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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ting and followed the suspects. >> and then saw them run and was able to get over there to follow them and get that car description, get that car description out and fairfax county was able to get that description and make the stop. >> reporter: now the sheriff says this was a very brazen shooting happening right here in the middle of a busy shopping center, but he credits that alert witness who saw what happened and then followed the suspects calling the police along the way and giving them information. so fairfax county were able to make the stop. we know that the driver is in loudoun county custody and being interviewed. we do not have names yet and the injured passenger also a suspect in this attempted armed robbery is in inova fairfax hospital undergoing surgery. i'm peggy fox. back to you. more breaking news right now in silver spring where a montgomery county school bus
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packed with 50 kids made a sudden stop to avoid a crash. that stop was so sudden some kids complained of injuries. as you can see here, multiple ambulances were called to the scene on georgia avenue. our jim osman is live at the scene. we will go to him momentarily with more on the story. but first let's talk about those icy cold temps and the howling winds moving in the area. they were tossing peggy around. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us. how cold are we going to get tonight? >> wind chills below 0. at 5:00 winds are beginning to gust at 35 miles per hour in manassas, 33 in martinsburg and hagerstown. this is just the beginning really. we're looking at winds generally 35 to 40 miles per hour right through tonight. we 8:00 wind are still gusting to 37 in gaithersburg on the wind gust tracker and these numbers are all gusts miles per hour. downtown at 10:00 winds gusting
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to 32 miles per hour. by morning they'll subside during the day but still breezy, wind chills tomorrow morning will still be below 0. by 8:00 tonight 5 wind chill in gaithersburg, 14 downtown. at 10:00 it's going to feel like it's 4 up in frederick and 6 in manassas. so get ready. by morning taking the kids to the bus stop 6 a.m. feels like it's 6 below in gaithersburg, 3 below in frederick and leesburg. even down in la plata below 0 wind chills. 10:00 the winds subside a little, but wind chills are still single digits. we do have a wind chill advisory for frederick and winchester. wind chills could be 5 to 15 below. arctic blast number, a much better chance of snow showers saturday evening, valentine's day. we could see a dusting to an inch, bitterly cold sunday wind chills below 0 during the day with sunshine. we'll come back and talk about
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snow possible tuesday into wednesday. the models have changed a little bit. tonight a community remembers a high school senior killed yesterday in a crash in middletown, maryland. this happened yesterday morning on the way to school. surae chinn joins us live at middletown high where claire knight was a senior there. >> reporter: this is a community in mourning. grief counselors have been here the last two days and friends are remembering what a beautiful person claire was inside and out. with heavy hearts they made the sign behind me in her honor. >> can't cry anymore. my head kind of hurts, eyes hurt. nightmares all night. >> reporter: claire knight's closest friends haven't stopped thinking about her smile, her friendship and a future without her. >> i mean just an all around good person.
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>> yeah. she was my closest friend. she was amazing. you could tell her anything. she never judged anyone. she always had something good to say. >> reporter: these friends have been together since 8th grade. they were supposed to graduate together and for morgan bremer it should have been four more years by each other's side. >> she was going to be my roommate actually, yeah. it's going to be hard to find someone else, but has to be done. >> she's the first person to talk to me. she was the first person that was nice to me and i'll never forget claire for her smile and her friendship. >> reporter: the group couldn't bear being in the classroom today but couldn't stay away from school either, a day after claire died after colliding with a school bus on old middletown road yesterday morning. flowers lay at the crash site. her friends made t-shirts in her honor. the middletown high school student was versed in sign language, so her friends paid tribute and signed her name in
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this picture. a gofundme account has surpassed its $30,000 goal in less than a day. >> just let everyone know that claire will not be forgotten in a day, week, even a year, a decade not even. claire is always going to be with us. >> hurts and i'm going to miss her, but it's okay because i know she'll be with me. >> reporter: friends missing her greatly. you know, tomorrow is a teacher workday. so grief counselors are not expected here tomorrow. meanwhile there is an ice hockey championship going on right now and in her honor they have done a moment of silence and also players are wearing black arm bands with initials of claire and her name on that. so a lot of people thinking about her. she is greatly missed tonight. we want to go back out to silver spring now where dozens of kids were taken to the hospital after this school bus you see here had to make a
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sudden stop to avoid a crash. jim osman is live on the scene with more details for us. do we know what school these kids came from? >> reporter: jan, we know where they are from, from the sligo elementary school. we understand a few dozen students on board came to a sudden stop to avoid a collision. the students were jostled about. now two students we understand had minor injuries. there was no collision, but clearly the impact of the hard stop threw the children about. you can see the emergency response here. of course, any time school children are involved there's an all hands on deck scenario. so our breaking news live at 5:00. these children are from the sligo creek elementary school. there was not an accident. it was a collision, a few dozen students on board when the bus came to a sudden stop to avoid a collision. obviously it's a very cold day. they're trying to get the kids out of the cold, but again just a couple minor injuries. there was no accident.
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there just was a sudden stop on the school bus as the school bus driver was trying to avoid an accident. that's our breaking news live at 5:00. reporting live from montgomery county jim osman, wusa9 news. >> i can see how that would be so scary for those kids on board the bus. the battle is on over metro's plan to raise fares and cut service. the finance committee passed the plan on to the full board with a less than enthusiastic recommendation. bruce leshan is live at the judiciary square metro station with more on that meeting. >> reporter: it is going to be really interesting to see how this plays out the next few months. it's not dead yet, but they are seeing some really serious pushback. one after the other metro riders got up in today's finance committee meeting saying cutting service and raising fares even by just 10 cents would really hurt them and the region. metro staffers had proposed that one dime increase.
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they'd proposed cutting rush hour train service to one every eight minutes. they suggested eliminating late night service totally and had proposed cutting some bus routes. >> people that can afford to have cars will stop riding. people that are on fixed incomes and don't have cars and have their own means of transportation as bus or rail will be forced to pay the higher fares and that may cut into their food, taking care of their kids. >> reporter: all this opposition seemed to really convince the committee members. they now hope to go back to government leaders. instead of raising fares and cutting service, they hope to go back to government leaders in maryland, d.c. and virginia and try to convince them to kick in some more money, but that really could be a particularly tough sell in maryland where the new governor, larry hogan, said that he would much rather spend
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money on roads than on transit. back to you. >> we'll see if he can be convinced to do otherwise. thank you. the ntsb today displayed evidence gathered from last month's deadly metro incident at l'enfant plaza. among the items shown, those burned power cables and the cover to the third rail. the ntsb is leading the investigation into the smoke incident that killed carol glover. we reported earlier this week on a chunk of concrete that fell from a beltway bridge and smashed into the windshield of a woman traveling along suitland road in morningside, maryland. fortunately she was not hurt, but now maryland acting transportation secretary has ordered the immediate inspection of dozens of similar state owned bridges. secretary pete ron said motorists should not have to think twice about driving across or under one of our bridges. just yesterday our scott broom found fallen concrete from another beltway bridge in maryland. right now there's a killer on the loose in northwest d.c.
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and today d.c. police are not saying anything about this person of interest they are looking for after a capitol hill man was found stabbed to death in the donovan hotel. debra alfarone has been hunting down leads all day and joins us from near the hotel in thomas circle with what she's learned. that video was so chilling to watch there. >> reporter: video is very important. what happened here is a 30-year- old married lawyer turns up dead in the hotel monday. tuesday d.c. police offer up that person of interest you'll see in that video, but today d.c. police said they didn't make anyone available to talk to us. it's leaving a lot of people wonder is a killer walking these streets? police won't say if you're looking at a man or woman, but they put out surveillance video in the hopes you know who this is. this video shows they are a person of interest first waiting for the elevator, then taking the stairs, even looking at the camera before heading up the next flight. it was late tuesday morning
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when police found 30-year-old capitol hill attorney david messerschmitt dead stabbed to death in a hotel room on the fourth floor of the donovan hotel on 14th street in northwest. police documents show messerschmitt's wife kim reported him missing to police about 24 hours before. she apparently said, "everything seemed fine." and her husband apparently texted her that he'd be home in an hour around 7:30 monday night. the hip hotel known for its rooftop and happy hour is not commenting on this murder mystery. it's hard to say if this person of interest seemed familiar with the hotel's layout. police won't make anyone available to elaborate on why they pin pointed this person. a family spokesperson says the family is requesting privacy, so we don't know why messerschmitt was at the donovan. we do know he was originally from cincinnati, lived in capitol hill with his wife and
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worked in. district at d -- in the district at dla piper, a global law firm, where he specializes in technology and sourcing, a seemingly bright future cut short with not very many answers. you could be key to this because friends and family members of this gentleman are putting this person's picture on their facebook pages. you could be the key to solving this. mpd is offering $25,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever did this. it's 202-727-9099. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> let's hope they get a call soon. and we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00, some positive new developments for homeowners in montgomery county who had their property rights stolen with a stroke of a opinion, the update at 5:30. >> plus topper is back with your fri
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sorry, folks, none of the winning powerball jackpot tickets were sold in our area, but a couple $1 million tickets were sold in maryland, one at this giant on annapolis road in bowie, the other in oakland which is in garrett county. winning tickets for the third largest jackpot were sold in north carolina, puerto rico and texas. and we're all at work today. >> we are. >> i would have come to work anyway. >> sure, with a renewed sense of power. >> i would drive everyone crazy at home. >> there's a lot of things you could do. >> would you still be tenacious, though? >> of course, i would. the snow next week looks better. the thursday before super bowl
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it looked fantastic. >> remember, it looked good on thursday before the super bowl and we know what happened. it didn't happen. keep that in mind. right now we're contending with serious arctic air. wind are already picking up, down to -- winds are already picking up, down to 39 at national, looking at winds probably up to 40 miles per hour tonight, relative humidity very low 36%. current temperatures now, not crazy cold, 30 in gaithersburg, 36 in frederick, 34 in leesburg and 36 in manassas, but already we're seeing wind chills. we're seeing teens in gaithersburg, feels like it's 14 in hagerstown, feels like 16 in martinsburg. these colors will eventually envelope the rest of the metro as temperatures and wind chills continue to plummet. wind chills tonight 5 below to 5 above. the last walk for the dog it's going to be around 0. bus stop temperatures 12 to 22, but dress the kids for around 0, breezy in the morning. it won't be windy friday.
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winds will subside in the afternoon but still plenty cold and a real good chance of more snow showers valentine's day between about 3 and 8 p.m., could see a dusting to an inch with that system. futurecast here's a look at our temperatures. 16 at 6 a.m., 14 in manassas and leesburg, 11 in hagerstown and also gaithersburg. by 9:00 we're still in the teens. this was full sun, too. by 1:00 temps in the, wind chill single digits and by tomorrow evening mid- to upper 20s downtown. by tomorrow night temps will fall pretty quickly back in the upper teens. let's talk about the wind chills. 8:00 tonight single digits north, teens downtown, points south and east. by 10:00 you got to walk scrappy, 1 degree in gaithersburg for a chill,
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1 in hagerstown, 3 in leesburg, so it's going to get even worse. by morning below 0 in gaithersburg, leesburg, manassas, 1 below in patuxent river and plata. by 9:00 they sub side a little, but we're still left with single digits. 2:00 it still feels like 18 in gaithersburg and downtown. winds northwest 15 to 30 with higher gusts. day planner looks like this. 16 to start, 18 at 9:00, 21 at 11:00 and 25 at 1:00 with pretty much full sun. next three days, here comes our snow showers saturday, dusting to an inch possible. only 16 on sunday with sunshine. monday cold, presidents day, upper 20s. because the storm is taking a
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more southerly and easterly track that will keep the colder air in. it will start as snow, but this forecast creating snow than a mix tuesday and wednesday and still cold with flurries on thursday. new information on the car crash that took the life of cbs news man bob simon. the cab was traveling at a high speed when it rear-ended a mercedes in manhattan and the cab company speculates the drive who did survive suffered a -- the driver who did survive suffered a heart attack and was not wearing a seatbelt. meanwhile colleagues at cbs news are remembering bob. >> bob was a reporter's reporter, a breed of foreign correspondent really unlike anything that you see today. >> bob simon came to cbs in 1967. he built a career reporting from war zones around the world. for the past 19 years he contributed to 60 minutes. his final story airs sunday.
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he worked on it with his daughter who is a cbs news producer. two homes are destroyed and one is damaged after a fire broke out in mount rainier earlier this morning. neighbors walked outside and saw flames shooting from a home. thankfully no one was there, but next-door a woman woke up and got out just in time. a heard house had some damage, too. firefighters say given the severity of all this, it could have been a lot worse. >> i heard a boom and then i went to the door and heard my neighbors telling me to get out. by that time this house was ablaze. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the total damage for three houses and one car is more than $450,000. d.c. mayor muriel bowser unveiled a new program today to help homeless families.
5:21 pm
a leading team of experts will expect homeless families to housing opportunities and help them with the skills and paperwork involved. >> the housing navigators will work hand by hand with case managers. the inspectors we appoint will have the very specific task of going out each week and making sure the housing units are suitsable. >> bowser was very critical of her predecessor, vincent gray. street parking in d.c. can be a nightmare, figuring out all the confusion, no parking signs. avoiding a ticket seems next to gobble, but now a wusa9 investigation uncovers d.c. issuing tickets even when you are legally parked, how we got
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d.c. to rewright its rules tone at 10:00. >> the competition is -- to rewrite its rules tonight xñaó5ñ
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in tonight's consumer alert the markets closed high are and rising oil prices helped -- higher and rising oil prices helped to boost energy stocks. the dow jumped 110 points and the nasdaq jumped 56 point to its highest level since march of 2000. expedia is gobbling up its competition. it will buy orbitz for $1.3 billion. a few weeks ago our consumer team told you expedia was purchasing travelocity. it sounds like a steal but united airlines will not honor tickets that sold for 51 bucks yesterday. the airline says it was the online vendor that made the mistake when it applied the incorrect currency exchange rate. facebook received thousands of requests and now it is
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making a change to its policy that affects users in the after life. we told you about this last week and now the social media network will let you pick what's called a legacy contact. so a designated online heir will be able to make one last post after you pass away and that legacy contact with respond to new friend requests and update your cover and profile photos. loved ones are ditching technology to shop the old- fashioned way for their valentine's day sweethearts. the international council of shopping centers says the majority of people will purchase the chocolate, flowers, cards and jewelry in a store. the national retail federation expects valentine's day spending will reach nearly $19 billion. a mother accused of a horrifying crime involving her own children heads to court. what investigators say she did. >> new developments for homeowners in montgomery county who had their property rights stolen with the stroke
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get a fios triple play online at an amazing $79.99 a month guaranteed for two years. plus, a $400 bonus with a two-year agreement hurry, deal ends february 21st. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v more than seven years after discovering an allegedly dirty development deal locked them out of their own land, a group of african american property owners in montgomery county scored an important victory in court. scott broom's reporting on this issue has resulted in one major investigation, but the t is still not done. >> reporter: the properties involved here belong to mostly seniors, mostly the descendents of freed slaves who settled here more than a century ago and people who are mostly
5:30 pm
broke. in addition to all that, they have been mostly losing in court until now. it's the road that some maps show has been here since the 1800s but that somehow got wiped off important montgomery county planning records along with some people's addresses. when the developers came, but today the case of farm road here in sandy spring remains mostly still unresolved. the property owners' lawsuits thrown out when judges ruled they didn't sue in complex property rights issues landowners didn't even know about until 78-year-old bill rounds was denied an address in 2007 as he planned to build his retirement home on a family plot. that land is still vacant and rounds is still frustrated at every turn. >> what they need to do is acknowledge what there is and what's been there 108 years! >> reporter: but now higher courts ruling lower courts were
5:31 pm
wrong throwing out rounds case and that there was an alleged scheme to grab archings conservation easemenand force out land owners -- grab a conservation easement and force out land owners, but rounds is having a hard time believing after all this time it will change anything. does it feel like you're at least winning a round here? >> no! every time you turn a page you got a new set of directions. >> reporter: whether the rounds lawsuit goes forward or not, there's something else very important that's happened here. a new survey commissioned by the montgomery county department of transportation now clearly documents farm road as it exists today. a spokesman for montgomery county executive ike leggett says he is waiting for a recommendation from the d.o.t. on whether to simply declare the road public and put it back on official records for good which advocates claim leggett could do with a simple stroke
5:32 pm
of his pen. the county executive has not said what he intends to do. in montgomery county scott broom, wusa9. in chesterfield county, virginia, two men have been convicted on charges connected to the hazing death of two virginia state university students in april of 2013. both were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and hazing. trials for two other suspects are underway. two students drowned while trying to swim the appomattox river, an initiation for a group called men of honor, an organization not sanctioned by the university. funerals were held today for the three students shot to death in chapel hill. 46-year-old craig hicks surrendered shortly after shooting near the university of north carolina. all three victims were shot in the head execution style. two were newlyweds along with the woman's sister. they were all also muslim. police are trying to determine whether the murders were
5:33 pm
motivated by a dispute over a parking space as initially reported or whether this was a hate crime. >> and i'm never be able to make sense of this horrendous tragedy. we ask that the authority investigate these senseless and heinous murders as a hate crime. >> police are examining hicks' computer to see if there was anything on it that indicates bias against muslims or any other group. the fbi is assisting local police who are leading the investigation. there will be a vigil in dupont circle this evening to remember the victims of the chapel hill murders. the rally is organized by area civil rights groups, the council on american islamic relations among them and ibrahim hooper is the director of care. he says it's important for muslims to speak out against this violence even though many are afraid. >> there really is a sense of fear in the muslim community and this tragic case really heightened that fear and brought to the surface a lot of the tensions that we've been feeling in recent weeks.
5:34 pm
>> today's vigil begins at 6:30 in dupont circle. demonstrators are using the #dcforchapelhill. a mother accused of killing six of her newborn babies has pleaded guilty to murder. today in provo utah in a courtroom 39-year-old megan huntsman entered those six guilty pleas. she stored the bodies in her garage more than a decade. her estranged husband found the bodies in april of 2014. shipping operations at some west coast ports are suspended tonight after an ugly labor dispute. the pacific maritime association is squaring off against the dockworkers union. the company is shuting down operations for a few days in l.a. and long beach. pacific does not want to pay higher wages for weekend and holiday work and accuses employees of work slowdowns. caught on camera a school bus driver in houston gets fed up with the students and quits mid route. >> sit down! laugh again, little boy.
5:35 pm
>> i'll end up on the short bus. >> special need bus for people that don't understand. >> what's that mean? >> i just said for slow people that don't understand. i'm done. they can have this crap. >> the driver did call for backup and officially resigned the next day and now the police department is investigating her. >> we want charges filed. that's exactly what we're going for. >> so far the driver has not been charged with any crime. some positive news to report on a young man badly injured in a sledding accident. >> the community has been rallying around 6-year-old benston shone otherwise known as the b man and the boy from mclean has been moved to a rehab center in d.c. and is breathing on his own and his family is confident that the b man will relearn to walk and talk. we are pulling for you all the way! >> that's so great to hear, great news there! trending now a bill to ban
5:36 pm
yoga pants and 50 shades of gray has some people seeing red. >> the winds have picked up and wind chills are starting to fall, not crazy bad yet, but they will be, people like it's 29 downtown, 18 in gaithersburg, 14 in hagerstown and 16 in winchester. we'll talk about how low they'll go and prospects for snow saturday and again
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. taking a look at some stories trending now, a move to ban yoga pants in montana. that's not going to move forward. >> this is all part of an indecent exposure bill introduced by representative david moore earlier this week. the proposal would have banned really any garments that outlined a person's bottom, their genitals, pelvis or female parts, but after a couple giggles and zero discussion the bill was unanimously tabled. >> because doesn't every pair of pants do that in some capacity? >> i think you're correct there. i have no idea where that was going. tonight the movie version of fifty shades of grey opens in select theaters in d.c. and across the country. >> we haven't seen it yet. haven't even read the book yet. >> i haven't either.
5:40 pm
>> but wusa9 contributor and morning guy tommy sly was there for the sneak peek. >> reporter: last night was the much anticipated d.c. premier for fifty shades of grey. >> it's something different for me. i'm so excited to watch the movie. >> i'm looking forward for the experience. >> i'm actually excited to see what is going to show in the movie. >> i can't wait to get some ideas from the movie, straight up. >> we had a packed house, over 100 of our peeps to see the movie before it opens up to the rest of the world. we wanted to know what did you think? >> great movie, better than the book. >> jamie dorman, amazing. >> i wanted more, can't wait for the next one. >> i will definitely see it. >> i didn't like the way it ended. >> see a woman with your other woman. >> i tell you the men who admitted they actually read the book is something right there, right? and while plenty of people will head out to see 50 shades this weekend the host of the today
5:41 pm
show australia called it the worst movie she's ever seen. >> lisa wilkinson says it is domestic violence dressed up as erotica and if there's one thing this movie is not, it'ser rockic. we're -- it's erotic. we're going to pivot here and tell you a story of two friends, barbie and her best bud ken who were running around the anacostia metro station saturday morning when somehow ken got hurt and was sprawled out along spurling avenue. a good samaritan helped stop traffic while the washington humane society rushed to the rescue. all the while barbie stayed by ken's side. ken is on the mend in the hospital now which is why we can't show you his picture. the search is on for the owner of barbie and ken. if that owner is not located in seven days, the dogs may go up
5:42 pm
for adoption. call 202-576-6664 if you have any information about the dogs. next week we will be sharing even more amazing dog stories here on wusa9. now, scott, got something special planned for you tonight. >> coming up the heart warming story of a young man in nokesville, virginia, whose dream came true last night. those who were in the gym will probably never forget the night. we'll have that story in nine minutes. >> protecting yourself after a data breac i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network.
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our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. the democratic party will hold the 2016 convention in philadelphia the week of july 25th. republicans will hold their convention a week earlier in cleveland. federal workers would be banned from looking at porn on their work computers if new house legislation becomes law in. one case an employee watched six hours of porn a day. a harsh punishment for a south korean airline exec who had an in flight tantrum after her macadamia nuts were served to her in a bag instead of a
5:46 pm
dish, she's been sentenced to one year in jail. she was incensed over the nuts and demanded the plane return to the gate at new york's jfk airport. we're reporting more cases of hackers breaking into databases of major corporations looking for personal information and security experts say people who think their information man compromised can take steps to minimize the damage. kris van cleave reports from new york. >> it has been a nightmare and very upsetting. >> reporter: william lutz says cyber thieves got his social security number. he believes it happened after hackers broke into his healthcare provider last year. since then criminals ran up more than $40,000 in fraudulent credit card charges. >> i was spending all my free time trying to stay ahead of the perpetrators and it was mostly on the phone contacting financial institutions. >> reporter: last week another company, health insurer anthem, announced hackers broke into their database containing the same kind of information for up to 80 million people. >> social security numbers are
5:47 pm
the keys to the kingdom, if you will, in the identity theft world. social security numbers are key to opening up new accounts. >> reporter: the federal trade commission says people who fear their personal information has been stolen should request a fraud alert or credit freeze from the credit bureaus, alert your credit card, bank and other financial institutions, monitor all your accounts and credit report for suspicious activity. >> that will alert banks, credit card companies to be suspicious and on guard. >> reporter: anthem is offering free credit monitoring for a year, put scammers are already sending -- but scammers are already sending fake e- mails like this one. people who click on the link are sent to a scam site asking for secure information. go directly to the company's website. never click on a link in an e- mail. >> experts say people who have evidence of identity theft should report it to the federal trade commission and really important here, get yourself a police report. always watching always
5:48 pm
tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> temps are starting to tumble as are the wind chills, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 39 downtown, humidity 36%, winds still northwest at 22. that's kind of average. they're gusting over 30 miles an hour. what does it feel like? it feels like 29 downtown, but up north already feels like the teens, gaithersburg, frederick, martinsburg and winchester, feels like it's 20 in leesburg and manassas. weather headlines, wind chills tonight between 5 below and 5 above from about 10:00 on. bus stop temperatures 12 to 22, but inform breeze in the morning to drive -- but enough the morning to drive those wind chills below 0. more snow showers valentine's day, a dusting to an inch. k will be late afternoon and early saturday night. futurecast for the immediate forecast, 16 at 6:00 tomorrow
5:49 pm
morning downtown, low to mid- teens elsewhere. by 9:00 we're still in the teens across the board with full sun, mind you. by 1:00 22 downtown, 20 in frederick and by 5:00 temperatures in the 20s across the board. by 9:00 tomorrow a few clouds west of i-81, essentially clear in the metro, temperatures falling to the upper teens and low 20s. what does it feel like? 8:00 tonight wind chills in the single digits north and west of town and by 10:00 1 above wind chill in gaithersburg, martinsburg and 6 above in manassas. by morning a lot of folks will have wind chills below 0, 6 below in gaithersburg, 3 below in frederick, leesburg, 1 below in manassas and waldorf. get ready, kids. bundle up at the bus stop. by 9:00 wind chills 3 below to 5 above and by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon it evens out a little, wind chills essentially
5:50 pm
in the teens and low 20s. we'll jump ahead to saturday, 2:30 in the afternoon, now advance to 6 p.m. there's your snow showers covering a pretty good area in the metro area. by 8:00 still snow showers down to fredericksburg and baltimore. by 10:00 the back edge begins to approach from west to east and end. tonight clearing skies, windy, very cold, wind chills below 0, low temperatures in teens. 16 at 7:00 on the day planner. these are downtown temps. 21 at 11:00, only 25 at 1:00. the next three days there are your snow showers on saturday. we'll monitor saturday. we may have to do a yellow alert. temps plummet saturday night, bitterly cold sunday, 16 for a high. next seven days, cold but dry on presidents day and right now snow starts tuesday and a little colder situation, may stay snow in the immediate metro area ending on wednesday and staying cold through
5:51 pm
thursday. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> today's sports profile doesn't involve championship implications. it does, however, involve a most valuable player. scott blumeer is a member of the brentsville district high school basketball team, but he never plays until last night. diane roberts reports on a magical night in a small gymnasium in prince william county. >> reporter: scott blumeer is a junior at brentsville district high school in nokesville. the young man with an intellectual disability is the tigers team manager. >> i'm practice jersey number. >> reporter: when you look at him, do you see a special needs kid? >> no. he's one of the guys. we're rough with him. he roughs with us back. he challenges me to one on 1. he'll block our shots. >> reporter: the 20-year-old does it all, laundry, water
5:52 pm
bottles, videotaping the games. unbeknownst to scott the camera would catch him in action in the jv game against the james monroe yellowjackets. >> we have a uniform ready for you to play. we're going to give you this tonight so you can play. you're going to be dressed with your teammates getting ready to play tonight. >> all right. >> you ready for that? >> yes. >> all right. you sure? >> yes. >> check in, baby. >> reporter: how did you feel when coach lewis said all right, scott? >> nervous, but i did well. >> reporter: he attempted shot after shot but none would go in. the entire gym was on his side, even opposing players. >> i was cheering for him to make the basket even though i'm on the other team. >> reporter: coach lewis said getting scott in the game was the goal. >> i felt like crying sometimes, you know. it's a wonderful thing to see him get a chance to do that. >> reporter: his family
5:53 pm
watched from the stand with high hopes for a basket and then with about a minute and a half left in the game? [ cheering and applause ] >> a proud moment as a father, everything that i could ask for to make my son happy. >> reporter: the tigers lost 51-39, but the final score is not what the game was about. >> doesn't matter win or lose to me. >> reporter: in this match-up everyone in the gym won watching a special young man make his dream come true. in nokesville diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> isn't that some priceless stuff right there? >> how you play the game and he played well. >> that's what it's about. the funny thing is he went right back to managing because that's his job. he took off the jersey and went back, got his clothes on, went right back to managing the varsity team doing his job. >> i love how emotional the coach got, too. >> players on the opposing
5:54 pm
team, too. they were all in it for scott last night. >> they all understand sportsmanship. coming up at 6:20 we'll head out to college park to recap last night's thriller. are the terps back on track after holding off the hoosiers? we'll have a report. >> it was like a scene from an action movie, but in northern virginia today the bullets and blood, it was all real. at 6:00 the newest information on that violent armored car heist. >> but first a candid conversation with police, race and building trust with
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
fbi director james comey dives into the topic of race relations during a speech today at georgetown university. >> as craig boswell reports from georgetown university, comey says it's important for america to talk about an issue many would rather ignore. >> with the death of michael brown in ferguson, the death of eric garner in staten island and the ongoing protests throughout the country we are at a crossroads. >> reporter: fbi director james comey says the country need to keep up its dialogue about race relations and law enforcement. he says it's time all side heard some hard truth. >> something happens to people in law enforcement. >> reporter: comey says officers can become cynical. that can lead to distrust of minorities, especially young black men. >> we need to come to grips with the fact that this behavior complicates the relationship between the police and the communities they serve. >> reporter: he says racial biases can go both ways.
5:58 pm
>> some american communities view the police not as allies but antagonists and think of them as someone not to be treated with gratitude and respect, but someone worthy of suspicion and mistrust. >> i was moved by director comey's remarks today. >> reporter: paul butler is a former federal prosecutor and professor at georgetown law. he called the speech historic. >> for the fbi director to talk about the privilege of the white majority, unconscious racism, our history of discrimination, that's huge. >> reporter: butler and comey agree race relations can improve if all sides keep talking. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> comey also suggested officers spend less time in patrol cars and more times walking the streets of their communities and says it's time law enforcement began collecting data on police involved shootings so we can understand the true magnitude of the problem. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
get ready. there's a cold windy night coming your way. temperatures will dip to the teens. thanks for being here. hope you're warm and inside. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm frigid just thinking about it. i'm lesli foster. with the winds it's going to feel below 0. so let's get right to chief meteorologist topper shutt with more on how cold it's going to get tonight. >> winds the last hour gusting to 30 miles per hour in manassas. again, each value is an actual recorded wind gust in miles per hour. now we'll go on to the forecast. by 7:00 the winds could gust to 34 miles per hour downtown, 37 in gaithersburg, 36 in leesburg, manassas. by 8:00 wind are gusting in excess of 30 mile-per-hour. by 10:00 37 mile-per-hour wind gusts in gaithersburg and 34 in la plata. the entire metro area will see winds 30 to 40 miles per hour
6:00 pm
tonight into tomorrow morning, not quite as strong and late morning hours winds are gusting 10 to 20 miles an hour, but what it does to wind chill, it feels like it's going to be 14 downtown at 8:00, single dentals to the north. late tonight it's going to feel in the single digits to below 0 and by morning taking the kids to the bus stop, hat, gloves, scarf, 3 below wind chill in gaithersburg and by 11:00 wind chills are in the single digits. we have new information. montgomery and western loudoun county has been added to the wind chill advisory. wind chills could go to 10 below 0 tonight. better chance of snow showers saturday evening. we'll come back and talk about that, a dusting to an inch possible, bitterly cold sunday, wind chills below 0 during the day and we'll update you on the


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