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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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county. the full list will run at the bottom of your screen, but let's get right to topper shutt with more on when this arctic blast will march its way in again. >> we have an arctic front tomorrow afternoon that will generate some snow showers and behind that round 3 of arctic air. i think in the morning single digits and teens. by 9:00, 10:00, we're still okay. by lunchtime temps in the 20s. by 3:00 look to the west. here come some snow showers and much like summertime a solid line of snow showers, it's pretty imminent. martinsburg, winchester, maybe a snow shower by 3:00, 4:00 and they'll march across the metro area. by 6:30 if you're not home yet, leesburg, dranesville or great falls, you're driving through a snow shower. also going out 66 and again they can look intense a while, a trace to 2 inches. even though they only last 15 to 30 minutes.
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by 8:30 they're across 95 into prince george's county, back down into southern maryland. then by 10:00 they are completely out of here. so we are looking at the possibility of again a trace to 2 inches tomorrow. look at the lows tonight, 11 in sterling, 9 in leesburg, 13 in bethesda, 17 downtown, 13 in college park, better by the water, 18 in annapolis and also in north beach. snowfall totals, yesterday 5 inches west springsteen -- west springfield. i like him. he was really good for a while. he was a one hit wonder. oakville 9 inches, culpeper 6, gaithersburg almost 4 and leesburg about 4 inches as well. we will come back, talk about our arctic air thursday, friday, maybe the coldest so far and another storm over the weekend. >> as our tenacious topper just detailed, we are far from out of the snowy woods. >> we got refreezing coming our way tonight, black ice in the morning and more snow tomorrow afternoon.
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the conditions look a business dangerous tomorrow. bruce leshan is live overlooking the beltway in tysons after spending the day with some of those nervous nellies out there, bruce. >> reporter: yeah. i'm getting a little jumpy after talking to all those folks. take a look. the traffic here on the outer loop and on the inner loop incredibly light for this time of night. the road crews have done a fantastic job getting everything cleared away, but they know that anything they miss today and tonight could cause trouble in the morning. in montgomery county friendship heights crews clearing sidewalks. >> it's too much, hard work. >> reporter: but pedestrians still poking their feet through plowed banks of snow dodging traffic to skirt it into the street and worrying that conditions will be even worse in the morning. >> it's miserable. my boots are wet. i almost fall off.
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it's very, very bad. >> reporter: snow piled into turn lanes will likely freeze overnight and potentially jam up traffic as hundreds of thousands of people return to work after an unexpected four- day weekend. ready to get back to work? >> oh, maybe. ready for the kids to go back to school. >> reporter: in bethesda an early appearance by plows clearing streets and cul-de- sacs that sometimes wait days for help. >> we're glad to see the plow. it was out here early today. we're happy about it. >> reporter: the sun help melt the treat pavement, but there are accidents even hours after the storm passed. on slippery ramps, bridges and overpasses and those spots could be even worse in the morning. >> all of this moisture and melting snow, that is going to become a sheen of black ice. >> reporter: vdot is warning people about black ice on
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wednesday, too. it says it has cleared the main runs, but it still working on a second pass through the neighborhoods. perhaps we're all spending too much time worrying about tomorrow and missing the sheer joy of today. we had a lot of fun with those kids, but here is something else. if you want to worry, you might want to worry about your battery. if you have left it, if you have an old one and you left it for several days in this kind of cold temperature, it really could fail you in the morning. aaa says that they've actually had 12,000 calls for help in the mid-atlantic, 6,000 of those about have been for dead batteries. i actually got myself one of those new lithium ion jump chargers just the other day and i haven't tried it yet luckily, but they say it can actually
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jump 10 cars and it might be a little good for peace of mind. back to you guys. >> i hear it's a new investment and derek just got a new engine in his vehicle. >> no, a new battery. the snow emergency man lifted in the district. the -- has been lifted in the district. the ban on parking on main arteries is no longer in effect. the plow had plenty of room on d.c. streets as federal and city and county governments were closed today. the same for the public and private schools, but restaurants and shops and private offices were also kind of quiet today and by midday d.c. mayor muriel bowser appeared confident, yet cautious that the team had done well in getting the snow and ice off the streets. >> there has been a sweep throughout the city and he expects by 9 p.m. today that every street would have been covered. so let me be clear that the snow team has been on residential streets, not all of
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them, but the expectation is all of them have been hit by 9 p.m. tonight. >> d.c. homeowners are responsible for clearing the snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes and our crews say sidewalks throughout the district cosnow or ice often force people out into the streets. that overnight storm stranded hundreds of passengers at the regional airports around here. out at reagan national airport, for example, dozens of folks spent the night on the cold hard floor or the slightly more comfortable chairs. 1 group was a high school class from savannah, georgia, whose flight home was canceled. the chaperone said they did appreciate the blankets given out to them by delta airlines, but mostly they just wanted to be on a plane for home. >> well, it wasn't five star, but it was good. it was accommodating. >> we won't get home till midnight tonight when our flight was scheduled to be out of here at 6:00 this morning. and we didn't find out till we got here.
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>> yeah. outside crews on the front end loaders worked hard moving heaps of snow from the gates and tarmac and deicers were getting the ice off the planes. one of the hardest hit county's prospects for school tomorrow appears pretty good. >> it was in the bull's eye of this storm. >> reporter: tell you what. i'm no weatherman, so i won't make predictions, but the optimists among us tonight would say prospects looked pretty good for school down here in charles county, especially if you judge from conditions of the sidewalks and the blacktop here at schools like summers middle school. they made a lot of progress today cleaning up despite 8 inches of snow. >> it seems like overnight it's going to turn to pure ice. >> we're getting there. >> reporter: la plata, maryland residents digging out today trying to measure the odds from school tomorrow. >> my guess would be, if anything, maybe a delay just to give the time in case the roads do refreeze tonight. >> reporter: charles county schoolworkers got a lot
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accomplished today here. parking lots and walkways mostly clear by midday and ready for kids tomorrow. here's spokesperson katie o'malley simpson. >> our schools will be ready to open tomorrow if we're able to put our buses on the road tomorrow. >> reporter: the recovery from 8 inches of snow here was relatively today thanks to bluebird skies and the ranks of snowplows that joined uncrowded roads in the morning to form plow trains, u.s. 301 down to mostly dry blacktop tonight. we know there are already some school districts in virginia to the south of us that have decided to close tomorrow, so it's pretty dicey here in charles county. i'll tell you part of the dilemma they'll deal with is on this delay thing because the temperatures tomorrow are so cold and you hope they rise. that's not going to happen so much tomorrow and the same issues will present themselves later in the week when they're looking at temperatures near 0 in the morning and st. charles
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county officials may have to made a call based on that because they want kid getting frostbite in the morning wait -- kids getting frostbite in the morning waiting for the bus. >> a program reminder, wusa9's morning news will begin 25 minutes earlier at 4 a.m. the whole team will have the up to the minute forecasts, road conditions, closings and, of course, delays and when we are not on the air, you can stay informed. download our wusa9 app. you can get it from itunes or the google play store. the d.c. health department confirmed it's had a second case of measles this year. there's no sign the two cases are related. the latest case is not linked to the outbreak traced back to california. the health department says it's already contact people known to have been exposed to this infected person in the second case. the fire is still burning and oil continues to seep into a west virginia river after a train derails. up next why authorities are not
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we've learned it could be another 24 hour before that train fire in west virginia burns itself out. >> the 109 car train was hauling 1 million tons of crude when it derailed, exploded and sent thousands of gallons of oil into a nearby river yesterday. the preliminary testing shows the oil did not contaminant the water supply. still authorities are asking residents to boil their water
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before they drink it. 2,500 people are staying in shelters until it's safe to go back to their homes near charleston, west virginia. you think it's cold now? wait till you hear what topper has to
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the leading cause of death in young athletes on the playing field? an undetected heart condition. >> the vienna couple that lost their child to an undetected heart condition is now saving other and peggy fox has the story of a teenager who was stunned to learn about his own heart defect at a free ekg screening. >> reporter: a tied score with seconds to go and a buzzer beater shot wins it, but a boy on the other team is luckier than anyone here. >> they had me down, put all the stickers on me. >> reporter: 16-year-old robby arwood has played sports his whole life. the past two years he's experienced shortness of breath three time. >> every time we'd take him to the doctor after these incidents he was fine by then. we'd go in and they would say he's dehydrated, maybe has a virus, but no issues were uncovered. >> reporter: nikki's mother,
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robby's grandmother, was worried about the shortness of breath episodes. she saw an e-mail about a free heart screening at mclean high school and insisted robby get one. so nikki signed him up. the screenings are run by the ryan lapinski big heart foundation. john and ryan lapinski lost their 18-year-old son to an undetected heart condition. this foundation provides free ekg screenings to students. ricky and robby say they were blindsided by what they learned. >> the cardiologist takes one look at the sheet and then says that there's something wrong here. >> we really think you should check this out. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i was like oh, fun, heart problems. >> reporter: the cardiologist noticed this on robby's read out. >> he has this little delta wave and a little slip on the way up which is indicative of the condition. >> reporter: robby had outpatient surgery in december which corrected the problem. both mother and son couldn't be
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more thankful for the ryan lapinski big heart foundation. >> this family took something that was just gut wrenchingly horrible and turned it into something that is doing so much good for so many people. i can never repay them. i absolutely believe that they saved robby. >> reporter: that's the only game that really matters. in mclean peggy fox, wusa9. >> ryan lapinski big heart foundation has a fundraiser gala this weekend in fairfax. peggy fox will be the emcee and will introduce the guest of honor robby arwood. en on the go, text radar to 2 -- know on the go, text radar to 25543 and download the wusa9 weather app. >> national zoo 5.3 inches. we had a little over 4 in northwest d.c., almost 7 inches in huntington, 7 inches in bowie, spotsylvania 8.3 inches. let's start with a live look
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outside, our live michael and son weather cam, down to 28, again single digit dew points, a good indication how low we can go. i think we will go down to the single digits in some of the burbs. very cold tonight, some slick spots, what appears wet will be black ice, although the roads, they did a heck of a job between this morning and right now. bus stop temperatures 8 to 26. those are not wind chills. those are actual temperatures from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. morning commute is fine. you'll have sunshine to deal with as you're coming in i-66 eastbound. grab your shades. if you're caught late in the day, maybe late leaving the office, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 on 95 you'll be caught in snow showers. critical time 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. that's why we've issued a yellow alert for tomorrow afternoon and evening. 10:00 tonight no worries, just cold. by morning temperatures low teens, but again i think we'll see some single digits here, too. by 9:00 we're 22 downtown, still in the upper teens in the suburbs, plenty of sunshine. 1:00 clouds come back,
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temperatures upper 20s to around 30. most of us will crack the freezing mark tomorrow. by 4:00 looking at snow showers maybe in frederick and also a better chance out toward the shenandoah valley. that little line begins to move west to east. you see the darker blue? that's heavier activity. just like summer showers, they can lay down some pretty big snows in a 15 to 30 minute period. by 8:00 we'll stop it here, snow showers essentially on 95 from fredericksburg to d.c. to baltimore and up 270 past the spur to gaithersburg. that will impact your commute, no doubt. by 10:00 they're gone across the bay. we clear out tomorrow night. here comes round 3. arctic air. i think we'll see single digits tomorrow night, might see temperatures below 0 by thursday night. in the morning partly cloudy, dry, afternoon some snow showers, a trace to 2 inches possible, high temperatures near 35 behind this more arctic air and perhaps the coldest air
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since the mid-'90s. day planner mid-teens to start, 22 by 9:00, fading sunshine, 27 at 11:00 and 30 by 1:00, but dry through the morning, early afternoon hours. yellow alert tomorrow for afternoon snow showers, yellow alert thursday just for bitterly cold air, wind chills below 0 much of the day, still cold friday, less wind, high temperatures both days near 20. next seven days it does appear we'll get some moisture overriding this cold air. we'll break out in snow late saturday afternoon or evening, probably turn to a mix overnight, perhaps into freezing rain, plain rain sunday and behind that system temperatures get cold again with highs in the low 30s. just did a little post on facebook. this is depressing to me, super cold, super cold, super cold, super cold,
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome back. we are live at the verizon center. a big big east match-up tonight. the georgetown hoyas had about a week off in between games after a tough stretch. tonight they get back to make that final push for the ncaa tournament and it begins with st. johns, the first time these two met this season, the hoyas riding a four-game conference win streak the first time in two seasons really finding a surge bringing them in for a tie in the big east. they're only 2 1/2 games out of first. there is an outside chance with five games left they could possibly still win the regular season conference title. let's look at their resume now. the hoyas are 16-8, 8-5 in the
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conference. now they're 2-6 against the top 25 teams but don't have any major losses on the schedule which helps in their favor. joining me now at the verizon center, you know his face and definitely know his voice, gus johnson. we appreciate you taking some time out. big game with the hoyas tonight. where do they stand now in terms of making the tournament? >> i think they're in good shape, but it depends on how they finish. the hoyas have to finish strong. stuart mandel has them getting into the tournament, but i think if they finish strong and show themselves well in the big east tournament, i think the hoyas get into the big dance. >> reporter: no major mistakes down the road. the team can't afford that. when you look at the recent surge, four straight conference games, what's been the key for this hot streak? >> i think they're just settling in and because they have so many freshmen it's taken some time for the freshmen to acclimate themselves into the system and be able to play with the other
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teammates. the recruits they brought in are very talented. now that they aren't like freshmen anymore i think that ear seeing that improvement. you're -- you're seeing that improvement. you're seeing that confidence and with that success. >> reporter: the hoyas had some early exits in the past few years. how do they get that monkey off their back and really make their mark in the tournament? >> i don't think they're thinking about what happened yesterday. i think the coach is trying to work this team as best he can. i think the thing georgetown is really missing is a goodpoint guard that can get in there and set everybody up and get the guys set up. five of their eight losses have been by very few points. they've played some really good teams, beat villanova by 20. they can beat anybody when they concentrate and i think they will as this season progresses. >> reporter: the final push starts tonight against st. johns, gus johnson, thanks so jump. you can hear him calling the
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game and highlights tonight at 11:00. that will do it for us here at the verizon center. >> good thing they're indoors for sure. the cold weather and the snow showers. >> it's relentless. if you see something tomorrow morning that looks wet, it's actually black ice. take it easy especially walking to get the paper. you'd be surprised how many people slip. tomorrow afternoon 4:00 to 9:00, get ready, snow showers, a yellow alert tomorrow. i think we could see a trace to 2-inch. it could be intense for 15 to 20 minutes. >> but in boston they've had 90 inches. we feel better. >> it's all relative. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan and your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you then. have a great
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>> pelley: tonight, america on ice. sliding on it, sailing through it ducking under it, and leaving thousands in the cold and dark. the west virginia disaster raises new fears about railway accidents waiting to happen. the jury hears what the gunman told police after he shot "american sniper" chris kyle. and it's not heav heaven. it's iowa. the hawkeye discovery that has some folks on cloud 9. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it's dangerously cold in much of the country, and this summed it up for us. in new jersey, a teenaged girl ventured out on to the ocean


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