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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 16, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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screen. >> the snow is expected to continue into the morning. chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking who could get the worst of it. >> we're on the weather terrace. in the last minute or two it's not snowing super hard, but it has dusted the terrace. the good news is the light fluffy snow, bad news is it's going to get heavier overnight. we still think a general of 4 to 8-inch band is going to be pretty prevalent either side of i-66 and up through the beltway, bethesda, maybe even up to rockville. now to the south, that's the bull's eye, culpeper and la plata and fredericksburg. you folks will get 8 to 12 inches and i think that's going to be a lot especially into southern maryland. to the north cumberland and hagerstown probably 3 to 6 inches, probably even frederick as well, so a little less to the north. legitimate snow. critical hours essentially now through 7 a.m.
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it's a very dry snow, easier to sweep away and easier on your back to shovel. bull's eye south and east of town and a general 4 to 8 inches on the way. we'll pick up some cities here. bowie 6 inches, downtown 7 inches on the terrace, leesburg 5, fairfax kind of in the middle, so 6 inches, bethesda sort of in the middle 7 inches. it's so dry we'll get more bang for the buck, so to speak. that's why we think we'll get a lute fluffy snow. on the impact meter not as high, probably around a four because we're coming off a three-day holiday. it's going to occur mainly overnight. everybody is prepared. it will have less impact in term of trying to get to work tomorrow. it will on trying to arrange to keep the kids busy as you have to stay home if school is closed. we'll be back. erica will join me with pictures from around the metro area. we'll also talk about maybe even more snow wednesday. >> nice to know the impact
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could be worse. still the snow will keep falling all night long and that is not good news for those of you who have to hit the roads. >> our scott broom is in his mobile newsroom checking out conditions in southern maryland. seeing any problem spots so far out there? hey there. >> reporter: waldorf, maryland, right now, now it's really starting to snow. let me take you outside on the dashboard camera of my vehicle. this is coming down moderate and steady. we've got about 1, 1 and a half inches on the ground in waldorf as we go around the parking lot in my mobile newsroom. the other thing you may notice is every time those windshield wipers take a swipe, it's 15 degrees outside right now. any melted water is melting into ice balls onto the windshield wipers. so there's an issue for everybody. charles county here in southern maryland, one of the places topper says might very much be in the bull's eye. they're definitely expecting a significant amount of snow down here tonight. they'll have to be pushing that snow all throughout the
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evening. charles county, one of the many jurisdictions asking people to stay off the roads so the plows can get the job done overnight tonight. the latest people i talked to happened to be a couple plow drivers getting ready to go out this evening. >> i'll be here for a while. it will be okay. we'll get her done. it will be sunny in a couple weeks, i guess. >> reporter: what are your thoughts as you look at this forecast? >> my god. >> the roads aren't that bad because the snow is light and fluffy. when you drive through it, it just blows it to the side. so the roads are fairly good. >> reporter: what are your thoughts when you hear a weatherman like topper shutt say could be a foot? >> now we're talking a different animal. tomorrow i will be home. >> we're going to be out in deep snow this evening. we usually work till everything is cleared above st. charles pushing all the parking lots over there. >> it's a mad house. everybody is rushing for the store. >> reporter: how long did you wait to check out your groceries? >> i think it was 45 minutes.
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>> the line is probably from here to that second pole over there just waiting in line to pay for it. >> reporter: a lot of people out and about tonight trying to get stocked up. this is u.s. 301 looking at the dash bode camera of my mobile newsroom, people -- board camera of my mobile newsroom, people getting by. it is very slippery as the snow has started to come down much more heavily. that's the situation in waldorf. we're expecting a lot more where this came from. >> scott, i know you know to drive safe and be careful. meantime virginia under a state of emergency because of this snowstorm. governor terry mcauliffe is stressing this storm will impact of part of the commonwealth and the declaration clears the way to keep residents safe. >> which will allow to us make sure we can move all of our equipment, our 12,000 pieces of equipment and our two thousand five hundred personnel manning
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-- 2,500 personnel manning all that equipment so that restrictions will be removed and we can move about the commonwealth quickly to make sure we're putting down the salt and brine and obviously when the snow starts making sure the snow removal equipment. >> governor mcauliffe is asking residents to stay off the roads and here's why. thousands of vdot contractors are out there already driving around spreading salt, sand and brine. they'll have to cover 850 miles in northern virginia tonight and tomorrow. most of those vehicles have the automatic locators. so vdot can see which roads have salt and which ones still need a plow. our hank silverberg is checking out the conditions on route 7 near fairfax and loudoun county line there. how's it look? >> reporter: it looks cold and wet. you're right, there's plows all over. they're mostly spreading is -- sand and salt. they're not necessarily plowing. we've only got about 1 to 1 1/2
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inches on the ground. the snow has pick up. topper said it was 5 out here. it feels a lot colder. some people we talked to, the snowplow operators in particular getting ready for a long night. they work about 20 hours, of course, taking a couple rests. if you are out traveling, the roads right now are okay. you can get along if you go slow, but it could be a big problem as the snow begins to mount. we've seen traffic significantly decrease in the few minutes we've been sitting in this parking lot right at the intersection of loudoun and fairfax county line. in sterling hank silverberg, wusa9 news the storm rolled in from the west, so what's happening out that way? here's a preview of what we'll get in d.c. and maryland very soon. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in culpeper where it has been snowing now for about six hour, kind of slow and steady, none of the heavy stuff yet, but
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definitely accumulating and yet to be plowed off the roads. it is that kind of light snow at least that's easy to shovel. maybe they have the right idea out in the country. >> in virginia the moment people hear they run away. >> reporter: nearly everybody was closing early and going home. >> i don't think it's safe for people to be out and about anyhow. >> reporter: you figure you won't get any business? >> i have employees that have to drive home. >> reporter: small steady snowflakes started falling early afternoon and before an inch hit the ground a half dozen business owners were out sweeping the sidewalk. they're talking about the possibility of 8 inches. >> yeah. i'm not going to think about it. i'm going to keep my happy face and keep sweeping. >> reporter: the plows had plenty of warning, but it is so cold the salt seems to have little effect on the snow. the roads got slick quick.
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if you have a leaf blower, this is actually the kind of snow you can almost just blow away. in culpeper bruce leshan, wusa9 news. the snow piled up quickly in manassas. our cameras captured prince william medics rescuing a woman who slipped and fell in a parking lot and then we saw the aftermath of a car crash a few blocks away. the snow fell on sudley road and even though it was president road, we saw plenty of drivers on the road. d.c. is under a snow emergency which means a lot more than just extra crews are on the road. >> wusa9's bruce johnson explains how this will impact parking. >> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bowser declared a snow emergency for the city. before you go to bed tonight don't leave your vehicle parked on a main street. the d.c. government will have 285 pieces of equipment on the streets. the green mixer is for the
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below freezing temperatures. >> just as a reminder to residents, we ask that everybody be safe. limit your travel as there will be a lot of our vehicles out on the roads this evening. >> reporter: outside the home depot at the brentwood shopping center in northeast everybody seemed to be preparing for the snow. what have you got? a snowblower, shows? >> main thing is we have -- shovels? >> main thing is we have heat, books and food. >> reporter: are you going to be doing the shoveling? >> i'll be doing it. >> reporter: pedestrian traffic was bustling outside the giant store in northeast. what are you praying for, how much? >> whatever the lord wants to send. i figure that's the best way, put everything in his hands. >> reporter: inside the giant's checkout counters were busy, the shelves constantly restocked and employees held over on overtime. now busy has it been today? >> very busy. >> reporter: really? because of the snow prediction. >> yeah. >> reporter: during the snow
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emergency if your vehicle is ticketed and towed, it could cost you more than $300 to get that vehicle back. this is bruce johnson reporting from northeast washington for wusa9. >> don't park on a snow emergency route. we do have expanded coverage of tonight's snowstorm and right after this newscast we'll switch over to digital channel 9.2 and to bring you the latest weather and information. we'll be right there until we come back here at 11:00 tonight. meantime at 8:00 we'll all participate in a weather web chat on plus tomorrow we are going on early at 4 a.m. so you can be prepared what you need to know when you head out the door. when we're not on, the wusa9 app is always on and it is constantly updating with the latest conditions. it's free. it can even send you weather and closing alerts that affect you and your family. in boston it's all hands on deck to get the city's public transportation up and running again. the transit authority is paying $30 an hour to anyone who will help clear snow from subway and
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commuter rail tracks. union workers, students and other people all pitching to help in. the transit system shut down completely sunday. massachusetts has seen so much snow lately it completely covered the entrance to this home on plum island. you can see the imprint of the front door. residents had to dig a tunnel to get out of the house safely. while the north east remains in a deep freeze, the snow, sleet and freezing rain made their way across the south today of residents from mississippi to north carolina are bracing for their version of the wintery mix. in eastern kentucky the snow made for some very treacherous driving. dozens of wrecks brought traffic to a standstill and tonight thousands are in the dark. the power is out. be prepared for whatever winter brings your way. up next we'll share the items to
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the biggest winter storm of the season now hitting our area as we give you a live look outside at the wusa9 weather terrace here in northwest d.c. where you can see snow is ted difficult falling and we have some accumulation, but it's not the kind of snow you have to shovel because it's not wet. it's very powdery. topper says the snowfall will only get heavier throughout the night with no breaks. no matter how much snow you get tonight it's not too late to make sure you, your home and family vehicle are ready. >> we've got your snow day checklist. first up charge those phones, folks, your tablet and laptops because the power could go out. bring in your pets. it's way too cold outside for them to survive. let your faucets drip and especially that's important for pipes running along outside walls because they can freeze and switch your ceiling fans so they spin clockwise to push the hot air down. you can find nine other items on the snow day check list by
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visiting our wusa9 app. fireplace ashes are to blame for this house fire in silver spring. crews responded to the 700 block of richie avenue this afternoon. four adult family members heard the smoke alarms and made it out safely. montgomery county fire investigators believe ashes thrown away too close to the house sparked flames. damage is estimated at $85,000. the d.c. homicide unit is on stand-by after a shooting in northeast. officers responding to the 300 block of 61st street after noon, found a man unconscious not breathing. we don't know how he is, no word on his condition or whether the cops are looking for any suspects. i'm meteorologist topper shutt back on the terrace. we get a little coating about every five or 10 minutes. we'll come back and talk about how much snow is going to fall and snow you the raid, heavier bands setting up just south of town crossing i-66 just north of manassas.
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we'll come back and erica will join us with pictures and snowfall totals. >> thanks to all of you who are letting us know what it looks like where you are right now. these are just a few pictures we've received. to get yours added to the online gallery, tweet us using
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this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather.
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>> the biggest snow of the season ha arrived. let's start with a live look outside, our live -- has arrived. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. this is national airport shrouded in light snow, reducing visibility a little bit, the good news it's a very dry snow for us. how much? we still think 4 to 8 inches in the immediate metro area so, that includes maybe just north of gaithersburg, maybe clarkbsurg down through d.c., down to manassas. south of that, though, you guys are the bull's eye, 8 to 12 culpeper, la plata, fredericksburg and across the bay, still a pretty good snow to the north, but this time you're not the bull's eye, so less than frederick and hagerstown and cumberland and even out into bluemont and our friends out toward leesburg will probably be in the 4 to 8. much further north of that you're back in the 3 to 6 band. snowfall ending by 7:00 tomorrow, bowie maybe 6 inches,
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downtown maybe 7. we have reactivated our snow stick9000 from the 2010 blizzard, leesburg maybe 5 and 7 inches in bethesda. here is a live look at radar the last couple hour. the heaviest snow is blue. this wig migrate northward. the heavy, heavy bands i don't think will quite make it to the district and will not make it north of i-66. the heavy bands will set up south where we had the 8 to 12- inch bands. now for pictures and more on the storm here's meteorologist erica grow. >> we have a couple tiny spots of that heavier snow band showing up on our own local view of live doppler 9000 down near the city of fredericksburg. see the tiny little blue bands down here? we'll zoom in quickly so you can see the area where the heaviest snowfall is occurring, but even this is not quite 1 inch per hour. we're still looking for that heavy snowfall to develop and most totals are still under an inch in the immediate metro
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area. oxon hill and la plata 1/2-inch so far, opal, virginia, .8 inches, but 2 inches have fallen in front royal and 3 1/2 inches in woodbridge, virginia. a beautiful snow pup here and an ice covered and snow covered potomac river, thanks for sending this in. in petersburg, west virginia, so pictures from all three states in our viewing area here, melissa mallow from the pan handle of west virginia. keep those pictures coming facebook and twitter. >> let's look ahead because behind this storm is even colder air. so snow will end early tuesday, again generally 4 to 8 inches. snow showers wednesday. tell you what. in could be dynamic, not unlike our saturday -- this could be dynamic, not up like our saturday storm. we could hear the rumble of thunder again wednesday night. it will affect the p.m. commute. colder air arriving on
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thursday. hard to believe that's true. below 0 we think thursday night in the burbs and certainly single digits downtown. on the futurecast by morning you can see most of the snow pulling away. by 6 appear it's not snowing? i longer -- 6 a.m. it's not snowing any longer in gaithersburg and leesburg, temps in the teens. by 9:00 breaks in the clouds. 1:00 temperatures are in the 20s, still below freezing. it might get above freezing briefly tomorrow downtown and by 6:00 tomorrow temps fall back to the 20s. by 9 we'll be in the upper teens to mid-20s under partly cloudy skies. day planner snow, still at 7:00 19 but then just clouds at 9:00, 22. mid-20s by 11:00 and 208 by 1:00 with some sun. next three days, wednesday may be a yellow alert, 34, snow showers in the evening. some could be hefty. temps fall all day thursday, coldest so far, a yellow alert for the bone chilling cold. still cold friday. weekend into next monday very,
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we were all over snl's 40th anniversary special. what a spectacular event. >> tonight, we'll show you what you didn't see behind the scenes. >> taylor swift is jamming with paul mccartney. the after party off the hook. >> it got so crazy in new york. we had will ferrell, maya rudolph, kristen wiig. >> iconic comedic people here. >> is this some sort of cheetah pattern? >> the frenzy over fifty shades of grey. grandmas give it their review. >> i closed my eyes and listened to the music. >> plus, the stars honor stevie wonder. >> we're inside tonight's tv special with some pretty famous
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faces. >> beyonce, john legend, sam smith. it's all good. i will act like i don't know. i'm playing with you. i knew. now "entertainment tonight." we love entertaining people. it was the tv event 40 years in the making. "saturday night live" anniversary special. let me tell you it was a party for the ages. >> so many of the great stars that were snl regulars and then the guest hosts had returned. >> and our jeanie mei was there for hits and misses. and sir paul rocking out into the early morning hours. live from new york, it was quite a night. taylor shook it off with mccartney. jimmy fallon fan boying the moment. prince killed it. martin short and chris rock. bill murray grabbed the tambourine. later, kim met up with kanye


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