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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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round 1 of our arctic last has arrived. high winds are ushering in the coldest air of the season so far in washington tonight and it's going to get worse before it gets better. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. wind chills are heading below 0 tonight. so how cold will be it when you start the car in the morning? >> chief meteorologist topper shutt is braving the temperatures out on the weather terrace. how is it out there? >> it's a little cold. you really got to bundle up the kids tomorrow. let's talk about wind chill advisories. until about 10:00 wind chill values could be as low as 10 below 0. that's pretty cold for us. in terms of temperatures and what's going on now with the wind chills, it's impressive and it's just going to get lower going through the night towards morning. already we've got wind chills in the single digits. it feel like it's 1 now in gaithersburg. it feels like it's 4 below in
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hagerstown. downtown it feels like 7 degrees. in the morning it's going to feel like 6 below in gaithersburg, 3 below in leesburg and down to la plata in southern maryland it's going to feel below 0 tomorrow morning. by 9:00 still below 0 and by 1:00 temperatures in the single digits to teens. you got to dress for the single digits across the board tomorrow. looking ahead snow showers saturday evening, some slick spots. we could see a dusting to 2 inches by saturday evening, a very strong front. it's really strong coming in. wind chills will be below 0 during the day sunday and we'll talk about the possibility of a bigger snow tuesday into wednesday next week. >> you knew this had to happen. we actually have a school delay to tell you about. >> anne arundel county schools will hope two hours later tomorrow to give them sufficient time to make sure the utility and heating systems are working properly in their school buildings. our mola lenghi is live
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where people tell him it's not so much the cold but the wind that's the problem. >> reporter: i'm convinced i'm standing in the coldest spot in the entire metropolitan area. that's just how it feels on the key bridge. as topper mentioned, it is the wind that is the story and the wind is making it feel even colder than it is. it's winter. it's supposed to be cold, but the wind, oh, it's just unpleasant. the nasty wind could be heard, felt and seen throughout the area today. flags dancing, street lights wobbling, litter swirling, branches shivering and people complaining. >> it's freezing out here. i love winter, but i do not like this wind. it's crazy. >> reporter: and painful. >> it's the face, it makes my nose run, makes your eyes tear and your glasses get foggy. all terrible. >> reporter: mary elgin had to walk in it about 45 minutes from glover park in d.c. to arlington. >> get my exercise and be a good citizen and save the
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planet, but it's cold. this key bridge is cold. >> reporter: dori kiniggi had to stand in it waiting for the bus to arrive. >> i'm dealing with it. >> reporter: this postal carrier had to work in it. he's also prepared. got the goretex boots going and thermals under those. >> it works. >> reporter: let's hope it works tomorrow because the wind will make it feel far below freezing. >> it's going to be what, 27 degrees tomorrow? >> reporter: it's going to be bad. >> i'm probably have to come out here with a blanket or something. >> reporter: walk around with a snuggie. as we mentioned, it's cold. it's only getting colder overnight and into tomorrow. if you or anyone you know needs a warm place to stay, it's dangerously cold. you certainly don't want to be outside. if you need a warm place to stay, we have a list of warming centers and phone numbers throughout the area ready to happen. find our wusa9 mobile app free
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of charge. mola lenghi, wusa9. >> looks painful. thanks. montgomery county police want to remind residents it is illegal to leave dogs outside by themselves during cold weather emergencies. animal control officers will be out enforcing the law tonight through monday. violators could face a $500 fine. imagine waiting for a train on the outdoor metro platforms after midnight on what's going to be such a bitterly cold weekend. that late night metro service could soon be cuts back under one budget proposal and the fares for it could go up as well. jim osman is live at the metro center where neither option is sitting very well with those that ride the metro. jim? >> reporter: hi, derek. good evening, folks at home. you were just talking about how cold it is out here. that has people very grumpy and then we told them what metro was up to. metro's riders already with 1 eye on safety after last month's deadly incident on a smoke filled train now have an
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eye on their wallets. >> i've been riding the metro since its inception and nobody has ever said hey, let's not raise fares. >> reporter: fares could raise 10 cents under a number of scenarios or weekend service could be cut off midnight. >> if my friends and i were to go out to d.c. on a friday or saturday night to go to a bar, we would have to drive here in order to get back home. so the metro allows us to not drive home drunk and to stay safe. >> a lot of young people in the city like to go out on those evenings. so by cutting metro you let one of their options for getting around the town. they'll have to rely more on cabs and who knows what else. they might resort to driving and we would not want to have drinking and driving. >> reporter: scaling back weekend service would take riders back to the late '90s and on top of the safety issue,
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there's this. >> cabs are a lot more expensive than taking the metro and the metro is a safer option for girls who are going out with their other girl friends instead of taking cabs. >> i'm broke. so trying to spend money on a cab or an uber is just like not an option. >> reporter: that young woman is keeping it real, isn't she? we should let you know this whole scenario played out very similarly a few years ago. metro threatened a cutback in service. that didn't happen. fare hikes may be the aim here. we'll keep you posted. jim osman, wusa9 news. >> a lot of metro customers keeping it real tonight, jim. a house oversight committee will hold a hearing tomorrow to examine safety concerns on the metro, questions raised about the possible state of gap on the subway ever since last month's smoke filled train at l'enfant metro station where one woman died and dozens had to be hospitalized. one passenger on that train, the head of metro and the ntsb
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chairman, will be among the witnesses. today the ntsb displayed evidence from their investigation into that incident including the burned power cables and cover for the third rail. maryland's acting transportation secretary ordered the immediate inspection of dozens of state- owned bridges. that action was prompted by an incident earlier this week when a chunk of concrete fell from a beltway bridge smashing the windshield of a woman traveling along suitland road in morningside. fortunately she was not hurt, but in ordering the inspections secretary pete ron said drivers should not have to think twice about going across or under any of the state's brings. four elementary students suffered minors injuries on the bus they were riding when it stopped suddenly this afternoon along georgia avenue in silver spring. that bus had students from sligo creek elementary. the driver was forced to slam on the brakes when a car cut off the bus. a shootout at a chantilly shopping center has sent one armed suspect to the hospital
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and landed another in custody. >> two men tried to rob an armored car at the eastern market plaza this afternoon. shots were exchanged. one of the suspects was hit and wounded, but both men ran to their car and drove off. investigators say an eyewitness followed that get-away car into fairfax county and gave the cops the info they needed to pull the car over on the fairfax county parkway. >> outstanding work on the part of the citizen to do that and to get us the information that we needed and just great coordination between dispatch, between fairfax county, between the sheriff's office, just very, very good all the way around. >> the loudoun county sheriff's office says the injured suspect was taken to inova fairfax hospital with injuries described as life threatening. the other suspect identified as 27-year-old jarod williams of oxon hill is charged with attempted robbery and commission of a firearm during a felony. two men were arrested after
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one was allegedly caught on live streaming video entering a bait car. a bait car looks like any other vehicle, but it's equipped with hidden cameras and a microphone to record whenever anyone tampers with the car. this particular bait car was parked on primrose street. under arrest tonight, eric bayton of d.c. and harrison anderson of lanham, maryland. the charges include breaking and entering a motor vehicle and theft. d.c. police arrested a juvenile in the gash and grab robbery of two kittens taken -- smash and grab robbery of two kittens taken monday morning from the petco store in columbia heights northwest. despite the arrest the two 3- month-old tabbies have not been found. disturbing new details in the case of abby barry freundel accused of secretly videotaping more than 150 nude women at a jewish ritual bath, far more than the six victim mentioned
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when the rabbi was charged last year. investigators say freundel spied on women using a hidden camera inside a clock. according to the washington post, authorities are still trying to identify dozens of victims who appear on that video. freundel pleaded not guilty. the suspect now charged with first degree murder in the death of hannah graham will be in a fairfax county courtroom tomorrow. a judge is expected to set a trial date for jesse matthew. he is charged with attempted murder and sexual assault in connection to that 2005 attack on a woman in fairfax city. matthew will make his first court appearance in the graham case wednesday via video link from the fairfax county jail. the fbi open an inquiry into the murders of the three muslim college students in chapel hill, north carolina. police say the two women and 1 man was shot by a neighbor over a parking space dispute, but the victims' families and supporter insist this has hate crime written all over it.
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40-year-old stephen hicks is in prison charged with the murders. police continue to investigate every angle. tonight the #chapelhillshooting and #muslimlivesmatters are trending in washington and all over the world. >> the council on american islamic relations and its friends had a vigil for the three victims. some say the shooting was motivated by hate. the new york time reports that he had a strong belief in atheistism. >> we're experiencing tremendous loss right now. >> words cannot even begin to describe the amazing character of these people that we lost. >> the man killed was a dental student. he planned to help syrian
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refugees. he just married his wife who was also murdered along with her sister. coming up why all americans have a stake in the white house summit taking place tomorrow in stanford. >> also ahead support for a local craft brewery at the center of a david versus goliath battle over its trademark. >> reporter: the signs sure don't say it, but the ticket says no parking under a bridge. coming up wusa9 call for action goes to battle. >> temperatures fall. we'll concentrate on wind chills for the wakeup weather. dress for anywhere between 5 above to 10 below with temperatures in the teens. clearly as a bell. by 9:00 we're only 15 to 22 with temperatures when you factor in the wind 0 to 10. we'll come back, ta
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hate parking tickets? what if you got ticketed for legal parking. turns out it's been happening for years until wusa9 call for action found out. here's investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> reporter: if you're used to parking in d.c., you know you've got to check that parking sign, the parking sign next to you and behind you, but who would think you also have to check over your head? >> i had a ticket and i was truly upset. >> reporter: it's a $50 park
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under bridge parking ticket that happened to donna johnson under the southeast freeway. >> there's no legal parking under the bridge, they need to post signs up here. >> reporter: the only signs warn off in rush hour parking. >> all three of my tickets were at 1:00 in the afternoon. >> reporter: she says when she took photos and appeal she did not get response. she was ticketed for violating d.c. regulation 2405.1d, but we looked it up. 2405.1d actually says parking prohibited upon a bridge. there's nothing outlawing parking under a bridge. >> this is first i've heard of it. >> reporter: we brought the case to council member mary cheh who heads d.c.'s transportation committee. here is what they're training their enforcement officers with. even d.c.'s enforcement training manual wrongly shows parking under an elevated
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structure as a violation. >> if that's wrong, we'd like to rectify that. it's appear error. >> reporter: d.c.'s department of public works -- an error. >> reporter: d.c.'s department of public works blamed it on a programming error. how does that happen for so many years that you're training people? it's in your training manual. >> all i can say is that it occurred. we are correcting it. >> reporter: she says now the agency is researching the people wrongly ticketed to clear their records and give them their money back. refunds are going out. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: you bet. they still don't know how many tickets issued or when those refunds will go out. for wusa9 call for action, russ ptacek, wusa9. >> russ called the police department, too during his investigation. a spokeswoman says they are changing their regulation as well. if you have a problem and want our wusa9 call for action investigators to help you with, go to tower app. look for the call -- to to our
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app and go to our wusa9 call for action page. president obama will attend a summit at stanford tomorrow covering a wage range of issues from developing better passwords to encouraging more secure payment methods. >> the fact it's also focused on consumer protection is a big deal, too, because it says that ordinary citizens like you and me have a personal stake in cyber security. >> apple ceo tim cook and representatives from other tech companies are expected to speak as well. the ceos of visa, bank of america and mastercard are scheduled to participate. in northern america a trademark dispute is shaping up as david versus goliath. the company that makes red bull energy drink is challenging the right of the old ox brewery in ashburn to trademark its name and logo. old ox brewery president chris burns will take the story from here. >> they wanted us to agree never to use the color red,
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never to use any bovine terms or images in the color red, never use silver and blue, never produce any soft drinks. >> tonight at the brewery a big round of drinks and hearty show of support in the chamber of commerce. the chamber points out the brewery's name is rooted in local geography. old ox road winds through the area. so we will keep you posted on the brewery's progress. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> they could probably avoid making any soft drinks. >> exactly. they can adhere to that. >> seems silly, though. >> old ox, man, come on. we're rooting for the local little guy. >> it is getting cold out there. >> like topper. >> i resemble that remark. >> that was good. >> we are looking at temperatures below 0, factor in the winds by morning and even colder air sunday. let's start with a live look
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outside, our live michael and son weather cam. it's down to 23, dew point 0. that is a cold air mass. by the time we get to tomorrow we'll see dew points below 0 which is kind of unusual for us. winds are northwest at 25. you get an air mass like this, you want to get humidity back into your home. you'll need it. wind chills tomorrow morning plus 5 to 10 below, okay? bus stop temperatures 12 to 22, but kind of ignore that and dress the kids and yourself for 5 above to 10 below. sunny and cold friday, not windy in the afternoon. winds subside during the morning. i'm getting more excited about this. it's all we have to get excited about this winter, a strong cold front, a dusting to 2 inches possible late saturday afternoon and saturday evening, almost like a summertime thunderstorm rolling through, could get intense during saturday evening. in the meantime wind chills 5 below tomorrow morning at 6:00, 2 below in frederick, 6 below
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in hagerstown, by 9:00 still feels like 4 below in leesburg, 1 above in la plata. by 1:00 wind chill in the teen but temperatures not much -- wind chills in the teens but temperatures not much warmer than that. i would dress for the single digits and teens tomorrow. futurecast, jump ahead now to saturday. by 6 p.m. it's going to be like a summertime front that blasts through. we get some intense snow showers. 8:00 snow showers across most of the metro area and by 10:00 beginning to end off to the west, but showers and snow showers still occurring from d.c. to gaithersburg to baltimore down to fredericksburg. some of the roads could get slick if you have plans valentine's day night. tonight overnight clear skies, windy, very cold, lows in the teens, wind chills below 0, wind northwest and gusty. day planner, 21 by 11:00, 25 with sunshine by 1 p.m.
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saturday we'll monitor this for a possible yellow alert for snow showers late in the day. we'll monitor sunday with temperatures in the teens, wind chills 0 to 10 below all day. winds could gust to 50 miles an hour sunday morning. next seven days still watching this storm tuesday, wednesday. if you're a snow lover, it's a little better. the track is further south and east. that's a good thing if you like snow. we get into thursday still snow showers possible, highs 30. >> i'm staying in this weekend. >> build a big fire. >> get out there and do something. would it be fair to call this sports cast a potpourri of varied elements? >> a potpourri. you're about to experience a different kind of ride tonight. first i'm going to educate you. then i'm going to touch your latter. the capitals are out west, but they're doing some of their best work closer to
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> 33-21, the best record the wizards have had at the all- star break in nearly a decade. so how come there's so many
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sour puss faces in the locker room these days? that's what happens when expectations start rising. here to tell you d.c. rising has d.c. flat lined this days, wizards losing six of eight headed to the all-star break. at 33-21 you might think guys overall are thinking positive, no. guys like march since gortat say this kind of basketball they're playing these days, unacceptable. >> we got to come back to the gym and work on your game, stay in shame, heal if you have to heal and -- shape, heal if you have to heal and get ready to come back stronger. what that feels like coming in the gym with a streak of ails with you. we already went through that stench and got it off our back. we're ready to move forward. >> nothing like the stench. tough year for mike brennan at au at lehigh, mountain hawks, austin price, price, price, baby names the bomb.
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lehigh wins 65-58. american falls to 13-12. >> no! >> gets better. it's thursday, so it's time for owens opinion, tonight jackie robinson little league. yesterday reverend jesse jackson said the players should sue little league baseball and get their title back and race was brought back into question. as an african american, i'm pleading for cooler and smarter heads to prevail because here's the thing. they cheated. i'm not implying jackie robinson kids are cheaters, but the parents certainly are, no different than overzealous aau or a high school coach who bends the rules to get a player inside or outside their neighborhood on the team. memos to the parents of the team. you weren't wronged. this ain't selma. it's little league baseball and you blew it. man or woman up, take your medicine and don't embarrass yourselves anymore by filing
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some ridiculous lawsuit. that is owens opinion tonight. finally great video of tyler benston, the young caps fan struck by a vehicle in early february while sledding. here's ty watching a get well video sent by players from his fave team. >> it's mike green here with the washington capitals. we want you to come to a game. all the boys are pulling for you. >> what's up b man? it's good to hear you're doing so well and fighting. we'll see you soon in a game or come by and see you. get well. >> isn't that awesome? caps players have been rallying for benston to get well since his accident. looks like b is going to be all right. he was in a medically induced coma. his eyes are open now and he is
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is sponsored in part by cigna. >> oh, top, my brother. >> you ready? it's going to get worse, in the 20s tomorrow, wind chills below 0 for the kids in morning and some snow showers saturday. i think we could see a dusting to 2 inches on valentine's day night. >> really. that's just wonderful news. thank you so much. might be time to stay home, snuggle up. that's what i'm talking about. we're done. have a
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from america's own wooden rollercoaster, it's the "late show" with david letterman! tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now chiseled body tiebo instructor, david letterman! (cheers and applause) ♪


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