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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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bring back the three cars get some of this traffic off the roads. now it seems like it was either a bad idea or just bad planning. >> we've learned that it doesn't take much to stop a dc streetcar. a flash fire this weekend put one car out of service. collisions with vehicles on 8th street have other cars. and today a panel truck stuck on the ice had to be towed out of a streetcar's path. residents and business owners have been watching test runs for months when the cars should have been hauling passengers beginning on january 1st. >> they don't even say it. you go along h street and you can take a bus to anywhere you want and we really don't need that trolley. >> are all enough fare boxes? >> reporter: the planning of the system is easily the bigger
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appointment. mayor won't disagree but getting the 8th street line open is now her problem. >> i hope soon. >> weeks months? >> i can't give you a date. i can only tell you this. when i put my john hancock on it i'm going to feel it's safe and reliable. >> reporter: mayor bowser won't commit to completing the streetcar system. >> there are a lot of questions about the fitting of the rest of the extension. and if there are other ways to complete those public transit needs. >> we have to see how it works. everybody has talked about how it affects economic development whether it's going to be efficient as a commuter mode of transit. let's see and we can build from all. >> translation if we can't get the streetcars running here on 8th street, we can't even think about the least -- the rest of
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the city. it's not dead entirely at this point. they've still got some $600 million earmarked not spent, but earmarked planned for the completion of the rest of the streetcar system. but by no means is this a guarantee at this point. >> bruce johnson live on 8th street. by the way the decision and the planning to bring back those streetcars began years ago with adrian fenty administration. tell you what is back, that arctic air. that means icy roads, sidewalks could be a big concern tonight. so top big question is how long is this going to last? >> it's going to last much of the week. there will be a few exceptions but we're not going to make it above freezing. take it easy as you're walking to get the paper or walking to the bus stop. look at the temps. 21. gaithersburg 28 downtown. 23 in fred erick and 25 in leesburg. do you think it feels colder than it was yesterday? oh yeah. 18 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. 20 degrees colder for our friends up in cumberland. a bit of a wind
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chill right now. that's the bad news. feels like 12 in leesburg and 15 downtown. the winds will subside over might. the bad news that's going to lay the groundwork for a very cold night. record low at dulles is 14. that's in the bag. record low downtown is 1. record low in baltimore is 2. those are safe. we'll talk about how cold it's going to get to tonight. we do have a couple flakes on the 7-day. meantime the terror group al-shabab apparently now threatening to attack malls in the country including the hum -- hugh month s-- humungous mall of america. >> the company said there's no evidence of an imminent threat. we dug deeper and asked you what you thought. >> reporter: you're watching the latest online video by the terror group al-shabab threatening attacks at the mall
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of america but known as the westfield logo. the westfield corporation manages three malls in maryland. >> i think washington is obviously a target, a high profile city but it seems very unlikely that a suburban mall would actually be in any sort of danger. >> doesn't surprise me. i thought it all along any time there's going to be a mass grouping of people, they're going to try to go after them. i don't know. it kind of saddened me i think. >> reporter: we asked you on our wusa9 facebook page. jan wessel said the smaller ones, yes. we have to live our lives daily. we can't walk in fear. matt miller said i do my best to avoid malls anyway. valerie says she is unphased. if they alter where we go and what we do, they win. >> unless they tell me the mall i'm going to is on that list and
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targeted you better believe i'm going to still shop there. >> we also spoke with the department of homeland security. the spokesperson there said they're not aware of any specific credible plot against the mall of america or any commercial shopping center. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> in that video released by al-shabab focused mostly between the conflict between kenya and somalia and the shopping mall attack in 2013. a week to go before trial and the law firm accusing michael gardner today withdrew from that case. peggy fox explains it's all related to those new allegations of a murder plan to kill off witnesses. >> reporter: a judge made two important rulings in the gardner case. number one his wife, former mayor of falls church may have to testify about what her husband told her. and number 2 gardner's own attorney may be called as a witness. that caused the attorney to withdraw from the case. >> we have to try five
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different times. the evidence is not going to change. he did it. >> reporter: the parents of three children who say michael gardner molested them at a slumber party were told about an alleged murder for hire plan to kill off the young witnesses. >> a lot of law enforcement officers from the state from three different local jurisdictions and fbi officer and they tell you there's a potential plot to abduct and murder your children is not something you can really describe. >> reporter: prosecutors say gardner discussed the plan with another inmate who turned out to be an informant but when an undercover officer visited gardner, gardner walked out and called his attorney, chris liebig. he told liebig about the visitor who discussed a murder for hire plot. liebig informed prosecutors. in gardner's statements to his attorney joberate what --
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corroborated what the attorney said. liebig's attorneys blame prosecutors. >> they used bad judgment and mr. gardner paid the price. tonight the owner of the rams' head tavern is accused of videotaping women in the bathroom. kyle muehlhauser charged with six counts of visual surveillance. this got started in may of last year after a woman saw cops she saw a digital camera fall to the floor in the ladies room. that reviewed some suspicion. authorities said they found footage of a man putting that camera in place along with the images of six women. muehlhauser free on bond tonight. new controversy tonight about police use of a suitcase-sized device that spoofs a cell phone tower and allows the cops to triangulate
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your exact position. it's called a stingray and can cost as much as $400,000. police and prosecutors are so secretive about it, they've squashed evidence cut deals with criminal cases rather than talk about it. >> it shows where you are. it shows who you're talking to. it shows what you're doing. you go to the doctor's office. you go to a gun show. you go to a church. >> the electronic privacy information center is pushing for clear rules that require police to get a warrant from a judge before using the device. the center says police should also be required to throw out the data of thousands of innocent law-abiding americans who could be swept up by a stingray. they are free at least for now. why the espionage case ag journalists arrested in egypt could soon be thrown out. >> first details of another death linked to those
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we've learned there are now 57 people who died in crashes involving those gm cars with detective ignition switches. that new number was posted today by compensation expert kenneth wineburg hired by gm and in charge of checking claims to determine which are eligible for compensation. each eligible death claim is worth at least $1 million under feinberg's guidelines. investigators are looking in to a gasoline tanker fire
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that shut down roads and forced some evacuations in new jersey near philadelphia. police say the driver lost control on a ramp to u.s. route 130. that tanker overturned and the 9,000 gallons of gas it was hauling all caught fire, sending thick smoke to the sky. the driver amazingly was not hurt but as a precaution neighbors evacuated from nearby homes. france is sending more military muscle to the persian gulf. its nuclear powered aircraft will lead the campaign against the jihadist group in iraq. that move allows fighter jets to have a faster response time. previously they'd carry air strikes out from their base, the united emirates. a pair has been freed from an egyptian prison this morning. having spent the last 400 days behind bars. the men were both granted bail pending a retrial
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on charges they supported the muslim brotherhood. the retrial was postponed because there were no eyewitnesses. we could have had it all but now we're rolling back in to the deep freeze. topper is up next with a forecast that is
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a joint wusa-usa today investigation has identified a potentially fatal disconnect between location information on your cell phone and the 911 system's ability to see where you are. our investigative reporter russ ptacek joins us now with why 911 can't get the same gps data uber has or even dating apps like tinder has. >> it was on the front page of usa today. usa today reporting that according to the information that we have obtained the front page showing in this digital age crisis 911 may not be able to find you. >> reporter: when your 911 call goes to a cell tower it might not be the closest tower to you but instead the closest tower operated by your cell provider. then the call is sent to the 911 center in that cell tower jurisdiction. at this time the dispatcher can see the phase 1 information. that's just the location of the cell tower your
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car is connecting through. after your call comes in, the system transmits a digital request back to the wireless network asking for the phone's location. if possible, the wireless network will use triangulation or gps to locate your phone. this is called phase 2 data. the exchange can take seconds or minutes but sometimes it doesn't return any location at all. tonight we test area 911 systems to see if they can find us or not. and the nots may shock you. we'll show you a case in which a woman died, which proves this really is a deadly flaw in the system nationwide. >> we look forward to seeing it tonight at 11:00. let's get ready for temperatures of well below average for this time of year. topper how cold are we talking here? >> we're talking about 20 degrees below average tomorrow. we're talking about the temperature roller coaster. average high is almost 50.
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on friday we were only 22. 35 on saturday. of course that was at midnight. 50 yesterday. great day. and then 40 today a little deceiving. that also occurred at midnight. temperatures have fallen throughout the day. live look outside. it is our live michael and son cam. generally clear to partly cloudy skies. 28. dew point be low zero. so we have essentially calm winds and clear to partly cloudy skies. very low humidity and we're looking at snow cover. that's a recipe for a cold night. bitter cold start tomorrow but with light winds, bus stop temperatures zero to 22. that's about 6 a.m. 9 a.m. still very cold tuesday afternoon but not windy. i don't think we'll make it to freezing. seasonably cold wednesday. we should make it to 40 on wednesday. that's still almost 10 degrees below the average high. futurecast, 10:00 tonight. we have teens. and these may be a wee bit high. we'll say 10 in gaithersburg, 16
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in la plata. by morning i think these are a wee bit high because of the reasons i just gave you. snow cover calm winds, clear skies. i think it's going to be more like 4 or 3 above in gaithersburg. dulles again, record low is 14. that's in the bag. we'll probably be down to 4 or 3 in dulles tonight. 9:00 in the morning a few clouds. stays dry. temperatures only in the low to mid teens. by lunchtime we only have low 20s in leesburg and manassas and 21 in frederick. 19 on the futurecast by 12:30 tomorrow. by 4:00, maybe. we had 31 in town and we start heading south again. good news about tomorrow night not as cold. temperatures are not going to fall as fast or as far. cold enough. 7:00 we're looking at temps in the 20s. downtown we're looking at temps in the 20s tomorrow. tonight clear to partly cloudy. bitterly cold again. a few
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slick spots. 0 to 14. winds in check. winds will die down a little bit. check these lows out. 5 in fairfax. 1 in sterling. bethesda will be in single digits, as will buoy. down to the south 11 in waldorf. 8 the low tonight in woodbridge. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, very cold. zero to 20. that's your straight range tomorrow. winds are light. no wind chill to worry about. that's a pretty cold start. by afternoon not much. highs only around 30. a bright day, yes. partly cloudy but highs around 30. southeast winds at 10. day planner. teens to start . they stick around for a while. teens, only 17 at 9:00. 21 at 11:00 and 26 at 1:00 with full sun. good news no yellow alerts our next three days but still cold. 40 on wednesday. watching a system on thursday. right now close enough to us to give us a couple flurries. highs only about 34.
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more arct ck -- arctic air comes for friday and saturday. 30 on friday. maybe a flurry. only 29 on saturday. chilly on sunday. clouds can come in late. right now looks to me like we're going to warm up and have rain monday. >> 25 days till spring. >> sunday is march 1st. i'm holding on to that. >> whatever helps at this point. can we beat dave up when he comes back? [ laughter ] >> feel so bad for our crews in florida. spring training is here. high expectations are here for the nationals. plus the wizards give us insight in to
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it's warm in viera florida. perfect weather for the washington nationals to kick offspring training. dave owens arrived in the sunshine state to begin our week-long coverage. >> welcome to sunny warm viera. of course pitch ers and catchers have been here since thursday. position players they don't have to report officiall tomorrow. we've already seen plenty of those guys. much talk about two of them in particular. ian desmond was out on the field today taking some practice and fielding practice. of course he's been in the midst of a contract issue. very resolute with reporters telling us it will not be a distraction. in fact he said he owed it to his team to be fully concentrated on baseball in 2015. then right over my other shoulder here on 1st base side, ryan zimmerman was working with manager matt
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williams at 1st base. of course zim making that switch from 3rd to 1st base. matt williams known for his 3rd base prowess. in his day played a little 3rd base too. those two were working on fielding drills out here early this morning. gm mike rizzo was impressed. he said i think zim is going to be outstanding at 1st base. he's a great, great athlete. we shall see. that's going to do it for now from warm sunny viera. temperatures in the 80s. don't you just love it? me and my cameraman james do. back to you guys in the studio. >> yeah, just keep rubbing it in there, dave. the wizards have declared themselves as a 3-point -- have never declared themselves as a 3-point shooting team but their best player from beyond the arc bradley beal has been out since february 5th and his absence is being felt from long range. in their two games since returning from the all star break wizards are 7-30 and outscored by 60 points from 3-point range.
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tomorrow night the wizards host the golden state warriors best team in the western conference. the wiz looking to get out of their slump. bradley beal gives us some insight on what's going on recently. >> i think we've lost that hunger. we lost that chip on our shoulder so to speak. i think we had a great record at one point then we just got comfortable. we're getting too laxed. we have to figure this out and turn it around quickly. >> down a level maryland terrapins prepping for the biggest game of their season. they host fourth ranked wisconsin, best team in the big 10 conference. a chance for the terps to get that big upset and boost their tournament resume. this game has been looming for weeks and the terps say they're ready for the challenge. >> there's times this year where we've played with the ranking and maybe a little bit of pressure and teams have played loose against us and played well. our guys respect them so much that we'll be dialed in.
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hopefully we're loose because we're the underdog. >> i think we have an issue getting up for this game. i think everybody will be prepared and ready to play mentally and physically. >> two telling games for both the terps and the wizards. i think really going to give us an idea of how they can compete with the best. >> did you see how your buddy dave owens kept saying how warm it was? >> i have a feeling we'll be hearing that all week long. >> dave, you do have to come back here. [ laughter ] >> he's going to get this arctic air. >> by the time he gets back here it may not be that bad. >> we can only hope. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat
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>> pelley: tonight treacherous in texas. the latest winter storm hits the south. the north is in for another deep freeze. how serious is the terrorist threat against american shopping malls? a cbs investigation patients sent outrageously expensive prescriptions they didn't order. >> reporter: what is in those creams that is worth $18,000? >> pelley: and a photographer helps veterans reveal their inner selves. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: in much of america it is a dangerous night to be outdoors. there are winter weather advisories across the south, wind-chill advisories across the northeast and another storm is send


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