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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 21, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> axelrod: tonight, the winter of our discontent. snow and ice make a widespread mess in the south midwest, and northeast as angry commuters vent on twitter, she's the one who's got to answer them. >> i don't think that they realize that there's actually somebody back there reading all of this stuff. >> axelrod: a new it terror video from the al qaeda-linked militant group al-shabaab appears to call for attacks on american malls. shake-up at the daytona 500. a star driver fights his suspension for domestic violence spp. and when this little boy's entire class didn't show up for his birthday party his neighbors stepped up big time. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening.
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i'm jim axelrod. here we go again. this is the fifth saturday night in a row we've started our broadcast with news of an impending snowstorm making things miserable in the northeast. and while new england will get another shot this weekend, it is the south that is dealing with the most deadly conditions right with this massive storm moving through. look at this picture from robertson county, tennessee. the governor has just upgraded the state of emergency in tennessee to what's called 112. that means the situation is considered a major disaster. as you can imagine, with scenes like these the threat of power outages is widespread. but it's not just tennessee. 43.3 million americans are now under a winter storm warning. anna werner begins our coverage. >> reporter: snow, sleet, and freezing rain combined in tennessee with bitterly cold temperatures. officials say at least 18 people died including nine from hypothermia and five from car
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accidents on slick and snowy streets. now state officials are warning of flash flooding. snow is falling in the nation's capital, and the storm is expected to continue heading north, hitting major cities along the east coast through early sunday. the national weather service predicts 3-8 inches of snow in some parts of northern virginia. western maryland could get up to a foot. and yet more snow is called for in boston, which is struggling to dig out from record snowfalls. in some neighborhoods parks hack become a major headache as residents attempt to save precious parking spaces. northwest of the city, in westford massachusetts emergency responders fought to save victims buried in a barn collapse-- four-legged victims. heavy snowe pack brought the roof down on seven horses owned by bob haig senior. local vedinarians volunteered their help. >> it was just beautiful. there were just so many people
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here and i'm so thankful. and i'm going to cry again. >> reporter: but some see an outdoor wonderland, a frozen waterfall in north carolina provided the perfect opportunity for ice climbing. and flat ground in d.c. proved no obstacle for this kite boarder near the washington moanument. here in bryant park, the iconic fountain has been turned into a sort of ice sculpture, which is pretty here, but, unfortunately for areas experiencing flooding, forecasters say freezing temperatures are coming monday, and, jim that could turn much of that flooding and rain into icy conditions making driving very treacherous. >> axelrod: anna werner in a frozen manhattan anna, thank you. let's bring in lauren casey from wcco, our cbs station in the twin cities. lauren a very serious situation in tennessee and the south. you can tell us where this storm is headed? >> yeah, it's moving east and
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it's a very dynamic system bringing wide-ranging weather from thunderstorms to freezing rain to heavy snow. now, stormy weather will impact parts of the south tonight where even a few severe thunderstorms are possible. that icing threat will continue in the midsouth where in parts of tennessee and kentucky, heavy ice has already brought down trees and is causing widespread power outages. in the midwest and midatlantic the main story is snow where places like baltimore could see up to eight inches through tomorrow and in the northeast expect a wintry weather west. places like philadelphia and snow-weary boston could see up to five inches of snow, sleet, and ice through midday tomorrow before ending with rain making for very slippery travel conditions. after the system muse out cold arctic air settles back in on monday with wind chills in the teens across the mid-atlantic to single digits and below zero in the northeast by tuesday morning. >> axelrod: another lauren casey. it's got to end some time. lauren, thank you. this is an uncommon winter, and
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not just in this part world. you don't see this every year in jeruslaem's old city. more than 10 inches blanketed historic sites like the dome of the rock and the wailing wall. in the united kingdom, the problem is flooding. this is wales, they coastal village of krofty. they're on alert across the region for what are called super tides, the highest tides? 18.5 years. the tides are being felt along the atlantic coast of france, inundating this bridge. federal law enforcement frcials investigating a troubling new video tonight released by the al qaeda-linked militant group al-shabaab. it appears to call for teeks american shopping malls. charlie d'agata has more from london tonight. charlie. >> reporter: jim, the video appears to call on for lone wolf attacks on shopping centers and malls in the united states and canada and here in great britain. the video specifically names the
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mall of america in minneapolis. it begins with the focus on the group's 2013 terror attack at the westgate mall in nairobi. it is a documentary-style video more than an hour long, focusing really on kenyan forces and their intervention into somalia and essentially what they're saying is if militants can attack a mall in nairobi others can attack targets elsewhere. elshabab in the past has been considered a local or regional threat. this is thought the first time there has been a direct threat against the united states. u.s. law officials have told cbs news their posture has not change with the release of the video. the mall attack in kenya had already led to a new sense of urgency and a review of tactics in case of a similar attack. jim. >> axelrod: charlie d'agata in our london newsroom tonight charlie, thank you. the new secretary of state ashton carter, said today the u.s. may slow down the withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan. carter made the announcement
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during his first trip to afghanistan as defense secretary. on the flight there, carter also discussed an impending battle against isis in iraq, the battle for mosul. here's juliana goldman. >> reporter: the mosul offensive is expected to be the u.s.-led campaign's most difficult and strategically important battle yet. it's the largest city held by isis, with a population of 1 million occupied by an estimated 1,000 to 2000 militant fighters. a big question is how involved american military advisers will get, like weather they'll accompany iraqi troops on the ground to call in air strikes. on his way to afghanistan on fridays, defense secretary ashton carter left open that possibility. >> i'm always open to advice from our military commanders about what the best way to achieve success is. >> reporter: but unlike another pentagon official who early this week told reporters that u.s. and iraqi forces will try to retake mosul in april or may, carter refused to say when it would be.
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>> i think the important thing is that it will get done when is it can be done successfully. and i-- even if i knew exactly when that was going to be, i wouldn't tell you. >> reporter: a senior administration official tells cbs news that neither carter nor the white house knew about that briefing where a military official also said the assault would include between 20,000 and 25,000 iraqi troops backed by u.s. air power. while the u.s. and iraqis have been telegraphing a mosul at all assault at some point detailing war plans is rare and the disclosure drew strong criticisms from republicans including senators john mccain and lindsey graham. the two sent a letter to the president demanding to know if the white house had approved the briefing writing, "those responsible have jeopardizized our national security interests and must be held accountable." u.s. officials expect retaking mosul will be a tough potentially bloody battle.
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jim, this seems to be a form of psychological warfare possibly trying to convince isis fighters to leave mosul before any assault, on on the other hand, forcing isis to bring in fighters to distract from other battle fronts. >> axelrod: juliana goldman in our washington newsroom. julianna, thank you. in norway today, an impressive show of unity. more than 1,000 muslims formed a human ring of peace around the main synagogue in oslo. this was in response to recent attacks against jews in europe. the crowd chanted no to anti-semitism, no to islamophobia. for months we've been telling you about the crippling slowdown by dock workers on the west coast. tonight, ports are finally up and running after a deal was reached late last night. bit butt as carter evans reports, for many businesses that depend on the ports, the damage is already done. >> reporter: with containers piled high and dozens of massive cargo ships still anchored offshore, last night's agreement won't provide immediate relief.
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craig merley represents the dock workers. >> this problem won't go away after the labor settlement that we're seeing here, but least it will allow everyone to work together so the finger pointing can stop. >> reporter: each side blamed the other for a work slowdown that began in october. traffic at 29 west coast ports became a trickle, and businesses were brought to the brink. brian jablon owns camping supply company stansport. had we interviewed him last month, he said most of his spring product line was stalled at sea. do you feel like you're booing used as a negotiation tool? >> absolutely, absolutely. there's nothing we can do. we're hostages. >> reporter: today 25 of his containers are still offshore. at megatoys near los angeles c.e.o. charlie woo says even with the settlement, most of his easter baskets still won't arrive on time, and that's not all. >> i'm going to lose 20% 30% of my business. >> reporter: this year. >> this year. >> there was incredible collateral damage. >> reporter: u.s. labor
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secretary tom perez helped broker the agreement. >> we heard from affected businesspeople farmers who couldn't get their produce or their meat to market. this is now in the rearview mirror. >> reporter: not quite yet. the longshoreman's union still has to ratify the deal, and it could take several months to finally clear the backlog. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> axelrod: tomorrow is the daytona 500 and a major storyline developing at the great american race is nascar's suspension of driver kurt busch over a domestic violence allegation. michelle miller is in daytona tonight with the latest. >> reporter: kurt busch was behind closed doors all day working on his appeal. nascar suspension came four day after a delaware family court judge issued a protective order preventing busch from having any contact with his former girlfriend patrisha driscoll. >> allegations of abuse will not
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be tolerated and any inference that there is a culture or tolerance for this type of behavior is patently false. . >> reporter: the washington-based contractor filed for a protection after a fight at the doverrer international speedway. she alleges busch grabbed her neck and face and slammed her head into the wall of his motor home. today her lawyer issued this statement to cbs news: busch has denied assaulting driscoll and at a court hearing last month the driver in an apparent attempt to show she's not weak, testified she was a trained assassin whose profession took her on missions around the world. today, his attorney rusty hardin said bush will fight get to back behind the wheel.
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while the criminal investigation is complete, prosecutors have yet to charge the 25-time sprint cup winner but he has lost his chief sponsor, chevrolet, and his spot on his racing team. come tomorrow, another driver will tick his position at the daytona 500. michelle miller, cbs news, daytona beach, florida. >> axelrod: and this note from daytona. kurt busch's brother kyle, has been hospitalized following a crash at daytona. his car slammed into a wall depending on how seriously hurt he is, he may have to sit out the big race tomorrow. a prison uprising has turned into a standoff in south texas. officers are negotiating with nearly 2,000 inmates who have taken control. part of the correctional facility in raymondville, texas. the prisoners say they are upset with poor medical care.
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to feel the full effect of relief. the other took claritin-d which starts to work on allergies with nasal congestion in 30 minutes. the moral? nothing works faster than claritin-d. >> axelrod: as we all know by now, no major city has had it tougher this winter than boston where buses and trains have at times been going nowhere. people who depend on mass transit have been venting their frustration on social media. and as vinita nair reports now their angry tweets are being answered. >> reporter: before it shut down boston's public transportation system averaged about 1.3 million trips per work day. so far 80% of those trips have been restored, but it feels like entire city is still tweeting about it.
6:48 pm
most of the people who wrote those tweets probably never expected to hear back. >> we're basically looking for tweets about anything service related. >> reporter: but lisa said she resident every single one. she's m.b.t.a.'s public information officer. >> social media is an easy way to expression that frustration and we are happy to be the sounding board. >> reporter: on the average day she resident tweets from 113,000 followers. for the past four weeks there have been five times the number of tweets. >> we generally tend to actually log every single tweet that we put out send to people, so we have a record. we got so many tweets over the past three weeks that we couldn't keep our log anymore. >> reporter: boston is not the only city to instantly communicate with its passengers. mass transsystems across the country are listening. so is philadelphia. kim hinely says his social staff logs on early if a storm is on the way. >> we want to be perceived as an organization that listens to our customers. >> reporter: lisa schweitzer has been analyzing transit
6:49 pm
tweets for the last four years and says city officials can influence the tone of tweets by simply engaging their customers. >> peep want to be treated like good patrons, right. they want their problems taken seriously. so when agencies ignore those problems or they don't respond it makes them look like they don't care. >> reporter: lisa says the m.b.t.a. has realized that twitter is a two-way street. >> people will report things to us that we didn't even realize might be going on in a station. >> reporter: she thinks every tweet deserves a response, so long as it's 140 characters, or less. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: up next, what were the cable guys up to at the space station today? but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve.
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6:52 pm these may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask if botox® can help cyoalm ur bladder. visit to find a botox® urology specialist. >> axelrod: we saw a real-life towering inferno in one of dubai's tallest towers. the residential building, ironically called the torch went up in flames last night. the fire was between the 50th and 70th floor so a challenge for firefighters, to say the least. but it was out within a few hours as crews used water lines and pumps inside the tower. everyone was evacuated. remarkably, just a hand full of people were injured in what could have been a horrible tragedy. it was 50 years ago today that malcolm x. was shot and killed in harlem. at the same place where he died there was a celebration of his life. among the speakers, his
6:53 pm
daughter. what was one the audubon ballroom is now an education center named for malcolm x., and his late widow betty shabazz. a blue light marked the exact location where he fell. a couple of astronauts spent part of the day playing nasa's version of cable guy. they spent six and a half hours laying more than 300 feet of cable needed to prepare the international space station for commercial space flight. 35 years ago tomorrow, they pulled off a miracle on ice. and today they pulled off a reunion. the 19 surviving members of the 1980 u.s. olympic hockey team were back in lake placid today marking the anniversary of what is often called the greatest moment in american sports history, shocking the world with a 4-3 upset over the soviet union. and still ahead a little boy's loneliest birthday unexpectedly turns into his greatest ever. ly can love their laxative.
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6:57 pm
orlando. >> the day of glenn buratti's sixth birthday party no one showed up. >> just to see the look on his face killed me inside. >> ashley said he refused to smile. thinking she failed him she said she turned to facebook where she wrote one post about how badly she felt for him. she said almost immediately complete strangers started responding, and soon kids and their parents started arriving with kids. the post also caught the eye of the osceola's sheriff's office who sent their own gift, a fly-over from one of the helicopters. >> glen smiled the whole time and waved. it was amazing. >> reporter: the county's gift rolled over to the next week when sheriff's cars, police dogs, fire trucks and more all paid him a visit at the same time. >> at first we got to the stop sign by our house, and glen was like "the fire truck's at our house."
6:58 pm
i said "it's okay. they're there to tell you happy birthday." >> reporter: the deposit had also pooled their own money and bought glen gifts. she said the response from her one post on facebook has been almost overwhelming but she said it restored her faith in a higher power and the human spirit. >> the amazingness of everybody coming together for somebody they didn't even know, a kid that didn't have anybody come to his birthday party warmed my heart. >> reporter: it warmed glen's heart, too. now he has new friends in st. cloud, florida, erik sandoval, cbs news. >> axelrod: happy birthday glen. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs "48 hours." for now, i'm jim axelrod in new york, and for all of us here at cbs news thanks for joining us and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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reams of equal freedom in philadelphia, free africans had already created a more perfect union in spanish florida. join us on a 450-year journey back to the first america. and the story largely untold. this is our history. as key players in the first new world. this is "journey, 450 years of the african-american experience." and it begins right now. >> i remember once giving a workshop for florida teachers. and i showed them a document from st. augustin's parish archives. it was a marriage record that dated to 1605. and it was a marriage between an african slave who was a royal slave. he was a crown slave. he had been sent there and paid for by the spanish crown to


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