mobile app. >> i'll see you at noon. >> i'll see you at noon, too. who do we root
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good morning. 's it friday january 30th 20156789 welcome to "cbs this morning." the fate of two hostages held by isis hangs in the balance this morning. how the negotiations could impact the fight against terror. a notorious music mogul surrenders overnight after a deadly hit-and-run on a california film set. inside stubhub's biggest weekend. how armored cars and former secret service agents help protect super bowl tickets. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we have not yet


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