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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. thank you for joining us. here we go again. we're under another yellow alert this afternoon because of the possibility of more snow today.
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first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking the winter weather that is headed our way and some really cold temperatures too. high howie. >> that's right. we're almost comfortable. single digits and a few below zero. now we're up to 20's and lance corporal 30s but that is is -- and low 30s but that is setting the stage for snow showers. this is an arctic front producing snow showers down towards knoxville and asheville. get teeth roanoke area now. it looks -- getting to the roanoke area, it looks like this is the mountains. this will be here in a few hours. 4-8:00 p.m. will be the critical time for the general range from north to east. slick spots will develop and the arctic blast follows. here is the futurecast for the afternoon. we have the snow showers, we'll still be in the low 30s here. this approaches though,
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washington 5:36, really frshgs fredrick to fredericksburg. charles county, heavy snow showers coming through. this will pass dc towards 7-8:00 p.m. and head over to the eastern shore and southern saint mary's county by nine and then we get really cold. 20 to 30 below by friday morning. the day planner clouds are thickening up. heavy snow showers around six and we'll be in the 20's by nine on our way into the single digits and low teens for overnight low windshields. i'll have more in just a few minutes. >> thank you. it is not just us. the dangerous freeze is extending deep into the south. black ice caused cars and large trucks to spin out of control in franklin tennessee. at least nine deaths are attributed to the dangerous driving conditions. that includes 34-year-old christie clark and her 10-year-old son. they were struck by a tractor trailer while trying to help
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people in an over turne. in other news this afternoon,ie matthew made his first court appearance since being charged with the murder of uva sophomore hannah gram. a three-week trial date is set for late june. matthew is accused of kidnapping her near the iefrt of virginia campus. her bodiway found in october five weeks later in a remote area outside of charlottesville. he appeared via video link in virginia. he is also a suspect in attacks in two other women. a court hearing is also under way for michael gardner the church man had a previous child molestation over turned. a few of his kids friends accused him of molesting them at a birthday party. after that dismissal a female
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relative of gardners told police he molested her. >> the parents accused of leaving their children in a cold car while they went to a wine tasting event were also in court today. their kwas continued and their lawyer -- their case was continued and their lawyer continued the claim that thefrz loving parents. a passerby noticed two children alone in a car near 23rd. they eventually found the parents at a private wine tasting event. the parents are charged with first degree c children. police are looking for three stolen car suspects that led them on a chase from prince george's county to washington. police recovered the mercedes benz at an apartment complex. they also found a gun but the suspects got away. president obama is hosting a summit today designed to prevent violent extremists from recruiting new members and
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convincing them to carry out attacks. craig boswell has more from the white . >> president obama speaks today at a white house summit on countering violent extremism exploring ways to prevent rad call extremism. according to senior administration officials he will make new policy announcements. minneapolis, los angeles and boston are all sharing what they're doing to deal with the growing threat. >> this is going to be about an effort that comes from the community. this has to be an effort that is guided by the community. >> representatives from minneapolis presented information on a pilot program founded because at least 25 somali americans from the city have joined the terrorist group. over the past 15 months, a significant number of american somalis from minnesota have tried to join isis.
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>> in order to counter the violent extremists, we have to understand what they're saying. >> it comes at the same time president obama is trying to convince congress to approve his formal request for war authority to fight isis. >> we've evolved to a new phase in the global terrorist threat. we therefore must evolve to a new phase in our counter terrorism efforts. >> e the vent was originally played for october. they've only extended their reach and extremist attacks have targeted sydney, australia and france. >> the three-day summit continues tomorrow at the state department with representatives from 60 countries attending. what is old is new again at the washington national cathedral. they host a news conference marking the completion of the first phase of a $32 million restoration effort. the project was launched after the cathedral was damaged in the
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2011 rtdz quake. phase one focussed on interior repairs in the upper most exterior of the building. phase two will concentrate on the rest of the exterior and that project could last more than a decade. a beagle from canada is the big winner at the westminster ken yell club show. miss p seized the spotlight and was awarded best in show at madison square garden. she is the grandniece of the first beagle to win in 2008. for the second time in a week the white house is using unusual video to reach out to young people. >> which is better, ariana grande or eating a carrot. ? >> eating a carrot which is best, a box of frozen corn or -- >> the corn. >> no. martin short! he is a genius. >> first lady michelle obama playing along for funny or die.
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it was part of her effort to get kids to eat more comes just days after president obama appeared with a selfie stick and a video for buzz feed. >> coming up. a frosty feat, a new -- frosty feet. a new trend has residentsg into snow banks but the mayor is not amused. a daring dog rescue turns into something more in
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. on the chinese calendar thursday will usher in the year of the goat and getting in the party started early there were fireworks above the the hudson over in celebration of the chinese lunar new year. three barges of fireworks was set to music. they celebrated with dances, music and a reenactment of the
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ceremony. the lunar new year is important for those in china and around world. it was a dramatic rescue in kentucky that was captured on tape. a dog was trying to free itself. they learned the dog's owners were also in the water. the husband and wife were pulled to safety but their dog lady, was still treading water. seeing what ha happening a neighbor a good sa mayor jumped in her kayak. >> she paddled up to the dog i grabbed her collar shechlt long fir and i got her up on the nose of the boat. >> we had a rope attached to her kayak and once she got the dog we pulled her in. >> lady had been in the freezing water for about 20 minutes but we're told she is doing fine along with her owners. >> the mayor of boston is calling on residents of the city to stop a dangerous new stunt. it involves people jumping out
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of windows and into large snow banks. mayor marty walsh is telling people it is a foolish thing too do and they could end up killing themselves. boston isn't moon mountain and the last thing he wants is an emergency call where someone gets hurt jumping out of a window. >> still ahead on wusa 9. negative another amazing dog seeking -- we have another amazing dog seeking a new home and we like to help. >> amazing dog week continu wusa 9. dogs will jump through hoops to put a smile in your face. they the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily
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. we're talking about cardio vas lar wellness. heart disease is the number one killer of women and men. here to talk about that is dr. sue. 1< he is the department chairman at a nova hospital. thank you so much for joining us. one of the big buzzes in cholesterol is in heart disease now with new dietary guidelines on cholesterol and one of the big differences things we thought were bad not so bad after all tell us more about this. it has been known for some time that not all cholesterol is equal. there is some cholesterol not healthier than others. others show modifying the diet in other ways such as lowering the sugar in your diet can actually lower your cholesterol levels and be just as good, if not better for your heart health
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than strictly low cholesterol diets. >> we're still not putting red meat into our diets but eggs aren't as bad as we thought they would be for us that is correct. >> other numbers we have to be concerned about is blood pressure numbers. what can we do in our every day life to lower the blood pressure. >> there is a lot we can do. probably one of the most important things that people can do is lower their sodium intake. getting plenty of exercise on a regular basis is important. and then maintaining a hhyealt body weight is important with sodium, how much sodium do we need daily to improve our -- make sure our heart sl healthy. >> that is a very good question. that may very well change as new dietary guidelines come out. traditionally, we ininstructed our patients to try to consume less than 2,300 milligra sodium to give you an example
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the average american diet contains anywhere from 4,000 milligrams of sodium. >> so definitely cutting down watching what we eat and i like the life style. we know it can make a difference. thank you so much for being with us. >> my ple. >> right now we are talking dangerously cold weather and snow this evening for the rush hour. >> we have to get through heavy snow showers. >> saturday it was brief but intense. is that what we're seeing. >> brief but not as intense. maybe an hour or two. we have snow showers coming across. could put a coating to an inch down. could be more than that the concern is that it can happen during the rush hour. if we get anything heavy enough. it will be slick spots. we've been tracking this all morning. it started back when we were on across western kentucky and indiana moving into ohio. now it is in pennsylvania, west virginia just getting in towards southwestern virginia as well with the snow shower as an and heavier ones to the west and southwest of roanoke. we're watching this whole area
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move toward us. i'm thinking it will be coming across the metro between 4 and 8, the far westerners until 8:00 when it is toward the bay if you'll be out later this afternoon, those are the concerns and south even thunder will be possible down there. i don't think we have the thunder threat here. for the afternoon snow showers coming across the 5 6 7 7:30. look tonight 9:00 we're clearing out. in the 20's and single digits and teens by tomorrow morning. arctic front approaches with the heavy snow showers winter weather advisory in effect from 2 to 9. locally, 1-2. brutally cold tomorrow. temperatures in the teens. by friday morning the windchills will be 15 to 30 below in the morning. some air temperatures at 6 or 7 below. it will be the coldest morning since january of 94. upper 20's to low 40s starting in the single digits and a few
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below zero. 29 feeling like 20 with a southwesterly wind at nine miles an hour. the next surge of arctic air. it is the national falls 12 below. 20 21 below this morning with 30 35 below temperatures, a couple miles north of them. here is the snow shower threat for the afternoon. crossing the blue ridge. getting toward us. 5:30, 6,6:30 7:00, there could be heavy snow showers coming across washington. by 8:30, 9:00. southern maryland pulling away and that is allowing the arctic to return and it will be really cold for the next couple of days. yellow alert. late this afternoon into the evening. 34, 12 tonight with 7 8 on the cold spots but the windchills to 10 below tomorrow morning. they stay there with a flurry of snow shower thursday. 17 yellow alert for the cold tomorrow and again friday with those just brutal windchills. the temperatures are 30 below. friday high around 21. we'll warm up a little bit with
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near freezing on saturday saturday afternoon night. looks like we have a wintery noifrn develop. we get into sunday before we cool down again on monday. we're talking about temperatures then back towards freezing. tough to imagine we'll be in the 40s. her name is hope. she is a survivor. she is here with spencery and the adoption center. tell us about hope, spencer. >> hope came to us about a month ormtu so ago. she came to us in pretty bad shape. one of our officers went out and found her tied to a mailbox with not a lot of slack. she really kunz move. temperatures were around 20 degrees. she was in rough shape. she came in -- >> let's go this way. >> she has a skin condition we've treated nicely. she is doing well. >> what kind of dog is she and how old is she? . >> an american shelter dog. a year and a half old. she is a fantastic dog.
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she does great with kids. she just loves everybody. >> and she is food motivated. if you guys are weary about pit bulls. you have to get over it. i met this dog. she is the sweetest thing. >> yes she is. >> and somebody wants to get her. is there a fee involved? >> there is, i believe it is $150 and that covers everything that hope is going to need. she is already spayed. includes all of her vaccinations. distemper, borttella. >> please open your house for her. tonight at 11, we have more amazing dogs. they ride skate boards, walk on their front paws, say their prayers, jump rope and so much more. can we say set the dinner table? meet amazing dogs from montgomery table. we'll be right back. hope what a sweet girl. yo
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. it might not be spring yet but the philadelphia convention center will be in full bloom next saturday, february 28th. thousands of people will be headed to the philadelphia flower show. with me is the vice chair of competitive classes. don silver. we see thousands of people. 260,000 people usually attend this every year is weather going to play a role this year? >> weather always is a concern the producer of the show as it can impact the viewers a lot of why bus tours come to philadelphia to see the show and if the weather is bad some of those tours may be cancelled and we lose some viewer ship.
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so we're always concerned about the weather. the better the weather the turn our turn out is. >> we definitely need this show. we're tired of weather and need to see some affects of spring. as the chair you say your role is to make sure the happens. >> this year's theme is movies, last year it is art. this year it is movies. our show designer was a former disney employee and so we have a relationship with disney and we'll be -- the theme will be tied in large part to disney and disney pixar film s. that should be a lot of fun for all ages coming to the show and you have other exciting highlights. tell us what else attracts people to the flower show. >> it is actually a lot of really what you just said. the fact that everybody at this time of the year is looking for a shot of spring and it has been winter and everybody is tired of winter. i'm looking forward to a week
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among fabulous flowers. it is a beautiful show. roughly 10 acres of floral design floral sprays and interesting, interesting exhibits. a lot of people come to get ideas for things to do with their garden, so that is a major draw and i know i'm always looking for things to do with my garden. >> and looking how to put colors together in gardens. that is what makes spring feel so alive. those colors. we wish you the best of luck and good weather again. the show starts february 28thed do you have to buy tickets in advance? >> you can buy tickets in advance. there are a lot of packages available or you can buy tickets at the door. the website is >> it takes place starts february 28th. congratulations, wishing you the best. >> thank you very much that is it for wusa 9 news. we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great day.
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howard and i will see you bright and early at 4:00 a.m. on thursday have a good afternoon.
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>> sharon: okay, come on in, sweetie. here you go. back home safe and sound. it's okay. are you okay? >> faith: there's still no lights. >> sharon: no, there's no lights and there's no heat, either. that's why i wanted to get you to a hotel. but i couldn't. it was so slick out there. i couldn't keep the car on the road. i'm so sorry, baby. >> faith: it's okay, mommy. it was an accident. i was scared, but i'm brave again. just like you. >> dylan: [ sighs ] >> joe: want a fresh one?


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