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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 25, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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messy morning drive. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. we're under a yellow alert already, chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking where the bull's eye will follow and how much the rest of us could get. >> going to be kind of a tough storm to plow. north of town the 1 to 2-inch band may not be much to plow, but plenty in la plata, 2 to 4 inches and the bull's eye well south and east of town into southern maryland. you folks didn't get much saturday. you'll make up for it tomorrow, 4 to 8 patuxent mary into st. mary's city across to reedville and the northern neck, 1 to 2 d.c., rockville, frederick. we'll watch these bands moving north the last 48 hours. ashburn 1 to 2 inches, fredericksburg 2 to 4, la plata 2 to 4, germantown 1 to 2 and hagerstown trace to an inch. most of the moisture stays south and east. here's futurecast. 5:00 snow breaks out across most of the metro area leesburg and gaithersburg south.
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you've got ac snow and it's cold. it won't -- accumulating snow and it's cold. it went to take long to cover the roads at all. by 8:00 still some good snows falling. you get darker blue along 95 and that's where your heavy snow will be into southern maryland. we'll come back and take you through it hour by hour and talk about if we make it above freezing. >> we'll be here extra early tomorrow morning tracking the snow at 4 a.m. and keep you posted on any school delays or cancellations. you can get all that information at any time with the wusa9 app. it's free and available in the apple and google stores. marijuana supporters are counting down the hours until midnight when pot becomes legal in the district, but congress is watching the clock also. >> today mayor muriel bowser got a threatening letter tropical hill warning her not to implement -- capitol hill warning her not to implement the pot law, but she said she's
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moving forward with what the d.c. voters want. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in the district of columbia. the mayor is not backing down when it comes to legalizing pot tonight. >> our government is prepared to implement and enforce initiative 71 in the district of columbia. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser received a stern letter from the house of representatives oversight committee. the letter addressed to the mayor says, "if you decide to move forward tomorrow with the legalization of marijuana in the district, you will be doing so in knowing and willful violation of the law. the committee is investigating your recent assertions that initiative 71 in your opinion take effect on february 26th, 2015. it's contrary to law and we strongly suggest you reconsider your position." >> we're acting lawfully, so i have a lot of things to do here in the district of columbia. me being in jail wouldn't be a good thing. >> congress members need to chill out and maybe take advantage of d.c.'s new legalization. >> congress needs to back off.
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>> good for her, but also that's what the mayor should be doing. she represents us. >> reporter: in northwest surae chinn, wusa9. >> here's the deal. that d.c. law takes effect at 12:01 tomorrow morning. keep in find you have to be 21 or older to smoke and you can only do it in your home, but that does not include public housing. you can possess 2 ounces of pot, but you can't sell it or buy it in d.c. and you can grow up to six plants again inside your home. could a 95-year-old retired navy pilot have been murder over unwanted sexual advances? -- murdered over unwanted sexual advances? that's what the suspect in the death of dan belvin says tonight. dyson is a 60-year-old resident of the senior apartments in montgomery county where belvin was found established to death monday. dyson was driving the vet's car and used his credit card to withdraw over $5,000 from his account. >> the suspect dyson states that he was allowed to use the victim's vehicle and borrow cash in exchange for offering
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sexual favors. >> despite claiming he was exchanging cash for secretary acts dyson claims he stabbed belvin over those unwanted sexual advances, bell vin had left emphatic notes he needed to get his car keys back from dyson. police say if you have an elderly neighbor or friend, do not hesitate to call if you think someone is taking advantage of them. a state representative arrested on a charge of soliciting sex from a minor. >> reporter: the charge was called a very serious offense. 44-year-old daniel rosen is director of counterterrorism at the state department now behind bars arrested at his home in northwest d.c. on a fairfax county charge of using a communications device to solicit sex from a minor. >> i think people that have those kinds of problems could be in any kind of job, right? >> reporter: lieutenant james
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bacon leads the fairfax county police department's child exploitation unit. he says an undercover officer posed as a child in an internet chatroom with rosen. he says the online discussions went on for months and then moved to apps. >> clearly it was sexual in nature to what he believed was an underaged juvenile which turned out not to be. the entire time it was our detective. >> reporter: while rosen is making news because of his high profile job, lieutenant bacon says most child predators are not well known, but he says parents need to know there's a growing number of them prowling mobile apps looking for vulnerable children. >> it starts off with a little bit of grooming, a little bit of dirty talk, then maybe a picture. then the next thing you know are you willing to film a video of yourself? are you willing to do things on a live chat? depending on the progression, a lot of times ultimately it's like okay, let's meet.
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>> reporter: rosen waived his right to extradition hearing and fairfax county has three business days, that's monday, to pick him up. at d.c. superior court, peggy fox, wusa9. fairfax police will not give the age of the alleged victim and only say she is younger than 18. new information tonight on two sisters missing since the 1970s. today investigators said they want to know more about a car that just may be involved in the lyons sister disappearance. the national center for missing and exploited children described this as a large white four door, perhaps a station wagon or a chrysler new yorkers like that one, late '60s, early '70s photo and released photos of what sheila and katherine lyon just might look like today. this marks 40 years since the girls were seen at the shopping center in montgomery county. just last week floyd welch told
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investigators he left with the girls the day they went missing and he saw his uncle sexually assaulting one of them. no one has been charged. all of d.c.'s firefighters will be trained how to respond to metro system emergencies. at a council hearing today interim chief eugene jones said the fire department beefed up training after the fatal incident in l'enfant plaza last month. in the past year the department trained only about 5% of the city's firefighters how to handle metro incidented, but now jones expects all his crew -- incidents, but now jones expects all his crews to be trained in 2 1/2 months. a 911 dispatcher who told a woman to stop whining is now out of a job. anne arundel released a phone call earlier this month that stems from a crash on the bw parkway on lawyer. a hit and run driver hit a while changing the fire on his car and his daughter pleaded for help and was told to stop
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whining. police have not charged anyone with the crime. zachary kramer is accused of having drug items and a small amount of marijuana and police believe he and three other wesleyan university students are linked to a batch of the drug known as molly that made several student sick at a party and rave music show. two students are still in the hospital. prince george's county police say someone is pretending to be them and threatening people to pay a fine or be arrested. the scammer calls residents and tells them to buy a prepaid card and send it their way. prince george's county police urge residents not to give thieves money or personal information and report any incidents to investigators. a followup to a teenager hit while crossing a d.c. street in her wheelchair, 19- year-old esmeralda lobos suffered cuts and bruises, but the crash left her $20,000 wheelchair mangled. after almost three months of limited independents the udc student was fitted for a new
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motorized chair. this is lighter, has her nickname embroided on it. she and her family still don't know who hit her and would like whoever did it to take responsibility. >> i hope he or she surrenders and has to face the consequences. i mean you have to. >> that crash happened in the morning of december 7th at taylor street and new hampshire avenue in northwest. if you know anything that might help the cops solve this, call them, 202-727-9099. you can find that number on the wusa9 app. i'm scott broom in rockville. coming up a car dealer who says he wants the right to alert you about potential service problems even when manufacturers don't necessarily want you to know. >> past due but still taking passengers from here to there, the inspection deadline southwest airlines missed and how long it has to get the work
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done. >> and thousands of dogs getting sick, even dying, the ingredient one lawsuit claims is harming man's best friend afte
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more than 100 southwest airlines planes are in the skies today even though they are passed due for inspection. today federal officials decided to let the airline continue using 128 planes that missed their required check of a backup rudder system. those planes amount to about 1/5 of southwest's fleet. the airlines canceled about 100 flights over the past two days trying to get those planes up to code. it's got five more days to get it done. when it comes to potential safety or warranty problems on your car, it appears there's a lot that manufacturers do not want you to know. >> reporter: i'm scott broom at the fitzgerald auto mall in rockville where car dealer jack fitzgerald says he wants the right to speak up with
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manufacturers' service notices even when the manufacturers threaten to sue to shut him up. >> we're under pressure not to talk. we're also under pressure not to do warranty work. >> reporter: car dealer jack fitzgerald says car manufacturers prevent him from telling you about when they issue bulletins about your car, so-called technical service bulletins like this telling mechanics about a potential brake problem on some hyundais but not you. on the bottom is a liability notice warning dealers to keep it confidential. >> i would like to know when there's something wrong so i can get it fixed about. >> that's precisely what we want to have happen. we want to get the cars fixed early in the life. we paid for the warranty when we bought that car. you paid me for the warranty when you bought it from me. fix the car. >> reporter: gm issued a service bulletin years before recalling cars for an ignition
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problem. in the meantime 40 people died. >> even though dealers cannot notify you, there are other ways to find out about service bulletins for your car. you can see that information on our wusa9 app. a lawsuit claims a popular dog food has sickened or killed thousands of pets. a pet owner filed a suit earlier this month against nestle purina. he is one of 3,000 people that complained about beneful dry dog food. he said in a month two of his dogs were sick and one was dead. the dog food used a toxin used in antifreeze. a wisconsin man who became an internet sensation with one dog found a now dog to bring into his life. >> john unger and his dog shep became an online sensation when a photographer snapped a picture of them on lake superior. shep had arthritis very badly, so unger would take him to the lake and hold him to his chest
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sometimes for hours. shep died a year and a half ago and it was a really tough loss, but now he has a new friend, bear. the dog was surrendered to an animal shelter in wisconsin. a staff worker says unger and bear were a perfect match from the start. that's a beautiful story. >> bear is awesome. good stuff. we are looking at some big time snow and rain to the south. this is a pretty big storm, snowing to beat the band in tennessee, north georgia, northern alabama, the smoke mountain and it's heading -- the smoky mountains and it's heading our way. >> a plot foiled here in
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large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. here's a look at some headlines we're following for you tonight, federal officials have taken three men into custody on charges they plotted to travel overseas to join isis. 1 man was arrested at new york's jfk airport, another in brooklyn and a third in florida. two men came to the attention of investigators after they expressed support for isis on the internet. all three are official live charged with -- officially charged with conspiracy to materially provide support to isis. more information about a collision of a truck and commuter train in california. the truck driver took a wrong turn and drove down the train tracks for about 80 feet and then he left the truck.
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a defense attorney says -- [ audio difficulties ]
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>> 2 to 4 inches in la plata cross into calvert county, extreme sections of prince george's county and 1 to 2 inches elsewhere places like fairfax, manassas, d.c., rockville, bethesda, gaithersburg, frederick. north of frederick i think you're down to a trace to an inch of snow. new information tonight at
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11:00. if you've been watching any length of time, the bands have been moving is north. we'll see if we can make another adjustment to the north. silver spring 1 to 2 inches, northwest d.c. 1 to works woodbridge 2 to 4, front royal 1 -- 1 to 2, woodbridge would to 4, front royal 1 to 2. patuxent rave, 4 to 8 inches of -- river 4 to 8 inches of snow. if you just looked at a surface map, you'd think this is perfect, but the storm is going to move across the florida panhandle and out to sea as opposed to hooking up the coast. that's why it's going to give us a glancing blow. the heavy snow is noted in blue northern sections of alabama into portions of tennessee and north georgia mountains and the smokies hammered as well. right now a mixed bag in charlotte going to snow eventually. all snow in raleigh, durham, greensboro, a big storm for the piedmont, north carolina. snow breaks out before dawn.
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bus stop temperatures 20s with snow falling. do your homework anyway he, kids. don't jinx it. credit -- anyway, kids, don't jinx it. critical time 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. roads will be slick fast. here's futurecast, 6 a.m. snow, just about everywhere and by 8:00 you see the darker bands of snow, the darker blue as opposed to this blue and that blue? the darker, the heavier the snow down to the south. by 10 a.m. it crosses over i-95 and gets out of here by lunchtime, but in the meantime with the day planner snow, snow, snow still at 11:00 and 31, maybe some breaks in the clouds by 1:00. friday we're still cold, snow showers possible, 33. most of the accumulation friday will be in the potomac highlands and the mountains. cold end to the month, only 31 with sunshine on saturday. march kind of comes in like a lamb, maybe a mix sunday, then
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that's it for our broadcast and your only news at 7:00. we're back at 11:00, though. have a great night.
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>> make it a great night, everybody!
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e reairs the offensive comments on fashion police. >> now will cohost kelly osborne really quit the show? >> i'm talking to her mom today. what in the world is going n over there without joan rivers? >> she smells like weed. people are offended. >> what's going on with kelly? >> kelly was really upset. >> and will and jada get candid with us about their marriage. >> and madonna falls off the stage today the new video. >> as new mom kelly clarkson learns, photo shoots won't ever be the same. are mamma june making --
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>> get ready because we are going behind the scenes of sharknado three. >> the shark hits the fan. >> now entertainment tonight, we love entertaining people. >> fashion police star jewel-- and the episode reaired today with juliana's comments still in it. >> why would the show's producers let that happen especially after she went on air and apologized? and why is kelly osborne threatening to quit the showw >> i hope it starts a larger discussion about image and beauty. >> i want to apologize for a comment that i made on last night's fashion police. here we have -- this hair is overwhelmed. like i feel like she


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