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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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her do. here's what she said when i asked her this on camera. >> i don't want to talk right now. >> reporter: after a second question the door then closes, another neighbor at an apartment complex where one of the suspects once lived receiving us in shock. >> we know the younger people who live upstairs but never anything tragic. >> reporter: in court documents 27-year-old betty threet told investigators she was ashamed of him, hated him and accused her 9-year-old son of causing her to miscarriage, but what reports say she and her boyfriend 52-year-old lester jackson did to the boy was even worse. from september, 2013 to last june investigators say threet admitted to beating her 9-year- old son with cerebral palsy. documents say the two locked him inside for periods of time and bound his wrists and ankles with duct tape. his father said he was dropped off to him malnourished and
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scratches and marks throughout his body. >> it's really hard to hear stuff like that. >> reporter: stephanie gopher was disgusted when we asked her about it. a grand jury came back with 26 counts against the two who are both no longer in jail. that's because lester jackson is under a high intensity supervision. his plea deal includes a child cruelty while armed charge and there's an eight year sentence with that. twhreet was released to a halfway house looking at a six year sentence. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> we have a wind advisory for the entire metro area until midnight that covers really the entire metro area. winds could gust 40 to 50 miles per hour. we are looking at actual wind
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gusts, 39 mile-per-hour gust over toward manassas, 44 mile- per-hour gust downtown and a 40 mile-per-hour gust up in gaithersburg. these are actual temperatures, 25 in gaithersburg, 28 up toward frederick and looking at about 28 in leesburg already, but what does it feel like outside? feels like it's 10 in gaithersburg, 20 downtown, 14 out toward leesburg and their teen in manassas. bundle -- 13 in manassas. bundle up tonight if you're going to the wizards game, low temperatures tonight in the teens across the board, low 20s downtown. we'll come back, talk about snowflakes on the seven-day and if it could mean anything. who will replace the legendary ward 8 d.c. council member marion barry. he represented some of the city's poorest residents for almost three terms. bruce johnson reports ward 8 residents are looking for the candidate who can bring them the same prosperity the rest of the district is experiencing.
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>> reporter: the voters out here in ward 8 now in this special election in april they got to pick somebody to replace marion barry on the d.c. council. they know what the needs are, but they aren't sure who they want. after the talk about yesterday's super bowl and the seahawks play call that gave the patriots the win -- >> it's intercepted at the goal line. >> reporter: -- the special ward 8 d.c. council race is the talk. for the first time in nearly 12 years someone other than the late marion barry will represent ward 8 citizens on the d.c. council. >> ward 8 needs more affordable housing, need more jobs. >> reporter: the issues are well known in this barbershop. >> the stores and the restaurants and be able to walk around the green space that we'll have, the whole foods and the busboys and poets that all the other wards have. >> reporter: if you listen more than a minute, you'll learn what's needed in ward 8, too. >> i'm more or less interested
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in someone that's interested in the youth, our future. >> maybe if we have more support for our youth going into the schools and thing of that nature, maybe it might cut down on a lot of the crime. >> reporter: 23 people had filed to run for the seat respecting roughly 71,000 southeast residents. how many people in here can name all 16 candidates left in the race, just show of hands? anybody know all 16? no. 16 candidates remain after seven others dropped out because they couldn't get the 500 signatures needed to remain on the ballot. what about this field of candidates? you excited about this field? >> no. no, i'm not. >> reporter: marion barry's son christopher is still in the race. >> his son, blood line, can't go wrong with that. >> reporter: others want a change in the direction for ward 8 looking to other candidates. >> ward 8 has been left in the background so long and mainly it's been because of the leadership. that's what i think. >> reporter: the field is down to 16. it will probably get smaller as some of the candidates won't be able to raise enough money to
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stay in this ward 8 race. people say the debates will be very important out here. this is bruce johnson in southeast washington, wusa9. >> again that special election for the ward 8 seat on the d.c. council is april 28th. ward 4 voters will go to the polls on that same day to fill the seat vacated by now mayor muriel bowser. family and friends of john geer, the man killed by a fairfax county cop, they say that officer who pulled the trigger out to be fired and charged. they're reacting to the 12,000 pages of documents regarding that shooting a judge ordered the county release. the documents reveal officer adam torres had just had a fight with his wife over the phone as he drove to the domestic call. of the other officers in the scene felt -- none of the other officers in the scene felt threatened by geer. torres also lost control in a courtroom and screamed at a
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prosecutor. >> should an officer who has that kind of a temper at least on that day with the commonwealth attorney in the most inappropriate places of all be carrying a weapon? i don't know yet, but we hope to find out. >> the police department, commonwealth attorney and the county board, i think all of them have made their share of mistakes. >> right after officer torres shot john geer police waited for a hostage rescue vehicle to arrive and knock down the door. by the time the cops finally went in 70 minutes later geer was dead. it's been almost a year and a half since the killer stalked the homes of the navy yard's 197. -- stalked the halls of the navy yard's 197. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at the navy yard. not everyone was up to returning to work here at the scene of a horrible massacre. for some the memories were still too raw.
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>> it's very horrible. >> reporter: a complicated day for the first of thousands of workers returning to the headquarters building of the naval sea systems command. >> it's wonderful to be back home and to see the family. >> reporter: but even among the remodeled offices, the updated cafeteria and glassed in atrium there are reminders this was where deranged contractor aaron alexis hunted people down hallways and staircases. >> some of my friends who actually went down those stairs could hear the gunshots. >> reporter: a memorial of water and light honors the 12 murdered victims. the vice admiral in charge of nav-sea says the command was able to get back to work the day after the shooting but were scattered in buildings across d.c. and the vice admiral says it's good to get home. at the navy yard bruce leshan, wusa9. oh, it's just one of those
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games of inches and feet and miles. if the heart of the storm had venture just a little further south, d.c. would have been looking about like this. coming up see how millions from illinois to maine are having to cope with this most recent blast of wintery weather. >> but first sisters in arms, teachers at the school in pakistan where the taliban killed dozens of teachers and students are taking a stand. >> if you're a flyer, you've probably seen some air rage somewhere out there, those people who just seem to lose it. tonight we look at some of the most serious cases, what causes them, what happens to the people who do it and how the safety of your next flight could be in
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president obama says he is doing all he can to free an american woman held hostage by isis. authorities say she was captured last year in syria while working for an aid group. meanwhile japan's government is vowing to fight back against isis after islamic extremists released a video claiming to show the beheading of a japanese hostage kenji goto. president obama called the killing barbaric. jordan is trying to get back one of its pilots who crashed in isis territory in december. teachers in pakistan are now allowed to carry weapons in their classroom. >> the move is in response to last december's attack on a school that killed 150 children
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and teachers. some argue arming the teachers is reckless and counterproductive, but a group of 11 teachers at the frontier college for women in keshuwar are taking pride in protecting their students. iran launched a new satellite into space according to the state television in that country. the launch comes during talks with world powers over iran's contested nuclear program. negotiators reached an interim deal in 2013 but not a long term solution. international observers worry iran's space program could help it design rockets that could carry nuclear weapons. $40 million in damages but not one life lost in a huge fire that ripped through a tire factory in thailand. look at this video. you know this is why we're showing you this. this blaze tore through half a dozen warehouses. authorities had to wait for the smoke to die down before they could begin to investigate.
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it might be hard to believe, especially when you see this, but the owners say they plan to get the plant back up and running in a few days. hope you like roller coasters. buckle up. topper says we are in for a wild ride
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millions of americans from illinois to maine are dealing with a massive winter storm as they begin their workweek. >> we dodged the bullet around here. look at chicago. folks are already trying at least to dig out a foot and a half at o'hare, another foot of snow could fall in boston on top of the 2 or 3 feet they got last week. new york city was a slushy mess for commuters just trying to get back to work this morning. >> i'm avoiding going up hills. i started sliding back and said this is not going to work, so i kind of made a u-turn. jury selection in the trial of the boston marathon player bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has been postponed because of the weather and the murder trial of former patriots star aaron hernandez has been put off, too much snow. speaking of weather forecasting, punxsutawney phil
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predicts six more weeks of winter as thousands packed gobblers knob to hear the news. if a shadow is cast february 2nd, winter will last another six weeks. phil must be right because potomac phil, apparently there's like stuffed- type groundhog, predicted another six weeks of winter. i was really hoping we'd have a warm potomac phil. >> my mother told me she had a foot of snow outside her door in detroit and i was thinking you would love to trade places. >> nice! derek is happy because now we're in february, the shortest winter month. >> yeah, man. >> climatologically if you're a snow lover and want substantial snow, you've got till about march 15th. >> weren't you telling me a couple of weeks we get through. >> there's a couple chances, but right now i don't see anything i can really sink my teeth into. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 50 today,
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that's nice. temps are falling, 32 now the low so far today. it will go lower before midnight and dew points are falling which means drier air is moving in, wind northwest at 21. gusts are still over 40 miles an hour. it feels like 10 in gaithersburg, 20 downtown, 16 in leesburg. if you're going to the wizards game tonight, dress for single digits, wind chill 0 to 10. bus stop temperatures cold 18 to 28. good news, no winds, so no wind chills to speak of. in fact, cold tomorrow, milder on wednesday. the arctic air doesn't hang around long this week and more arctic air returns thursday, could see fleuries on thursday. right now it does not look like a big deal. if we see snow showers develop, it could impact the morning commute on thursday. in the meantime we're tracking winds. on the wind gust tracker 8:00 tonight winds gusting in excess of 30 miles an hour.
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each number is a wind gust in miles per hour at that time. 10:00 tonight 34 mile-per-hour wind gusts downtown, maybe 32 gust into la plata. by midnight still gusting around 30, but overnight they go away. the contours pull out, which means all the strong winds pull out. you could still see a wind gust 10 to 15 in the early morning hours tuesday and there is a small craft advisory on the bay until 10 a.m. for the most part we're in pretty good shame once the sun comes up -- shape once the sun comes up. talk about futurecast, 10:00 tonight you can walk the dog but 21 in leesburg and manassas. by morning 18 in gaithersburg, 17 in hagerstown, low 20s even downtown. by 9 a.m. back in the 20s. so temps aren't exactly going to skyrocket tomorrow, but the good news, no wind. 33 at 6:00, back in the upper 20s north and west of town.
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good news about tomorrow night, temps tank quickly after the sun sets and level off, not as cold tomorrow night as clouds roll back in. partly cloudy, windy, colder, wind chills 0 to 10 above. temperatures themselves 18 to 26 tonight, winds gusting over 25 miles per hour through midnight. by morning partly cloudy, very cold, 18 to 33 but no wind. by afternoon cold, 34 to 38, winds southerly at 10. that will bring us milder air wednesday. it's a good thing. day planner, 20s across the board to start, 26 at 9:00, 30 at 11:00, 33 barely above freezing after 1:00. next three days we're okay wednesday, milder, a lot of clouds. i think showers hold off until wednesday night, but near 50 again and more arctic air thursday. we could see some snow showers or snow pressure rims in the morning as temperatures -- snow
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flurries in morning. friday still cold, saturday possible showers late, near 50, showers on sunday, could turn to snow showers sunday night into monday as yet another batch of arctic air rolls in, kind of a temperature roller coaster the next seven days. i heard there were more than a few people watching that little game. >> just a few, most watched program ever in tv history of all time. they got a really good game. it was worth staying up for. >> it wasn't one of those super bowls everybody turns off after the 3rd quarter. >> the commercials may have been a little underwhelming, but the game itself didn't disappoint. >> plus the wizards back in action tonight hoping to bounce
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> tom brady may have been mvp of super bowl xlix, but there were plenty of stars that shined last night. some went from practically unknown to instant legends on the big stage last night. patriots quarterback malcomb butler -- corner back malcomb butler undrafted out of division 2 west alabama, butler heads up interception secured his team their fourth title and made him a household name. today on cbs this morning he talked about his new title, super bowl champion. >> i just had to wake up this morning and really just be like was this real and it's real. i'm sitting here right now talking to you. so it's real.
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>> i'm sure he's got plenty more interviews. cleveland quarterback johnny manziel fed critics all year long mostly with his lifestyle off the field leaving many to question his rk ethic. today johnny football voluntarily entered a treatment facility to improve himself. he is expected to be there at least a couple weeks. today may be ground hog's day, but the washington wizards don't want to relive their most recent performance. they rallied back from 21 points down only to lose in overtime saturday to the raptors. tonight they host another good opponent and look to avoid a three-game losing streak. john wall is usersufferring from -- is suffering from migraines and a sprained e.ankl he is a game time decision. the wizards could use as much offensive power as they can get tonight. >> as a team it's defensive minded first and it's a plus when their offense is going. they're blowing teams out.
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they do a great job. they have given us problems the last few years. >> it's a matter of us just staying with it and we got to defend off the dribble and run guys off the three-point line as much as possible. the new ncaa polls are out today. not surprisingly virginia dropped down just one spot after suffering their first loss of the season saturday to duke. tonight a great opportunity to bounce back. they take on north carolina in chapel hill. maryland is now 18-4. next up on the schedule the terps host penn state wednesday night at the xfinity center. more accolades for the great 8 today. alex ovechkin was named the nhl's first star for the month of january. ovie scored 12 goals last month to lead all players as the caps posted a 7-3-2 record. the team opens its february portion of scheduling facing the defending champion los
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angeles kings tomorrow at the verizon center. last night's galen got his 30th -- game he got his 30th and 30th goal becoming the fifth player to ever get 30 goals in his first 10 seasons. in all the talk at the super bowl has anybody mentioned the possibility of tom brady retiring saying you know what? i'm done. >> really don't hear it with tom brady, but he's said before i'm going to play well into my 40s. maybe that's why people leave it off. he's not suffering from any major injuries. >> right. he wants to pass terry bradshaw. >> is that the deal? >> i would imagine. >> he's passed joe montana with touchdown passes. he's tied with terry bradshaw
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>> pelley: tonight, groundhog day feels like groundhog day. the northeast gets hit with another big winter storm. snow, sleet and freezing rain. michelle miller is in new england. jeff glor reports more than 4,000 planes -- claims have been filed to deaths and injuries linked to the defective gm ignition switches. >> they could have prevented this ten years ago. >> pelley: manuel bojorquez in buenos aires on the mysterious death of a prosecutor just hours before he was set to point thing centers a deadly car bombing. and they'll be talking about this for decades. jim axelrod on the rookie who snatched the super bowl. >> it's got to be one of the dumbest calls offensively in super bowl


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