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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> a winter storm that's already dumped several inch of snow in the south is heading our way tonight. it's going to arrive in d.c. in our area at the worst possible time. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. tomorrow is a yellow alert day tore snow because it's going to happen -- for snow because it's going to happen during the morning commute. so let's get right to our first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt for the latest snowfall predictions. >> i've done something i don't normally do. i'm looking at radar and then the computer models. the models say a little less snow. the radar to me says it's screaming snow. i did cheat these bands a little further north. i took the 1 to 2 north of frederick and back along the i- 81 corridor. i took the 2 to 4 band and split the district and put the 4 to 8 band further north. we had this in southern maryland already, but i clapped portions of charles county, almost -- clipped portions of charles county, st. mary's county. we are looking at winter storm warnings to the south.
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winter weather advisories cover everybody else back to winchester and luray from essentially midnight to noon tomorrow. when you see the radar, you can look at this yourself, it really looks to me like the storm is building a little more, taking more moisture back to the west. i don't see a whole trend of the precipitation sliding east. this storm is supposed to slide off the carolina coast. this precipitation is moving almost due north. might remember the storm back in january of 2000 where the storm was supposed to go off the coast and kind of moved further north. i kind of see the same pattern here. i upped again snow breaks out before dawn tomorrow, right now snowing heavily in the piedmont, north carolina. we are already getting school closings for tomorrow in anticipation of that snow you're talking about. >> most notably d.c. public schools which will hope two hours late, nova community -- open two hours late, nova community college open at 11 a.m. and king county, virginia schools are closed tomorrow.
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mola lenghi is live where road crews are getting ready to roll out. here we go again. >> reporter: another snow day coming up. salt trucks and sand trucks in d.c., maryland, and as you can see behind me and also in virginia are getting ready to hit the roads. you see them loading up the sand here getting ready to treat the roads trying to get ahead of yet another snowy day. well, it's going to happen again, another day, another snowstorm. when will it end? >> i think we've gotten kind of spoiled. >> reporter: why? >> winters when i was growing up were hard. >> reporter: we know how this one goes, something about walking to school in the snow uphill both ways. okay. it's winter. it's supposed to be cold and snowy. we get it, but we don't have to like it. are you sick of winter yet? >> too cold weather. >> reporter: like it or not some have just learned to live with it. >> i'm just so used to it and we've had so much of it, if it's above 10, i'm okay.
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i have to walk the dog and he's okay. below continue he has trouble. >> reporter: the dog isn't the -- 10 he has trouble. >> reporter: the dog isn't the only one that has trouble with winter. >> the salt is bad for the car. >> reporter: still it could be worse. >> we don't have 100 inches like boston does. it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: but soon it will be better. ready for spring? >> that's correct. months. >> reporter: you're counting the days. >> yes. >> reporter: soon seldom happens soon enough. as far as that morning commute goes, if you can cancel it altogether, that is ideal. you'd want to stay off the roads. in other cases just try to push it a little later in the morning is what officials and state highway administration that's working the roads would like you to do. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> everyone counting down to spring. to keep up with the latest weather conditions and school closings overnight, you can
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download our wusa9 app. we'll be on at 4 a.m. tomorrow with a look at any problems on the roads before you head out. in less than one hour marijuana is expected to become legal in d.c., but some house republicans are threatening to put d.c. mayor muriel bowser in jail if she allows the voter approved initiative to become law. jim osman is live at the capitol. what have you learned about this showdown? it's d.c. versus the congress. >> reporter: hi, derek, and good evening, folks at home. it's not clear whether house republicans are puffing their chest or they are serious, but the mayor says it doesn't matter. she has a job to do. >> the law will go into effect one minute after midnight. >> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bowser made herself clear the voter approved initiative 71 to legalize marijuana with various restrictions and conditions will become law within minutes now, but citing potential violation of federal law house republican lawmakers made themselves clear. muriel bowserer might have to
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exchange her green business suit for an orange jumpsuit if she keeps that promise. >> i have a lot of things to do here in the district of columbia. me being in jail wouldn't be a good thing. >> reporter: a letter from the house oversight chairman states to muriel bowserer, if you decide to move forward tomorrow with the legalization of marijuana in the district, you will be doing so in knowing and willful violation of the law." will jones opposed initiative 71 which was overwhelmingly approved by voters. >> we need to really reconsider what we're doing with this legalization in terms of what it's going to do to youth and minority communities. >> reporter: but the mayor says the voters already decided that and she is in charge of making sure the voters' wishes are implemented. >> making sure i'm doing my job in getting the guidance out to the residents, giving guidance to our agencies about how to enforce the law, that's my job. >> reporter: now you heard what the house republicans had to say earlier.
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late tonight we heard from a democratic leader steny hoyer of maryland who said he is in full is not of the mayor and that she has legal authority to do what she is doing. to be continued. reporting live from outside the capitol jim osman, wusa9 news. >> we should note for everyone that new d.c. marijuana law takes effect at 12:01 tonight. folks over 21 years old can possess 2 ounces or less of marijuana. you can smoke it but only on private property. you can also grow up to six plants with no more than three mature at any one time, plus you can give but not sell an ounce or less of the drug to someone else. we've got everything you need to know about d.c.'s new marijuana laws on our wusa9 news mobile app. a colesville man accused of murdering a 95-year-old neighbor is due in court tomorrow. police arrested 60-year-old eric dyson late last night. dyson lives in the same apartment complex where police found the body of retired navy
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pilot dap belvin -- dan belvin stabbed to death. i do son said he stabbed him -- dyson said he stabbed belvin over unwanted sexual advances bond was denied today for 44-year-old daniel rosen, director of counterterrorism at the state department. he was arrested at his northwest d.c. home on a fairfax county charge of using a communications device to solicit sex from a minor. an officer posed as a child in an internet chatroom with rosen. police say the online discussion went on for months. >> it was sexual in nature to what he believed was an underaged juvenile which turned out not to be. the entire time it was our detective. >> for now rosen does remain behind bars at d.c. jail awaiting transfer to fairfax county. only on 9 tonight here is
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an astounding number. nearly 400 teachers in maryland have had their licenses yanked in just the last few years. andrea mccarren is here to explain why that happened. >> reporter: child sex abuse, child exploitation, drug and alcohol use, the list goes on and on. >> completely mortifying. i mean it should not be happening in this day in age. >> reporter: the database comes from the maryland state department of education. it includes teachers facing disciplinary action from 2008 until now. 397 teachers in seven years, 14 of them from montgomery county. the list does not include other school personnel or contractors facing similar accusations. >> for many years the county was simply covering up and moving suspected and even sometimes known child abusers.
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>> reporter: the 397 on this list may not reveal the extent of the problem. wusa9 learned the county has an unknown number of teachers under restrictions based on previous conduct. they're limited in their interactions with children but kept in the classroom. a school spokesman told us that is monitored by their principal and/or supervisor. we are in the process of reviewing documents. any plan restricting an employee's contact with students will be captured in this review. >> they have people they've left in the classroom who are on written safety plans that they can't be alone with children, can't touch children, can't do lunch bunch and the school system doesn't know how many people they have on safety plans. it's outrageous. >> you can check out a breakdown of disciplinary action against teachers by county and by cause. just go to our news app or log onto where we've posted all of the state
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records. andrea mccarren, wusa9. police belief a bad batcdrug known -- believe a bad batch of the drug known as molly is what sent about a dozen people at wesleyan university in the hospital. they think it originated in d.c. >> four students were arraigned today after being arrested for supplying the party drug leading to those overdoses. all four were released on bond. prosecutors claim the students are known drug dealers on the middletown, connecticut campus. the fbi says there are now anti-terror investigations going on in all 50 states in the union and tonight those investigations netted the arrests of three foreign born men charged with trying to aid isis militants in syria. two suspects faced a judge today in new york city. the other is in custody in jacksonville. one of them spoke of shooting president obama or planting a bomb in coney island. fbi director james comey says the terrorists are appealing to troubled souls through the social media. >> you will find a life of
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meaning here fighting for us and if you can't come, kill somebody where you are. >> this is the concern about the lone wolf inspired to act without ever going to the mideast. >> the fbi arrested one of the men early this morning at new york's kennedy airport as he tried to board a flight to turkey. the second was planning to follow. all three are now held without bail. if convicted, they each face up to 15 years in prison. the senate has taken a big step toward averting a partial shutdown of the department of homeland security. with bipartisan support senators approved a procedural motion that will allow a vote on a bill that will keep homeland security funded past a friday budget deadline. the bill would include no language that would halt funding president obama's controversial executive orders to stop deportation of millions of illegal immigrants. a yes vote in the senate would send the bill to the house. tomorrow the federal communications commission is expected to approve new rules on how internet should work and be regulated, so-called that
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net neutrality you keep hearing about. regulations would give the fcc authority to make sure internet service providers give customers equal access to all content and applications without favoring some sources or blocking others. the rules would also prohibit content providers from paying internet service providers for preferential treatment, so- called fast lanes. the former police chief of boulder, colorado, now says officers botched the initial handling of the crime scene in the jonbenet ramsey case. the 6-year-old was found dead in the basement of her home december 26, 1996. her mother pat is i called 911 to say -- patsy called 911 to say her daughter was missing and a ransom note was found. no one has ever been prosecuted for the killing. now the police chief says the parents should have been separated and statements taken that same day. he said police were short staffed for the holiday and faced an unprecedented case. his remarks represent his most extensive comments to date on the ramsey case. tomorrow night marks three
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years since trayvon martin was shot and killed by george zimmerman. the feds say there's no proof zimmerman was motivated by racial animosity. today martin's mom said she still believes zimmerman got away with murder. >> sybrina fulton says she is disappointed the justice department found insufficient evidence to pursue federal civil rights charges against zimmerman but adds she is not surprised. >> trayvon martin was my son. trayvon martin is also your son and don't wait till something happens to your son or your daughter or somebody that is close to you in order for you to participate, in order for you to get involved. we need your help now. we need your support now. >> trayvon martin was unarmed when he was shot dead by george zimmerman during a confrontation in sanford, florida. the former neighborhood watch volunteer claimed self-defense and zimmer unanimous was -- zimmerman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in state court. $5,000 to a gaithersburg
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family who lost a mom and two teens in that plane crash and when tragedy strikes, grief finds a home on the internet with donations. lesli foster explains how the power of crowd funding is changing the way we give and receive. >> sites like gofundme make a tough task a little less awkward and they are mobilizing people to give whatever they can need it most. four days a week tiffany woodland inserts a lifeline into her body. the 32-year-old has battled with polycystic kidney disease since birth. >> i've had a lot of hospitalizations because of my kidney. so it's been tough. >> every pain she has, i feel it and to see her now on this dialysis machine is really tearing me up. >> reporter: these three hour sessions could be ending. tiffany just found a perfect match for a new kidney, but she doesn't have $8,000 to cover
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the medical fees. she turned to gofundme with a plea. >> for them to see my story and want to donate no matter how much it is, it just made me so happy. >> reporter: it's hard to know exactly how many crowd funding sites are on the internet. kathy christoph with kiplinger's personal financial says if you have a cause or want, there is likely something to meet your need. >> it's surprising how often the community rises to the cause and sometimes even overfunds what you've asked for. >> reporter: christoph says most sites police themselves for fraud to insure those donated dollars minus a fee sometimes as high as 9% make it to their intended beneficiary. >> a challenge to the class of '81 to donate at least $5. >> reporter: tiffany's fundraising page has garnered more than $2,000. she hopes people are moved by her story and someday soon she'll get that new working kidney and be able to silence the machine that keeps her alive. >> i want to be able to go on
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and just enjoy and live my life while i'm still young. >> the donations you make on most crowd funding sites are not tax deductible. before you contribute to one of these campaigns evaluate whether your money would go further at an actual charity. lesli foster, wusa9. >> lesli tells us some people question how well these online fundraisers work. many sites report trying to raise money for the family of eric gardner, the unarmed black man killed by new york city police officers, but some family members say they have not received a dime. that's why it's important to do your homework. anybody interested in buying a piece of raw -- rob ford history, now is your chance. some of the memorabilia he's collected over the years are being auctioned off. 10% of the proceeds will go to research for lico sarcoma. that's a form of cancer he was
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plagued with last year. pop icon madonna taking a but of a tumble today at the uk equivalent of the grammys. ouch. that looks like it hurt. she was performing her song living for love at the brit awards in london when she fell down several stairs. it looks like that huge cloak kind of gets caught up in the wind and gets pulled back and she fell over. the song includes a lyric about stumbling and then it continues i'm going to carry on. that's what madonna did. after the show she posted on instagram saying she's doing okay. >> somebody was supposed to pull it off, but it was tied too tightly around her neck. >> so somebody now is out of a job. more snow is not what they need in southern virginia. a winter storm yesterday dumped more than 10 inches in wise county causing many roofs to cave in including one at a food bank in norton. today governor terry mcauliffe
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observed the damage. >> all the food inside was demolished. that's why i personally wanted to come here today and say we're here for you. the whole commonwealth is here to help the folks with the food bank. >> heavy snow already falling tonight in central north carolina. the governor declared a state of emergency earlier today ahead of the winter storm, up to a foot of snow expected in the raleigh, durham and greensboro areas. that's the same storm. >> here we go. march is coming on sunday and we can't stop, olman winter refusing to die. >> but as you said, we get snow in march. >> the good news is march will come in like a lamb. there you go. after that all bets are off. we're looking at a good chance of snow -- in fact, i put my snow tie on -- accumulating snow by dawn tomorrow. we talked about how today was the warmest day of the week at 42. here are the bands. i cheated these up a little
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bit. i just had to. 4 to 8 still essentially into southern maryland. i put that a little further north into charles county. 2 to 4 i brought up to the district and 1 to 4 i brought north of frederick and out along the i-81 corridor. in the metro area a 1 to 4-inch snow, but south and east of town a 4 to 8-inch snow. you're making some ground up from saturday's storm. right now 30 sticks, dew point in the teens. temps will fall into the 20s as the snow begins. it will accumulate very quickly saturday. here's the radar that's kind of a little scary. we've got snow back to kentucky, west virginia. we do see some of these heavy bands pull off to the east a little, but i think we'll see moderate snow in the morning, probably a three, four hour period. it ends well before noon, but it will occur during the morning commute. temps will be in the 20s at the bus stop if you have snow on
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time, 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. flurries or snow showers are possible tomorrow night into friday, maybe a skiff of snow in the metro area. for the most part that activity will be confined to the mountains and potomac highlands. by 6 a.m. there's the snow frederick to d.c. to fredericksburg to the west over to annapolis with temps in the 20s. look at the contours here, the gradations. see darker blue here, lighter blue. heavier snow will be south and east of 95 and the real bull's eye will be into st. mary's county and the northern neck. by 10:00 most of the snow gone, a little leftover light snow north of town. by 1:00 it is across the bay. we even have breaks in the cloud. snow at 5 a.m., 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and some breaks, 31 by 1:00. friday again snow shower or flurry possible, not a huge problem, 33. look at saturday. that is a cold way to end what's going to be a record
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cold month in february. next seven days march comes in fairly quietly. we could see a mixture late sunday night and rain monday, then a break and a cold rain tuesday, milder wednesday. i did throw in a snowflake tuesday afternoon briefly. >> 52 in the forecast. speaking of doing this, what about those capitals? >> it was a rough night. the excitement last night of the terps, tonight a rough night in the dmv. the capitals no one in my family has gone past high school. through the at&t aspire initiative i met my mentor, elizabeth. she believes in me. she pushes me to do better in school and in life. because of the at&t aspire initiative, i'm the first one in my family to ever go to college. at&t employees are mentoring students
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in communities across america. you can change a life. become a mentor.
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a new form of innovation is taking shape, bringing media and technology together for more people. together is more wi-fi access in more places. it's a home you control with the touch of a finger. it's reimaging tv to give more people more choices.
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it's bringing technology and people together in ways you never thought possible. comcast and time warner cable. together is better for more people. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington capitals have owned the pittsburg penguins this season, three straight win, 10 goals to just one by the penguins, but as the season has progressed, this pittsburgh team has gotten much better. alex ovechkin would add to his totals but not before things got chippy. despite the 1st period spilled into the pittsburgh bench. two players from each team spent time in the penalty box. in the 3rd in the face-off alex ovechkin with the one timer put the caps down 4-3. a minute
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later same shot, different result. caps lose this one, sweep denied. 4-3, ovie not happy heading to the locker room. wizards taking on minnesota and kevin garnett back after eight years away. timberwolves have just 12 wins this season. the wizards got out to a 13-1 lead to start the game, lost that. garnett a big three here gives the wolves the lead for good. minnesota is the third worst team in the league and the wizards lose by 20 points. things are going from bad to worse. down a level george washington host l st. bonaventure, all colonials, joe mcdonough with the easy layup. george washington 69-46. the washington nationals are doing a little switcheroo
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in outfield. jayson werth in left field and bryce harper in right. last spring harper weighed in at 240 pounds and today he weighed in at 204 with 5% body fat. dave owens has more on harper's new look from vieira, florida. >> reporter: good evening. bryce harper showed up a little leaner today and had a big smile and addressed the e and mike rizzo. remember, harper didn't show up to nats fast this past winter, but he says he and mike rizzo are fine. he says he loves mike rizzo. he also addressed the upcoming season saying he's going to play smarter. he'll be aggressive but pick his spots. >> when you hit a three run triple, do you really need to get on third base or do you go on the double? do you need to get a foul ball in the stands or blow your chin out? >> i just want him to be bryce and do not throw expectation on him in that you need to hit
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three, four. i just want him to play. when he does that and frees his mind up in that regard, he's really, really good. >> reporter: pretty good and pretty committed to his future in washington. >> i actually love this organization and i love the city i play for. i'm not done here. five years ago when i first signed here, i'm going to bring back a title no matter what. i get chills thinking about it. >> reporter: nats fans are psyched up to here that. full first squad workout tomorrow. we'll have all of that for you throughout the day. finally tonight this massachusetts man accomplished one of the rarest feats possible in sports. he's an amateur bowler and bowled three perfect games in a row, perfect 900s, his final strike. it's the 27th 900 series on record. he had never bowled a perfect game at all before this. a 900 series in bowling is about as common as a perfect game in baseball pore as rare
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as a -- or as rare as a hole in one in golf. >> i am impressed considering the fact i probably
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all right, folks. spotsylvania county schools closed tomorrow, d.c. schools opening two hour late and wusa9 news will come your way 25
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