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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. thank you for joining us for the wusa9 news at noon. president obama is asking
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congress to authorize military force against isis. this comes as yet another american hostage is killed. case boswell has more -- craig boswell has more from the white house. >> reporter: president obama is formally asking congress for the authorization to use force against isis. >> officials have been engaged in conversations with democrats and republicans in both the house and senate to try to arrive at language that could be supported by democrats and republicans in the house and senate. >> reporter: the president is proposing that congress authorize military force against isis for three years. the military will be allowed to target isis and groups fighting with isis no matter where they are and it allows for u.s. ground troops but prohibits enduring ground operations. >> congress has the responsibility whether to use force, the senate will review the request thoughtfully. >> hopefully we can come up with a bipartisan agreement. >> reporter: congress is expected to debate the proposal immediately. republicans want the obama administration to clear out a clear strategy.
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>> the president's point is he wants to dismantle and destroy isis. i haven't seen the strategy yet that i think will accomplish it. >> reporter: the new authorization would repeal the one george w. bush used to go to the war in iraq but keeps the war against al qaeda in place. we're also learning the u.s. military is stepping up presence in ukraine. a top american commander in europe says the u.s. is set to train ukrainian soldiers who are battling russian-backed separatists in eastern ukraine. the training is going to take place next month in the western part of the country. australians say they have prevented an imminent terror attack linked to the islamic state. two men were arrested in suburban sydney, yesterday and charged this morning. police found a machete, a homemade isis flag and a video of a man talking about an attack. opening statements are under way in the trial of the man accused of killing chris
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kyle. kyle's life inspired the movie "american sniper." veteran eddie ray routh is accused of shooting kyle and his friend to years ago. he has confessed to the crime but pleaded not guilty in the case. his attorneys expect to use an insanity defense. kyle's widow is expected to be one of the first witnesses at the trial. three members of the same family are dead after a shooting near the university of north carolina in chapel hill last night. and police now say the violence could have stemmed from a long- standing parking dispute at their condominium complex. craig steven hicks surrendered this morning after the shooting charged with first-degree murder and he's now being held without bond. a verdict has been reached in the whistle blower lawsuit against d.c. police cathy lanier. the jury ruled in favor of lanier and the city government in the case. the lawsuit filed by captain hilton burton claimed that he was demoted for speaking out about the department's
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celebrity escort policy following a well publicized police escort of actor charlie sheen back in 2011. burton was seeking financial damages and he wanted his old rank restored. the jury return add verdict in favor of chief lanier in just three and a half hours. basketball analyst greg anthony has reached a plea deal today on prostitution charges in what's called a deferred prosecution agreement. the charges against the former nba player will be dropped if he performs 32 hours of community service. annual known was arrested for soliciting a prostitute at a washington hotel last month when he was in town to call basketball games for cbs. the sports director of the cbs station in san diego is recovering now from gunshot wounds after being shot in his own driveway. kyle kraska was leaving for work yesterday when he was confronted by a gunman. kraska was hit in the leg and the abdomen.
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he's expected to make a full recovery. the suspected gunman surrendered after a hostage negotiator talked him into giving up last night. >> happy to say that our suspect has given up peacefully and he's in custody with us currently right now. >> 54-year-old mike montana is accused of being the shooter. police believe montana painted kraska's home and targeted them after the two got in some sort of argument. it was one of the feel good stories of the summer but not anymore. little league baseball has stripped chicago's jackie robinson west of its national title. it was a great run last year. the all black team from the crime ridden south side of chicago captured the nation's attention but today the league found the team violated rules by poaching top players from nearby suburbs. parents from the nevada team who lost that title game see it this way. >> i was asking some of the parents. they were nice people. i said, you know, it must be tough living in the city and
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getting around. i had four or five of those parents laugh and say we don't live in the city. >> just a couple of months ago the little league actually cleared jackie robinson of any allegations but after this, the team's manager was also suspended from league activity. $2 could change your life forever tonight. you just need to be really lucky. the power ball jackpot is now half a billion dollars. as nikki burdine reports, the tights r selling fast -- tickets are selling fast. >> reporter: the odds of winning the power ball jackpot are one in 175 million but that hasn't stopped people from trying their luck. >> i think oh, what the heck. >> reporter: so much so the jackpot jumped from $485 million this morning to $500 million and it's expected to jump once again. >> i'm going to buy a lottery ticket, you know, see if i win. you never know. >> reporter: while no one knows who will win, almost everyone has an idea of how they will spend the cash.
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>> oh, i'm going to -- [indiscernible] >> what would i do with that money? i would put a lot of it away for my kids in a trust and take my wife out and probably go on a nice vacation. >> first thing i would do is retire, buy a better house, provide for my kids, provide for my family, financial security. >> reporter: sure, there's the practical side but with that much cash, you can splurge. >> honestly i would like to take all my family back to seer leeon because i'm -- sierra leone because i'm originally from there. >> reporter: he could go to sierra leone more than 163,000 times. others have a very specific plan in mind. >> an old dream car in mind from when i was a kid, a mustang or firebird. my favorite is the 1982 transam. >> reporter: and he could buy 32,000 transams. >> i call it my unicorn because it's the one car i always
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wanted. >> reporter: so you can't buy a unicorn but you can dream and with that kind of money? >> you can dream crazy. >> reporter: in d.c., nikki burdine, wusa9. >> with that kind of money you might be able to buy a unicorn. the power ball drawing held just before 11:00 tonight. good luck. still ahead on the news at noon on wusa9, anchors away. six months without pay. the latest on the controversy surrounding nbc news anchor brian williams. >> after 17
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that's a way to get stuck on an airplane. a strange quartet from the seattle symphony took out their instruments and decides they would pay for the other passengers while they were all stuck at the gate. it has been a good week for
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these musicians. e the first string award on sunday. we are now starting to hear from the man who broke the story about brian williams. the nbc news anchor will be off the air until at least august for lying about his time in iraq. the network suspended williams for six months without pay and his credibility is now being questioned after he falsely said he was in a helicopter that was hit by rpg fire in iraq. stars and stripes reported travis trenton broke the story and he interviewed some of the veterans who were on that mission and they wanted to set the record straight. >> to see somebody else who is trying to claim credit for being there, i think it just struck a very personal nerve to them. >> nbc chief executive steve bird says williams' actions were inexcusable and the suspension is appropriate. lester holt will continue to fill in for williams during the absence. he found a way to connect with younger viewers and the news stories like no one has. but now jon stewart is calling it quits as host of the daily
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show and as to what he'll be doing next is still a mystery. don daly has more. >> comedy central gave me an incredible opportunity 17 years ago to pilot this wonderful franchise. in my heart i know it is time for someone else to have that opportunity. [ audience growns ] >> no, no, no. >> reporter: after bouncing the comedy cellars of new york city and cable shows in the early '90s, stewart took the rains of the flag -- reins in 1999 and never looked back. >> welcome to the daily show. craig kill more is on assignment in. i'm jon stewart. >> reporter: the daily show has been a favorite place for younger generations to get their news. >> an hour. in other words, war that could destroy the global order and cast a region of the earth into
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chaos was discussed for as long time as it takes for lens crafters to make you bifolk cals. >> reporter: -- bifocals. >> reporter: he brented political commentary with satire. >> i ask for you to pray for this nation. >> we're way ahead of you. >> reporter: on last night's show, the long-time host reflected on what he will miss most. >> i don't think i'll miss being on television every day. i'll miss coming here every day. it's been an absolute primpleg, the honor of -- privilege, the honor of my professional life. >> comedy center says stewart will remain with the daily show till later this year. they're still working out the details of his exit. still ahead on wusa9, from the big screen to the verizon center, disney on ice is back in town. we'll talk to one of the skaters next. >> it's a gorgeous winter day. i'm out here soaking it in
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because this will probably be the nicest day of the next two weeks. it's going to get colder. up to 43 at bull run. lots of folks in the the upper 30s but with light winds, it feels good. the bone ch
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moms and dads, this story is now. thinker bell and flounder to or yell, some of your kids' favorite -- ariel, some of your kids' favorite characters will be at the verizon center.
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jessica is one of the performers. she's here. nice to see you. nice to see you not in costume. it's spectacular fun. what do you do as part of disney on ice? >> i'm part -- [indiscernible] there's the carts for the little boys and ariel. in the second half is toy story which is fun for the whole family. >> so it's an absolute blast. what is it like for somebody who is sort of behind the scenes doing it week in and week out? you have to travel a lot. >> a lot of travel but it's fun to bring those kids' favorite characters to life. you see their faces and they're so excited. it's just really fun to be a part of that. >> do they ever get so overwhelmed that they excitedly cry? like they're so happy they can't believe it's lightning mcqueen or mader. it must be an absolute joy to see them light up. >> you see all different reactions of all ages. you see the adults getting into it. >> the show goes through this sunday. >> monday actually. >> monday is the 16th. u
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can expect to see? who are the other characters as well? >> you have everyone from "cars" and "ariel" and "thinker bell." -- "thinker bell." there's a great number with the green army men that's sharp and fun. it's really great. >> the green army men are hysterical in the movies that they're in. it's going to be fun to see them on the ice. any suggestions on trying to get tickets? i guess they're still available. do you get them at the box office? >> you can go to the box office at the verizon center or also get them online at ticketmaster, a wide range of prices, something for everybody. >> soit' disney on ice -- so it's disney on ice. it runs today through monday at verizon center. we appreciate your time today. good luck with the rest of the performance. >> thank you very much. >> howard, take it away. we've got some icy weather headed our way after today. today is actually gorgeous. just outside. light winds, lots of sunshine.
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enjoy it. if you don't like the cold stuff, i'm sorry what i'm about to tell you over the a half, three minutes. you're not going to be happy but today 44 by 3:00. really delightful. winds are light, too. tonight not bad. still in the mid-30s at 9:00. we won't get too cold tonight. but things are going to change drastically by friday morning, even tomorrow afternoon. temperatures now range from 35 in hagerstown to 43 in culpeper. still only 33 on the bay in reedville with the wind coming in just off the water. 37 in easton and gaithersburg and frederick right now. leesburg, too. just a beautiful afternoon. one thing about the niceness today, it's so dry so you don't even feel it as cold as it is with the dew point at 18. feels warmer than 40 with that northeast wind at 5. so we really don't have much of a windchill we're talking about either. but our winter headlines focus on an arctic front, the first of two i'm tracking over the next seven days. this one arrives tomorrow afternoon. fall temperatures -- falling temperatures and even snow showers possible. highs upper 30s, low 40s late
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morning, midday. even colder air mass will be here for sunday. so later saturday, saturday night we can get another round of snow showers as that second arctic air mass moves in. and this one is going to be even colder. i think highs on sunday stay in the teens. next week, we're watching a potential messy storm on tuesday. too early to know fit' going to be pure snow or snow to rain mix. it just looks sloppy at this point. we'll be tracking that for you. the edge of the arctic air, the subzero stuff just getting toward winnipeg, almost down into minnesota now. international falls, too. all this cold air will sink south. the nice day we have now, well, again i think the next week or two thday we're going to see. plenty of clouds as you get west of the mountains here. a little rain showers in toward areas of southern ohio but now the snow on the leading edge of the colder air toward headed toward ontario, northern ohio. the arctic blast will be moving toward chicago later today and that's what we're tracking for tomorrow. so the futurecast we're pretty quiet for the rest of the afternoon. a few clouds tonight.
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in the mountains by tomorrow morning, northwesterly winds will start to produce some snow showers. again midday we'll be okay but then as the front comes through, the winds kick and we're talking gusts tomorrow 30, 35, maybe 40 miles an hour. temperatures will drop into the 30s. a couple of snow showers will fly in the afternoon. we'll be tracking that for you. and then tomorrow night as temperatures fall into the teens, w.s by friday morning -- w.s by friday morning potential -- wind chills by friday morning potentially will be down to the 3-degree range. friday high temperatures will stay in the 20s on friday. when you factor in the winds, yeah, it's going to be a rough day to be outside. today beautiful, 45. 31 tonight but mid- to upper 20s north and west. tomorrow we get to 42. but i think that's late morning, midday before temperatures drop in the afternoon. winds kick up. the snow shower here or there. teens thursday night and low teens north and west. only in the 20s on friday. saturday we'll track.
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saturday evening potentially for snow showers or a period of light snow ahead of the next arctic boundary. 16 is all i'm forecasting for a high on sunday and the potential messy tuesday. et way it's great weather -- either way it's great weather for some chocolate. more from our kitchen. hey, valentine xñaó5ñ
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value time's day is here -- valentine's day is here. if you're struggling to get the perfect gift for someone you love, this is a great idea because you can personalize it for them. sarah is here. she wanted to be a chocolate tear since she was 2. her life started in banking. nice to meet you. thanks for coming in. i have never made anything like n. you said this would be great to make for my kids -- make
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with my kids for my life. >> very all the instructions on my website. chouquette is the name of the business. >> when you have lumps, it's out of temper. you warm it up and manipulate the temperature until it's glossy. >> how do you start with this mixture? >> you have to start -- the chocolate you have to start with is something pure chocolate. can't have any weird additives like chocolate chips aren't supposed to make when you make chocolate chip cookies so they wouldn't be the thing ud awant oo you'd want to use. -- thing you'd want to use. you can buy it at grocery stores or fancy stores like really dark chocolate, you get her 80% chocolate. >> what do we do next? >> once you temper the
12:27 pm
chocolate, you're going to pour it out gently. this is the fun part for kids because if you wanted to, you can let them put their fingers in and make chocolate hand prints all over your house. >> my 4-year-old height go crazy with that and ruin the kitchen. >> all you need to do is smooth it out and then you sprinkle on whatever you think your wife and kids would like. so we have pop rocks and sprinkles. >> we have a little less than a minute. mollie, my daughter would love this. >> sprinkles, the heamplet. something sophisticated. you can do almond over here. >> what are these pink things? >> candied rose petals so they taste a little fruity. you can put a little ginger. you said your wife likes spice. you can put could iian or -- put cayenne or old bay. you can smash cookies. the best part is you can wrap it and do it any way you want to do. teeny tiny, a bit bigger. >> the name of the store again?
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>> chouquette. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. happy valentine's. >> happy valentine's. we're back on tv at 5:00 and of course
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>> phyllis: come on! i'm supposed to be free now! you can't keep me in here like i don't exist! i can't help you. you're where you need to be right now. >> phyllis: no, that's not true honey. that's not! jack? [ knock on door ] jack, don't walk away. please don't leave me! >> kelly: [ clicking tongue ] let him go. there's nothing he can do for you. this will fix you right up. >> phyllis: [ gasps ] >> victor: it's all right. it's just a nightmare. >> phyllis: you get locked up in a mental institution, things get a little jumbled up. >> victor: yeah. i know.


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