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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 11, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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debra alfarone at l'enfant plaza where riders are reacting to the ntsb saying that metro did not have proper ventilation procedures in place for when smoke fill tunnels. >> it's hard to believe. what are they paying all these people to do? >> reporter: ever since ventilation fans meant to clear smoke from this tunnel instead pushed smoke into this metro train january 12th killing 61- year-old carol glover and sending over 80 people to the hospital the ntsb has been investigating. today they issued three urgent recommendations essentially ordering metro to assess ventilation it, to make sure it works and complies with standards, develop written ventilation procedures and train staff and first responders on those procedures. reporters couldn't wait to hammer the interim gm. >> it was all part of our investigation. >> reporter: after the deadly
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2009 crash the ntsb said metro had woefully neglected its safety culture. some say they don't see change. >> to me it's like metro is saying oh, well, it is what it is and you got to take it. >> you can read metro's entire response on the wusa9 app. coincidently there was smoke in a metro station this afternoon, but this time from a trash fire. arlington fire crews responded to the courthouse station before 2:00. metro workers tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. nobody was hurt. the orange and silver lines had to bypass the station for a short time. d.c. mayor muriel bowser ordered the city's fire department to stop encrypting emergency radio transmissions. unencrypted channels should make it easier for different responders from different agencies to work together. that encryption system played a part in the communication issues in the response to that deadly smoke incident last month on board the yellow line
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train. bowser's office said the radio system was under review weeks before that incident. repair crews wrapped up work for the night to a beltway bridge in prince george's county that dropped concrete on a car, but we found what happened to be plenty more where that came from. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in morningside where repair crews used epoxy to try to stablize that portion of bridge where a chunk fell off. i found out this may not be the only bridge with problems like this. this is where the beltway crosses over southbound sixth avenue. concrete appeared to have fallen out in chunks and gaps in bridge concrete above. the high spokesman says despite issues the internal integrity of the bridge at branch avenue and the bridge at suitland road is sound and viewed as safe. >> we're proud of the fact of the nearly 2,600 bridges that we maintain, state highway
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administration of maryland has 3% structurally deficient, the lowest percent anywhere on the east coast. >> reporter: the lady who got her windshield smashed at suitland road has no confidence. the spokesman said the agency will not send an inspector to look at the issues at branch avenue because "there are all sorts of debris under all sorts of bridges." scott broom, wusa9. >> the crumbling written over suitland road is one of five on maryland's section of the beltway considered safe while also being structurally deficient. grab your extra blankets and earmuffs. the cold weather is on the way and tenacious topper is tracking the potential record low. >> don't forget the 180. don't mess up the hair. arctic blast is on the way, coldest air of the season. we're looking at some afternoon snow shower tomorrow which could affect the early part of the commute. wind chill tomorrow night will be below 0. a better chance of
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snow showers saturday evening the that could affect your plans on valentine's day night and wind chills sunday will be 10 to 20 degrees below 0. as cold as it will be tomorrow night, it's going to get colder saturday night into sunday. the futurecast wind gust tracker, 10:00 tomorrow morning wind 10 to 20 miles per hour, by lunchtime in check, but look what happens, boom. the front goes through, winds are gusting 34 miles per hour downtown and perhaps 32 up into hagerstown. that will drive wind chills way down. get ready. by midnight winds could gust near 40 miles per hour in gaithersburg, d.c. and down toward la plata. what's that do to wind chills? we start out in the at noon tomorrow and at 6 p.m. tomorrow wind chills already in the teens. we'll come back, track some of those snow showers for you hour by hour. tonight police tell us the teen behind the wheel of a deadly bus accident in frederick county was not texting. 17-year-old clair knight died when her suv collided with a
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school bus early this morning on old middletown road in frederick county. stephanie ramirez spoke with the family's victim who is asking for continued prayers during this difficult time. >> she's really as a parent you'd go i want a kid like this and that's clair. clair was special. >> her parents are grieving terrible, as her entire family is. >> reporter: these are the uncles of 17-year-old clair knight, the victim who died in this morning's school bus accident in middletown, frederick county. knight was on her way to school, the bus on its way to pick up middle school students with one student on board. >> just heard a great big bang and we come outside. >> this is a devastating loss for the middletown community. this is a small tight knit community. this is a profound loss. >> reporter: the frederick county school spokesperson says grief counselor were immediately on hand today at middletown high school where knight was a senior. as accident investigation continues, police ask anyone
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who may have witnessed the accident to contact the frederick county sheriff's office at 301-600-7107. in middletown today stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> the bus driver and middle school student on board the bus were treated for minor injuries at a hospital. president obama delivered his official request to use military force against isis. now it's up to congress to decide whether to give the okay. >> the proposal includes a three year authorization and would allow the u.s. forces to fight the terri and affiliated groups -- terrorists and affiliated groups no matter where they are. there is strong support on capital hill for congress to pass, something but the president's proposal already sparked heated debate. >> this resolution reflects our core objective to destroy isil and supports comprehensive strategy we've purred with our allies and partners.
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>> the ground troops language is a concern. i'm concerned about its breadth and potential vagueness, but that's what the process is for. >> the debate to authorize military force is just getting started, but the u.s. continues to hit isis targets from iraq and syria from above. somebody claiming to be from isis is threatening at least half a dozen military spouses and michelle obama. they got tweets warning of a bloody valentine's day and that isis was watching their spouses and their kids. this is the same type of message that went to central command. >> i have children. you threaten your children, anybody who says it didn't scare them in the moment is not being completely truthful. >> yeah. but after that moment most of the women said they refuse to be intimidated. the secret service is taking appropriate steps. a cbs basketball analyst
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charged with soliciting a prostitute reached a deal to stay out of jail. if craig anthony completes 32 hours of community service and sales out of jail for four months, the charge goes away. anthony had been in the area when police say he solicited an undercover prostitute. a fairfax county child suspected of having the measles turns out does not have the virus, but health officials still urge residents to vaccinate their kids. the vaccine will help protect the community, including baeks who are too young to -- babies who are too young to get the shot or those going through cancer treatments. the health department did not examine the 13-year-old boy but say whatever he had, he is no longer contagious. a new warning to go along with that anthem insurance hacking, how federal officials say you can spot a scammer. >> reporter: with $500 million
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on the line in tonight's powerball, folks aren't just
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a consumer alert tonight, the federal trade commission is warning about scam artists taking advantage of that huge data breach at anthem health insurance company. scammers are sending phone any anthem e-mails that offer credit monitoring but ask for lots of personal information. the ftc says watch out for that trick. anthem says it will contact customers by regular mail. tonight powerball jackpot is into record breaking territory, fifth largest ever. it stand at 500 million. yes, half a billion dollars if you can somehow figure out all six numbers. >> a lot of people have their tickets in hand tonight praying and hoping this is the night. our mola lenghi talked with some millionaire hopefuls. have you gotten your ticket yet? >> reporter: right there. there's your answer, jan. i knew it was coming.
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folks have been in and out of this northwest d.c. convenience store all day long. they come in, punch their numbers in, aiming for their chance to win $500 million, powerball pros, folks who seem to always have skin in the game and powerball first timers who couldn't resist a chance winning that much money. people say they need the money, people who told us they admit they just want the money. some state they would retire. others say they would try to give some of it or most of it away, but they all have at least 1 thing in common, the hope of winning. >> i don't think it's about the money. i think it's about the dream of the freedom that that much money can bring. >> reporter: do you think you're going to win? i have to say yeah, i hope i'm going to win. >> reporter: tonight you got to think that, right? >> you got to have faith.
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>> reporter: obviously the odds are against them, but as you heard from those folks and as we've heard from everyone, home -- hope is in the air. a one young lady told me, it is certainly fun -- as one young lady told me it, is certainly fun to dream. >> let's say you match all six numbers. forbes has a list of tips to help make sure the money sticks around for years to come. 70% or something lose it all? >> first off you got to sign the ticket. the magazine suggests you might want to see a tax professional before you cash it in. stay anonymous if you can. in maryland you do not have to let the world know all of a sudden you are flush. ease into that new million dollar lifestyle, avoid sudden changes, buying a home in europe, quit your job.
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you can find seven more tips on the wusa9 app. we'll post the winning numbers there just after they are released around 11:00 tonight i think it is. >> yup. kind of chilly right now, but let's go forward to friday morning, getting the kids ready for the bus stop. check out these wind chills, going to feel like it's 5 below in gaithersburg, 4 below in frederick and 7 below in hagerstown. we'll come back and talk about both shots of arctic air and if any snow is on the way. >> plus sentencing day for the captain of that ill-fated cruise ship, the reason he might the spend a day behind bars just after the break on wusa9 your only local news at 7:00. >> and young women forced into vicious prostitution in
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here's a look at some national headlines we're following for you. today craig hicks made his first court appearance on charges that he murdered three young neighbors in chapel hill in north carolina. a facebook page in hicks name criticized all religions and described him as a supporter for atheists for equality. eddie ray routh is charged
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with murdering kyle and a friend of his at a texas gun range in 2013. kyle's widow was the first witness. she was in tears several time talking about her husband and the day he died. routh" defense team argued he has a long -- routh's defense team argued he has a long history of mental illness and was in a psychotic state when he fired those shots. italian judges found francesco skew teen owe scutino -- scutio guilty today. the ship capsized with more than 4,000 people on board. the captain said he trip and fell into a lifeboat. today the national little
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league officials stripped the 2014 winners of their title after an investigation found they used ineligible players. officials say the jackie robinson west team outside of chicago recruited some players who live outside the team's geographic boundaries and the team is suspended until there are new leaders in place. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> it is really going to be cold, but you say we got an anniversary? >> on this date in 1983 the third largest snow on record at dulles and the sixth largest snow at national. i was in atlanta working for cnn. i drove my best friend's mom crazy. i kept calling her, how much snow you got? >> you've always liked crazy amount of snow? >> oh, yeah. snow is good. we're looking at snow showers tomorrow, snow showers saturday and perhaps a more significant event next tuesday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. we were 47 today, average high about 44, 45.
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right now we're 38, winds not a factor south, southeast at 5 and they'll be in check until early afternoon when the front begins to roll through. in fact, cold and quiet tonight, low temps in the 20s outside the beltway, low downtown. bus stop temperatures 26 to 36, dropping the kids off, no worries. picking the kids up you got winds 30 miles an hour, maybe some snow showers and plummeting temperatures. dress for the 30s tomorrow because of the wind. afternoon snow showers are possible, could impact the beginning part of the commute. i think the best time will be between 1 and 5 p.m. future cass, tonight you can watch the dog, low to mid-30s across board, not much wind. by morning upper 20s to low 30s, right around freezing at the beltway. as we get into early afternoon,
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some snow showers begin to develop to the north and west. as the front rolls through, we'll see these snow showers roll through. this is 3:00. future cass has a snow shower in gaithersburg. we're not quite that accurate now. don't get too hung up where we're placing these snow showers. just be advised snow showers are a pretty good bet between 1 and 5 p.m. will it occur everywhere? probably not. those areas it occurs could lay down a quick little dusting, only takes five or 10 minutes of snow showers to cause a problem. by lunchtime tomorrow wind chills not a problem, but by 6 p.m. tomorrow night wind chills in teens across the board and by late tomorrow night single digits, 0 in gaithersburg, martinsburg, feels like 9 in fredericksburg tomorrow at 10 p.m. so big changes. if you're out late tomorrow night, temperatures will feel below 0. tonight partly cloudy, cold, quiet, 26 to 32, light
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winds. day planner, 38 by 9:00, some sun to start tomorrow, 41 by 11:00. perhaps a couple snow showers by 1:00. in the wake of the arctic front we're cold, 20s friday, sun. another front comes in on valentine's day, saturday, 30 for a high, even better chance of accumulating snow showers saturday night. we'll keep an eye on that for you, only in the teens sunday, cold president's day and the storm tuesday into wednesday. right now it appears the start of snow and kick it rain and perhaps more snow showers on wednesday. a netflix leak gets the internet all excited, but n't count on binge watching house of cards tonight, what happened
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trending now season three of the show house of cards. >> that is set to premier on netflix february 27th, but today netflix accidentally posted the whole thing on the website before they took it down. a spokesman called it a technical error, but they posted a light hearted tweet
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calling it a washington leak. >> nice. >> was it on purpose? >> because we're talking about it, aren't we? >> yes, we are. >> that's our broadcast. we're back at 11:00. >> make it a
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new details on brian williams' suspension and jon stewart's surprise exit. >> we have the stories behind these tv shake ups and what's next for both. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> the schedule of the daily show has a certain relentlessness to it. >> you take the job at "the daily show" and you never haveea family again. >> a daily show co-creator tells us why stewart is really leaving. >> could jon's loss be brian's gain? >> brian is almost perfect in a way. he has the skill set. >> prime time's new queen, empire's cookie is right here in the house. >> i need a hero! >> is getting everyone to show up. >> before snl's 40th anniversary secrett from generations of casts. >> pump you up! >> every time we wrote those ccaracters we couldn't stop laughing. >> and your first look at christina aguilera's new baby and is she mothering more than just her own kids?
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>> blake, too. >> but i don't milk them. i don't feed you guys. >> no. that would be weird. >> thouat wld be super weird! now "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. >> brian williams out at nbc, suspended for six months, and the halls of nbc news are buzzing. could this be his final chapter and if so, the internaa search for a replacement is on. matt lauer, lester holt and savannah guthrie are just some of the names being tossed around right now. >> what'ssinteresting. one online petition trying to draft jon stewart for the anchor spot. he is the host of the hugely popular daily show, but stewart just announced he's leaving that program. >> which actually makes him available. you want to haveeanother job? let's start with the news at nbc and how the shake-ups are ruffling feathers behind the scenes. >> it probably goes without saying for you folks at home, but this is a very difficult story for us to report on. >> there have been a lot of people calling on him to be fired. >> the news came from nbc that bri


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