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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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his bottom and his penis two separate times. investigators say when they interviewed the 33-year-old teacher, he claimed he was trying to pull the 9-year-old's own hands out of his pants while he was in a computer lab and that he touched the boy's genitals in an effort to correct the behavior but also in a partially playful manner. the principal at minor sent home a letter to parents saying she was deeply upset and shocked and concerned about the allegations. she says the safety of students is always paramount. entered not guilty pleas to both counts of misdemeanor child sex abuse. he is due back here in court next month and in the meantime the judge ordered him to stay away from this 9-year-old boy. in fact, the judge ordered him to stay away from any children under 16. so clearly he is not going back to work.
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montgomery county police need your help to find more than two dozen additional male viles of the so-called beer -- victims of the so-called beer pong rapist. 40-year-old joey poindexter was charged with sexually assaulting five men. he met some of the victims at looney's pub in college park. police say the real estate investor took videos of more than two dozen of his assaults spanning the past 10 years and it is very possible that those male victims may not even know what happened to them. >> we have other victims out there and we need those people to see that other people have had the courage and to come forward. we will respect the victims' privacy the best we can. we still know there's over two dozen other victims. >> poindexter traveled around the country on the beer pong circuit. if you ever spent time with
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joey poindexter and passed out inly company, detective marshall -- in his company, detective marshall is giving you his direct number, 240-773- 6122 at the montgomery county police department. the family of john geer has won another round against fairfax county in getting information about a fatal police shooting. >> peggy fox joins us live from fairfax county courthouse where a judge just ruled in the family's favor again. >> reporter: that's right. the judge ordered fairfax county to turn over two internal affairs reports. one of the fatal shooting of john geer and the other about a courthouse meltdown that officer adam torres had before he fatally shot john geer. now already in that released police report about the shooting it found geer to be standing in the doorway of his own home with his hands up. several officers were angry about the shooting and felt it was not justified.
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the soon to be released reports may shed light on whether officer adam torres is prone to anger and whether he was disciplined for cursing out a commonwealth attorney in the courthouse. the geer family wants to know what police supervisors knew about torres and why they allowed him to be there that day with his gun drawn and pointed. >> there's an officer who admittedly had some anger issues within five months of the shooting in this case. at least it raises a reasonable suspicion that perhaps these issues carried forward. >> some parts of it are disappointing. i find it a little troubling despite many officials saying the county supports transparency, it takes yet another court order to get information released 17 months after a man is killed. >> reporter: the internal affairs investigation of the shooting did not start until the civil suit was filed this
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past december. geer's attorney says that the delays smell of a coverup and seem to be calculated to the detriment of truth. the judge also ordered the county explain whether police policies have changed since another police shooting that happened several years ago. live in fairfax, peggy fox, wusa9. always watching al tracking, wusa9 -- always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> not quite as cold as this time yesterday, but if you're going out, you still need a coat, no wind chills to worry about tonight. 37 in frederick, 32 in hagerstown, 37 in fredericksburg. low temperatures tonight in the 20s, about 10 degrees above what they were last night. 23, 22 out toward laytonsville and olney. 28 in springfield for a low, 26
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in woodbridge and also fort belvoir and waldorf and generally clear to partly cloudy skies. we'll look ahead a bit, fantastic weekend for february, even a great weekend for march with temps in the 50s. makeout tore plans. you can jog, walk -- outdoor plans. you can jog, walk. light showers return monday. you will need your umbrella. originally we thought arctic air might be close enough to produce rain and snow. it looks like light rain and showers. i don't see any snowstorms in sight the next seven days. women are going to track arctic air -- we are going to track arctic air. we'll talk about when that roll is -- rolls in next week. turbo tax has noticed an increase in criminals using stolen personal information to file fake state returns. it says the breaches were not caused by turbo tax but by
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criminals digging up personal information other places. the district of columbia and minnesota stopped taking state turbo tax filings, but the software is still permitted for your federal taxes. a police officer in morningside, maryland, says she's the victim of discrimination. >> she hired a lawyer, plans to file a lawsuit and now is telling her side of the story about what she calls a hostile work environment created by the chief of police. >> reporter: carissa lewis loves being a police officer. it's what she's always wanted to do and she's good, first in her class at the police academy. she landed a job at morningside police department but says her experience has been anything but a dream. >> he called women out of their names female dogs often. >> reporter: the end of 2013 she took on an additional job as a mother. that's when officer lewis says things with the chief got worse. >> i had more difficulty being in the office where it should
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have been easier for me during my pregnancy thanly on the streets dealing with criminals daily -- than i had on the streets dealing with criminals daily. >> reporter: we reached out to the chief, even waited for him to return but nothing. we got an e-mail from his attorney. a response will be filed in the near future and the town and chief deny all the allegations. officer lewis said throughout her pregnancy she had a doctor's note showing she should be on light duty. she gave that to the chief but says she was still asked to go out in the field and after maternity leave she needed a place to pump breast milk. >> the e-mail asked him to be accommodating because i'm still nursing and he hasn't sent anything back to me. >> reporter: lewis alleges the chief behaved inappropriately at the office. her attorney. >> you have the chief of police who was showing my client on a weekly basis pictures of sanity ill clad women he met on the internet. >> reporter: -- scantily clad women he met on the internet.
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>> reporter: pictures of women he met online on his profile. >> i told him i didn't want to see it. >> reporter: now she wants change and is filing a $1 million suit for discrimination based on pregnancy and hostile work environment. officer lewis says she just wants to get back to work. nikki burdine, wusa9. coming up find out now a retired cia agent in northern virginia is using his skills as a master of disguise to help patients rebuild their eyes, ears and their lives. >> but first details of an american casualty in syria as jordan continues its barrage of airstrikes against isis targets. >> with sunday's grammy awards just around the corner, we'll sit in with a local band keeping their fingers crossed to win best album gold. meet the members of dirty
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an amazing $79.99 a month guaranteed for two years. plus, a $400 bonus with a two-year agreement hurry, deal ends february 21st. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v tonight isis is claiming that an american hostage it was holding in syria, kayla mueller, has been killed but by a jordanian airstrike. national security adviser susan rice says the u.s. does not have evidence to verify that and jordan says it's skeptical of isis' claim. kayla mueller is a native of arizona. her family said she'd been doing humanitarian work overseas and had been taken captive last august while working as an aid worker in
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aleppo, syria while working with doctors without borders at a hospital. investigators have new information about the transasia flight. >> they say the flight data recorders show both engines failed to provide enough power after takeoff. authorities believe one of the pilots may have tried restarting the engine before the crash. moments later a driver caught the plane barreling out of the sky on camera. there it is. 15 of the 58 passengers on board survived the accident. get ready to take a walk on the mild side. topper says we're in for a take alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya?
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they call reggie love the body man. president obama's chief of stuff, and this weekend on capital download he's telling all to my co-host susan page. >> you handle whatever task is there because you're traveling. there not a lot of infrastructure and sometime problems arise and they need someone to try to figure it out. the most important thing that a bodyguard does is make sure the candidate and their body is able to continue to campaign. >> there you go, the body man. also on capital download the immigration confrontation and how the department of homeland
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security might get squashed in the middle. >> plus voluntary vaccinations? now presidential candidates are weighing in. join us for capital download sunday morning 8:30 here on wusa9. >> good show. >> hopefully. the man who designed the disguises for the cia is using his talent to build prosthetics for patients young and old. >> he's robert barron and for 15 years he crafted silicone masks for operatives working incognito around the world, but in 1983 he went undercover in a biomedical sculptors conference to learn new tricks of the trade. it was a mission that changed his life. >> i saw the disfigurements of people without a nose, without eyes, without ears. i said had bob, if you could put people in hiding, you can bring these people out of hiding. >> nine years later barron retired. today he works out of his ashburn studio where he sees
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patients from around the world rebuilding eyes, ears and lives. an incredible skill. >> it is. he's using his powers for good. >> in an amazing way president of. we're looking at a -- in an amazing way. we're looking at a pretty nice day. the weekend will be spectacular. by february standards it's spectacular. we're looking at temperatures tonight about 10 degrees above last night. we'll gain another 10 degrees tomorrow night. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 37 was the high, 17 this morning at national, 9 at dulles. that's as cold as we've been since january 7th when they were like 7. dew points are very low. we'll monitor the lows tonight. i don't think it will be nearly as cold as last night because of a few clouds coming in and south, southwest winds at 9. 33 in fairfax, 32 in reston.
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you still need a winter coat tonight, 33 in oldtown, 33 in college park and annapolis. we're going in the right direct. we're 8 degrees warmer now than 24 hours ago and we're 14 degrees warmer in pittsburgh, 17 degrees warmer in cleveland. that rolls in tomorrow across the entire metro area. not as cold tonight, milder over the weekend, make some outdoor platforms. we've not said that for about a month, around 50 tomorrow. we near 60 in some spots on sunday especially down toward fredericksburg and maybe into southern maryland away from the water. light rain but mild monday, does not look like a huge system. take your umbrella on monday morning. futurecast upper 20s tonight, 32 downtown. by morning a few clouds roll through. i think the futurecast may be a
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wee bit overdone. 27 up in baltimore, 26 in leesburg, manassas. again this is 7:00 on saturday. they will thin out. partly cloudy skies by 10:00. temperatures now going up nicely, mid- to upper 30s, almost 40 in some spots. by 2:30 we're 51 in culpeper. you folks to the north won't make 50 tomorrow. you'll have to wait till sunday, upper 40s in frederick and leesburg not bad, near 50 downtown. is bad. 7:00 tomorrow temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than tonight. inside the beltway tomorrow night i don't see anybody below freezing. that's a treat for february of the for tonight partly cloudy, not as cold, low temperature in the 20s and winds southwest at 10. tomorrow morning a cold start, partly cloudy, and 30s, winds in check south, southwest at
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10. by afternoon partly cloudy, milder, quite pleasant, high temperatures around 50, wind southwest at 10. highs tomorrow rockville won't make 50, 49, 48 laytonsville, 50 downtown, 51 in springfield, leesburg 48, toward bowie 49. break it down day planner. to start downtown, 30 ). mid-30s by 9:00 and not too bad, low 40s by 11:00. look at sunday, even milder, 57. clouds will come in late sunday and sunday night, just light rain or showers on monday, not a washout, low 50s. pretty nice on tuesday, upper 40s, low wednesday and well are tracking arctic air, steady temperatures on thursday, 28, only low 20s in the deep freeze
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by this time next week. >> big drop. it's only a toe, man. >> it's very important. >> those guys are 6' 8. so it's a big toe. >> it's like this big. >> with a big hurt, too. what is wrong with the wizards? the explanation coming up. >> also the latest on bbbt, bradley i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on!
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> certainly not time to panic, but the antennas are up at
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wizards world. the wittman ship has taken on more water than it has all season long, five game losing streak has the faithful feeling a little vulnerable these days around the verizon center. this won't make them feel any better. onyoung superstars with a bad toe. bradley beal hurt it in the atlanta game, tried to go last night and reinjured it, beal questionable for saturday night. there's no question what the team's problem is. listen to bradley. >> especially right now, man, we're all just so pressed to win. i mean we're willing to do whatever it takes, but we got to get back to having fun. i think we lost sight of what it's like to win again and we just are all so tight and pressed that we're trying to do too much. >> maybe they need aaron rodgers. relax. maryland headed to another big 10 hornets nests this weekend, iowa. the hawkeyes' record is so-so, but in that arena when that
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crowd starts hawk calling, it's a tough place to play. terps got to be tougher away from college park and they know that. >> that's one thing we're trying to get back to, being a tough road team again. we have another chance sunday. >> we've been great getting to the foul lane, hard to get to the foul line on the road. we problem do it better than most teaches. he hopefully we'll be more -- teams. hopefully we'll be more patient and figure it out how to get there. >> they've lost their last two on the roads by 21 points. big game for georgetown tomorrow, seventh ranked villanova, a team hoya destroyed two weeks ago by 20. georgetown thought by a lot of experts to be seeded in the 6 to 10 rage, but a late season swoon could be damaging. going to be hearing a lot about the rpi numbers. the smaller the number, the better. so virginia at three bucking for a no.
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1 seed. maryland 15, georgetown 23. west virginia 15 playing well. if you're above 50, you're a bubble team. so george washington on pins and needles right now. if all the caps were -- if all caps were playing like goalie braydon holtby, the red rockers would be in good shape. holtby has yelled just one goal in four games. some are starting to whisper mvp. anaheim coming to the phone booth. bruce boudreau, that will be interesting. he'd love to knock off his former team. ducks have the best record in h guest tonight for the caps. >> we got a good team coming into our barn. we got to make sure we come out and kind of empty the tanks and go after them. >> they're a good hockey team. we have a big challenge. this is where the 7-11 going
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back. it's mentally tough and will take a couple days. >> got to love hockey players, into their barn tonight. maryland quarterback caleb roe applying for a medical redshirt. randy edsall thinks he will get that medical waiver. it would give him a sixth season. he'll be starter next year. a lot of good stuff, of course, fun friday tonight, high school basketball. >> you never know what's going to happen. >> i don't even know what's going to happen. >> the weekend is here and the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan and your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you then. bye bye.
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>> pelley: tonight, isis claims another american hostage is dead. but the terroristsay they're not responsible for the killing of kayla mueller. we have reports from holly williams and charlie d'agata. carter evans on a w storm bringing strong winds, heavy rain and flooding to the west. meteorologist eric fisher reports more snow is coming to the northeast. anna werner has the improving economy numbers, more jobs, more job seekers and for the first time in a long time, higher wages. and steve hartman "on the road"" with an extraordinary mother and child reunion. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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