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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 9, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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ve got reports of sleet and snow mixed in. in fact, we now have all of montgomery county under the winter weather advisory also prince george's county until about 3 a.m. for sleet and freezing rain. green is rain. the white is snow and the mixed colors are the sleet and freezing rain. we'll zoom in a little bit. in northern montgomery county we had reports of sleet mixing in along i-70, no problem. we've had sleet and snow there over the past several hours. to the south to leesburg still rain and temperatures for the most part still above freezing. that's one of the keys right now. it's still 36 in leesburg and manassas. 37 downtown. 34 in frederick. so i don't think the roads are going to get bad tonight. we'll come back and talk about all that rain ending as snow across the entire metro area. give you a timetable on that. things are getting back to normal at this hour in silver spring after a tense standoff between police and an armed man. >> the gunman barricaded
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himself for hours at his job site. it started this morning at the brookville landscape supply. stephanie ramirez picks up the story from there. >> i'm stephanie ramirez at the brookville landscape supply location in silver spring where those tense moments unfolded behind the business here. employees say a man and fellow co-worker came to work upset agitated and that's when things escalated. >> police. put your hands up! >> reporter: position ing themselves around dirt mounds and industrial equipment you could hear the montgomery county s.w.a.t. team trying to call the armed suspect out. they first received the 911 call of the armed disgruntled employee at around 8:10 monday morning. >> he left the vehicle went to his vehicle and retrieved a shotgun. he pointed it at one employee and shot a round in to a mulch pile. >> reporter: benane is the business owner across the street. he tells us he was in
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contact during the standoff. he believes the suspect was mentally ill. >> it's hard to see one of our employees suffering from mental illness, possibly can't get the help that he needs and therefore this is what happens. >> police say they're trying to use cell phones to negotiate but the man shot and killed himself after four hours of a police standoff. very disturbing day here in silver springs. area business owners tell us that suspect was a mechanic with the landscaping company. no area residents or police were injured in the standoff. the push to regulate pot could land members of the dc council in jail. that's because dc's attorney general sent a letter the council warning members and staffers if they moved forward on a hearing today to talk about taxing and regulation of marijuana they'd be violating a writer slapped on the city last november. instead council members decided to call it a roundtable discussion. the hearing on pot unofficially morphed in to a discussion on
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home rule. >> is this an argument for statehood? >> i think it absolutely is. >> the initiative is set to take effect at the end of the month. also in the district, a protest in front of the public services commission building. about a dozen folks spoke out about the proposed acquisition of pep co by exilon claiming the deal would lead to higher utility bills. the protest was timed to coincide with hearings on the possible merger. testimonies wrapped up for the day in the multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed by a former dc police commander against the city government. his name, hilton burton. he says chief captain lanier demoted him after he blew the whistle on the act of police escorts being given to celebrities. >> it doesn't happen often. the chief of police cathy lanier on the witness stand here today. a lot of the conversation had to deal with
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which celebrities are entitled to a police escort. the standoff between the chief of police and one of her officers actually started back in april of 2011. an mpd lieutenant in special operations approved a security detail for charlie sheen who arrived at dulles airport late for a concert. the lieutenant and others were disciplined because it was an unauthorized escort. >> you were aware of the general order? >> after the fact. it's an ub -- it's an obscure order involving parking signs. >> we give them to you. we ask them to be familiar with them. if you don't know them sooner or later you're going to get in trouble. >> reporter: the commander hilton burton would also be eventually demoted. >> this is a classic whistle blower case. i phoke about it. >> reporter: he
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says it's because he testified before the council that the police department routinely escorted celebrities because there were no procedures. >> mpd had a practice of conducting such escorts and there was no clear policy in place to govern them. >> reporter: chief lanier says departmental rules say the president, vice president and heads of state get escorts. anybody else can get the same but only if approved by an assistant chief for security and safety reasons. closing arguments in this case tomorrow morning. bruce johnson reporting from superior court for wusa 9. big news from inova tonight. the medical group is buying a 117-acre site that's now the exxonmobil campus and turning it in to a hub for medicine. mcauliffe was on hand making big predictions about what the new facility means for the future. >> the inova center for personalized medicine will be a
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game changer for the commonwealth of virginia. this will not only be important for our leadership role in healthcare, but this will be a gigantic job creator in the commonwealth of virginia. >> the governor expects the number of jobs to be in the thousands. among the focus points cancer research and treatment. a full investigation is underway tonight after a female inmate in fairfax county died after she was tasered. deputies say they used a stun gun on 37-year-old natasha mckenna after she refused to reply to commands and physically resisted them. she was removed from life support yesterday. the sheriff's office says it will turn over the result of the internal investigation to fairfax county police. a trial date has been set in the case the defense attorney hopes it leads to the dismissal of thousands of cases and mass refunds. one man said he did no wrong but settled $26,000 in
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fines for $500 just to make it all go away. >> they get you over a barrel like that. they keep pushing you. they have the money and the lawyers to do it. you don't. you have work to do. >> reporter: george mcdonagh has had an easy pass for six years. he says it's worked everywhere except on the express lanes. in july 2013, he was sent an e-mail that he owed $58 in toll violations. he didn't believe it and asked for proof. then in december of 2013 he received this. >> for a total of $26,000 just in several penalties. i was -- for a $2 fine. i was like, no. >> reporter: even though mcdonagh had a working easy pass he says transurban, which operates the express lanes told him the violations were his fault and he paid a $500 settlement today. >> improper mounting. my easy pass i've had my easy pass for going on six years. i've used it in chicago when i've traveled. not a problem. >> reporter: attorneys representing other defendants say another big problem with the
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violation notices is that the signature on them purportedly by nicholas bar, transurban's vice president of operations, is produced electronically which is invalid according to a ruling by the virginia supreme court. >> the whole purpose of the signature is you as a lawyer or as an individual certify in good faith that what you've put in the pleading is true. if it's signed by a machine who's certifying anything? >> defense attorneys have subpoenaed nicholas bar so she can answer questions about his signature. the company's attorneys have assured the judge he'll be there for the trial march 9th. peggy fox wusa 9. >> folks living in one oxen hill neighborhood want answers about a big problem cropping up around their homes. we're talking about sij -- sinkholes. city and county officials say it's not their problem. >> i have no place to go. i don't have the money to move. >> we didn't create this
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problem. this was something that was done years before we purchased these homes and it wasn't disclosed. >> county inspectors tell us they've looked at utility maps and they've ruled out the possibility that water or sewer lines are causing those sinkholes. still ahead today same-sex marriages in alabama. >> it begins in the fog at dawn. the 100,000-foot vertical challenge. some of these athletes more challenged than others. >> you're watching your only local news at 7:00 here on wusa 9. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner.
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just a few minutes ago an inspirational marathon came to an end on a ski mountain. >> scott broom has the great story for us tonight about the
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wounded warriors and the 100,000-foot vertical challenge. >> reporter: begins at dawn. the 100,000-foot vertical challenge. some of these athletes more challenged than others. over 12 hours they will ride the chair lift 107 times and ski or snowboard 100,000 vertical feet, the equivalent of can sending mt. everest three times in just one day. >> we work a lot with our wounded warriors out of water reed and port belvoir as well as wounded veterans from the area. >> reporter: the idea is to teach people with challenges of all kinds to enjoy the thrill and freedom of outdoor sports
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like this by adapting equipment or technique. wounded warriors like former air force airman brian eisenhower brain injured in 2004 form the emotional core of this group. >> tough for me. really in my case really worked on my balance issues that i have and it has helped with my walking and everything else. >> reporter: among the teams today, one in memory of navy pilot valerie delaney who died in a training crash. >> we lost her two years ago and this is for her. >> her motto was adapt and overcome. >> reporter: doreen is valerie's mom. >> when she died, two top mountain sports foundations took on that same motto. >> reporter: that makes 100,000 vertical feet of inspiration. at the white tail resort, scott broom, wusa 9. >> check out all those heroes
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there. that event is just finishing. today's challenge raised more than $90,000. still ahead at 7:00, the frozen freakout. >> we're going to introduce you to a young fan of the hit disney fan. and when it comes to her passion, well, you'll have to see it to believe it. >> plus three mondays. three winter storms and boston is buried. we'll have the latest from bean town but nothing like that coming our way. >> we do have winter weather advisories and a little bit of a mixed precipitation north of town. we'll show you how much colder it is right now than it was 24 hours ago.
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if you're just getting home let's get you up to speed on tonight's national headlines. president obama and german chancellor angela merkel met today for a talk about ukraine. the president criticized russia for violating a previous peace deal. no word on whether the u.s. will provide weapons for the fighters in ukraine. florida governor jeb bush sure looks like he's getting ready to run for the white house. he plans to release thousands of his e-mails tomorrow and a chapter of his e-book. in the descent thomas wrote he thinks the court is
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sending an inappropriate signal that it plans to clear the way for gay marriage nationwide. it's the third monday in a row those poor folks up in boston are digging their way out of a huge blast of snow. the emergency and parking ban expected to go through tomorrow night. boston logan airport shut down earlier today. that city has blown its way through its $18 million snow budget already. and get this, according to the governor so far this winter, crews have plowed enough snow to fill the gillette stadium. more than 90 times. kind of a hard time wrapping -- i think a better statistic would be like how many acres have been plowed up to a depth of like two feet or something. i don't know how much snow fits in gillette stadium. >> a lot. >> no doubt about that. i'm looking at maps thursday and friday for them -- >> they're going to get hammered again some >> not so good.
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let's take a live look outside. high today was 42. a little deceiving. that occurred about 1:00 this morning. right now it's 37. we're still well above freezing in town. i'm not really concerned about roads even though many of us are under a winter weather advisory. that said late tonight and tomorrow morning you're walking to get the paper be careful walking the kids to the bus stop. last couple of hours here's the radar. again, i was just out at the weather terrace nothing going on here in the northwest. most activity is north and west for us. most of it is still in the form of rain. we'll zoom in a little bit and you see mixed precipitation around i-70, around frederick and down toward brunswick and almost to poolesville and mix of sleet and snow in darnstown as well. temperatures still above freezing. look ahead for a minute. coldest air of the season friday through sunday. so we're trying to give you lead time on this. check your car battery, check your furnace. shame on you. you should have checked your furnace in the fall. if you haven't check it
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now. prepare for about 96 hours with temperatures below freezing. that means water main problems. that means pipes freeze in your house perhaps. that's a big deal. temps on sunday could fall below zero in the suburbs. back to the immediate futurecast. 10:00 tonight, see the magenta. a mixture of sleet snow, freezing rain. down south of dc you're fine. precipitation dries up pretty quickly. by early in the morning we could see a couple wet snowflakes in to southern maryland leesburg, la plata and maybe waldorf. by 5:00 tomorrow not crazy cold tomorrow. clouds will be a problem. they're going to hang tough. by 5:00 driving back home dry. 37 in gaithersburg. 42 downtown. then finally by 7:00 temperatures back in the 30s but clearing skies. so tonight breezy and colder. light mix north and west. showers could end as light snow. low temperatures 30 to 35. the day planner couple of flurries possible. 7:00 and 9:00.
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we're 38 by 11:00 and 42 by 1:00. not a bad day tomorrow temperature-wise. wednesday, even better. here comes arctic air blast number 1. snow showers are possible that could affect the evening commute. we'll keep you posted on that. next seven days, check out friday. high temperatures in the low 20s. saturday valentine's day. upper 20s. another clipper comes in. a second arct ic front. that could affect plans if you have plans with your sweetheart. only 14 on sunday. back other the upper 20s monday. >> looks like it's snuggle weather at least. one famous doll, one big tantrum. and it's all caught on camera by her father.
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more today. timing and teamwork. that's how one trauma center in our area helps save metro riders suffering from smoke inhalation last month. tonight at 11:00 we'll take you there to see how it was all done. much has been made over america's obsession with that hit disney film, frozen. >> but one spirited fan found
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the doll of her dreams and you've got to take a look for yourself. >> i don't want to take it. >> right now! >> let's buy a tv instead. >> no! >> that little girl is a little gangsta there. i think dad is scared to say no. >> and you know what, ultimately she did get her way. dad said yes and he bought her the doll. she was getting like poltergeist. [ laughter ] very quickly some mixed precipitation tonight. if you're north of town you're getting the mix now. that's going to end before midnight. south of town will get rain. that will end with slight snow or snow flurries tomorrow morning. >> that's it for our news at 7:00. we're back at 11:00. >> have a great night everybody.
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the most insane concert you could ever go to. >> insane collaborations. like, i don't understand how you cannot fan girl about that. >> tr aylo pmeetharrell. >> "e.t." at the grammys. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ >> guess who wasn't happy? >> can you tell by my face? >> the grammys could adjust their voting system. >> hear what kanye told us before his beck moment. >> we have news on kim's stepdad and the fatal car crash he was iisn th weekend. >> traffic collision. >> the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. >> plus -- >> just trying to enjoy the moment. >> sam smith. >> sam smith. >> i'm going to in and out burger straight away because i've been juicing for the last few weeks. >> after party madness. >> i'm trying this whole thing the weekend. >> the internet explodes over
7:30 pm
iggy's hair. >> the secret to that dress? >> c youan't wear any underwear. >> now, "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. >> bruce jenner under investigation for his role in a fatal car crash. and rosie o'donnell tells us why phe is quitting "the view," did she give us the whole story? >> let's start with the grammy awards. 25 million viewers. it was sam smith's night, from beck's improbable win to the amazing performances and the social messages. once again, music's biggest night delivered. >> the grammys tonight. it's on. ♪ love gonna lift me up ♪ >> i'm not going to walk home with any men tonight. i'm going to go hang out with my friends and then i go home to the cat. >> what can be expected? a lot of red. red is what attracts bulls. a lot of male dancers as the bulls?


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