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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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hello and thank you for joining us. birth ter cold temperatures and wirch ter -- bitter cold temperatures and winter weather is headed our way. [ stand by for captions ]
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if you have a dusting in your backyard, pictures, just send them our way. so we do see some clearing skies back off here. it's still cold, cloudy. what about later on today? we are going to see a couple more showers but really just off to the west of 81. we'll start to dry out but temperatures aren't going to warm up much from leer on out -- here on out, even though it's the middle of the day. we're going to stay steady and tonight the winds are picking up. we'll see temperatures just drop off overnight. i'll let you know how low we go
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for this evening coming up a little later. andrea? >> all right, allyson, thank you. two homes are destroyed and one home damaged after a fire broke out early this morning in prince george's county. fortunately thanks to neighbor helping neighbor, there were no injuries. nikki burdine has more from mount rainier. >> reporter: this is what sharon found when she walked outside at 5:30 this morning. her neighbor's home was fully engulfed in flames. thankfully he wasn't there. >> still going to be devastating because when he gets out of the hospital, he's not going to have a home. >> reporter: next hillry got out of her house just in time. >> i heard the boom. once i heard the boom, i came to the door and heard my neighbors telling me to get out. >> reporter: they rushed over to check on their mother. >> i'm glad she's okay. because she's all i've got. >> reporter: the house she and her children have called home for 38 years is a total loss. so now it's time for her sons to take care of her. >> that's the main thing. most important is that.
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everything else can be replaced. can't replace my mom. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation but firefighters say it appears the fire originated in the front while neighbors say they worry something else is to blame. >> i believe somebody broke into his house. the house was empty, you know. so i think somebody did it. there's no way his house just randomly caught on fire. >> reporter: a third house was also damaged by the flames but no one the total damage for all three homes and a car is more than $450,000. in mount rainier, niki burdine, was 9. >> a $25,000 reward is being offered by d.c. police for help solving a homicide at a boutique hotel in northwest washington. 30-year-old david messerschmitt was found stabbed inside a fourth floor home at the donovan hotel on tuesday. investigators have released surveillance video of a person of interest in connection to the murder. if you recognize this person, please call d.c. police. d.c. mayor muriel bowser
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unveiled a new program this morning designed to help homeless families in the city. people in the district have a legal right to shelter when the temperatures are under freezing but among other things mayor bowser's program teams homeless families with case workers who understand the rental market and can help with the paperwork. a house committee is holding its first meeting on president obama's request to authorize military force against isis. the proposal already has plenty of critics on both sides of the aisle. nancy core advertise has more from -- nancy coretes has more from capitol hill. >> isis is on the defensive and isis is going to lose. >> reporter: president obama consulted with leaders in both parties to craft a resolution that authorizes military operations against isis for three years and allows for the use of ground troops in limited circumstances. >> for example, if we had actual intel about a gathering of isis leaders and our partners didn't have the capacity to get them, i would
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be prepared to order our special forces to take action because i will not allow these terrorists to have a safe haven. >> reporter: still some democrats worry that leaving the door open to even limited ground operations could put thousands of troops in harm's way. >> our president could decide to surge 100,000 troops into syria for a period, say, of 18 months and claim this is not enduring because i've set a time limit on their deployment. >> reporter: republicans on the other hand argue the president could be tying his own hands by ruling out enduring offensive ground combat operations. >> we don't tell our enemy what we're not prepared to do [ inaudible ] he and many republicans say they want more details before they will authorize force. >> i have to see that he has the resolve that when we are putting our men and women in harm's way, that we mean what
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we say and we're not going to dillydally around. you don't go into war without a strategy. >> there will be a lot of congressional debate on the president's proposal and it could be a couple of months before congress actually votes on it. funerals for the three students shot to death in chapel hill will be held in raleigh later today. 46-year-old craig hicks is charged in the deaths of his neighbors. police are trying to determine whether the murders were motivated by religious hatred or a dispute over a parking space. all three victims were muslims. i will never be able to make sense of this horrendous tragedy. we ask that the authorities investigate these senseless and heinous murders as a hate crime. >> all three victims had earned undergraduate honors at nc state. police are examining hicks' computer to see if there is
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anything indicating bias against muslims. the f.b.i. is assisting local police who are leading the investigation. here in d.c., the victims of the chapel hill shooting will be remembered in a vigil organized by area civil rights groups. the council on american islamic relations is among them. it's important for muslims to speak out against the violence even though many are afraid. >> there is a sense of fear in the muslim community and this tragic case really heightened that fear and brought to the surface a lot of the tensions that we've been feeling in recent weeks. >> tonight's vigil begins at 6:30 at dupont circle. demonstrators will be using the hashtag dc4chapelhill. a giant of television journalism is being remembered this afternoon. long-time cbs correspondent and "60 minutes" contributor bob simon was killed in a car crash
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in new york city last night. kris van cleave looks back at simon's accomplished and distinguished career. >> we're going to pick up an american. all we know about him is that he's at andrews and has been hit by shrapnel. >> reporter: it doesn't seem fitting that a reporter who survived so many close calls around the world would go this way, in a car accident in new york city. >> general, call me a fool. >> reporter: bob simon was a legendary news man, a gifted story teller honored with 27 emmys. >> you feel guilty? >> i'm guilty because a human being killed and i was the reason. >> it's a good reason to feel guilty. >> bob was a reporter's reporter, a breed of foreign correspondent really unlike anything you see today. >> reporter: cbs evening news anchor scott pelley says simon was his mentor during the first gulf war. >> one day scud missiles were
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reigning down into saudi arabia where we had our bureau. we got all the people in the bureau together to make sure we had everybody and we were going to run everybody down to the bomb shelter. when we looked, bob wasn't there. no bob. he was on the roof talking to cbs radio on the phone calling in the story and i remember thinking in that moment, got it. that's what a war correspondent does. >> reporter: simon came to cbs news in 1967. four years later he moved to saigon to cover the vietnam war. he built a career in war zones, itself falklands, yugoslavia, somalia and nearly every other conflict in between spending decades covering the middle east from tel aviv. >> tel aviv's largest square was invaded by sadness. >> reporter: he went where the news was risking his life along the way. during the first gulf war in 1991, simon and his cbs news crew were taken prisoner by the iraqi military and held as pows in iraqi prisons for 40 days.
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he talked about it with ed bradley. >> reporter: has it changed you? >> yes. >> reporter: how? [ inaudible ] >> reporter: this was his 19th season on "60 minutes." jeff fager worked with simon on hundreds of stories. >> he stood out that way, he always did. his observations, what he noticed, what he picked up on and his ability to articulate it in a story was really rare. >> reporter: colleagues say simon's life changed three years ago after the birth of his beloved grandson. >> so i'm teaching jack about motor psyche cams because -- motor cycles because it's about time. you can't start too early. >> reporter: his final story will air on sunday on "60 minutes" he worked on it with his daughter, a cbs news producer. kris van cleave, cbs news, new york. >> bob simon was 73 years old. he is survived by his wife, daughter and grandson. we'll
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members of the public are invited toway in today on a proposed fare increase for metro. to cut costs rail and bus fairs could go up by as much as 10 cents that could bring in an additional $22 million but service cuts are also being considered. riders could have to wait an extra to minutes between subway trains on peak hours and some bus routes could be scaled back or eliminated entirely. a public hearing on the the proposed changes will be held at metro headquarters on 6th street beginning at 1:00 this afternoon. federal investigators are revealing how metro botched the handling of the deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza station last month. the national transportation safety board says the transit operator activated two giant sets of fans at opposite ends of the tunnel. so instead of drawing the noxious smoke away from a train take was disabled on the
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tracks, it actually kept the fumes over the train car. investigators say two of the six fans involved in the ventilation effort didn't even work. don't look for tiger woods on the golf course any time soon. woods says his game is not acceptable for the pga tour and he won't return until it is. the move comes after woods withdrew from a tournament at torrey pines last weekend. before that he shot a career worst 82 to miss the cut at the phoenix open. woods' world ranking is now 62. it's the lowest it's been since he turned professional in 1996. we have new information about that hawaiian mystery involving golfer robert allenby. he told police he was beatenned, robbed and kidnapped last month in honolulu. police say they've caught someone who charged up to $20,000 on three of allenby's credit cards. owen patrick harveson was already locked up on an
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unrelated case. >> there were various items that were purchased, some of which we actually recovered. >> allenby was found passed out on a honolulu street last month. police aren't saying whether the golfer and the suspect had any contact but they're not investigating allenby's claims that he was kidnapped. still to come on was 9, you have to know when to hold them but this card in the "house of cards" received an early
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fans of "house of cards" got an early valentine's from netflix. netflix accidentally posted the new season online yesterday, a full two weeks early. netflix claims a technical glitch and pulled the episodes
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within minutes. amplegdzs a post on the -- afterwards a post on the "house of cards" twitter page says this is washington. there's always a leak. the full episodes will come out february 27. it's always nice to get an early gift. >> absolutely. we're getting an additional gift from mother nature. >> it's not spring. >> wintry mix turning into more snowy mix. >> this is just one of two little gifts of winter we have for you. today we're going to see n some snow showers, even a little bit of drizzle out there. it's -- not everything is touching the ground. that's not the big deal. the big deal is the temperatures, the wind. it's going to be brutal tomorrow morning. then it gets colder by sunday. let's take a look at satellite and radar. you can see all the snow showers kind of working their way down. you though, we saw them come down. if you look out the window, a lot of people are saying hey, it's really coming down out there but nothing really accumulated . if you have a picture, send it our way. a dusting, a powdering at best but we are looking at this
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pushing out pretty fast. clouds are here. temperatures are chilly but they are about to drop off for sure. here's a look at doppler 9,000. we do see a little bit of rain being reported for areas off to the east of 95 through the areas south and off to the west, we still have a couple of flurries out there. i've looked out the window. still a couple of flurries for northwest d.c. even. still back and pittsburgh, you see some of the snow showers. i think areas west of 81 we'll continue to see a couple more snow showers before the day is over. but the temperatures, that's what you're going to notice. by your drive home, you're going to hope that you have that extra layer with you. temperatures are at 41 degrees. winds are already picking up. we have a wind advisory for areas in the shenandoah valley. you're already seeing gusts up to 30 miles per hour. here's that futurecast. you see us drying out except for areas off to the west. a little bit of rain by 5:00 and a mix with some flurries. the skies clear and temperatures just fall off. these are the actual temperatures first thing tomorrow morning into the teens. it will feel below zero for
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tomorrow for the morning commute. we get into the 20s but it's going to feel into the teens as you head home for friday afternoon. now, this is saturday afternoon. we get agent bit of a prepeeve into the -- reprieve into the 30s. then another arctic blast saturday evening with a couple of snow showers. sunday is our coldest day of the season. take a look at this. this is value time's day weekend. -- valentine's day weekend. you're going to want to bundle up if you're headed out to dinner saturday night. temperatures in the 30s. the quick passing snow showers very similar to what we're seeing today, but they will bring colder air. so not much as far as accumulation on saturday afternoon. by sunday highs only about 18. and then our next winter storm will arrive with preprecipitation. we'll keep an eye on it next tuesday into wednesday. it is thursday. that means it is petline thursday. and angela, good to see you again from oldies but goodies
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cocker spaniel rescue. who do we have here? >> poppy. >> he is handsome. >> he is. he's had one owner his entire life. we can tell he was well taken care of. a family circumstance caused him to have to turn him into rescue but they did the responsible thing. they brought him to us. we're looking to find him a home. >> he is potty trained. >> he is. he's got -- he's potty trained g with other dogs and cats. and he loves children. and loves to chase the ball. so there would be nothing better. it's -- a child to throw something for him, he loves to play fetch. >> he has a lot of energy. >> very alert. he's watching the cameras. he's doing very well considering i just met him today. i picked him up from his foster mom. he will be at the petsmart in springfield this saturday so you can meet him there. we'll be there from 11:00 to 1:00 for our adoption show. you can find out a lot about him on our website which is if you're not in a position to adopt a dog but you want to
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help us out, we have a bow-wow bowl-a-thon march 29. >> we'll send them out there and have more information on our week site we'll xñaó5ñ
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it's all about the gear. running in cold weather could take a heavy toll on your body without the proper running gear. here now is some advice is evan webber from city sports. welcome. you heard allyson's forecast. how cold is too cold for you to get out there and run? >> i'm going to say about 25 degrees. a little less than that is going to be tough even though it's 25, feeling like the teens, you would still be out there? >> i would be. i'm not saying i would recommend it but i would try. >> you said runners do like to cool? >> absolutely.
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you actually want to start the moment you step out the door feeling chilly. your body produces so much heat when you run, no matter whether it's hot weather, cold weather. the key is to allow it to warm up. overheating is just as bad as being too cold. >> we always say layer up when it's cold and you say that's the thing we should do and start with a good base. >> absolutely. if you start with something like this, a craft base layer with a pair of smart wool socks, you get extra cushioning, extra warmth but these two pieces keep you dry. when you start to sweat, if your sweat gets cold, that's when you start to get too cold. it gets it away from the body. so certainly a good base layer is a good idea. then you work your way on to your main pieces. so in these cases, this is kind of a set. you got a nike top and bottom that are both shield as well so they block the wind and they happen to be weather resistant. >> what's really interesting is everything is thin. when you see runners out there running, they're never in bulky things like they're bulking up
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with heavy coats. this keeps you warm. >> the wind is the biggest culprit. you're already producing wind because you're moving. >> what else do we put on? >> after the main layers, you want to accessorize a little bit. style can definitely be a part of this but otherwise certainly a hat that covers your ears. you always lose a lot of heat through your head so cover your ears, cover your head. >> i feel good when my ears are scoffed. the -- covered. the gloves? >> exactly. you get something with a little touch screen sensitivity so you don't have to take your gloves off if you're adjusting your ipod or otherwise. for the really hard-core runner, you're out in the ice, the snow, the forecast looks rough coming up, you go with something like this and you have studs and things like that to keep you safe. >> the good thing is for golfers, evan says the base layers are good for us as well. some of us are crazy out there when it's really cold. thanks for being with us. be safe out there on the roadways. that's it for 9news at snoop.
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we will be back -- at noon. we will be back at 5:00. till then, have a great afternoon.
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>> nikki: victor? oh. have you seen my husband? >> phyllis: not for a while, no. >> nikki: well, that's surprising. i thought he would have been busy doting over his latest pet project. >> phyllis: victor's doing me a huge favor. i'm very grateful. but, nikki, if you don't want me here, all you have to do is -- >> nikki: i don't want you here. [ doorbell rings ] oh, of course. [ sighs ] it's for you. sissy. >> avery: actually, i'm here as your attorney today. >> ashley: there you are. ou waiting for me? >> ashley: yeah. i have the first mockups for hex's print campaign.


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